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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  February 14, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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here in "the cycle." >> the weather has gotten so crazy, we had to develop a whole new graphics package to bring it to you. welcome, the storm cycle. loving this. our latest snowstorm is just about over with the exception of far northern new england and into canada. but in the before it dumped some pretty impressive totals. on average, about a foot in each of the big east coast cities. on top of the existing mounds of snow from a storm earlier in the week. now, even the hardiest northerners are saying, hey, enough is enough. >> how long you been shoveling in all day? >> all day. me and my dad, we spent like three hours. >> i don't think they had a full week for the last two months. >> like any small business, a day like this will hurt. but then hopefully we'll get people we get coming in here
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today, they're off, so they'll come in, hopefully later on more people will be able to get out of the house and come on in. >> down south more about the ice, about an inch of that, but that's all it takes to do a lot of damage as evidenced by the video we have seen in areas outside atlanta. it is tough love for hundreds of florists struggling to make deliveries in the rough weather. in some cases, impossible and the result today, massive economic impact on one of the biggest days of the year. >> we lose thousands of dollars. we would. we would eat it. >> we would get 80 people coming to work for the holiday and we can't ask them to be out in those conditions. >> and cycling now, serious situation on the pennsylvania turnpike. a massive 100 car pileup outside of philadelphia being blamed on sun glare and black ice. 16 people were injured seriously enough to be taken to the hospital. five of them trauma patients. stranded driver turned around and drove the wrong way on the turnpike to find a way out of
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the mess. let's get to the latest on the mess and what else the philly area is dealing with this afternoon. chris balone starts us off. >> reporter: after two days of slop, snow and rain, people in the philadelphia area thought they were out of the woods. they got up for the last commute of the week and the first in a few days. bright, sunny day, approaching freezing, maybe a little above, they head out on the pennsylvania turnpike and then it was disaster. as you mentioned, two separate pileups, about two miles apart on the pennsylvania turnpike, but you can see right here behind me, obviously no traffic getting by because both sides are closed for more than two miles here in the philadelphia area. officiales say there were two pileups about two miles apart. each involving 25 cars a piece. as you might imagine, dozens and dozens more were stuck in that area. the good news as you mentioned, nobody killed in this, and five serious injuries, 30 people were taken to the hospital, but for
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many people, it has been a day spent on the pennsylvania turnpike. they couldn't do anything to get people off the road immediately. first responders were busy trying to get to people who were injured a ed and needed help. people have been walking and talking to each other, giving each other food and drink. there were girl scouts through the selling girl scout cookies. and folks have been waiting. what is going on now is that turnpike officials are removing concrete barriers in the middle of the road, and allowing vehicles to try and turn around so they can finally get off this road. they're optimistic or they're making an off the miptimistic p that the road will be open again by 5:00. but that might be overly optimistic. nice, sunny, warm day here in philadelphia. but with all this slush, with all this ice, it really turned into a mess again in a hurry. and there is more snow in the forecast, possibly tonight and
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tomorrow. back to you. >> not a pretty picture, chris. thanks for that report. we'll head north to maine where the action is just winding down. they're digging out in portland. we took you there live yesterday, the flakes had first started flying, now more than nine inches of fresh powder. ron mott is in portland once again. he has got, yes, he has the red valentine's day scarf on. what do you got, ron? >> good day to you. last night, this was perfectly shoveled, the snow i really like. not anymore, it rained last night for a few hours. now this stuff has a lot of moisture in it. good for snowballs. i imagine a lot of kids throwing snowballs around portland, around maine, this afternoon. they had the day off for school, which is a little surprising considering that they got nine m i inches of snow. because they had a lot of ice on the roads this morning, they decided to cancel school. last night the big concern was the wind. we got some wind gusts here, 40,
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45 miles an hour. you see it dropped some smaller branches on the trees. they had a little coating of ice on are digging out because there is another storm system coming here tomorrow night into sunday and then one behind that monday into tuesday. had a guy come by earlier, said is it may yet? you got new englanders saying enough already with winter, you know it is done. people are done here with winter, guys. back to you. >> it is bad. ron mott in maine, thank you so much. the good news, there is a warmup on the way for next week. the bad news, we have got another snowstorm to get through first. >> are you for real? >> not even kidding. i'm not kidding. weather channel's alex wilson has our weekend forecast. >> thanks, guys. another storm system coming, bringing more snow showers, snow to parts of the mid-atlantic. wintry mix around washington, d.c. by tomorrow, we have snow up that 95 corridor, places like
