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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 20, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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before we had it. we were paying for it as well. >> if we are going to use everyone as a corporation, would it be mika, joe, barnacle, willie? i don't know. long-term? you are basically a terrible person. you can leave now. >> what about that shot? are you kidding me? >> it's time for "morning joe." >> now it's time for t"the dail rundown" with chuck todd. >> no end in sight. a report obtained by nbc news reveals a plan to keep troops in afghanistan for at least years and perhaps longer.
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it's not the only foreign front that gets lot of in washington's whacka mole health care whirl wind. an amazing eyewitness account from inside the dallas school book depository. a man who was there and may have bumped into lee harvey oswald himself. >> landing in arizona, chris christie takes the republican reign. we will talk to north carolina governor at the center of a voting rights fight in his state. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, november 20th. this is "the daily rundown." the latest on the tragic situation in virginia and congressman tray radell. let's get to the first read of the morning. we will begin with the conflict in afghanistan. something that too often gets
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glossed over while we are focused on what's going on in the beltway. the president made ending the war one of the corner stones of his campaign. >> by 2014, this process will be complete and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. i will not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is required for our national security. >> we blunted the taliban's momentum in afghanistan and in 2014, our longest war will be over. >> despite that, the new status agreement the 2015 withdrawal. according to a copy obtained by nbc news, an agreement that should be entered into will remain in force at the end of
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2024 and could be renewed long err. they insist that the combat will end next year. forces will focus on training and counter insurgency operations. in addition they would pay for afghanistan to equip and maintain their own security force as well. this is not a done deal. they are split over whether soldiers should be allowed to enter afghan homes and there is disagreement over whether the troops should have immunity from the afghan legal system. details are being worked out and includes how many troops would stay. afghan officials tell us they want between 10,000 and 15,000 soldiers to remain and u.s. officials suggest they will be closer to 7,000 or 8,000. president karzai wants the green light from the gathering of 3,000 afghan elders and cleric who begin to meet tomorrow. their approval is not guaranteed.
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they could revise it and make it difficult for him to sign. at the hands of u.s. military and other drones who caught an apology from president obama. the u.s. agreed to write a letter, but officials say it won't include an apology and won't come from the president. he went as far as to admit mistakes, but that was the extent. now we turn to iraq, a country that saw the last of combat forces leave nearly two years ago. iraq is grappling with the worst sectarian violence since the height of the iraq war. bombs in and around baghdad killed nearly 30 people here alone. nearly 5,000 civilians have been killed in the last six months. some argue americans opened the door to this kind of violence. others said if the u.s. stayed
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with this residual force it means putting more americans in the line of fire. there is little appetite to ramp up involvement in iraq. when the prime minister came to the u.s. earlier this month to ask for more aid, president obama promised to help, but stopped short of offering a hard and fast commitment. we turn to iran where negotiations are kicking off in geneva. members of the p 5 plus 1 are closing in on a deal that would see iran roll back elements and agree to tougher inspection if they agree to easing sanctions. >> what we would do would be to open up the spiggot a little bit for a modest amount of relief that is entirely subject to
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reinstatement if they violated this and it would purchase a period of time. >> the idea is to give any potential deal sometime to work. maybe six months or so. president obama met with lawmakers who are skeptical, urging them to hold off on new sanctions while talks are going on. >> people are concerned and i happen to be one that is concerned that we are giving up leverage. >> he indicated that the president would likely give it time. let's go back to afghanistan with the status in the u.s. and afghanistan. it could end upkeeping troops there for another decade or more. richard, i want to start with you and start with the last of
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the sticking points which has to do with this letter that karzai said he needs from the u.s. government. maybe he would like it from the president. mayb secretary kerry. what is it he said won't have an apology. >> this is a lot about karzai's personality. he doesn't need the letter to get approval. karzai's own government has already said they wanted to approve the bilateral security behind closed doors. the parliament said they would approve it. the closest advisers wanted him to approve it discreetly and quietly with the americans and move on. it was karzai who wanted to get a big show of this. he invited the 3,000 elders.
