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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 24, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. we're not sitting here pretending that iran will suddenly turnover a new leaf. israel and the united states absolutely share the same goal here. none of this is based on trust. there is no agree that they can enrich. we won't just verify or trust and verify, we'll verify and verify and verify. >> defending the deal. good afternoon. you're watching msnbc. right now secretary of state john kerry is in london hours after reaching that potentially historic deal with iran. but it's not a done deal yet.
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we'll get world reaction and we'll hear from the ranking member of the house foreign relations committee. also ahead, on the road again. president obama leaves tonight for a three day fund-raising trip out west. his approval ratings have been plummeting, but he's on track to become the most prolific second term president in history. how? why? plus, holiday weather. a killer storm is hitting the south before turning north just in time for thanksgiving. we'll be live with the forecast. and going for the green. eager entrepreneurs are poised to cash in on newly relaxed state marijuana laws and it's not who you probably think. but we start, though, with that breakthrough deal reached overnight with iran. here are just a few of the nuts and bolts. iran will be getting initial relief from sanctions, essentially bills of dollars in oil money that had been frozen. in exchange, iran agrees to halt what is called high grade
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urani uranium enrichment. they also cannot install additional centrifuges. those are devices used to enrich uranium. again, this is all a temporary deal. designed to provide a six month window to reach a more comprehensive agreement. i want to go live now to london where john kerry arrived earlier today. also where we find eamon. what has been the reaction like from inside iran to this deal? >> well, the reaction actually has been very positive so par. both from some key indicators including some economic indicators. the iranian currency has improved. more importantly, emotionally, you can see it on the faces of some of the iranians. there were a small group of people celebrating and a lot of the suggestions so far indicate that the iranian people are well
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coming this news perhaps an opportunity for iran to come out of the cold and the heeasing of the economic hardships they have had to endure. that is certainly not the case across the region. some of the countries that have been following this very closely, united arab emirates did welcome the deal, but officials are skeptical. and in saudi arabia and israel, the governments there have been very skeptical about the united states warming up towards iran over the last 1e6several months. >> what is secretary kerry doing in london at this hour? >> he's meeting with the libyan prime minister. they have a lot of issues to discuss, but more importantly, he did meet with the british foreign minister, william hague. they saddressed the media and raised the p 5 plus 1, permanent members of the security council plus germany for the efforts that led to this historic breakthrough and called it a team earffort.
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so certainly an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief that this tense diplomatic situation has now at least for the time being calmed down so to speak. >> over the pond for us. thank you. appreciate it. the deal struck has not been met with universal approval to say the least. israel's prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, wasting no time. >> israel is not bothered by this agreement. we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. we will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> we're fortunate enough to have with us here today martin fletcher. he's been based in the middle east for the better part of three decades now. also here to talk about his new book, jacob's oath, about a
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couple holocaust survivors, a tale of love and revenge set in post-war germany. let's start with the news of the day. in broad terms for john q six pack watching or listening, why is israel so adamantly opposed to this temporary deal? >> the bottom line is that israel fears itself totally threatened by any potential nuclear bomb that iran has. so the deal is all about stopping progress towards a bomb, but not eliminating the possibility that iran could eventually make a bomb. that is like the next step. after six months, that is what is still to be negotiated. so israel is very concerned that once iran is off the hook with the sanctions to a small september, it wi extent, it will be harder to impose the sanctions again. and they feel they are being sold down the river by the united states. >> how practical would it be for israel to act unilaterally now
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to take some sort of action, to do something about iran's nuclear facilitiefacilities? >> there is nothing they can come. they d they can threcan threaten, they raise the flag, but we heard netanyahu saying israel is not bound by the agreement. guess what? news for you. you are bound by the agreement whether you like it or not. is israel really going to go against the united states of america? i don't think so. >> what happens in six months? >> negotiations resume and hopefully from the united states point of view hopefully more serious limits to what iran can do. but the reality is that what will happen is that once iran is off the hook, it will be harder to reimpose sanctions and there will be probably more negotiations which again will reach a final agreement, again they will agree to delay things and talk more.
