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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 26, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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to remember her bravery rather than learn more about her killer. >> i'm proud of my daughter, that she stood there in front of 15 little kids and took the bullets. that is amazing. i'm very proud of her. >> joining me now is democratic congressman jim himes of connecticut. good morning. >> good morning. >> this report is painting the picture of a severely disturbed young man. it states as he got older, the conditions seem to get worse and he became more of a loner, yet this report also shows that his mom was planning to buy him a pistol for christmas that year. what's your takeaway from the access that we're now learning from this report? >> well, you're right, it is a very disturbing report to read, to relive those moments that i think all of us remember and get such specificity and detail. yeah, the report in many
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respects raises as many questions as it answers. of course the chief question is how in god's name does a kid who was obviously disturbed, who had all kinds of trouble, community and certainly his family knew how alienated and isolated this kid is, how is it that his mother is at such a loss to deal with him and yes, how in the world would somebody who suspected their kid of having all kinds of trouble, you know, get into having all those firearms around that ultimately cost her her life and so many people in newtown that day, their lives. this is a report that raises all the questions we had a year ago and it starts with what could family and friends have done differently. is the mental health system what it should be in order to prevent this sort of thing? and of course questions that need to be faced by people like me and people in state houses around this country, which is have we done enough. since we know we're never going to catch every individual with a violent intent, have we done enough to make it difficult for those individuals to come buy firearms with which they can obviously do the kind of
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horrific stuff that they unfortunately all too often do. >> you know, we're seeing so many images bringing back reminders of what happened that day. the report including this picture of the front entrance of sandy hook elementary with shattered glass. there's been a lot of criticism surrounding the release of this report because many feld the families' pain superceded the public's right to know. do you think this report is along the lines of trying to make sure that is answered properly? >> well, this report is useful in a couple of respects. you read the report and it's almost like reliving that day. it reminds us all at a time when after a year the pain certainly for those of us who weren't directly involved, never for the families, never for the people of newtown, but the pain begins to fade a little bit and it's a useful way to recommit yourself and asking those questions around gun safety and the mental health care system. but the fact is in schools around this country, i visited a
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lot of schools, in fact principals and others have taken measures to reduce the probability of an event like this. of course the state of connecticut, the state of new jersey tightened up their gun safety regulations but representing as i do my people at the federal level an awful lot more we can do at the federal level starting with very basic common sensethings like background checks to make sure people who have a history of violence or mental problems don't buy weaponry. >> is there an appetite for gun reform on the national level. >> despite 90% support amongst the american public, the idea of universal background check died in the united states senate. this is a senate that got things like comprehensive immigration reform done with 78 votes, they got an employer nondiscrimination bill done. it's a senate that can get things done. it's a demonstration of how hard it is to move forward at the federal level with gun safety
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that something as common sense that is supported by most nra members, that is to say universal background checks can't get out of the united states senate. forget about the house of the representatives where i serve, it couldn't get out of the united states senate. >> sir, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in dr. gail saltz of new york presbyterian hospital. it's great to have you here. obviously lanza had some significant mental health issues. he stayed in his room for the last three months of his life. the trash bags that were covering his window. we see the access to the internet that he had with shootings, mass shootings and material on there, communicating only with his mother via e-mail. and he had been on medications and therapies, or therapies had been recommended but they were thwarted in terms of the fact that he would not give into it. at what point should a medical professional or should we as a society say there should be some type of forced intervention? >> i think this is the problem. we have this disconnect between
