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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 13, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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in a bit of trouble. first, here's what's happening this very minute. two congressional hearings into the issues with the health care rollout while the white house pushes back and pushes back hard against a "washington post" report that says the website is unlikely to be up and running by december 1st. but it's comments made by former president bill clinton yesterday that have speaker boehner and other republicans practically giddy. he called on president obama to help people keep the insurance they have, even if it means tweaking the law. >> i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> the unofficial secretary of explaining stuff sounding like a critic in chief. now, boehner isn't the only republican all to happy to pile on now. >> i'm inclined to agree with bill clinton, but that's something that ought to be attempted. but given the complexity of the system and you've already gotten people who have lost their policies, who can't get new
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ones. >> you can add at least one more high profile democrat to this bipartisan bandwagon. senator dianne feinstein is co-sponsoring a bill to help people keep their plans. with both parties keeping up the heat, jay carney tried a little damage control yesterday. >> i think as you saw the president say in an interview with nbc last week, the answer is yes, the president has tasked his team with looking at a range of options, as he said, to make sure that nobody is put in a position where their plans have been cancelled and they can't afford a better plan even though they'd like to have a better plan. >> so it appears the damage is done. at least when it comes to the president's credibility. a new quinnipiac poll finding more than 50% of people do not think the president is trustworthy. joining me now is ranking member of the house committee on homeland security, mississippi democratic congressman bennie thompson. sir, it's good to have you here. i know you just stepped away from the hearing of security of
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personal information about the federal website for but i'd like to get your reaction for what seems to be this gathering storm for democrats. you've got even president clinton getting on board for changes to this law and then we see the president's approval rating, as if this new low below 40%. you've got 46% who believe the president willfully deceived them about what the acament. the gallup has congress's approval rating at a record low 9%. so the president is doing a lot better than you guys, but how does the white house stop the bleeding here and what kind of changes, if you think there should be any made, should be made? >> well, first of all, i think we have to get the website fixed. the president said december 1 it will be up and running. he really needs to meet that deadline if at all possible. if he can't, he needs to be for for forthright, forthcoming and tell the public. you can't be perceived as not telling the truth. so what the president has to do is use the bully pulpit of his
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office and come forth with what's coming on. we're in a hearing right now. there are some real challenges. there are 50 contractors involved in putting this website together. someone has to be in charge of it to make sure that it works. personal security is an issue. however, i think based on the testimony we are receiving, it's pretty much secure at this point. >> is it wrong that the president and maybe the white house made this grand assumption that people understood what the aca meant more than what they did? obviously anybody who has a plan that they like prior to 2010 is grandfathered in so we're talking about this fraction of people who got plans past 2010 that don't meet the aca standard of care. >> that's right. a lot of people are losing coverage all over the country. and when you are speaking to the public and you tell them they can keep their health care, they should be able to do it.
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so whatever president obama needs to do to fix it, we have to do it. it's the right thing to do. people in good faith purchased health care and they should receive it. >> i want to play a part of what mitch mcconnell had to say weighing in on the aca yesterday. take a listen. >> the panic has set in. the troops are restless. and on a daily basis, you will see some democrat in some red state come up with a new way to try to distance themselves from obama care. >> sir, i want to go through this bullet point by bullet point because we have this bipartisan bill from senator mary landrieu that gained support from democratic senator dianne feinstein who called it a simple fix to this complex remember. then other red state democrats have come out in support of congressman fred upton's proposal. won't proposals like these just allow insurers to escape
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providing the critical consumer protection that are supposed to be guaranteed by this health care law? >> oh, there's no question. and i think the upton bill especially skirts the issue. that bill will come up for vote this friday. in all probability it will pass the house. however, i don't think it will see the light of day in the senate. but what we do need is to make sure that the coverages that we have assured under the affordable care act, that we meet them. we have to make sure that policy limits and other things that are required under the aca, that people have them. we can't limit participation with these kinds of legislations being offered. >> meanwhile the white house said this morning, it responded to a "washington post" report coming back strongly that this website is not going to be ready to go by november 30th, the deadline. they say from the post that is that the challenges that we are addressing today are a snapshot of november 12th, not november 30th. we are working 24/7.