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so this is basically iran is going to become a threshold nuclear state. i think we all understand that. but it's going to be hfr- >> a threshold nuclear state? >> i think so. that's what israel is warning about. essentially what's happening here, the united states is trying to withdraw from any military commitments in the middle east. going head to head with iran would be some kind of military commitment eventually. so everyone is trying to find a deal they can live with with iran. israel is warning saying we israel, we are the most threatened, we cannot live with it. >> what does this deal tell you about the new iranian regime? >> it says that the new iranian regime is extremely smart, very sophisticated, like the old regime except they haven't been swearing and threatening like ahmadinejad. either eats same leadersh it's the same leadership a moderate face. but i don't want to
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underemphasize the agreement. it's a very important agreement. and if it does serve the bigger purpose of bringing iran eventually back into the community of nations, that's a good thing. ultimately the best thing. >> let's talk about the best. it's called jacob's oath. how was it born? this is your second work of fiction. >> yes. >> how was this born? >> similar to the first. i'm fascinated by that period right after world war ii when the world came to a halt, the war ended. actually, maybe there is a relationship with iran here because what happens the day after if something happened with iran. that's what i'm interested in, the day after 1945. what was it like to be a holocaust survivor the day after. what do you do. how do you get on with the rest of your life. >> how is your experience as a journalist, how has that informed your writing as a novelist? >> it hasn't very much. i mean, it's quite hard.
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so i think i'm able to draw upon the experiences that i had and knowledge that i've built up, but they say the longest journey in the world is from here to here. and it's a tough road, but it's a wonderful experience to write fiction. >> martin fletcher, one of the folks we admire most in this building. always good to see you in the flesh. thank you for coming by. >> thank you. >> and the name of the book? >> jacob's oath. >> you can buy it online or if you see martin on the street, he height give and you copy. as millions of americans get ready to hit the roads and airports for thanksgiving this week, a winter weather system is threaten to go make travel far more difficult. the storm has pounded the west and southwest leaving drivers in cities like albuquerque dealing with icy conditions. there is video we got in from albuquerque. the weather channel's dr. greg po postel is tracking the weather. what can we expect with the
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system between now and turkey day? >> a lot before over the southern plain, we had some snow and ice fall today. we'll see a little bit of a break this afternoon, but then it will come back tomorrow morning before it gets to the east coast on tuesday and wednesday. let's have a look at the satellite picture. i'll show you here is where the main culprit is. still way out over the four corners. so it has a long way to go before it's done. let me forecast the snow and rain over texas and oklahoma beginning tonight and ending early tomorrow morning. we'll see a little bit of a break as i mentioned tonight, but then more rain, snow and ice, the pink shade is ice coming back into maybe dallas. tomorrow morning rush hour there could be a problem. but that is just the beginning because this whole system moves over to the east coast and look here is the time as we go through tuesday and wednesday, low pressure rides up the east coast. it right now looks like that most of the snow if not all of it will be west of eof i-95. inland over the higher elevations, pennsylvania, new york, west virginia.
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but coastal regions look like they might escape with purely rain. but it will cause a lot of travel problems. certainly tuesday and wednesday, delays at the airports will be a big deal. here are some of the snowfall accumulations from? of the models. one of the models, gfs, u.s., brings a lot of the heavy snow keeping it away from the coast. so its like new york, philly, d.c. get off with mostly rain. >> dr. greg postel, thank you. pot of gold. people are rushing into cash in on the states where the new relaxed marijuana laws. but how big is the risk? we'll talk about some pot. also the latest city trying to snuff out e cigarettes indoors and outdoors. the new dodge durango with 8.4 inch uconnect touch screen navigation system. [ gps voice ] who would you like to call? did you, did you hear that? did all of you hear that? [ gps voice ] who would you like to call? there's a woman stuck in there. don't worry, i'll free you. [ gps voice ] i didn't understand that command.
