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tv   Lockup Colorado  MSNBC  December 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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even for inmates serving hard time, love can be a strong motivator. >> who's going to marry you? >> i don't know. maybe one person out there. >> but in prison, reaching out to others can be a dicey proposition. >> i ended up moving on this other dude, which turns out he had other intentions as far as force himself on me. >> they were saying i was spending way too much time in the office with the new female staff. >> some people don't know when these guys are too close.
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>> in this environment, you've got to kind of pick and choose who you associate with. >> and one of these men will soon make a connection that puts the entire state prison system on high alert. >> we went into a full lockdown. >> get him up. get him up. up against the wall. there are a few places where trust and friendship are
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precarious as they are at a level four penitentiary like the limon correctional center in colorado. but brett and darrel walker, serving 40 years for murder, are two of the lucky ones. they've been friends for seven years. >> we're pretty close. >> by this time, we're all beyond everything. we're like brothers now. >> while brotherhood is a good thing to have in prison, alner is interested in expanding his horizons, specifically to someone who is not incarcerated and is not another guy. >> to be honest, i would get married. i would. i would get married right here in prison. there's no doubt. i want to meet somebody on paper first. i know. i would. i know it sounds stupid. we have never talked about this, really. >> who's going to marry you? >> i don't know. maybe one person out there. who knows? >> good luck. >> you know what i was thinking, what if somebody from china -- can they get like a visa to come over here and get married?
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can they actually get citizenship if they married a convict? i was thinking about that earlier. >> i think that's a legal gray area there. >> well, all right. >> you don't like his plan, darrell? >> i love his plan, but i think it's a little gray. very gray. >> gray or not, step one for bulmer is finding a pen pal. step one a joining a pen pal club. >> release or next parole date. i'll just put 2014. eye color? blue. hair? i'm putting down silver. >> gray would give you away. >> there you go. i'll fill one out for you. orientation, are you straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual? >> i'm not gay, but extremely happy. >> i'm straight and a little bit lesbian. no! are you willing to correspond with an overseas pen pal? yes. >> what's your type? >> oh, girl, i didn't know you were going to ask me all this.
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>> breathing. right about now, breathing. >> yeah, man, you're really getting me all red here. i'm real embarrassed now. you just want somebody that's kind. that's warmhearted. they don't have to be the best looking. they don't have to be skinny. none of that even matters anymore. you don't realize that until you're taken away from society. that's how i look at it. >> why bulmer looks for love on the outside, roy freed found himself the subject of unwanted advances on the inside. >> being who i am, it was hard to live with me. i moved in with this other guy that was gay. i was like, sure, we can be roommates, but it turns out he had other intentions as far as force himself on me so we got into a little altercation last night. >> did you do any damage to him? >> not really. no, he was like bigger than me. the only good thing that came out of this black eye is which it gave me a single cell. which is kind of a catch-22, since day one i've got here,
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i've been requesting one. really, i just stay by himself. the only people i kick it with is gay people, people that identify themselves as being transgender. >> later on we met two of roy's of closest friends. >> trying to do a birthday party. >> what's today? >> my birthday. i thought it was a holiday. that's not on your calendar? it was on cnn on the scroll this morning. >> we were going to the gym and do pictures and then we had a little strip show. or something. >> i ain't got nothing to do with that. just for the record, i don't know what they're talking about. >> one member of the trio,
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robert burzee has been at limon for three years and has been out of the closet for most of that time. >> i'm gay, and i didn't want it to be known, but i was involved with a guy here. and things as they were, the guys found out, obviously. there's somewhat gay activity going on in the prison environment, that it's just amazing, because some of the guys that detest the gay lifestyle the most are the ones that sneak in my house or ask them to fool around with them. but ultimately on the yard or when you're out in general population moving around, for the most part, people want to shun you or whatever, based on the fact that it's just a cool thing to do, for the most part. >> burzee, cherry, and others all look out for royanna. >> she looks like a girl, so now
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she applies to wider ranger of people. even the straightest guys will fool around with her, because they can justify it on the fact that she looks like a woman. >> what are you doing here? >> working on the line, serving breakfast. it's kind of weird, being the new person, and especially who i am. but just like mom used to make. >> i think it will be good in the long run to get me out of the cell hall and break up the monotony as far as being depressed. >> really, it's all good? and you have to wear that hair net? >> i'm kind of having a bad hair day today, you know. >> that's what it is today. >> michael cherry works as a prison porter, but finds other ways to supplement his income. >> he doesn't do this for free. >> he'll pay me tokens or stamps or i might want some christmas canteen.