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civil liberties, that everybody is entitled to and wants to have, and where we step in and say we're essentially taking your rights away, because he was over 18. and i think what's difficult is the only person who probably knew at some level how bad things were getting was the mother. and the problem is when you have a parent with a child in this very, very connected relationship and it goes on -- or i should say it devolves over time, sometimes it's hard for that parent to see how bad things have gotten and to say, you know, this is -- in other words, she kept making the house more and more, let's say, suitable for him as opposed to saying, you know, this is -- something is terribly wrong and i'm not able to get him to go for treatment, so i have to -- let's say i have to call the police and say i'm concerned. you know, my son has access to guns, he's playing these sorts of games. i don't think he has capacity. i think we need to bring him in. >> but the weird conflict of that is the access to guns that this woman was providing him. i don't want to victimize the
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victim here because nancy lanza lost her life because of this, a parent being at a loss and dealing with a difficult problem of raising a child who has severe mental issues. so the only thing that can be, i guess, gleaned from this is trying to help other parents out there that may not recognize what's going on with their children. >> i think she probably loved him the best she could and this is the challenge for a parent with a child who has severe mental illness. but let me say that i think we have to really raise awareness, even if you don't want to talk about gun control, we have to raise awareness of having guns available to somebody who could have mental illness and also violent video games. access to, because that was part of the report. i mean it's amazing to me, to be honest, that there is a violent video game that basically where you shoot children in a school. that's incredible. but let's say if you have a child who has issues, you need to know if they're playing these kinds of games. you need to restrict their
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access to this. and we need to deglorify the violence that is around people who have mental illness, because to some degree it may feel like their only recourse to making an impact, let's say, in the world and that is where it becomes very dangerous. >> we have to have honest conversations about mental illness and lift the stigma from it, that it's okay to get help. >> okay to get help and we have to also remove violent material from people who do. >> dr. gail saltz, great to have you here, we appreciate your time. we move on now to our other big story of the day, this developing story. a killer storm making its way across the country threatening holiday travel plans for millions of americans who are about to hit the road or take to the skies. >> the roads here are very, very bad. i just about got in a car accident riot here because it's -- you can't stop. >> the best part about flying is we're not driving. >> i think leaving early just takes a little bit of the pressure off. >> so this powerful system that's already wreaked havoc out west plans to dump heavy rain,
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sleet and snow over much of the eastern seaboard. and the worst of it could come tomorrow, the busiest travel day of the year. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live from the nation's busiest airport, hartsfield jackson international located in atlanta. gabe joins us with more on this deadly weather. gabe, i understand it is cold and raining already. >> reporter: that's right, thomas, it is very cold and raining, but the good news so far, at least it hasn't been as big of a problem as it has been the last couple of days for drivers in other parts of the country. as you can see by my breath it is chilly, about 36 degrees, but there's really no ice to speak of. it's just a lot of cold rain at this point. this is the world's busiest airport. about 63 million passengers come by here every year, so it's very critical to watch. so far we are not experiencing any major delays at this point, no cancellations to speak of. but if you take a look at, a misery match, this is a handy, interactive
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tool, take a look at you plan your holiday travel. atlanta hartsfield has a little red. we're also monitoring airports in charlotte and the airports in washington, new york and boston as this storm system moves east into the northeast, it's expected to bring more snow. so as you said, thomas, over the next day or so, that could impact holiday travel. yesterday there were about 1,000 or so cancellations at dfw. no such cancellations to speak of. the weather is not expected to affect the dallas area today. but again, back here in atlanta, we are closely monitoring the departure board to see if these delays rack up. right now just minor delays here, no minor cancellations. things are going smoothly, but that could change as the storm system moves into the northeast, thomas. >> good to know because the ripple effect, it doesn't take too much to send a severe kink into the system across the country. gabe gutierrez in atlanta for us. nice to see you, thank you, sir. i want to go to maria la
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rosa at the weather channel tracking this storm system for us. maria, explain what we can expect in terms of how this storm is going to vary state to state. >> it's amazing, thomas. it's more like what can't we expect. it has everything and we're talking about the severe side as well, including a tornado reported earlier today in florida. we have another tornado warning just to quickly touch on that out for another few minutes, but the ingredients are there to see those rotating thunderstorms. right now it's also ice that we're concerned about at the higher elevations of the appalachians, including roanoke. those that have yet to see the roughest weather, parts of the northeast. it is on its way. the ingredients as i mentioned there, this is a big storm, lots of moisture associated with it. you have the cold air coming in for tomorrow. that's actually going to be producing a lot of snow for the interior and northeast and that's another facet to this amazing storm. but for today, yeah, absolutely travel from atlanta to
