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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  May 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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kay haguen hoping for a republican runoff. also what's old is new again. monica lewinsky, who is now 40, has some new things to say about the clintons, which made us wonder, what exactly have the clintons said about her in the past? and as the horror of the kidnapping of hundreds of nigerian school girls keeps getting worse, president obama promises to help but is there a limit to what the u.s. will do? good morning from washington, it's may 7, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." and energy secretary fox will be here. are we headed for a transporation cliff at the end of the year? let's get to my first read of the morning. six straight weeks of wonderful primaries.
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tea party 1, republicans 0. new york's statehouse speaker tom tillis won his primary with nearly 46% of the vote, avoids a july runoff. greg brannon pulled just 27% of the vote and baptist minister mark harris who was supported by mike huckabee and some iv evangelical groups got just 17%. tillis, fairly impressive that he almost got to 50%. he'll be able to focus now on kay hagan on what i call my desert island race. if i could have only the result of one senate race on november the 5th, this would be the race i'd ask for. it may be the most evenly matched competitive senate race
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in the country, and it could be the purest test of the two parties going into the fall, republicans who benefited from the coverage of the race portraying tillis as more moderate, at least as compared to his conservative primary challengers are doing the best to neutralize the race. >> the mission is to beat kay hagan and make kerry reed irrelevant. >> democrats led by the hague and campaign want to make this race about republican overreach in the state. and a referendum on the unpopular republican governor in the state, pat mccrory. hagan called the election a choice between two very different records saying "tom tillis has spent his time pushing a special interest agenda that has rigged the system against middle class
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families." a recent analysis of ad data found 15,000 ad spots had already been run just in this race alone. 90% of those ads run by outside groups. going done the ballot, new york, an american idol runner open clay aiken holds the lead in his primary over keith crisco. crisco has not conceded the race and last night the aiken campaign claimed it was confident that it would hold its lead but they did not declare victory. in the third district, ten-term congressman and the son of a former congressman, water jones, long-time thorn in his own party's side defeated taylor
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griffin. outside money isn't just being spent on the house and senate level. in the seventh district, republican outside groups who spent more than $400,000 on ads in this date were success, david rouser with 52% of the vote. and supported by emily's list, al alma adams won the democratic primary. and joshua brannon, a bit of an uphill battle there.
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and phil berger, jr.ier and mark walker will fight it out in a runoff. and speaker boehner won with nearly 70% of the vote over j.d. winteregg. and david joyce was helped to an easy victory with 55% of the vote. in ohio, several state legislators were not so lucky. three incumbents in the ohio house have lost their chance to compete for their seats this fall. ed fitzgerald won the democrat being nomination for governor,
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and he'll challenge republican governor john kasich in the fall. freshman congresswoman susan brooks won against david stockdale and, giveagain, she at got 75% there. joe bach won a four-way democratic primary getting 58% of the vote and will take on jackie wilorski in november. and in the northeastern part of the state, they kept a same-sex marriage ban off the ballot until november, a third member who was also targeted for that vote survived.
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north carolina speaker tom tillis is the new republican nominee for the senate there. mr. tillis, congratulations on your primary victory. >> thank you, chuck. and thanks for the rundown on all the other races. that was very helpful. >> i imagine you've been only focused on what you've been doing and not that. let me just start with a question that i ask a lot of candidate when is they're running against incumbents. what is kay hagan's fireable offense? >> i think really a record that started when she was in the state senate. much watch i've been doing is cleaning up kay hagan's mess in north carolina when she was sitting in the state senate. i think it's a contrast between her adding taxes, adding regulations while we're cutting taxes and reducing regulations. so a very clear contrast for voters in november. >> i want to ask you a question and get you to respond to comments you made caught on tape.
