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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 8, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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voices unite to help free hundreds of school girls in nigeria. the seattle seahawks richard sherman is no stranger to sharing his opinion. what the nfl quarterback is saying about nba owner donald sterling. this is "way too early." good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is thursday, may 8th. welcome to wait wait, the show that not only loves the ladies of "the view" but will actually have one of their hosts live later in this show. >> whoo! >> believe it or not. so stay tuned for that. can you guess which one it is? i bet you can. let's start with this breaking news we're getting in this morning. there are reports of a massive explosion in syria. the a.p. reports a blast in aleppo has reportedly leveled a hotel and several other buildings in an area held by president bashar assad's
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government. it's the latest development in a tense week that has seen rebel forces evacuating the city of homs. it's a major shift as they flee this area once known as their stronghold. we bring you news from ukraine in the on going tensions with russia. there is this apparent change of course from the kremlin at least when it comes to what vladimir putin is saying. the russian president says he is pulling back thousands of troops from the border with ukraine, doing military exercises there. he's also calling on pro-russian separatists to postpone a vote this sunday for independence. moscow is pushing for negotiations between the two countries. ukraine says it is open to discussions but not with the armed militias in the east which the government calls terrorists. while the u.s. would welcome a russian withdraw, american and nato officials haven't seen evidence that the troops are on the move yet. the european union has agreed on a round of punishments.
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the sanctions could come as soon as monday. now to nigeria where the islamic militant group holding nearly 300 hostages is being blamed for more violence. officials say hundreds of people were killed when gunmen attacked a village near the border with cameroon. militants opened fire in a crowded market before setting fire to neighboring homes. survivors say the massacre lasted for hours. the village was used by troops in the search for the missing girls. police are offering a $300,000 reward for information that helps find the young captives safely. the girls were kidnapped three weeks ago. the terror group is threatening to sell them into slavery. former secretary of state hillary clinton speaking out about the kidnappings, criticizing nigeria's government. >> the seizure of these young women by this radical extremist group boka haram is abominable,
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criminal, an act of terrorism and it really merits the fullest response possible first and foremost from the government of nigeria. the government of nigeria has been in my view someone derelict in its responsibility towards protecting boys and girls, men and women in northern nigeria over the last years. >> first lady michelle obama also weighing in, tweeting this photo and the message. y see her holding the sign bring back our girls. protesters surrounding one of the most iconic hotels, the beverly hills hotel. the pink palace as its own are owned by the sultan of brunei. among punishments, being stoned
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to death. the reaction has been one of outrage. ellen degeneres has tweeted she won't be visiting the hotel bel air or beverly hills hotel until this is resolved. the management adds that the law has nothing to do with them of their staff. as you saw, one of the most recent stars to come out is jay leno. the republican controlled house has voted to hold a former top officials at the irs in contempt of congress. the house approved the contempt citation for lois lerner in a 231-187 vote. six democrats went along with the measure. lerner who was in charge of the tax-exempt division refused to testify. republicans say she waived her fifgs amendment rights by making an opening statement. her attorney says today's vote has nothing to do with the facts or the law. its only purpose is to keep the
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baseless irs conspiracy alive through the midterm elections. it's unfortunate they have put politics before a citizen's constitutional rights. republicans say the investigations into the 2012 benghazi attack has nothing to do with politics. they are facing very strong criticism for attempts to fundraise off the attack which left four americans dead. republican congressman trey gowdy says it would be wrong to raise money off benghazi. here is what he had to seyed on "morning joe." >> i have never sought to raise a single penny on the backs of four murdered americans. there are to, still, in a culture of hyper partisanship certain things that ought to be above politics like the murder of our four fellow americans. >> about 30 minutes earlier the national republican congressional committee sent out this fund-raising e-mail from a website called, it links
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to a page that asks for donations up to 500 bucks. meanwhile former secretary of state hillary clinton is weighing in on the new panel. she says it's time for republicans to move on. >> there are a lot of reasons why despite all of the hearings, all of the information that's been provided some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. that's their choice and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way. they get to call the shots in congress. >> there are reports that some have asked for spots on the committee. the panel will have seven republicans and five democrats. there is perhaps no more vocal critic of the koch brothers than harry reid. he's speaking out in an interview with chief white house
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correspondent chuck todd. he clarified why he's going after the businessmen and not other big republican donors. >> these are the two richest people in the world and they're in it to make money. that's their hole goal here to add zeros to their billions and i don't think that's the case -- >> you don't think that's the case with add elson. >> i know sheldon add elson. he's not in this to make money. he's in it because he has certain ideological views. sheldon addal son's social views are in keep being the democrats on choigs, other kinds of things. he's not in it to make money. >> the headline above the fold in today's "washington post" suggests that sheldon add elson is benefiting from his donations. the casino mogul has donated to groups around the country. the post reports many are siding with him to try to outlaw online
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gambling. you can see more on that when chuck joins us this morning on "morning joe." turning our attention to business. the doubt and s&p rose while the nasdaq was in red. cnbc's steve sedgwick is live with us. good morning. >> good day. one notable exception is whole foods. their shares fell best of 20%, everyone else muscling in on the organic food market. yellen speaking today should be the second part of that. the nerves were soothed that the fed would become -- also keep an eye on weekly jobless figures. we've had barclay's job cuts, the latest investment bank to say vest banking is not working as it used to. about 7,000 in total.