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charlotte, 95, 85, 75, all those major interstates, 81 as well. you get in through tomorrow, we could see in some of these areas, western p.a., western new york as much as a foot and a half of snowfall. new york state throughway, i-80, all of those interstates impacted for travel so this is a big heads up for folks who may be heading westbound out of the east coast. i-95 is going to be all rain but we are expecting winds here on wednesday to be anywhere from 40 to 50, maybe as high as 60 miles per hour, so there too you have a weather-related delays possible in the northeast. >> all right, maria, thanks so much. you talk about winds right there and i want to pass this along. from macy's pr concerning winds here in new york city for the thanksgiving day parade, they're saying that whether or not the giant balloons will join the lineup will be actually made in realtime weather data, not the forecast. so they are closely monitoring the weather. based on the city's guidelines, no giant character balloons will be operated when there are
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sustained wind conditions exceeding 25 miles per hour and wind gusts competing 35 miles per hour. it is too early at this point in time to make a determination about the giant balloons but will make a decision thanksgiving morning. keep your fingers crossed that the winds won't be too high on thanksgiving morning. so four adults, including a school superintendent and two coaches now indicted by a grand jury in ohio. how authorities say these adults failed to act on behalf of a teen victim of rape. also ahead this hour, this story. >> i need your help. there are thousands of people -- >> that's exactly what we're talking about. >> every single day. mr. president, ploease -- >> president obama heckled but this protester wanted to know why the president doesn't use executive power to make immigration reform happen. this topic also leads to our big question, do you think that immigration reform will happen
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in president obama's second term, even if it's in a piecemeal way? weigh in, send us your thoughts via twitter or facebook.
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comprehensive immigration reform at the same time. you have a power to stop deportation for all. >> actually i don't, and that's why we're here. >> i need your help. stop deportation. stop deportation. >> thank you. what i'd like to do. >> no, no, don't worry about it, guys. okay, let me finish. how about -- these guys don't need to go. let me finish. no, no, no. he can stay there. let me -- hold on a second. >> that was president obama responding to hecklers during yesterday's speech about immigration reform in san francisco. before he was interrupted, the president said that he believes house speaker john boehner is sincere and genuinely wants to get immigration reform done. earlier this month speaker boehner committed to moving forward on reform, but he didn't say when. >> the idea that we're going to
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take up a 1300-page bill that no one had ever read, which is what the senate did, is not going to happen in the house. i want us to deal with this issue, but i want to deal with it in a common accepts step-by-step way. >> on that same day boehner's breakfast was interrupted by young immigration advocates. this was his response to one child's story of her father's potential deportation. >> i'm trying to find somebody to get this thing done. you know, it's not easy. it's not going to be an easy path forward but i've made it clear since the day after the election it's time to get this done. >> so we can count on your vote for immigration reform. >> i'll try to find a way to move the bill forward. >> still, organizers like united we dream are not letting up. the group led a candlelight vigil outside boehner's house in d.c. last week and spend to keep up the pressure. joining me now is maria fernanda
8:19 am
cabello. good to have you here. let's start about the thanksgiving vigil that you all had last week. did you receive any response from speaker boehner? >> united we dream, we had over 200 dreamers and parents outside of his house. we set up an empty thanksgiving table with empty chairs to remind him of the families that will be separated this upcoming thursday. we didn't receive a response from him directly. we know that 20 minutes after we left, he left his house so he definitely knew we were there. he was just waiting for us to leave. but there was an article that came out the day after kind of going back on the words that he told the two younger girls saying that immigration reform is a priority. >> you guys are keeping up the pressure and you have a lot of wind at your backs because according to the pew research center there are 12 million undocumented immigrants in this country. more than 400,000 people were deported last year alone. meanwhile a new poll shows a whopping 63% of americans approve of creating a path to
8:20 am