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denver post announced they are looking for a marijuana editor. they have one, they're just looking for him. >> that was of course live having fun with the new pot law. they made headlines for granting the first recreational mayor retail license. pot shops will be opening their doors this january. washington state will follow their lead this spring. the smuf lemove is leading to a so-called green rush. business people from very different backgrounds hoping to make a killing. a former paralegal is the owner of a company that produces cannabis infused soda. an gel is a real estate agent and the owner of the cannabis found days. and molly is a pastry chef who
12:16 pm
develops recipes for recreational and medical use. ladies, good to see all of you. >> thank you. >> hi, thank you. >> an ggel, you've been describ as a poster child for anti-cannabis, mother of seven who grew up with a strong bias against illegal drugs. what led to rethinking your position on pot? >> family circumstances. we had -- in february my husband actually asked me of that year that we first opened if i wanted to open. he thought it would be a good rush. and i said absolutely not. but we had a child, we have one of our daughters who has always had digestive issues who had scholarshiped into college and we discovered that she wasn't taking her medication, she was actually eating marijuana laced cookies to help her appetite. and for the first time i'd ever seen her put on some weight and i asked her, i said, you, that medical sip 00 you're taking from the doctor is working great and she gives me that smirk only mom would pick up.
12:17 pm
and i'm stopping and i realize i haven't -- i didn't buy medicine for her from her prescription for quite a while. and so she owned up, this is what is going on. and i lost it. i mean, i really lost it. and i spent a lot of time researching why this extremely intelligent child should not be doing what she was doing. and frankly, i couldn't find anything. i couldn't find any real substantive answers to say to her don't do in. all i could find was why she should. and so i began the journey of changing my mind. >> 21 states and district of columbia now have laws legalizing marijuana in some shape, for him or fashion. colorado and washington state so far the only states that have made it legal for recreational use. molly, again, you started a pastry business out there. what are some of the other businesses that are starting to
12:18 pm
pop up with regards to pot? >> in seattle, there are quite a variety of different businesses that will be applying for their license for recreational marijuana. but cecilia, for example, is going to be doing sodas and different types of topical creams that will help people where their pain. for me, because i'm a recently graduated from liqueur done blue paris, and i had a daughter who survived stem cell transplants, that i wanted to help people who suffer from immune deficiency disorders and people in pain to help them by being able to create pastries and chocolates that are edibles that will help them through their difficult times. >> has the business community so far there, has it been fairly
12:19 pm
welcoming? >> yes. i am a new transplant to seelgts seattle. people are very welcoming here. and they're very receptive. broad minded and understand that cannabis has benefits for people in pain and medicinal benefits. and that's why i believe the three of us are here. >> and -- i'm sorry. sbl go ahead. >> businesses here, it depends on the businesses you're talking about. if it's a cannabis based industry, we're a very large family. but those who are not quite in the industry who are on that edge, we need so much more precipitation, we need realtors, ba bankers, cpas, just a wide variety. we have staffing issues. we have all the issues that a regular business would have, but we don't have access to a lot of those services. >> cecilia, successful
12:20 pm
entrepreneurs in this country obviously are the ones that take risks. is this too big of a risk? >> depends on what kind of risk you want to take. my business, i started out taking customers from my label company, some of them want their names known, some of them don't. there are ways to work away that. i looked at the customers that i wanted to use to provide my sodas. they were willing to help me out by providing the sodas for me. i'm going to work with other customers in the can that business industry to put in nana's secret soda shop. and companies that didn't want to be involved in the can thnab industry, they just provide me with the greingredients that i need. >> it's not really a secret, is
12:21 pm
it? >> nana high school a nas a new day and you just have to wait up tomorrow to find out what it is today. >> quite the tease. where are we ten years from now? not just necessarily in colorado or washington state. >> well, my hope, and it is my belief, that nationally it is in our best interests to fully legalize cannabis. for people that are suffering, to be able to use it as a medicine to their own benefit with the assistance of a doctor if need be or that people that want to recreate, instead of alcohol, if they would like to enjoy marijuana or cannabis, that they should be able do that. it's certainly a very on many levels very safe, and you do not have the same levels of domestic
12:22 pm