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they are all over the city. the city is shut down. he brought them here. he is making a bit of approval with the set of society that has no jurisdiction or vote over this agreement. he said unless he gets this vote, he won't pass it. he wants to bring to the council of elders, a letter of apology from president obama personally so that u.s. troops would be allowed to have the privilege to conduct counter terrorism operations. >> richard, is karzai -- >> it's a burst from karzai that we have seen in the past. >> is karzai aware of the domestic politics here? that there is not a lot of public demand for troops to be kept there longer? >> i don't think he is.
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he talked to u.s. officials and afghan officials. even the reporting that has been coming out over the agreement over the last few weeks, it was over the minutia. are they going to get a deal on the immunity? are they going to have the ability to conduct raids and negotiating points of this agreement. not is it a good idea to have an agreement that would extend the longest war in u.s. history for another decade or more for an unclear goal. if u.s. troops stayed here for 7,000 or 8,000, what would they be doing when they are locked in their bases? what is there purpose? aren't they karzai's body guard for propping up the government and increasingly isolated from the reality of the rest of the country? >> let me go to the general on that point. you and i exchanged comments
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about this yesterday. you are critical of this deal. explain. >> i think it's a muddled thinking. the question is what are we trying to achieve? my guess is we will come to regret this. karzai has been a disaster. his government has been incompetent. it's a criminal enterprise. he is not negotiating a good faith. we are not there fighting al qaeda. we are there fighting the taliban with ethnic civil war going on. what do we think we will get out of 8,000 troops? they will all be combat soldiers. the bottom line is i think at the end of the day, probably the whole air field can have 250 advisers with diplomatic immunity and amnesty. we shouldn't leave thousands of americans spread over this hostile country. >> we decided not to have a residual course in iraq. when you look at this, where do you come down?
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is this because there is no u.s. presence or had there be a u.s. presence then soldiers would be dying right now in iraq after the so-called war was over? >> i think it's a good example. there is absolutely no reason to believe the minor president in iraq would have quelled down a century of animosity. the same applies in afghanistan except we are 800 miles from the ocean and the u.s. navy. again, i think this is an attempt to not have it unravel on the current administration's tenurend office. the problem with the security forces is not a lack of training, it's a lack of political will. essentially it's an ongoing egg mick civil war with the afghan force divided in loyalty.
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>> i will have someone here in a second from the administration, but if it unravels -- you think it will unravel no matter what whether it's two years or ten years? >> i'm not sure. you never know in afghanistan. it's possible that the taliban could say all right, let's stop the fighting and achieve our goals some other way. highly unlikely. it's hard to imagine the central government in kabul maintaining sovereignty over the country and hard for me to imagine that the congress will appropriate $5 billion a year when we are out. what are the u.s. national security interests at stake here? they are clear when it comes to nuclear weapons in pakistan and when it comes to saudi arabiian oil. it's not clear why we think we should try to camp down this ongoing civil war in afghanistan. >> nbc military analyst, as
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always thank you for your wisdom on this. joining me now is the deputy national security vis adviser. you guys are just trying to make sure this doesn't unravel on your watch. how do respond to that? >> chuck, look. the president set a clear goal which was to dismantle the al qaeda network and prevent them from being able to use it as a launching pad to attack us. we have been clear since we set our timeline to wind down the war by the end of 2014, we would contemplate two missions for u.s. forces. those are counter terrorism. if we need to go after the remnants of al qaeda in afghanistan, those are training equipment with the national security forces. we would not under any agreement be fighting the taliban.