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the u.k. cutting 19,000 jobs over the next 2 1/2 years. >> steve, when we talk about what's going on in terms of delivery services, there are fans of fedex that should expect changes. >> the key here is it's not just about how much your package weighs, it's about the size of your package. the size will be mattering. they'll say for ground deliveries, it's how big the package is as well. i can tell you the next time you're shifting an eight-pound 32 pack of toilet paper, it will increase by 37%. beware of the size of your package going forward. >> i feel like you're trying to entrap me in going forward. >> it's all about the size of package. it's all here in the copy. seattle see hawk is smiling.
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we've seen unimpressive performances on "wheel of fortune," this clip from "family fe feud" may take the cake. we'll have more when "way too early" comes back. >> the so-called son of sam in court today pleaded guilty to all six of the murders that frightened new york city for about a year. also he said he had set 2,000 fires in the city over the last four years. ♪
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time for sports. we start with the nba play-offs. clippers and thunder in game two of the western conference semifinals. kevin durant playing like the newly crowned mshlthsvp that he is. last nim k.d. scoring 32. the thunder built the clippers
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112-101 to even the series at one game apiece. to indianapolis, wizards and pacers. indiana big man roy hibbert broke out of a slump in a big way scoring the season high. to tie things up hibbert talked about the game and his performance. >> the biggest person that helped me out here tonight was paul. yesterday after practice he invited me out on his boat and we fished for about two hours and just relaxed and didn't talk about basketball. we just talked about life and trying to catch some bass. he reached out and got my mind off things and this is hopefully something i can build on. he's a great teammate. i really do appreciate him reaching out because he didn't have to. >> i want that jacket. >> i want to see pictures of a
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7'2" guy casting off the front of a bass boat. >> we can get those for you. if you'll get me the jacket, i'll work on the picture. the nba continue with the nets in miami and spurs hosting the blazers for another game two semifinal match-ups. let's get to the big earner, richard sherman, the highest paid corner back in the league. he signed a four-year contract expense with a $40 million guaranteed cash -- oh, my god, $40 million cash. can you imagine bill, where we could vacation. >> i would still be here, every morning. >> you would be. it wouldn't be richard sherman without controversy. it regards donald sterling's lifetime ban from the nba. sherman telling "time" magazine he doesn't believe nfl commissioner roger goodell would have dolled out the same punishment. he says we have an nfl team cold the redskins oovps. i don't think the redskins is as
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concerned as they show, the nfl is a bottom-line league. if it doesn't affect their bottom line, they're not as concerned. >> i imagine the commissioner isn't that happy about that. >> probably not. all eyes on radio city as we are about 14 hours away from the nfl draft. coming up on "morning joe," nfl analyst jon gruden joining us to talk about the topix. can you imagine the guys sweating it out to get drafted. it's their day. let's bring us up to speed on the weather. some of these guys showing up tonight in new york city, should they bring an umbrella. >> it's raining cash. we do have a little rain to deal with around new york city, airport delays are likely because of the low ceilings and rain. not too much wind with it. it's pretty much isolated. right in between philly and hartford. it goes back to buffalo. it's going to be on and off throughout a good portion through the first half of today.