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we are making progress. that's in response to the deadline issues. and we've got the cms deputy information officer giving us an idea what that means during the testimony we've seen today. i'm going to play it for everybody. >> i know that consumers using have been frustrated in these initial weeks. while the hub is working as intended, after the launch of the online application, numerous unanticipated technical problems surfaced which have prevented some consumers from moving through the enrollment processes in a smooth and seamless manner. some of those problems have been resolved and the site is functioning much better than it did initially. users can now successfully create an account, continue through the full application and enrollment processes. we are now able to process nearly 17,000 registrations per hour or 5 per second with no errors. >> if you can tell us 17,000 are spining up per hour then why is a subpoena from ways and means unanswered as to how many have
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signed up? please don't answer yes. >> congressman, we have secretary sebelius saying this morning the website is getting, quote, significantly better. but it seems like this deadline of the 30th is a trip wire. at this point it seems as if while everybody is trying to hit a home run, just nobody can get on base with this. and the small achievable steps necessary to make it look like you guys are winning in the rollout. so is november 30th a true achievable date? >> well, i would hope that it is. to be honest with you, thomas, i see people hesitating now. i'm a little concerned about it. because the point of entry for so many americans for participation will be this website. you really can't get the program going unless you can get people signed up. and right now that is difficult. and so what we have to do working with the president and his leadership team, we need to get it fixed.
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whatever is required, including all hands on deck, we have to do it. the president made this his signature program and it's up to the president and his leadership team to make it work. >> congressman bennie thompson, democrat from mississippi. sir, we'll let you get back into those hearings. thank you of your time. we ask of you the big question, do you think that will be running smoothly by november 30th? weigh in on twitter or facebook. all right, so we highlighted last month's insurance ads that were targeting young guides with keg stands to sign up for brosurance. now they're working on the ladies, this one featuring a hot-to-trot young woman saying let's hope he's as easy to get as this birth control. my health insurance covers the pill, which means all i have to worry about is getting him between the covers. adam fox is the director of strategic engagement at colorado consumer health initiative. adam, we talked before about
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brosurance. now we're trying to get young women interested in signing up. you've teamed up with progress now colorado education, that's a group that's working with you on these new ads aiming to reach we women. i have to tell you i have a lot of women who work on this show and they were pretty offended by this first ad. what kind of feedback have you been getting? >> well, we've been getting a lot of feedback since we launched those ads yesterday, positive and negative. but what we've seen is that the images have been shared a lot on social media and we know that we're reaching our target audience. >> but so how do you put these ads together? did you use a control group? as you're saying, you're getting the response of positive and negative. and we had the examples with brosurance. it seemed like you were using booze to attract guys. for girls you're using booze and sex. so did you anticipate this kind of reaction? >> i think it's always a little bit challenging when you get into reproductive health care,
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but it is a fundamental portion of health care, especially for anyone in reproductive age, male or female. and women are just as capable of making independent decisions for themselves and that's really what that ad depicts. >> but for guys you weren't overtly sexual. >> well, it's -- birth control by nature is going to imply that, but really it was -- yesterday was national birth control day, and it's really important for people to have access to the care that they need and to be able to take care of their health care in the way that they choose. >> well, you've certainly gotten a lot of people's attention, old geezers like me especially. adam fox, creator of the girlsurance and brosurance ads, adam, great to have you back on, thank you. >> thank you. so an endless path of misery.