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>> not that we're bartering. we're not bartering. >> have a good night! >> cherry, burzee and royanna share a connection that makes their prison time a little easier to deal with. but another inmate doesn't want to connect with anyone. we met timothy shriver earlier in our state when he was making life miserable for everyone around him. >> you're the enemy. >> since he's been at this facility, he's attempted to incite other offenders. >> i'm going to get you good. you dumb [ bleep ]. >> been disruptive. >> what's your name? >> i'll put it in writing for you. >> state your name! state your name! >> he's masturbated in front of female staff. >> you fools don't see him a the
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management of the country. i'm not on the side of the prisoner. i'm not on the side of the [ bleep ] staff. i'm my own [ bleep ] army. >> schreiber has now begun harassing his neighbor. >> he came out of his cell and he started yelling, so that got the co's attention and he started spitting on my window. then he tried to spit into the little holes in the door. >> any idea why he would spit on your window or spit through your door? >> he was probably mad because i don't respond to when he calls me names like he wants me to, so that upsets me even more, so he tries even more to get me to respond, but i don't. so maybe he's just upset. >> but schreiber says he had a reason for spitting on maes' window. >> they did not even write him up. but i came out saturday to take
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my shower, i spit on his window in retaliation for his [ bleep ] ball. >> lieutenants andy piper and jim fox investigated shreiber's claim, but concluded it was false. >> he pulled maes out and went in there to do a search and there was no empty containers he could have done that with. >> later, shreiber admitted to our crew the real reason he spit at maes. >> why'd you do it in the first place? >> probably out of boredom. i don't talk to anybody else in here, so i've got to have some kind of entertainment, i guess. something to do. >> coming up -- >> is that all right? >> maybe. >> shreiber continues haranguing staff, while another inmate gets in trouble for trying to get a little too close to staff.
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during his short time at the limon correctional facility in colorado -- >> i'm not saying anything. >> timothy schrieber has gotten on the nerves of staff and fellow inmates alike. >> you dumb [bleep]. >> he says a case of boredom led him to spit on the window of another inmate's cell. but that has come with a price. >> they call it assault and put me on special control. >> special control is locked up for 72 hours. they're stripped of their property with the exception of their boxers. if they're compliant when the put them on special controls and just go for the ride and follow the rules, they'll start getting their property back one piece at
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a time. if not, he won't receive anything. he'll just have his blanket and that's all. >> but even after 72 hours on special control, schrieber's behavior hasn't improved. >> he's still acting out, still yelling, still trying to disrupt the other offenders. he has been on for 72 hours, so by policy, we do have to give him a shower. >> shreiber, we know you're still on special control and we're going to extend it for another 24 hours due to your behavior. >> whatever. >> we're going to offer you a shower. it's up to you if you want it or not. >> if i get a shower, i want another piece of my property back. >> this isn't negotiations. i'm telling you what i'm going to give you. if your behavior is appropriate, we will go ahead and proceed with giving you your property as outlined in policy. >> can i have a mattress today? >> if your behavior is
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appropriate. >> at what time is my behavior appropriate, can i have a mattress? >> that's what i'm talking about. keep asking me like that and you won't get one today. if you're behaving in an appropriate manner, i will give it to you this afternoon, probably about 3:00. >> 3:00? fine. i'd like a shower. >> now, when you come out for a shower, if you do anything but shower, if you go -- i'm trying to explain something to you -- >> [ bleep ]. >> if you talk to anybody, if you act up, i will extend it for another -- i will extend it for another 24 hours. >> if what? >> if you start acting up again. >> i'm not going to say a [ bleep ] word to these. all i want is a [ bleep ] mattress, okay, at 3:00, if my behavior is appropriate. >> yeah. >> okay, fine. can i have my towel and a bar of soap? >> i'm sure we could do that. >> and get these fools -- excuse me, the guys on the nbc cameras. >> if i decide you can, you can talk to them. >> you're not going to allow me to talk to them? >> just because of your attitude, i don't know. just because of your attitude