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i don't expect any rain in boston or d.c. a possibility of a thunderstorm or two around buffalo. pittsburgh at 84 today. there's a real push of humid warm air from the south. back in the west we had an active day of severe weather, still thunderstorms this morning, trying to spread rain to oklahoma city. this is gold. this is where it's been horribly dry this year. this is welcomed rain out there in the central plains. we don't want the severe weather that comes with it. we will see that later today. the area in yellow goes all the way to the canadian border, back down into texas and everywhere in between from dallas, fort worth, tulsa, kansas city. between minneapolis and des moines the possibility of severe weather, maybe ian a few strong tornadoes. again, not a tornado outbreak like we saw last week, but we could see one or two strong ones. hopefully they won't hit any
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towns. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," harry reid's assault on the koch brothers, why he says not only mega donors are created equally. when we come back, jenny mccarthy will join us to talk about her new book -- >> is she here? >> i'm not telling you. you have to get in line behind me. i have a mad crush on her. that's coming up after this. ♪
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the engagement ring george clooney supposedly gave to his fiancee. >> beautiful. >> i'm not wearing mine today, so i don't want to hear rumors. it's being sized. i didn't know whether to make it smaller or eat more cupcakes. >> out of respect for me and our thing. i'm married to a man so it's all fine. >> we're both taken but we still have a thing. that was me and the ladies from "the view." right now one of those lovely ladies are returning the favor. joining me, the co-host of "the view," jenny mccarthy. thanks forgetting up so lovely. >> we do have a thing. >> bestill my heart.
2:52 am
you new book called "stirring the pot." you've been with "the view" stirring the pot. a lot of people talked about how you were stirring the pot before getting on "the view," in your advocacy work. have you been mischaracterized as being anti vaccine? >> absolutely. this is why i wrote the incredible piece in the "chicago sun times" that i will probably have one refer to for the rest of my career so everyone knows exactly what i mean and exactly what i have said. if anybody doesn't understand what i'm saying, please refer to that piece so you understand my message. >> this book is about you and the recipe for life you've established as a woman in her fourth decade. explain what is in this book and what's the magic recipe? >> i want to make a little bit
2:53 am
of a cookbook, ingredients to a better life. i have met with so many gurus over the years that i feel like i have applied a lot of what i've learned from them into my own life. i've come to realize that, you know, we are in charge of our own destiny, and by applying those things we can make ourselves happy and make things happen in our life that we've never dreamed of. i've been at this for 20 years. it's been such a roller coaster. i survived for a reason. >> right now, it's exciting that you are engaged. your fiancee in your life, planning this wedding. this book -- are you going to counter off of this and do marital advice coming up? >> you know, i don't know. that's a good question. i definitely had enough time on my own to get to know myself, heal past wounds, if you will,
2:54 am
and that's where i think a lot of this book came from. i've had so many friends going through this weird part of their life saying i feel stuck. i just turned 40. i didn't fulfill what i wanted to do yet. i'm in relationships that aren't serving me, a job where i can't get promoted. i want to do something else. i feel like this was the book to kind of push them, to get them past their fears. >> it is called "stirring the pot." jenny mccarthy, one of the genuinely kindest, coolest people i have the privilege to know. congratulations on the book. >> a great mommy's day gift. >> perfect. jenny, we'll let you go back to bed. let's check with louis. >> toronto mayor rob ford is in rehab. he's actually enjoying it. he says rehab is amazing. he says the treatment reminds him of football camp. ford tells the toronto sun he is
2:55 am
still working and plans to run for mayor. he say there is will be no needs to change the locks, clean out my office because i am coming back. in the infamous words of arnold schwarzenegger, i'll be back. it was a long drive home for the set of this "family feud" family after a woman needed one answer to win the $20,000. let's see how she did. >> how many points do you need, anna? >> i need 18. >> that's all i need. >> what chance do you have of dating a girl who is a ten. >> four. >> name a kind of place where people keep checking their watch? >> at the airport. >> try again. >> restaurant. >> name a noisy insect? >> pass. >> name something a person's belly does. >> growls. >> try again. >> throws up. >> filling a blank.
2:56 am
a married couple might be deeply in what? >> love. >> try again. >> marriage. >> love was the number one answer. [ applause ] >> i'm sorry, folks. >> that's so disappointing. she got five xs there, thomas. that would be a long ride home. >> it's going to be, tough at the holidays, too. her family was hugging and loving on her at the end. thank you, sir. up next on "way too early," a look at the stories in the day ahead. and "morning joe" is just moments away. stick around. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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and tomorrow we will up it yet again. welcome back. let's get a chk on the top stories woman nominated to replace kathleen sell bell yus will face confirmation hearing, currently the director of the office of management and budget. the ringling brothers an barnham and bailey circus will resume the legends show in hartford for the first time following the tragic accident
3:00 am
this weekend that injured nine people. so far two have been released from the hospital. doctors say the prognosis for the remaining victims remains unclear. nfl teams are on the clock. the draft beginning tonight right across the street from at 30 rock. the event is going to last three days. experts expect a few surprises as any pro-draft predictions could be misdirection. all right. that's going to wrap up a thursday edition of "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ i really have not talked to jeb about the presidency. it's hard for people to believe. >> i don't know. i could see you forgetting you were the president. i could see that. you were the president. i'm pretty sure i've always been a painter. pretty sure. pretty sure i've always been a painter of cat and feet.