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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  February 3, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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the up all-nighters. and the ones who turn ideas into action. we've made our passions our life's work. we strive for the moments where we can say, "i did it!" ♪ we are entrepreneurs who started it all... with a signature. legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses, turning dreamers into business owners. and we're here to help start yours. governor chris christie! governor? >> good afternoon, everybody. >> this week was supposed to be a positive return to the spotlight for chris christie with hosting duties of the super bowl. instead, he's facing controversy over the gorge washington bridge. meanwhile, hollywood remembers philip seymour hoffman. what happened in his final hours? and the athletes are
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arriving in sochi with lots of security and anticipation. our own chris jansing is on the ground getting ready for the olympics. we'll talk to her later this hour. good morning. i'm ari, in for chris. on the list of 18 people subpoenaed by the new jersey legislature. the chief of staff that overstau lane closures filed by the governor last month. in what was supposed to be a shining moment for christie, he got booed at a super bowl ceremony at times square this weekend. >> governor chris christie. governor? >> good afternoon, everybody. you've already heard enough
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speeches. >> meanwhile, allegations from another former aide, david wildstein. the deadline hits for subpoenas issued. joining me is beth and perry bacon. beth, let's talk through what we know now. these developments, as i mentioned, both the resignation and what has been a fiercely escalating battle with governor christie's aide, david wildstein. >> that was the bombshell on friday. i agree with critics that say this is a bit of a rush to judgment. let's face it, what this has done is make christie look so uncredible as a presidential candidate. that crazy e-mail that his office put out this weekend where he starts ticking through
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all of the different things that wildstein did as a high school student. >> so people know, they talk about him as a 16-year-old, suing over a local school board election, publicly accused by his social studies teacher of deceptive behavior and, again, all of those items we're mentioning are allegations coming back around from chris christie's aides. >> correct. it was a very unpresidential memo that was sent out. this is not what you do, crazy accusations about somebody's high school tenure. this is a drip, drip, drip and it will continue to wear him down. >> perry, another thing that is hard to grasp, very recently
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they were speaking much more positively. i want to put something up on the screen when david wildstein resigned last year, they called him a tireless advocate for new jersey's interests at the port of authority. that is significant not only because it's positive, perry, but because it also came at a time when there was already inquiries into these bridge allegations. >> you're right, ari. this is very recently that they have praised wildstein. it goes to a broader point. chris christie, we thought initially his aides would rally around him. bridget kelly did and really did not attack him in this process. now wildstein is showing you that maybe the christie staff, people who have resigned in the past month are going to turn on them because they want to defend themselves as well. wildstein -- we don't know what evidence he has or if he has any evidence but he's going at a full frontal attack against christie.
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that's an important development and maybe other aides will as well. >> beth, i want to play something that our own krchuck todd played yesterday on "meet the press" just looking at implications here of chris christie as a political figure. >> this story is no longer whether chris christie can survive as a viable presidential candidate. it's whether chris christie can save his own governorship. >> your thoughts? >> i think he's right. these accusations are too widespread, too many people are involved now and it's not even if he's ever judged in a court of law. he has no credibility anymore, what he's saying or the kind of staff that he's hired. he's lost any sense that he's that really effective manager and leader that he was so good at seeming as though he was a year ago. >> and yet perry, i want to bring you in and have you listen to the push back from pretty prominent republicans.
