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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 20, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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presence in the country, including thousands of troops, military bases and combat operations. it's our first read team notes, any deal is not going to be politically popular given all of the war fatigue in this country. as mentioned now, senators ron light and joe manchin and rand paul are seeking a bill that would force the president to seek a vote in congress to continue troop presence. brandon webb, a former navy s.e.a.l. told nbc news, i think afghanistan has turned into the vietnam of my generation, only with a better homecoming. brian fleming said this, you stay as long as it takes to complete the mission, but i'd rather not see afghanistan turn into a korea. >> richard engel spoke with troops currently deployed in kabul. >> it's very important.
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>> everyone understands what they are doing when they sign the contract. >> jim miklaszewski joins us now. last word from the state department is that this is all still under review. >> oh, absolutely. and quite frankly, people here at the pentagon at the state department over at the white house are a little bit surprised that anybody in congress would be taken by surprise by this 2024 date for u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan to provide some type of training and assistance and even conduct counter terrorism operations well after the official combat role has ended in 2014 because president obama and hamid karzai signed an agreement, the strategic partnership agreement is what it's called, which laid out the 2024 deadline in may of
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2012. a year and a half ago. but what the problem is that there are some details within the agreement that still have at the very highest levels of the government here in washington concerned and that is primarily that the karzai government is trying to put severe restrictions on the u.s. military capability to conduct some operations if necessary. for example, if they were on a base and somebody were to attack the base. under the karzai rules they wouldn't be able to launch a preemptive strike to protect themselves. that's unacceptable to the u.s. government, to the u.s. military. those things have to be worked out in the -- and then a vote from the afghan parliament and officials here are saying, they are looking at least another 60 days before any kind of final agreement is reached there in
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afghanistan with the u.s. they hope. >> and in addition to some of those questions regarding how the troops would be able to move around the country, there's also as you've heard and know, objections to this notion or this request as a part of this negotiation that karzai would want an apology, a letter of apology from the president. >> well, the president's national security adviser, susan rice already said this morning, that's not going to happen. there's going to be no apology from the president. already the white house, the president, the military has repeatedly -- expressed its regrets for any mistakes the u.s. military may have made in the operations. at the same time, they recognized that karzai needs to be able to maintain some kind of control, some kind of sovereignty over those u.s. military operations to some extent, those issues have to be worked out.
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officials here are saying, look, if they aren't worked out and we have to leave, they'll wipe their hands of it and walk away. but there's deep concern here that unless u.s. military troops remain in afghanistan, there will be no money pouring into afghanistan and that's one of the other issues. this is going to cost the american taxpayer, billions of dollars a year along with nato's contribution, they are going -- nato is going to contribute just as much as the u.s. does every year. but without that money going into afghanistan, the fear here is that that government would collapse in no time. and whatever hard fought gains have been made and those are arguable by me, in afghanistan would be entirely lost. >> thank you for all of those details. joining me now, medal of honor recipient, and msnbc analyst, colonel jack jacobs. we have the lawmakers who say
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this is the case, we'll have troop presence indefinitely, the president in their belief should go through congress. mik says these lawmakers should not be surprised but i think people were when the news broke yesterday, we're looking at an indefinite presence, not necessarily permanent base but more boots than estimated. >> i don't think they were surprised. the people close to the action of what's actually happening in the defense department, people from the hill, there is no surprise at all. in any case, their demand that the president has to get congressional approval in order to extend isn't going to fly because it has to pass both houses. and if they want to stop the president from doing it, all they have to do is not appropriate any money if they fail to do that, then they have no say. >> the number we're looking at. this is a draft unsigned but in richard engel's detailed report, 7,000 to 10,000, i do think at
