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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 16, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i'm contessa brewer these criminals may think no one's watching, but a powerful observer is recording every detail. >> just sat and watched this video with our mouths open. >> the tape closed this case, period. >> now see with your own eyes just what these victims endured. >> he just comes right over me and shoots me. >> i was trying to protect myself. >> the horror. >> is this guy going to kill me? >> the brutality. the fear. >> i'm not going to lie. it was a scary situation. >> "caught in the act." >> the defendant is guilty of murder in the first degree. >> caught red-handed. >> we, the jury, impose a sentence of death.
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>> "caught on camera: witness to the crime." security cameras. these days practically every store and business has one. they've proven invaluable in helping police track down and identify suspects. in this hour you'll see crimes unfold as they happen. real people in the midst of terrifying situations. as you watch, just think to yourself, how would you react if this were to happen to you? a violent attack at a kfc in statesville, north carolina. >> one more scream, and i'll shoot. >> a store manager closing up shop ends up fighting for his life. >> right now. >> it's just after 9:00 p.m., october 15th, 2007. mitch pinneau has released his crew for the night while he finishes up some last-minute details. only seconds behind the others, he heads for his car when
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suddenly a masked man carrying a gun charges out of the bushes. >> i was shocked. running through my mind was just do what he says, give him what he wants, and he's going to go away. >> the man pushes pinneau back into the store, setting off the alarm. now the gunman knows he needs to move fast. the tense moments are captured on the store's security camera. >> one more spin. >> 95. >> you've got one more spin, and i'm shooting. >> he didn't give me but three to five seconds to open the safe before he started butting me with the gun. >> with the alarm blaring, the gunman is getting more impatient. he presses the barrel of the gun to his head. >> i'll give you the combination. you want to try it? >> i don't want the [ bleep ] combination. >> the adrenaline is going. you've got a gun to your head. you're going to be shaking. >> i swear to god, you've got me nervous as hell. >> just went through my mind this guy is going to shoot me no matter what. >> then, his worst fear. he hears a click.
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the man pulls the trigger but miraculously nothing happens. >> god was watching out or something. to have a gun pointed right to the back of your head, right behind your ear, and it doesn't go off. i mean, the chances of that actually happening is astronomical. >> at that point the gunman takes his eyes off pinneau just for a moment and steps back. >> i saw out of the corner of my eye that he was reaching up and he was pulling the bolt back to chamber another round into the gun. >> with no time to think, he acts. >> i decided that i'm just going to go for it. and i jumped up, and i grabbed the gun. >> the struggle begins. pinneau is no match for the taller and heavier masked man. but pinneau, a 25-year veteran of the coast guard has military training and he knows even if he can't get the gun from the intruder, he can try to keep it out of his control. >> if he can't control the gun and point a
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shoot me, regardless of what he was doing, hitting me, kicking me, wrestling on the floor. i wasn't letting go of the gun. >> after a couple minutes of wrestling, the intruder is the one now begging, begging pinneau to let go of the gun, promising to leave. >> my reply to that was you're not leaving here until i have the gun or it's unloaded. >> pinneau and the gunman continue to slip and slide on the wet floor, washed just minutes before. the fight goes on for about four minutes, but to pinneau it feels like hours. >> i kept thinking, when are the police going to get here? they've got to get here soon. you know, because from my perspective, you know, i've been fighting this guy and struggling with the guy for forever. >> they battle for control in the back of the store to the front of the store and finally out the door and into the parking lot. pinneau never loosening his grip. >> it was going through my mind the whole time, i'm going home tonight to my wife and my kids.
