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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 14, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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address. nothing against taylor swift. i will let you finish. but that headline is the best new thing in the world today. abc news you win you. win, you win. now time for "the last word" good thursday morning. right now on "first look," the health care numbers are in and they're not pretty. even democrats are upset. we'll give you a progress report. p. the fbi is looking for your help in identifying this man. who is john doe number 27? international aid barely scratches the surface as typhoon weary survivors face a life and death struggle. plus a meth dealer makes the worst decision of his life in dragging this cop. and a secret service sex scandal involving agents from the president's detail. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. we're getting our first numbers for the first set of enrollees
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to obama care and it has a very long way to go. tracie potts starts us off live in washington. so just what is the white house saying about these numbers? >> reporter: they're saying no one is really happy with them, but the political problem for president obama now isn't just coming from the right. supporters, democrats are worried and they're becoming more vocal about it. today the white house gets an earful from senate democrats. >> nobody who supports health care reform and supports successful implementation of the affordable care act is satisfied with what we've seen out of the website. >> reporter: president obama continues to reassure americans. >> we're working overtime to make sure the law works the way it's supposed to. >> reporter: but with less than 27,000 people signed up through the website and 106,000 overall, republican critics insist it's time to start over. >> i'm going to give it a grade. this was an f. >> reporter: lawmakers say their phones are ringing off the hook with constituents say the
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website is not the only problem. >> called because i cooperate get through on the website. i've waited for two weeks, haven't heard back. >> reporter: will it be ready november 30th? the government's chief technology officer can't say for sure. >> the team is working incredibly hard to meet the goal. >> reporter: even democrats' supporters are increasingly frustrated. >> my constituents need in website to work. >> reporter: the white house is sure to hear more of that today. now, the administration says there are a million people in the pipeline, these are folks who went on, they applied, they're eligible for the health plans, but they just haven't been able to finish the process. >> a lot of people waiting to sign up. tracie potts, thanks so much. moving to the philippines. doctors are waiting on survivors of typhoon haiyan by flashlight. here at home, people are doing whatever they can to help. this chicago wednesday, hundreds lined up to give food, water, clothes and medical supplies. ian williams joins us in manila.
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has the uss george washington arrived there yet? >> reporter: well, crucially the uss george washington has now arrived off the coast of the philippines with 80 aircraft on board, 5,000 personnel. it will give an enormous boost to an aid operation which has been all but gridlocked over recent days. crucially this massive ship has the ability to purify 100,000 gallons of water every day, and it will provide a platform for helicopters to go on search and rescue operations across the area, also to deliver much needed supplies. already the u.s. has 300 marines on the ground. that will soon be boosted to over 1,000. the runway, a crucial hub for aid, has been extended and is now also under 24 hour operation. so finally this effort is being stepped up and that will be welcome news in those devastated
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areas, mara. >> thanks so much, ian williams. and back here at home, authorities looking into how four marines died during a safety exercise at camp pendleton. officials say unexploded ordinance blew up during routine training. the military says there were no control detonations at the time. the names have not yet been released. it's the second deadly accident at camp pendleton this year. now to a secret service probe sparked by a single bullet left behind in a hotel room. two agents are now cut from president obama's detail. a senior supervisor was off duty when he met a woman at the hay-adams hotel in washington this past spring, but he left behind a single bullet in the woman's ro e's room. he went back and tried to force his way into the room and
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reported reportedly sent sexually suggestive texts to another woman. they say they periodically have isolated incidents of misconduct. take a look at these incredible images as a missouri state trooper is forced to shoot a methed a difficu ed a dimeth life. >> to this will day, i still don't know why i more or less dove into that car. >> he did shoot him. after viewing the dash cam footage, the presiding judge sentenced alan hamilton to 30 years in prison. turning now to sports, richard lui is here with all the headlines. >> very good thursday to you. baseball cy young winners have been named. matt scherzer gets one and for
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the national league, clinton kershaw get his second. both received at least 28 of 30 first place votes from baseball writers association of america. todd christensen has died. the record setting tight he said succumbed to complications from liver transplant surgery. he was 57. sam herd who played for the cowboys and bears was sentenced to 15 years in prison. he pleaded guilty to one count of trying to buy and distribute cocaine and marijuana. boxer and philippines congressman says he's in deep training for a comeback fight against brandon rios. and that's why he hasn't been able to visit the philippines after typhoon hey yap. he hopes winning will inspire his country. concussion fallout. the youth program saw almost a 10% drop in players between 2010
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and 2012. that's over 2300 players. it's the largest two year decline since they started keeping stats they're saying. >> a lot of part of parents wor. >> and louisville women's basketball coach saying he will buy the first 2500 beers for all fans of legal drinking age at tonight's pre-season game. >> that's how you draw a crowd. >> you get a big line out the door. he's expecting about a $5,000 tab. record breaking olympic torch continues down an active volcano in russia for the 37th of the 123 day torch relay.icoptered and dropped to this latest location. fear the beard. dodgers brian wilson whether not shave for anyone. according to the star ledger, the yankees gm says no shave, no
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offer. >> strict. >> yankees have a strict no hair below the lip policy. it's not the first time, though. wilson also gave up a million dollars last year to clear the beard. >> i would really be interested in knowing why that means so much to him. not just standing on principle. he's giving up money. >> sampson. it has all the power. >> people in sports are very superstitious. thanks so much, richard. now for a look at the weather, here is bill karins. >> i haven't changed my socks in years. >> and your team still isn't winning. cold air still with us. bring your hat and coat like yesterday. windchills in the 20s in many locations east of the rockies. the good news is as soon as that big yellow thing gets up there in the sky, it will warm us up significantly. we're already much warmer than this morning from oklahoma city up through the great lakes than we were at this time yesterday.