citizenship and last night the president said speaker boehner's sincerity in getting this done is something that we should all be thankful for. i know you said that you feel as if the speaker is going back on the authenticity of the statements that he's made. do you think that the speaker really doesn't want to see something move forward and creating immigration reform in this country or do you think that the president has a better insight, who genuinely believes that boehner does? >> i think that we need to keep putting up the pressure and we need to continue to escalate. every day there's 1100 families that are being separated. under president obama's terms, he's deported more than two million people, more than ever before. so they both need to show leadership and pass immigration reform. >> when we look at where we are with immigration reform and the attention that people like yourself are trying to get, you do have the white house on your side. we have vice president biden who stopped by to visit a group that's been camped out on the
8:21 am
national mall in d.c. for the past two yeweeks. they're fasting in protest. the vice president offered these words of encouragement. >> thanks for what you're doing. we are going to win this. >> we are going win this. >> my father would say come hell or high water. thank you. >> he is saying we're going to win this. maria, with immigration reform looking increasingly like a project for next year, what does your organization have in the pipeline? what do you have planned? >> we're definitely going to continue pushing and escalating. obama does have the power to stop the separation of our families. we have the votes in the house, speaker boehner just needs to put the bill on the floor. and as long as there are 1100 families being separated every day, as long as my mom and my dad drive with the fear that they might be separated from me because they don't have a driver's license, we're going to continue pushing and acting. >> maria, don't you support more seeing a democratic legislative process happening as opposed to
8:22 am
executive order that then bastardizes immigration reform in this country if it's not done through democratic channels? >> i think for us this is more than a political process, this is about our lives and about our families. and when congress wasn't able to drakt on t act on the dream act, we have opportunity to get a work permit so if congress will not act on immigration reform, it's already been a year, then it is time for president obama to take action. >> maria fernanda cabello of the united we dream organization. great to have you on. thanks for your insights. again, this is also the topic of our big question for you today. do you think that immigration reform will happen in president obama's second term? even if it is in a piecemeal approach? weigh in via twitter or facebook. a new jersey waitress says that she was stiffed a tip because she's gay, but the family claiming to be the one that she served is now disputing her allegations. >> i said, oh, my god, they have -- she's doctored up our check.
8:23 am
>> coming up, more from that family and how the waitress is responding to their version of events. also ahead, why the beasty boys are fighting back against a new ad that parodies their song "girls," an ad that promotes interest in engineering among young women. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good.
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demands which would jeopardize an agreement that would keep a small number of troops in the country in exchange for billions in u.s. aid. nearly a dozen former nhl players have filed a lawsuit against the nhl alleging they haven't done enough to protect players from concussions. the claim states that the nhl purposely concealed the risks of brain injury and exposed players to unnecessary dangers that they could have avoided. alarming news today for women who use some versions of the morning-after pill. the european manufacturer of norvello says its product is not effective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds. now the fda is investigating whether some morning-after pills need a label change. '80s rap group the beastie boys has a beef with the toy company that uses its song in a video that's gone viral. they wrote a letter saying they don't permit their songs being used in product ads. incidentally, the san
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[ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is. we're following some developing news off the coast of the bahamas where the coast guard is trying to rescue 100 haitians off the hull of a capsized ship. these incredible photos sent in from the u.s. coast guard out of clearwater. these people were stranded when the freighter grounded and capsized. ten people were killed in the accident. the coast guard is saying this is an ongoing operation and calling this a mass rescue. look at that. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. more developing news, the supreme court may decide as early as today whether to hear another challenge to the affordable care act. at issue a lawsuit from hobby lobby stores, the oklahoma-based business is fighting the birth
8:32 am
control requirement saying the mandate is a violation of religious freedom. joining me now from washington, nbc justice correspondent pete williams. pete, explain what happens if the court does decide to take this up. >> reporter: then it will decide a question that it never decided before, which is does a corporation, does a company have religious freedom. the lower courts are divided on this. the main case we've all been watching has been brought by a company called hobby lobby. it has arts and crafts stores nationwide owned by a religious family in oklahoma which believes it would violate the religious freedom of the owners if they were required to provide birth control they considered tantamount to abortion. certainly individuals have religious freedom, but does a company have religious freedom? the lower courts have said in other cases, similar cases, for example, a men night woodworking company in pennsylvania, that corporations do not have religious freedom. if the court says that companies do, then obviously it would have implications for this