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philly, new york and boston. by tomorrow night, watching for some areas of very heavy snow into parts of maine. snow continuing for the boston metro area. much of new england getting additional snowfall. so no rest for the weary as very heavy snow will affect these same areas that have already dealt with a lot of snow. we have winter alerts. winter storm watches posted around the boston metro area, out on to the cape and here is what we're watching for as far as snowfall accumulations. biggest accumulations will be throughout maine. bangor could see up to a foot of additional snow around the boston area, 3 to 5 inches. for places like new york and philadelphia, 1 to 3 inches of snow, this as we go through the day sunday. more winter ahead. places like new york city will see those highs into the 40s by the middle of next week. back to you guys. >> thanks, alex. it has been a pretty crazy week of winter, even for this little utah girl. i will say, though, it is
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valentine's day. happy valentine's. it turns out to be a beautiful day. the sun is finally out. like weeks since we have seen the sun. yesterday was a disaster and it still is very slippery on the sidewalks. the puddles are huge. >> really sloppy. >> we're all physically active, we can jump over them. but the little kids and elderly, it is probably -- >> would you put that up against being a boy from new england? >> i don't know. utah has some -- a lot of snow. a lot of snow. >> we had it pretty rough, though. pretty rough. >> we can debate that after the show. have a snow off. >> we'll duke it out. >> there you go. there you go. >> but there has been a real debate within the city of new york on whether or not schools should have been canceled yesterday. the mayor has been hit by a lot of folks saying the weather was that bad that it should have been canceled. and it is trying to find the right balance.
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parents relie on their kids being at school. you have kids that rely on two meals a day at school. but at the same time, when the weather is that bad, shouldn't safety come first? and the school chancellor spoke to this yesterday and didn't make things any better. let's take a listen. >> we never made the calls on snow days until the morning of. and many, many people complained about that. if you had to leave your home to get to work, it was an imposition, all kinds of issues. so this enen we tried to do it night before. because the storm was so unpredictable, and by the way, coming down here it has totally stopped snowing, it is absolutely a beautiful day out there right now. >> it was not a beautiful day yesterday. i don't know what city she was talking about. but you can speak a lot better to this than i can. you have kids. how do you feel about this debate? >> i love the instinct to think first about kids getting two hot meals a day and parents who are working in jobs where they don't get excused if they have the day off and maybe have trouble, you
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know, having the means to afford a baby-sitter, somebody to come in, but i got to say it was probably not right call yesterday. when you have a situation, what ended up happening is kids went into school, then some of the kids were released early, which made it even harder on parents who were having trouble juggling their jobs. the conditions were so bad that in the city only about 40% of kids made it in, in staten island really low. people just couldn't get there, it wasn't safe. maybe if they could have done just a two-hour delay, it would have made sense. i like the instinct. i don't think it was the right call this time. >> you know who did make the right call yesterday? >> who's that? >> our producers who put ari melber outside, a natural weatherman, the experience in the snow, recording weather news off of his iphone, high quality stuff. no prompter. you were crushing it. >> no one got my approval on that beautiful image there. though it is nice. >> i agree.
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i'm glad we have it side by side. >> what was hitting your face, was it sleet, rain? >> i wanted to build on some of my reporting yesterday from washington. >> on your iphone. >> my reporting on the ground in washington yesterday, it was a snowstorm, and there was by middle to early afternoon what it was was a freezing rain and coming in -- viewers will remember this, i reported this live on location yesterday, it was coming in horizontally. >> right. we weren't able to see that. >> what was the humility and the dew point. >> did you say the humility or the humidity? >> what was the humidity. >> i wondered if that was a freudian -- >> the humidity and the dew point. >> i have to get back to you on that. if you remember the scene -- if you remember the scene in forest gump where -- why do they keep put ing that back up? the moment is over. >> it is a great photo. >> leave it up. >> oh, my god.
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this is -- >> welcome to "the cycle." this is the experience. >> i'm concerned you're going to be picked up by the weather channel. >> let's go out to central park or out in brooklyn where we have beautiful snow cover. what i was going to say about my reporting on location yesterday, is that if you've seen forest gump, the scene where he talks about the different kinds of rain, that's what it felt like. it was not vertical rain anymore. it was a side rain. >> classic freezing rain. >> more to it. >> life is like a box of chocolates. >> valentine's day reference. >> neither rain nor sleet nor snow will keep ari melber from doing the show or democrats from pressing forward with the liberal mission watch. they're getting their act together today. we're always here for you. [ male announcer ] it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day.
