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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  November 27, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PST

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pad news on that. the other clock that's ticking, the debt. december 13th congress is supposed to have at least a plan on how to deal with the budget but they're only working four days the rest of the year. but first, snow, ice, rain, thunderstorms getting around is going to be very tough today on this, the busiest travel day of the year. very good morning to you. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing on this wednesday. we've got to start with the weather no doubt. 43 million of you are hitting the road for thanksgiving of the for the latest on travel, let's go to katy tur live at la guardia airport in new york. the news earlier on, katy, wasn't good. what are you seeing now? >> reporter: 2.4 million of those people are going to be traveling on planes. the news isn't great but not as bad as many people were expecting. 466 cancellations across the system right now. that is a lot. flight aware is saying there are a few hundred delays across the system as well. a lot of those are very minor delays. most of them are down in atlanta, about 15-minute delays.
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here at la guardia, there's almost no delays on the board and if there are, just a handful and very minimum. a couple of cancellations here. of course what you're seeing in new york doesn't mean you'll have no issues anywhere else. there are major delays coming into la guardia and all of the new york airports about an hour right now. down in philly it's about two hours. that's because of weather issues that are ongoing. not so much rain up here, but wind that will get bad. so if you are going to the airport, make sure to check with your airline to see if anything is going on. you can also check with the airport specifically or there are a number of ways to make sure you're not stuck here. but if you are stuck here, gosh, i hope you have a sandwich or a pillow or something. >> sandwich, pillow, book, something like that. it looks fairly festive there at la guardia and it's good to have some no delay situations for the moment. so when's the best time to leave if your traveling? bill karins joins us now with the forecast. what's the timing like? i know you have a big blob on the northeast part of the
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country. >> the airports are doing a lot better than the roads. the problem is we got so much rain in a short period of time, we have a lot of huge, big puddles and some lanes closed on some highways. we've got 3 inches of rain in the last 12 hours up there in connecticut and massachusetts. we had about 2 inches of rain anywhere from philadelphia all the way down to d.c., including new york city. so the heavy rains have shifted northward but we still have to wait for some of that to drain out of the way. the longer you can wait, the better the roads will get during the day today. the green on the map shows you all the rain. the heaviest is now anywhere from the connecticut/new york border shifting up into maine. notice the rain is completely shut off in washington, d.c. temperatures will be falling too, but not below freezing. i'm not too worried about ice. and the snow side of the storm really underachieved. we were expecting more than this but only got a couple inches in buffalo. it's 29 in cleveland. so there will be slippery roads across the ohio valley and snow near the great lakes. but most of you are used to that. the winds, hold on to the
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steering wheel with two hands. look at that gust in newport, up to 50. boston at 35. so extreme eastern new england very windy out there right now still. as far as the clear time goes, i've got about 7:00 p.m. that's when the front completely clears out. the heaviest rains will exit botch, only be located up in the state of maine. i-95 will be clear, 81 will be clear, just some of that lake-effect snow coming off the great lakes. so again, the only other problem spots, we had a tornado last night overnight, boy the way. >> tornado? >> yeah, moorhead city had a pretty decent-sized tornado. but they're looking better now. just the outer banks with some storms. a little snow in kentucky and tennessee. so there's nothing horrible. that's good, it's going to improve during the day. >> what if grandma lives in the west? >> i haven't mentioned it because you're just fine. >> no doubt he'll be looking at that all this several three days. new concerns to move to now this morning after people eat their turkey and do a little shopping this weekend, they
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might log on to in huge numbers and, well, crash it. "the new york times" reporting the white house is asking groups to hold off on big enrollment pushes and marketing efforts. they think if millions try to log on, it could take the website down. the administration set this saturday, november the 30th, as the deadline to get the site fixed. secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius, said things are much better. the site can now handle, she says, 50,000 users at one time but the real success stories seem to be coming from the states that have set up their own exchanges. in california, nearly 80,000 have picked a health plan. in new york, they have passed 75,000 people enrolled. and exchanges are working well in washington state and kentucky as well. i want to bring in our company, ella, correspondent from the national journal and emily hile, "washington post" reporter. good day before thanksgiving to you both.
