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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 7, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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there are factors in new jersey that i think are individual to that race and clearly he was able to speak to that and to the hopes and aspirations of the people of new jersey. >> he said new jersey one or two more times as well. governor christie, far from shying away from the spotlight told reporters, any politician who was not flattered by this kind of speculation is just flat-out lying. >> speculating about me, that means i'm continuing e ing ting my job. oh, please, it's such a burden to be speculating about me about being the leader of the free world. that's a pretty huge ego to be complaining about that. it's complimentary, it's flattering and i have no problem with it. >> let's bring in nbc news political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd and also host of "the daily rundown" on msnbc. it didn't take long for governor christie's potential rivals to come out of the woodwork with
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their knifes in hand. are we witnessing a preemptive strike? i think we're seeing a little bit of a preview of what christie's going have to go through and that is the conservative wing of the party and no matter how many times chris christie calls himself a conservative says he's pro-life, these things, he is not going to be viewed as conservative of where the republican party is today. look, i think the most important a actions were not ted cruz or marco rubio. they came from rush limbaugh. don't let the media tell you who the republican front-runner is. don't let the media pick who the candidate is. that type of stuff resonates very well with the basin side the republican party and i think that may have been -- that is the biggest shot across the bow that i saw yesterday with chris christie, but i have to tell you, craig, i think it is remarkable and in some ways as
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someone who has been an early consumer and reporter on presidential politics when other people think it's a terrible thing to do sometimes, the honesty with which christie essentially is going about this is aing yesaying yes, i'm goingo consider it and i'm probably going to do it. that's kind of refreshing. >> speaking to that, chuck, we found out in the last hour that he'll be on "meet the press" this week and also going to be running the gauntlet and making the rounds of a lot of other sunday shows. it seeps that this is a role that chris christie is not just embracing, but getting his arms around in a very big way. >> he is very comfortable and in the modern era, there are different ways that you have to be wired to run for president. in this day and age where this social media makes it a 24/could news cycle. he seems very comfortable and he would have sat there and taken
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questions another hour yesterday. he's doing all of these interviews this weekend and not just when he seems to be -- this has been his pattern and it reminds me of mccain '92 where there is this fearlessness in dealing with the press and fine, i'll do it and the more that's out there, the more that one bite won't be taken out of context. it's harder to do that. i think that the successful candidates of 2016 will be the ones that don't try to build a wall around themselves from the 24/7 press corps. the ones that did it the way bill did it, not hillary. she's not someone who is comfortable in the cycle. that will be 2015 and the real primary year and 2016 is going to be. do you think social media is fast now, craig? what do you think it will be like in two years?
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>> we talked about the knives coming out in the right and the washington post article noting top democratic officials have started taking their aim at governor christie. the article quotes democrats as saying, quote, they plan to chip away at christie's moderate image and present him nationally as a hard-edged conservative. how effective of a strategy could that be? >> that's how they've gone after other republicans before, right? take mitt romney who ran as a moderate in massachusetts, not once, but twice and that's obviously the obama campaign and they believe at least on social issues they successfully painted him as somebody who was too conservative for the mainstream. it doesn't surprise me that that's going to be the tactic that they use. if you look at virginia, we're seeing this is a successful strategy right now, that the brand of the republican party particularly on social issues. all republicans are vulnerable to this because they end up having to own sort of where the entire party is sitting on
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social issues, but it will be difficult. if new jersey is a place for gay marriage. if this is a guy that's walking hand in hand in the boardwalk with barack obama while they're playing see ball together. it will be hard for the average voter to think, yeah, that guy is -- especially if ted cruz is running. >> and another place like south carolina, especially an average voter. >> chuck todd, thank you so much, sir. >> catch "the daily rundown" week days 9:00 a.m. eastern. let's bring in former pennsylvania governor ed rendell who is new an msnbc news political analyst and kay bailey hutchison of texas. senator, let me start with you, what's your assessment of governor christie and the landslide victory. what does it mean for his standing as a potential 2016 gop presidential candidate? >> oh, it's great.
