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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 18, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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♪ ♪ if i was a flower growing wild and free ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to be my sweet honeybee ♪ ♪ and if was a tree growing tall and green ♪ ♪ all i'd want is you to shade me and be my leaves ♪ grown in america. picked & packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life™. good morning, i'm chris jansing. brand new video just in. it shows the massive devastation in washington, illinois. overnight, we saw 81 tornados in five states. a huge swath of the midwest is reeling after severe weather killed six people and left hundreds of thousands in the dark. president obama has been briefed on the situation, and fema deployed teams to the hardest hit areas. we will start in illinois.
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that's the state that bore the brunt of this. governor pat quinn declared seven counties disaster areas. these pictures are unbelievable. he'll have a news conference to update things 45 minutes from now. he's also touring damage, entire communities flattened. residents have been absolutely overwhelmed. >> i couldn't believe it, matt. i'll tell you, my neighbors' houses, i just couldn't believe it. so, we run around, run to all the neighbors houses looking for survivors. i mean, i just couldn't believe it. i've got cars and trees. i've got -- my '07 gallant's three houses down. meantime in indiana, tornadoes picked up cars and tossed them into a starbucks in lebanon. no one was hurt. but it's now a common sight to see buildings with their roofs torn off. the biggest problem in michigan
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was flooding. torrential rain made driving incredibly dangerous. also near a uranium enrichment plant, nothing hazardous was released but homes and cars were totaled. i want to go to nbc's kevin tibbles in washington, illinois. not to be flip at all, kevin, it looks like a massive game of pick-up-sticks behind you. places were absolutely obliterated. >> reporter: well, chris, this used to be a subdivision. there are stores around here that are completely gone. there are homes here completely gone. some 300 homes in this area alone. 500 damaged as these fast-moving storms just cut a swath right through illinois and then just kept on going. as you saw yesterday, the bears game in chicago had to be postponed for a while. when we came you down here yesterday after it had happened, there were semis flipped like
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kids' toys on the highway on the big sfwarts over here. commonwealth edison was all over the place. there were wires down and everything. fortunately, things seemed to work well here, as well as they could. the sirens did go off here. people did get the warning. unfortunately, one person lost their life. as many as six have loss of their lives. the mayor tells us there are no people missing. everyone has been accounted for. authorities have gone house to house, checking, puts red xs as we've seen so many times. those things are taking place. how powerful were these storms? well, the two best anecdotes, the sign, welcome to washington, that sign was found as far as 50 miles away. chicago, or 100 miles away, they're finding people's birth certificates or mail that has been blown from washington right across the state and across the midwest.
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fast-moving storms. dangerous storms as you can see from the result behind me here. people are not allowed to return to their homes today. although we do see the odd resident picking through the rubble trying to find their belongings. but the authorities are suggesting that people should stay out for another day. just so the power crews and police can get in and secure everything and make sure it's safe for people to come back here. chris. >> i assume there's help coming in from elsewhere, i saw you on "nightly news" kevin last night, you couldn't get into neighborhoods because of downed power lines and obviously, getting that situation which is so dangerous fix said probably one of the top priorities? >> reporter: for sure. for sure. there's a lot of power lines down. it's a very rural area. a lot of places are hard to get to. it's going to take a while. there are no estimates dollar wise as to what has gone here.