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this caucus has shown time and time again under most difficult circumstances the kind of courage and unity and discipline that has made me very, very proud. >> that was president obama rallying the troops and the house democrats there at their retreat. it was delayed a day by the snowstorm and the caucus is meeting on maryland's eastern shore with a full itinerary. and the national journal ran down the agenda, including events like developing a winning message, always important, unmarried women, they will elect
12:16 pm
you if you get it right, becoming a q&a ninja, proven techniques for fielding difficult questions. i'm a prompter ninja. and the minimum wage, why we fight, how we win. that's a topic that the president was very passionate about. >> yesterday, for example, i had a chance to be with a group of minimum wage workers, for federal contractors. and to see what it would mean to them for us to have a federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour and how much relief that would give them and how committed they were to the american dream and getting ahead and just hoping that somebody was standing up for them, it reminded me of why i'm a democrat. >> why he's a democrat. if the tag lines on m&ms handed
12:17 pm
out to the press are any indication, the demmes will be focused on equal pay. brian boiler is a political writer at salon and joins us on a special day for "the cycle." as toure says, spread love, it is the brooklyn way. >> thank you for having me. >> take a listen to this. >> we actually slightly exceeded our targets for aca signups and enrollments this past month. and the month of january. we now have well over 3.5 million people who have signed up and are getting insurance through the marketplaces for the first time. that does not count the close to 7 million folks who have signed up for medicaid because of the law that you passed or the 3 million young people who are staying on their parents' plans. >> that's 13 million people there getti inting health care through aca.
12:18 pm
why is the president playing that up? >> he's conveying to them after the debacle of october and november, when it seems and felt to a lot of democrats like the election coming up this year was going to be all about cataclysmic failure of the law tharb t, that the narrative has to shift when you have that many people. you could quibble at the numbers. even if you have them, if you have 6 million people with a new benefit they didn't have or wouldn't have because the affordable care act, and you have one party running on a platform of taking it away, that is 7 million people that you can probably count on to vote for you. and so his message is don't sort of panic about every glitch or every headline or every story spun by the republican party about the law, that, you know, the law is working, it is doing good for actual people and they will reward you for that. >> i think it is right. i think it is dangerous for republicans to be pinning their whole midterm strategy on bashing a health care law that is increasingly working for folks. we heard about lifting the
12:19 pm
minimum wage. we had steny hoyer on with ed schultz talking about a new strategy from the democrats around that issue. let's take a listen. >> we just announced we're going to be going back to congress, a week from now, and we're going to put a discharge petition in and get the minimum wage on the calendar. we hope our republican colleagues will join us so that we give the incentive for people to work and when they work, they won't be living in poverty. >> and for folks who don't know, discharge petition is if you get a majority of members of the house to sign on to it then the bill has to be considered on the floor. brian, this is going to put a lot of pressure on republicans, isn't it? >> i actually don't think so. i think the discharge petition works very seldom. when it does work, it works on issues that sort of scramble ideological -- >> let me push you on that. we have seen polling from nbc news and other outlets showing that even a majority of
12:20 pm
republicans or close to a majority of republicans or tea party members support lifting the minimum wage, so this is an issue that is really broadly popular. >> it is very broadly popular. so are a lot of other issues that democrats could and might use discharge petitions to try to force votes on. the thing about -- the reason these don't work very well, i think, is inherent in the dynamic of what you're asking republicans to do. you ask republicans a handful of them to go against their own party, to help democrats pass a popular initiative, that the republican party will get no credit for having passed. you have to ask yourself, do most republicans on capitol hill support a, the minimum wage increase and, b, giving democrats that sort of popular thing to go take the voters, look at what we did for you as democrats, you should vote more of us into office. i don't think it is going to happen and i don't think it would happen for any -- a range of other issues, immigration reform or voting rights, those are all popular, but i think there is -- discharge petitions
12:21 pm