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least looking at the reaction, there seems to be serious concerns over that number. >> well, karzai wants more. he wants almost double that. >> almost double that. absolutely. >> to be honest with you, if karzai could have his way, he would have an enormous number there because -- >> with his conditions and his terms under his guide and control. >> and the money, mik said it, not all about the money but it may all be about the money with the money that goes along with it, important to karzai. >> john, let me bring you in, in 2013 january, we asked people, when it comes to afghanistan, do you think the war was worth it or not? 40% said worth it. 51% said it is not worth it. a lot of people, again, waking up, hear being these details and hearing that there is a possibility of an indefinite presence with conditions agreed upon, what is your reaction? what are you hearing? >> i think people are exhausted from afghanistan overall. people served multiple tours in
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iraq and afghanistan. what hurts me most, we could have gone into this posture three or four years ago. i'm not sure what 8,000 troops are going to do. that i am talk about counter terror -- >> they are talking about training al qaeda from the confine of bases but that would be a contradiction to what karzai says he wants regarding troop movement. >> karzai is posturing, we call this advised training assist, there's still going to be u.s. casualty. >> there's still danger. >> this is a combat mission and any posturing that says something other than that is not being truthful. in the end we could have funded the afghan army. iraq is chaotic right now. it would have been chaotic with 8,000 troops people wanted. the only reason to put troops in iraq, we couldn't get an agreement from the iraqi government to not try u.s. troops in court. if we only have 5,000, 6,000
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troops on ground, there's still going to be violence. >> we did exactly the same thing in vietnam. i was one of the last combat troops out of vietnam. in early 1973, we had a small number of training teams doing exactly what we were going to do in afghanistan, made almost no progress whatsoever. >> what would be the motivation to have the 7,000 to 10,000, nbc news says they are hoping for 10,000 to 15,000 to be there. what then would be -- >> cutting the baby. this is a fear. think if they left 5,000 to 7,000 troops in iraq and it was chaotic. they would say you need to do more. they don't want this to implode in the next few years. >> there's a political aspect, we have an election in 2014, with the president -- bugging out of afghanistan, it will be the worst possible political time. he's going to drag it on through
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the election and then probably yank -- >> when you look at the numbers, i don't think these numbers are accurate, colonel, that people would necessarily feel bugged out or that afghanistan had been abandoned if these numbers were far fewer than 7 to 15. that's about the range we're looking at here. >> it all has to do with how it looks. >> appearances in iraq right now are deplorable but that's not something on the forefront of any american right now. >> the republicans have a huge opportunity, they could have said we want to get out of afghanistan. they've been tied saying they want more troops. as we saw in syria, they broke from the president in syria. let's see what happens with what the senators are talking about. -- >> how do you feel when i read that quote from the young soldier who said this feels like vietnam but just a better homecoming? >> it's exactly correct.
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the strange feeling of deja vu. i've been through this before. i feel like i've been through this before and in fact when i think about it i really have been through this before. because we didn't have the political will to put as many troops as we really needed for as long as we needed in order to accomplish our long term strategic goal was in afghanistan, we decided we're going to do it bit by bit. we got diverted into iraq. the net result was we didn't accomplish the mission, can't accomplish the mission now and we're -- we're war weary and in the end we'll put out no matter what. >> i don't feel it was vietnam. we killed osama bin laden, it's all in perspective, two tours in iraq, saddam hussein is gone. i think people in the military feel we obtained our objectives. when it's not clearly defined.
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>> i don't disagree with the short term military objectives from the standpoint of national security, we haven't done a thing. >> colonel, thank you very much. thank you both very much for your service. >> this year marks 50 years since president kennedy established the presidential medal of freedom. he never had a chance to present the award. but today president obama continued our nation's tradition. >> this is one of my favorite events every year, especially this year. >> president clinton, oprah winfrey among the 16 people awarded the nation's highest civilian honor. and jazz legend, arturo sandoval also honored. the nine time grammy winner will join us live, quite a treat for us. you can join our conversation on twitter. find me at tamron hall and my team at news nation.
