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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  May 8, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> once again this week, after republicans continue our focus on the number one issue in the country, jobs and the economy. republicans continue our focus on -- >> the irs. >> the irs. >> the irs. >> the first official lois lerner in contempt of congress. >> i don't think lois lerner was saying whoopi. >> lois lerner can go to jail. >> this is all about the circus. >> this is all about the sideshow. >> between benghazi and the irs, the white house is on defense. >> republicans continue our focus on -- >> benghazi. >> benghazi. >> were are republicans fund-raising off of benghazi. >> you cannot overstate how much his riles up the republican base. >> nothing about climate change. >> nothing about the investigation. >> all they want to do is.
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>> this is going into coo-coo land. >> contempt, condemnation and coverup. forget the tricorner hat of the tea party patriots republican have a new three-legged stool to base the campaign strategy. a day after a party line vote to hold lois lerner in contempt of congress the house is on its way to establish a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack on american facilities in benghazi. a preliminary vote was held moments ago setting up the final vote this evening for the committee load by south carolina congressm tray gowdy. while the gop is united in the launch or another inquiry into an alleged coverup, republicans are split how partisan and
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opportunisting the party can afford to appear in a key election year. the national republican congressional committee, the nrcc, is sticking with its shameless fund-raising plug, one targeting president obama with distinct focus on hillary clinton. but just because this select committee is in the house, it doesn't mean the senate can't get in while the getting's good. and naturally, the conservative whisperer of the u.s. senate is not missing out on the benghazi grab bag. no, no, no. north ted cruz will never surrender on benghazi or anything else and to fuel that tenaci tenacity, a tea party group is issuing a benghazi fund-raising flash on his behalf. for house speaker onba eer john this is awkward, asked three
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times whether boehner had his answer and he stuck to it in our focus is on getting the answers to those families who lost their loved ones, period. our focus is getting truth for these four families and for the american people. our focus is on getting the truth for the american people and these four families. >> speaker boehner is incredibly focused on avoiding the question of whether his party should fundraise off of benghazi. now opened the floodgates to conspiracy theory and shameless self-promotion within his party he'd like to get back to his favorite familiar topic the line he most enjoys repeating in threes, even if no one else seems to be listening. >> where are the jobs? where are the jobs? where are the jobs? >> where are they? the editorial director of the hu hu "huffington post" john feinman and also john stanton. howard, let me start with you.
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if you were a democrat in congress, what would you be doing on the eve of the establishment of the house select committee on benghazi? >> well, the house democrats are trying to decide how to handle it. they know they need to respond. the question is what form and how. inside the committee room, outside committee room, some combination of the two they're discussing that room. i think they'll end up inside to protect the witnesses, if nothing else. what's going on with the republicans is beyond fund-raising. to me especially if you know where trey gowdy comes from the reddest of the red part of south carolina this is almost an act of political cocooning by the republicans. they want to be in the warm embrace of their own deepest fears what -- it's what makes them comfortable. it's what makes them happy. and trey gowdy is leading the parade now. and he's a tea party guy. you said this isn't tea party,
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this is contempt. tr. y gowdy in his second term is fundamentally a tea party guy. so the tea party in essence is 234 charge of the politics of investigation where they want to be. >> john, talk about it. rey gowdy a little bit, the attorney who yesterday on our air, on "morning joe" accidentally called benghazi a trial. this is a man that dana milbank of whom dana mill bank writes, gowdy, known for wild eye high volume bursts of pious indignation, his climb is a key example of how the republican party blunted the tea party threat by co-opting the movement, which is a hair of a shade din from what howard was saying but the fundamental point is the tea party has been embraced completely it seems with the ascension of trey gowdy. >> absolutely. when these kind of instances they certainly neither party has ever gone to the measured guy
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who is going to come in and sort of thoughtfully investigate a president of the opposite party. it's always folks on the judiciary committee the most partisan and willing to go into these high-minded sort of flights of moral outrage. >> high volume burst of pious indignation there exactly. he's a classic example of that. you know, i think, you know, the fact that he called it a trial was a slip of the tongue but obviously they are trying to put the administration on trial. and you know the good thing for leadership on the republican side at least is that while he is definitely a tea party guy, he's also a boehner guy and a sort of loyal to the party and he's not going to go too far afield in some of the wilder conspiracy theorys about what happened. they get both best of both worlds from their perspective with having them there. >> let me follow up on that. does daryl issa get a seat? he's been waving the benghazi
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flag for years and wouldn't it be completely awkward not to give him a seat on committee, at the same time i'm sure nobody wants to do that? >> yeah, you know, a number of republicans actually in the conference and fair number of the senate particularly who have been disappointed with his handling of benghazi and also the irs scandal. and they don't want to necessarily see him there. he's very confrontational a lightning rod for democratic ire. he, you know, representative cummings go at it on a day-to-day basis. a number of republicans want this to have some semblance of not be ago trial and folks come in and ask serious questions not just about the talking points but the broader issue of what happened in benghazi. so there's pressure on boehner not to have folks like issa on the panel. >> howard the seriousness is compromised by the fact the nrcc sending out fund-raising e-mails, a tea party group,