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that's how one aide worker is describing the difficult road to recovery that the philippines now face. here's what's being worked on and what we know. the death toll numbers continue to fluctuate but it stands now at more than 2300 people. at least 23,000 are still missing or unacted for. right now there are 250 marines on the ground and another 2,000 on the way. we did learn overnight that bad weather has caused the arrival of uss george washington to be delayed another four to five days. take a look at this, we have some jaw-dropping before and after images from digital globe. they show the utter devastation that haiyan caused as it literally tore through the islands. it's amazing anybody survived this damage and destruction caused by what's being described as one of the strongest storms ever recorded. while relief workers struggle to get the much-needed aid to survivors, many are in desperate need of food, water and medicine. ian williams is in the capital of manila with the very latest. >> reporter: thomas, this massive aid operation is
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beginning to get up to speed, but not nearly as fast as is needed by the desperate survivors in those devastated communities along the coast. in taklaban we are seeing some aid trickling in but many people complaining they're not getting the most basic items, water, food and medicine. there were reports of a crowd storming a government rice warehouse. one official describing it more as an act of self-preservation than looting. also in the city itself, roucro have been digging up water pipes, trying to crack those pipes open, such the desperate situation there. the government very much is on the defensive. the presidential palace saying today again they are doing everything under their power to get aid to these devastated communities. but there is this big disconnect between the promises we're seeing internationally pouring
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out of promises but the trickle of aid getting into these communities. the government insists roads are being cleared, airports open and ports open, but it is a desperately slow process, even though these supplies are needed urgently, thomas. >> ian williams reporting for us from manila. now, if you would like to, here are the organizations accepting donations for the relief effort, including the american red cross, unicef and the world food program. a woman gunned down while looking for help after a car crash. why some are calling her death racially motivated. and the owner of the miami dolphins postpones a meeting with jonathan martin. so what's the holdup on that? stick around, we'll be back with much more right after this. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat,
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a 19-year-old detroit woman was fatally shot apparently while seeking help after a car accident has been ruled a homicide. an autopsy report shows that she died of a gunshot blast to the face. now, the homeowner who allegedly shot her claims his gun accidentally discharged and the local prosecutors are deciding whether to charge him with a crime, calls for justice are getting louder. goldie taylor is joining me. her new column "breaking black" is featured on the grio every monday. goldie, as this story has gained more traction because this death took place almost two weeks ago, we have supporters in detroit and throughout the country that have held rallies demanding justice. a facebook page has garnered more than 4500 likes. why do you think that this is gaining the traction or galli n
8:18 am
galvanizing support around the country for justice? >> you know, the very first thing i thought when i saw her picture is how much she looks like my youngest daughter. and my youngest daughter, i still call her my baby. so there is a mother out here tonight who is missing her baby, who had a car accident in the middle of the night and really went to seek help, you know, at some of the nearest homes. when she knocked on the door, she was shot. so there are going to be questions about this and very reasonable questions that ought to be asked. did the homeowner have a reasonable fear of a woman standing on his porch at that time of the night. could he see her clearly? did she do anything at all to put him in fear? and so far the answers to most of those things have been no. but there's something about the investigator in this case that i've been hearing, that this district attorney tends to take her time. that she tends to button up all of the facts before she moves forward with charges.
8:19 am
i think we've got to put a little bit of faith in this prosecutor, but we also have to hold everyone in this case accountable until the truth is found. >> so the police department says it's still investigating the case before it presses charges against the homeowner. the family attorney points to that prosecutor that you're talking about saying i have the utmost confident in wayne county prosecutor kim worthy. she needs the time to gather evidence and give this case the due diligence in order to obtain a conviction. only a conviction will result in justice for renisha mcbride. the police haven't identified the homeowner but they say he is a 54-year-old man. we don't know his race, but people say that this neighborhood where renisha was killed is predominantly white. and it is important to wait until all of the facts are in here and that this prosecutor does the due diligence, as pointed out by the family, necessary to see what the real deal is. >> you know, thomas, i think you're exactly right that we do
8:20 am
have to wait for the facts and be dill jengt aboigent about ge of the one of the things that stuck out to me is that this homeowner said that this was an accidental discharge. one of the reasons why we suggest that a homeowner for self protection have a shotgun rather than some other kind of revolver is because this is not a hair trigger. it takes some intention, some purpose to pull a shotgun trigger. and so they don't have safeties and that kind of thing. you've got to -- and if this thing had to load into the chamber, you know, and so what i'm saying here is that it does take intention to shoot a shotgun so i'm not sure if accident really solves it for me. >> goldie taylor, thanks so much. be sure to check out her new column "breaking black" every monday. abortion opponents look to local efforts that are under way on the ground in states like new mexico to roll back women's rights, but we might be surprised on who's on the side
8:21 am
of women's choice in that fight. former president bill clinton bailing on president obama? but is this all about hillary come 2016? the agenda panel will jump into that one straight ahead. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart.