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the white house spokesman said yesterday they're on track to meet this november 30th goal that had been set some time ago. it wasn't too long ago as we remember that we heard the administration make this promise. >> confidence in november 30th? >> i do. >> the question is, is this all about trying to manage expectations? >> yeah. i mean on the one hand, yes, because this november 30th deadline in many ways, it's a self-imposed deadline that the administration set for itself. now, they're saying they're on track so that 50,000 users can be on at the same time and be able to log on and not crash the website, but they also said that success for them would mean 80% of users would be able to go through and that it would be functional. now many people are making the argument that in any other facet of business or american life, a 20% fail rate is not a success. and then also, another point to mention is that insurers are
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worried that even if 50,000 are on simultaneously, that the back end issues, that those are not adequately fixed and addressed because they're concerned that inadequate, incomplete, inaccurate information will still be transmitted to them. >> yeah. all that back end stuff so difficult. >> yeah. >> which was the problem on the front end when this was first introduced. emily, in fact your colleague, ed o'keefe writing today in "the washington post" that democratic senators are looking for success stories while they're back in their districts for the holiday. one aide even suggesting that the white house isn't doing a good enough job in touting some of the law's successes along the way. is this latest information that you're hearing, is it considered a success? >> well, that remains to be seen. i think that this deadline is a key part of that. but this war of anecdotes is really, you know, the focus here and democrats are looking for these success stories because republicans have been quite good
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with the failure stories and promoting them quite a bit. now, you know, the 20% of people, that's a whole lot of n anecdotes that are going to be amplified and used as evidence that, well, you know, perhaps 80% of users are going to have a good experience. 20% won't. and those can often have, you know, very real world effects. these are not just stories to be told in the media. >> so there is the federal signing up. there's also the state exchanges. elahe, some of those numbers we were just showing looked pretty good. what does that tell you? >> so pby and large, the states that have chosen to run their own exchanges are experiencing much more success than the federal exchanges. that's not true for every single states. there are reports of oregon and maryland having problems, but as you mentioned, california, washington -- california for a long time and perhaps even so is having the most people sign up
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every day. so those lawmaker who say hail from those states aren't as under -- aren't under the same kind of pressure as maybe other lawmakers who are coming from states where they don't have state exchanges or their state exchanges are not faring well. >> emily, you know the supreme court also deciding to take up a case involving obama care. the question here is whether for-profit corporations with religious owners must provide contraception. now, we already know there are some exceptions f churches and with this institutions. >> this case is separate, like you said, from other groups or businesses that might have religious affiliations. there's actually a separate case involving those kinds of institutions, but that's not as far along in the pipeline as this case is. this case involves secular companies, one of which is hobby lobby, the well-known craft store. another is a cabinet maker owned
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by mennonites. and the question is do these corporations because the owners have religious affiliations, can they exercise freedom of religion in choosing whether to provide certain types of contraception to their employees. the lower courts are divided on this, and that's why both the government and the companies want the supreme court to decide on this. this is sort of an echo of -- do you remember mitt romney saying corporations are people, my friend? >> right, right, right. >> this is really the question here. do secular companies have individual rights like religious freedoms. >> emily, elahe, thank you so much. >> thank you. congresswoman gwen moore is fired up over this. she says it's a woman's rights issue. her take on the new supreme court obama care case right after the break. charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time.