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he realizes he needs help after pleading guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession. the republican will soon serve one year probation for having three and a half grams of coke. he is the only member of congress to have been arrested and convicted for cocaine use while in office. the 37-year-old lawmaker said he struggled with alcoholism and will seek treatment and counseling. casey hunt joins me from capitol hill. when the note went out, i shouldn't say not that i think poorly of members ever congress, but it did strike us as amazing this is the first member of congress to be arrested for
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cocaine use. there was one arrest for marijuana some years ago. >> reporter: there was that one marijuana arrest, maybe it's with the mayor of toronto we all sort of become -- of elected officials using drugs. he is caught in a sting operation. he pleaded guilty and sentenced to probation. but it turns out he was set up and buying cocaine in a situation where it was him, an acquaintance and the police officer undercover, both of those two people declined to do cocaine with him. and once they went outside it was clear that the jig was up and he was in trouble. we've been reporting this afternoon that he had actually scheduled a meeting with house speaker boehner yesterday before the news broke. but by the time they had the meeting the news was already out. a little bit of a tricky situation for leadership there. we're interested to see, of course, at this point, he has said he's going to go to rehab,
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whether or not he's going to resign. most members of congress who found themselves in legal trouble of any kind, drugs or unrelated to drugs, usually the charges are related to bribery, tax evasion, financial issues, often with them getting elected in the first place. most either resign or expelled from congress. if neither one of those things happened, their constituents are pretty good about kicking them out of office. >> in a statement, casey, which you're familiar with, i struggle with the disease of alcoholism and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. this is an unfortunate event and offers me an opportunity to seek treatment and counseling. he refers to the alcoholism but doesn't refer by name to the cocaine use. nevertheless, nancy pelosi had comments that certainly have been heavily circulated and discussed the irony in this member of congress republican being busted with coke. this is what she said. >> it's really interesting,
11:18 am
right, soon on the heels, tha day, on the heels of the republicans voting to make sure that everybody who had food stamps was drug tested. it's like, what? i hope that there will humanize shall we say their thinking. >> beyond speaker boehner, have we heard from any other republicans defending him or offering a compassionate words if he says he's dealing with an abuse problem? >> so far it's been a lot of silence. marco rubio was asked about this. he is from florida. he said he had no comment and was very quickly hustled away by his staffer. >> we'll see what he says in his first on camera comments. thanks as always. >> thanks, tamron. two controversial votes on abortion brings legal victories for both sides of this debate. we'll explain what's happened in
11:19 am
new mexico and texas. plus, the faa will start targeting overweight pilots and air traffic controllers saying they are more likely to have problems sleeping and thus hurting their performance at work. the gut check is of course whether or not it's fair to focus on those who are overweight and not all of the pilots. the transfer of power begins in toronto as rob ford as top staff members move onto the deputy mayor's office. >> you know, i'll still function. if i have to bring in volunteers in in my office, i'll still function. i'm carrying on. >> okay, and in the meantime, first lady michelle obama, she talks about her biggest fashion regret. she's fashion perfection, right? you'll hear what she thinks is a mistake, one of the things we thought you should know. [ male announcer ] at red lobster,
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the highest civilian honor in a ceremony today at the white house. among the 16 recipients, oprah winfrey and former president bill clinton. >> even with 40 emmys and distinction of being first black female billionaire, oprah's greatest strength has been her ability to help us discover the best in herself, relief efforts after the tsunami and hurricane katrina and haiti earthquake. improving the lives of hundreds and millions of people. >> the president also awarded a medal to arturo sandoval. for him it is extra special because he grew up in communist
11:24 am
cuba and defected at great risk to his life and that of his family with the help of his mentor dizzy gillespie. >> there isn't any place on earth where people don't know about jazz. that's true because musicians like him sacrificed so much to play. >> joining me now arturo sandoval. thank you so much for making time. how did it feel to be there with the company that you were with, just absolutely amazing from our vantage point. how was it for you sitting there? >> yes, it's such a big honor. i was so happy and so thrilled and really i feel very blessed to have such an incredible recognition. >> it is. i read a quote from you that said without freedom, there's no life. i have the distifrpg honor of experiencing not only liberty but a rebirth the day i landed
11:25 am
on u.s. soil. such beautiful words there. i imagine you think about your life in cuba and the day you left with your family, to what it is now to be there at the white house. >> that's very true, i always said that, freedom is the most important word in the whole united and no freedom, no life. to be in the white house, this is my number eight visit to the white house. and it's such a privilege. and the president was very nice to everybody and also, i brought my family with me, we took photos with the president and first lady. that was great, great great day. >> and hopefully there are a lot of young jazz musicians watching now. you said jazz saved your life. it is why you were here and why you've been so successful and leading the way for young
11:26 am
artists. >> i'm sorry, but i don't understand -- >> i was saying that i read that jazz saved your life, the perspective of music and how it brought you to where you are today. >> i understand the word jazz, yes, and i'm sorry, i don't understand -- i guess you're talking about jazz the music the style of music. >> yes. it's been part of my life, jazz, yes for so many years. and i dedicate all of my time playing, recording and composing and this is what i have been doing for the last 52 years. >> and tomorrow, you are up for two latin grammy awards. talk about an amazing 48 hours. what advice do you have for young musicians watching today? >> tomorrow is the latin grammys
11:27 am
ceremo ceremony. i'm going to be on my way to japan, i cannot attend tomorrow morning, leaving early to japan to play there. and my advice to all of young musicians, as piring musician is, you must be in love with what you do. your passion, your dedication, and your discipline that is going to really make the difference. and if you're really in love with what you do, you'll make it sooner or later. >> great words for whatever career you pursue. arturo, it's such an honor and pleasure. >> i'm sorry, this -- ear phone -- what i hear -- >> it's my texas accent. no one can understand me. it's the texas accent. >> thank you so much. god bless you. thank you. >> coming up, one step forward, two steps back when it comes to
11:28 am
the troubled health care website. the number of people who selected plans have doubled in two weeks. >> within the last hour, president obama, the first lady and clintons honor president john f. kennedy, 50 years after his assassination in a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery as the nation remembers jfk, the widow of a police officer gunned down by lee harvey oswald on the same day talks about the condolence letter she received from jackie kennedy. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to innovate, create new technologies and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. let's keep it that way. free up licensed spectrum today, so wireless... can do more for america tomorrow.