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game over. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables from things like water damage for as low as $4 a month when you add renters insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 866-905-6500 now. plus, drivers who switched saved an average of $498 a year. just a few more ways allstate is changing car insurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. we've got some new developments in the bullying scandal involving the miami dolphins. at the request of the nfl, team owner stephen ross has postponed a planned meeting with jonathan martin until after nfl investigators meet with martin on friday. now, ross was supposed to meet with martin today. meanwhile richie incognito, martin's accused bullier has returned to miami after spending the week in california. omar kelly is an nfl beat writer and columnist with the south florida sun sentinel. we had nate jackson on last hour.
8:25 am
i want to play a part of what he had to say, his take on the nfl's reaction to the situation. >> there's a lot of things coming out not only about the locker room stuff but about the health of the players, about former player struggles, about the head injuries, and the nfl is scrambling to improve their image on all fronts. so when a negative story comes out, the nfl is on top of it with press releases and things of that nature. and i think we should take it all with a grain of salt and understand that they have a bottom line that they are protecting and they're worried about negative press. >> so the bottom line, the cash involved with the nfl. omar, do you agree with what nate jackson is saying there about how this incident may reveal other secrets leaking from the locker room? >> well, definitely. i think it basically exposes the locker room culture, which i think most people realize wouldn't be acceptable in mainstream society or any job -- any corporation. but to say that the nfl is trying to address the issue by covering it up, you know, i
8:26 am
disagree. i think they haven't even moved the process fast enough in terms of this investigation. why wait until the end of the week. why isn't the independent investigator out there talking with jonathan martin today? if stephen ross could have arranged a wednesday meeting, why couldn't the nfl? i think this process hasn't gone fast enough. >> so we have the bullying component in all of this, the racial aspect of the story. but as you point out for what happens in regular modern day society of how people interact in workplace environments, how much is culturally foundational based in locker room sports culture, and do you think once this investigation is over that it's really going to do much to put a dent in the bumper of that? >> oh, definitely. i think you're going to see widespread changes in terms of the nfl culture, in terms of rookie hazing, what's he acceptable. you probably won't see rookies getting funny-looking hair cuts or their hair dyed to create
8:27 am
embarrassment and that's what's been going on. jonathan martin, he had a weird-looking haircut, he was called the big weirdo as a rookie and the bullying or hazing continued into his second season. now, is everybody a bully in the nfl? certainly not. but it's about the culture, it's about the environment. and i think you're going to see widespread changes. the one thing that's really troubling to me is that jonathan martin walked away from the nfl because he was uncomfortable about the working environment, uncomfortable with his relationship with his teammates. but if he had stepped away because of a drug problem or entered rehab or just, you know, stepped away from the situation and said, you know what, i need help, you know, that would have been a little bit more acceptable than just stepping away saying i have emotional issues and can't deal with my relationship with my teammates. >> you make a great distinction there. omar kelly, thanks so much for your time. up next, duly noted. rand paul's footnotes get him into more trouble and our agenda panel will weigh in on that after this.
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your office wrote a letter describing your demanding workload the next two weeks and offering to testify in december instead. was this concern coming just from your office or was it really a legitimate concern? >> it's never been a question of if i'll testify, it's just a question of when. it had been the hope of me and the team that's working to fix the site that i could continue to focus intensely on helping to fix the site this month and come back in a few weeks. that being said, i understand that the chairman came to a different decision. >> that was house oversight member elijah cummings questioning white house chief tech officer todd park. park was pulled away from his 24/7 task of working on the website to attend today's hearing on the rollout of we'll keep an eye on that hearing. with friends like this, you've all heard about this, form eer president bill clinton saying obama care should be changed. why did he do it.