8:33 am
contraceptive mandate in obama care but it might have broader implications as well that companies could say, well, we're not going to follow other federal laws like who we serve, for example, because that would violate our religious freedom as well. so it's an interesting question for a lot of reasons, thomas. >> pete williams, sir, thank you, pete. appreciate it. >> reporter: okay. after accusations of a rape case cover-up got the attention of a group, four adults are charged in steubenville, ohio, and that includes the school district's highest official. the state's attorney general announcing these indictments yesterday, following the conclusion of a special grand jury. school superintendent michael mcvey faces the more serious charged including tampering with evidence an obstructing justice. when officials attempted to investigate the rape of a drunk 16-year-old girl by two high school football players. the remaining school officials face misdemeanor charges. the attorney general summed up why the indictments of these four adults really matter. >> it is up to the adults, it is
8:34 am
up to the adults to intervene. it's up to the adults to change things. it's up to the adults to set boundaries. it's up to the adults to teach the kids right from wrong. >> these indictments follow the rape convictions of two football players in march. wendy murphy is a former prosecutor and professor of sexual violence law at new england boston. wendy, it's good to have you here. obviously this was a stunner of a press conferences that happened yesterday where the attorney general said he was going to get to the bottom of this. now he is with these indictments coming to light. but what do you make of the fact that they are looking at this from a real cover-up and corruption standpoint and a take no prisoners standpoint when it comes to the school officials? >> you know, let me put it very simply. i prepared a little sign. can you see what that says? >> dewine for president there. we know where your endorsement
8:35 am
is going. >> that's how much excitement i felt yesterday. and it's not that i'm celebrating the prosecution of any person, it's that it has been a very long and tough battle to get the adults responsible for protecting children, especially in a school environment, from sexual assault. the numbers are huge. like one in four girls reports being physically or sexually assaulted during her high school years, and, you know, time and again the reason victims don't report or there's no justice can be tied to something an adult responsible for the behavior of the offenders didn't do. i mean an adult in a school-based environment not only should, because it's a morally good thing to do, but must as a matter of law, must intervene and report and punish and pursue and do something. this is going to send an incredibly powerful mess annual, not only to high school
8:36 am
principals and superintendents and those responsible at the lower levels, at the high school levels, but universities where sexual assault is also really a very big epidemic. how about university presidents saying, oh, man, the superintendent got indicted? i think we better take another look at what we're doing wrong. i love that this happened. >> well, we want to hope that our adults in school situations have the moral compass necessary to be able to handle these situations. these sexual assaults will happen but how they're handled when they're brought to the attention of those in power is really what's the crux of this situation. many people have made comparisons to penn state and the scandal there because of the abuse and then the massive cover-up there, adults trying to protect themselves and the sake of the community, also the football team's reputation. this is to a much lesser extent, but still you can see where the comparisons are being made. but i want to play what the attorney general dewine had to say during this interview this morning about the adults who were charged.
8:37 am
take a look. >> we had adults who were frankly more worried about protecting an institution or worried about protecting some kids and they were not concerned about the victim. that's really what this is about, a failure to protect the victim. >> there's so much of that that goes on and we see instances and you bring up how many women in this country, young girls who are the victims of this type of crime. but a lot of them don't come forward so these numbers could be a lot higher because they're embarrassed or afraid. what kind of shot across the bow do you think this sends to these school districts, those places of higher learning who are watching what's happening in steubenville? >> let me just say there are a lot of interesting conversations taking place in high schools across this country at the level of superintendent and all the way down. make no mistake about it. this is unprecedented as far as i can tell at the high school level. and once it happens once, the good news is it opens up that
8:38 am
possibility for another d.a. to do it in another state, in another county in the future. there's no guarantee now that this is somehow never going to happen because it hasn't happened before. that's the good news. you know, almost 50% of rape victims in this country are under age 18. a lot of bad behavior goes on at the high school level. there's no doubt we need to do more, encourage reporting, punish, prosecute, it sends the strongest message. >> wendy murphy, great to have you on. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, okay? >> and to you too. >> thank you so much. has anything like this ever happened to you before? >> no, never. this was the first time and hopefully the last. >> how did it make you feel? >> i was hurt. i was offended, but mostly hurt. i didn't think this would ever happen, especially now that it's 2013. i thought this was over with. >> so that's a portion of my interview with new jersey waitress dana morales who said that she did not -- that she did