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and how you just disrespected them, i don't know, i'll decide. i'll decide. so i'll give you your shower. so i'll give you your shower. >> okay. and then what about a mattress? >> 3:00. >> fine. >> any other questions? >> no. >> okay. he's a unique offender. i can honestly say in the time that i've been here, i have yet to meet an offender like this. i cannot get in this guy's shoes and think like him. i have no idea why he wants to do this. >> while schrieber has been repelling correctional officers, another inmate has been accused of hitting on one. >> hanson was giving unwanted attention to a new female staff member. he was talked to about it repeatedly and it's progressed to a level where he has been removed from population and put
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in the hole and they're investigating this. >> i'm currently housed in deep segregation for investigation. there was new female staff that started over in unit 4, and my job over in unit 4 was the unit clerk. and they were saying that i was spending way too much time in the office with the new female staff, and i explained that i don't spend anymore time in there with her than i did with any other officer. >> but according to rookie office dawn mcdaniel, hansen did more than spend too much time in the office. >> it was kind of over a couple of day period. just, you know, nonchalant questions here and there and, you know, asking me if i had a man, he'd make me happy, and just out of the blue he offered
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me a ring and said it was mine if i wanted it. and i was pretty sure i didn't want it. so i had to write a report and turn it in to the shift commander. >> hansen was written up for solicitation of staff. a charge the prison takes very seriously. >> as a department and as a facility, we have zero tolerance for staff becoming involved with offenders in any type of personal relationship. some of the problems with new officers is their lack of experience in working in corrections or law enforcement. and they run the risk of becoming too comfortable in the setting and getting either assaulted by offenders or becoming manipulated by them. >> i've only been here about a month. i'm still making the change. i worked in retail sales, where you had to be friendly. and in this atmosphere, it's a dangerous atmosphere. you don't want to be too friendly. >> what are your thoughts about the solicitation of staff allegation? >> i think it's bull. >> why? >> because i didn't solicit
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staff. >> knowing he will soon have a disciplinary hearing on the solicitation charge, hansen has prepared a defense. coming up next on "lockup: extended stay." >> i wouldn't even go into any of that. >> bryan hansen gets some much-needed help to avoid more time in the hole. and later -- an inmate barber offers his chair to a new clientele. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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limon inmate bret bulmer has been eagerly waiting for a response to the ad he placed for a pen pal and now he has one, from the other side of the world. >> i got a letter from a lady in africa, actually senegal. the capital city of dakar. dear brad, you are the most handsome -- no, i'm just kidding. dear, bret, hi, dear, how are
6:24 pm
you today? i hope all is well with you. my name is miss linda. i just went through your profile in this site. my dear, i am interested in knowing more about you. waiting to hear from you soon. this is pretty cool. i was excited about it, you know what i mean? especially in africa. so i looked it up in the encyclopedia, because i didn't know where dakar was, in africa. so it was pretty cool. the hardest part about doing time, of course i miss my kids, my little niece i never met. so that kills you. but when they call mail, and go out there on the railing, and you stand up there and see all your brothers and friends getting mail, over and over and over, and you're just standing up there, as bad as you want it, it ain't going to come. so here we are. >> while bulmer looks ahead to the possibility of finding love, inmates eric glass and erik coleman look back to the past. and what they've lost. >> just looking at our kids, how much they've grown and
6:25 pm
everything. reminiscing over the family, how much stuff we've missed. >> it hurts, it hurts. certain parts of your life you can't get back. i lost my momma when i was on my second year. i lost her and that was one of the worst things i ever went through in my life and i can never get that moment back. but that helps you to not come back. >> no, i ain't ever come back. >> puts everything in perspective, when you realize what you've lost. >> glass has experienced a lot of loss over his seven years in prison. some more painful to his vanity than to his heart. >> i've changed. i lost my hair and a big mouth gone for me. i love my hair, i'm a barber, i love my hair. i lost that and i thought i lost my life. >> let me see your head. >> it's ashy. i ain't shaved. >> on top?
