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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 21, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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happy to keep him in the post. he says he's quite confident that david samson did nothing wrong, but the largest paper in new jersey tonight says he's got to go. stay tuned. now it's time for "the last good friday morning. right now on "first look," deal reached. breaking news this morning. an end to the ukraine crisis. we'll take you live to the region with details of the agreement to end the bloodshed. tornadoes and storms. along with teaming rain, twisters loom over seven states. olympic pride. the u.s. women on the wrong end of a miracle on ice. while the u.s. men prepare for their turn at the canadians. plus, a "modern family" star inappropriately touched? and a baby brought back to live. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm betty nguyen. at this very moment in kiev, a deal is expected to be signed in
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the ukraine. this as gunshots continue to ring out on the capital's central square. central kiev was a battlefield with dozens of antigovernment protestors being cut down from gunfire from heavily armed police. it was the bloodiest day in the country's post soviet history. they reported at least 49 people killed. we want to turn now to nbc's jim azata live. jim, the ukrainian president says he has made a deal with the e.u. and russia. any word on what that entails? >> reporter: hi, betty. well, the deal is between -- certainly with pressure from the e.u. and russia but it's actually between viktor ian yuko vish and the russian leaders. the signing of that deal, we've had a chance ourselves to look at a hard copy of the initial page of the draft deal
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containing four key points. earlier in any case, it's talking about december of this year, returning to the 2004 constitution, a constitution which was completely gutted by viktor yanukovych. an investigation of the crimes over the past three months of the crisis and a forming of a coalition government in ten days. but even be as this is coming to the fore, betty, the three e.u. foreign ministers who brokered the deal in kiev are calling for caution. the polish minister saying that what has been agreed to is a draft, it's an initialing, not a full-blown signing. he called the draft a starting point and said that it doesn't necessarily mean it's the end of the conflict. and here's the real problem, there's no mention at all of
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yanukovych's resignation. that's been a hard core demand. that's their main demand. as far as we can tell, this deal keeps yanukovych in power for almost a year. >> we'll see if this deal holds longer than that short-lived truce that we saw yesterday. thank you, jim. it is day 14 of the winter olympic games in sochi with five gold medals up for grabs, the united states leads with 25 medals. russia second with 23 and norway has the most gold medals with ten. nbc's jay gray is live at olympic park in sochi. jay, the u.s. men's hockey team will be on the road to gold if they beat canada today. big game. >> yeah, betty, and a big if. look, they've struggled with canada so this is going to be quite a showdown on the ice. the u.s. men lost four years ago in an overtime game in vancouver. sidney crosby sending home the
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gold and sending team usa home with a bronze medal. they come into this game obviously looking for revenge from that, but also from the heart ache of last night. the women's hockey team looking like they had things sown up. just under four minutes left in the game and they were ahead by two goals but it did not work out. a furious comeback by the canadians and two goals, the last with less than a minute to go sends this game into overtime and overtime a questionable call but doesn't matter. canada with the win and the u.s. women just frustrated more than anything because they've worked so hard. and really bonded as a team, betty. so it was sad to see them go. now, look, i know this is the last time we're going to get to talk from here in russia so i'd like to, if you'll indulge me for just a minute, share a little with you. when you share a month in a country you find out a lot. they've been kind enough to allow me to wear the olympic shirt here. >> looking good. >> you embrace the culture.
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we have the nesting doll. >> you are bringing these back for us, right? >> we've got the hat here. and, again, betty, if you'll put up with me for a second. i'd like to say one final good-bye. i'd like to say it in russian for you. >> i am so amazed. >> so, betty, back to you. >> your voice, it's just -- it changed and, boy, the accent is so right. >> just a little bit, betty. >> all right. you're truly russian now. we want you back here in the states though so have a safe trip back. >> i'm on my way. >> break is over and the winter weather relief was short lived. once again, the midwest is just being pounded with a messy mix of severe storms giving way to new and old headaches. wisconsin was the first to get walloped by a major snowstorm
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moving west. certain parts are expected to be buried under a foot of snow as the storm pushes towards minnesota and iowa. illinois was spared major snowfall but warmer temperatures caused a whole new set of problems. heavy rain and fog is being blamed for a 20 car pileup near chicago and temporarily shutting down midway international airport. now south of the windy city, that same storm system produced four tornadoes in central illinois. luckily, there haven't been any reports of widespread damage. let's get the latest in all of this. bill karins is here. >> no deaths and injuries. >> exactly. boy, they have been through a lot. >> somewhere like tornadoes that had snow on the ground. that's just wrong. >> i can't visualize that. >> that's like, what? the let's take you through what we're dealing with. we have strong storms out there that are rolling through the areas of the south and southeast. 13 tornado reports, most of them over illinois. large hale. 25 and a lot of wind damage.