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>> toward the end pinneau was able to eject the last shell and the gunman takes off. the police show up shortly after. reunited with his family, pinneau has watched the video and says he's amazed by his own quick reactions and incredible luck. but despite being caught on camera, his attacker was never caught by the cops. pinneau is hoping for an arrest. >> if it's on video and people are watching it, they might recognize somebody. >> as for pinneau, he doesn't need a visual aid to recognize his attacker. >> get the damn thing open. right now! >> the voice, i will never forget the voice. i could pick it out if somebody was standing next to me in the walmart parking lot. >> you've got one more spin and i'm shooting. january 7th, 2006, angie hershey's alone at the check cashing store she owns with her husband in orem, utah. she's beginning her normal morning routine when a 6'6" man
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comes hurdling over the counter. angie knocks her head hard and is still in a daze when she feels a strange man breathing down on her. >> he was pointing a gun just inches from my face and making it so i couldn't move an inch. >> the man is dressed in yellow from head to toe. he drags angie across the floor. she's terrified, not knowing what he wants. then he asks for money, and for a brief moment angie feels relief. >> knowing, okay, i can do something for him that he needs. i can get him money. i will give him every penny i have. >> she starts talking to her attacker calmly. >> i'm opening the safe right now and telling him exactly everything i'm doing step by step. i tell him, i'm reaching in and getting the money out. the money's in an envelope. here you are. he says, i want all of it at this time, and i say, "that is all of it." >> angie offers up her diamond ring, the keys to her car, the money that's in her purse. she hopes the stranger will take
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off once the money's in hand. but he's not leaving. to angie's horror, he wants to take her into the bathroom and starts shoving her toward the back. angie fears the worst. >> is this guy going to kill me, or is he going to physically abuse me in some way? that terrified me, terrified me. all i could think about through the whole ordeal was my children. thinking what am i going to do to stay alive to return home to my kids? i wouldn't go down without a good fight. >> angie, petite as she is, knows she doesn't stand a chance in a physical confrontation. but reacting quickly, she tells her attacker that there are other people down the hall, that he'll get caught if he takes her back there. it works. the attacker drags her back and presses her up against the wall, trying to tie her up with duct tape. angie squirms away and continues talking. >> i start telling him i'm a mom, please don't hurt me. i have two kids at home. their names are sachie and c.j. i need to get home to them. they need me. please don't hurt me.
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please don't hurt me. >> the attacker ignores angie's pleas. he's getting more and more frustrated. trying to tie her down. then all of a sudden, the phone rings. her attacker goes to rip the phone out of the wall, but mistakenly knocks it to the floor. the caller on the other end is angie's husband, cy, and now he's listening to the unthinkable, his wife begging for her life. >> i hear angie just screaming, saying, "please don't hurt me. please don't hurt me. i'm a mom. i have two kids." just hearing your wife plead for her life is just the most helpless feeling thing you've ever had in your life. >> cy screams into the phone. >> i kept yelling, what's going on? what's going on? who's there? >> angie can't hear him. with one hand on the phone, cy picks up his cell and starts calling 911. then he rushes to the store. by this time, angie has convinced her attacker to leave before he gets caught. >> 911 emergency. >> yes, hi. i work at a place called cash
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valley. i've just been robbed by a man. >> just moments after he's fled, police arrive. then cy. >> it felt very good to get a big safe hug from him. it was very sweet. >> i was just so happy to see her. i'm just so proud of her. >> angie's able to identify her attacker. his name is junior faye. and he was in the store just days earlier. in fact, angie had helped him with a loan. he's arrested the same day as the attack and pleads guilty to aggravated robbery. he's serving at least five years in prison. it turns out the gun is a fake. still, after seeing the video, cy can't comprehend what his wife went through. >> i still watch it and go why was he so physically mean? you know? all he had to do is pull the gun up and say give me the money and she would have complied a million times over. just didn't make sense. >> today cy mans the store, and he's made a few security
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changes. >> the main thing is, there's bulletproof glass here to make sure they can't come over the counter. >> angie stopped working to spend more time with her children, time she's so grateful to have. >> whoo-hoo! >> she says when her kids watch the video, they see a side to their mom they might never have known, and she, too, admits she's a lot tougher than she realized. >> my children think i'm very brave when they see the video. i saw that i can take care of myself, i am tough, and i am impressed with what i was able to do under such duress. coming up, a tense hostage standoff on the streets of los angeles. plus, a pint-sized store worker takes on her attacker with an ax. when "caught on camera: witness to the crime" continues. when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one.
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november 9th, 2004, 8:30 a.m. a dramatic hostage crisis unfolds at the mexican consulate
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in los angeles. sergeant hector feliciano is in the area and responds to the call over the radio. >> it looked like a cattle stampede. people were just running everywhere. a few people screaming. there was a man with a gun inside. it just looked like total chaos. >> within minutes of arriving, feliciano and the other officers spot the suspect. >> i looked over and i could see he had his arm wrapped around a lady's neck and his other arm in her small of her back. >> basically he kind of came, worked his way through the little courtyard there, then came out towards the parking lot. >> the officers keep a safe distance as the suspect walks the hostage slowly up the street with what appears to be a gun at her back. the victim, 31-year-old dunia gonzales, a consulate employee, is pregnant. and feliciano can see she's terrified. >> you can hear her crying.