violence with people who consume marijuana or cannabis as you do with problematic consumption of alcohol. i personally prefer to drink a glass of wine myself. but i encourage people that if that is their form of self medication, that it is beneficial. >> cecilia, angel and molly, ladies, keep us posted on what is probably going to be quite the successful business out there in colorado. >> thank you. >> or in washington. >> yes. thank you very much for having us today. >> thank you. chicago is lighting up for the holidays. we should note this story bears no connection to the previous segment. chicago lighting up for the holidays. the magnificent mile lights festival took place this mario the crowd in a massive holiday carol. also quite the big parade, as well. the lights will shine on all
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afghan president karzai is playing hardball, he says he will not sign a crucial u.s. security deal for now. afghanistan's grand council endorsed an agreement that would allow thousands of u.s. troops to operate in that country beyond next year, but karzai won't sign it up he gets more conditions met. here is a quick look at other top news. a report on the deadly shooting at sandy hook elementary will be released tomorrow. the report was expected this summer, but it was pushed back several times. we're told families of the shooting victims have gotten a preview. chicago is the latest city to propose new regulations on e-agreements. a new ordinance would subject them to the smoking ban.
12:27 pm
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today some lawmakers are sxretsing criticism of the deal broke everied to curb iran's nuclear program and some are proposing legislation that would get congress involved. >> i think you'll see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure this is not the final agreement because people know this administration
12:31 pm
is strong on announcements, long on announcements, but very short on follow-through. and i think there is a lot of concern. >> new york's testimony he can congressman elliott engel is the ranking member of the house foreign relations committee. first of all, let's pick up on what senator corker just had to say there. is that what we can expect, bipartisan move on the hill to rein in the administration's deal? >> well, i don't know about a bipartisan deal. i mean, look, there is an agreement for six months. i hope it works. inso som i have some trepidation. they're not required to stop enriching, they're not required to dismantle any of the send friday fu
12:32 pm
send friday futrfriday funlg ac funlgs. through will there is you now 6 six months. >> you you outlined several pieces of trepidation there. sounds as if you have a lot of concerns. >> i do have concerns because iran has been a bad play are all these years and there is some concern that once you start unraveling sanctions, you can put the genie back in the bottle again. that's a big question. but i do think bottom line as the president has said, iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapon. an if this gets us there, then i'm okay with it. i just have my doubts about if this is the right way to get us there. >> how much do you think public perception back home played into the deal that secretary kerry and president obama brokered in
12:33 pm
geneva? >> public per sipgs heception he united states? >> yes. >> i do think it's always better to try to solve the things peacefully and that's what the president and the secretary are trying to do. the only question is has iran had a change of heart which i really doubt, or -- >> if you don't think they have had a change of heart, then why broker a deal in the first place? >> well, look, we know this. we know what's brought iran to the table on the sanctions. and the sanctions were binding. and that is where there is so much trepidation about loosening the sanctions. but if they're monitored carefully and we have a brokered deal, let's just see. at the bottom when it's all said and done, the six months, i want to see the dismantling of the iranian nuclear program. i don't think -- >> but iran has said that's not going to happen. we know they consider their nuclear program -- it's a point of national pride to them. so how realistic is to expect
12:34 pm
that will ever happen? >> they talk about the right to especial enrich, which i don't think they have the the right. but if they have nuclear power, it has to be for peaceful purposes and nobody believes they were not building a bomb. so i think it's one of these things where we have the p 5 plus 1 and there is an agreement and we have to hold their feet to the fire. iran is the leading supporter of ric terrorism around the world. bad flarplayers in syria and mi east. >> you've listed seven or eight reasons why it's a bad deal but you say it's a good deal about that. >> no, i'm saying i have trepidation about the deal. i know what the president wants to do and i hope he gets it there, but i think ronald reagan used to say trust but verify. i don't trust them and i think we have to verify. >> congressman, appreciate your
12:35 pm
candor. that can be somewhat unusual sometimes from folks from d.c. who come into the studio. thank you. >> thank you. back in 2008 when president obama was running for his first term, he told nbc that talks with iran were a priority. take a listen. >> i have consistently said that we've got to talk directly to iran, acceptsend them a clear m that they have to stop not only with their potential funding of militias inside of iraq, but also stop funding hamas and hezbollah, they have to stand down on their nuclear weapons. there will be tipped koncontinu consequences, but here are carrots and poll benefits if they change behavior. >> again president obama roughly five years ago on "meet the press". i want to bring in the brain trust now. esther arma and susan delpersio,