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because it is the holiday, we want to check back in on the weather where folks in buffalo are getting a very white thanksgiving. let's get right to weather channel meteorologist reynolds wolf. he's in buffalo, new york. my friend, you and i have covered a bunch of holidays together, and it looks like you get the better end, i guess, this time because you get to be out in the snow? >> reporter: richard, my brother, this is not a bad assignment, let me tell you. i've got to tell you in terms of the amount of snowfall we've had here, really not a very big deal, especially if you happen to be from new york or, better yet, buffalo. we had about 3 to 5 inches of snowfall in this area overnight. our location is right on parts of i-90 which is a major thoroughfare here and travel conditions have been picture perfect. a lot of people not having any difficulty whatsoever. the roads are pretreated. you've had a lot of trucks out and about. a lot of plows, if you will, keeping everything spic and span
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and no major problems. you also know there's a little bit of an overpass. those overpasses still susceptible to a little bit of icing, so people are encouraged, be careful, slow down and things will be fine. other modes of transportation. well, on the other side of that tree line you've got the airport and we've actually seen quite a few planes taking off and some landing so we've got that for us. we've got the travel conditions on the roads going well, air travel is going pretty well too, but the thing is we might see still a little bit more snowfall into the afternoon. we're talking lake effect activity. some places may be 1 to 2 inches, other places next to nothing. so they truly did dodge a bullet here in buffalo. all things being considered, they're lucky. they feel good. so that's certainly good news. richard, let's kick it pack to you from beautiful buffalo. it looks awfully pretty despite the headaches it's been causing for some people. >> it looks like you may be able to play in the snow today, but
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not by the freeway please. can obama care require companies to cover contraceptives? it's a question the supreme court will decide this spring. the owners of hobby lobby, a craft store chain, says it's against their religion. joining me now, democratic congresswoman gwen moore. representative, thanks for being with us. you were on a twitter tear yesterday writing women should be in control of their health decisions, not their employers, and women benefit economically when they control whether and when they are pregnant. when you look at this, are you afraid that the supreme court here might say if owners have religious objections, they should not have to cover some kind of birth control, some kinds? >> richard, i am very confident that the supreme court will rule on the side of women. i just optimistic about this. i mean enough, already. the fact that they took hobby lobby's case with this cohort of 46 companies, wooden furniture makers, automotive part makers,
7:16 am
i think it says it all. motherhood is not a hobby. women's health is not some arts and craft. nobody spends more money at the arts and crafts store than i do. but i don't think those owners should be able to decide whether or not i'm going to be a mother. i think people would be surprised to know that great numbers of women are treated for endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts with birth control and it should not be up to a for-profit company to decide whether or not you should have birth control available to you. enough already. >> you said you're very confident. why are you so confident here? >> because i think that the first amendment, we revere it. it protects the rights of religious schools, churches, places of worship. and i think that the sanctity of that is something we all appreciate as americans. the hobby lobby is not one of
7:17 am
those institutions. and the affordable care act says that everybody, especially women, ought to have basic health care and birth control is basic health care. i have a sister who we used to tease at age 70, she was treated for a life-threatening illness with birth control pills. hobby lobby should not be able to intervene in that medical care. >> hobby lobby is saying it is okay for that type of contraceptives but not plan b. talking about hobby lobby, here's the owner of hobby lobby and the president of the national association of evangelicals. listen to this. >> we believe wholeheartedly that it is by god's grace and provision that hobby lobby has been successful. therefore, we seek to honor him in all that we do. >> freedom of religion is more than what you have in your head. it's where you work, it's your family, it's your whole life. that's exactly what the framers of the constitution had in mind to start out. >> representative, what about freedom of religion as they were
7:18 am
talking about? >> well, you know, i think the notion of the first amendment, and i'm not a lawyer, is that, you know, you don't impose a state religion on everybody. so that if -- you know, if i believe that at age 24, and i've got three kids, that i need to use birth control so i don't have a fourth, you can't impose your religious beliefs on me, hobby lobby, that i ought to have a fourth or a fifth child because that's what you believe. freedom is freedom, and i think that we find there are conflicts of rights when we start saying that a for-profit company's belief supersede my own individual religious beliefs or not. >> before we go, i want to ask you about obama care. as you know, your chief of staff sent an e-mail obtained by politico that complains basically about how expensive obama care is for the older staffers, saying their costs have tripled or quadrupled. what's your response?