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she kept on reaching up to the suspect's arm because he was choking her, trying to get some air. >> feliciano tries to negotiate with the suspect in both english and spanish. >> he wasn't complying. he immediately just started telling us to put down our guns and to leave, that he would kill her. >> in the meantime, heavily armed s.w.a.t. teams roll in and surround the building, closing off four city blocks. police move in as the suspect shouts at them from behind his hostage. after repeatedly asking the gunman to drop his weapon, feliciano knows he doesn't have much time left. the gunman's now on the streets with crowds nearby. >> i'm not going to lie to you. it's a scary situation. i'm not the best shot. that was one of my fears there, you know, that i would miss my shot and possibly hit miss gonzales. >> then feliciano gets his opportunity. a police officer moves to the side, temporarily distracting the suspect. feliciano sees a clear shot and
3:16 pm
fires a single bullet, hitting the suspect in the head. it all happens within seconds. the hostage is free, shocked but unharmed. the suspect is handcuffed, then taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital. 19-year-old manuel ortiz gonzalez dies the next day. little is known about his motive. >> he wanted to talk to the media. that's the only thing he demanded at that point in time. >> it's later learned that the gun he used was a fake, but sergeant feliciano says from 15 feet away there would be no way of knowing. >> when i found out, it kind of hit me hard. anytime you talk to somebody that's been involved in a shooting, your worst critic is yourself. i sat down and evaluated what could have been done differently. all i can say is on that particular day we did what the citizens of los angeles expect us to do. >> two years later, dunia and
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feliciano meet for the first time since that tragic day. >> for his courageous efforts, the medal of valor. >> feliciano's receiving an award for his bravery, and dunia, who later lost her baby in a miscarriage, is there to express her gratitude. >> i feel that that day god sent me two angels -- the one from heaven was my baby, who shortly after the incident went back to heaven. and the one from earth was you. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. outagamie, wisconsin, september 9th, 2004. police are pursuing a man who's abducted his girlfriend's 8-month-old baby girl after a domestic dispute. >> we were pursuing, and all of a sudden i see a cloud of smoke and then see the skid marks from his car. >> the suspect's car comes to a
3:18 pm
screeching halt. >> and then i saw the door come open, and i'm thinking what's he going to do? >> the driver speeds up again with the door still open as the car weaves erratically. then an unbelievable sight. >> then i see the child carrier come out the driver's side door, on the left side. >> the baby rolls over in the car seat in the middle of the highway. >> and he was still probably going 10, 15 miles an hour. >> two police officers, one from the other side of the road, run out. >> i jumped out of my squad car and ran over and picked the baby up. >> the child is out of the car. the child is out of the car. >> it wasn't cut. it wasn't even dirty. she had no clue what was going on. >> the chase continues for eight more minutes. police deploy a spike strip to deflate his tires. he drives over it and then crashes into an unmanned police cruiser going about 100 miles an hour. the man is severely injured, and police perform cpr at the scene. he dies three days later. police speculate he was trying
3:19 pm
to kill himself. >> there was no doubt in my mind that he let that baby out because he intended to crash his car. he was not going to go to jail. coming up, the most vulnerable victims, disturbing and shameful attacks on the very old and the very young. when "caught on camera: witness to the crime" returns. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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may 4th, 2007, a carjacker pummels 92-year-old leonard simms, pounding him with his fist more than 21 times. it's all captured on security cameras outside a detroit liquor store. >> before i could say anything he punched me in the face. >> simms, a retired barber and world war ii veteran, is out buying a lottery ticket when a man approaches him in the parking lot and asked for his car keys. when simms hesitates, the man pins him against the car door and starts swiping, beating him senseless. blow after blow, simms doesn't resist. the attacker finally pulls away with the car as simms falls
3:23 pm
helplessly to the ground. the video is disturbing for anyone to watch but especially for simms' family. his son, tony simms. >> i'm seldom speechless. i was speechless. i was shaking with rage. that physical beating that he took at his age is beyond me. >> when i saw the video, i was almost in tears. i really was. he could have gotten this man's car without doing what he did to get it. and i vowed then, we're going to get this guy, we're going to find out who this is. >> the video would also show something else, something equally disturbing, that during the beating several people stood nearby watching, and no one did anything to help. >> there was a group of people right next to my car. i think very, very bad of them. i think they're cowards. >> that group of people are the same ones standing alongside the
3:24 pm
suspect moments before he walks over to simms. even if they didn't know what was about to happen, ellison says they could have done something to stop it once it started. >> this man is getting assaulted. i mean, he got hit 20, 21 times, and they're just standing there. >> even after the attack is over, the elderly war veteran is seen on the ground all alone. not one person remained to help. >> they didn't commit any crime, but i certainly wish there had been a crime for them to have been convicted of. >> finally, someone comes over to help simms to his feet. less than a week after the beating, police receive an anonymous tip pointing them to 22-year-old deonte bradley. they match him up with the video and arrest him. bradley pleads guilty to felony carjacking and is sentenced to at least 15 years in prison. as for leonard simms, he walks away bruised and swollen but without serious injury. his car is returned to him the next day.