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it's great for him and it's great for the party. he had an astounding victory and he went across the board heavily being favored by hispanics, by people who make a lot of money. by people who don't make very much money. he just has an appeal across the board that i think has made republicans as we have seen from some of the comments very excited and i think he's going to be a breath of fresh air. >> governor, what is the -- what are the disadvantages of being a media darling of the gop this early on? >> there are some real advantages to begin with. governor christie beat an opponent who had no money and he was an incumbent governor who won by two points. and he won with by 70% and carried every county. two years later he ran against
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john kerry in a senate election and lost by seven points. i got reelected by 21 points against an opponent who had a good piece of money. incumbent governors who are popular and do well. >> built-in advantage. >> the media is blowing this up like it's incredible and it's never happened in the blue state before. chris christie got 60% and bill wells got 70% in the bluer state. et media wants to blow them up, but as they blow them up they want to tear them down and i think for chris, the problem is he's out there a little early and he's going to be the the target for media. he's going to be the target for democrats and he'll be worse still with a target for republicans for a long time and he's got a real challenge. >> senator, the man who won your senate seat when you retired, tea party candidate ted cruz chimed in on the victory and of course, the governor had sharply criticized last month's government shutdown led by senator cruise.
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here's what cruz said yesterday. >> as for governor christie's claim that washington is dysfunctional. he said it's because there is so much compromise. >> i think it's great that he's brash and outspoken and that he won his race. i think we need more leaders in washington with the courage to stand with their principle and obama care is not working. >> senator, that seemed like a not-so-veiled way of saying you know what? governor chris christie is the republican governor that expanded medicaid. >> i think that governor christie is in a very good position right now, and i think he needs to rise above all of the sharp edges and knifes that might be coming out from democrats or republicans or anyone else and start looking at the proposals that he will make. he's going to have to be against obama care and what it's doing to the middle class people in
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this country. obama care, everyone is getting notices of a change in their insurance coverage. not everyone. >> not literally everyone. >> i'm going to tell you that even people who have very good coverage with employers are getting notices that there are changes. changes in their pharmaceutical benefits, changes in different things and price is going up, things are getting less coverage. they are, and i think that's going to be a major issue and i think governor christie will have a plan, a proposal and a platform that conservatives are going to like and that regular people are going to like. >> go ahead. >> i think senator hutchison has outlined the problem for chris christie. if he changes who he is to try to appeal to the far right, then he's becoming less attractive as a general election candidate. what he has to do is stick to his guns and medicaid expansion
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is good for people. medicaid works and it's administered with a fairly successful program. he wants people in new jersey to be covered. if he starts backing away from the things he did like governor romney did. stay true to yourself. stay true to yourself. >> is the advice to chris. >> we're going to let you guys continue this on twitter. i know you both are big time. >> they got me to tweet. >> he tweeted this morning about your show. >> thank you so much. senator kay bailey hutchison and also former governor ed rendell, big thanks to both of you, governor chris christie will be david gregory's guest on "meet the press" check your local listings for time. that brings us to the question, do you believe governor chris christie when he says he's ignoring the speculation about his presidential ambitions? we will share your thoughts later in the broadcast.
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i think if you would ask john martin a week before who his best friend on the team was he would have said richie incognito. >> that's just one of the miami dolphins defending suspended teammate richie incognito. was he good friends with the player he allegedly bullied with those racist messages? we'll talk about that, plus twitter goes public and as you can see, it's soaring right now. up to just over 46 a share. will it hold? we are keeping our eye on those numbers and we'll go to the floor in just a few moments and my colleague thomas roberts is in russia right now preparing to host the miss universe pageant. he's going to join me live with the current miss usa in just a few moments. (knocking) hello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. get some of that midas touch.