7:19 am
>> well, my response to that is this. as you all know, the president promised that everyone would be able to keep their health insurance that they already had. what has happened in congress is that senator grassley and others as a poison pill to the affordable care act put a provision in that treated federal employees differently than 85% of everyone else who was covered by employer insurance. capped the amount of money that could be paid through the federal health exchanges and really created this class of older employees who would not benefit in the ways that so many americans are going to benefit. it's a poison pill that is disadvantaged congressional staff in an effort to retaliate against those of us who really believe that the affordable care act is going to benefit the 40 million people who have found themselves without employer
7:20 am
insurance, unable to be covered by medicaid or medicare. the affordable care act was targeted toward 15% of the public who were subject to -- subject to having no insurance. and this is a penalty that is inappropriate and that was when my memo referred to. >> representative gwen moore, thank you and have a great weekend ahead. >> you too, richard. checking the news feed this morning for you, three arizona girls are free after they say their parents held them captive for two years. two of the girls, 12 and 13 years old, say they escaped last night, ran to a neighbor for help. this after their stepfather tried to break into their room brandishing a knife. the stepfather is also accused of one count of sexual abuse. police say the girls were malnourished, surviving on one meal a day, living in a filthy home and were only allowed to shower every six months. police found a third sister locked inside that home. their mother and stepfather are
7:21 am
facing child abuse and kidnapping charges. a connecticut judge has ordered release of the 911 tapes from the sandy hook massacre. the state fought against this decision. they're arguing here that releasing the audio would put witnesses an victims at risk and possibly cause people to doubt using the 911 system in a crisis. the court describes the calls as disturbing but cannot be withheld per federal open records laws. the prosecutor has until december 4th to appeal that. pope francis laying out in detail his vision for the catholic church. he sets press dents and uses humor in the 85-page long statement. he calls on the rich to share their wealth and eliminate economic inequality, criticizes society's obsession with wealth, calling it a new tyranny and suggests it reduces humans to creatures of consumption and makes arguments that the church needs to be less entral to allow the local church to have greater say. he wrote i prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty
7:22 am
because it has been out on the streets rather than a church which is unhealthy from being confined and from clinging to its own security. the december deadline for a budget deal is now just two weeks away. are lawmakers any closer to compromise or could we actually be headed for another government shutdown? and if you're heading home for the holidays, here's the scene right now at detroit metro airport. looks okay. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot," like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone.
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well, the clock is particularing for lawmakers to resolve the budget impasse over revenue. members of the bipartisan budget conference have until december 13th to get that deal done. that's a month before the january 15th deadline when the government runs out of money. to make matters worse here, the house is only in session eight days before the december deadline and the senate will be in session at the same time for only four of those days. lawmakers are putting major
7:26 am
pressure on budget negotiators led by congressman paul ryan and senator patty murray to reach an agreement there. joining me is the president of the committee for responsible federal budget and the head of campaign to fix the debt. all right, here we go. into the crystal ball. does it look like we're going to make the deadline? are you hopeful about this? >> i am cautiously optimistic that they will make the deadline in terms of coming up with some debt deal. nobody should get their hopes up that this will be a real deal that fixes the real kind of problems this country is making with regard to the sequester in the long term and the big fiscal challenges we have and things to spur the economy, but i think they're going to have a very small deal. and what they're going to do is do something that offsets the immediate effects of the sequester for the next year or two and then punt most of the bigger issues to later. >> what is telling you that they're probably going to reach a deal, just because of the size you're talking about? there's a lot of options when you talk about small possibilities here. >> well, interestingly, i
7:27 am