6:26 pm
>> i know you got the hookup on that. >> glass' job as a prison barber has allowed him to not only change the way other inmates look, but the way he sees them as well. robert burzee is one of his regulars. >> i sat right here in this chair and said -- >> no, the first time you asked me to cut your hair, i wasn't willing to cut your hair. i used to gay bash because i had a homophobia nature. i think everybody does when you're young because you think everybody wants you. and you don't want anybody coming at you like that. >> they call you bra-zee now. >> huh? i didn't get that e-mail. what are you talking about? bra-zee. like his last name. make kind of a joke out of it. which is kind of funny, you know. >> so you don't have a problem cutting gay guys' hair? >> as long as he respects who i
6:27 pm
am as a man, me being married and all, as long as you don't come at me with that stuff, he's a good dude, you know. >> i've matured a lot. i've developed an understanding i'm not god, i'm not in a position to put nobody in heaven or hell. i can't judge nobody. the only thing i can do is pray for them, know who i am as a man and keep it moving. >> nice. right on. i appreciate it. i got you when we get back to the unit. >> all right. >> i'll look out for you, like always. >> i'm not saying i'm participating in my homosexual activities, but i can talk to them and feel freely about who i am as man. all right, number three on the top? >> yes. >> tight hairline. >> yes. >> he already knows. >> burzee's friend michael cherry, also goes to glass for his haircuts and once even tried to get a job alongside him in the barbershop. >> yeah. they sabotaged me.
6:28 pm
>> boy, i did. it was funny. >> was it funny? >> tell him about it, cherry. >> i guess a couple of the guys that worked in the barbershop got wind that i knew how to cut really good. so they sabotaged the clippers, before i cut this guy's hair, they unscrewed the screws in the clippers. so when i started cutting his hair, the blades fell out. >> you're holding it up kind of -- ohhh! look what you did back there. let's see. no, that looks good. let me tell you something, eric. you went way too back right here. >> don't do that! please don't do that! coming up -- >> did you call officer, eberle a bad little [ bleep ] pig?
6:29 pm
>> yeah, and i called her miss piggy, too. that's my nickname for her. >> timothy schrieber is at it again. and later, the actions of one inmate puts limon and the entire state prison system on edge. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? 30 days? 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... 3,000 days. because of gasoline's high energy density, your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel compared to other energy sources. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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got mail. >> somebody loves me. >> it's exciting to get mail. it's a blast. i really look forward to it. mail call, it's like maybe somebody wrote me. it's really cool. it's really, really cool. >> inmate bret bulmer has been enjoying everything about his pen pal experience at colorado's limon correctional facility. >> this one smells so good. >> but he did get one big surprise. >> i've got five different letters so far. however, the first one from africa, you remember the first one from africa? okay, my nubian princess turned out to be an african queen. so i wrote him very politely and told him -- exactly. and i told him that tarzan don't swing from that vine. so that's kind of like a done deal. i got one from australia. a really nice lady wrote me from australia. canada. the philippines. and then london. haven't got anything from the states yet. so that's what i'm hoping for.
6:34 pm
i'm hoping somebody out there, one of you, anyway, one nice lady will write and see what happens. >> while bulmer is building relationships on the outside, timothy shreiber is continuing to destroy them on the inside. >> inmate schrieber is a very difficult inmate to manage. he talks very rudely and very crudely, vulgar language to the majority of staff, but especially the female staff. >> officer kendra eberle is the latest staff member to write a disciplinary report on shreiber. this time for verbal abuse. >> did you in fact call officer ebberle a bad little bitch pig? >> oh yeah, that's my nickname for her. i call her miss piggy. i have nicknames for all these cops in here. some of them i do get along with, but there's a lot of them i don't get along with. and i don't like, you know? just the way it is, you know? >> i know i was going to be called names. i'm prepared for that.