are not very effective. other than as solid messaging tools, they don't really work to get republicans to buck their leadership. >> i guess rather than having an actual accomplishment to use, democrats will be able to say, look at what republicans stood in the way of. >> and indeed, the vice president spoke to the dems and that issue. let's listen to that. >> there isn't a republican party. i wish there were. i wish there was a republican party. i wish there was one person who could sit across the table from, make a deal, make a compromise, and know when you got up from the table, it was done. all you had to do was look at the response of the state of the union, three or four. i'm not being facetious. >> fact check there was five responses to the state of the union if you include all of them. this is valuable for the democrats this fall. >> i think so. i think that -- look what the
12:22 pm
republicans have done. they have had this sort of dynamic where doesn't really matter how popular the bill is coming out of the senate are, how bipartisan they are, they divide the republican party too much for john boehner to put them on the floor. that's immigration reform. and might be minimum wage, a whole bunch of issues. those things are going to, you know, linger on john boehner's desk until november. the only things that republicans do in concert with democrats are things where sort of there are circumstances that require it, like the debt limit, funding the government, things like that, they basically just cleared their plate of all that stuff. we have february to november for them to pass a bunch of bills about how, you know, obama care is terrible or something like that. they are far too divided to actually do any of the popular things that are coming -- that have come out of senate or will come out of the senate. that's something that democrats will able to use to make the election about more than just obama care or the economy to say that, you know if immigration reform is the issue, voting rights are the issue, equal pay
12:23 pm
is your issue, the problem is with one party and one chamber and you ought to vote some of them out of office. >> and anyone that watches this show often knows that i talk a lot about the need for the republican party to reform for, it to evolve on the issues if it wants to win a national election. i have to say, brian, i feel like i'm speaking to a brick wall, rather frustrating. but it is simple basic math. if you look at where the general electorate stands on a majority of the issues, we continue to be on the losing side of that. and rand paul, which to me is sad, sad for the future of the party and sad for our democracy, which is a lot stronger when you have two parties that work well together and two parties that are strong. and rand paul came out, actually on my side here saying, i think republicans will not win again in my lifetime for the presidency unless they become a new gop, a new republican party and it has to be a transformation, not a little tweaking at the edges.
12:24 pm
i think he's right on in the message and one the few speaking about this. the real issue is the tea party and they are the ones that vote in the primaries and as long as they win elections, which they will the next election, it seems impossible for it to transform enough to win a national election. >> unfortunately for the cause of the republican reform, you don't have a presidential election every two years. you have one every four years and in between you have a midterm where democrats, you know, tend to show up at the polls more, you know, in smaller numbers than they do during presidential elections and so right away the incentive flips back to republicans after presidential defeat to become more conservative still so their base turns out in the midterms. you don't feel a whole lot of pressure to do some of the things you say were down to the benefit in the longer term. >> we're going to team up and run as an independent party. >> wow. breaking news on "the cycle." >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. up next, a little olympic run, the athletes are heating it up in sochi.
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it is after midnight in sochi. day nine of the 22nd winter games is in the books. bode miller looked for redemption on the slopes and a champion in men's figure skating. on this valentine's day, it is an american lady sporting a shiny new accessory. here is your olympic update with the latest results. it will take about 40 seconds. if you choose to look away, there is your warning. in american's skeleton, noel pee pikus-pace took home the silver. she gave it one more run. i bet she's glad she did. lizzie arnold took home the
12:29 pm
gold. the time american finisher was 19-year-old jason brown who had an amazing debut, even without a quart, he landed in ninth. and bode miller missed the podium in the second alpine event. sixth, though not surprising, the highest american finisher. bode kept it classy this time tweeting, congrats, it was hard fought. u.s. is finally tied on top with norway. and 13 medals a piece. russia and the netherlands are on our heels with 12 each. canada has 11. joining us from sochi, washington sports columnist mike wise. what is going on with bode miller? >> i don't want to say he's boding the olympics like he did 2006 in torino, but he had a
12:30 pm
tough time on the alpine course today. too conservative and admitted it. going into vancouver four years ago, the u.s. had four medals already. julia mancuso is the own person to medal in an alpine event thus far for the americans. so very disappointing. very disappointing. >> i hear it is a special games for you because you got a relative competing next week? >> i do. i do. i don't want to pump him too much. okay, i will. his name is david wise. he's my second cousin, from reno, nevada, my father was born in sparks, i guess we share the same great grandfather, but i'm like those nba players that all the relatives show up after they sign the contract, i'm that guy now. when what's up, buddy? best kid. 23 years old, already a father, smart kid. >> nice. we'll cheer for him along with you. thank you very much, mike. as women flip, twist, speed
