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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 25, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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to each other the whole time. they high fived. they cheered one another on. they were all smiles. and the best new thing in the world really could be the supernatural good sportsmanship and maturity of these kids. but come on! i mean, whatever you call the spelling bee equivalent of a sonic boom, that's what these . . good tuesday morning. the vortex returns and we prepare for another winter blast. military politics, the reasoning behind the pentagon's plan to shrink our armed forces arizona burning. the right to discriminate may become law but apple is speaking out. drama on day one of kerry kennedy's drugged driving trial. the comedius genius that had
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a hand in so many of films has died. another arctic blast. bill karins is here to talk to us about something that nobody wants to hear. >> it was a little tease that last week. it warmed up, nice for so many. now, we are going to sit here and wait for spring and it may be two weeks before we get back to any warmth. the cold has set in. there is no changes in sight for the weather pattern. that's what's discouraging about this. as far as temperatures go, this cold, arctic air, is just going to sit here over the northern plains. that's who i feel the worse for. minus 30 in international falls. that is continuing to move south. not texas or florida but st. louis, windchill of 9. chicago, bitterly cold. where is it going to go. the white is as cold as it gets. the purple is very cold. the blue is uncomfortable cold. as we go throughout the week, it dopt move much. it sits here from minneapolis
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through wisconsin over michigan. a little chunk will kick through the northeast. temperatures down 6 degrees as far south as new york city. as we go through the upcoming weekend, the northeast forms. it just sits here. this looks like this weather pattern will remain until the first week of march at least. >> really? >> no signs of t-shirts. >> you are not a popular guy with that kind of forecast. i am even complaining to myself. we have new details this morning on why the secretary of defense is proposing to shrink the army. chuck hagel says the nation can't afford a military being smaller than before world war ii but only if it keeps its technological edge. tracie potts is live on this. will the army be able to respond as quickly in a time of crisis if it is smaller? >> they certainly hope so. the speed may not be the issue but capacity, what they are looking at, as being anyone to defend america, defend the homeland from any sort of attack
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while fighting only one war at a tichlt time. the army would lose soldiers, the f-35 would replace a-10s. drones would replace the cold war u-2 spy plane. army training helicopters would be retired. >> we must adapt, innovate and make difficult decisions to insure our military remains ready and capable. >> the military would have to use 1% pay raise toward housing and other subsidies being cut. >> we are trying to solve our financial problems on the backs of our military and that can be done. the governors are concerned about the impact on the national guard. >> specially during times of disasters. >> the pentagon's plan gets a stamp of approval from the white
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hughes. >> this plan is responsible, realistic and supports the president's defense strategies. >> one governor described the president's tone as aggressive. >> don't start coming in and complaining these cuts are affecting you, because you said you wanted it. now, you are going to get it. >> military families are concerned that shrinking the force could make it harder to recruit. >> they may not want me as a pilot. that scarce me. >> reporter: if congress renews the sequester, expect deeper cuts. >> another 20,000 soldiers on top of the 20,000 or on top of the soldiers they are already recommending. that would put the country at risk. the hunt is on for ukrainian president, victor yanukovych. this as a new government takes
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shape and the world watches to see how russia reacts. jim maceda is live for us in moscow. where is he? >> reporter: they are still trying to hunt him down. avi he hasn't been spotted. he has turned off his cell phone and other communications. since then, a flurry of rumors that he was on a ship and one saying he was hiding in a mon sta es stare in the friendly eastern part of the ukraine. he is believed to be still inside ukraine and not in russia. as ukraine enters that very
