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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  November 27, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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manager? >> i don't think much. it wouldn't be open for very long. there wouldn't be too many people calling i wouldn't think, but i wouldn't know. i've never been open on a thanksgiving in the ten years i've worked for that company. >> all right, tony rohr, thanks for joining us. a lot of people admire your tenacity to stick up for your workers. i'm ed schultz. politics nation with al sharpton starts right now. happy thanksgiving to you. and happy thanksgiving to you. tonight's lead, a reality check for the right wing turkey. on this day, this day before thanksgiving, president obama gave america a clear choice. between those who want to help the less fortunate and those who want to make their lives worse. but he began the day with the annual tradition, the pardon of
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the white house turco. this year the lucky ones were popcorn and caramel. >> the competition was stiff, but we can officially declare that popcorn is the winner. proving -- there you go. proving that even a turkey with a funny name can find a place in politics. and now, before these turcos get away, with the power vested in me, i want to grant popcorn a full reprieve. come on. i want, popcorn, you have a full reprepare from cranberry sauce and stuffing. we wish you well, and we're going to give caramel a break as well. all right? so -- >> the president also struck a serious note. reflecting on the significance
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of thanksgiving. >> this is the season, not only to be thankful for the incredible blessings that we have but also remember and serve those who are not as fortunate. we give thanks for our friends and family, for citizens who show compassion for those in need and for those who help strangers they've never met. >> the first family later distributed meals at a food bank in d.c., highlighting the problem of hunger in america. but if republicans get their way, that problem will only get worse. a new white house report slams the gop plan to cut $40 billion from the food stamp program. 4 million americans would lose support next year. 210,000 kids could lose free school meals. they aren't takers.
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these aren't free riders. they're children. and those gop cuts would be on top of the cuts already taking effect this month. that, that has made it very tough for many in this thanksgiving period for millions of americans. >> like the salvation army's mobile food pantry is seeing more and more in need. except this resource might not have enough to go around. >> we ran out of food. >> now instead of making baked macaroni like i normally would and the sweet potato casserole, i can't, i can't do it this year. >> we were at the food bank this morning which doesn't have a single turkey here in the freezer. >> there's always a growing need in our community. >> we needed a turkey, so we came out. things are kind of hard right now. so we're happy to be able to receive one. >> she's right. things are hard right now. but republicans don't seem to
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care. we add up the cost of the thanksgiving recipes that speaker boehner put on his website. stuffing about $4. and the turkey, about $27 for a 15 pounder. the total cost for boehner's thanksgiving, around 38 bucks, sounds like a great meal, and i hope the speaker enjoys it. but millions of americans might not be able to afford it. on average, a family of four on food stamps saw their benefits reduced this month by $36, roughly the same price as the speaker's recipe. now the american people can pardon a lot of things. they can pardon turkeys. they can pardon a mistake, but they will not and should not pardon politicians who tell the poorest among us that they don't
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deserve our help. joining me now are congressman jim mcdermott, democrat from washington, and joelburg, executive director of the new york city coalition against hunger. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> what do your republican colleagues say to you when you tell them how much their policies are really hurting real people, real poor people? >> well, they really don't believe it, rev. they're not listening to the pope. you and the pope are on the same wavelength. the income inequality is going by must of these people. but what they ought to do is be required to go to a food bank at a church somewhere in their neighborhood and stand there and talk to the people. you would find out these are not people who are not trying. they're not people who are taking from the public. they're not people who want to be there.
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they're people who are ashamed in many instances to be doing something they never thought they'd be brought to. and they're having difficulty. and we're the richest nation in the world. and, well, when gee sauce had those five loaves and two fishes he didn't charge food stamps. he didn't ask anybody how much money they had. he fed them because they were hungry. >> he didn't call them names. you know, joel, a recent government report shows 49 million americans don't have reliable access to food. that means one in seven families struggle to get enough to eat. put this in perspective for us. >> well, reverend al, the other day i met a woman putting herself through college with two kids. she just lost $45 a month no benefits. these are not lazy people who don't want to work as mischaracterized by the right and their horrible racial undertones to that. two-thirds of the people on the
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snap program are working people. they are struggling people. and these benefits are needed until they get back on their feet. >> two-thirds fall in the category you named. >> two-thirds. and the stereotypes just don't apply. it's stree it's extraordinarily, extraordinarily rare. secretary vilsack has done a great job it holding fraud down to its lowest level in history. over the last decade, 2% of the members of the house of representatives have pled guilty to crimes. >> congressman, mother jones reports that speaker boehner had shot down several proposed compromises on the farm bill because the food stamp cuts weren't deep enough.