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200 reports of wind damages. the strong part of the storm is over with. now we're watching the heavy wind and rain rolling through charlotte, atlanta. the worst of it went through the atlanta area. hopefully for the morning rush hour, just light rain. also charlotte, columbia, south carolina. you could get damaging wind. thunderstorm wind damage threat along the east coast, especially the southeast coast line and then florida as we go throughout the afternoon. still pretty mild air behind the cold front. really not to the weekend. the next shot of cold air comes down. notice how nice it is much of the country. minneapolis, a high of 15, that's it? 14 on sunday. betty, all signs an indication are that the polar air is returning much of the country. >> no. >> once you get into march people are going to be like angry. >> polar air, not polar vortex? that's all kind of the same. >> better off to say polar air. >> i don't want to hear polar at all. thank you, bill.
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two men who have pleaded guilty to a savage beating of a san francisco giants fan in 2011 got a verbal lashing in court thursday. 33-year-old marvin norwood was sentenced to four years in prison and 31-year-old louis sanchez was sentences sentenced to eight years but not before the judge called out sanchez for smirking during the hearing. >> my son and i have season tickets to football, college football, and my biggest fear, which is probably true for most of the people that appear there, and you don't have to stare, mr. sanchez, but i know you're paying attention to me, is that we run into people like you that have no civility. you're smiling. you think it's funny. no civility, no respect for individuals. >> that beating left 45-year-old brian stowe, a father of two, brain damaged and permanently disabled. walter ahlers, the last
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medal of honor winner has died. he took out several german gun positions and drew fire so wounded americans could be removed. he was wounded three times. ehlers was awarded the medal of honor. he carried a bullet in his right leg until his death at the age of 92. truly the greatest generation. all right. now time for sports with veronica did he la cruz. happy friday. >> happy friday. it's finally friday, tgif. college hoops between rivals, nbc nbl and number five, duke. the tar heels trailing when he goes for the lay-up. he's right there to knock it in. later game tied 60-60. leslie mcdonald drains the jumper. unc rallies beating the blue devils, 74-66. big nba game next to tell you about. heat versus thunder. lebron james totaled 33 points
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before getting knocked on the nose in the fourth. still finishing the dunk. james left the game early and will be evaluated for a broken nose. ouch. the heat went on to beat obamacare city, 103-81. in nascar, matt kenseth pulled out a tight win in the first duel. a major crash after jimmie johnson's car runs out of fuel and bursts into flames and clint bowyer rolls over. speaking of injuries, this one unfortunate. >> ouch. >> a fan trying to get -- look, a trick shot at the world golf championship fell into a cam tus. >> oh, man. >> they'll take all of those needles out. >> that's going to hurt for a while. >> one by one. finally michelle obama explained to jimmy fallon on the "tonight show" why she thinks the events at the winter games are better
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off for her at a sports event. >> think about the fairs, there's a 6 foot man taking a 100 pound girl and shrinking her across the -- i'm like, i want no parts of that. >> i just want to say, make sure everyone is safe. very dangerous. >> you know, if somebody did that i would be like, don't fling me across the ice like that. don't do that. >> i'm wearing blades on me feet. >> you have to land on one foot. everything they do is dangerous. bobsledding. it's all just -- so, no. >> she's like, i'm just going to stay home and watch. >> watch where it's safe. you don't need protective fweer. >> okay. thank you, veronica. mortgage rates and milk prices are on the rise plus one very sloppy bank robber and the amazing story of a baby brought back to life from the brink of death. that's next. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses.
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zwriem now to get down to business with cnbc's sema moody. >> mortgage rates rising this
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week. that has wall street, eyes on that. freddie mac says the average rate on a 30 year loan hit 4.33% this week up from 4.28 last week. rates have been rising in tandem with bond yields as the fed appears to be reducing its economic stimulus. news you may have to take your coffee black. dairy analysts say milk prices could rise 60 cents next month to a record high. that's partly due to smaller herds as farmers cut back. >> going to be in high demand. thank you, sema. some stories making news this morning, the arizona legislature has approved a bill that essentially allows business owners to refuse service to gays based on religious beliefs. opponents of the bill are calling it state sanctioned discrimination while supporters say religious freedoms must be respected. a five-month-old baby, listen to this, is rekofg in a hospital after he stopped breathing while in traffic on a miami highway. the child's aunt jumped from her car screaming from help when she noticed he was unconscious.