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difficult phase of cobbling that government. all eyes are on vladimir putin. reports that have been denied by russia and ukraine. today, sergei lavrov warned that it is dangerous for the ukraine to choose between the west and russia and that russia supported nonintervention in ukraine on all sides. many experts say that putin won't invade or split up ukraine to protect his interests, at least they say, not yet. betty, back to you. >> we'll watch it play out. in arizona, pressure is mounting over a controversial new bill that would allow businesses to deny services to gays and lesbians, based on religious beliefs. all eyes are on governor jan brewer. they are urging her to veto
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this. john mccain says, i hope governor brewer will veto sb-1062. jeff flan says he encouraged her to veto the bill. three state senators that voted in favor of the bill last week say they now oppose it. >> it was a mistake and a miscalculation. we had no idea there would be the fallout like there has been, because, frankly, we voted on the same bill a year ago and sent it up to the governor and she vetoed it. >> then, there is this, the arizona super bowl host committee has come out against the bill and so has marriott and apple. the high-profile trial of kerry kennedy, daughter of robert kennedy, charged with crashing into a tractor-trailer in july, 2012 after taking a
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sleep medication. one witness said she was swerving on the highway before hitting the truck. a second witness said that after the accident, she was slumped over the wheel. her mother, ethel kennedy, and other members of her family, attended the trial north of new york city. the world has lost a comedy icon, harold ramis died monday of complications from an autoimmune disease. he brought us national lampoon's vacation, animal house and groundhog day. you may have heard of caddie shack, considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. bill murray who worked with ramis on multiple movies. he said, harold earned his keep on this planet and god bless him. you may remember him from this on-screen performance in ghost busters. >> well, let's say this twinkie represents the normal amount of
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psychokinetic energy in the new york area, according to this morning's sample, it would be a twinkie, 35-feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds. >> that's a big twinkie. >> a makeshift memorial outside the new york ghost busters firehouse included what else, a twinkie. harold ramis was 69. let's get some sports action from richard lui. syracuse drops to number four, up by 12, minutes left against maryland. they give it all back. maryland was second, tries to tie but they miss. syracuse survives, 57-55, after this shot right there. knicks/mavs, know vitsky gets
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off a buzzer-beater. major league baseball's new rule, runners can slide into home but cannot leave the base path themselves. missouri's michael sam who came out at gay this month did not do very well on the field. his 40-yard dash could drop him down into lower rounds on the nfl draft. on the flip side, south carolina gentleman dave avian clowney did much butter. a high first-round draft pick for that guy. this one hurts. game tied in french soccer league. the goalkeeper blocks a penalty shot, walks away confidently, backspin. the opponent wins. >> that stings, i'm sure just thinking about it. a puzzling poliolike disease
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time to get down to business with cnbc's morgan brennan. jpmorgan reportedly plans to cut several thousand more jobs from its mortgage business on top of the 13,000 to 15,000 set to be slashed due to plunging demands for home loans. they are looking to cut jobs at local branches but most through attrition. facebook is drooping its e-mail service. very few people are using it. the social network caused a stir in 2012 whether it replaced users regular e-mail on its home page with a default @facebook address. taco bell is launching a breakfast meal, items will include a waffle taco. they want a piece of the $50
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billion breakfast market dominated by mcdonald's. researchers are puzzled by a possible virus that is causing a poliolike syndrome in california children. doctors said about 20 cases have appeared in the last 18 months. this mystery sickness is causing children to experience partial paralysis in their arms and legs. after what seemed to be a productive weekend, bobby jindal and dan malloy got into a war of words. >> i worry about that this president seems to be waiving the white flag of surrender. the obama economy is the minimum wage economy. we can do better than that. >> let's be clear there are differences here. you just heard what i think ended up being the most partisan statement that we have had all weekend. >> if that was the most partisan statement he has heard all weekend, i want to make sure he hears a more partisan statement.