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so we'll add about 5 to 10 degrees to yesterday's temperatures. 52 near chicago, about 50 in boston. 57 in d.c.. 58 in atlanta. and it gets warmer as we go into friday. up near 60 along the mid atlantic. it's not until saturday that we have the next significant weather event. we're not talking about heavy rain, but from chicago to lewst louis, it could be a washout. cocaine, vodka ands from duties all rolled up into one night for one north of the border mayor. plus this motorcycle cop's final drag race when "first look" returns.
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now to stories making news this morning. do you recognize this man? the fbi says john doe 27 is a suspected child sex predator. officials say images of him sexually exploiting a child are being circulateded in child pornography forums. another admission from toronto mayor ford. he told city council he has
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purchased illegal drugs in the past two years. the council voted 37-5 in favor of ford taking a leave of arrest sense which he is declining. and the toronto star cites a police report in which mayor ford was said to be snorting cocaine, drinking vodka and using oxycontin all while entertaining a prostitute in his office and at a bar last year. well, chips would never have done this. a uniformed police officer in alabama accepts a drag racing challenge not once, but twice. he resigned before he could be terminated and he could face possible charges stemming from the incidents. and a business which is man called 911 after a night of drinking because of a special guest he brought home keeping him up. not for the reasons one might guess. >> it's like i'm trying to wake her up and she won't weighing up. >> and she's snoring like a train? >> snoring like a train. >> well, he later apologized. police say the call was a
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colossal waste of their resources. i think it was. now for your first look at business, we turn to courtney reagan. >> good morning. well, janet yellen faces a senate confirmation hearing today to be the next head of the federal reserve. she's expected to defend the economic stimulus program. yellen says the fed must do more to support the economic recovery before it can return to more normal policy. and used car prices are hitting a four year low. experts say they could go even lower next year because more new car buyers are trading in their old vehicles and more used cars with those expired leases are showing up at dealers. do you leak your latte on a train, on a plane? coopera couldn't resist. starbucks has revealed its first store on a train. >> i've heard you have a new accessory on your finger?
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>> i to. we're very happy right now. >> we love that. congratulations to you both. guess who republicans are trying to impeach now? it's not the president. plus see what happens when chris matthews drops in on david letterman. trs ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories.
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it means trying something new. [ woman ] that uncertainty of what's to come. ♪ ♪ . final for your first look at the dish of scrambled politics. u.s. deficit fell in october to
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almost $92 billion in part because of the lower cost of federal payroll. and here is a blast from the past when the government shut down on this day this 1995. >> we're broke. at midnight, caught in a political battle between president clinton and congress. >> after arizona reopened the grand canyon during the shutdown, the state's congressional delegation is asking for a refund from the national parks service. they want $465,000 returned to the state and business donors. eric holder may be the target of an impeachment move. and larry craig says the federal election commission is up fair for demanding he pay almost $360,000 in fines and restitution. the commission says craig misused political campaign money to pay for his defense after his
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arrest in an airport bathroom in 2007. republican advance mcallister is a candidate in louisiana's special election for congress on saturday and he got a big endorsement from one of the stars of the reality tv show duck dynasty. >> hey, this is willie robertson reminding you to get out saturday november 16th and vote for high good buddy, advance owing mcallister. let's somebody who speaks for us to help turn washington around. >> chris matthews joined david letterman last night. >> times they just argue. there is no deal making. in the end, you fight, you argue and the two sides come together and make the best deal for the country. lately, there has been no deals, just endless fighting. >> they just want to be on tv arguing their ideology. >> and that is your morning's
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dish of scrambled politics. now for our first look at politics, i'm joined by bob franken. good morning. >> that story you did a moment ago about the woman snoring like a train? she was watching that. >> i thought it was quite entertaining. let's talk about the health care enrollment numbers. they were released yesterday and they were very low. just one who are piece of bad news for the obama care rollout. if this continues, what response do you expect from the president's own party? >> they will be heading for the hills, maybe joining the republican party. the truth is that many democrats now are lining up behind republican bills to try to undo some of this mess 37 but it may make the mess worse. this could turn from a train wreck to something that could even be worse. >> now, house speaker john boehner turning to immigration now all but killed the current immigration reform measure from the senate wednesday saying he would not go to conference on the senate bill and probably wouldn't bring any house led piece meal legislation to a
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vote. the gop vowed in the autopsy to embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform. so what is the thinking here right now? >> well, what they found is that factions of the republican party wanted nothing to do with immigration reform and did you notice by the way that the speaker made his announcement at the same time when the attention was focused elsewhere, on the health care issue. >> and turning quickly to the political drama to our north in toronto, mayor ford is admitting to buying illegal drugs and new reports of him partying with prostitutes, but yet and still his approval rating is around 44% and he's vowing not to step down. so as long as his numbers stay this good relatively speaking, how do you see it ending? >> first of all, his approval ratings are still higher than congress in this country. >> and our president. >> and number two, in fairness, we should point out he has not been accused of using steroids.