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>> a new twist in the harassment scandal surrounding the miami dolphins. fellow teammates have suspended lineman richie incognito are now coming forward to defend the player saying he's not the racist that he's been portrayed to be. they also say that the bullying charges made by former player jonathan martin are exaggerated. >> i know richie personally, so i've been around this guy for four years and i know he don't mean it it in the way people are saying it. >> we have a system of basically -- that's just a big joke. it helps camaraderie. it it keeps things light in the room. everyone participates. no one is exempt. >> nbc's kerry sanders is live in davie, florida. what have you learned this morning? >> craig, the real issue here is whether there is going to be some sort of conclusion and what sort of timetable that's going
8:16 am
to be into an investigation. so the nfl has chosen an outside legal counsel to do an independent investigation to determine what actually took place inside the locker room here between incognito and martin, whether there was bullying, how deep it goes, if it exists and whether it goes beyond this locker room and whether this is what many have talked about, the culture within the nfl and if there is a need for change. so without a timetable it's going to take some time before we really get some answers because that investigation is really just getting under way. at the same time as you noted inside the locker room here, there is a fair amount of support for the alleged bullier here, incognito and that is both among white players and black players. this is what the dolphins quarterback had to say. >> you know, i think if you would ask john martin a week before who his best friend on the team was he would have said
8:17 am
richie incognito. the first guy to stand up for jonathan when anything went down on the field, richie was right there. when they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was together? richie and jonathan. >> reporter: and so it's sort of interesting and remember, when anything like this happens, it's often in the mind of the person who is making the allegation and so at this point it's going to take some time because as far as we understand, the investigation has not had an opportunity, the chief legal counsel here to have an opportunity to sit down and talk to martin to get an idea of where he was coming from and how he was perceiving what was going on around him. craig? >> kerry sanders from florida for us, thank you. >> i want to bring in sports radio host rob simulcare to break things down for us. this is one of those cases that involve so many other things. you have the racial element and the bully element. we were just talking about, nfl locker rooms are complicated
8:18 am
cases. what do we make of the fact that you have so many current dolphins players and so many other players coming forward to support incognito. >> first of all, teammates stick together. we see this all of the time in situations where athletes are accused of using performance-enhancing drugs or do other things you see teammates rally around teammates in trouble. another thing and you sort of said it there, craig. nfl locker rooms are not normal workplaces. on one hand they have to certainly conform to certain laws and standards of a workplace, but things that happen every day in an nfl locker room could never happen in an office environment and the newsroom. people would have been fired ten times over for things that happen every day in an nfl locker room and you have to figure out what amount of flexibility is appropriate for what it essentially is which is sometimes like a fraternity house and what has to be the
8:19 am
legal standard that they're still held to. >> some teammates are downplaying the racial elements of this case insisting that the former dolphin -- insisting that incognito is not a racist. he even referred to incognito as, quote, the honorary black guy. richie is honorary. i don't expect you to understand because you're not black, but being a black guy, being a brother is more than just about skin color. it's about how you carry yourself. how you play, where you come from, what you've experienced, why do you think fellow players, some of -- this is -- this is very odd to me, and i think it's very odd to a lot of other folks who read that. what is that -- what does that even mean? an honorary black guy? >> it's murky. clearly, listen. he's a guy playing with a lot of black teammates and you could see a situation where words like the "n" word are thrown around among black players and maybe
8:20 am
among richie incognito in that ca case. it's acceptable because he's one of us and one of the gang and it's a joking thing. there's no way for us to understand whatever the dynamic might have been. one thing that is interesting that a former opposing player of incognito, warren sapp said that he was called the "n" word by incognito during a game at one point and he thought incognito was trying to goat him into a penalty. that doesn't sound like honorary black guy to me. >> incognito got kicked off his team in nebraska. he has a reputation throughout the league for not being the cleanest of playerses. so a lot to come out about this case. florida lawmakers taking up the state's controversial stand your ground law. the chair of this hearing has said that he does not support, quote, changing one damn comma in the law. so will anything change? >> plus some republicans in congress are once again, trying to put the restrictions on
