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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 7, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PST

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our souls? it's okay, chris, you had us at hello. for all of you shrugging at the fact we're already talking 20 16, i think you better get used to it. and let's face, it a chris christie presidential run would be a lot of fun. we'll catch you up on all the chatter surrounding the popular new jersey governor. here's a hinted -- not everyone is happy about it. also while you catch up on us and on twitter, today's the day you can actually own a piece of the company. we'll look at whether it's a good investment on the day it goes public. and the worst hit-and-run you've probably ever seen. we can show you because no one got hurt except probably someone's pride. this is "way too early." good morning. brian shactman. we really need to start the story surrounding the miami dolphins because it's what
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everyone seems to be talking about. it's transcending sports. as the bullying case involving two players unfolds, the general manager of the team reportedly offered one way jonathan martin could have handled the situation -- punch richie incognito. multiple sources say that was the gm's response when martin called complaining of his treatment by incognito. the sun-sentinel says they asked the now-suspended incognito to toughen martin up a little bit. martin left the team amid claims of bullying and voice mail. commissioner roger goodell has appointed a special counsel. dolphins' head coach joe philbin says his team and coaches exemplify respect. >> jonathan martin came in here and worked hard every single day. we have men in the locker room that care about one another,
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that set a great example for one another. i told you, i believe in the guys in the locker room. the type of culture i've championed since the day i walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect and accountability to one another. i consider those to be hallmarks of this program. and i believe our locker room reflects those beliefs. >> well, what remains is a complicated portrait of these two players. jonathan martin had reportedly been asked to pay for lavish dinners, which often happens to rookies, no longer a rookie, called big weirdo and was required to wear an embarrassing haircut. incognito had a reputation in the league of being a nasty player at times but seems to be a well liked player of the team. dolphin teammates have come down on one side saying the two players were close friends. incognito looked out for martin and he's not a racest. they say there's a process for
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rookies to be trusted by the team. it's wrong to describe that as hazing. we'll dig into it in sports. didn't take very long. just hours after landslide re-election victory new jersey governor chris christie already facing questions about running for president in 2016. but the republican was coy about its plan saying he's flattered by the talk but ignoring it, at least for now. >> i'm a better executive today than i was when i answered those questions about two years ago. and so you think that would make me better prepared to be president but i'm going to be really clear about this. i got a job to do. i got re-elected to do a job and that's the job i'm going to do. if i change my mind, i want to do something else, i'll tell the people in new jersey i want to do something else. >> so, you have christie's strong win, the loss of
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cuccinelli and a lot of republicans asking whether it's time to limit the tea party. but someone to challenge christie in the primary, apparently not getting the memo. ted cruz and marco rubio both downplaying the victory. >> there are factors in new jersey individual to that race. clearly, he was able to speak to that and to the hopes of aspirations and people within new jersey. >> senator cruz said, quote, i think it's terrific that he's brash, that he's outspon and that he won his race. but i think we need more leaders in washington with the courage to stand for principle and in particular, obama care is not working, end quote. strange. senator rand paul launched an attack during superstorm sandy recovery, criticizing christie with ads entitled, stronger than the storm for tourism. >> some people for office put their mug all over the ads while
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they're in the middle of a political campaign. in new jersey $25 million was spent on ads. you think there might be a conflict of interest there. that's a real problem. that's why when people who are trying to do good and trying to use taxpayers' money wisely, they're offended to see our money spent on political ads. >> president obama phoned governor christie to congratulate him on the victory. the white house says the president was glad to make the call after they worked together on sandy relief efforts. let's turn our attention to obama care now. terry mcauliffe's two-point victory in virginia's gubernatorial race has some democrats worried about their future. yesterday the president met with 16 senators frustrated about the rollout of obama care and they are worried the troubled launch may come back to haunt them during next year's midterm elections. cuccinelli was able to narrow the gap after focusing on obama
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care during the campaign. exit polls show 53% opposed obama care and of those, 81% voted for cuccinelli. the president flew to texas yesterday where he was critical of the state's lawmakers for not opting into obama care. >> one thing that gets me frustrated, although i understand it because i'm in politics, is folks who are complaining about how the website's not working and why isn't obama fixing this and all these people are underinsured, and yet they're leaving a million people right now without health insurance. that they could immediately fix. there's not a lot of logic. >> meanwhile, on capitol hill it was the senate's turn to question hhs secretary kathleen sebelius. >> this is unacceptable. it has been disappointing to
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hear members of administration say they didn't see the problems coming. >> as someone who has fought and bled for this and who sincerely thinks it's going to work in the long run, i want you to hold them account, bun their fingers and make them pay. >> this is a false statement made to the american people that this administration has consistently doubled down on and repeated time and time again. and the only thing i can conclude is that it's impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it's impossible. >> let's turn to pole politics. martin walsh, one popular guy in boston and not even mayor-elect. former aide to ted kennedy. received a few unexpected calls of congratulations yesterday. one was from vice president joe biden who reportedly roared, you son of a gun, matter y yrty, di.