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speaker boehner's office is denying the report even though he's confirmed by democratic aides. >> they don't want a safety net, al. they don't want anybody to get anything when they need it. but, you think about it. the food stamp program, the lower ranks in the military, the first and second and third rank, if they have a family of four, are almost always eligible for food stamps. that's how low we go in this country, even people who fight for our country, we will deny their children food stamps. and the republicans who do that simply, i guess, have never known anybody who didn't, wasn't born with a silver spoon in their mouth, because anybody who's been out there and been going, you go to the cupboard and there's nothing there and you have to say to your children, we don't have anything to eat or we've got one slice of
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bread, we can split it. or we have one porkchop and all five of us can have a piece, that kind of thing exists in this country, and it's wrong. >> you know, talking about born with a silver spoon in your mouth, we're having kids now born with no spoon in their mouth. and this is what's frightening. the pope now, not a politician, the pope has directly attacked the right wing theory of a trickle down economic theory, the theory of that, saying, quote, some people continue to defend trickle-down theories. this opinion which has never been confirmed by facts expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power. meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting. this is what the pope said, joel. now rush limbaugh, the head of the republican party, responded today to the pope.
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this is what rush had to say. >> the pope here has now gone beyond catholicism. he went further than previous comments, attacking the idolatry of money. this is just pure marxism coming out of the mouth of the pope. >> now i know that he was the godfather of conservatism. i didn't know he was the interpreter of theology. >> rush rim baugh has a problem with his pope. he probably really has a problem with jesus christ. he spent his whole life talking about the need to fight hunger and inequality. it's in the old testament, the new testament, and whether you're a believer of his teachings or you believe in math, you have to understand that trickle down does not work. and that's why we are so excited that the white house has come up against any further snap cuts.
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>> i'm tempted to quote jesus, but i won't do that. >> save it for christmas. >> i'll save it for my christmas show. >> thank you both for joining us tonight. have a great thanksgiving. ahead, everybody's in the holiday spirit. we'll get to the bottom of a new attempt to smear the president and trayvon martin. plus, the political turkeys of the year. which right-winger is taking home the blueberry pie? also, did you know the president's waging a war on thanksgiving? me neither. tonight we'll pour some cold gravy on top of this new gop talking point. all that plus rev al's turkey tips. how to debunk your right wing relative who's been watching a little too much fox news. stay with us. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook?
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the right wingers aren't satisfied with their bogus war on christmas. now they're saying there's a war on thanksgiving, and president obama is behind it. i'll car of up that talking point next.
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everybody's probably a little worried about thanksgiving, will you hit
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traffic, will you overcook the turkey? will you be able to resist that extra slice of pie. but here's what the right wing's worried about. >> the president unveils a plan to allow obama care to hijack your holidays. >> the president wants to hijack your holidays? really? here's where this latest conspiracy came from. organizers for action, the spinoff group for president obama's campaign put out an ad encouraging parents to talk to their adult children over the holidays about getting insured. they also had a list of tips for your talk, like be honest about your feelings and tell them you care about their health. other groups are focusing specifically on getting moms to talk about health insurance. so to re-cap, when you say, tell your family you care about your
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health, the right hears, obama's ruining thanksgiving. >> they want to start a fight over the thanksgiving day table, throwing turkeys and pumpkin pie. >> obama propagandaites. >> moms are smarter than this. they're not going to be used as pawns by the government. >> we don't want to indoctrine eight people to do something they don't want to do? that's going to happen over thanksgiving? >> we know the right wing is fighting a made-up war on christmas. i guess this year they're just getting a head start. joining me, a democrat from pennsylvania and jamal simmons, whose new show starts tonight on
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tv. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> governor rendell, a new one. president obama is allowing obama care to hijack thanksgiving. what do you make of this. >> it's absolutely ludicrous. and it makes you wonder, don't these guys have anything else to do? you know, all the, i read all the material that was sent out. and all they're saying is, if you've got a family member who's uninsured. and that can be a child. it can also be an uncle, talk to them about the possibility of getting insured. well, that's what families do. families protect each other. families look out for each other. and there's a lot of misconceptions out there about this bill. and it's important that people do talk to their friends and their family, their neighbor, earn. so for example if you've been dropped from your health care recently, you look at the, someone told you that plans on the web seetsite are going to c
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you more money, well, you could also qualify for a subsidy. so those things ought to be talked about. by the way, if it's a young person and an uncle who's uninsured, maybe the uncle doesn't know how to use the internet and the young person can help the uncle get online. that's what families do, they help each other. to think that this is a left wing conspiracy to hijack thanksgiving, it's incredible how small-minded these people are. >> you know, the right wing daily caller says president obama wants a seat at your thanksgiving table. and is comparing it to other regimes that use children for propaganda. the author of that article is the same reporter who interrupted president obama at a press conditi press conference last year. let's listen back to that. >> it is the right thing to do.