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former mayor rudy giuliani, who has been an ally of chris christie, and also bobby jindal. take a listen to both of these. >> i don't think he should step down. he should stay there. it's not about one governor, it's all about 36 races. >> i think there's a real incident that was unfortunate and bad and the governor apologized for that. i don't want to minimize that. you take that real incident and now you've got pile-on. >> perry, that argument, as we know, can be very important to the conservative voting base if there's the view that this is a pile-on, separate from the facts, the idea that none of them like newt gingrich and he's attacked the media repeatedly. "the new york times" previously and he's attacked msnbc for its reporting, how much does that enter into the political rehabilitation here? >> christie attacking the media is smart in terms of being rga chair. you don't want to be on the
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media side against the republicans. that's never smart. that's why they are making those comments. looking forward, john kasich, scott walker, rand paul, these are people not accused of closing lanes in cities where their political opponents are. when you look at the nomination process, they can say they love chris christie while not being president. >> it's interesting because it almost goes to the idea, perry, that's he's doing poor enough that hrivals don't have to pile on as well. >> that's interesting, yes. >> we are being looking at interesting counter points. beth, perry, thank you both for your time. >> thanks. now we're going to turn to some weather. thousands of flights have been canceled. bill karins has the low-down. bill, what can you tell us? >> the denver fans are
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complaining. that's the way it goes. let me show you what we're dealing with. the pictures around the philadelphia area, it's very blanketed in heavy, heavy snow right now. some of the worst of it is in the new york city area. pavement is kind of warm so you expect the melting and this is a picturesque scene. downtown philadelphia, huge snowflakes coming down. it's a heavy, wet snow. the snowman just built itself on the ground. it's that easily packed. the visibility is very low. you can see it there in philadelphia. at least 250 flights have been canceled and now 100 to 150 in philadelphia. when will it improve? now we're going to watch the snow ending about 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. hopefully the plows can do their jobs for everyone that is going home. a lot of areas picking up 6 to 8 inches out of this. you can see the heaviest snow is
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in trenton and philly and new york city. baltimore and d.c., you'll see some flakes. not enough to cause you major concerns. baltimore, possibility of 2 to 4 inches. d.c., maybe an inch at most. that's the band of snow. what is next? this is just the appetizer. a huge storm is coming in tuesday into wednesday. it's going to start tomorrow near kansas city and this white is just a snow event. ohio valley up to the new england area. on top of that, another one is coming for a coastal storm as we get to the tail end of this weekend. very active period. >> bill karins, thank you very much for that report. a moscow teenager arrived with two rifles, is under arrest for holding his classmates hostage and killing a teacher and a police officer. no students were hurt. this comes three days before the start of the olympic games in sochi, some 1,000 miles from
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moscow. students are running into road blocks in signing up for they filed appeals to fight extra charges because of mistakes or instances where they signed up for the wrong plan. the appeals are now sitting in limbo and even when they call for help the staff often tells people they can't yet make changes in the computer. during a pregame super bowl interview, president obama was asked about the health care
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website. >> and we all know now from the first snap it was all about seattle, the 43-8 score wasn't pretty for peyton manning and the denver broncos. this was the first ever super bowl championship for the seattle seahawks and the second year quarterback russell wilson. there was a lot of buzz from hillary clinton, it's so much fun to watch fox when it's someone else being blitzed and sacked #superbowl. now, coming up, we will remember philip seymour hoffman. >> certainly philip seymour hoffman is the finest actor of his generation and he was taken away from us by the god damn drugs. >> was it the drugs? a little report on all of that after the break. but when she saw the room...
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today for philip seymour hoffman who was found dead in his apartment from an apparent drug overdose. fans were shocked by the news of his death. what are you seeing and what do we know? >> reporter: ari, this is an actor that played so many diverse roles. he had so many different fans. people are just shocked that he's gone. people have been coming by throughout the morning leaving flowers and candles. here's what we do know. it could take some time to get the toxicology reports back but sources are telling us that he was supposed to meet with his kids at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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instead, a found him dead here from a drug overdose. there were three full bags of heroin and five empty bags with his body. and so police say it appears like it was a drug overdose. we've been seeing statements from a lot of hollywood stars expressing their condolences. his family has said "we are devastated by the loss of our beloved phil. this is a tragic and sudden loss and we ask you to respect our privacy during this time of grieving. please keep phil in your thoughts and prayers." a sad day out here, ari. >> thank you very much, kristen dahlgren. some prisoners are being offered terms for early release for nonviolent drug offenses.