3:25 pm
but there are some things his son says he'll never get back. >> i don't think it's as much fun for him anymore. my dad had an incredible sense of spirit, optimism. and then having this happen to him, that took something out of him. >> seven months later and a few miles away, another crime on camera stuns the city of detroit. a tall, heavyset man walks into a gas station mini mart with an 18-month-old child in tow. first he kicks the little boy, who collapses to the floor. then a second time, another kick to the boy's side, knocking him off his feet. when the toddler gets up, the man opens the freezer door, bashing him in the head. there's no audio on the tape, but police say the boy is crying. the man bends down and starts spanking the child. then picks him up, pulls down his pants, pinching and spanking the child some more.
3:26 pm
the video shows him striking the child repeatedly on the floor, stepping on the little boy's hands. then he coldly turns his back and walks away, leaving the child lying on the floor. despite everything that's happened, the little boy picks himself up and follows his abuser out of the door. when the video gets into the hands of detroit police, they are desperate to find this unknown child and this man. >> it was a gruesome tape to see a little child get beat by a six-foot man. >> officer ben biddle is with detroit's child abuse unit. they quickly release the tape to the local media. >> be on the lookout for this man, caught on tape beating and kicking a very small baby boy. police want you to see the video to help find a child in danger. >> as biddle expects, the police are flooded with calls. >> once we aired it and once we showed what the child was going through, the citizens wanted to get this guy off the street. >> the response is overwhelming.
3:27 pm
after the story airs on the 11:00 news, the suspect is arrested early the next morning. >> his name is joseph gray, and the little boy is his girlfriend's son. they'd been dating just a couple months. she was sitting outside in the car while the beating took place inside. police say they showed her the video for the first time. >> she saw the video, and she broke down crying. she's real distraught by what happened. >> with his cruel behavior caught on camera, joseph gray pleads guilty to second-degree child abuse. >> it made it real hard for him to deny it. the tape closed this case, period. >> officer biddle wishes he could have this type of hard evidence in all his child abuse cases. unfortunately, these sad crimes most often take place behind closed doors, and biddle knows that well. he says he, too, was abused as a child. >> it took a toll on me. that's why i'm at the unit that i'm at. in my heart i thought i'm going to make a change for other kids. >> in his statement to police,
3:28 pm
joseph gray says he was also a victim of child abuse. at his sentencing he expresses remorse for his behavior. >> i want to apologize for what i did. i know it was wrong. i want to apologize to my girlfriend for what i did. >> well, the court knows you are very remorseful. >> the judge then speaks directly to gray about his troubled past. >> after serving as a judge for many years, hurt people hurt people, and hurt children grow up to hurt other children. >> the judge sentences him to one to four years in prison with plenty of psychiatric counseling, drug treatment, and anger management. >> so i cannot change your life, but i'm sure you're going to try. at least i hope so. i hope so. i hope you can make this up to this child and to society the rest of your life. coming up, an execution-style murder and a
3:29 pm
cameraman tormented by what he sees. >> nobody has a right to do what he did. >> when "caught on camera: witness to the crime" continues. road closed? there's a guy... excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪ follow me! keep up, keep up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder. wow! follow me! [ male announcer ] nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $279 per month lease on a 2014 nissan pathfinder. ♪ so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. is a really big deal.u
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here's what's happening. survivors in the philippines are trying to start the rebuilding process as the number of those lives lost in the typhoon becomes clearer. it stands at 360 0. princeton is using a vaccine not approved to use in the u.s. to fight meningitis at the university. they got the approval to use the vaccine. welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. rarely in a murder trial do you have the kind of evidence you're about to see. a killing captured on six seconds of videotape.