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when you take the human toll and possessions and photographs, a lot of people are going to take a lot of time to recover from this. >> kevin tibbles, we'll have much more from that coming up. let's go to washington where lawmakers are anxiously waiting to see if will be fixed. the national journal is calling for democrats may begin call for repeal. over keep your plan bill it was the largest democratic piece of legislation this year. still on the sunday shows, democratic leaders stood firm. >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year. but i will tell you this, democrats stand tall in support of the affordable care act. >> i think what you saw in the 39 people, maybe 9 people had real serious concerns. the fact of the matter is about 30 of them, and i've talked to them were insulating themselves against sound bites. >> i want to bring in "the new
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york times" political reporter nicholas confessoy and erin pallone. nick, you wonder, at this point, is it fair to say there may be democrats who would vote for repeal? >> well, you know, the question is repeal over what? right? it's a really big bill. i'm kind of skeptical that we're going to see a push for full repeal among democrats. we're talking about some of the coverage provisions, right? some of the provisions that apply to being denied things, things that require conditions. you're going to have democrats who are going to go on the record and vote against a lot of that among other things. also prevent you from denied care for being sick in the past, it's hard to believe -- >> it's not there -- >> no, no, listen. they're panicked. they're freaked out, they're panicked, but think about all the things they'll be going back
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on if they do a full repeal on this. that's out of question. >> it is nerve-racking everywhere in washington. let me play a clip from "saturday night live." >> and paxil second range treats simple domestics like theby gaenz nsa. irs scandal, the ap scandal. the petraeus scandal that time jay z and beyonce went to cuban and now there's paxil republican strength for when you have to answer to congress. >> i mean it is funny, but always some of the funniest stuff has underlying grain of trut truth, erin. is it about this, or when they mention this stuff from benghazi and the irs, has it been a cumulative problem? >> i think it's great that "snl" put together the list. it ended up being smoke but once it cleared there wasn't much
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there. there are conspiracy theorists who will keep on banging the drum. but in the end what we're talking about is a sloppily executed rollout on a plan much bigger than the website. repeal would involve people no longer getting repetitive care with co-pay. it would involve people not being allowed to stay on their parents insurance until 26. and millions of people with medicaid expansion. i think it's import that the governors of kentucky, washington and kentucky wrote an op-ed in "the washington post" saying that obama care is working in our states. in places where people have tried to make obama care work, it's working. >> she's talking about it as a technical problem, a coding problem, a website problem. but is it a messaging problem as well. is it that those things she's talked about has not got as much attention? >> it's an everything problem. it's not a coding problem. if everyone tells you this is
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about the website not working, they're full of it. it's a huge problem. the democrats, their whole case against republicans is based on the idea we're the party of doing, fixing, problem-solving. these guys are anti-everything. now have republicans saying we have to fix this program and make it work better. it flips the whole script and makes it hard for democrats to be what they want to be. >> i think you're applying this is close a short-term fix. >> let me bring in karen bass in california. always good to see you congresswoman. good morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> we mentioned 35 democrats in favor of the upton bill. and maybe call for repeal if the problems don't get fixed soon. you're there, you're in the middle of it, you're talking to people, what do you think is
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going to happen here? >> i have a very hard time imagining that scenario at all. i will tell you amongst the democrats that voted for this. and many of them are my friends. i talked to them and i think that representative clyburn had it right on the money when he said that people are insulating themselves. i have to say one thing. this is my third year, the slogan was repeat and replace. i've been waiting three years, they've had nothing to replace the affordable care act. although we're having difficult times. i don't think that the public is looking at the republicans as providing a solution. >> let me play for you the suggestion that was made by new hampshire republican senator kelly ayotte. >> sure. >> the president said she fumbled a rollout. it's time for a time-out which is i've been calling for to go back to the drawing board and talk about bipartisan solutions for health reform in the country. >> is there any piece of this,
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is there legislation that you think needs to be considered that would be a kind of legislative fix for the woes that we're seeing right now with obama care? >> well, you know, i think that there's a lot of things that we can do to improve the affordable care act. but the problem is if your basic proposal is to repeal, and that was the essence of the upton legislation. so we're hearing republicans now calling for fixing the affordable care act. but if you look right below the surface of what they're proposing, it's not a fix at all, it's a repeal. so the upton bill called for a delay. and it allowed insurance companies to enroll new people without the basic policies of the affordable care act. pre-existing condition, caps, et cetera. so if they were sincere, there's a lot to get done. i don't think there's any amount of sincerity in what they're proposing. >> there are a lot of democrats who have said repeatedly up to
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now, as long as this does get working, as long as people can get logged, this will take care of itself. now we're seeing at the "washington post" that says by the end of the month, the website may shut out one in five people. is that acceptable? >> well, one of the things that we can do as democrats is really promote the parts of the act that are working such as your previous guest mentioned. or i'm from the state of california where you have everybody in favor of affordable care act and cover california is working well. so signing it's our responsibility to promote where the law has been implemented well. and then also to do whatever we can to repair where it's not. >> congresswoman bass, always good to see you. >> thank you. >> she does make the point about repeal and replace. what are they willing to say that they're going to do to replace it. the fact is most of them don't want this. they think it's just big government anyway. but if you look at the overall progress, and i'm using that