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let me play the comments and get you to explain them for me in a little more detail. >> what we have to do is find a way to divide and conquer the people who are on assistance. we have to show respect for the woman who has cerebral policy and has no choice in her condition and that needs help and we should help and we need to get those folks to look down at these people who choose to get into a condition that makes them dependent on the government and say at some point you're on your own. >> divide and conquer, explain what you mean by that phrase. it sounds like there are a lot of people on public assistance who should be conquered. >> we have money being wasted
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either through inefficiency, abuse or fraud. and the frustration is that the lady that i recognized with cerebral palsy is somebody i've tried to help along with others. the frustration is we have people abusing the system at the expense of us being able to do more at the expense of those who need the safety net. government exists to help those who cannot help themselves and those who can need to do do everything we can to allow us free up those resources. >> did you regret using the word conquer? >> i do. we've done a series of town halls. and when we explain -- in north
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carolina and open to all comers. i believe the citizens of north carolina agree with it. and kay hagan trying to exploit it, a part of their strategy memo for november, it's a strategy for her to shift away from her failed record. i think it resonates were the citizens of north carolina and with the american people. >> you were talking about helping people who can't help themselves. one of the issues you've dealt with is the decision whether to accept federal money to expand medicaid as part of the health care plan. specifically on that issue, are you open to having north carolina expand medicaid to help some folks, as you noted here, who can't help themselves on health care? >> once we stabilize a failed system in north carolina, a system that's wasting hundreds of millions of dollars a year,
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and that's not my estimate, that's the state auditor, saying we're wasting hundreds of millions a year. to expand it makes the problem larger. we have interventions and ways to get help to people while we're trying to solve the problem. >> it sounds like you're open to expanding medicaid if you believe there is a system that is rooting out what you believe is abusive of some of the systems? >> once we solve the problem, we're open to any alternative that helps people that legitimately need help. >> two other quick questions you may deal with if elected to the u.s. senate. a path to citizenship as part of immigration reform. can you support that? >> it's hard for me to even talk about the long-term immigration strategy until congress and washington proves they can do something as simple as seal the
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border. it's like the medicaid question. until you can stop the problem from growing, why have a discussion about what you may do? democrats nor republicans can proven they can do something as seemingly straight forward as securing our border. once we do that and say any resolution cannot include amnesty, it was attempted before and failed, why doesn't we stabilize the problem before -- >> do you believe any bill that has a path to citizenship stands for amnesty? >> i don't think so. i think there may be other alternatives, but amnesty cannot be one. there needs to be an orderly process. there can't be a process that allows people to break line. if we do that, it sets us up for more problems. nott iunlike what happened in t mid 80s. we need to learn from those
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mistakes and learn that sealing the border, if we had done that back in the mid 80s, we'd have had a far less of a problem to deal with today. >> rick santorum on my show earlier this week, tim pawlenty have questioned being against the minimum wage. where are you on that? >> i believe that the minimum wage needs to be the same in the mountains of north carolina and the city of boston makes no sense to me. it's a decision that needs to be made by the people close to the situation, that's the states. >> do you think it should be raised in new york? >> we got a president and kay hagan that want to create a
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minimum wage economy. i want to create jobs that make minimum wage irrelevant. >> so you haven't really said whether you'd be for raising it or not. would you be for raising it in north carolina? >> over the last five quarters we've had the greatest drop offof unemployment in the nation. why don't we focus on creating better paying jobs instead of raising the minimum wage. >> sounds like you are for keeping it the way it is. >> i'm for creating better paying jobs. >> maybe the biggest race in the country. thank you, sir. >> up next, a man who went from north carolina to the president's cabinet. transportation secretary anthony fox will be here next as washington gridlocks threatens
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to bring infrastructure projects across the country to a stop. and later, monica lewinsky breaks her silence again. what her new revelations in vanity fair might mean for hillary clinton. look on today's politics planner. the president hits the road and goes to arkansas. hillary clinton has a speech today, public forum. will she be asked to respond to monica lewinsky today? >> you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. we'll be back in three minutes, i swear. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k)
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comcast business built for business. transportation funding could be headed for its own fiscal
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cliff if congress fails to act this summer. the department of transportation's new plan is facing a drastically different one from the house republicans. the current highway bill expires november 1st. house republicans unveiled a transportation and housing bill that would cut almost $2 billion from both. at the same time, the white house and department of transportation's grow america plan are asking for additional money, 3d -- $302 billion in plans for highways and transit funding. now there are the issues of bridges, the four-lane bridge in northwest washington was one of 84,000 that were considered functionally obsolete among bridges drought the country before that bridge actually collapsed. d.o.t. wants to fix local