8:39 am
not receive a tip because she's a lesbian. now, after morales posted the receipt on facebook, this story blew up on social media sites, the sympathy and cash that came pouring in for this young waitress. but now the family that says she served them is disputing her claims about the message left on the dinner receipt. with more on that, msnbc's tamron hall. >> reporter: it was a story that made national headlines. waitress dana morales claims a new jersey family denied her a tip earlier this month, crossing out the tip amount space and writing instead i'm sorry but i cannot tip because i do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life. now a couple who claims that was their bill says they did not write that message and they did leave a tip. wnbc interviewed the couple who asked that their faces not be shown. they say their customer copy of the check proves morales' version of the story doesn't add up. >> 100% you know that's your check? >> yeah, i can actually tell it's my name under the fuzzed
8:40 am
out name. >> according to with thenbc, both copies of the check have the same date and time stamp, but the totals are different. the couple says they left an $18 tip and even provide wnbc with their credit card statement showing those charges. but morales is sticking with her story. >> they just said it's possible you made this up because this isn't their handwriting and this isn't how they left the check. >> that's not my handwriting. i don't know. again, i don't know. >> there's going to be more coming from this story. that was msnbc nation host tamron hall reporting. dana morales told me she is getting most of the donations she received to the wounded warrior project. now, that was when we conducted the interview. for its part, though, gallup restaurant has opened an internal investigation and morales does remain an employee there. we hope to keep an open dialogue with dana and will bring you more of that story when we learn new facts about it. today's producer's pick comes to us from our executive producer. the man behind hollywood hits
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o0 c1  ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. so is obama care turning the corner? the "washington post" reporting that consumer advocates say it's becoming easier for people to sign up and that workers helping people have noticed the site has been running better over the past two weeks but has the damage already been done? sabrina siddiqui is with the
8:45 am
huffington post. sabrina, the president is once again on the road. he's visiting dream works where he's going to speak about the economy and the national journal has two different articles up today. one is titled "a better obama care won't save obama" and then "can obama recover, he did already." so which one are you leaning towards? is it more the latter of those headlines? >> yes, i'm leaning toward the latter because as we know, especially with the beltway media, they like to pick winners and losers. understandably the president was criticized for the botched rollout of the health care law but it's simply too soon to say this has effectively tarnished his legacy and that he can't recover from this. we have already had that conversation several times this year alone, when they failed to pass background checks in congress, there was a "new york times" piece that said this is the beginning of the end of the obama legacy. we also had similar conversation around controversies over the irs, of course the administration's response to
8:46 am
syria, the revised focus on benghazi and i think you often see that, especially with the national media and how it covers these issues. the political repercussions of obama care a lot more severe because it is a signature policy achievement, but it's just far too soon to make a declaration like that and say that his legacy will never recover, even as the law starts working and as you see improvements with the website, which we already are seeing. >> it's such a heavy lift when we go and look at this from engaging the entire social contract that we have in the country on health care. it's a marathon, not a sprint. tim, politico says barack obama has bungled so badly that he's told senior aides to not even try to pin positive coverage from the press. they have tried to hit the highest concentration of the uninsured. do you think that's the best way to go, all politics being local? >> i think it would be helpful for all of us if we stopped thinking of obama care as a
8:47 am
political scorecard for president obama and started thinking of it as a service. there's a limited amount of time that the uninsured have to sign up for obama care. they are not being given very good information. i must say the press is severely at fault here. i looked at a bunch of newspapers the other day and i found that "the new york times" has published the url for the new york exchange exactly twice, both before october 1st. "the washington post" had published it four times, also before october 1st. the "l.a. times" has published its local exchange url only once. you know, the press is really not providing some basic consumer information that people are going to need in order to avoid paying a penalty. >> but when it comes to, tim, it's not the media's fault that the website doesn't work. >> of course not.