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the afghans will be responsible and may be patrolling their towns and mountains. in any terrorism efforts, they would be focused on al qaeda. >> you need 8,000 soldiers to do this? >> chuck, the president hasn't decided to keep a residual force or set a number for that force. we know they will need training equipment. that doesn't necessarily have to involve forces in the country, but there will be an investment. we need to hold them together. if you have a situation like that, it won't be good for our interest. we believe it's afghan forces that will hold them together ultimately. iraq is a different country. they are much more acute. there ethnic divisions and ultimately the similarities, there has to be a process that gives afghans a stake in their
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government. the first step in the process will be the afghan election next year. the important milestones are the afghan election that will bring in a new president and the security forces and whether they can hold the base line of security together. >> i know you got a lot on your plate. let's go to iran. the likelihood -- are we at a point where if there is not a temporary agreement in the next week, there won't be for a while. >> an important moment in the negotiations. we believe and we will know in a matter of weeks whether or not we can get to this first step agreement. i think you are right. when so much effort has been invested, i think it's important that we test it and try to get something done. if we can't, the alternatives are not good. there is a good agreement on the table for the first time in a decade stops the program and rolls it back in some respects.
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>> you believe ultimately that this deal is more likely to happen than not happen, but we are looking at -- is there going to be an end date where it's revisited? >> yes. what we are talking about essentially is a six-month period to negotiate a final one. to make sure the first step that during that six months, the iranians can make progress with the nuclear program and we are dealing with the stockpile and enriched uranium and levels enrichment and the facility in iraq. as we negotiate that final resolution. >> i have to leave it there. the deputy national security adviser. appreciate coming up. >> thanks, chuck. a busy day on the domestic front. here's the politics planner for the day. president clinton and president
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the virginia state senator who was stabbed in the face and chest may have been attacked by his own son. virginia state police suspect that his 24-year-old son gus may have attacked his dad before he shot and killed himself in the family home yesterday. his son underwent a psychiatric evaluation on monday, but wouldn't be admitted because a bed was not available. the staff is not commenting.
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good news for the university of virginia hospital center there. he has been upgraded to fair condition. the u.s. congressman that was busted for cocaine possession is appearing before a judge as we speak. the republican showed up for a hearing in superior court within the last hour. the southwest florida congressman was arrested in a buy and bust operation in the district on october 29th. the office hinted that more details will come out. they haven't been able to comment on what drugs were found or how the representative might have been involved. we will let you know when that happens. he is right now charged with a misdemeanor at the same thing happening in florida. he will be charged with a fell me. the special coverage of jfk's assassination will continue on the show all week long. we will talk with the nbc news man who is covering president
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kennedy's trip to dallas and he believes he ran into lee harvey oswald. as republican governors gathered in arizona, how many incumbent presidents who lot of bids for reelection were former governors? the first person to tweet the correct answer will get the on share shout out. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here.
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6:26 am
experience theories. my next guest arrived with the kennedys. it's the first time he covered a presidential trip. they followed the motoricate and the shots rang out. he ran to the closest building to find a home. the book was the book depository. he saw a man matching lee harvey oswald's description and asked him where the phone was. mcneill managed to file this radio bulletin from inside the book depository. >> it was a friendly cloud and not expecting anything when these three muffled shots were heard. >> the president was dead at the end of the day and vice president johnson was sworn in to succeed him.
