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tv   First Look  MSNBC  December 16, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PST

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press." peter owe teal. plus, one heck of a day in the nfl. very good morning to you. we're following breaking news at this hour in new jersey. a man is shot dead in a carjacking after shopping with his wife at an upscale mall.
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it happened sunday outside the mall, 23 miles west of new york city. prosecutors say the 30-year-old just left the mall with his wife. he was opening his car door whether two men approached firing one shot. the man was shot in the head. his wife was unharmed. they took off in the silver range rover suv. now the search is on for those two men. officials say there were no other incidents at the mall. now to centennial, colorado, the scene of yet another school shooting friday. arapahoe high school is closed to day. counsellors will be available to the community. the 17-year-old senior clair davis is in a coma and in critical condition. she was shot point blank in the head by karr pier son who took his own life. they have more on pierson and what could have gone wrong. >> he got down in the hallway when a shotgun blast through
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arapahoe, colorado high school friday. >> my first instinct is to want to defend him. i know that's wrong much it's in defensible what he did. it's horrible what he did. it's hard to process those emotions like that. >> reporter: pierson and redman, co-captains on the speech and debate team were not best friends but he felt close fluff to try to help him. >> speech and debate was his life and the fact he wasn't there crushed him a little bit. made him really tense and angry about that. >> reporter: it had been a stressful fall term for pierson. he grew angry from losing his coveted spot on the team months ago which made the coach, librarian murphy a wanted man. >> karl and murphy did not get along. whatever it was escalated to a death threat. >> his intent was evil. and his evil intent was to harm multiple individuals. >> reporter: police say he stormed into the school heavily armed, prepared to hurt more than one person. as he moved through the library
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looking for murphy, he shot 17-year-old clair davis in the head point blank, eventually turning the weapon on himself. >> the karl that i knew was a good person. the karl that came into school on friday was not. >> reporter: the violence only added to the disbelief and pain in a community especially hard hit by deadly free killings, columbine in 1999, 13 dead, a movie theater in aurora just last year, another 12. colorado's governor echoed what many expressed here. >> what in the world is going on in the denver metro? >> god only knows. there is no rational explanation for what is happening here. i'm sick of it. i've had, you know, i've had enough of this. i think everyone in colorado had enough. >> that was ron not reporting there. there will be numerous head counts on capitol hill. that two year budgets that sailed through the house bipartisan support last week is now in the senate. but it's running into trouble with some republicans who say it raises spending levels too much. now leaders are trying to see if they have enough votes to stop
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the gop from blocking it. a key vote is planned for tomorrow. supporters need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. president obama is urging senators to pass the bill before the end of the week. arizona senator john mccain says the u.s. could take concrete action against ukraine. that's if it's government cracks down on dissent. mccain addressed thousands of protesters sunday. they're angry at the president's refusal to sign an agreement with the european union and instead focusing on russia. mccain told protesters the destiny you seek lies in europe. mccain also spoke out sunday on robert levinson, the american held captive in iran for seven years. the associated press reported last week he was working for the cia on an unapproved mission. the cia did not tell the truth to congress about levinson. the senior republican senator said he doesn't think there is any doubt about whether iran knows levenson's fate.
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the world lost a legend of the silver screen. peter o'toole died saturday at the age of 81 despite a film career full of highlights like the "lawrence of arabia "oiflt he never won an academy award. o'toole received an honorary oscar in 2003. he said always a bridesmaid, never a bride, my foot. i have my own oscar with me. it will be with me until death do us part. another acting giant passed away this week, joan fontaine known for her hitchcock thrillers died sunday at the age of 96. she won an oscar for hitchcock's suspicion. and actor write/direct yor billy lawfullin died. all right, now let's get the latest sports from my good
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friend. good monday morning, richard. >> good morning you to. yeah, steelers, they keep their play-off hopes alive. great plays like this one in the first quarter give them a 21-0 lead. the steelers and an tone yes brown returning a punt for six points there. in that play, watch this. the bengals punter gets hit in the chin fracturing his jaw. that one hurt. later in the fourth, the bengals surge with 13 points. not enough. the steelers stun 30-20. trying to avoid the first losing season in a decade. a major choke for the cowboys to tell you about. the cowboys leading by 23 at halftime. the second half all green bay. they cut dallas' lead to just five points. then green bay's eddie lacy clutched touchdown, packers come back win there, 37-36. the cowboys play-off chances in question now. the eagle are still first in the nfc east despite losing to minnesota. the packers chase number two detroit in the nfc north. a tight game between the pats and dolphins. first, that.