actually don't think a small deal is easier to get to than a large deal because you still have the same fights between the two parties that you always have. are we going to have any revenues, are we going to really do reform entitlements. those fights remain, big deal or small deal. i think what they're going to try to do is avoid both those two issues and take what's left of the low-hanging fruit in the budget, which is a package of small user fees and maybe some things with government pension contributions. use that to offset a little bit of the sequester, which both parties know isn't the right policy and isn't the right way to get savings over the long term because it's blunt and not targeted. it doesn't pick and choose where we should be saving and where we shouldn't be saving. so you'll get a little deal there and i guess -- i mean i guess if you want to look at the bride bright side of this, it is important that we show that they can govern, that they can get something done because if you think about it, congress has gotten basically nothing done on the fiscal deals or other issues recently. >> oh, boy, that's right. >> if they need to learn to walk before they run, this is the
7:28 am
first step maybe. >> the brighter side to some might be a bigger deal, a larger budget fix. let's go to stan collander and see what he has to say. >> i have been telling my clients that the most likely time we'll get the grand bargain, the big deal everyone is talking about, is 2019. >> okay, why? >> tax reform is a two, three, four-year process. >> that was "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. six more years of piecemeal negotiations possibly, maya. do you agree with stan? >> we know that their big fiscal challenges in the medium and long term that the country needs to deal with from health care costs to an aging population to an outdated tax code that doesn't raise enough revenues. if we wait that long, if we don't have the political leadership to move us towards a deal, there becomes a real risk that the damage you're doing to the economy keeps us in a very damaging cycle, where you can't grow the economy, you don't create jobs, you don't get the
7:29 am
debt under control. now, is the political situation so bad that may be the case? yes, it certainly is. i think we're showing time and time again that congress really isn't able to work to get important difficult steps done because these are difficult. but i think it would be to the huge detriment of the country if we don't have a sensible debt deal much sooner than six years from now. >> thank you so much, maya. >> thank you. the obama administration proposing tough new rules to crack down on funding of political ads by superpacs. could it be a game changer? >> here's a look at interstate 69 in houston, texas. [ male announcer ] marie callender's knows that your favorite dutch apple pie starts with a golden flaky crust, wedges of fresh fuji apples, and a brown sugar streusel on top. so she made her dutch apple pie just like that. marie callender's. it's time to savor. so she made her dutch apple pie just like that. on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo!
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7:33 am
left-hand side. a little bit of rain. right side houston looking pretty, perhaps a little haze, but it is houston. pittsburgh got some snow overnight making things tricky on the roads. look at that on 422. check out the radar, lots of precipitation hitting east coast right now in the richmond-raleigh areas, so leave extra time if you're heading out on the road. the obama administration is proposing new rule that say would rein in super pac ads from groups like the koch brothers and others. the two groups flooded the air waves in last year's election. >> behind these doors mitt romney calls half the american people -- >> they believe that they are victims. >> victims? >> no matter how obama spins it, gas costs too much. tell obama stop blaming others and work to pass better energy policies. >> mitt romney, he made millions off companies that made bankrupt, while workers lost promised health and retirement benefits.
7:34 am
>> mitt romney turned around dozens of american companies and helped create thousands of jobs. >> the proposed changes would ban ads advocating for a candidate and ads urging a candidate to vote a certain way that could not be run within 60 days before an election. now, these new rules would also limit voter drives and registration as well. joined now with republican pollster kristen soltis-anderson and chris kofinis. support rz ers are saying chang are needed to simplify the rules of the road going forward. are they right? >> i think the most telling thing that you can see out of this is when you look at the stories in both "the washington post" and "the new york times" today, the last sentence in the story was from a tax attorney in both cases. different tax attorneys saying the real winner here is us. all of these new restrictions are doing is making it more complicated for a very specific type of group, a 501 c 4. it's a very specific type of
7:35 am
organization that now can't do things like voter drives. but ultimately money finds a way in politics. in the end, i think you're not going to see a significant change in terms of what voters are hearing, that money will find a way to be involved in the process. >> chris, what's your thought? these changes a good move? >> well, i think it's an important first step. listen, i think the american people will collectively rejoice if we have fewer negative ads during an election season. i'm not sure anyone is crying if that happens other than maybe the ad makers. the reality is when you're talking about just the karl rove groups, they spend over $325 million. luckily not to any real benefit. but there is clear low a system that is broken when you're seeing this kind of money coming in and groups professing they're not doing electioneering when it's clear that's what they're doing. so the rules and the way they're set up are clearly screwed up. i think this is one step to try to clarify. the problem is it ends up becoming a whack-a-mole.