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dnc share debbie wasserman schultz reportedly made the error, so did the mayor of minneapolis. the wrong marty walsh told ""the boston globe"" we're a dime a dozen. i probably not eight marty walshes. we get a look at new economic data. yesterday stocks were mixed but the dow jones industrial average closed at an all-time high. it seems virtually ignored because twitter's gone public. steve sedgwick live for us in london. do people think this is going to pop huge at the open or what? >> reporter: well, it's popped huge before the open as well. they raised the price twice, brian. what's interesting is what led the dow higher yesterday, really old tech, microsoft trading at highest level in 12 years. now it's all about twitter, which upped its price target twice. $26 per share is the ipo price. they could have sold this twice over. it's valuing the company pretty highly.
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$18 billion is the valuations. there are caveats out there. some people slightly concerned. it doubles its revenue to 168 million u.s. dollars. year on year tripled its losses. a company very high valued still losing $164 million in the last quarter. in other struggling websites looking at potential merger, henry blodget, nothing coming out of it yet. would they like a full collaboration? they were just having breakfast, denton and blodget. >> two big brands and names in the business. when was the last time you walked out of your flat and went to the movie store and went a movie? >> do you know what? i know where this is going, brian. very recently. >> recently? >> recently. >> what was it? >> it was blockbuster, it was in
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east sussex. we still have a couple of black busters. i know it has problems stateside. >> do you have like flinstones where your feet run underneath it? >> yes, yes. >> talk about -- >> i've tried the streaming. it's so new age. just like my vinyl, brian. don't tell me you lost your vinyl. >> vinyl is hip again. what's going on with the company? >> yeah, it's tragic. basically what we're talking about, internet streaming. cable company downloading movies down the pipe, plus the likes of netflix sending dvds per post. this iconic brand will close last 300 stores by early january. another 28 00 people will lose their jobs. 50 blockbuster franchisees left in the states. it's an endangered brand on the high street but the owners still think it has way to go.
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>> steve sedgwick who sends smoke signals to his neighbors. let's stick to twitter. let's talk about twitter. we want to know if you would invest in the ipo and why or why not? tweet your best and most creative answers using t the #waytoometa. that's our way of being witty. we'll have the best answers later in the show. after weeks of speculation, google finally breaking its silence about that mystery floating barge out in san francisco bay. the company says it's exploring using the site as a place where people can learn about its new innovations in technology. the structure raised eyebrows, even provoking the coast guard to take a lack. another mystery barge was spotted across the country in portland, maine. some speculation is spaces could rival apple stores in showcasing products. it is huge. from the bad but unavoidable pun department, this story is
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nuts. literally. sorry, folks. made that joke. thieves last week stole $400,000 worth of walnuts in central california. if you want to know what that translates into, that's 140,000 pounds of nuts. a local reporter says the thieves basically cut through a fence, hooked up their own tractor to three double trailer sets and just drove off with the nuts. the price of walnuts, by the way, they have tripled in the last few years. there's a black market in nuts, they went from 60 cents to two bucks. there's a lot of walnut robberies laterally. more on harassment accusations surrounding miami dolphins. surprising comments from martin's teammates about his relationship with he incognito. and jimmy kimmel's exclusive
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interview. that and a check on weather. this huge storm approaching the philippines. we'll talk about that with bill karins. magic job johnson has tested positive for the hiv virus. >> because of the hiv virus that i have attained, i will have to retire from the lakers. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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want to get back to that miami dolphin story for a second. one of the questions that has emerged from the dolphins hazing investigation is whether it's a locker room culture problem whether simply two a player's s isn't thick enough. dolphins say it's grossly yshg
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characterizing the team. >> i know richie personally, so i've been around this guy for four years. and i know he don't mean it in a people are saying it. >> we have a system of basically it's just a big joke. it helps comraamaradericamarade. keeps things light in the room. everyone participants. en no one is extemperature. >> you see pictures of them on the plane, playing around. the group, we're family. >> i think if you would askon martin a week before who his best frebd on the team was he would say incognito. anything that went down on the field, richie was first guy there. hanging out outside football, who was together? richie and jonathan. >> if they asked to toughen up