6:35 pm
i was prepared for that before i came. i knew i was going to be called a "b" word and a "c" word and all these other things you can think about calling. but if they think i'm a "b" word, i'm probably doing my job right. >> schrieber will soon face a disciplinary hearing for the verbal abuse writeup and an earlier incident where he spit on the window of a cellmate. >> doesn't that strike you as a little self-destructive? >> yes. i know it's not right to do that, i know it's wrong. i'm mad at myself, but i take it out on whoever is around me. staff members, prisoners who are nearby. >> relationships between officers and inmates at limon run the gamut. with shreiber, it involves verbal abuse. >> with bryan hansen, it's trying to get too close to staff. >> what's happening? where are you going to? >> i'm going to a hearing for solicitation of staff. >> did you have a statement or
6:36 pm
something? i'll make sure they grab all your paperwork and stuff. >> hansen is due to face the prison disciplinary committee for allegedly having given unwanted attention to rookie officer dawn mcdaniel, including an attempt to give her a ring. >> see, i throwed out this other thing here of like things that i was going to say, you know? towards my defense. if you want to read over that. >> hansen will be assisted in his defense by inmate advocate, billy edwards. >> i probably wouldn't even go too much into any of that. >> you wouldn't even read none of this? >> are you ready to plead to the charges? >> yes, ma'am. >> to class one, rule 19, solicitation of staff misconduct, do you plead guilty, not guilty, or guilty in estimation?
6:37 pm
>> no guilty. it's officer dawn mcdaniel's statement that this man, bryan hansen, did offer to give her a ring. had she accepted that gift, it would have been a violation of the colorado department code of ethics. >> on mr. hansen's behalf, the beginning of this report is saying that he offered her a ring. i believe that based on the job that mr. hansen had at the time, it may have been misinterpreted what was said and i think it was just taken out of context. i don't think his intention was to give this officer this ring. >> what was the intent? since you're speaking for him. >> it was said to her as a means to bring a smile to her face. it wasn't an intent to actually offer the ring. >> okay. the board will take that into consideration. do you have anything else, hansen? >> i just want to read a little bit of what i wrote.
6:38 pm
>> go ahead. >> i had talked with c.o. mcdaniel and told her that i was the kind of guy that wore his heart on his sleeve. and speaking straight from the heart, i told her i was out of line. i was only playing. i didn't mean any disrespect and i would never do anything to put her job in jeopardy. i also said i would back off and stop joking around with her if that's what she wanted. i also told her that i thought she was an awesome person and had a great personality. and with our conversations, she was an inspiration on wanting me to get off my ass and get out of prison. i know i'm an idiot. and i shouldn't play around with staff and prison. i apologize wholeheartedly to c.o. mcdaniel, to this hearings board, and to the facility. i meant no disrespect. it will not happen again. i have no intentions on compromising staff or the security of the facility. >> anything else? if nothing else, the board will make a decision. >> hansen waits outside the hearing room until a decision is reached. >> i'm pretty sure i'm going to get found guilty.
6:39 pm
>> why? >> because it's the staff's word against mine. >> but hansen will soon learn, it was his own words that did him in. >> i mean, he confessed. he's sittinging there, more and more talking and he confessed. >> it's only a matter of moments before a decision is made. >> you're charged with a class one, rule 19, solicitation of staff misconduct. you pled not guilty. however, the board did find you guilty. sanctions imposed is 30 days punitive segregation from the date of this incident to february the 2nd. this concludes case number 090763. >> how are you feeling? >> just feeling bummed out, you
6:40 pm
know? my intentions weren't to compromise staff or anything, you know. the officer was down in the dumps, so i was trying to bring her out of that. it doesn't pay to be cute and funny in prison. coming up -- >> time to move on. start a new chapter, you know? >> three friends go their separate ways. >> this is a very big wake-up call for someone like me. i mean, this is something that will change your direction in life. and a shocking development will change one inmate's life forever and put the entire prison on lockdown. get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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6:44 pm
for verbally abusing an officer. and the fun seems to be over for royanna freed as well. >> i'm moving to unit number six. i need a change. and there's another transgender over there and some over people i met when i started working in the kitchen. i don't know. i'm just tired of it over here. i'm getting caught taking my pillow on camera. look at that. i'm going to jail. >> what was that about? >> because you're not supposed to take your pillow with you, i don't know, from unit to unit. i don't know. >> and you thought you could get away with it? >> i did. i almost did, look. because it's like a big old hassle to get another one.