7:17 am
as the obama administration's deputy attorney general explained last week, many low level nonviolent drug offenders who remain in prison who would likely have substantially lower sentence if convicted of the same charge. we're joined by dafna linzer and daniel greenberg. he's now special counsel. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> dafna, what did the attorney general announce last week and what are they trying to achieve in. >> it's a big signal from the obama administration that it is willing to exercise the
7:18 am
president's pardon power here, use clemency as a way to release people stuck in the sentencing disaster that are serving sentences that with a bipartisan agreement they should no longer be serving. he's asked the bureau of prisons to get involved in the clemency process. give us list of inmates. you know them best. who are best suited for this, who have good records in prison. what i think is a little bit surprising for some people is that there are so many current inmates who are trying to get out. >> danny, you've been dealing with this for a long time, particularly people locked up in the justice system without a lot of money or ability to fight it. here are the numbers to dafna point. we have an increase in the prison population of 800%.
7:19 am
given that context for what is happening? >> well, a lot of this was seen as a war on drugs and was politically popular for people to be elected. we can't talk about this without talking about race and poverty. we know, for example, white people in this country are ten times more likely to use drugs than african-americans and yet disproportionately african-americans are in jail. the whole stop and frisk in new york city, this is a pattern and it's a really wonderful thing that we're beginning to deal with this. >> yeah. and the costs that we're seeing, $80 billion associated with our federal prison costs. and we heard from deputy attorney general cole who would be on the other side of the public defenders that you were overseeing. he's saying that our prisoners are overstuffed with people who are not a big harm and it's
7:20 am
costing us too much money. >> that's right. the bureau of prisons tasked with this extra responsibility, find people eligible for clemency, is using up annual budget. >> and the other piece, danny, that i wanted to get to was, senator durbin, a powerful democrat within the senate, has joined up with mike lee, somebody who most know as a tea party republican. they are pushing a bill that would take this whole approach that we're talking about and make it a standard law. deal with that 2010 disparity. and that passed out of the judiciary committee just last week. how important would it be to have the congress involved here? >> it would be enormously important. as you mentioned, ari, this is something that fox news and the tea party should be really behind. think about it.
7:21 am
$80 billion will save that kind of money. and more important, government intervention. every study has shown. i would just add one thing. this has not only become a civil right but a human rights watch which we know monitors human rights throughout the world has issued a report in december of 2013. and it really does monitor how much this is being used as a kind of taking away from african-americans as kol lateral consequences. i'm glad to see that congress is about to take it up and it should be bipartisan. >> i want to look directly at the policy and why there is a lot of expert agreement on this reform. something that is interesting is, don't announce your good
7:22 am
deeds too loudly in washington. we just had a whole political object section about what the president is doing and his plans. you would talk to people on the ground and they would say it's a huge deal and not promoted much in the state of the union. >> if the president can let congress lead here, which he's giving them leeway to do, not saying i want you to do this because maybe if he said that they won't do it but giving them the space to act on their own is probably the first choice. but i think that by going ahead with the bureau of prisons and signaling that if congress does not there is this clemency route where with the stroke of the pen the president can release all of these people stuck in the crack cocaine sentencing sideline. >> i think that's right. i don't think there's any doubt that it's been a responsible interact between the branches in contrast to some of the
7:23 am
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welcome back. as we honor and remember achievements in black history, secretary of state colin powell is noted for challenging his own parties' views on civil rights. and also, singer and music producer who won four grammys this year. now in the world of sports, the
7:27 am
countdown is on, just three days to go before the first athletes take their mark in sochi. chris jansing is on the ground reporting from the olympics. good to see you, chris. your first 24 hours in sochi. tell us, what was it like getting inside and have you seen any athletes so far? >> reporter: it was pretty painless, ari, i have to tell you. the thing from coming to the olympics, all of these colorful signs and people there to greet you. you immediately get into the spirit and adding to that spirit, a lot more american athletes have started to arrive. the women of usa hockey who may well be gold medalists are here. we got our first press conference from the bobsled team, including lolo jones, who is now the pusher for one of the bobsled teams and she got very emotional when talking about the support of her teammates after a lot of criticism that she was chosen for the team after more
7:28 am
experienced athletes. >> from the first week they accepted me, they embraced me, they lifted me up and i think it was what i needed to not only, you know, be a bobsled athlete but to return back to track with my head held high and like be proud of the things that i have achieved in that sport. so i am just really grateful for them. i'm almost about to cry just because, i mean, they really gave me a fresh start for sure. >> defenders of lolo jones say, look, just last month she and the driver of her bobsled came in second at an international meet. she could at these olympics win the medal that has eluded her. >> this is yourself event olympic games. what is your sense about the journalists and athletes being ready, obviously somewhat prepared but also nervous some of what we've heard on security. what can you tell us?