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patriots for economic freedom sending out blasts on behalf of ted cruz to investigate benghazi and ted cruz refuses to surrender. the naked opportunism on display and the fact that john boehner cannot seemingly corral it, nor can gowdy,s a real issue for republicans. >> yeah, i think the fund-raising thing is -- is obviously cheap, but not that surprising. in fact, there was a day when special investigative committees did have an aura of a gustness about them. they weren't usually headed by two-term congressmen. they were headed by veterans who at least could portray the aura of judiciousness and bipartisanship. that's completely missing here. what the republicans are up to is to combine benghazi and the irs into their narrative of a
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big government that is oppressive, dishonest, even murderous in the case of benghazi. that's going to be what they're going to talk about via fundraise, via their media outlets, via their campaigns. it's what they're comfortable doing. it's not just that they don't want to talk about obamacare because it's more successful than they imagined. this is the coo of stuff they like. they like the near black helicopter stuff. that's what -- that's what gowdy is going to put judicial sounding prosecutorial cloth around. >> but howard, you're a political veteran, it was not always like this. >> no, that's what i'm saying. >> a great piece in the new yorker that reminded everybody of the beirut barracks bombing in 1983 under reagan where tip o'neill launched an investigation but it was a bipartisan effort, recommendations were, some instituted slowly enough that another bombing happened in the interim but it was not a witch
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hunt the way this is. >> right. that's what -- >> there are hundreds of casualties. >> i know. and that's my point earlier. i was being a political veteran going farther back to day of watergate where sam irvin, yes a partisan democrat from north carolina, but he conveyed a sense of calm and judiciousness more like a judge than a prosecutor. trey gowdy's a prosecutor, that's what he was. now he's better suited for this than daryl issa who is a car alarm saleman, okay? that's progress. i suppose that's progress. >> sort of yeah, appetizer to all of this. john, let me ask you, before we go, the question of what the democrats do, elijah cummings sent ow a letter urging a no vote. the house republican investigations into benghazi have been characterized by extreme and counterproductive
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partisanship. another review that serves to politicize attacks is disrespectful and unworthy of the american people. that's strong language. i wonder from your vantage point on the hill, how difficult will that make it for nancy pelosi to appoint anybody, if that's the decision she makes? >> i think if it's up to her she would say no and not have anybody on the committee. a large majority of her conference wants to have people on, as howard said, in one instance to protect witnesses coming ford but to fight back fli politically against them. >> we shall see what happens. the chapter unfolds on an hourly and daily basis. thank you. joining me now the democratic representative of nevada's fourth district, congressman steven horseford. thank you for making it fresh from the vote. my guess you're not voting in
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the support of the establishment of committee. my question to you, are democrats going to participate in this? >> well, i just came from voting no to create what is nothing or than a red meat issue for house republicans in a primary elections year. they are not concerned about having a fair or impartial investigation. i'm ail member of oversight and government reform committee. i have watched, as daryl issa has made this a partisan process from the very beginning and rather than working to implement the recommendations that came from the accountability review board, he's turned this into part dan theatrics and today the house republicans on the floor did the same thing. >> congressman, i have to ask you, i mean, we have talked about the dysfunction on capitol hill for years now. but this seems to be a new low. for the american public that is watching this unfold, has it
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gotten worse? is such a thing even possible at this point? >> well, i agree with the american public who are frustrated but let me be clear, these are house republicans who do not want a fair and impartial investigation. democrats want the information to come forward and what happened was a tragedy, four american lives were lost. and we need to make sure that it never happens again, and congress does have a duty and a responsibility to implement the recommendations, most of which come from increasing security and funding. the same republicans who voted for this resolution today voted to cut funding for the department of state and the security resources that are needed in that department. >> congressman, one more question before i let you go. do you have any confidence that trey gowdy can conduct any of this in an impartial manner?
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>> you know, i serve on a committee with mr. gowdy. i would hope that if this goes forward they will do so in a way that allows both sides to have the information to make sure the depositions are provided for in a fair manner for both sides. mr. gowdy has a responsibility to the american people not to his party. to make this a fair process and investigation. >> nevada congressman steven horsford, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> after the break, world leaders join the u.s. in condemning the kidnapping of nearly 300 girls by the jihadist group boko haram, an act not even al qaeda will condone. we will discuss the disturbing state of terror in africa when the assistant to the president for homeland security and terror. joins me next on "now." ughter's. he thought it was the end of the conversation. she didn't tell him that her college expenses were going up.