8:32 am
and duly foot noting. senator rand paul is foot noting his speeches but does it really matter. sahil kapur, michael tomasky and zerlina maxwell. gang, it's good to have you here. michael, i want to start with you because we had senator ted cruz giving his opinion on why he thinks president bill clinton is coming out swinging with these comments from yesterday. take a listen. >> that was certainly revealing, and it suggests perhaps that hillary clinton is looking to run away from president obama and run away from obama care. and that ought to be a signal to democrats, this thing isn't working. >> all right. so is that the line of thinking when the president has been out, president clinton that is, out front in support of the aca and now it seems a bit fair weather? >> run away is probably a little bit overstated, as is sometimes senator cruz's habit, but look,
8:33 am
there is probably some truth to that. he, bill clinton, wants to put up a little firewall, let's say, between hillary clinton and this current mess. and one can't blame him for wanting to do that. he creates a very difficult substantive situation for the obama administration, though, because the legislative fixes that are currently being proposed would blow a huge hole in the law. >> so, sahil, you have a piece up today on how senator dianne feinstein supporting senator mary landrieu's bill to fix obama care. are democrats increasingly jumping ship? why aren't they standing firm in their own two feet in trying to explain the fact that these people that are losing any insurance plans are because they were junk insurance policies? they don't meet the basic standard of care? >> i think they're feeling a lot of pressure from their constituents and feel compelled
8:34 am
to do something to signal that they are aware of the problems with the law. but the fixes that are being proposed in the landrieu bill, which i would add not just senator feinstein but senator merkley, not the guy you'd expect to partner with red state democrats signed on to this bill. it would force insurance companies to keep existing policies into 2014 even if they're substandard and don't meet the essential benefits standard. what it would do is take a bunch of people out of the insurance exchanges under obama care that insurers had planned on based on their models. so this would cause a whole lot of disruption. i think on the political end what this reveals is that a bunch of democratic senators who are up for re-election in 2014, you have people as ideologically diverse as mark pryor and jeff urley. i think if the problems don't
8:35 am
get fixed you'll see people support some sort of fix. >> zerlina, isn't it ironic for president clinton to tell anybody how to do health reform? >> definitely. for the past 20 years the democrats have been struggling to get reform passed and the clintons failed in the '90s and obama was successful in doing so. so i think it's ironic that now they're throwing stones when they weren't able to be successful themselves. i think this is a 2016 try angulation like michael said but i think it's short sighted because i think hillary should stick with obama and obama care going into 2016. >> thomas, could i add about bill clinton, it sounds like a politician trying to have it both ways, that's what it sounds like right now. bill clinton proposed a health care plan in 1993 that would be as disruptive if not more disruptive to a bunch of individual plans. so it's this kind of thing if you're not governing you can say let's have all the nice things and none of the bad things even though it doesn't work in reality. senator rand paul yesterday
8:36 am
at the citadel, his first speech since the plagiarism scandal. for rand paul, footnotes do not equal accuracy. the article says despite paul's 33 footnotes there were still factual errors. still factual errors in that. so, michael, is that just downright embarrassing? >> it's totally embarrassing. and i have no idea why he would decide to do something like this, put in footnotes. he's just dragging this out now and just making it a longer story and turning it into a soap opera. maybe he sees some perverse benefit in that. maybe the more he gets attacked on msnbc for all this kind of stuff that somehow it helps him. that's probably true. >> really? perverse? down the road, zerlina, the run for 2016, is that kind of the obstinate way to go? >> i think this is really amateur hour, but i think to michael's pointing, he's not trying to pander to the general
8:37 am
election electorate, he's trying to pander to the primary electorate and they don't care that he's not accurate. >> our thursday agenda panel, zerlina maxwell, michael at that mass ski and sahil kapur. gang, thanks for being here, i appreciate it. you can find more from our panel on our website. i am only fast forwarding through our weekend. i'm going to take some water, drink it, be right back. (knocking) hello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. that's hilarious. sorry. you shoulda taken it to midas. get some of that midas touch. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. next time i'm going to midas. high-five! arg! i did not see that coming. trust the midas touch. for brakes, tires, oil, everything.