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they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. later today in florida, lawmakers will vote on the stand your ground law. proponents of the democratic-backed bill will have five hours to speak on the state's gun laws, but not only is the bill expected to fail in the republican-controlled house. it's facing challenges, a lot of challenges of its own among democrats, as well. the bill is among a handful of pieces of legislation after the trayvon martin death which put stand your ground laws in the spotlight. the legal and policy director for the dream defenders. good to see you, sir. the florida senate judiciary committee has already advanced a bill that would make changes to the law. trayvon martin's family is also
8:25 am
just asking for changes to that law as opposed to a full repeal. why is it that so many democrats in the state of florida don't seem to want a full repeal of stand your ground? >> well, you know, i can't answer that question for them. i think that the people are ready for a change on stand your ground. i think the people of florida and the people of the country are ready for some action and real leadership, and i think the people that are elected to serve in those roles for us are failing. i can't tell you why they're failing, but they're failing. >> you've been talking to lawmakers down there, what are they telling you? what have they said to your organization, we don't want to repeal the law in full. we just want to make tweaks to it. >> we're suffering from a lack of leadership in the state of florida. no one's willing to step out on the edge here and lead the people. everyone's a little bit afraid of the consequences and repercussions of approaching
8:26 am
such a law that for many is that of a controversy, but for moat of us it's simple. we need to protect our people and we need to make the community safer and we don't need to see action or urgency in that regard. for us it seems like it's just theater. >> after making changes to the neighborhood watch, the sanford police department now says it is not going to formally be stopping neighborhood watch volunteers from carrying a gun, although it does recommend that they not carry laws. they can't infringe on someone's con strushl rigstitutional righ that decision? >> i applaud the sanford community to make that decision. the community there is hungry for respect and equality and justice and i think they're in the right direction. they're stepping in the right direction. with that being said, it is a difficult proposition because you can't trample upon someone's
8:27 am
second amendment rights and you don't want to possibly, you know, take someone's constitutional rights away when you don't have the right to do so, but i think it's a step in the right direction for sanford. we a blewed the community and we stand with them. >> thank you, sir. the fda has made a major move today to ban transfats from this country's food supply. they proposed a plan this morning that declares partially hydrogenated oil, the source of transfats as no longer, generally recognized as safe. the fda says it could prevent as haen as 20,000 heart attacks a year. that proposal is now open for public comment for 60 days and the 2014 sochi winter olympics coach is now onboard the international space station. there it is right there, the crew of iss expedition 38 includes an american astronaut
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and it carried the torch in the hatch of the soyuz spacecraft. and it's actually going to be taking on a space walk this week, we're told, however, for safety reasons they will not be lighting it. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil?
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a story breaking just before we went on the air. twitter has officially gone public. from wall street to main street, the chatter today all about the short messaging giant that has changed the way so many of us communicate and share news and post pictures of our food and children, as well, in many cases. after its much-anticipated day opening arrival, twitter now trading at about $45.50 per share, up about 19 1/2 from
8:32 am
where it debuted less than an hour ago. cnbc reporter julia boorstin joins us live from twitter headquarters in san francisco. julia, i understand you got to spend time talking to that company's ceo? >> reporter: that's right, craig. yes, i could. i did speak to the company's ceo dick costello and he talked about the company's long-term vision for growth. the key thing here now that twitter's stock is trading is the fact that twitter shares were up more than $50 after opening at $26 per share and now they're -- the shares are up about 75% from where it opened. so the stock has had an impressive run. at the current market cap, twitter is $32.5 million. and that's less than a third of facebook's and it is bigger than linkedin's market cap. twitter, though it is generating revenue is not profitable and it
8:33 am
generated $422 million in revenue in the first three quarterses of the year and it's not making money just yet. dick costello who i sat down and spoke to, ahead of the debut on the new york stock exchange says this is all part of the plan and that they're investing in long-term growth. here's what he had to say. >> they nothing structural about twitter that prevents us from having the kinds of margin profiles of our peer group. we are investing for the long term. we think this is a long-term company. a company that for which there is a fantastic use case for every person on the planet. >> part of making it more acc s accessible to every person on the planet means twitter is investing and making it more accessible and making it easier to use and making it easier to access photos and access news and talk about television which is a huge part of twitter. the big question for investors