7:29 am
>> reporter: you know, there's a lot of experience here and you see security everywhere you go. i went to through three checkpoints to get to my work spot today. i don't sense that there is a heightened sense of fear. there is an awareness. nobody is saying that there isn't a potential threat here. but i have to say that it feels a lot like the other competitions that i've been through before. now, let's see what happens when the games actually begin because you don't have the kind of crowds. so you don't have the backup at the security checkpoints. you don't have that feeling yet that you get when the games start. but the ioc really pushed back today at their news conference today about them not being ready and they have the sense that they really are, ari. >> chris jansing on the beat in sochi. thank you very much. we'll be hearing from you again. next we turn to a driving
7:30 am
disaster in new york and philly. a driving nightmare. a check of the weather. stay with us. that is up next. [ thunder crashes ] [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk.
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cfp -- work with the highest standard. president obama is talking about two big domestic issues this week. immigration and the keystone pipeline. the white house will make its decision based on the science without a firm timeline yet for that decision. republicans now say their new reform plan prioritizes safety and stability if not citizenship and are voicing some concerns about trusting the president here. >> we want to make sure before anything else that there is border security implementation of the law. the president has got to demonstrate, frankly the country and the congress can trust him in implementing the laws. >> a look at the political choices facing the president, we are joined by jonathan prince who has worked for hillary
7:34 am
clinton and robert traynham who has experience with rick santorum and the senate republican conference. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> jonathan, let me get right to you on that claim there and i want to play the echo of it from paul ryan. take a listen to this. >> we don't trust the president to enforce the law. so if you actually look at the standards with the fracking program, those things have to be in law and in practice and independently verified before the rest of the law can occur. >> your take? >> that's what you have to expect from republicans, is they actually move and are productive. this is an issue where the country is large ly unified. democrats are pretty unified. a republican caucus is divided.
7:35 am
there are a lot of people that want to make reform and others don't. by now, even laying out these principles which again there are things that make it sound like they can hold the law and order piece, they are talking about legislating and not obstructing. >> robert, do you agree with that, a, analysis that there is ann agree rhetoric masking incremental progress and, b., we're going to put the gop plan up here on the screen. legal status but no pathway to citizenship increased border security and verification rules. your thoughts? >> i think this is a philosophical way of fixing the problem. they have all said that we need to shore up national security. the last time we had immigration reform was in 1986 when ronald
7:36 am
reagan was president and so for speaker boehner and also leader can for to say, look, let's secure the borders first, that's a very rational and commonsense approach to be able to deal with the external threats that we're dealing with. that's no, ma'am oumber one. number two, we've seen that senator reid has said that he's not for immigration reform. it's the right way to go. >> i think those debates always depend on how you define the word reform. we want to touch as well on the keystone pipeline issue. take a listen to bobby jindal's view here. >> this is a no-brainer. it should have been made a long time ago that the canadians are going to go and get this and the question is whether they sell it to us or the chinese. i'd rather come here to america. >> it's one of the arguments that sounds good but it's weird because there's plenty of other
7:37 am
things that countries do and sell and we may or may not decide to deal with. the biggest question for republicans is, have they made the sale that this is good on our own terms, regardless of what canada might do? >> yes. the state department released yesterday or on friday, it i can mas commonsense, right? this is just a tweaking of the proposal they announced back in march, back in spring. it's long overdue and it's good, quality paying jobs and more importantly, governor jindal said it, let's buy it here as opposed to selling to the chinese. this is long over due. >> jonathan, your thoughts. and are you against jobs? >> i am not against jobs. i'm also not in favor of destroying our environment. this all comes down to the math. the state report says, look, this oil is going to get produced one way or the other. the environmental impact is going to happen one way or the other. the question is, does completing