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and lastly, he could always move to washington where he'd fit right in. how is this going to be resolved? i don't know. >> we've seen it in the past with mayors here. marion bury aea berry. in this case, there hasn't been much of an unusual outcry. >> there is usually rarely a public outcry. of course he's totally destroying that stereotype. >> i would agree with you. bob franken, thanks so much for your time this morning. coming up, bill karins and richard lui will be here for "first buzz," all the stories that got our attention including what mariah carey really thinks about her time on american idol. she does not hold back. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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seems like every's still pretty upset about the obama care website. it's got all these glitches. nobody is signing up. they're so desperate to turn it around the department of health and human services e-mailed 275,000 americans encouraging them to give the website another try. and then they said but one at a time. p we don't want to crash again. >> wait your turn. team for "first buzz".we don't . >> wait your turn. team for "first buzz". soma rye mariah carey a judge on merge idle. >> best singer of all time. >> i'm not going there with you. she talked about her time on american idol and she did not hold bag. >> i hated it.
2:27 am
thought randy jackson would be there, this isn't a big deal. this is nothing. but it wasn't like that. it was like hell going to work every day. >> a couple months of taping, she got paid like $17 million, $18 million. not like she was breaking rocks in the sun. you think you could do that kickind of work for that money. >> ryan seacrest should sit down and interview her and talk about it, people would watch. >> that's true. she should have done that interview on ryan seacrest are a radio show. >> would she say the same thing in front of ryan. >> mariah is a diva of the highest old. i don't see her holding back. bill, you have some appetizing news for us? >> i don't know how we feel about this. it's a picture of a mcdonald's mcrib sandwich as it's coming out of the box. and it's gray. mcdonald's in their response to
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the picture says they have to flash freeze it and that's kind of why it has the grayish color to it. >> so that's the rib being held. >> it's not a real rib. they give it the look of -- i think we all know we're not having rib with the -- >> you shattered it for me. >> does that turn you off? >> it isn't appetizing. >> have you had one before? >> they're delicious. that's the problem. we seat it, but then you find out that it's sometimes not that good for you. >> but you only need one. >> of course. >> it's the second one you regret. >> and you have a story about the trojans. who cares about the trojans? i'm a bruin. >> she went to ucla. usc, their temporary coach, wrote this letter to all of members of their marching band. and he was saying to them we look forward to the competition because they're going up against stanford on saturday.
2:29 am
stanford favored by four. i also went to a uc system school. i look for the usc losing. >> i join you in that sense. this is "first look". stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. you apologize to your family, you apologize to the council and you apologize to the people with respect to your behavior. every especially said has been because you vindicate that had you've been ineeb brie eighted, and yet you fail to appreciate that perhaps there is a plb there. >> i've admitted to my mistakes and i said it would not happen again and it has never happened again at the air can makacanada. >> one place he won't be in a drunken stupor. more from an especially pick
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city council meeting courtesy of our friends north of the border. whitey bulger will be sentenced today. families of victims get a final chance to vent their anger at the now elderly convicted killer. let's end on a fun note or rather ap orgasmi maybe aporgas. the when harry met sally flash mob. this is way too early. what a way to start your day, right? listen, we have actually a really great show today. i'm brian shactman. it is thursday, november 14. we have apon air engagement proposal from a friend of mine which will be very interesting. we'll have that for you. and also we know about the cult status of the mcrib? wait up you see what it looks like before the barbecue sauce is added.up you see what it loo lief


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