8:34 am
is whether they're confident in twitter's future. you're investing in the confident because you're counting on its growth which will hinge on more of the tv partnerships and fact that tv programmers are putting content in twitter and also like the potential of things like commerce. dick costelo talked a lot about the option of selling things on twitter. just buy things right there. >> cnbc's julia boorstin from california. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ obama care >> carrie underwood there at last night's country music awards as the obama care website's troubled rollout remains the headline of the president's signature health
8:35 am
care legislation. wednesday, senators got their chance to question health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. meanwhile, the president flew to texas where he called out the state's lawmakers for not taking full advantage of the affordable care act. >> one of the things that sometimes gets me a little trust rated although i understand it because i'm in politics is folks who are complaining about how the website's not working and why isn't obama fixing this and all of these people are uninsured and let, they're leaving a million people right now without health insurance that they could immediately fix. there's not a lot of logic. >> republican congressman from texas, michael burgess sits on the house energy and commerce committee. congressman, good to see you. >> good morning, craig. >> while they may not all live in your district, what do you
8:36 am
say to the president's criticism that by not opting to expand medicaid, at least, not opting to expand medicaid 1 million people who could have insurance in texas, do not. >> let's get a couple of things out there first. medicaid will continue to exist in texas as it has. so for the blind and disabled to certain pregnant women, that coverage does not change with or without the affordable care act. 25% of the state budget right now is spent on medicaid. i think governor perry was wise in his decision to say not so fast. >> look, when the supreme court changed the equation -- >> congressman, before we get to that, i want to go back to what you just said because i think it's important here especially for our viewers who are watching and listening to understand that there are 6 million people who don't have insurance in texas alone and by expanding medicaid in that state, 1 million people -- a million people and here's the other part of this, folks in texas who pay federal
8:37 am
income taxes like they're supposed to they're paying for the service anyway. why not take advantage of it? why not let uncle sam shoulder some of the costs of health care in that state? >> well, let's look at this rationally. when the supreme court said that the federal government cannot coerce the states to expand their medicaid programs it gave texas an opportunity. >> how is that rational, though? how is that rational? >> it is absolutely rational. how is it rational to expand a broken program? i mean, why in the world if you would reform health care from this country from soup to nuts would you expand medicaid. any doctor in texas will tell you right now, medicaid reimburses between 25 and 33% of the cost of delivering the care. you can't keep your practice open by seeing medicaid patients and that is one of the sad truths. i think governor perry was exactly right. let's have other states have an experience with this before we move forward.
8:38 am
>> the -- what happens to the millions who are uninsured in texas while we wait for that? while we wait for this? >> the reality is there's supposed to be a federal exchange that starts up. i have not yet successfully been able to access that myself, but whenever the problems are solved with the website that will happen because of the way the law is written, and anyone down to 100% of the federal poverty level will be able to access the subsidy in the exchange. so there is an option that already exists, but, you know, the website itself is just a symptom. it's just a symptom of a larger problem. it's like when i was in practice and someone said i've got a fever, doctor. that's just a symptom. you have to find out why they have a fever. the problem is this was so flawed from the get go. >> congressman -- congressman, let's -- let's disconnect the two because what you just said doesn't make a great deal of sense. >> the heck it doesn't! >> even if the law was throughed
8:39 am
which is your argument how is that in any way connected to the website itself? >> fatally flawed. fatally flawed. >> how is that connected to a functioning website? >> you start with an incompetent group of people trying to craft major public policy done as a partisan exercise and now is it any wonder three and a half years later that they weren't able to get this right? what else are they going to get wrong? >> so because the law was bad incompetent people -- i guess i don't -- i wish we had more time, congressman. >> well what do you have to do to get fired by this administration? what does it take? what degree of incompetence must you exhibit in order to be fired by barack obama. >> republican from texas, congressman, i want to have you back when we have more time. >> any time. >> thank you. i'm going to hold you to it. thank you so much. >> any time. >> wisconsin republicans introducing a bill to exempt poor people from having to get voter i.d., but wait until you hear what it's asking these poor people to do in wisconsin.