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word lightly of congress, and the house in particular. it's been the least effective congress in the history of congress. and steve israel impact was circulating a memo, i don't know if you saw it, with the food stamps and the government shutdown. on the other hand, i want to play for you what john boehner said over the summer when he was asked about why is it that the house hasn't accomplished anything. here's what he said. >> well, bob, we should not be judged on how many new laws we create. we ought to be judged on how many laws that we repeal. we've got more laws than the administration could ever enforce. >> so by that standard, have the republicans failed twice? >> right. because they voted to repeal. but they can't get it through the senate or the president. right? this is just a rhetorical. it's obvious why republicans haven't proposed an alternative
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to obama care. it started out as a republican idea. and then they own it, with the immigration reform, they stand to thwart gun control and then say whatever is not working we told you so. >> as a way to judge this and follow the money, nick it seemed after the government shutdown, the democrats were sort of sitting in the cat bird seat. now obviously things have shifted. the nrc brought in $3.8 million in october. the democrat committee brought in $1 million more. >> that was right after what seemed to be a good month for democrats. you also had good candidates jumping in at the house level for democrats. i think we could see a change in the next month. we can talk all we want about republican failures on this or that. but health care say train wreck. and people will look at the train wreck. and people can't stop staring at a train wreck. and it's going to continue to
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dominate headlines for a while. the problem here for all democrats who were worried about this or that or the implementation riergts, and the bad poll numbers for obama care, or i should say the relative lack of popularity for it, is once it goes into effect, is it will become more popular. when everything kicks in, it will get better and better politically, that's not happening. >> i think we have 11 months at least until the election. we may be talking about a completely different crisis. >> a lot can change. ism irin and nick, great to have you here. re. tylenol cold®.
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secretary of state john kerry will be heading to israel to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu on friday. to discuss a deal that would curb iran's nuclear program. now netanyahu is dead set against that plan that would ease sanctions if iran suspended
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parts of its hook work, saying basically that the west would lose its leverage. but on "morning joe" u.s. ambassador samantha power said it's a good start. it would halt progress on the program which is what we seek. it would enhance transparency. this is a rejeem we dough not trust any more than the israelis trust this regime. to imagine down the line going from zero to 60 without some kind of first step i think is unrealistic. >> that has been benjamin netanyahu's point you can't trust them. let me bring in dan killdean, a democrat from michigan. good to have you here. is samantha right? >> i think it has to be the first step. we need them to have that as a first step to work. it could be used to incentivize their better behavior. if we don't allow for that, if
7:20 am
we don't allow for the possibility of that, the sanctions would be a penalty against iran. >> we did hear from benjamin netanyahu over the weekend. let me play for you what he said. >> do about it, you may get to the point where your only option is a military option, so that deal may lead you to exactly to the place where you don't want to be. i feel if you want a peaceful solution i can i do, the right thing is to ratchet up the sanctions. >> are you worried about the possibility that the only option would be a military one? >> i think we need to avoid that at all costs. that would be devastating to the real january and destabling across the globe. the thing that i may disagree with the prime minister there would be nothing to prevent us from ratcheting up the sanctions. it's much more difficult to get out of the military situation, in and out, than it is to simply ratchet back up economic sanctions, if in fact we find that the iranians are not being genuine players in this. and they're not living up to
7:21 am
whatever agreement might be struck. >> in the middle of all of this, in a very real way, is someone you've been fighting for. a former marine arrested in iran. he was convicted of being a spy, where does that stand now? >> well, he's still being held in prison. he's a constituent of mine from flint, michigan. amir himatty is his name. he's a political prisoner being held in iran. he's been there for over two years. one way for them, the iranians, to demonstrate that they're serious is to free amir hekmati and let him come home. >> i can't let you go without asking you about detroit. i was there when they declared bankruptcy. and a decision is expected any day now, whether or not, they're eligible. the detroit free press had a story today. and i think it's hard for people
7:22 am
to understand for residents there and in surrounding communities, flint which is in your district, they're even being charged to replace street lights. what's the situation there and how much optimism or lack of optimism do you have? >> i think if we just leave it to the bankruptcy problem to so solve this, it will get worse. what we really need is new investment and that has to start at the federal level as well. that's something that we all need to be involved with. unfortunately, that hasn't been the history. we haven't invested in older cities as they try to find their way to the economy. >> i've been kidding you, not not really kidding you, you've been in office for a year now. is this what you were going for? >> it's been tough. >> congressman killedee, it's
7:23 am
good to see you. toronto's embattled rob ford is not shying away from the spotlight. the canadian football league didn't want ford at the argonauts' game but he showed up anyway. with a new tv show called "ford nation" that premieres in canada. he also did an interview with fox news. >> i've admitted to using illegal drugs in the last the year. okay. i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. so i'm dealing with it. i'm training every day. i'm in a gym for two hours every day. i'm seeking professional help. i'm not an alcoholic. i'm not a drug addict. have i had my outbursts in the past? absolutely, i have, john. you know what i've only human. i've made mistakes. i've apologized. that's all i can do.