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11:32 am
admitting privileges at nearby hospital. in a statement, he said it is good news for the women of texas now better protected from shoddy abortion providers, operating in dangerous conditions. meanwhile voters in albuquerque rejected a ban. 55% voting against and 44 in favor. joining me now is women aegs health advocate sandra cook. >> thank you. >> what is your reaction to here you have justices on one side and opinion from voters on the other. what do you believe that tells us? >> i think it shows us where the fight is on reproductive justice and it's about access. people who are living these lives who know women who have circumstances realize they need to have access to these services. we'll have to continue to fight this both at the ballot box and in the courts as well. >> obviously with that said, the ballot box gave one result the
11:33 am
courts another here. how does that affect the strategy moving forward? we know the next step in texas will come down with an appellate court i believe in january there. >> that's right. something to keep am mind, what the supreme court said is that they weren't going to stop the law temporarily for now. this is a case that we do expect to be in the fifth circuit and probably make its way back up to the supreme court again. so this is not the supreme court saying that this is a constitutional law. this will be an ongoing legal discussion. but in albuquerque, there was such a strong, strong megsage from voters, this was a record breaking turnout for this kind of special election. by ten points they said they want women to make these decisions for themselves. >> and to your point regarding the supreme court decision, although the injunction will ultimately be reinstated if the law is indeed invalid, the harms to the individual women whose rights it restricts while it remains in effect will be permanent. that was a dissenting opinion
11:34 am
here. cecile richards of planned parent hood said this is outrageous regarding texas and unacceptable and demonstrates wise we need stronger federal protections for women's health and abilities to make your own medical decision should not depend on your zip code. that is the fear, that we are looking at from governor perry's reaction, to the vote in albuquerque, the state by state battles. >> that's right. that's why the measure that senator blumen thal and chu introduced in congress is so important. this is the women's health protection act, the federal government stepping in and saying we need to make sure women everywhere in this country have not only the legal right but the reality to be able to access the reproductive health care they need. this is a proactsive step to make sure these types of state and local measures don't undercut women's access to health care. >> thanks so much for joining ugs today. we greatly appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> the obama administration
11:35 am
self-imposed deadline for fixingth health care exchange website is ten days away. first read team says there's evidence the administration has taken a step forward but may have taken two steps back. according to the "new york times," 50,000 americans now selected insurance plan, up from 27,000 in the entire month of october. and several states running their own exchanges have seen surges in enrollment exceeding expectations. there's bad news as well, one official testified yesterday up to 40% of i.t. system supporting the exchanges still needs to be built, including the function that deals with processing payments. joining me now, senior political editor mark murray. let's talk about these numbers and this increased double from just october. >> well, tamron, it does show enrollment is going up and particularly in the states that have a well functioning website. even the "new york times" was able to report, now 50,000
11:36 am
people have been able to use the federal exchange and website to get insurance. now, 50,000 still isn't a lot. but the idea always was enrollment would start slow and start to build up. it is so important to have that functioning website. the administration continues to have daily conference calls saying they made improvements, fixed some bugs and have more people who have been able to use the website simultaneously. and so, it will be interesting to see where it is ten days from now, however, one thing is true, the website, better pla today than it was two or three weeks ago, that's not saying a whole lot. it was just two or three weeks ago the website wasn't doing well at all. the reality is different today than it was earlier. >> the white house says that growth of health care spending over the last three years is the slowest on record. 1.3% a year. >> well, it goes to show there are two games, one is the politics side, can the website end up working?