12:31 pm
and soar to new heights at the olympic games, we continue to debate equal pay for equal work here at home. >> what? >> crazy, right? especially when you consider a recent survey asked about whether their companies investment in women would lead to higher profits. found that 72% said it either already had or was expected to in the near future. 59% said investing in women had enhanced their company's brand and reputation. when women succeed, the company succeeds. so when at is the holdup here? you might be surprised some of the ridiculous biases that women actually still face. a new book titled what works for women at work explores what women can do to overcome these biases and achieve the success that we all know they deserve. we have joan williams, co-author of the book here with us today. thank you for joining us. >> delighted to be here. >> you spent a lot of time on the book laying out four patterns of gender bias that you found. could you sort of quickly take tlous what each us through what
12:32 pm
those are. >> women have to provide more evidence and competence than men to be seen as equally competent. the second is the tight rope. these high level jobs typically are seen as requiring masculine qualities, but women are expected to be feminine. so that's the tight rope. the third is actually by far the strongest. it is gender bias triggered by motherhood. and then the final one, we call tug of war, which is when gender bias against women turns into fights among women. >> i want to dive a little deeper into pattern number two, which is as you were saying, negotiating and walking that tight rope. as you say, women need to negotiate to prove that they're competent, but they also need to negotiate ways that also make them seem likable. and to do this successfully, women need to be savvier than men, they have to ask in a nice way. can you explain that? >> we often hear that women don't ask. when they do ask, they're seen
12:33 pm
as less likable. what works for women is to use what i call gender judo, do a masculine thing, but in a feminine way. you're negotiating, seen as masculine. you do it in a communal way, in the name of the group. or say i'm entitled to this race for the following reason, but i'm concerned about how joe might respond and let's talk about how we can just make sure that doesn't happen. so you're doing something that is very masculine, but you're showing attention to other people's feelings, which is seen as very feminine. >> i'll tell you something, krystal is a master at that stuff. pleased to see you interviewed a lot of women of color for your study. what did you turn up in terms of the hurdles? >> asking women of color about the hurdles that white women also face, but the interesting thing is that women of color encountered more of every single one of the four patterns of gender bias. often encountered them in a
12:34 pm
little different way. black women often felt even if they were very high up that they couldn't afford it make a single mistake. and i never heard that from the other three groups of women i talked to. >> well there is a lot of really interesting stuff in the book. i related to it very much. >> i did too. >> a lot of great advice here. thank you for joining us, joan. >> thank you. and up next, the show people were begging for yesterday while they were snow bound at home, the new season of "house of cards" is out today. and we have got the president in this house. that's next. >> don't humiliate the administration, frank. you're part of it now. >> yes, sir. >> we're done. welcome back. how is everything?
12:35 pm
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let the bingeing begin. house of cards season two was released this morning on netflix and it looks amazing. >> you let me know if anyone contacts you. >> agent green, fbi. >> you cannot run away from this. >> he's got power. he's got a lot to lose and he's winning. >> i need to know that i wasn't a part of someone's -- >> finish your thought. >> part of someone's murder. >> one heart beat away from the presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. democracy is so overrated. >> kevin spacey plays frank underwood, a ruthlessly ambitious south carolina democrat who violently manipulated his way from house majority whip to vice president in season one under what is a heart beat away from the presidency and that does not bode well for president walker. let's welcome to the guest spot actor michael gill who plays the president of the united states. mr. president, how are you doing, sir?
12:39 pm
you are toting a beard. what's going on? >> i'm on hiatus. always nice to just relax and gain a little weight and grow a beard. happy valentine's day to everybody. happy seasons two day. >> the show is so popular. people were all over twitter yesterday, pleading with netflix to bump up the release to season two, just one day early. they were snowed in. this is from ben fuller, netflix, i'm snowed in and it is my birthday. the classy thing to do is release house of cards. how much of this addiction stems from the moment that we are living right now. we're so appalled with washington, but also so fascinated by it. >> i think it is a bit of both and on top of that, you're imposing a very shakespearean tale and drama on to our political system, which makes it really delicious. there is a -- an area of reality where we all think, well, this could very well be happening.