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martin? why would they ask a racist, bully of a person to do so? we never felt we put him in harm's way. if we did, i'm sorry. but we did not. to challenge the leadership and character of this locker room. >> we don't have the time to talk about nuances of this story, it's like pro sports cultu culture, modern sensibilities of how we treat people. >> perception from inside the locker room is different from outside. i never heard those comments from them before and i'm shocked. >> it shows you a lot of the stuff without the comments probably goes on in a lot of these locker rooms all the time. we just don't get it in the public. >> yeah. where this goes, it will be fascinating. >> interesting. how about this storm, by the way? >> oh, yeah, this is devastating. i mean, when you see a storm -- i mean, look at the eye, the center circle there. that's incredible stuff. this is being called, and it is the strongest storm we've had on this planet this year. unfortunately, it's going to hit
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a land area in about 12 hours from right now, in through the central philippines. doesn't look like up north where it's more populated, manila. but 175-mile-an-hour wind. this is like a category 5 hurricane. about 12 hours away from the philippines. 24 hours from now we'll probably start getting pictures out of that area just how devastating it is. nothing that bad across the u.s. we still have leftover rain. moving through central new york and central pennsylvania. eventually it will work its way through new england today. we will see heavier rains even up from boston, new york city, and some lighter rain, philadelphia to d.c. the timing of that around noon to 2:00. most will all be gone about the time we get through 6 p.m. compareded to what they're going through in the philippines, we don't have a lot of bad weather. thoughts and prayers to them, because they're about to go through a horrible tragedy. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," some are calling it the beginning of chris christie's presidential
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campaign. some fellow republicans are not hopping on the band wagon yesterday. when we come back, we'll huddle around the cooler. there's bad driving and then there's this. it's a hit and hit and hit and eventually run. we'll be right back. [ man ] adventure, it means taking chances.
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it means trying something new. [ woman ] that uncertainty of what's to come. ♪ ♪
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at the top of the show we talk about twitter and highly anticipated ipo which starts trading today. if you want to sound smart, tell your friend, on average people send 500 million tweets per day. the most tweeted tv is not "breaking bad" but "pretty little liars" with 1.9 million tweets. that's lewis' favorite show. >> i was going to say the same. we have come across bad drivers with questionable skills but this one may set a new low. this captured horrible driving as well as poor choices. the part we don't see is the driver of the suv is apparently involved in a fender-bender with this taxi. the cabbie gets out of the car and the driver of the suv wants out of the situation, obviously, after a few attempts at escape in reverse, the cabbie hits the driver's window. that's when the suv driver
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decides he's got to go. now, watch this. let's count. one collision. two collision in reverse there. we got three and four. there you go. and that's a double collision into the original cab. another suv. now, including the initial accident, that is a total of five collisions. the police say that was a stolen car and the driver is in police custody. now, i think if you're actually a car thief, you'd be a better driver than that, but that's insane. for all you lady gaga fans, you better get ready. the pop star will be performing in a galaxy near you. "time" magazine reports she's planning a concert in 2015 in souter space. she'll have to train her vocal
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chords for change in atmospheric pressure. she'll be able to avoid the paparazzi up there. i'll be turning into nasa-tv for that one. steven colbert -- >> today we're taking kids on the best field trip they could wish for and they don't even know for. hi, guys. i'm ranger brad. welcome aboard. let's not waste any time. let's play, name that leaf. what's this one. he says oak leaf. it's a field maple. i'm a big fan of trees. but we're not going to the forest today. we're going to toys "r" us, guys. welcome to the world's greatest toy store. >> toys "r" us has really captured the magic of having a stranger take your kids on a bus, lie about where they're going and then take off his clothes and promise them toys.
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>> i love toys "r" us, man. let's go to jimmy kimmel who got an exclusive interview with embattled mayor ford. who was accused of smoking crack. >> have you ever been in a drunking stupor? >> well, i've never smoked crack -- >> have you ever been in a drunken stdrun drunken stupor? >> no. >> i was in a drunken stupor. why am i being held accountable for something i did in a drunken stupor. does that sound fair? >> yeah, it does. >> what happens in a drunken stupor stays in a drunken stupor, unless some [ bleep ] take it. >> he was just on the radio and said, i was hammered. thank you. still ahead on "way too
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would you want to buy in on twitter ipo? >> marks, i love twitter on my t not my portfolio. >> let's see how this company trades. steve rattner and a whole bunch of chat on it on "morning joe," which starts right now. ♪ it would be speculating about somebody who wasn't doing their job well. speculating about me means i'm continuing to do my job well. if i'm doing my job well it's good for people here. i don't see it as a burden. you got to have a huge ego to say oh, please it's a burden for you speculating on me to be the leader of the free world. that's a pretty huge