3:33 pm
no one who witnessed it could believe their eyes, nor would they be able to forget it, but would the videotape send a man to prison or help him get away with murder? we warn you, some of the video you're about to see is graphic and hard to watch. >> a professional photographer, haunted by the image he captured on camera. >> you go out and do stories and you have to wonder, is it going to happen again? >> the tragic story begins thanksgiving morning, 1992, in a little house in ft. lauderdale, florida. a 15-year-old girl named yolanda nunez commits suicide with her mother's gun. in a note she writes she's pregnant and writes that if her mother found out about it, she would never approve. it intensifies a hatred between emilio, the girls'f father, and the girl's mother. emilio blames maritza for yolanda's suicide. and wants to have her charged with the young girl's death.
3:34 pm
but when he learns the police closed the case and no charges are filed, he's furious and turns to the press, hoping they'll listen to his story. ingrid cruz, a reporter for telemundo, picks up the story. telemundo's the spanish tv station that wasn't then but is now owned by nbc. cruz interviews emilio and then takes him to his daughter's grave site. george delgado is the cameraman. >> he was pissed. he was very angry towards his ex-wife. >> once in the cemetery, delgado starts filming as emilio lays flowers on the grave. but then the woman he'd been blaming for his daughter's suicide shows up. the television crew runs to talk to her. reporter ingrid cruz starts questioning the former wife, who seems reluctant to get out of the car. after a few moments she steps out. george delgado continues to tape. >> and ingrid started walking with her. i was going to get a nice two-shot.
3:35 pm
>> what the cameraman would see through his lens next would change their lives forever. barging into the frame, emilio pulls a gun and shoots his former wife at point blank range. then he pumps ten more bullets as she lies in the fetal position on the ground. >> it was just amazing. i mean, the guy's driving the damn bullets into her, going around her in circles. and then he runs to the car, which just happened to be in the same direction we were at, which wasn't too comfortable because first thing in my mind is he went to go get another clip. >> but emilio drives off. and george would utter a line that would later be called into question. >> my god, man. i got it on tape. she's [ bleep ] dead. she's dead. >> george in his own truck, cameras still rolling, calls 911. >> please, send me units. emergency. a guy just shot a woman. possibly coming after us. he's psychotic, man. >> fair warning. we're about to show you some very graphic videotape. >> within hours the 12 gunshots echo from television screens
3:36 pm
across the nation. emilio nunez is caught and arrested in texas two days later. but there would be seven years of legal delays before the case ever makes it to a courtroom. seven years for george to think about what happened in front of him that day. >> you know, it's just like, why? we've all done stories, you know. they're sentimental, they're sad. somebody's death is involved, this or that, but nobody has a right to do what he did. >> despite the fact that many in the country had seen the shooting, emilio pleads not guilty to the first-degree murder of his ex-wife, and what would seem like such a clear-cut case with a crime caught on camera would turn out to be much more complicated. >> he was driven to a mental state that caused him to snap. >> defense attorney rehamberto diaz would go after the telemundo crew, accusing them of manipulating emilio until he lost control, until he was no longer responsible for his actions.
3:37 pm
>> they were not fully aware of who they were dealing with, and they should have been. this was a troubled man. >> the defense plays for the jury the same videotape the prosecution says incriminates emilio. the defense says it should exonerate him. they show the buildup to the killing, the interview that day that gets emilio riled up. then the tv crew's confrontation with emilio's ex-wife. >> once they realized she was there, they didn't miss a beat in pursuing the situation. >> they showed the reporter knocking on maritza's rolled-up side window on one hand while keeping emilio at bay with the other, heating up the situation. maritza stepping angrily out of the car. seconds later, who is to blame? >> nobody put a gun to this man's head and said shoot her. unfortunately, i got her last couple minutes of life on tape. >> but the defense claims that what george says after the murder supports their claim the television crew was after a big scoop. >> get in the car. i got it on tape.