7:24 am
>> you know what's wrong with this world, i'm going to be on the computer trying to find that show on canadian television. ford has refused to step down even after admitting smoking crack and buying drugs as you just heard. toronto is holding a special meeting trying to take away his powers. very public family feud breaks out in the cheneys over same-sex marriage and why the holidays may not be so merry there. time for your business entrepreneurs of the week. they own stores on main street, they are gearing up for small business on saturday, with gift card discounts and a wish list. for more, watch "your business" on msnbc. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here.
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7:32 am
marriage. i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this is just an issue that we disagree. >> for her younger sister mary fired back in the facebook post. this isn't just an issue on which we disagree. you're just wrong and on the wrong side of history. >> and then liz has been a guest in our home and has spent time and shared holidays with our children, and when mary and i got married in 2012, she didn't hesitate to tell us how she felt. i'm joins by republican strategist and msnbc contributor susan del percio. good morning. >> good morning. >> there was an interview in "the new york times" and mary cheney revealed and she and her sister haven't spoken. susan, what's going on here? >> liz cheney did not learn a valuable lesson from her father.
7:33 am
politics is not thicker than blood. and that's where she should have shown her family loyalties. something sa miss here. as noted in the intro there. she spent time with her sister, her sister's family, her sister-in-law. for her to take this position certainly looks like a great deal of pandering. >> you think that's what it looks? pandering? >> there's no way of explaining it. how else do you go from supporting your sister and her marriage and children, and then changing your mind when she's running for office? it doesn't make sense. >> a super pac revealed this ad attacking liz cheney. >> in wyoming, cheney campaigns as a conservative. in washington, she appeared on msnbc and support benefits for gay couples. liz cheney, wrong for wyoming. >> angela, she's to the right of her opponent hoping to capture
7:34 am
tea partiers are the positions really against gay marriage and benefits so far off not where democrats were a while ago? >> there are a number of democrats, i think, chris, that maintain that position. but the problem here to susan's immediate last point, is still pandering because even their father is supporting her rights. to the fact that she name dropped her sister. >> and she probably would have done better in doubling down supporting her sister against that ad. because people will always support you backing your family. so she really didn't the wrong political -- >> for conservatives to think that biblically gay marriage is tantamount to armageddon, frankly, they might have appreciated the fact this is a family situation, she loves her
7:35 am
sister. and i don't think anybody is calling dick cheney for his support for his daughter anything but conservative. >> so far, i haven't seen any republican take any direct hits for supporting a family member. it's really the wrong calculus for her. >> how much of this is not just for the cheneys but the republican family and the tensions that exist around this issue? >> well again, there are not just republicans divided on this issue. democrats are also divided on this issue. what is more challenging for liz cheney at this moment in fact we know senator enzi has a double-digit lead on her. she garnered nothing by taking the position she took. >> always good to talk to you. checking the news feed this morning, huge week that in the ongoing battle on what to do about military sex assaults. the key is whether victim should have to go through their military chain of command. senator claire mccaskill said
7:36 am
yesterday and the armed services committee approved that plan. for kirston gillibrand, she said that's like the fox guarding the hen house. >> i think we'll get them, martha. this is a growing debate all around this country because we want to make sure that men and women who serve our military have a justice system deserving of their sacrifice. they are literally giving their lives for our values, for our country. and they shouldn't have a justice system that is rife with bias and unfairness. >> that recent pentagon report show 20,000 incidents of sexual assault. 33% increase. the meningitis outbreak at princeton university is so bad, school trustees will decide whether or not to distribute a drug, a vaccine, not yet used in the the u.s. it's only approved in australia and europe.