8:40 am
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since january, legislatures have introduced bills aimed at new voter i.d. requirements or strengthening existing ones, but there's one bill in wisconsin that some say add insult to injury. wisconsin lawmakers on wednesday debated a republican-backed bill that would allow people to vote without a photo i.d. if they sign affidavits stating they are poor, and they can't afford to pay for an i.d. it's their attempt to overcome a judge's voter that blocked a voter i.d. law in wisconsin. it comes at a time when the trial for the same voter i.d. law is under way in wisconsin. it's one of the first cases to challenge voter i.d. under section two of the voting rights act. denise is with one of the organizations that's the plaintiff in that case. just your general reaction to
8:44 am
the new effort in wisconsin by republicans to look out for poor voters there. >> hi. thank you. it's certainly grt phiing to see that lawmakers are finally acknowledging and we've been saying all along that these strict photo i.d. requirements stand to keep voters out of the voting booth, and the problem with the new legislation is that it still relegates thousands of voters to second-class citizenship, piecemeal vusolutis that carve out -- the the voter identification laws stand to make second-class citizens out of voters who are unable to get the forms of i.d. and we're hearing in our trial that's going on this week, challenging the state's photo i.d. law from voters across the state who have difficulty obtaining state-issued photo i.d. to vote and we'll hear today from exp t experts who will testify that this is unnecessary to achieve
8:45 am
integrity of the voting system. >> in wisconsin, if you're poor and you go to vote and you don't have this voter i.d. and you have to sign an affidavit, that doesn't seem to do a great deal to encourage poor people to show up and vote. first of all, and second of all, and how many poor people are going to sign -- it seems very odd to me that that was a solution that was suggested. >> right. we think that this continues to relegate many voters to second-class citizenship and certainly it doesn't take into account the many ranges of voters who are unable to obtabo state-issued photo i.d. because it's not necessary to get the photo i.d. aer is the tied birth certificate or they might have errors on those documents. >> we're talking about wisconsin. >> let's move to texas very quickly during the early morning voting period, we saw how the voter i.d. law and how it backfired on its proponents and mainly the attorney general who had to sign an affidavit
8:46 am
himself, gubernatorial challenger, wendy davis had to sign one and even a former house speaker, texas house speaker he had an expired driver's license so he had to sign one of these affidavits. at what point do you think the republicans in texas that some of them at least take a second look at the -- at that particular law in the lone star state? >> i would hope so. the texas example as well as the examples in other lawses show why they're problematic and they don't advance the integrity and they stand to relegate hundreds of thousands of voters to second-class citizenship and we have a voting system in this country that is already less robust than it needs to be. states across the country are seeking to restrict access particularly for voters of color. >> denise leishman, thank you.