7:38 am
this transport route, this pipeline, make the transportation safer? and that's what the president has stressed over and over. he's going to make a decision not based on what other countries are saying or what they want. >> the president's administration came out yesterday and said that it's environmentally sound. i don't know what else you want? >> the state department laid out a bunch of scenarios. they said it's safe but there's some possibility that if the demand drops it won't even be profitable so there were mixed messages in this report. >> it's an important part of this debate and balancing jobs is something that the white house is looking to do. jonathan prince and robert traynham, thank you both. now we're going to look at driving conditions in the northeast. look at new york city right now and it's also rough going into
7:39 am
new york city. jen carfagno, what are you seeing? >> reporter: i'm at a very historical area. we have the national constitution center and the liberty bell. and we've been out here all morning long. you can see, as we pan out to independence hall, the beautiful, big snowflakes coming down and that's been so much of the scene here. when we had that change-over from rain to snow, the flakes were huge and started piling up very quickly. you look at the ground and already we have at least two inches, if not more. it's so heavy and wet that it's impacting very quickly as it falls. now, this snow, the way i've described it today, was suddenly slippery. when it came down it put a thin glaze of slush and very quickly became slippery. speeds were reduced on interstates and bridges. airports have delays and, of course, airlines have canceled flights.
7:40 am
ari, we're having another snow day in philadelphia. back to you. >> it being looks pretty fun. i hope you get to use that snowball at some point, jen. there it is. now we're going to catch the news feed. a national hunt is under way for a convicted murderer who escaped from a michigan prison. investigators say he may have abducted a woman but it appears she managed to escape from the gas station. it is the story of a real-life castaway. a man was washed up on the marshall islands and he survived on birds and fish and rainwater. he says he's a fisherman working out of mexico when he vanished in 2012. investigators are trying to confirm this entire story. relatives say it does look like their long lost brother. wow. now, meanwhile, execute fors
7:41 am
of mandel will talk about how he wants his estate to be divided. there's $4.1 million at stake here. he left money for his family and the african national congress, local schools, and some of his former staff. the deputy chief staff has i agreed to these terms. janet yellen was sworn in in washington as the first female head of the fed. ben bernanke held that post for eight years. cnbc's courtney reagan is here with what is moving your money today. bruno mars, as people may realize, has sold 10 million albums but his inspired super bowl performance put him on course for a much wider audience. >> bruno mars is largely on track for a surge in sales and i think few were disappointed. you detailed the performance
7:42 am
there. if history repeats itself, there should be a surge in sales this week. beyonce's 2013 performance, her track sales went up 58%. madonna's sales went up 165%. black-eyed peas went up 107% and the who went up 392% in track sales. i hope bruno mars gets his chance at seeing those sales jump. he did a great job. >> i was confused about where the red hot chili peppers fit in with that. >> the shirts off, that was kind of funny. >> it didn't widen the appeal for me as a viewer. i could have done bruno solo. jcpenney wonders if there was drug tweeting during the commercials? >> they didn't have a super bowl commercial but they got a lot of
7:43 am
attention sending out these typoville tweets. they wonder if the staff at jcpenney had one too many drinks. coors light tweeted @jcpenney we know football goes great with coors light but please tweet responsibly. this was all about promoting "go usa" mittens. i don't know if it works too well. if you have to explain it like that, it may have been a little bit of a fail. >> i'm happy that the companies are talking to each other. >> there you go. >> cnbc's courtney reagan, thank you so much. >> thanks. you can get into the olympic spirit without going to sochi. usa today is looking at some of the best olympic sites to visit.