7:37 am
but the cdc has gotten special permission to import it. rutgers athletics dealing with yet another case of a coach accused of bullying a player. the student said his offensive coordinator dave cohen cursed at him and threatened him in front of other students. the student involved left the team. just seven months ago, you'll recall men's basketball coach mike rice was fired four verbally and physically aprucing his players. caught on camera, a buffalo bills fan tried to slide down a railing. he slid down backwards. he landed in a section below on top of another fan. both of them had to be taken to the hospital. although they are expected to be okay. the man who fell hurt his shoulder. the other one suffered a head injury. legendary quarterback brett favre said 20 years of taking hits in the nfl have started to
7:38 am
take a toll. in a candidate interview with matt lauer, favre said he sometimes can't finish a sentence or remember a remember. he said he also can't remember his daughter playing soccer. >> in fact, if i had a son, i would be real leery of him playing. and that sounds, in some respects, i'm almost glad i don't have a son because of pressures that he would face. but also the physical toll that it could possibly take on him. not to mention if he ever made it, he's going to be a failure in everyone's eyes but more the physical toll that it could take. >> favre said he is hoping to raise awareness about concussions in football but still keep the integrity of the game. in just about ten minutes, we will hear from the governor of illinois. he's about to hold a news conference and assess damage on the ground. we know at least six people are dead. all from illinois. and we're seeing some horrible pictures this morning, after tornadoes ripped through the region yesterday. this is what's left of minden,
7:39 am
illinois, homes flattened. torn to pieces. ron allen joins us now. the governor is set to tour the area of the storm. we're waiting for that in a press update. but what are we expecting? >> reporter: well, chris, seven counts here in illinois have been declared states of emergency. six fate fatales. one of them here in the town of washington. you can see the devastation behind me. this is what used to be a subdivision where there are dozens of homes. you may not be able to see over the mounds of debris, as far as i can see going back about a mile or so, there's just utter destruction. that's what happens with the tornadoes. there's an edge where things are find and then an area that is completely demolished. we were talked to people who live here, one man was talking about huddling in the basement with his family, his kids and a couple dogs. and then waking up and coming
7:40 am
out and seeing just this. this is an incredible thing. i'm struck when you see the tornadoes how the trees are completely defoliated. just nothing there. standing up stark, the leaves are gone and everything is utter destruction. there's been search and rescue operatings going on. but as we understand it, there are no reports of anyone missing now. again, people come be back trying to salvage what they can and make sense of this devastation. just everywhere you see, complete construction. >> ron allen in washington for us. thank you so much. again that press conference coming up with the illinois governor. well, say it isn't so, a thanksgiving turkey shortage? cnbc's jackie deangelis is here. we're talking about the kinds of turkeys that don't fit in ovens in new york city. >> 16 pounds or bigger. and the fresh ones.
7:41 am
butterball saying they're not gaining weight as quickly as they used to. a company is not sure why. they have notified their retail customers that they're shipping half as many of those birds. butterball also saying that the frozen turkeys that have not been affected. and it does expect to be at full capacity with the fresh turkeys by christmas. and a spokesman with turkey association says only a fraction is sold fresh. 85% are flash frozen. so there's plenty of turkeys. so lululemon has found a way, we had to say it, to turn lemon into lemonade. they're taking those pants that are see-through that were recalled and they're going to sell them? >> that is exactly right. lululemon saying that it's transformed the see-through pants through laminated
7:42 am
recycling. that means they put a patch on the back side. they're calling them second chance pants. the tag reads this is what failure looks like. you'd think ute get a discount on these. they got 92 bucks. only 6 bucks less than the other pants. not cheap at all. i listened to the conference call after the whole sheer pants thing happened. the ceo said we had quality control in place. but to detect this problem, chris, you have to bend over. >> cnbc's jackie deangelis, leaving me speechless. thank you. see you soon. if you're looking for a side dish to go with that turkey this thanksgiving, "entertainment tonight" have a list of celebrities who have published cookbooks. stanley tucci has the tucci cookbook. there is the dolly fixings.