12:36 pm
and perry bacon. he is down in d.c.. good to see all of you on a sunday afternoon. again, president obama there five years ago saying that we should talk to the folks that we don't necessarily always agree with. we should talk to our enemies. and here you have another example, perry, of president obama talking to -- not just talking to an enemy, but engaging now with that enemy, brokering a deal with that enemy. six months from now, is is thth going to be a situation where folks are saying, wow, president obama was really ahead of the curve on this thing or six months from now will the white house have to spin it? >> it depends what happens in the next six months obviously. it really depends on what the results are, how the iranians behave in the next since months, how this is perceived by the u.s. and countries abroad, as well. i do think it goes to the point president obama campaigned in 2007 and 2008 on he wanted to
12:37 pm
have the u.s. involved militarily much less and, two, have other countries involved in whatever the u.s. decided to do when you're talking about iran, north korea and iraq. and this is exactly fitting with his foreign policy. you have not just the u.s., but five other big countries involved in the leadership effort in trying to persuade -- you also basically have another acknowledgement that the u.s. is not intervening militarily in iran. and this is another example of how he approaches foreign policy. >> the president needed a win at this point. his poll numbers have been sagging for several weeks now. is this that win? >> i don't know if you can call it a win. but i think insofar as it reflects his specific commitment that i ddiplomacy was one of thn which he wanted to navigate with what america defines as its enemy, this is an important reflection of that.
12:38 pm
the challenge are iran, even before the deal came out, you had senators coming out and critiquing 9 the ining the deal it knew the details. the diplomatic steps are difficult. we're so addicted to 140 krablgt revolution that when that doesn't happen, fail. >> fail. >> fail. >> instant gratification. we are that society. this is ed royce, he chaired the foreign affairs committee. take lan take a listen. >> you have to hold their feet to the fire on these negotiation. once before they walked away from the agreement and the iaea had an agreement with iran and iran went ahead and built an enriched facility building and lied to the iaea about that.
12:39 pm
>> why not give the deal a chance? >> well, there is really not much of a deal except to say that we want a deal. and that's what these next six months are about. and what's problematic about how we got here and i take a little exception of what perry said earlier, this is not how the president has governed. normally when it comes to a situation, we hear we must hear what the people of the region position, we must have agreement, we must have their input on it. this time we actually set an agreement which in which everyone in the middle east is unhappy with. this is important to pay attention to. there is a reason why they're concerned. when you have saudi arabia and israel agreeing, there is a problem there. and when the only people who are really happy about this, quote, agreement is iran, we have to be especially skeptical of that. >> that's problematic because to argue that everybody in the middle east is unhappy, that's just not a reflection of the facts. because the reality is
12:40 pm
historically back in 2003, iran came to the george w. bush administration -- >> excuse me, i was saying that had the president -- >> let me finish. when iran came to the bush administration back in 2003 and wanted to speak about the nuclear program, the bush administration says no deal, because they believed the regime was weak and sanctions were literally killing them. which they were killing the people economically in so many different ways. and so no deal was done. at that point, they had something like 194 accept friday funlg send friday fumgs. today they have 19,000. john kerry has been very clear. this is not a deal about trust. it's about recognizing that the way we have been working is not working for where the country wants to move. how do you shift that. >> last word here. >> i was saying what's interesting is that the president this time deciding not to have the direct input from people in the region because they were not going to accept
12:41 pm
it. now going forward, yes, there is a deal to go forward in six months and people like you heard congressman engel very concerned on the democratic side, republicans very concerned, too. yes, you trust but verify, verify, verify. but there is not a high level of expectation that this is going to be a working partnership 37. >> we'll take a quick break. when we come back, we'll talk about something completely different. president obama out west today for a three day fund-raising swing. on the other side of this break, we'll tell you something you probably did not know about the shear amount of money that president obama has been able to haul in decembspite sagging pol numbers. i'm beth...