6:21 am
bridges and transit systems. congress suggested it might have to cut spending unless it hikes taxes. the federal gas tax would have to go up at least 10 cents per gallon to keep funding roads and highway. gas on diesel taxes haven't gone up since 1993 and the highway trust fund could run dry as early as august. the senate transportation committee will hear testimony today from my next guest, anthony foxx. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, chuck. >> you guys are asking for more money. the house republicans offer for a lot less. is this a gulf that will disappear once the republican primary season is over or is
6:22 am
this going to take us to the end of the year? >> we certainly need to get certainty in the system. over the last five years congress has passed 18 continuing resolutions and nine extensions of transportation bills and the result has been that the pipeline of projects at the state and local level has started to slow. in some cases states are spending millions of dollars just to plan a project and much less implement it and they're counting on federal support to get those projects done. so the lack of certainty in washington is creating a lack of certainty at the state and local levels. >> finish your thought. >> no, no. within that context, what the president and i have proposed is a $302 billion grow america act that would substantially increase the investments in our infrastructure so we can better maintain it and also help with our growing population, which we're expected to have 100 million more people by 2050. if we don't get ahead of this challenge, we're going to see
6:23 am
more congestion and crumbling roads and bridges across the country. >> the biggest challenge you are sort of dealing with but i would argue is not at the heart of this debate and maybe should be is funding in the future. the point of the gas tax in the past is it was for the highway fund. the funding option may not be enough. do you have think that only toll roads and raising the gas tax are the ways to fill this gap or is there an alternative here beyond those two items? >> well, our proposal would give governors the flexibility to apply to the department to toll roads if they so chose. we're not using tolls as a revenue source -- >> let me walk people through. what you're doing, is it for the
6:24 am
most part interstate highways, the blue and redesigns that everybody sees. for the most part you guys don't allow many states to make them toll roads. in this new proposal you would. go ahead and continue. >> we would give the states the flexibility to apply to the department but not giving them cart blanche to toll every single road of interstate. >> you think this would make up the 10% of the gas tax? >> no. it's a tool if the tool box, not a whole sale solution to our problem. one of the parts of our proposal is we would re-- replenish the highway trust fund and -- >> where do you get that money? >> pro growth business tax reform. give me an example.
6:25 am
>> for example, there's $1 trillion to $2 trillion of untaxed earnings that are overseas right now that could be taxed without raising rates and without increasing the deficit. >> let me stop you there, secretary foxx, because i've heard this tax proposal before from democrats to fund other mechanisms. it seems to go done to defeat every time it's proposed as part of a solution. why do you think you have a shot this time? >> the same date president announced our framework in february, chairman camp of the how ways and means committee announced a proposal that would support infrastructure using business tax reform. so there does seem to be bipartisan interest in this as an option but there are also perhaps other ideas that may emerge from congress. we've said all along we're keeping our ears and minds open to other ideas that emerge. >> i was just going to say, is there anything out there? what do you do to the person
6:26 am
that use as zip car, uses rail? should they be contributing tax dollars to pay for our infrastructure? >> again, this issue has been discussed, debated, studied over many, many years. as i've said before, we've had 18 continuing resolutions and nine extensions of transportation resolutions and bills over the last five years. if this were an easy issue, it would have been done already. it's one that's going to have to have engagement on both sides of the aisle and, frankly, we're going to have to come together and we're going to have to do it this year. >> secretary foxx, thank you. we'll be looking for your testimony today in the u.s. senate. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> i have a feeling a lot of governors are going to weigh in on this one because they want their trust money. >> time to look in at today's data bank. that's the number of senators yesterday who called on the veterans affair secretary to
6:27 am
step down, saying delays in the system may have contributed to dea dozens of deaths in phoenix. the calls come after one of the nation's largest veteran groups, the american legion, also called for shinseki to step done on monday. but shinseki told the wall street journal that he has no plans to resign saying, "i signed on and i have work to do." up next, nigeria finally accepts u.s. military and intelligence help to bring those kidnapped school girls home. the details of how involved the s u.s. is getting next. and first our trivia question: we'll be back in 180 seconds.
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the u.s. is sending help to nigeria to help find the girls who were kidnapped. this is not about military forces on the ground, this is about assistance, whether it's forensic. for example, we have fbi agents who are experts in hostage negotiations and forensic negotiations, you have intelligence there from the military intelligence side who know a lot about boko haram. the first goal is helping nigeria actually find where the girls are. nigeria has also asked the white house for drone and satellite surveillance assistance.