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34 people were arrest new jersey this past weekend in a massive takedown of a narcotics network with ties to the mexican drug cartels. those cartels, mexican's drug war are the focus of a new identity. it's with music aimed to be the hip-hop with songs increasely played in clubs. take a look at here in the united states. >> people glorify these guys. they see them as their heroes. that's why narco culture has grown so much. they see marco as a modern-day
7:47 am
robin hood. >> this highlights the extreme and graphic violence that is associated with this. but then there's also this glorification, this excitement, about the money. and these clubs where people go and there are song dedicated to this. what do you want people to know about this culture? because i think it's brand new to a lot of people, even though it's very popular now. >> well, first of all, i want them to know that there is a culture such as this. that latinos in america, particularly mexican latinos have tapped into narco because of what exists down south. it's a way to tap in many parnco villas. it's not really surprising to see this culture come to life. >> you've followed in l.a. a
7:48 am
narco corresp narcocorid do. there's a chilling one he's on a bicycle with one of his kids. and he's singing. i want to play a little bit of that. >> we're bloodthirsty, crazy and we like to kill. do we know what kind of influence this has had? and has it had an influence on the violence in the sense that it glorifies it? >> to me, it does have an influence. look, there are two sides to this. one, these ones will tell you it's a product we sell. for hundreds of thousands of clubs playing this music, most of the teenagers there there to play narco, it's almost a halloween party. >> that struck me, yeah, these clubs give these people a chance to go narco for a night. which means? >> plate hero, this robin hood
7:49 am
figure that has been able to elude the ongoing drug war that has been drummed on. and we haven't seemed to bring these guys to justice. chris, take a 12 from a horizontal part, he looks at his mom and dad working in a local place for 5, 6, $7 a night. that option is such a daunting option. then he looks at the kids, the traffickers, rolling around in big cars. the lavish lifestyle where everyone idolizes, of course, it becomes an option that he looks up to. once you spend time down there, it's not that hard at all. and it does affect people. what they see, what our makes of reality is in our hearts and mind to a greater view than what we think. >> in clubs now, the film is
7:50 am
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a couple news conferences ongoing. there you see the governors of illinois and indiana pat quinn and mike pence talking about the devastating storms and tornadoes that have hit their states. in fact, pat quinn said it's the worst ever in illinois. we're listening in. we'll keep you updated to new information out of the midwest there. now to politics where billionaire supermagnate is launching a campaign to dead internet betting, edelson ed it's a practice dangerous to children and the society. and angelina jolie held back here as she thanked those for
7:54 am
the humanitarian award. the obama family checked out a basketball game between oregon state and maryland. this is a ritual for the obamas because the oregon state beavers are coached by the first lady's brother. and lady gaga may have been hosting, but it was toronto's mayor rob ford the star on "snl." >> again, i'm sorry for how i've been acting it's not indicative of my position of the position of mayor in this great town of toronto. >> hey, man, i got what you asked for. >> not here. let's do it under the desk. >> well it's -- >> don't say what it is. >> all right. well, i've got your stuff right here. >> whoa! that's a lot of crack! >> why do we think that's not the last time we'll see that character. and today's tweet of the day from comedian bill maher #obama
7:55 am
care. you're wro disney, hubble telescope, spider-man musical, ronald reagan, chin up. that's it for "jansing & company." the agenda next hour, nasty weather tears through the midwest. neighborhoods through ille completely flattened. we bring you a full update from the region and more from the late-year storms. so can the white house save obama care and restore the president's nicked credibility? the clock is ticking with 12 days to go until the approved federal website goes live once again. are democrats running for cover under sheer preservation. the dnc and rnc directors will be my guests. and then the cheney sisters. is liz cheney alienating her immediate family for a seat in the senate. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
7:56 am
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state officials in illinois and indiana both right now talking about the damage. getting an assessment of the tornadoes that have hit their state and ravaged so many neighborhoods. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. developing news this hour on our agenda. the residents across the midwest. they are assessing that damage. they have survived this violent tornado outbreak. and many are homeless. these are new pictures from a short time ago, from one of the hardet hit areas, washington, illinois. from entire neighborhood blocks, they're completely flattened. leveled by the storms. just look at this. at least six people are confirmed dead. dozens more injured. illinois governor pat quinn spoke moments ago and is asking everyone to stick together. >> each of these communities in illinois were hard hit by the deadliest tornadoes than we've ever had in the month of
8:00 am
november in illinois history. it's important to we come sewing when something difficult and deadly happens to the people. we're all in this together. >> overall, 12 different states were hit. the meteorologists saying yesterday as the most active day of the year. nbc's ron allen joins me now. do we have a full head count of that area? >> reporter: yes, they do, thomas. there's only one fatality report here. there's a lot of people still trying to get back into their homes. when i drove in here a long while ago, there's a long line of cars on the interstate highway about a mile in that direction because people want to come back here to see what they can salvage. they tell us these amazing stories of actually


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