6:45 pm
anyway, oh well. how embarrassing, huh? anyway. yeah, this is what -- i've never moved before, so i don't know how to work this. >> with the transfer, royanna leaves behind the two other gay inmates who had become friends. robert burzee and michael cherry. >> royanna moved over to six, so -- so the trio's kind of split up. >> time to move on. start a new chapter, you know? >> you know, everybody is doing their own little thing, so we all make decisions that either benefit us or may hurt us. i think in some instances, it might have hurt some of us. >> what about a pillow? >> if there's not one in there, i'll get you one. >> the third member of the trio, burzee, has moved on as well. but, unfortunately, it was to segregation after he was found to have stolen an electric razor from another inmate. >> came to see burzee. i've been in touch with his father, correspondence, over the telephone.
6:46 pm
and then i realized he was rfp'd. i was hoping you can shed some light. >> well, we had a shaving razor, electric, and one of the inmates turned it in for repair, and inmate burzee took it from the office, because he owed a debt. when he tried to sell it, somebody else tipped off the guy that it actually belonged to and they were actually going to throw him over the tier. >> oh, that's why he's rfp'd. >> with a death threat hanging over his head, burzee has been segregated for his own protection. though he claims he's innocent. >> basically, the deal is this, stuff came up missing out of the office, we're holding you accountable for it, regardless whether you're involved or not, you know, we don't like you over here. he said "scapegoat," that was his exact words. regardless of what the deal is, you're going to be the scapegoat for it. this is the penitentiary, this is not a minimum facility, this is the penitentiary here. this is where the [ bleep ] is. this is where the serious stuff is.
6:47 pm
a couple years ago, this is the place where stabbings and things happened weekly. i mean, this is a very serious environment here. and this is a very big wake-up call for somebody like me. this is something that will change your direction in life. >> and it did. burzee has been scheduled to transfer for another prison. and both cherry and royanna are left with some uncomfortable feelings. >> you think you know someone and then, you know, you really don't know him. because the way stuff went down it was really uncalled for. he stole a pair of clippers. i don't know what type of a story he told you. >> for sure, he did? >> they were an inmate's. yeah. and so that was wrong. you know what i mean? and then he lied about it. it was kind of sad. he should have known better, you know what i mean? it's just retarded. >> you think you know a person and something like that happens,
6:48 pm
it kind of makes you, wow, i really didn't know this person. but in this environment, you've got to kind of pick and choose who you associate with. and sometimes you pick people that you think are good people and they turn out not to be so-good people. it put a damper on things because we were pretty close friends and i thought i knew him. my thing is, if you're friends, you should be honest. >> they're not going to be my friends or somebody i hang out with on the streets. but these guys are going to be left here and there's a lot of -- you know, to deal with in this particular penitentiary. so i feel bad for them. because it's not going to get any easier -- it's going to get worse before it gets better for them. for everybody. coming up next -- >> we went into a full lockdown. >> the prison goes on major lockdown status because of the actions of one member of this trio of former friends. awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car,
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on any given day at the limon correctional facility, inmates are caught violating prison rules. >> bring your two officers over, please, to unit two. >> most of these violations never disrupt the daily routine. but today, one has not only rocked the prison, it sent shockwaves through the state's entire department of corrections. >> yesterday morning, the segregation staff did a strip search on the segregation corridor and found a large quantity of heroin and cocaine that the inmate was apparently smuggling to a distribution point to be distributed to the inmate population. >> what we did is we went into a full lockdown, stopped all movement, had assistance from other facilities come in as well as the k-9 units. we are right now going through and sweeping each cell, each pod, and each unit throughout the entire facility. >> it involves all of our staff and the ert staff from five other facilities. of course, people have to fill
6:53 pm
in for them because they can't do their normal jobs. so we're basically impacting the entire state. >> the potential that more drugs are existing is pretty significant at this time. although we found the drugs on one offender, the offender has indicated that they were picked up at a different location within the facility. therefore, that may allude that there may be additional drugs in the facility. >> the heroin was of very high quality. so we have a high chance of getting overdoses and things like that. it is also worth a great deal of money. investigators estimated the value to be somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000. somebody is going to be expected to pay for this lost merchandise. so we could have assaults or we could even have murders. >> though correctional officers rarely carry guns, the threat of eminent violence has emergency response teams heavily armed and at the ready.