7:36 am
as soon as you change the rules, groups will find ways to create other groups. >> llcs. >> yeah, or whatever it might be. what you really need is comprehensive campaign finance reform. >> yeah, but chris the last time we did comprehensive campaign finance reform is how we got in this mess. it sort of set this in motion. so we had campaign finance reform back a couple years ago. what it wound up doing is putting limits on the candidates and that's why all the money flooded to these outside groups so candidate voice is being lost in elections because there's all these rules on what candidates can do. but outside groups because freedom of speech is protected are allowed to set the agenda. if you want to see fewer negative ads, pushing more money further away from the candidates isn't the way to solve the problem. >> chris, would these new rules help the candidates get better control of their message? we're looking at tax-exempt spending $300 million in 2012. >> to some extent. it's kind of a catch 22. the reality is obviously money
7:37 am
has a critical role in american politics. but if money was a determining factor, we'd have a very different shape of congress and in the white house. i mean the reality is the republicans geared up to try to spend an enormous amount of money to defeat the president. he didn't get defeated, obviously. and so i think the challenge here is how do you reform the system that you're not preverting the process. right now you have individuals through shadow groups who can give tens of millions if not more and pretend they're not influencing politics, that is not good for the country and not good for democracy. clearly both on the republican and democrat side we should focus on what is best and what is best is candidates making their message, not third party groups defining it for him. >> we'll have to leave it there, kristen and chris, thank you both. >> thank you. checking the news feed, again this morning for you, new details about a secret program nicknamed penny lane that turned guantanamo bay prisoners into
7:38 am
double agents for the u.s. former u.s. officials say hand-picked detainees who would be sent back home under cover to penetrate al qaeda and they would be rewarded from their work from as simple as real beds, private showers, pornography, to millions of dollars and their freedom. now, the program was abandoned in 2006 and it doesn't appear anyone ever took up the u.s. on its offer. joe biden is heading to china to ask questions about china's new air restriction. both china and japan have claimed ownership to this island chain for years. then a few days ago, china decided to include it in their air defense identification zone. what that means is foreign countries need to declare their flight plans when flying in that area. well, the pentagon did not give warning before flying b-52 bombers over the island on monday during a training mission. they say they will not change how they conduct operations. sea-tac airport workers are celebrating one of the, if not the highest minimum wages in the
7:39 am
country. voters approved the increase to $15 an hour for airport and hotel workers by a slim margin last night. opponents are already asking for a hand recount. a consumer watchdog is out with its annual dangerous toys list. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. okay, who's on the naughty list, mandy? >> all the toys with risks of choking, deafening or lead poisoning. the public interest research group came out with its trouble in toyland report. these are just a few of the examples on the list. for example, toys containing small parts like the princess wands made by greenbrier international sold at dollar store. toys containing small parts with label violations like a bead kit also made by greenbrier. and a number of items from the littlest pet shop, including their seal and dolphins made by hasbro. and then they have got the toys that pose the choking hazards. there are lots of them like gobble gobble guppies made by swim ways. super play food set and then there's a captain america soft
7:40 am
field with 29 times the legal standard of lead. and then you've got toxins like a ninja turtles pencil case where apparently lots of various chemicals. and the chat and count smartphone which produced 85 decibals of sound when activated. that is 20 times more than the allowable limit. >> it's no wonder some parents can't hear things anymore with stuff like that. let's talk about black friday. this also means some travel deals. >> yeah, there's some travel deals out there. vail resorts, for example, is offering up to 50% off at nine properties. that starts today at if you want something a little more sunny and warm, travelocity deals start on black friday with the code tur y key 100. american express travel is rolling out cyber monday deals starting at 12:01 monday, you can go to priceline, liberty travel, there are lots of deals out there if you want them.