3:20 pm
[ inaudible ]. >> excuse me, sir. it's not time for questions sir. and the answer to your question, sir, and the next time i prefer you allow me to finish my question. i'm not entering an argument. it is the right thing to do for the american people and here's why. >> you know, for the same guy, jamal, who interrupted the president of the united states at the white house compares the health insurance to soviet propaganda, how silly can this be? >> lots of us can remember those campaign, like give a hoot, don't pollute, or sneezing in your elbow to stop passing along the flu. this is a standard kind of way that we help families adopt good, healthy, productive ways of behaving. it's not some great soviet
3:21 pm
propaganda. and i know you just did a segment on the pope. i've got to tell you. of all the stories i read, the ones about the pope, you have the pope saying we have to look out for the least of these, but they don't want families to look out for the least of these. >> there's no question, there's a lot of problems with the law's rollout. today there was another delay for small businesses to enroll online. but this law is helping real people. listen to some of their stories. real people. listen to this. >> as soon as i finished the application, i had a great sense of relief that in case anything happens, if i break a leg or have a heart attack or need some kind of medical procedure, i wouldn't lose my life savings or my house. >> he will be paying just a dollar a month. >> i just applied and i got approved, and i'm really happy now because my life is going to
3:22 pm
be a lot better. >> lawson who has a disability has been without her medication for nearly two years. >> very relieved. i haven't had health insurance in over 20 years. >> yes. 20 years. last month she finally signed up for a health insurance plan through the exchange. >> these are some of the hundreds of thousands of people who have enrolled in the health care. 98,000 people have enrolled in the state of washington. 80,000 signed up in california. more than 76,000 in new york. 48,000 in kentucky. i mean, do you think these people believe that president obama's ruining thanksgiving? >> no. and the irony of this is we should all be trying to make this work. republicans should be trying to get their constituents to sign on, because these are lifesavers in many instances. and even people who had plans
3:23 pm
and lost the plans and are going to have to pay a little bit more. first, they could be getting subsidies, but number two, it's going to keep them out of bankruptcy court. they offer prescription drugs. and the right wing just absolutely lies about this. take the daily eye caller. wasn't the daily caller one of the media outlets that said that the cleveland clinic was going to lay off 30,000 people? >> i think you're right. >> because of bawl care? and the cleveland caller went to the extent of calling fox, telling them you're not telling the truth. >> thank you governor rendell and jamal simmons. good luck on your show and happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> happy thanksgiving. coming up a controversial tweet about president obama and trayvon martin, what it reveals
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about the gop's so-called rebranding campaign. but first, the political turkeys of the year. who will take home the blueberry pie? the winner may surprise you. that's next. [ sniffles, coughs ]
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♪ and on thanksgiving, it's time for the politics nation political turkeys of the year. and no, i'm not talking about these turkeys pardoned today. i'm talking about these. the staff has been crunching the numbers all yearlong. and tonight, we reveal who gets the esteemed honor of being a
3:28 pm
turkey. and the number three turkey of the year goes to congresswoman michelle bachman. in the last year of eligibility, she showed why she earned this award. >> now get to this egregious system that will ultimately be known as death care must be defeated. it reminds me of a shakespeare line, thou protests too much. let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. >> so congratulations, congresswoman, you gobbled your way to number three. and there's really no way to segue to this guy. but here it is. the number two turkey of the year, the crack-smoking, conservative mayor of toronto.