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or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. so don't wait. attack the flu virus at its source. ask your doctor about tamiflu, prescription for flu. gives you the ultimate in fresh breath. so you have the courage to jump in, go in for the hug, or make sparks fly. it's the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope with the cleaning power of crest. crest + scope. life opens up when you do. president obama boarding marine 1 as he departs for his west coast swing. we're back with the pain trust.
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brain trust. esther, will let me start with you. president obama on his way to seattle. he will spend a few days out west. he'll spend two days in california. doing something he's been doing a lot of, raise money. the guardian newspaper has been tracking his fund raising activities and it found president obama is estimated to have raised up to $40 million for other democrats since his inauguration in january. that's pretty staggering. and we'll compare to some of his predecessors in a second. how is it that this president has been able to haul in that kind of money and people don't seem to like him as much as they used to? >> because it's the difference between who shows up for the polls and who is actually giving the money. there is an ocean between those
12:46 pm
two. and i think the thing that is important a s. this we're talkit a president who the democrats are gearing up for the major fight in november 2014. such a big issue. they want to retake the house. >> and this is what the president has been saying in a lot of the fund-raisers, too, that this is not about me, this is about trying to at that time house. perry, what -- i want to so pnt viewers this graph. the president has attended 30 fund-raisers so far in 2013. more than twice that of his two term predecessors. you look at bush and clinton and reagan, and president obama far exceeds that. and here is a guy who has said i don't really like asking people for money, i don't like glad
12:47 pm
handing as much as some of the other previous presentidents. what does this tell you about the president? >> it tells me two things. first is he really is focused -- you you talk about if the democrats win back the house in 2014 and keep the senate, he can govern in a much different way. he can push for immigration reform, he can get a lot of things done. so if fund-raising which i know he said he isn't enjoy allows him to xwofrn the next two years more than he has the next two years, it is surely worth to do so. it also might tell us about the personal appeal of president obama. he's having a if you said raiser next weekend at magic johnson's house. that tells me there are probably a lot of donorsyou said raiser next weekend at magic johnson's house. that tells me there are probably a lot of donors who want to go because they get to meet president obama and magic johnson in a small setting. so president obama is still a lure and people still want to meet him and that helps bring in
12:48 pm
money for the party. so if you're the party, you want to send a popular figure like michelle and president obama are still popular among the high donor class and that helps bring in money for the party. >> the president is not up for re-election and we all know how difficult it can be for an inconsume went president to raise money when there is not an election to rally donors around. when you look at that graphic we just had up, how is it that democrats are able to in their second terms outraise their republican counter parts by so much? >> i'm not -- i can't tell you exactly what the formula is right now, but -- >> we just want to you sp speculate. >> this is also how he chooses to break bread with democrats.y speculate. >> this is also how he chooses to break bread with democrats. he sgpt doesn't do the schmoozi the hill, but he does raise
12:49 pm
money. the fund raisers he's going to today, tomorrow, are all people who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars for his last campaign. so when asked to do this, of course they will. and i don't find that surprising at all. and i think people on the republican side should be very careful how much they criticize this president because when the shoe is on the other foot, they will have to remember that. >> i think it's also a question about the personal versus political. the president's personal appeal is still major even though the political party element is really problematic. >> but it's personal. >> i may hate your website, but i'd still love to have a beer with you. >> he has to view this heavy happened up front because as obama care and other issue, whether syria or iran come up in the upcoming months, he needs to bank that money now. >> we talk about that here. we talk about it ad nauseum. perry, when the president goes to magic johnson's house, folks