3:38 pm
>> delgado says what he meant by that line had nothing to do with getting a story. >> i got a guy murdering his wife. okay? there's no better evidence than that. >> you got his face. you got him and what he looks like all on tape. and you've got the murder. >> after hearing both sides, the jury finds emilio nunez guilty in the first degree murder of his ex-wife. the judge sentences him to a minimum of 25 years in prison. >> you have just destroyed my life. >> no, sir. you destroyed your life. >> the case is over but not for george delgado. it all happened so quickly, within seconds. but he says he doesn't know when or if he'll be able to stop replaying in his mind those few frantic moments of the crime he caught on camera. >> i would never in my life imagine what happened that day happening. and i swear, i hope it happens to nobody else. because it doesn't end that day. coming up, a young man face to face with a killer on a
3:39 pm
deadly rampage. >> i didn't know if i was going to live or die. >> the decision that saves him. plus, an intruder's in for the surprise of his life, when "caught on camera: witness to the crime" continues. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. my turn daddy, my turn! hold it steady now. i know daddy. [ dad ] oh boy, fasten your seatbelts everybody. [ mixer whirring ] bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet,
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like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ it's 8:00 p.m. on october 20th, 2007. 27-year-old hathesis hassin is working alone in her family's convenience store on long island. a masked man walks in with a gun and demands the money in the register. she tries to stall as she feels for the panic button under the counter. >> i'm trying to find the button. i got so nervous i can't even
3:43 pm
find the button. >> the intruder checks the door for signs anyone is coming. when he returns, she's still stumbling at the register. she finally reaches the panic button, but then the man turns away a second time, and the 4'6" 90-pound woman strikes back. she quickly grabs an ax from behind the counter and starts swinging. the would-be robber, clearly stunned by the brazen store clerk, runs for his life. but she isn't through with him. >> i'm going to see where he go. >> she follows him out of the store, daring him to show himself. he gets away and has still never been caught. but chances are he won't be back to mess with her anytime soon. >> i was scared so much. i don't know how i did those things. when this happens, you're like frozen. when i'm finished, i'm like, oh, my god, what happened, and i start to cry. >> she didn't believe his gun was real, but she surprised herself with how she reacted. >> what i did is not right, but, you know, sometimes you never
3:44 pm
know what you're going to do, how you're going to act. >> today she still works long hours at the store and is thankful that lucky ax was close by. it's the early morning hours of june 3rd, 1999, at this albertson's supermarket in las vegas. 23-year-old zack emmenneger is working the graveyard shift. >> it's a typical day. i mean nothing was out of the ordinary at all. at all. >> at 5:15 a.m., a security camera is trained on the east entrance of the store. an employee can be seen pushing a row of carts away. seconds later, a man named zane floyd strides through the door with a shotgun. he shoots the worker point blank in the back. 40-year-old thomas darnell is killed instantly. floyd roams the store in search of more victims. he finds 40-year-old store manager chuck lios and mercilessly guns him down. then he kills 31-year-old worker
3:45 pm
dennis sargent. in the panic a few people are able to escape the store. zack is working in the back when he hears those shots. >> i looked down the aisle. i saw chuck lios on the ground just covered in blood. it still didn't click in my head that something was wrong. i started walking backwards and i found myself in the produce department. >> this is the view from the store camera covering the produce section. >> the floor crew guy that waxes the floors, he just runs right past me, and i knew something was wrong then. and i kept walking backwards. i was going to go towards the back room. >> but zack had just made the biggest mistake of his life. zane floyd is coming around the corner with a shotgun. >> there's tables in produce that have all the fruits and vegetables. and i dove between one of those, just trying to get down. and he takes a shot at me. and i'm ducking under the table. and it goes over my head. he's chasing me around, and i'm just scrambling, trying to get away. and he just comes right over me and shoots me.
3:46 pm
and i got hit right here, and like it came through and collapsed both my lungs, and it felt like i got hit by a truck. >> but floyd isn't finished with zack. >> he turns away and he sees i'm still moving, and he comes back and shoots me again. it comes across my forearm, blew a big chunk out of my arm. >> zack knows there's only one way to survive. >> i knew at that point he wasn't going to stop until he thought i was dead. so immediately after he shot me the second time, i just jerked my whole body and laid back like i was playing dead. >> watch as floyd walks right up to zack to make sure he finished him off. >> he goes, yeah, you're dead. i closed my eyes. i was like, god, if you're going to take me, take me now. >> meanwhile, floyd continues his deadly sweep of the store. he finds and kills 60-year-old store clerk lucy tarantino. at 5:16 a.m., one minute after floyd's entrance into the store, a worker hiding there is able to place a frantic 911 call.