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7:45 am
aging. they are rolling out extreme deals to lure you into stores this weekend and even on thanksgiving day the national retail federation says 140 million of us are expected to brave the crowds or shop online over the long thanksgiving weekend. some analysts expect the stormy weather could put even more people in the mood to shop and boost those numbers we're talking about. retail analyst will be in search of steals and deals. tell us about some of the expectations. >> for black friday, so aboarding to ibs iworld, black friday will do $13.6 billion in sales. >> not bad. >> that's up 3.9% compared to last year. the weekend will bring in $39 billion. that's up 1.7%. for cyber monday, that will be
7:46 am
up 1.8 -- they will spend $1.8 billion, up 13%. >> are those good numbers? >> the black friday numbers are. cyber monday is down, almost 20% down from last year. so they're expecting the sales not to be as strong on cyber monday. >> we might make that up between the two of us. extreme deals for us. >> these are really extreme deals. we can start with target. we're talking about television, right? everyone wants a television. i know a lot of people that end up getting their tvs on black friday. for $229, that's down 62%. so this is a 50 inch. this is a pretty big television. >> i might have to get a new one. >> that's what i was thinking too. now's the time to buy a tv. walmart, for example, are selling a tv, this is even more gigantic, 70 inches for giants are going to be playing here in new york, you want a big tv, $998. this one was originally $1700. so this isn't a bad deal here.
7:47 am
also old navy is going to have 50% off the entire store. and we're talking about k-mart, you know, sears came out with pretty bad numbers. they are having some major discounts as well on their barbie, that's going to be $5. >> barbies maybe not but the tvs sound good. i'll have one for every room in my house. let's talk about toys. >> well, in terms of -- in terms of -- >> you have the barbie. you also have some other places to look for deals on toys? >> right. when you go online, before you go shopping and tell everyone, they want to check out these sites called >> good name. >> fat wallet and deal news. what these tend to do is push deals to you in realtime so when you have these black friday deals that are coming up, the flyers, they have them all online. and remember that old saying don't leave home without it, it was a tag line for a commercial 20 years ago. >> right, right, right. >> that sega plies to mobile phones and it pads. everyone is taking their ipads
7:48 am
so they can go ahead and check those deals. >> so there's these apps that are just for shopping on black friday or throughout this holiday season. >> right. >> speaking to that point, you have shopuler which pushes those deals to you as you're shopping. you walk into a store and you have certain products that you want and it pushes those prices to you as you walk in, which is kind of innovative and school. and shop it to me is like a personal shopper. so you have your lis of products and then it starts sending you the change in prices as it changes throughout the season. >> so we've got all these percentages that are pushed to our smartphone or brick and mortar or online. what's the magical discount percentage? >> the magical discount percentage is 30%. now, what ends up happening with these retailers is when they acquire the product, they mark it up, up to 70% during the year so they can make that money. so the retailers can discount that product up to 70% off and still make those margins as the holiday season progresses.
7:49 am
so when you're getting a discount at 30%, you can basically get a discount up to 70%, you're still getting a deal and that's when after 70%, the store starts losing money. >> so over 30, we're good to go. >> absolutely. >> i was reading some statistic for j.c. penney, in 1 in 500 items they sold at full price. >> that's very true. a lot of retailers, this whole pricing model is built into their business model. >> heatha, fun stuff. i'll look for that 30% and buy some tvs along the way. >> i'm with you. msnbc has launched the why i'm thankful campaign and it's the subject of today's tweet of the day. it comes from ft. worth, texas, who's thankful because i live long enough to see an african-american elected president. what are you thankful for this year? share it with us, the #whyi'mthankful. ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front yards blinding ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts
7:50 am
♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks me out [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. ♪
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7:52 am
so this is the place you'd rather get on the road for whether by plane or train or
7:53 am
automobile. look at miami, florida. beautiful. one of the places across the country folks are trying to get to for the holidays. we'll continue to watch that here on msnbc. i want to move to politics now. florida representative trey radel says he's been harassed since entering rehab. he is on a leave of absence from congress and has refused to step down since pleading guilty to cocaine possession. he would not elaborate but made those complaints the same day florida governor rick scott joined the legion of republicans asking him to resign. mary cheney is becoming more vocal about same-sex marriage rights. she's headlining a fund-raiser in indiana to rally against the state's ban on same-sex marriages. mary has been in a public squabble with her sister, liz cheney, who has campaigned on her opposition to same-sex marriage. there's a natural connection between me and dreamworks. i don't know if you know this, but my ears were one of the inspirations for shrek. >> poking fun at himself.