11:37 am
who is doing the best in the headlines today? the other fight beyond the politics is the policy, whether the policy works, that having everyone insured or more americans insured, having people get their doctors from primary care doctors opposed to the emergency rooms, it makes for better long term health care policy in this country. most experts say it does, it points to a state like massachusetts where people are insured. one of the entire ideas behind the entire affordable care act was to be able to bend the cost curve of health care in this country where we've seen health care cost skyrocket in the administration does have good data. >> the days are passing fast. we'll see. >> i know. >> thank you very much. >> they know. >> still ahead, an update on a virginia state senator, creigh deeds condition after he was allegedly stabbed by his own
11:38 am
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virginia state senator creigh deeds condition was upgrated to good today after being stabbed in the head and chest in his home in rural virginia. he was apparently attacked by his 24-year-old son who then took his own life. police are investigating the attack and attempted murder/suicide. jim nolan joins us now. you have new details on where the attack apparently took place and more information on this report that creigh deeds' son, there was an attempt to at least get him hospitalized. >> yes, tamron.
11:42 am
we're reporting on times that the altercation stabbing incident took place outside of the home around 7:25 in the morning on tuesday. and we're also reporting and reported yesterday that the family had sought a psychiatric evaluation for gus deeds on monday evening. but gas deeds was released from that community after it was determined that there was not a bed available for an extended psychiatric stay. of course, today we're hearing conflicting reports. the local official said there weren't beds available. but now some psychiatric facilities are saying they did have beds available. clearly this will be a critical area of inquiry when it comes to understanding just how a man who was determined to have some kind of psychological needs was not allowed or enable to go to a psychiatric facility. >> we're learning more again on where the attack happened in the
11:43 am
home. there had been a report that this happened inside and that creigh deeds managed to get out of the home and get help. is that not the case? >> in fact, what appears to have been the case, the actual stabbing attack, senator deeds was stabbed roughly a dozen times by his son. took place outside the home, which is a very rural part of virginia and rural county. at some point, gus deeds returned inside the home, found a firearm and took his own life. whether or not senator deeds was in the home at the time or even aware that the shooting had taken place is still yet to be determined by investigators. but certainly there's an autopsy that's -- the results of which are expected to be released shortly. that will determine the exact cause and manner of death. expectation is that will be exactly what the virginia state police said they were doing yesterday and attempted murder and suicide. >> we just got the information
11:44 am
in from kristen welker in washington, d.c. who said the office the state inspector general has opened an investigation into events leading to the release of austin deeds at the expiration of the emergency custody order. so this information from the virginia state inspector general's office there. so obviously a lot of questions still left unanswered but a tragedy all around. thank you so much for the latest information. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the execution of a white supremacist serial killer tops our story around the "news nation." joseph franklin was put to death by lethal injection after the supreme court denied him a stay of execution. in the late '70s he targeted blacks and jews on a cross country shooting spree. franklin did n mak a
11:45 am
statement before he was put to death. the u.s. coast guard is searching for two people still missing after a small plane went down off the coast of florida last night. the learjet was carrying four people from ft. lauderdale to mexico. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. our gut check, what do you think about the faa targeting overweight pilots and air traffic controllers over concerns their weight is causing them to lose sleep? be sure to like "news nation" on facebook, your co. your co. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood.
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. a solemn moment, president obama as he laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery. paying tribute to the president
11:49 am
ahead of the 50th anniversary of his death. the kennedy family gathered for the ceremony, including ethel kennedy. president was not the only person killed by lee harvey oswald on that fateful friday in dallas. j.d. tippet joined in the service for oswald and also gunned down. a special bond was formed between the two women who lost their husband that day. we learned much more about their special connection from nbc's tom brokaw what sat down recently with the officer's widow. >> reporter: as a policeman's wife, march retippet knew her husband's job came with a certain amount of danger. but nothing could have prepared her for what happened one friday, 50 years ago. >> it started out as an ordinary day. got the kids off to school, jay went to work. >> reporter: her husband came home for lunch and went back on the streets looking for the
11:50 am
suspect who shot the president. >> they called him and told him a description of the person that he was looking for. re. >> reporter: a few miles from where marie was waiting for him, officer tippet crossed paths with lee harvey oswald. >> police officer is shot. he was driving car number 10. i think he's dead. >> reporter: oswald fired three shots, two to the body one to the head. >> your life crashed around you at that point? >> i couldn't believe it. it was just unreal. >> reporter: we begin this national period of mourning the president and yet in a very personal way, you have to deal with your own grief. was that hard? >> oh, was it ever? yes. he was the other part of me that was just missing.