12:40 pm
or is this really, yeah. and then you deal with the fact that, yes, there is also that imposition of a richard macbeth, where you take that license and go with that as well, which helps you with the believability of it, i think. >> michael, i know you are not the same person as president walker. but if i might, i would like to speak to president walker for a moment. can we do that, sir? >> absolutely. >> do you think it is filled with manipulative folks and yet somehow frank has outmanipulated everyone, including you, sir? how is he so good at that? >> i don't know what you're talking about. i really have no idea what you're talking about. i got a lot of people coming in and out of my office every day, giving me all kinds of wonderful opinions and advice and at the end of the day, i make that decision. and the buck stops here. >> do you trust him as your vice
12:41 pm
president? >> well, yeah, i do. i trust him. i trust him as one of my advisers, as i trust all of my advisers up to a certain point, 99%. at the end of the day, it is just putting all those things together and you guys get to see his meetings with me. but the minute he leaves, they come in, they're flooding my office all the time, everybody is giving me this and that. from my perspective, i don't know when you're talking about. >> let me get michael back. as an actor, you have amazing training as an actor. you are an amazing actor. how do you prepare to play the president of the united states? >> well, it is -- i'm sure it is different for everybody. i think there are few presidents going on right now on tv. my particular way was first i've been actually observing presidents ever since i was a little kid. i was 3 years old when john kennedy was assassinated. i campaigned for bobby kennedy at 8 years old in new york city. and i've always been fascinated
12:42 pm
by observing their behavior. the amount of power that they have, the amount of secrecy that they hold and the burdens that they hold, i've always been fascinated with watching, waiting for that moment where it actually comes through and just sneaks through what they actually give to us every day in a public way. so i've always been fascinated by that. i think that was the beginning of my interest in acting. so that was the approach i've just watched a whole lot of footage on all of the presidents that we have been able to have documented. and just behavior. and then i have to just sit back and let the oval office play me, president. i have to have kevin play me president, my chief of staff play me president and then i can just be me. >> season one was fascinating in many ways because you saw the layers of behavior of the political figures. both underwood and your character. you see them on stage.
12:43 pm
you see them in one context and then see what feels like the real -- how important is that in your acting because clearly you're playing someone who as a character is also acting. >> right. well, that's exactly right. perception -- again, as an actor, it is very difficult to separate yourself as an actor and then be the -- i have to tell you this, every time frank would come along and go off and do a side, an aside to the camera, if i was even remotely close to him, i go, i can hear you. i'm here. and, you know, you joke about it because there is that frustration of guys, i'm not -- i'm not that stupid. >> michael, that is great stuff. we all cannot wait to watch. thank you so much for coming on. >> you're so, so welcome. enjoy the season. >> thank you. congratulations. since valentine's day, would you rather celebrate with your cupid or binge watch house of
12:44 pm
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plan includes a special date, a night in or a night with your girls, one thing pairs with all of that, perfect wine. we have brought in an expert to help the most beginner wine enthusiasts choose the perfect bottle for any occasion. and to help ari and i sound smart when we're sipping. dan amatuse is the author of "a first course in wine." dan was named one of forbes 30 under 30 food and wine professionals. dan, thanks so much for being with us. >> thanks for having me today. >> we're starting here with something a little bubbly we can maybe toast to our love with, something like that. >> have you done this before? >> once or twice. >> we have a variety of wines. but sparkling wines are always a good way to start any celebration or dinner. do you prefer sparkling wines to other types of wine? >> not typically, but i could be convinced. >> so sparkling wines are by definition have carbonation. that's a byproduct of fermention. they're refreshing, they're
12:49 pm
clean, bright. good for food and also good for sipping and toasting the night away. this particular producer is from northern italy. a lot of the best sparkling wines in the world come from very cool climates, where the soil is kind of chalky and mineral driven. the wine is taking all the flavors and aromas. >> lovely. a challenge many people have including myself is pairing the right food with the right wine. that can change your eating experience. if you're making a light seafood pasta, you wouldn't want to pair that with white wine, right? >> not necessarily. the playing field has been leveled. if you like red wine and want to drink it with fish, go for it. the secret is to pair wine and food of equal weight. so light dish -- >> what do we have here? >> a lightweight wine from northwestern italy. you could pair this with a meat dish or anything like that, but you want to kind of stick to a lighter style entree.