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8:41 am
pain at 20 weeks after conception. early voting is already under way. joining me from albuquerque is's irin carmon. let's talk about what's happening. we have one mom who gave our affiliate kob anti-abortion cards she said she found in her trick-or-treater's bag on halloween and the group behind the law said it was not responsible for that, there was somebody else. but there's a truck that has pictures of aborted fetuses driving around town in support of this ban. what are you hearing, the temperature from the people of albuquerque over this. >> thomas, that pro-life truth truck is going to be my ride later today. i'm going to be watching the folks who are in support of this ban get out to vote. they are folks who came here from operation rescue in kansas, because they were targeting one clinic in particular. that clinic has become a refuge for women from texas, oklahoma and around the world. women who were seeking later abortions.
8:42 am
this is a state that is a blue state. it went for obama. this is a liberal city. it has libertarian roots which explains how it did become a refuge for women. and there are lots of folks who were pretty upset. i've been talking to people all around the city. they're not happy about their children getting those trick-or-treating cards. they're not happy about the graphic images. >> and we have religious groups getting into this fight on both sides. catholics for choice are trying to shoot down the measure with printing and radio ads. how significant is that? >> there is a lot of money coming in here on both sides for ads. the susan b. anthony list, the anti-abortion group, is here running ads in support of the ban. planned parenthood and the aclu are running ads against the campaign. there is a lot of force falling down on this small, low-key city. basically this is a national battle and what the supporters of the ban would like to see is
8:43 am
some momentum in a blue state, in a liberal city, and they're hoping to take this nationwide. >> so let's take a look at what's going on nationally because we have senator lindsey graham pushing that same bill in the senate right now. here's just a small portion of what he had to say at a news conference here last week. >> we're talking about a baby that science and medicine is urging the parents to talk to because they can hear you. when it comes to abortion going into the sixth month of pregnancy, because the child is pain capable, the state has a compelling interest in protecting that unborn child. >> so meanwhile here in the heart of this measure is that fetuses can feel pain, and we've got 11 paragraphs at the top of the ballot measure that are devoted to this issue. we've got the journal of american medical association in '05 saying that fetuses can't perceive pain until the 29th or 30th week. so for voters out there trying to get educated on this, how do they know who to trust when it comes to the science? >> well, again, the science is
8:44 am
pretty definitive. there's no proof that fetuses can feel pain at that stage. another thing that opponents of the bill are trying to get out is unlike the bill that passed the house of representatives that lindsey graham is presenting in the senate, it does not have an exception for rape and incest. another important thing is that after 22 weeks is usually when women find out about severe fetal anomalies, so many women who find themselves in that situation have to choose between carrying to term a dying fetus that is severely ill or coming here to new mexico. if the ban passes, they will have fewer options than ever. >> all right, so again the early voting is under way right now and the ballot will be -- the official ballot is november the 19th so we'll wait to see what happens later this month.'s irin carmon going out on the truth truck later today? >> yep, that's true. that's my plan. >> irin, thanks so much. >> thank you. sometimes kids do things that are just awesome.