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a field goal fail. where you are looking? yeah. the ball is snapped right off the face. you hate that stuff, don't you? love that during the year end highlights. a chance for a comeback. you saw that. tom brady throwing the interception in the end zone. he did not give the dolphins surprise. 24-20. this was a scoring bonanza. kansas city at oakland. the chief's alex smith and charles kill it. four td pass as lone to charles. setting an all time single game td record by a running back. andre holmes gets a circus catch there with one shoe, one hand. that effort not enough though. chiefs, 56-31 clinching a play-off spot. a sweet win for smith who was dropped about it raiders last year. peyton manning "sports illustrated" naming him sportsman of the year. they looked at manning's entire career and imprint on his team and community. manning is about to break two coveted 94-year-old records,
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season tds and yards. we'll be watching. all hail to jamis winston. lift that thing up, would you? he got 368 first place votes compared to his runner up who the go just 162. he leads florida state against auburn in the bcs championship game january 6th. olympic snowboarder shaun white had to pull out of the qualifier final. he has a sprained ankle. and in the nba, incredible buzzer beater in overtime. game tied 109. two points in the front of the paint there. portla portland beats detroit 111-109. lots to talk about there. >> good job, richard. see you shortly. a big cleanup in the northeast sunday after a weekend storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some parts. travelers were forced to deal with slippery roads and flight cancellationsment for a look at
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what's next with the weather, we join our own bill karins. all right, bill, what's going on out there? >> another mini snowstorm. >> another snowstorm. >> head for the same areas that just dug out. >> but this is a small one. this will have more of an imp t impact. it's going to happen on tuesday. it could affect people's traveling plans to work and school. the coldest air right now is located just north of the great lakes. that's coming down this morning to chicago, minneapolis. this is tuesday morning, not today. this is tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. the blue shows where you the snow is. pretty much covering the state of pennsylvania, moving into philadelphia at 6:00 a.m. and then as we go through the morning rush hour into areas right around new york city, the busy i-95 corridor from philly to new york and areas of southern connecticut, should be snow covered with plenty cold enough. and then as we go throughout the day tuesday that, snow moves out of new york about it evening rush hour over hartford and boston. we could be talking about enough snow that is plowable in new england. this is one of our computer models. you know, generally two to four
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in the southern new england. three to six north of that and areas to the south, not quite as much. only two or three. again, it's the timing during the day on tuesday people driving to work, school, kids and business travel will be highly impacted. >> you to be dacareful out. there. today's high-tech screens may be too visual for you to appreciate. busting for boasting. we have that story coming up. also braving the cold and a few chuckles. there he, is bill karins. i just saw you go by. here you come. keep your eye on the guy to the left. it's all coming up next.
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it turpz out friday the 13th isn't lucky. after no tukts matched the mega millions jackpot. the prize climbed to $553 million. the next drawing is tuesday night and the jackpot is certain
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to grow by the time the balls fall. nelson mandela is laid to rest in south africa. the former south african president is remembered as a man who emerged from 27 years in prison to forge a new democratic nation by promoting forgiveness and reconciliation. mandela died on december 5th at the age of 95. the funeral drew 1 4r5 mi45 mil the town. the "boston globe" released a five-month investigation that offers details about the lives of the alleged bombers. the report claims the brothers came from a broken home in russia and the older may have suffered from schizophrenia. a florida man charged last week on 142 counts of possession of weapons and ammunition by convicted felon, how he got caught is the interesting part. police parentally used insta gram and noticed the man's series of photos holding guns and was of cash.
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and in ohio, over 300 half nude santas braved the cold to run in the second annual sanda speedo dash for diabetes. did you see bill karins? right. there the f-k was slipper yes. they raised about $20,000. brave souls. and now for your first look at business, we turn to cnbc. >> time is running out to buy your christmas tree. demand has been very strong this year. partly due to fewer days between thanks giving and christmas. sales over black friday were up 17%. did you know that today is the busiest pickup day of the year for ups. some 34 million packages being picked up worldwide, it is also the busiest mailing day for the u.s. postal service which expects to process 607 million letters, packages and cards. lastly, ultra hd doesn't always mean a better value. tvs and smart phones boast more
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pickles but tech experts say consumers often pay for more than their eye can actually see and more pixels may not make much difference. >> there you go. thank you. coming up next, "washington post" reporter on whether the white house is limiting media 5:00 set to the obama administration. plus, the bat that will is brewing within the grand old party. we're going to tell you all about in "scrambled politics." ♪ [ male announcer ] welcome back all the sweet things your family loves with 0-calorie monk fruit in the raw.