3:47 pm
>> 911 emergency. >> we need help, please. >> what kind of help? >> this is albertson's. we're on sahara and valley view. there's a guy with a gunshot in here. oh, my god. he's running all over the store. >> the police are on their way. but zack is still trapped in the store with a killer. some instinct tells him not to move, that it isn't over yet. and it isn't. floyd is coming back. here he's walking up the aisle in the produce department. he's almost out of frame when suddenly, he doubles back toward zack. >> he walks over me and he just kind of leans over me to make sure, you know. i was just lying there, closing my eyes. i didn't exactly know where he was. i did kind of hear him come back. he bends over me and walks looking for more people. >> give us a code red. units arrived. >> by 5:19, the police have arrived. but zack doesn't know that. despite his severe injury, he decides to go for help.
3:48 pm
zack has already cheated death twice, but he's in for another close call. >> i tried to get up to go to the back room to use the phone. and i just couldn't handle it. i just fall down. and i'm lying there, and here he is, and he could have seen me, you know. he could have seen me get up. and then i try and lift up my head again, and that's when he walks out the store. >> at 5:20 a.m., floyd exits the store. >> code red, he's coming out. he's coming out. your way. >> we've got him at gunpoint. >> after an eight-minute standoff, zane floyd surrenders. incredibly, floyd is in and out of the store in seven minutes. but the devastation he leaves is permanent. four people killed and one left gravely wounded. zack undergoes multiple surgeries and painful therapy. but even as his body slowly heals, zack remains haunted by his encounter with zane floyd. >> i was so scared being in the hospital. i was afraid he was going to come in the door with a shotgun and just kill me. i remember asking my mom, was i
3:49 pm
the only one? they didn't tell me until later that he killed four people. >> the next time zack comes face to face with zane floyd, it's in a courtroom. zack is called to testify, and even with zane floyd's strikingly different appearance, zack had no problem identifying him. >> i saw him in the courtroom. it was the same person i saw in the store. he was just evil. >> zane floyd is convicted on four counts of first degree murder and receives the harshest penalty allowed by law. >> verdict. we the jury in the above-entitled case impose a sentence of death. >> floyd's case is on appeal in federal court. coming up, a mom out for a day of shoplifting, and you'll never guess who's helping. >> i've never seen anything like it. it's unbelievable. plus, a young man having a seizure gets pickpocketed. couldn't even feel myself at all. >> video that will leave you speechless when "caught on camera: witness to the crime" continues. [ female announcer ] can it get any cleaner?
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it's mid morning on august 2nd, 2006, when three generations, grandma, mom and the kids walk into a busy consignment store in bedford, new hampshire. it's not until the end of the day that store owner vicki reynolds learns a ring is missing from one of the jewelry cases and she checks the store's surveillance camera for anything suspicious. what she sees takes her breath away. >> i was flabbergasted. we just sat and watched this video with our mouths open. >> for nearly 25 minutes, police say a mother directs two of her children, ages 5 and 8, to steal not just a ring but several pieces of jewelry over and over again. >> after you get by the initial shock, you're angry. those kids were used to commit crimes. i've been doing law enforcement for 14 years and have never seen anything like it.
3:54 pm
>> detective matt fleming with the bedford police department says he's amazed at the way the family calmly moves through the store, stealing in plain view. >> here you can see a suspect walk up to the case and -- that's the 5-year-old child you see through a large portion of the video that actually goes behind the cabinet. if you watch, she just opened the case -- moved the book and opened the case. you can see her directing the child right here towards items in that case. she's actually pointing with her hand to indicate which one. and she's actually verifying that she has the right one right there. the child looks up at her, which is obvious she's looking for some direction as to whether or not she did the right thing. then before she exits, you can see her pocketing the items. >> the store employees are busy helping other customers, oftentimes diverted or distracted by the mother or other family members. now the daughter is seen going back into the jewelry area, looking to see if anyone is watching.