7:54 am
do you see the resemblance? president obama comparing his, excuse me, ears to that of dreamworks character shrek. the comparison triggered a few laughs, as you saw there, during his speech yesterday when he was at dreamworks. and later this morning, the president will announce which turkey will get the official pardon. and the white house is turning the decision over to you. you can decide between two turkeys, they're named caramel and popcorn on the white house website. either way, don't worry, both birds will be spared. that wraps up this hour of "jansing & co." alex witt is in for thomas roberts. which one are you going pick? >> i don't know. i like them both. what about you? you know, this is serious stuff. it's been around for a while. >> i'm going to go with popcorn. >> okay. i'll go with caramel just because, contrarian. or we'll get them both saved, either way. next hour, the extreme weather, snow, rain and wind
7:55 am
moved from the midatlantic to the northeast causing travel trouble. flight delays and cancellations are expected to grow. we have team coverage for you straight ahead. plus thanksgiving eve, america's second largest city is thinking about a ban on feeding the homeless. we'll get reaction from one man to helps hand out meals. and getting ready to rally. demonstrators prepare to protest against walmart for better working conditions on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. we are back in three minutes. i hope you are too. i'm meteorologist bill karins. all of the worst of the weather will slowly be exiting the east coast. the last spot will be new england later this evening. finally the heavy rains will exit boston. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really.
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we're switching car insurance. why? because these guys are the cheapest. why? good question. because a cut-rate price could mean cut-rate protection. you should listen to this guy. [ female announcer ] with allstate you get great protection and a great price, plus an agent! drivers who switched saved an average of $498 a year. call now and see how much you can save. just a few more ways allstate is changing car insurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. the busiest travel day of the year upended boy a wall of storms. snow, ice, rain, wind. what you're seeing depends on where you live. one thing is for certain, everywhere this could not have come at a worse time. here's what's causing all this trouble for millions of people. it's a massive storm system marching its way east. good morning, everyone. topping our agenda this morning, road, rail, air, you name it, it's being impacted. this storm system is being blamed for a tornado that touched down in atlantic beach,
7:59 am
north carolina. for traffic backups and snarled roadways and highways up and down the east coast. and if you're flying to grandma' house you better call ahead and let grandma know because delays are building at airports across this country. >> my daughter and i spent about ten hours running around the ft. worth airport. >> i'm actually going to wisconsin to meet family, so dinner and then i fly back on sunday. >> are you nervous? >> yes. >> mother nature may be adding insult to this thanksgiving injury of those big balloons in the macy's parade may be grounded by wind. we've got reporters all across the map covering this storm. reynolds wolf is in buffalo, katy tur -- katy tur at la guar >> reporter: hi, alex, i am coming to you from buffalo. to be more precise right near the junction of state road 33, the overpass, and parts of i-90 where things are actually pretty good for the time being. now, we did have some snow last
8:00 am
night. in fact anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of snow. kind of a wet, sort of sticky snow as the temperatures warm up. and they are expected to get above freezing today. really no major issues on the road as i mentioned in terms of the temperatures, which are cooler, but going to 34. it's going to cause a lot of the ice to dissipate. there will be some ice in places where you have the overpasses, where air can actually get above and below the surface. and that might cause some treacherous driving. for the most part roads were pretreated last night. they had the snow overnight too and so conditions, all things considered, couldn't be better. something else to mention, on the other side of this roadway, way beyond the line of trees, you've got the airport. we have been seeing planes take off and land quite a bit so yet another sign that they are able to weather the storm here in buffalo. people in buffalo, certainly a wonderful, hard-edged bunch. they can take anything winter dishes out.


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