6:27 am
robert mcneill. robert, tell us when did you realize you may have run into lee harvey oswald. was it that night or the next day? >> i'm not sure that i did. william manchester brought it up. what happened was when the shots were fired, i said those are shots, stop the bus. seeing people running up the grassy knoll including policemen, i ran with them, thinking they are chasing some gunman. i got to the top and a policeman went over the fence and i did too and there was nothing there. i ran looking for a phone and the nearest building that had a phone was the book depository. i ran up the stairs and a young man with short sleeves came out and i asked where the phone was. i didn't know the president was
6:28 am
hit. in my bulletin i said it was not known if the shots were directed at the president. a policeman stalked me and a little black boy about 9 years old said i seen a man with a gun in the window. another man confirmed that and i heard that kennedy was badly hit and taken to the hospital. i got to the hospital by stopping the car a few blocks away and was driven to the emergency section. later when it turned out that a guy had been arrested who worked at the book depository said you must have been coming out about the time i went in. he called me 18 months later and said that was after the shots and so on. oswald mistook me for a discreetly serviceman. much more important to me. why did i run up the grassy
6:29 am
knoll? >> that's the first thing you said that i'm sitting here going all right, why did you do it? >> i did it because i saw policemen running up there. i later assumed that police ran up there because they thought they heard something. some of the experience theories are a shot having been fired from the overpass there. that is the only contribution i can make to all of that evidence or purported evidence that there were shots from the book depository. >> obviously i'm aware of how it goes in this modern era. tell us where you were. how far back -- sometimes we can be a half mile behind the president. how far behind were you? >> seven cars behind. there were two press busses and i was at the front side in the press box.
6:30 am
a about bit elevate and we can see over the heads of the cars. >> you had a camera crew shooting or no? >> no. it had gone to the merchandise mart where kennedy was to speak. the other had been with me earlier this morning. we had such good shots of the business of jackie delaying her arrival and getting cheered by that breakfast in ft. worth. if nothing else happens today, we have the story with jackie. >> you heard the gunshots and you knew immediately that they were gunshots. >> the first one. the first one there was a bang. we said what was that? was that a shot or a backfire? there were two more closer together. i said those are shots. stop the bus. the bus driver stopped and i got out and he drove on. i hadn't been used to covering the president when you are supposed to stay as close to him as you can.
6:31 am
i had come recently to washington working overseas. where if something happened you ran towards it or otherwise you didn't get the coverage. my instinct that day was to run where i thought the action was. >> you brought up manchester, the author saying he was the one that told you and obviously when i read his book, it is amazing the picture that he paints of dallas of the issues going on in dallas before the president goes down there and there was plenty of people wondering was it the smartest move for president kennedy to go down there at the time. they were thinking about the politics of it and not thinking about safety. how much was that in your mind when you were preparing to cover it? this was the first time you covered the president. he is coming to dallas. this is not smart political territory. >> i didn't think that.
6:32 am
we all thought there were a lot of opponents. one of the signs as we were in the out skirts, a man that hold y you. the dallas morning news had run a huge editorial. >> scathing. >> i think it was one of the things that made the kennedy assassination so shocking. it seemed inconceivable. that's why when the shots were fired, i thought it was some idiot making a demonstration. it didn't occur that he would have shot at this man. so what happened in american history or world history it turned out that day. >> sure did. of course familiar with a lot of viewers with the rest of your
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career. good to see you. >> thanks, chuck. >> at this hour. does the next republican presidential nominee have to be a governor? we will go live to scottsdale where the meeting is getting under way. that's the center of a voting rights fight. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. revolves around your symptoms, ask your gastroenterologist about humira adalimumab. humira has been proven to work for adults who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief, and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.
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♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ >> deep dive, the republican project to rebrand the party in the states. the republican governor's association two-day conference kicks off today in scottsdale, arizona. after a 22-point victory, chris christie will formally take on this new project as head of the rga. of course heading up that group is a perfect assignment for
6:37 am
kristi who can handout checks while traveling to early primary states. >> with all the focus on 2016, it's the 30 governor who is gathered to see if they can rebrand the party outside of washington. the washington republican brand is in tatters. the gop is trying to count on the party's reformers in chief. the goff 234ers who were not branded from washington eventually led the party back to the white house. let's take a look at what we are seeing for governor's races for 2014. 22 of the 29 seats that they will hold will be on the ballot with 14 open or competitive seats. one of the reasons republicans are so high on the governors is a bunch of them won in blue states. the victories didn't translate the romney wins in 2012. nine of the 14 are defending
6:38 am
seats in states that the president won to turn around the brand. they have to win reelection. we will show you here among the most vulnerable of those gop governor who is ruled the tea party office, here are the top five. you have paula page 20 get reelected. rick scott will be in an epic battle. rick snyder and john casic rounded out the democrats. 14 seats including ten which were labeling at least semi competitive. the top five most vulnerable start in red states. outgoing governor is leaving and he will receive in colorado. a sure bet about a year ago, but
6:39 am
not very much anymore. pat quincy is anything other than iffy there. an open seat in massachusetts is a history of electing the governors in open seat races and connecticut rounds out the top five. with the governors, another story line is going to be the 2016 angle and the 2016 intrigue in here. the republican governor scott walker and martinez are early favorites and both will be in competitive races. one or both could lose. all the talk about walker for president or suzanna martinez on the ticket. what would happen if one loses there in the dust bin of political history. other people like jerry brown. he wins with more than 60% reelection has a record to run on in health. a health exchange that works pretty well. does he end up running?