3:29 pm
and it's pretty clear why he's taking home this prize. >> you're not going to continue this meeting until i move this budget. >> do you smoke crack cocaine? >> exactly. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. >> excuse me, guys. >> [ bleep ] holy christ. >> welcome to this american tradition, mayor ford. you're the number two turkey of the year. but the ultimate turkey in 2013 can really only go to one man -- none other than senator ted cruz. senator shutdown. >> i think president obama is the most radical president we've ever seen. >> do you like green eggs and ham? i do not like them, sam i am. i do not like green eggs and
3:30 pm
ham. this is an administration that seems bound and determined to violate every single one of our bill of rights. the moon might be as intimidating as obama care. i didn't want a shutdown. throughout the whole thing i said we shouldn't have a shutdown. >> ted cruz, congrats. the turkey of the year, ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for your 2013 politics nation turkeys of the year, the blueberry pies are in the mail. gobble, gobble. ♪ gobble, gobble, giggle. i wish turkey only cost a nickel ♪ ♪ oh, i love turkey on thanksgiving ♪ [ tires screech ] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts.
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big news today out of washington. the gop is talking about re-branding again. what is this? like the 95th time?
3:34 pm
a top republican strategist writes, we must understand that the gop needs fresh policy thinking, not a just an update of our political tactics. so far so good. but then he says, quote, let's hold our 2016 convention in detroit. detroit? the same detroit that was destroyed by the bush recession? good luck with that one. but a funny thing happened on the way to re-branding. yesterday a right wing filmmaker tweeted, i'm thankful this week when i remember that america's big enough and great enough to survive grown up trayvon in the white house. a grown-up trayvon? what exactly is he trying to say? this is just the latest example of the ugliness the trayvon martin shooting brought out on the right.
3:35 pm
remember how conservatives attacked the president when he said trayvon martin could have been me? >> obama is all about creating chaos. and upsetting the order of things. he's all about stirring the pot. and, and generally, involving things that have to do with race. >> the sad truth is that from the president on down, our leadership has no clue, no clue at all about how to solve problems within the black community. >> race hustlers in the grievance industry have intimidated the so-called conversation. >> now the president says trayvon could have been me 35 years ago. this is a particularly helpful comment. because he was a member of a gang and smoked pot and did a little blow? >> this is why all the attempts
3:36 pm
of re-branding continue to fail. joining me now are karen finney and wes moore. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. let me start with you. why is it always one step forward, three steps back with the gop, when they try to re-brand? >> because these re-branding efforts aren't particularly sincere. they think their problem is to change the words, not the policies. and you listen to the kind of comments they made when president obama came out and was really speaking from the heart and dropping some truth out there that they should have been paying attention to. and instead, they do what they always do, because they're afraid of it and sort of make him into the bad guy. so the point is, they don't understand fundamentally they are disconnected from reality, from the american people, from the way african-americans live our lives, latinos live their lives and women live their lives, and they think changing the words is going to be enough.