3:55 pm
>> watch. this is very upsetting. the daughter's going to actually low crawl into the cabinet that's been left open by mom previously. and she's actually rifling through that cabinet. and then she's coming right back out. >> fleming says hard to tell if the daughter pocketed anything on that trip, but she'll be back again. >> this one's very interesting. watch what happens to her. she actually gets trapped in there because there's a patron. so she had to hide behind that mini counter for a second so she wouldn't get caught. and she's watching. and that's what makes it interesting because the kids are always watching for where the other people are in the store. >> she crawls back in under the counter, trying to get back into that jewelry case. but other people in the store are looking. the girl gets nervous and backs out. fleming says to him, this is the most unsettling part of the video. >> it probably upsets me the most because i see the child panic. she's trapped in the middle of that island. it's just her. if she gets caught, she gets blamed. >> mom notices the problem and
3:56 pm
points to something on the other side. then the teenage son distracts the clerk. the child re-enters once the coast is clear. >> she's actually going to open the cabinet again. mom's going to acknowledge this. watch. she's going to stop, look. and the child's going to make the removal of the items. you can see her swap something in her hand and then put it in her pockets. >> next, the entire family is together as two of the kids go behind the counter. mom quickly waves them out. >> there's a large group there. it draws a lot of attention. that could be a real problem. >> the boy goes back in, opens the case up, and looks around. again, mom waves him out. has he been there too long? has someone seen him? >> that's one thing that we never really were able to fully establish because there's a clerk. so there's a possibility that they were concerned that they were going to get caught because they kept going in there. >> the little boy goes back not long after and pockets the items. here grandma steps in and puts the items back. fleming says it's unclear from the video whether grandma is
3:57 pm
unaware of the scheme or if she spies this patron walking up and has to feign disapproval. >> it's all part of the show sometimes. you know, if i'm going to steal an item or a kid's going to grab an item and they get caught, i can go over as a parent and say put that back, we don't take items without paying for them. and wait for people to leave and send the child back in. people wouldn't think twice, we always see kids picking up items in stores and parents scolding them. >> at the end of their time in the store, grandma makes a purchase. she's never charged with a crime. fleming says there's no evidence she knew what was going on. >> but the mother, she turns herself in after the videotape appears on local tv. >> why would you involve your children? >> she's charged with three counts -- theft, endangering the welfare of a child, and using a child in commission of a crime. she pleads guilty to all counts, serves 30 days in prison, and is placed on two years' probation. matt fleming says thanks to the video, the investigation wraps up within 48 hours.
3:58 pm
>> this video is the case. it tells the story about the case, and showing it immediately allowed us to finish the investigation and to ensure this doesn't happen again. >> in all, the family walks out with more than $2,000 worth of jewelry. but detective fleming says that isn't the real crime "caught on camera." >> the biggest crime here is what happened to those children, the way that this went down. a $2,000 theft really isn't that much. but when you add a child into the mix, boy, that's unbelievable. finally, a video of a crime that asks just how low can you go? police say an 18-year-old waiting outside a dallas bus station is pickpocketed during a seizure. it's all caught on tape by nearby security cameras. just moments earlier andrew bow, dressed in army fatigues, digs into his pocket to give money to a homeless man. minutes later he finds himself in desperate need of medical attention as his body convulses on the ground.
3:59 pm
another homeless man walks up. but instead of helping him, he allegedly steals his wallet. bow remembers noticing him before it all happened. >> he kept trying to strike up a conversation with me while i was giving money to the other guy. and i found that kind of strange. >> andrew bow recovers later in the hospital and says he has no memory of the apparent theft. but seeing the whole thing on video, he's appalled. >> it honestly makes me pretty angry because there's no need he should have done that to somebody that was so helpless. i couldn't even defend myself at all. >> the same cameras that capture the apparent crime capture the arrest at the bus station the next day. the homeless man is charged with theft, and andrew bow says he'll be a little more wary of strangers from now on. >> it has changed me. it's made me more aware of my surroundings and not to be as trustworthy as of people as i am. >> every day cameras continue to roll, catching criminals in the act. so if you're up to no good,
4:00 pm
watch out. i'm contessa brewer. that's it for this edition of "caught on camera a cruise liner is sinking. >> my job is to rock and roll and not to rescue. >> almost 600 lives hang in the balance, and the captain is nowhere to be found. >> i was saying mayday, mayday, we're sinking. and he was saying, what rank are you? i said i'm not actually a rank. i'm a guitarist. five kids plunge into frigid waters. >> if you don't do your job the best that you were trained with no hesitation, a child will die. a baby falls into a well. >> you just wanted to reach down and pull them out of the ground. excuse me. lives on the line. >> police. >> these are the passengers of the airplane that are caught in


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