6:40 am
andy cuomo. he had a big win. whoever wins in florida and that epic style battle guarantee you one or both of them think they should be part of the national conversation. we will see how that goes. chris cristy is traveling ahead of the rga. he is booked in oklahoma, idaho and vermont. he is eagerly talking about that upcoming travel. >> i will be in south carolina and pennsylvania and ohio and florida and michigan, arkansas. it will be all over the country. raising money to help them raise identity level with the voters. we get a chance to tell the story, we will do quite well. we are three years away. in this sense i feel bad for
6:41 am
president obama. everybody said so who is next? >> christie is hammering washington saying the next president needs to be a governor. >> what we have in washington on both sides of the aisle are absolutists. there a number of people in congress on the republican side of the aisle who just did not have an end game to a strategy. >> christie is not the only potential wannabe crihristie do. so is wisconsin republican scott walker. >> i think they are the ones who get something done. historically barack obama the last time we elected someone was 1960. >> would he be the ideal candidate. i think any of the 30 would be
6:42 am
the ideal candidate. >> all this talk is trying to push aside something in washington that they believe have become corrosive. congressman paul ryan responded very carefully ruling out another government shut down while not ruling out his own presidential bid. >> with the republicans you hear all the time that the next republican nominee for president in 2016 has to be a governor. has to be somebody like chris christie or scott walker. do you agree with that? >> no. >> next question. why not? >> he came the first democrat to win since jimmy carter and the landscape might being, but they charged the state legislature and in 20 2we68 the republicans won the governor's mansion.
6:43 am
that has been ground zero over voting rights, health care and even abortion. joining me now from scottsdale, arizona where he is attending the rga meeting. good morning to you, sir. >> thanks for having me, chuck. >> i remember having you on the day after the election and you were touting the fact that you were one of the few positive stories for the republican party in 2012 on election day. you won in a competitive state and seat despite the fact that president obama was winning a second term quite handily. you talk about the tone of the campaign that you ran. a year later it seems republicans of north carolina are questioning the tone of your governments. after election day and they rewarded you for not being so confrontational.
6:44 am
do i have these correct? >> actually not. in some ways stepping on the toes of the status quo for both republicans and democrats, mainly democrats in control of the state government for over 25 years. i am having to make very, very difficult decisions to right the ship to bring jobs back to north carolina. like chris christie in new jersey and john casic in ohio and scott walker had to do in wisconsin. i am happy to make the short-term decisions for long-term positive results for the state. the leadership for the nation needs to come out of the states and we are willing to make the tough decisions that frankly steps on the toes of both the right and the left. >> let me ask you this. what part of voter id laws does that have to do with bringing jobs to north carolina. it's a divicive issue in your state. >> actually it's 80% approval in my state.