8:45 am
house speaker john boehner was confronted by immigrant children advocating for immigration reform while he was eating breakfast this morning at a diner. the video was released by the organization fair immigration reform movement or firm. one child told her story how her dad may be deported. this is how speaker boehner responded. >> well, i'm trying to find somebody to get this thing done. you know, it's not easy. it's not going to be an easy path forward, but i've made it clear since the day after the election, it's time to get this done. >> that's speaker boehner in the red hat. it's been five months since the senate sent a bipartisan bill to the house for consideration. >> 19 ayes, 2 nos, 1 excused. >> senate bill passes final reading. madam clerk. >> mixed reaction there at the
8:46 am
sounds of cheers and jeers could be heard was hawaii's marriage equality bill passed its final hurlds. the governor is expected to sign it into law today making it the 15th state to have marriage equality. a quiprogramming note. i'll be talking about the governor tomorrow so hope you'll join. the woman whose face was on the is now the subject of cyberbullying. forest whitaker turned down the chance to play president obama. whitaker, who has been cast to play colin powell in an upcoming movie was apparently offered the role of barack obama in the movie "my name is kahn." why did he say no? he said he thought there were other suited actors for that role. caroline kennedy is expected to head to japan tomorrow. yesterday she was sworn in as the newest ambassador. and former governor sarah palin
8:47 am
is dishing out opinions right and left on her book tour, even about the pope. >> i'm trying to follow what az agenda is and i'm surprised that he came out with a couple of things in the media. but then again, i'm not one to trust the media's interpretation of somebody's message. but having read through media outlets that he's had some statements that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback. has kind of surprised me. we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener.
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8:50 am
mr. chairman, i -- let me be clear that we have staff who work just as hard as yours. it's not about self-serving. it's about getting to the truth. and i would not insult your staff, and -- >> i wasn't insulting your staff. >> well, i take it as an insult.
8:51 am
>> what i said is -- >> it's not about self-serving. it's not about rehabilitating. it's about trying to get to the truth, period. the truth and nothing but the truth. i'm not going to try and rehabilitate, as you said. >> maybe you can get them to give us the documents. >> pretty tense exchange between daryl issa at today's hearing on members of the committee, they've been grilling top i.t. officials in the administration for more than two hours. we'll continue to bring you updates from that hearing throughout the day. so we asked and you answered, the question being, do you think will be running smoothly by november 13th? sammy weighed in saying, it should, but then what from the gop? and alicia tweeted, i'm betting people will be able toll use with relative ease. the conversation goes on. keep the comments coming on twitter or facebook. it was a bizarre, bizarre
8:52 am
two-month trial fueled with drama, whacky witnesses and a lot of "f b" bombs. now james "whitey" bulger's two-day sentencing has begun. the forem the former gangster faces life behind bars. we've had a chance to speak about this case a lot. we understand that court has just wrapped up after victim impact statements were given. the judge is going to announce the sentence tomorrow. explain why this is a two-day process. >> well, basically the victims got their say today. it was really a day of high emotion, a lot of victims got their chance to address mr. bulger in court. bulger did not face them. he looked the other way. he was hunched over looking down at papers, taking some notes. did not look the victims' families in the eye. one after one, these families got up and basically blasted
8:53 am
him. one called him satan. one said the electric chair was too good for him. others talked about their loved ones and the lives that were lost and what it was like to live without them. each one of them said bulger deserved a tough punishment. the prosecution said bulger should get two life sentences, served concurrently with an extra five years. the defense did not offer any recommendation for sentencing. in fact, they said at bulger's behest, they were not going to address the issue. also, bulger did not -- would not testify. the judge asked him, do you want to testify, do you want to speak? he refused. the judge adjourned and said punishment will be delivered tomorrow. >> all right. mike, we're going to leave it there. mike bellow, thanks so much. we want to jump real quickly to canada and toronto where the embattled mayor there rob ford, who has admitted to smoking crack, is now taking on his city council. they're trying to isolate his
8:54 am
power. >> are you taking action, then, with professionals in regards to personal problems? >> i am -- talked to professionals, professionals. i've talked to my family. i am doing exactly what i'm supposed to do, and that is all i can say right now. >> so is the answer yes, you're getting professional help? >> i can't -- counselor, i've just answered your question. i don't know what more i can say. >> the last thing people have asked -- >> anyways -- go ahead. >> i'm sincerely trying to ask the questions on behalf of, you know, my community and many people here on council to understand how you're addressing the issues. i'm not looking to tell baembar you. >> that's long gone. don't worry about that. >> to embarrass you any further. >> don't worry. >> the last thing many people say is take a leave of absence. >> absolutely not taking a leave
8:55 am
of absence. >> let me ask the question then because you've said you don't want to take a leave of absence. is there some way you can explain to us why you don't want to take a leave of absence? >> there is no need for me to take a leave of absence. i'm returning my calls. i'm going to committees. i'm watching every single dime being spent here. i've done it for 13 years. i'm going to continue doing it for another five years. >> so do you think that taking a leave of absence and being away from here would help you address any of the problems that you may have? >> i might go to florida over the christmas holidays with my family for maybe six days like i did last year. but i'm not missing a day of work. i never have. i never will. again, i'm going to repeat, i'm in this council chamber probably more than any person here. no offense to anybody here, but i'll put my record against anyone else's record. >> whenever you want, i'll put record to record.