11:51 am
>> three children without him, it seems almost impossible. >> reporter: as the media storm began to swirl around her, marie tippet found her thoughts going to the one person who could truly understand her ordeal, jacqueline kennedy. >> certainly sympathize with her. >> reporter: the two young widows saw their husbands laid to rest on the same day and somehow in the midst of her grief, first lady found time to write a condolence letter to marie tippet, this never before seen letter was as direct as it was unexpected. dear mrs. tippet, what can i say to you? my husband's death is responsible for you losing your husband. wasn't one life enough to take on that day? i lit a flame for jack at arlington that will burn forever. i consider that it burns for your husband too and so will everyone who ever sees it. with my unexpressible sympathy,
11:52 am
jacqueline kennedy. >> that's the thing that you always want, is somebody who just to understand how you feel. and she did. she recognized that i was suffering too. and isn't that wonderful? that we had a first lady that was so caring for everyone. >> tom brokaw reports the letter from jacqueline kennedy it's legally the property of the kennedy estate. there are things we thought you should know. tomorrow deputy mayor changed the locks on city hall after taking over power from rob ford. several of ford's key staff defected and now working for the deputy mayor. the canadian tv network canceled ford's reality show a day after the premiere. a spokesperson said coordination
11:53 am
didn't show well for the network but the economics of the episode do not look well over the long term. >> michelle obama appeared last night and answered questions from the audience and asked about her biggest fashion regret. >> sometimes i forget i'm the first lady and i'm like, running around in shorts. i know the first time we went on a family vacation, i had shorts on getting off air force one and that created a huge stink. people are like, she's wearing shorts. i thought, we're on vacation. >> i love they have popcorn for the first lady. and former president george w. bush appeared on the tonight show and showed off his painting, his former pet barney, a stray cat he adopted named bob. he then revealed a gift for jay. >> i do take painting seriously, it changed my life. and i brought a painting for
11:54 am
you. >> you did? >> yeah. >> look at that. [ applause ] >> i can't make fun of him now. >> pretty good, actually. time now for the "news nation" gut check. the faa plans to screen overweight pilots about the concern about sleep apnea. all pilots with a body maxin dex of 40 or more or a neck 17 inches or more around, will have to see a specialist and be clear -- trying to advise you'llize that neck size. sleep apnea has sleep implications and almost universal in these individuals. after all overweight pilots are screened, they plan to examine all other pilots and be extended to air traffic controllers. the l t what does your gut tell you?
11:55 am
do you agree with the plan to screen for sleep apnea? go to newsnation.msnbc to cast the vote. yesterday we asked, do you agree with critics that say walmart should be paying employees more? overwhelming 93% said yes, 7% said no. you can always join us on twitter, facebook and instagram and a lot of kind tweets came in for arturo sandoval. and blue martin says, arturo sandoval, awesome, couple of others in here, another that caught my eye saying sandoval was quite a hit at the jazz fest. con grats. medal of freedom. we do read them and i do block them. keep that in mind. i blocked three today. thank you so much for joining ugs. that is it for this edition of
11:56 am
"news nation." we'll see you tomorrow on top of the methodist pastor found guilty for violating church law after he perform d his son's same sex wedding. he's going to join us live tomorrow. "the cycle" is up next. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so ask yourself, what's in your wallet? it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. knock knock. >> who's there sfl. >> stubborn republicans. >> stubborn republicans who? >> who hate obama care but have no alternative but to address the health care crisis. >> knock knock? >> whose there? >> 37%. >> 37% who? >> i don't know, who are the 37%? >> i'm tour'e. knock knock. >> who's there? >> prochoice judicial nominees here. >> i don't know, but you need new ones in the d.c. circuit court. >> whose there? mean girls who hate your mini
12:00 pm
skirt. turns out they are everywhere. ♪ >> we will get to mean girls coming up but first the mean truth. the new cbs poll showing the president's approval at its lowest ever, 37%. a 9-point drop in one month. it is lower than recent polls from nbc, "washington post" or qui quinn pea yak. 31% of americans approve of it, that's a 12-point drop since october and thanks mostly to declining approval among independence and some democrats. still, it's not all bad news for the president's health care law. the poll found only 43% of americans say the aca should be repealed. a larger percent say it needs some