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. we want to have you take a look at msnbc's lineup. at 11:00 eastern, news nation with tamron hall and at noon, "andrea mitchell reports," both at new times and at 1:00 and 2:00 eastern, our newest shows, ronan farrow daily and the reid
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report and cycle and with alex wagner at 4:00. governor chris christie's approval rating is plummeting. 49% of new jersey voters approve of the job he is doing. that is down nine points since the bridgegate scandal broke in january and 20 points from a year ago the longest serving member of the house of representatives is resigning, 87-year-old jon dingle has served 29 full terms. is president obama respected abroad by other world leaders. for the first time ever, more americans think he is not by a 53-41 margin. arizona senator, john mccain, taking a jab, not a surprise. congressman steve stockman hasn't voted in a gop primary in ten years, even for himself in
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2012. according to "the dallas morning news." he is trying to oust john cornyn case. the supreme court turns up its knows from a smelly washing machine case. the suits claim a design flaw causes a musty order. jimmy fallon will join chicago mayor, rahm emanuel in the polar plunge starting a hashtag called swimmy fallon. the mayor said, toughen up and take the plunge. he tweeted this picture of a wet suit and fallon said, he will wear a suit and tie. how appropriate. joe biden on this series
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premier of "late night with seth myers." >> i was manniplanning on makin major announcement tonight but i decided, tonight is your night. >> amy, your 2016 plans? >> i'm going to run for president. >> great. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. i'm joined by ellis henican. >> do you have any announcements you would like to make? >> i have nothing for you. this is what i do want to do. i want to dig deeper into this arizona bill. it is so controversial. basically, what it is doing is saying people will be able to deny rights and services and whatnot to people in the lgbt community under religious freedom. what's to say a cab driver doesn't want to take a muslim
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person to a specific location? is this going to open it up to all kinds of things where people can say, i don't want to do this, because it is religious freedom. >> it is against my religion. >> what about a hotel that says only married people can stay with us or a dry cleaner owned by methodist that are saying, none of those stinky baptist clothes. >> what is taking janua brewer long to put in the opinions of this bill? >> how about weighing the politics. they are a little complicated. there is a lot of passion in favor among the social conservatives. >> is she just weighing the politics but also the economics. we are looking at the super bowl pulling out of arizona in 2015? apple saying it may reconsider setting up shop there. all these other companies saying, you know what, if you go
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for this, we are not going to stand by you? >> wouldn't it be a great thing if doing the right thing on the moral basis got you some economic benefits? the last thing they want in arizona is that super bowl to pull out. >> that would be bad business. >> you think she will veto it? >> look what john mccain and senator flail said, veto, veto. coming up, bill karins and richard williams will be here for your first buzz and we are going to look at comedian/actor, harold ramis. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! ♪ we are one, under the sun ♪ under the sun... [ female announcer ] fiber and protein. together as one. introducing new fiber one protein cereal.
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time now for our first buzz.
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i'm joined by richard and bill. bill, you know, we're -- >> you blew my mind. >> what are we talking about here? >> with harold ramis. when you did the obituary for him. just another obituary and you list who this person is. is this not a mainstream name that we all don't know. >> we do know but we don't know that he had done so much. >> he was the one behind the cameras. we mentioned some of it before. to start with your first film being animal house, which is like one of the all-time classics. he said before he died that he was happy he actually did about two or four films that will go down in history and always be remembered. >> this scene in animal house. he wrote this stuff. it was so great. >> i didn't know he wrote it. >> what i remember him for, my favorite, is this scene in caddie shack. >> sorry. >> how about a nice, cool drink,
2:28 am
varmints, scum, slime. you are one of the lowest members of the foot chain and you will probably be replaced by the rat. >> ah! >> to harold ramis, we thank you. >> you forgot ghost busters. love that. i want to get to this story. this cob a bit of a movie scene if you will. a guy walks into a bank with a meat cleaver. that's outlandish enough. check out what the bank teller does. if you can get that little graphic at the bottom off. you will see, she turns around while he is getting arrested. she turns around, looks up and is laughing. what is this crazy man trying to do? >> that's in china. >> i want to be arrested. >> there is a glass window there. why is he on the phone? >> maybe he just came back from the butcher shop. >> you may want to be on the phone with taco bell. >> i love it.
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early morning menu. we were talking about it earlier. they are going to roll it out to some 5500 locations. the breakfast burritos and we have to wait a month before we dig our teeth into that good stuff. >> bring it on. thanks for watching this morning. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. phil, hey, phil, phil commerce, i thought that was you. >> hi, how are you doing? thanks for watching. >> don't you tell me you don't remember me i sure as heckfire remember you. >> not a chance. >> ned reyerson. >> needle nose ned, ned the head, come on, buddy. i did the whistling belly button trick at the high school talent show. got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn't graduate. i dated your sister, mary pat, a
2:30 am
couple of times, until you told me not to anymore. >> ned reyerson. >> bing. >> bing. >> groundhog's day, animal house, caddie shack, all classic comedy films by harold ramis. remembering the hollywood comedy giant it is a bfd, vice president joe biden christens the guest chair for seth meyers and his new late night gig arizona republicans fl flip-flop on their own bill. this is "way too early." good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, february 25th. welcome to way too early to show where we don't discriminate against fle viewers but i do like the gay ones better. just saying. we start out with some serious news. defense secretary, chuck hagel, has announcis


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