8:47 am
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it engages primarily in developing right now. a live look at the senate floor where members are about to vote on an amendment related to wher about to vote on the nondiscrimination act or enda as it's been dubbed. that and a vote for cloture, takes 60 votes to make it go forward. the act makes it illegal to discriminate against lgtb workers. get a live look at the senate floor. meanwhile the clock ticks toward the 22nd winter games and president of the olympic organizing committee tried to assure matt lauer despite russia's anti-propaganda law there will be no discrimination against the lgtb community. >> if an athlete marches with a rainbow pin or at a press conchs
8:51 am
speaks out in favor of gay rights, will that athlete be arrested? >> absolutely not. what else can i add when my president already several times expressed the guarantees on behalf of the state leader there will be no discrimination whether by race, religion or sexual orientation. we organizers keep social inconclusivi inconclusivity. >> another big event this weekend, mess universe he's co-hosting with former member of the spice girls mel b. behind the scenes footage from thomas's video diary. >> this is it. this is the venue for miss universe. you can tell it's russia, all red seats everywhere. down here is where it matters. come we me. this the judging row. four panelists here and four
8:52 am
over there, eight judges all together. stephen tyler a judge and performer will be making his case saturday night. more coming up. >> miss universe. >> my gorgeous and talented host. >> i'm not talented. i'm messing up a lot. you are. >> we've had a fun morning so far. there's a lot going on. >> 96 hot ladies. >> beautiful women all competing for the title. >> yes. >> we have a lot of big words and fancy words. >> fancy words. >> learning how to say. are you having it fun? >> you're making it fun. seriously, it's good. >> a good time we hope -- >> i love it. joining me now thomas roberts with miss usa 2012. miss universe 2012. thomas, just first of all, bud y, what's it been like these past several days watching these
8:53 am
women get ready to compete on a world stage? >> it's been pretty amazing. just to clarify 86 competitors for the show. i was a little uncaffeinated in my video diary. i want to make that clear how many are here. it's been amazing to of what. these are bold, talented women viewing for this iconic brand. they get to carry on in olivia's shoes over the next year. it's a lot of work. there's an intangible factor that goes into who is going to be crowned and authenticity judges are looking for. it's a wild show. you got me and mel b. and i've scored a russian fan. >> he's hot in moscow. >> everybody back at msnbc will be laughing at me because they all know i run hot. they all know i run hot. i need a fan and air
8:54 am
conditioner, very cool. >> let me come to you before we get in trouble here. the competition itself getting a lot of attention. snl did that spoof last weekend. how excited are you and how excited are the women you're working with to be a part of this thing? >> i think everybody is really excited. being here now reminds me how excited i was last year. to see the families and supporters from all the different countries, everybody from all overtime world joining for this event is really, really exciti exciting. performances will be amazing, steven tyler, mel and thomas hosting. the women are fierce. there will be evening gown, swimsuit, the question which sometimes they screw up. i can't wait. >> thomas, before we get out of here, some other big issues as well. i want your take on what we just
8:55 am
heard there in the interview. do you think members of russia's lgtb community, do you think they are assured when they hear promises from the olympic committee they won't be targeted at the winter games in february? >> i think it would be nice to think sbi international athlete or any international fan or any russian for that matter that's going to be celebrating during the olympics wouldn't be targeted for any type of discrimination. while the world celebrates the olympics and does so on russian soil and there might be a blind eye turned to lgtb population in russia or anywhere for that matter, it doesn't take away or negate the fact this propaganda law is seeking a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. craig, i know we talk a hot about this. there are certain laws we deal with back home. this is seeking a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. there is not an issue with the lgtb population. there is nothing to be ashamed
8:56 am
of if you identify with that community and you shouldn't be targeted with discriminatory or homophobic views. the only thing that needs to continue is an international chorus of voices. like we've seen in our country, lgtb community and straight allies banning together to make one unified message it won't stand. >> big thanks to both of you. folks, remember, you can check out thomas's video diary. he'll update at you can join the discussion. get realtime on twitter, facebook, instagram using robert in rush. and watch it at 9:00 eastern on saturday. wrap it up for me. catch me saturday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. "now" with alex wagner is up next. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that? that's the sound of car insurance companies these days. here a cheap, there a cheap.
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when can you be sure an autopsy is really an autopsy? when the patient shows no signs of waking up ever again. it's thursday november 7th and this is "now." it was only eight months ago that the gop released its occupies on the 2012 election. the much heralded growth and opportunity project. in the section entitled america looks different, the rnc warned that the party's hostility to the lgtb community was harming it among younger voters and that at least from a messaging standpoint, it ought to soften its tone. we do not have to agree on every issue but we do need to make sure young people do not see the party as totally intolerant of alternative points of view. already there is a generational difference within the conservative movement about es