12:50 pm
light food, light wine, heavy food, heavy wine. >> cheers. >> i just want to -- >> however -- >> proper thing is to smell it first too, right? i screwed that one up. >> you can smell, taste, smell, cheers, whatever. >> it tastes great. the smell after is great too. >> light traditional wine from northwest, clean, fresh. think about the food, heavy, light, can cut through whatever you would like. if you don't like whites and only prefer reds, try something on the lighter side. you look at the color of this wine, you see it is not dark, not too inky. and the idea is even though it has red flavors, blackberries, black cherries, what have you, the texture isn't too overwhelming, won't overpower something as light as sushi or anything like that. >> it was very embarrassing when abby didn't notice the smell of the last one. >> the cycle of reputation has been tarnished. >> and you gave me something
12:51 pm
that is for sipping, for cuddling, nice tuscan red. >> this is the late night -- this is your night cap or as the night is coming to a close. this is a super tuscan. have you heard of a super tuscan before? >> of course. >> sounds awesome, right? >> the idea is super tuscans are big, brash. >> i like the color. >> intense. and this is your bigger, richer, but very velvety, silky, spot about this wine. cheers. >> cheers. >> this is a traditional tuscan blend. >> very nice. i like the after taste. >> what is pleasing about it? >> it just -- there is multiple sensations on the tongue, so a lot of different things are happening. >> you get blended wines, they're taking the freshness of this grape, acidity of that grape and you get layers of complex -- >> you love this barollo. tell us about that. >> it is the king of wines and wine of kings. it is a regal experience. >> it is amazing. it is hard to find anything that
12:52 pm
is not totally expensive on the menu. >> it is not. you can get very good barolo for $50, $60 in the restaurant. they go up from there. but you don't need to spend $200, $300 to get them a good bottle of wine. >> i was hanging out with some rapper who ari knows about who said, look, you can't hold it by here, because you screw up the wine because you make it warmer. got to hold it on the stem, right? >> the stem, hold it by the rim on the bottom. i've seen some people take it and -- >> i'm doing so many things wrong. >> you do it like this, that's gangster. >> that's not gangster at all. >> happy valentine's day, guys. >> thanks for having me so much. thank you. >> king of wines. nice. >> yeah. >> all right. and, dan, thank you so much. for all of that and i know you've also got a whole kit to help folks like me who has their own wine tasting party coming up tomorrow. it is available now for preorder and we have posted more info
12:53 pm
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12:56 pm
i love being white. i really do. seriously, if you're not white, you're missing out because this is thoroughly good. i'm not saying white people are
12:57 pm
better. i'm saying being white is clearly better. who could even argue? >> happy black history month, america. i hope you're having a good one. i sure am. i got some black history month sneakers from nike and some mlk nyquil to make sure you have a dream. it's a central part of the american story, even if it feels like black history month is an affirmative action month. all this celebrating is always punctuating by someone saying, where's white history month? jokes contain a kernel of truth, so it sounds like fish not noticing water. it's like being a kid with all the toys in the world and going to a birthday party and getting
12:58 pm
mad because another kid got a toy. they want white history month? we have white history life. dr. king wrote the history books have almost completely ignored the contributions of negros in history. black history month is intended as a small antedote to all of that. she says, i have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that i can count on cashing each day, but of which i was about to remain oblivious. i suggest we shatter that lack of awareness. let's give white people their own race card. it's come to mean a black person
12:59 pm
has mentioned race in an inappropriate way. what it should mean is i'd like to use my race to get an advantage please? >> i've never been turned down for a job i've been interviewed for. do you know what happens? when i walk in there, i meet a white guy much like myself. and i almost walk out of there with the job. i'm not even kidding. >> it can be used at job sites, shopping, malls, everywhere where race matters. it happens automatically, just like white history month happens automatically. that's it for us. president obama knows why he is a democrat. do republicans why they're not? it is friday, february 14th, and this is "now."
1:00 pm
vice president president biden. >> giving democrats a pep talk. >> part of what makes us democrats is we're here to help a bunch of folks out there who are struggling. >> what do they run on? >> equal pay for equal work. >> early childhood education. >> federal minimum wage. smart immigration policies. >> major developments in the battle for marriage equality. >> our family will be recognized just as real as every other family in virginia. >> make every single effort to aggressively push our gender. >> a big push on federal minimum wage. >> the democrats will try to force a house vote on raising the minimum wage. >> if