7:44 am
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with tampax radiant -- whatever i want. [ female announcer ] tampax radiant protects 30% better. plus, it comes with a resealable wrapper for discreet disposal. you'll be ready to wear anything with the tampax radiant collection. commercials featuring flashbacks for top spot super bowl ads including a seinfeld reunion which tivo says it the most rewatched ad. >> seriously? >> get out of here. >> all right. i'm going. oh, hello, newman. >> hello, jerry. >> and speaking of flashbacks --
7:48 am
>> radio shack. okay. >> what? >> the '80s called. they want their store ♪ ♪ >> treasure trove of '80s icons, including hulk hogan and mary lou re tctton. we're joined by vice chairman of welcome to you, my friend. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> what did you think of the ads this morning? >> you know, i liked them. to put it in perspective, it was 4 million for a 30-second ad and it's another 1 to 3 million -- so you're talking the price of a small movie. and what's really changed about super bowl advertising is there was a lot of prepromotion of the ads online. some of them got 25 plus million
7:49 am
hits and then we see them with 100 million people and now we're talking about them today which is the water cooler and social media. so they were very uplifting. some very nice broad fans. >> the medium from people who have add, which is 30 seconds, the star player, radio shack, bob dylan, he's been in ads before talk to us about these stars. >> well, it was like a hollywood red carpet, wasn't it? you have james fraco and there was somebody you were bound to like. scarlett johansson. >> ellen makes sense because she loves to dance. where does bob dylan fit into the cars? >> it was that american thing. bob dylan is uniquely american.
7:50 am
that was trying to push that message. i wonder how many of the young people were like, who is that? who is that old dude? >> he may be vintage american to a lot of people. >> that resonated with me but that's what scares me. >> let's look at volkswagen. it's a funny ad from volkswagen. well, we don't have it. i could sing it for you but that might not be funny either. let's look at radio shack. >> radio shack. okay. >> what? >> the '80s called. they want their store back. ♪ >> what do you think of this kind of ad that is taking old stars that you don't associate with radio shack in the first place? >> they used them in a specific
7:51 am
point. in the case of radio shack it was, we've come into the future. in the case of volkswagen, it is our car lasts longer. as long as you use stars in a smart way and not just, look, we have a star, then i think it's probably a pretty good use of that person. >> and one other thing is the puppy ad. i think you can't go wrong with puppies. >> we love our puppies. it's tested as the most positive ad today. and budweiser has always come through in the super bowl. they wait for this and probably spend a billion dollar as year advertising. big winner. we love puppies and horses. >> and we got our puppy and a horse. can't complain about that. thanks for walking us through some of the ads. we're going to return to the tweet of the day which comes from "the washington post." "bob dylan did a great chrysler
7:52 am
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answering the damning accusations. >> you go down with the glass. you get that? >> that was melissa mccarthy. she was caught on camera threatening a new york one reporter on the hill and "snl" couldn't keep its hands on that one. i'm ari melber in for chris jansing. >> heavy snow hits the new york city area. one day after the super bowl, in fact, a lot of trouble for folks trying to get back out after the big game. plus, lots of new developments in the chris christie scandal.
7:56 am
claims that evidence exists that the governor knew about bridgegate. we'll get the latest in a live report. plus, reaction from the new jersey assemblyman that represents ft. lee. and he is trying to make history. he wants to be the first openly gay american to run and win a seat in the house of representatives. it all starts in three minutes right here on msnbc. makes sense of investing. ♪
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come back new. ♪ we begin with a weather alert. a live look at philadelphia. you can barely see it near whiteout conditions. it's a mess in the northeast as heavy, wet snow blankets the tri-state area. up to eight inches could fall and it's coming down fast. it will make for a treacherous drive in some places. just one day after the super bowl as fans try to go home, snow and ice causing headaches at the airports with more than
8:00 am
1,000 delays and cancellations. and it's not over yet. another storm is right behind it that could affect the northwest, northeast, and parts of the south. hello, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. nbc's ron mott is at laguardia airport checking out delays. let's go to bill first. bill, punxsutawney phil was not fooling around. >> reporter: where is that rodent? >> good morning, everyone. we'll let ron talk about the delays. we want to show you, these are the airports. if it's red, it's not good. philly to newark to laguardia, jfk. boston, it's not all that bad considering the other areas. the temperatures have been borderline and now the snow has been sticking since the middle of the rush hour. even some of the highways are getting snow-covered from philly to trenton. it's a heavy,


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