12:50 pm
who are writing the $25,000 checks and $30,000, are they saying, hey, mr. president, here is some money but i want to talk to you about your website? or is it just a love you're not criticizing him about a website. >> craig, i've been to some of these fundraisers with the president. the reporters are often put in a garage or somewhere else. i don't know what's happening in the room to be honest. they're not giving us transcripts of those meetings. my understanding is there are not a lot of people in politics who regularly come up to the president, get in his face and say, i hate your website. they tell kathleen sebelius that. >> for the democratic congressional committee, yes, they do want to be in front of those people. it is noticed that they aren't giving to the congressional committee. the president, in fact, is the only draw here. >> a quick break. when we come back, what should president obama be thankful for at this thanksgiving? we're going to ask the brain trust right after this. populatin is going to grow by over 90 million people,
12:51 pm
and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and then really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitalization of urban america to other cities. so we are now working in chicago and in washington, dc and newark. it's amazing how important safe, affordable housing is to the future of our society.
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12:54 pm
and the brain trust is back. we want on't introduce all of t again. it takes too much time. you know them. many americans including president obama will sit down thursday to enjoy a hearty thanksgiving dinner. football, perhaps. maybe wine, beer, whatever you people do on thanksgiving. no one's here to judge you. it's been an up and down few weeks for the president. that's undeniable. we asked the brain trust, what does president obama have to be thankful for? i'll start with perry bacon in washington, d.c. what's the good word? >> what i said was the democratic governors help obama care. i mean that in two ways. the health care law, data coming out about them, what you're seeing more and more is the states with democratic governor to enroll people and make the program work. there was data last month that shows more people enrolled in plans in kentucky than in texas. that's important. texas is a huge state.
12:55 pm
kentucky is a very small one. kentucky's governor is really helping like the governor of arkansas, california, versus texas and other states really trying to stop the law from working. that's a huge impact. democratic governors making obama care look better than otherwise would. >> it's going to be interesting also to see what that might mean for that senate race in kentucky as well. if you've got a health care system that's working, how can mitch mcconnell say, you know what? this health care operation is awful. perry, thank you so much. we also got to get you to send a new picture in to us as well. you look really sad for some reason. >> thanks, craig. >> susan, what should president obama -- >> i'm thankful i don't have his -- >> oh, that's mean. >> i don't think the president's had many ups, as you described. it's mostly been downs. i think the president is thankful he's not up for
12:56 pm
re-election this year. >> that's cheap. >> i can't remember my picture. >> can we pull it up? do we have it? president obama should be thankful for the real deal. he did in 2013 what push did not do in 2003. talk to iran. >> the militarization of iran diplomacy. the fact we're on the path that's about doing the really hard work of negotiating with enemies. there's no diplomacy that doesn't come without risk. it's always a challenge. i respect his choice he is tried that. >> you know, i'm just kidding around with you. >> no, he's not. >> can we put the picture up one more time? >> oh, well. >> i love you. and i love you as well. thank you so much for being with us on a sunday afternoon. we'll see you back here next
12:57 pm
weekend 2:00 eastern. right now, though, karen finney. she doesn't take bad pictures. "disrupt" up next. ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day.
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hello, disrupters. i'm karen tfinney. no doubt in the week ahead we'll see more proof that even when the president and the administration lead a process for a nuclear free iran, it just ain't good enough for the gop. >> speaking of game changers, disrupters. >> a major diplomatic breakthrough. >> we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >> this is the first diplomatic breakthrough with iran. >> we caught off iran's most likely path to a bomb. >> i think it's a huge deal in the middle east. >> israel will be safer. the region will be safer. >> this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> this interim deal is a good deal. >> that strikes me as ari