6:45 am
it's not as divicive as the national media puts on it. our laws are much more liberal than the state of new york. the voter ids are common sense. we require them to get food stamps and to have a basic id and to vote is common sense laws that are available in 32 states in the united states of america. i think the voter id controversy is more creative. >> all right. set aside the voter id and why push for shortening early voting and push for this issue of not having same-day voter registration? i say that because the voter id, you can make the argument and why also try to curtail early voting and it's hard not to say republicans are getting whipped in early voting and that's why they don't want to vote. >> first of all, we didn't shorten early voting, but
6:46 am
contacted the calendar. we will have the same hours and more polls available. we are actually going to be almost identical. the schedule has changed. the critics are kind of using that line where the legislation does not shorten the hours. by the way, states like new york have no early voting. it's ironic that eric holder is suing us and not suing the state of new york. i think it's more about politics than anything else. we also -- it's not political? this is not political at all? they don't see any benefit for the republicans in the more restrictive law. >> if you survey most democrats agree with the law and voter id. it's common sense laws and much a do about nothing and trying to protect the integrity of the voter booth. where i spend my time bringing
6:47 am
jobs in north carolina, we were one of the only states that has major tax reform. our tax code was 60 years old and my corporate tax and income tax was higher than virginia, tennessee and south carolina. the bill they have on them and a government in virginia were beating me for jobs and my goal is to beat all the states for jobs whether it be republican or democratic governor states. i was in california yesterday looking for jobs for north carolina in california. that's where most of the focus is in and where 90% of my time is spent. that's where i think chris christie or bobby jindal or rick perry would be great candidates. >> let me ask you this. he lot of the republican candidate and the charlotte mayor's race. charlotte is a city you are familiar with. he said your unpopularity was a
6:48 am
contributing factor. they would ask me, talking about voters, are you going to be another pat crory. this was the anti-legislature senate. how do you respond to your fellow republican? >> i do have anti-pat mccrory. they did as mayor and i was reelected seven times. the longest 7ing mayor of a large city with more democrats than republicans. it's similar to chris christie who is governor of new jersey. when i came in as governor, i needed to change some things quickly. we were the fifth highest unemployment state in the country. i needed to deal with issues. apart from making the tough decisions, the polls are coming back up, scott walker in
6:49 am
wisconsin had protesters. when you get through the process, you are willing to make the tough decisions. >> i wanted to talk about the abortion issue that has been a hot button topic. thanks for coming out. >> thank you very much. >> after all the website woes, i have good news on the health care enrollment. is it one step forward and two steps back? the white house soup of the day is coconut shrimp. [ male announcer ] this is kathleen.
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well, ten days until the newest deadline for the health care website, for it to work, and it seems the administration
6:56 am
is trying to lower administrations. the chief architect said payment and accounting portions of the website may not be fixed by the deadline. translation, if you're eligible for a subsidy, the website will acknowledge it but can't yet make sure the insurers will receive the subsidy payments. apparently, though, it's not going to impact the actual buyer of the insurance, so says the white house. but they do have some good news as far as enrollment is concerned. "the new york times" reports that 50,000 people have now picked plans on the website. that's up from 27,000 in october. just the federal website. the white house has not confirmed these numbers saying it will only release data monthly, but there is some evidence even on the state exchanges as well that he know rollment is picking up. california has nearly doubled its october enrollment and we're only halfway through november. connecticut, kentucky and minnesota are also exceeding earlier expectations. but again, all that talk of
6:57 am
problems with the back end of the website does have you wonder are they going to make november 30th. that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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at angie's list. join today at good morning. i'm chris jansing. 50 votes, senator kirsten gillibrand, a passionate advocate for victims of military sexual assault now has half the senate behind her bill to take prosecution out of the chain of command. number 49, senator dean heller, joined her at a news conference yesterday. and number 50, the majority leader, harry reid, announcing his support shortly after. gillibrand's bill would turn the investigation over to prosecutors instead of commanders. she is expected to speak on the senate floor today and a vote is coming this week. >> they must create an independent, unbiased, military justice system that is deserving of the sacrifice that the men and women in the armed services


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