8:56 am
i've been here a long time. >> no, no. i mean attendance records. i'm not talking years. i've only been here 13 years. i'm talking attendance records in my 13 years. i'll put my 13 years up against anybody else in this chamber. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. mayor, in the past you voted against and have spoken against substance abuse programs. in a tv interview from some years ago that was reaired last week, you -- your advice for how to deal with people who smoked crack was give them a gun. have events, recent events taught you anything about understanding and compassion? >> you're going to have to refresh my memory on which program. we've had many debates about
8:57 am
addiction in this council chamber. it's well known that there's a member of my family that has an addiction problem. >> i'll just ask the question -- >> i'm not quite sure what you're asking, counselor. >> i'll just repeat the question. in recent events, have you learned anything about compassion? >> counselor, this has definitely been the most humiliating experience that i have ever went through in my entire life. the only other day that was worse than probably a couple days last year was when my dad died. outside of that, it was definitely the worst week of my life. >> mayor ford, i don't want to belabor it, but yes, it's the worse day. we understand this is painful for you. have you learned from this experience a greater understanding of other people's
8:58 am
problems and perhaps a greater compassion for people that have problems? >> counselor, i'm the first to help people out that have problems. i'm the first one there and the last one to leave when there is someone who has problems. and i can rattle off hundreds of people that i've sat and talked to and comforted and brought into my house and helped these people out of all ages. >> thank you. >> counselor fletcher. >> yes, two quick questions, mr. mayor. >> so we've been listening to the toronto city council, the 44-member city council trying to box in the toronto city mayor and his powers there, rob ford. he has admitted to drug abuses and some drunken rages that have all gotten the city talking up there. they're trying to see if he is in shape to continue being their mayor. he says he's not going to be
8:59 am
going anywhere. just to point out, he's not been convicted of any crime, even after police were handed a videotape that depicted the mayor smoking crack. so we will wait to see how this goes. our alex wagner is going to take over with her show from washington, d.c. a wild one, alex. that's for sure. >> yeah, it's a great lead-in. rob ford and the city council. but we're going to be talking about defending and rebooting on capitol hill. it is wednesday, november 13th. this is "now." the glitches continue. new headaches this morning for the white house as an official tells "the washington post" that will likely not be fully functional by november 30th as promised by the administration. the white house pushed back on the report saying the challenges we are addressing today are a
9:00 am
snapshot of november 13th, not november 30th. still, coming from an administration with a questionable track record on such predictions, concerns have not been allayed. not helping matters at all in any way, former president bill clinton who announced yesterday to forehead slaps across 1600 pennsylvania avenue that americans who have lost their plans as part of new, higher insurance standards in the aca should be able to keep them. president clinton did nothing to help the man in the oval office, but his pronouncement was a gift to the guy with the gavel. >> president clinton made clear he thought president obama should keep his promise. this is not about politics. these are about real people in our districts that are being harmed by obama care. it's time to fix this law. >> the republican feeding frenzy continued elsewhere on capitol hill as a house oversight hearing provided ample opportunity to grill the administration's technology officers.