3:37 pm
>> you know what, the right wing is consistently referred to both the president and trayvon with the same way, same word almost, thug. >> and i think it goes back exactly to what karen was saying. ironically, if you look at the definition of re-branding, it really isn't about taking the same product and figuring out a different way of talking about it. and i think what we said earlier is absolutely right. the challenge that they're having is not necessarily that this is a problem selling it. it's that people don't want to buy what people are being sold. we're not talking about issues that truly matter to the american people, immigration issues. if you're looking at education issues, if you're not serious about those kind of issue, and you spend your time doing things talking about things like trayvon martin and the president, about a grown-up trayvon martin, that's not something the american people
3:38 pm
are buying. >> you know, let me show you. talk about the president and trayvon using the word thug. let me show you this. >> trayvon martin would be alive today but for the fact that he was wearing thug wear. >> he's a street thug. he's a community organizer, that's what you r you're a street thug. >> trayvon martin, that thug, i'm glad he's dead. >> that's a bad way to start off, looking like you're some political thug at the white house. >> you dress like a thug, people are going to treat you like a thug. that's true. i stand by that. >> now all these name-calling on trayvon martin, a 17 year old kid, all these name-callings on the president. and as i mentioned in the intro, as a rebranding technique, republicans should, quote, hold our 2016 convention in detroit. >> please, please, wouldn't that
3:39 pm
be wonderful? they could really see up front and in person the damage their policies have done. but they're going to blame anything and everything on barack obama. >> they could blame, they could go on a little tour of the auto industry that was closed down by the last administration they were in charge. >> here's the thing. you've talked about this a lot. this is a constant, consistent effort to undermine the legitimacy of barack obama and barack obama's presidency. he's a thug. he's a constitutional attorney and he doesn't get the constitution. the way they speak about him is designed to undermine him and undermine his authority as president. >> yeah, you know, and that's a good point because the accomplishments of this president and a child, a 17 year old child you call a thug, i'm sure the right-wingers calling george zimmerman all kinds of
3:40 pm
names due to the incidents and things he keeps getting into. and i don't think they should. the name-calling and denigrating are for those who show they don't belong on the big stage of american politics. >> the other ironic thing is, when you look at the president, this is a person who does not have to be doing this. there's not a single thing that the president of the united states, if you look at his background and credentials could not be doing. this is a man who chose to devote his life to public service. he chose to be a community organizer. he chose to run for state office and eventually running for the highest office in the land. and the way we address that, and the way rerespect that is by calling him a thug? >> that's the problem, wes. >> yeah. >> he won. it's all right if he ran, but he won. >> the point that you were making. when democrats took back control of the congress in 2005/2006,
3:41 pm
right, we were running on a platform of ideas, right. there were a series of ideas. we had ideas that we could talk about. policies we could talk about. part of the problem, their own people are admitting this. they are bankrupt of ideas. all they can do is dress it up with a fresh coat of paint rather than say we've got it go back and look at the policies. >> i've got to leave it there. thank you both for being on the show tonight. both of you have a great thanksgiving. but watch karen. she'll be working this woke end. watch disrupt with karen fin eye, weekends at 4:00 in the evening. right here on msnbc. we will aeb right back. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed?
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america's moving forward on marriage equality. 16 states now have laws supporting same-sex marriage. and a clear majority of americans support it. but some right-wingers can't accept that. and since they're losing the fight here at home, they started exporting intolerance overseas. a new film shows how american missionaries have helped ignite an extremist anti-gay movement in the african nation of uganda that for a time tried to make homo sexuality punishable by
3:46 pm
death. >> home owe sexuality does not benefit a society. >> it's sin. >> the law says no home owe sexuality in this nation. it's an abomination to god. >> we forget that they're preaching to people who -- >> we do believe that god wants the righteous to rule. >> joining me now is the director of god loves uganda. thank you for joining me, roger. >> thank you. it's great to be here. >> why are evangelicals here in the united states traveling halfway around the world to spread an anti-gay message in africa? >> it's because they feel like they've lost the cultural war here. with state by state passing gay
3:47 pm
marriage. they feel like they can win the war because in africa there's a very vulnerable population. >> here you're having an anti-gay american pastor pushing his message on the ugandaen tv show in your film. >> it's become like sod om and ga mora. >> in africa, this extremist guy becomes the spokesperson of american evangelicalism. >> is that one of the things you found in doing this film? in america, these guys are nobodies, but they become big spokes men wrapping themselves in the cloak of religion, but it's really homo phobic with
3:48 pm
extreme consequences? uganda? >> absolutely. that was actually scott lively who is being sued in the united states for what he's done in uganda. the court ruled he has to stand trial. he is a very fringe figure. and he gets to go to uganda and address the parliament for five hours on the evil threats of homo sexuality. >> one thing that struck me was another anti-gay pastor from america preaching for wisdom from the ugandaen government. watch this. >> suddenly has become ground zero. god wants you to make a statement and stand.