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miami herald photographer al diez was nearby and watched officers perform cpr. sarah high land was assaulted in australia. she was posing to are a photo with that man at an event when he allegedly groped her chest. she later tweeted about the incompetence department. surveillance video shows a suspected bank robber in maryland dropping cash everywhere before deciding to use an umbrella to carry the loot. his bad day got even worse when police blew out his tires. he tried to flee on foot and he hit his head on ice. it's called karma. hillary -- say that again, hillary gains a dog and the mayor for first -- we'll have to get you the latest on that. jimmy fallon and will ferrell is next. rement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business
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from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at edition of scrambled politics. a new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton widening the gap. after being in a virtual tie in november, she now leads new jersey's chris christie by 13 points, 49 to 36%. former republican presidential candidate michele bachmann believes hillary clinton will not win in 2016 because many americans are not ready for a female president. all right. now to the dog story. in irving texas, a man tried to have his dog added to the ballot
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for the upcoming mayor's race, but even though the pet has plenty of experience since he is 70 years old in dog years, he is not a registered voter because rules are rules. and waffle house started in georgia, now it has restaurants in 25 states, mostly red states in the south, and if you have one in your state, the latest election results show that you are probably a republican and voted for mitt romney in 2012. china is urging president obama to cancel today's meeting with tibet's spiritual leader, the dalai lama at the white house. beijing says it would seriously damage ties between the u.s. and china. a bet made at the summit meeting in mexico has one canadian ministry, brian harper, a case of brewed beer. mr. obama could even up the score if the u.s. men's team beats canada later today, but harper has not chosen which beer to send if the u.s. wins. michelle obama, she was on
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jimmy fallon's "tonight show" last night, and she even made a skit with fallon and will ferrell dressed as teenage girls. it was about the olympics and her campaign for diet and exercise. >> you're pretty strong. you could participate in the olympics. >> thank you, sarah. i do try to exercise every day. >> really? because i think exercise is, ewww. >> exercise is not ewww. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. not ewww. political reporter kevin sir rilly joins me from washington. good morning, happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday, betty. thanks for having me. >> we're going to get to that skit. first of all, i want to talk about money. retail chain the gap is raising its own minimum wage to $10 an hour impacting 65,000 employees. is this big business proof that the president's push to raise the minimum wij is good for the economy? >> reporter: i think that it's
2:22 am
resonating with retailers such as gab as you mentioned, and i think that it's really good news for the administration that those executive orders that the president mentioned in his state of the union address are now reverberating through the business community. but it comes during a week where the nonpartisan congressional budget office found that actually if the obama proposal to increase minimum wage would decrease jobs over the next couple of years by 500,000 workers but doesn't really matter when you look at organizations like gap which are following the president's lead and doing this and raising their wages. >> walmart, which has been criticized in the past for low wages, says it's looking at supporting an increase in the federal minimum wage, so how could this actually help that low cost leader? >> i think when you look at the trickle down effects of just this larger issue, right, betty, of the minimum wage stories which haven't been raised in so many years and really we're not
2:23 am
talking about a big increase here. what's interesting about the obama proposal is that they would index the increase so that we wouldn't have to keep having these fights every couple of years politically speaking because it would be tied to an automatic type of rate for an increase. either way, bottom line, retailers like target, gap, i'm sorry, walmart are looking to increase their minimum wage following the president's executive action order. >> kevin cirilli, thanks for your time. coming up, bill and veronica are back for first buzz and on monday, ronan farrow debuts a show starting at 1:00 p.m. check it out. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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time now for our first buzz joined by veronica and bill. we've been watching the olympics for the past couple of weeks. it's winding down, but not before the controversy. >> not before the controversy. it wouldn't be an olympic games without the controversy. >> that's true. >> results are in and we're talking about figure skating. adolina took the gold away from this woman, yuna kim. people say she got robbed. they started an online petition at it started ten hours ago. how did she get 1.5 million signatures. people are saying that adelena came from nowhere. >> that's true. >> she's very technical in her skating. she's not as nice to look at because as far as the artistic impression goes, she's not as artistic. yuna is 27 years old. >> i any we have an olympic judge in the midst.
2:28 am
sounds like it. >> i know all about the judging and the need for transparency. ashley wagner will be on the "today" show talking about how the judging -- >> we'll be watching that. in the meantime we have a 72-year-old getting in on the action. >> when you're a 72-year-old, what do you picture? >> do you picture him driving 200 miles an hour on the track? >> this is morgan shepherd. last night he failed to become the oldest driver to ever qualify for the daytona 500. he's been driving for 47 years on the nascar circuit. it would have been kind of -- >> amazing. >> it was a big deal that danica patrick got in there. it would have been cool for seen jurors. >> he's been on the circuit for a while. >> he'll still try again. >> i want to tell you about the best entrepreneur of the year. she gets my award for that. she's 13 years old. this little girl scout, in fact, set up shop outside of a san francisco marijuana dispense sari of all places. >> what? what? >> she's smart. >> tag alongs. >> she has sold a whopping 117
2:29 am
boxes in just two hours. that shows you the need, the demand. supply and demand, folks. she cornered the market on that. >> in the ice. >> all right, guys. thanks so much for watching today on this friday. have a great weekend. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. you're pretty strong. you could totally be in the olympics. >> thank you, sarah. i do try to exercise every day. >> really? because i think exercise is ewww. >> exercise is not ewww. you just have to find an activity that's right for you. for example, i like to dance, play tennis, even do some pushups. >> what else? dancing is exercise? >> sure. as long as you keep moving around and get your heart rate up. >> that totally just gave me an idea. >> are you saying what i think
2:30 am
you're saying? ewww, dance party. ♪ ♪ >> so good. the first lady takes her message and some dance moves to the "tonight show", but if you're hoping to hear some more moves from will ferrell, stay tuned for his dance performance. the surprise that put the russian team to win ladies gold. did the russian judges cook the scoring books. after the most horrific and deadly day of flashes in kiev, dawn brings new peace after the ukrainian police brings a new deal. this is "way too early." hey there, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is friday, february 20th. we did it! we made it to the end of the week. welcome to "way too early," the show that tries to have its own dance party during script b 99 so wait for it. wait for it. we'll start out with something


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