6:32 am
the drones are surveillance drones in this case. the u.s. has always identified boko haram as one of the worst, most vicious terror organizations in the world. >> we're going to do everything we can to provide assistance to them. in the short term our goal is to help the international community and the nigerian government as a team to do everything we can to recover these i don't think ladies. >> members of both the house and senate held a moment of silence yesterday on the steps of the capital in honor of those missing girls. nigeria deals with a lot of boko haram attacks, they're somewhat numb to these attacks sometimes and didn't understand the global outcry until it reached the capital there. coming up next, the vote being
6:33 am
rights fight in ohio. we're going to talk to the democrat that is trying to unseat the secretary of state who she says played a key role in changing the recall voting laws. and tomorrow, tune in for my exclusive sitdown to senate majority leader harry reid. we'll talk about the democrat's fight to keep the senate, what legislation can actually get passed this year that will actually get signed by the president. we'll be right back with more "tdr." ♪fame, makes a man take things over♪ ♪fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow♪ ♪fame, puts you there where things are hollow♪ the evolution of luxury continues. the next generation 2015 escalade. ♪fame we are the thinkers. the job jugglers.
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you know what else i can do on my phone? place trades, get free real time quotes and teleport myself to aruba. i wish. the shingles virus is already inside you. you should know that 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. here are the restrictions that are now being challenged in
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court. back in february the state legislature ended what was none as golden week, a week in which voters could register and cast votes at the same time and then they went a step further that had earlier voting hours and eliminated weekends. >> the african-american voters used early morning hours more than compared to whites. and people need weekend voting because they can't take time off from work. >> george w. bush won the state by just over 118,000 votes in 2004. the voters in question are typically african-americans, some of whom took part in the souls to the polls effort, which was an effort to get people to vote on the sunday of the
6:38 am
election day. now some of those voters doesn't know when they'll get to the ballot. >> i know i work full time so it's very helpful on sunday because that's just about my only free day. >> some say the aclu would be better sfrd to folks on states like new york or delaware. nina turner is running for secretary of state. thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> answer his charge about the aclu lawsuit where he says, hey, ohio has early voting. the real disenfranchisement is
6:39 am
taking place in states without early voting. what do you say about that? >> ohio should continue to be the gold standard of elections and not second rate. the fact of the matter is the raspberry doesn republicans don't want the truth to get in the way of a good story. they have taken away conveniences because of the debacle of 2004, where people stood in lines for hours and hours and hours, and 175,000 people walked away from the polling place. there is no justification in 2004 for this gop-rolled legislature to roll back the hands of time. voting should be simple, convenient and secure. we should make sure we're expanding the franchise, not constricting it. it is a false premise for them to say look at other states, we should be proud to be the gold standard. the major point is they are taking things away from voters
6:40 am
that they have previously and it has a deproportionate impact on voters in this stay, including african-americans, latino, elderly and working class people. >> let me ask you about golden week. criticism was that there was concern officials could not verify voters if they registered and voted on the same day. do you have a policy proposal that you think could appease that criticism and make folks -- make those ohio republicans feel more comfortable that folks that register and vote on the same day can get verified? >> chuck, that is not problematic. i've talked to several elections officials as i traveled the state and not one of them have mentioned that that is problematic. what we're missing is that voting should be easy for voters and not for government and we should be doing everything that we can to enfranchise voters and not to disenfranchise them.
6:41 am
it doesn't make a whole lot of as soon as. the argument that they're using again i would say is a false premise. >> what is the other reason that you're challenging him in is it all based on how he's managed the voting system? is that how you want to make your campaign to be, mostly about? >> well, i'm running for secretary of state because i believe that the voters in this state deserve a chief elections officer that wants to enfranchise people and all people. chuck, you may know the salon article that just came out that shows clearly the e-mails that there is a partisan ting going on in the secretary of states office in terms of debating the changes that have happened in this state and what kind of groups you're going to send this information out. if you are the chief information officer, you should make sure you are voter centric. those numbers that you mentioned about the turnout in elections,
6:42 am
we all should be sad by that. the vote is the voice of the people and we should be encouraging people to vote. that is what i will do. i will be cheerleader in chief when it comes to making sure. it doesn't matter to me how people vote but i want them to vote. >> what can mr. husted do to satify you that he's doing the right thing on behalf of the public? >> it's not about satisfying me. the lawsuits filed against him say he's using his policy to suppress the vote. it's not by happenstance that the president's administration had to sue him to gain the last few days of early voters. we have almost 8 million people registered to vote.
6:43 am
what we should be figuring sought why aren't those people voting en masse in every single lks a election and pushing that? wouldn't it be wonderful if we got up to 95%, 100% voter participati participation? ohioans deserve better than what they're getting right now. >> all right, nina, thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, chuck. >> up next, as monica lewinsky speaks out in an essay in "vanity fair," we're looking to the archives for what the clintons said about her. >> and soup of the day, the soup is blue crab bisque with
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well, monica lewinsky says it's time to, quote, burn the beret and bury the blue dress, referring to the scandal that nearly forced president clinton out of office more than 15 years ago. she said "i get it, hillary clinton wand it on the record she was lashing out at her husband's mistress. i find her impulse to blame the woman not only me but myself, troubling. hillary clinton has never addressed monica lewinsky personally, publicly at least. here's what she has said about the scandal. >> doris kearns goodwin says what's the biggest public scandal that we've faced. what's your? >> i think we all know that.