8:48 am
>> it's not the media's fault that republican governors have been obstructionists in states to set up their health care exchanges. it really can't be the media's fault in terms of -- >> the media is not terribly interested in providing much guidance to people who want to sign up through >> most people are going on and trying to sign up for themselves and bringing casts of characters that will do it on television for them. basically unless we go into individuals' homes and sign them up ourselves, how are we supposed to help people any more than we already have? >> let me give you an example. it's hard to do on tv, i have to say. it's easier to do in the print press. frank lawley, a former editor of "money" magazine had an advice column in parade magazine, an online advice column. terrific kael helpful. they only ran it during the month of october, they pulled the plug on it. about three-quarters of what i know about the ins and outs of signing up for obama care, i learned from that column.
8:49 am
>> sabrina, is time on the side of the administration side, just a lay and wait approach to this? >> i think they have certainly had a very rough couple of months but we are seeing improvements with the website. their primary challenge now is going to be getting people to sign up for it. there are a lot of people who avoided the website altogether when they heard about the mess. they really have to reach out to younger people as well and they are holding a youth forum next week to try to educate people on the process an encourage them to seen up. that's a sign that they know internally too that the website is improving because they had held back on those kinds of outreach activities when the website wasn't working. so i think that time will slowly be on their side, assuming that things go as planned. we're coming up to that november 30th deadline for to be functioning as best as it could, so hopefully i think they'll try to focus now on outreach activities andy sure people sign up for the exchanges. >> sabrina, timothy, guys, great to see you. happy thanksgiving to you. you can find more from our panel on our website, thomas
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breaking news just in from washington, d.c. the supreme court will take up that case pete williams was just telling us about, this challenge, a new challenge, to the affordable care act. the oklahoma-based business
8:54 am
hobby lobby says the birth control mandate violates its right to religious freedom. pete williams will have more coming up live at the top of the next hour. the supreme court just deciding to take up the case that the group hobby lobby was bringing forward. well, the tide may be turning for disgraced congressman trey radel. three party leaders want him to consider stepping down after pleading guilt whyy to buying cocaine in a police ring. strongly recommending radeh reflect on his recovery and ability to remain effective. radel is currently in rehab on leave of absence. as you plan your thanksgiving feast, check out these turkeys. caramel and popcorn are living large before one of them is pardoned by president obama at the white house tomorrow afternoon. now the white house wants you to vote on twitter and face back to decide which one gets to live, even providing samples of their gobbles to help you decide.
8:55 am
we'll play caramel first and then popcorn's gobble. take a list en. save my life, kill popcorn. no, save my life. kill caramel. former vice president al gore will likely be feasting on tofurkey. according to "the washington post" an unnamed source close to gore confirms the revelation made in a recent "forbes" article. no word whether bielecki will be giving tips about giving up beef and poultry. a smile on miley cyrus and her cat. >> we have a big deal, nuclear deal with iran. they made some kind of an agreement, they will give up their enrichment program and -- but something is not right at
8:56 am
the white house. did you see the president? >> no. >> i think it's the wear and tear of the office. president obama is announcing the big nuclear agreement with iran. something is not right. >> okay. >> take a look at this and then we'll talk about it. >> diplomacy opened up a new path for the world, a future in which you can verify that iran's nuclear program. >> he has a giant cat there. >> that cat is everywhere. that's going to wrap things up for me. alex wagner is up next. who would you vote for, caramel or popcorn? either of those gobbles? >> i'm going to go with popcorn. >> that's who had i would pick. >> i've given it a lot of thought. >> have a great show. we're following breaking news here. the supreme court has just decided to take up the latest challenge to obama care. does it infringe on the freedom of religion, plus, while shoppers crowd into stores on black friday, some workers will be walking out. we're going to speak with one walmart employee starting to
8:57 am
protest and another blow to trey radel. calls for his immediate resignation. ♪ you know, ronny... folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.
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it was part of the deal. cool. [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. the affordable care act is back before the supreme court today. we have some breaking news this hour. will the obama administration get another win? it's tuesday, november 26, and this is "now. " just when you thought the legal efforts to dismantle the nation's health care law were over they are at it again. just moments ago as we've been reporting the supreme court decided to hear a case arguing that the act violates first amendment rates because it requires coverage for employees'