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the next member of the bush family on a ballot appears to be moving away from the family name. george p. bush, son of jed, says he's more like former house speaker newt gingrich than his presidential grandson and uncle. he is a movement conservative. he is kushtly making his first bid for public office as land commissioner in texas. john boehner lashed out at the far right of his party. last week boehner said groups like heritage action lost credibility following the government shutdown and the house budget chairman shares those frustrations. >> i think john just got his irish out. he was frustrated that the groups came out before we reached our budget agreement. ways frustrated, too. i think these are very important elements of our conservative family. i would prefer to keep the conversations within the family. i think he was voice ing his frustration. >> pope frances says he knows a lot of communists but he is not
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one himself. he was responding to criticism after he condemned global economic inequality. rush limbaugh labeled the pope as a pure marxist. john mccain doesn't regret liz description of the president's hand shake with kas tremendous. now he is walking that back. >> i don't think you should shake hands with someone who continues to violate his own country's human rights. it happened. it is what it is. i'm sure it was an exaggeration if you want me to plead guilty here on cnn. guilty. and first family got into the holiday spirit last night. they attended the 32nd annual christmas in washington concert. sheryl crow, hugh jackman and janelle monet were all on hand. and that's going to do it for your dish of "scrambled politics." joining us for our first look at politics, is "washington post"
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reporter david nakamura. 38 media organizations wrote this letter to the white house last week claiming that this administration is blocking the public from having an independent view of the executive branch of government. now david, of course, you cover the white house for "the washington post." i want to get your take on this. do you think this is a fair assessment? >> i think so. this has been a long standing issue for the press association and its grown more of a concern over time with the obama administration. this is an era, of course in, which everybody is able to access social media and publish their own photos. the swhous very good at that. they have a good robust website. facebook page and they're able to then take that and use their own photographs to sort of put out an image they sthi problthi burnished and edited and the press association might like. this is an issue on anything from private meetings to when the president went out and played golf with tiger woods. they kept the media in the van. people say that is superficial.
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what do we need to get out of that? this issue of whether the president is going to south africa shaking hands with raul castro or taking selfies. we have to see that. if the white house put the photos out there if they only had their own photographer is unlikely. there is skepticism until they work with the press as to whether we're going to get into the private meetings. how much do you blame this on social media? >> well, it is. the president was very obviously forward thinking on this back in 2008. they have an e-mail list that numbers in the tens of millions. they use it to their advantage. no one really faults him for that. that is important to do. the question is, this is a big media pact that really wants to be in there. there is a lot of pressure going on. jay carney took questions on this and he got peppered. he said he would pay a lot of hommage to photographers, particularly reporters trying to
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get in there and they're saying they're trying to strike a balance. some of meetings are private. but other time, i think is only twice that photographers have been in the oval office without anybody else to photograph the president and, you know, privately, private moments he was on the phone both time. they said that is not enough is what this media association is saying. >> all right, david, always nice to see you, my friend. >> thank you. coming up next, bill and richard will join us for "first buzz ow" and unnerving backyard scene for a florida home ener. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪
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good morning. it is time for "first buzz." we're talking bear, beers and holiday travel. >> i like it. >> you have the bears. >> yeah. someone breaks in your backyard, you call 911, right? >> two bears. they're trying to get in the house. i'm so scared. oh, my god, there are three bears now. >> they didn't breakthrough the window but they did come through the screen porch protecting the pool. that's where the bears stopped. they were plenty happy to take a dip. they stuck around for an hour. this is in florida, by the way. there is a lot of black bears in florida. the three bears broke in as can you see there. went for a little dip. she took her camera out and took a picture. >> she's so scared. she is hiding behind the curtain. >> they're young, too. >> bears like a good swim, too. >> richard is talking about beer this morning. >> that's right. >> of course. >> the perfect gift, i think, for this christmas. it's beer concentrate. what it does, you get the small little packets --
2:28 am
>> like orange juice. >> 1.6 ounces. you can take it on camping trips. you just add water. you shake it around like a shake weight for two minutes. you end up with 16 ounces of beer. costs you about $3. >> i can't imagine that will taste good. >> i never thought about. that the big hit now is those things you make your own soda, carbon ated. >> same idea. >> although, i can see there might be problems if you're going to certain events where they say can you not bring in beverages. how are they going to stop that from going in. >> i know what to get you for christmas now. not the beer but the shake weight. so many of us are traveling this holiday season. i got to ask you, what do you find most annoying when you're on a flight? >> richard sitting next to me? >> the consulting firm put out a list and do you want to know what tops that list? >> probably kids? >> no. >> i'm sure. >> well, you know, last year it was the rear seat kicker.
2:29 am
this year it is the inattentive parent followed by the aeromattic and the boozer. >> the boozer is entertaining. >> this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" starts right now. >> i see the tea party indispensable, invaluable in helping keep the taxpayer in the game. keep washington accountable. and when i look at when we lost a majority in '06, we deserved to lose it then. they helped us get our ship righted by being fiscally conservative. we have two-thirds of house conservatives voting for this. this is a step in the right direction. >> paul ryan tries to make peace with the hard right. this week we see the senate can approve the budget deal that he helped broker and push through the house. also, the drone war, not the military but the retail kind. it is now google's turn to get into the mix. a lot going on in space. yes, the chinese land on the moon. the international space station has coolant issues and the
2:30 am
trifecta, iran launches another monkey into orbit. you got it, folks. it's monday. and this is "way too early." good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. we're inching our way to the christmas holiday. we have your nfl fix on monday and news on advatar sequels. but we want to start with a developing story overnight in the middle east. two lebanese soldiers were shout early this morning about it israeli army near the border between the two countries. no word yet on their conditions. army spokeswoman says the shooting happened after troops noticed suspicious activity. israeli soldier was killed late sunday night by a sniper with lebanon's army.


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