3:49 pm
>> i mean, does this wisdom include the harsh penalty of law for being gay in uganda that they're advocating? >> absolutely. that's lou angle. and lou angle is a pretty big figure in the fundamental movement here in america. you can see him on youtube praying with michelle bachman. he was the roommate of the governor of kansas. so he's been a figure in american politics. and he actually, through governor rick perry had a huge prayer rally called the response in texas. but he really feels that in uganda they're making head way. uganda is the perfect storm. >> now you are gay. in uganda, did you ever feel threatened at all, yourself for
3:50 pm
being gay in uganda? >> yeah, actually, when i was filmi filming, i was outed. someone sent an e-mail to one of the evangelicals, and i was called to a meeting of all the anti-gay pastors. and they surrounded me and pulled out the e-mail and said we know you're gay. and it was a terrifying moment. because i didn't know what was going toen ha. but they googled me. and they said we're going to try to cure you instead of kill you. and they ended up praying over me, but it didn't work. >> congratulations on this important film and thank you for your time tonight. god loves uganda is now playing in theaters across the country. what do you do when your conservative aunt or uncle at dinner sounds like someone on
3:51 pm
fox? i got you. i got you covered. that's next. ♪ [ chicken caws ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums!
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thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, a chance for all of us to be with family and friends and be thankful for all we have. but we know what else it means. that aunt or uncle who watches fox news all day is coming to
3:53 pm
dinner. yep, uncle peter's probably in that traffic right now headed to your house for a weekend filled with conspiracy theories and right wing talking points. but don't get upset. don't lose your cool, because i've got you covered. yes, folks, it's time for rev al's talking tips. nutty uncle pete will probably say this about the president. >> republicans have little choice but to hammer obama care, because it's shaping up to be a disaster. >> although the president was the mastermind behind obama care, he certainly is not the only one who should be held accountable. >> there's still a chance to repeal obama care because it is a disaster. it is an imploigs. it's a train wreck. >> ah, yes, you know this one is coming. the obama care is a disaster line. but relax, take a breath and
3:54 pm
sever up some cold, hard facts. thanks to obama care, more than half a million people will be covered by next year. so already extended preventative care to 71 million with private insurance. and more than 7 million seniors already saving more than $9 billion on prescription drugs. and my favorite, even speaker boehner signed up. here's another turkey tip. because over the second course, uncle pete might throw this one out about the president. >> he wants to transform america into his socialist yew taupe yeah. >> here comes socialism. that's the subject of tonight's talking points memo. >> there is never the money to pay for socialism. >> socialist, he must be the worst socialist ever. stay calm and relax and dish out an extra helping of this --
3:55 pm
there's been 44 straight months of private sector job growth under president obama. you can see the remarkable turn around from the bush recession. the u.s. is on pace for the best year of job creation since before the 2008 crash. businesses added nearly 8 until jobs under president obama. on wall street, the dow under president obama is up over 90%. so just let them sit back and digest those numbers. turkey tip number three. when the beverages kick in, they'll throw this one at you. >> 21-0 where it's blame the republicans, blame the republicans. don't even mention the democrats. that's shocking. >> in less than two hour, we will reach the two week
3:56 pm
anniversary of the obama/reid shutdown. >> president obama's shutdown? prepare to shut down your uncle. a gallup poll shows congressional approval at 9%. that's a record low. congress enacted just 44 laws this year. and, of course, republicans' obsession over health care was the whole reason that forced the shutdown. let's not forget the house voted 48 times to repeal obama care. so now you can drop the mic right into that pumpkin pie. after the show we'll have all of rev al's turkey tips on politics
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happy thanksgiving to everyone in politics nation. here at msnbc, we've been asking our viewers all day to tweet in or facebook us about what they're thankful for with hash tag why i'm thankful. when i think about what i'm thankful for, of course my companions, my friends, my family and loved ones. but what i think of in my public and activist life, my daily radio show and all of you who watch me every night on politics nation. i'm also thankful for the gun documentary that we did just last friday, 50 years of guns. i'm thankful for advancing the
4:00 pm
dream, where we went to the apollo theater and showed 50 years after the march on washington, what has become of many who walked through those doors. but i guess the highlight would be for me when over 200,000 people joined martin loout irking iii who joined me on the 50th anniversary. i have a lot to be thankful for, including you. happy thanksgiving. "hardball" starts right now. to be fixed or not to be fixed. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm in tonight for chris matthews. leading off, this is a major weekend for the white house and supporters of the


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