6:48 am
>> what did you learn from it? >> it is who i am as a person. i believe you have to withstand whatever problems come your way. you're not always going to be make the right decisions but you have to be guided by what you think is important and that's what i've done. >> the momentary feelings, you know, you're mad, you're really upset, disappointed, all of that goes through your mind. but i have found you really shouldn't make decisions in the heat of those moments. you have to think about it. >> bill clinton has discussed lewinsky personally, most notably in a 2004 interview with oprah in which he said "monica was a very smart, very perceptive person who i thought could have a really productive life. when it was all over, what i most hoped for her is that she wouldn't get in this trap you can get in, living off this 15 minutes of fame that would keep her from being the person she
6:49 am
should be." lewinsky said she's not breaking her silence for a purpose, and she said after the suicide of a a college student, she wanted to come forward as having suffered public shame and said she did contemplate sued side. -- suicide. >> hillary clinton has an vaeve to do? >> i would advise her maybe even preemptively to bring it up and say i saw in the paper monica lewinsky, i was quoted saying something unsympathetic about
6:50 am
monica lewinsky healing, and the reason that ron and i might disagree, but i think that having monica lewinski to come out now to break the silence is good in a weird way for hillary clinton, because it turns into the asked and the answered and we have done it and answered it and discussed it and move on. >> and that is what, because there is one looming question from this essay which is what monica directly basically accused hillary clinton of doing blaming the woman. and she is going to be asked the question, and you assume that hillary clinton would love to button it up. >> yes, and i don't believe it is going to have any effect on the presidential election. >> well, any other time, she has only helped h her, the politics of it. >> well, look, on the margins, it is never good for hillary clinton to look back, but to the run for the future.
6:51 am
this is a whole seemly part of the 1990s that she needs to move on and you had the hard ball politics played against her, and any role that hillary had in that is not good for her, and the main objection with the column is the one section at the very bottom where you said that this kind of preempts or diffuses rand paul that he is a sexual pred to, and my thinking, and again, i don't want toot tack president clinton, because i have a lot of respect for him, and like the man and maybe as a father and not a republican are reporter, but any time you have a boss and affair with the victim, the boss is always the predator. >> and i'm the mother of adolescent daughters and now i have really breaking news, and you know, what bill clinton is terrible, and i did not mean in any way to excuse it, but i think that the fact that monica
6:52 am
lewinski takes some ownership, and describes herself as not the victim, and she does say that her boss took advantage of her does help at least defuse some of the political attack. >> yes, and there is one person who has paid the heaviest price in the affair, monica lewinski, and that is the one, and this is the one who has not been able to have her own life and not figured it out. >> it is terrible what the president did to her, and the political system did to her, and our profession did to her, and the only other victim is al gore. >> and the sad story is that she is the road kill of the lewinski affair, and you have to look at her and grieve. she is 40 years old, and still monica lewinski. >> and you know who i thought of ironically when i saw her piece is vince foster who talked about politics being a blood sport, and it is, sad. >> and yes, that is true. and the dark underbelly sometimes of the way we cover politics, and any time, trivia
6:53 am
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alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work! very quickly take away time. and benghazi is now having a resolution now for the investigation again of that attack, but there is a disagreement of the makeup of the committee. democratic leader nancy pelosi called for even split to have a fair review, but the republican s are pushing back, because they say that it would just hold up the subpoena process in this, because everything would be party line and frozen. but you could argue that the republicans if they don't do
6:57 am
this, it could dooj the party and delegitimize it. and if you do that for the pelosi group, it would be very less political and what is seeming like a stunt. that is it for this edition of "the daily rundown." and harry reid is tomorrow with the sit-down, and chris jansing is up next. business travel forecast is brought to you by kayak. s search one and done. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill karins and for all of the travel needs the weather is going to cooperate in much of the east. it is in the central plains that we have windy and warm c conditions, and fire dangers high today and late today, strong thunderstorms erupting in texas and oklahoma and mostly after dark, and also up there from nebraska, all of the way through iowa, and have a great day.
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