6:54 pm
the lockdown will last for at least three days. and inmate movement will be restricted while staff members work 12-hour shifts, searching every cell. >> generally, it irritates the inmates. of course, they're locked down. they don't get fed when they usually do. they don't get to go to recreation. their showers, their phones are restricted. >> it doesn't take long before frayed nerves lead to a fight in the gym where inmates have been held during the cell searches. >> get him out. get him out. get him up against the wall. [ dog barking ] >> while officers try to manage inmate tempers, the investigation into the smuggled drugs continues. >> this is the drug packet itself that the officer confiscated. and what it is, the yellow you see is a balloon with saran wrap-type of wrapping over the top of it.
6:55 pm
now, inside the balloon, there'll be individual packets of the heroin and cocaine and they'll be packaged in a size for distribution. >> the drugs were discovered in the waistband of the inmate's underwear. "lockup" producers were allowed to speak to him after his interrogation by correctional staff and we're shocked to find a very familiar face. michael cherry. >> what happened? >> i don't know. stupid, you know? >> no, i don't know. >> well, yeah, you don't know. but just did something stupid, you know? >> why? >> i'm still trying to figure that out. i'm still trying to figure it out. sometimes when you're in this situation and you don't have the financial support, you know, from the street that you're
6:56 pm
accustomed to or used to or whatever, you do stupid stuff. you make the wrong choices and that's something i've done. i've made the wrong choice. >> i wasn't a bit surprised when i come to work when they called me and said hey, they just found drugs on cherry down in seg. didn't surprise me. he's a mule. the information i've gathered so far is cherry was supposed to get information later on in the day as to who he was supposed to give them to. he was going to make $300 just for holding it. >> cherry's bust was not a surprise to lieutenant fox or the fact that his son was the officer who found the drugs. >> kyle has been here now for, what, four years? always done a real good job. he's finding shanks all the time and i don't know whether it's because of the years of me
6:57 pm
talking to him about what goes on out here that when he stepped in here, he just immediately -- he just does a good job. >> that's like my first big drug bust. i've found a lot of shanks, a lot of tattoo guns, a lot of tobacco, but i've never found any real hard drugs. so it's exciting. >> but nothing short of life-altering for cherry, who could be facing many more years in prison. >> he's going downtown probably get charged with distribution because of the amount of drugs that were there. and then with the amount of felonies he's got, he'll probably get charged with habitual too. he'll probably end up doing the rest of his life in prison over that now. >> how much time did you have left? >> about six years. >> no matter what happens with his charges, cherry's future in prison could be perilous. >> this offender could be in
6:58 pm
fairly grave danger if he came back to population and it would take several months of an investigation and stuff from our intel people to determine if it would be safe for him to go back into population. >> i'm pretty sure the individual that it belonged to will be pretty upset. but when you're in that game, that's a risk you take. you never know what's going to happen. >> he's either going to have to come up with thousands of dollars to pay that guy back, or he's in trouble. because kind of the code in here is if you're holding my drugs, you're responsible for them. we've had inmates die for less money. >> now all i can do is just go through the motions of what i have to go through, try to explain it to my family and hope that somewhere down the line they will forgive me. and if not, i have to do this on my own because i made that choice. sorry you guys have to see me like this. >> cherry would speak to us one final time from his cell in administrative segregation. >> thank you for the opportunity
6:59 pm
to apologize to people that i've hurt out there. thank you for the opportunity to apologize to my family, especially my brothers and my sisters, for not being the brother that i should have been to them. to my nieces and nephews, i'm sorry for not being the uncle that i should have been to you. most of all, to my son, wherever you are, i love you and i hope that we can rebuild our relationship. if you want to live in this population as a child molester, you're going to pay me, or else
7:00 pm
if you want to live in this population as a child molester, you're going to pay me, or else i'm going to kick your ass. >> an inmate with a long record runs an extortion scheme. >> the hustle never sleeps. >> you didn't have any second thoughts when you were ingesting pills. >> you give us a hard time, we're going to run it military straight.


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