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i believe the kidnap of these girls will be the beginning of end of terror in nigeria. >> that was goodluck jonnathan addressing the 24-day long captivity of 276 nigerian school girls. following weeks of silence the president. second acknowledgement of the kidnappings in recent days. in new york yesterday, former secretary of state hillary clinton offered her own assessment of nigeria's response. >> the seizure of these young women by this radical extremist grouping boko haram, is abominable, it's criminal, it's an act of terrorism, and it really merits the fullest
1:19 pm
response possible, first and foremost from the government of nigeria. government of nigeria has been, in my view, somewhat derelict. >> derelict, indeed, nigeria made dramatically little headway in tracking down the girls to say nothing of rescuing them. the international community is beginning to take action. france, for example, announced today that it would station about 3,000 troops in the region surrounding nigeria to help combat militants. yet, even with the nigerian government presumably on high alert, the terror group responsible for this kidnapping, boko haram, behind a straight attack on monday one that killed over 300 people in the town. agourding to "the new york times" militants descended on the town chanting ala akbar
1:20 pm
torches houses. 18 police officers were killed but witnesses said no military forces in the town because all had been drafted in the search for the missing school girls. no officials had been there since it was attacked. there is no presence of security men in the area said a witness and militants are having a field day. joining me now, assistant to the president for homeland security and counter terrorism, lisa monaco. >> let me first start with breaking news, reports unconfirmed as yet, hoping you can confirm them, u.s. intelligence officials believe the 276 girls have been separated from one another. any intel on that? can you confirm that? >> i'm aware of those reports. and as you might imagine, we are considering every possibility and we are very concerned as we do everything we can at the president's direction to help the nigerian government find and free these girls safely.
1:21 pm
we've got to consider every possibility and we're particularly concerned about the poorest border region in which we suspect these girls may be. and about the potential for them to be separated. >> so, you believe it is a distinct possibility but you can't confirm whether they've been split up? >> that's right. i'm not going to get into specific intelligence, but i will tell you, we are considering every possibility, as we do everything we can to help the nigerian government will when you look at what boko haram has done no the country of nigeria in the recent -- just even the past three months, the thousands killed, 300 this week, 276 school girls still missing one wonder where those group came from. 2012 you were one of the people that surged secretary clinton and the state department to desegg nate boko haram has a terrorist organization. the state department refused to do so. given where we are today, do you think that was right decision.
1:22 pm
>> first, let me say, as you piece has laid out, this is a horrendous and tragic and outrageous situation and our hearts go out to the families of these more than 270 girl abducted and the president and first lady's thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. boko haram is a terrorist organization that has demonstrated a capacity to do unbelievable -- unbelievably brutal attacks from suicide bombings to attacks on churches and mosques, and now the systemic targeting of women and girls for kidnapping, for potential slavery and trafficking depriving them of the education and opportunity that they deserve. as to the designation, obviously we designated the united states government designated boko haram last year in order to isolate them, potentially cut off sources of funding. designations are one tool in the toolbox that we use to combat
1:23 pm
terrorist groups and to help the nigerian government whose responsibility it is first and foremost to try to find and free the girls. >> at that point, years ago, when pushing for designation as a terrorist group, the cia, military, over a dozen members of congress from both sides of the aisle saying the same thing. do you not think things might have been different, had we designated boko haram and had eyes on and allocated resources if designated a terrorist organization? in well i think i it's important to remember before we designated the group as a foreign terrorist organization, we designated individuals, leaders, key leaders of the group as terrorists s under our authori to isolate them and cut off aid to them. i will say designation, one tool in our toolbox, but it did nothing to limit the assistance that we've been providing to the nigerian government over the
1:24 pm
last number of years to include trying to professionalize their military, give them investigative and law enforcement and other assistance. >> lisa, so many people have brought to the fore the question of how reliable the nigerian government is, not just in the crisis but there are severe allegations relating to corruption, $20 billion disappeared from the oil revenue over an 18-month period between january 2012 and 2013. there's a question of whether we are not assisting a government that is inherently flawed and what this long-term prognosis for stabilizing the country can be given where the government is today. is that at all a concern for the u.s. as it works in tandem with the nigerian government. >> those are fair questions and fair concerns, alex, but i will say the president's directed us do everything we can, not only in this instance, to help free -- find and free the girls and bring them home safely but
1:25 pm
identified the broader issue, this is not just nigerian problem. we're very concerned that boko haram is expandingite brutal acts and brutal act ticks across borders into cameroon and other areas. what we need to do and what he's pressed to do, what we are doing, together with international partner, i've been in touch with counterparts in the uk and france, we've got to pool our resources, pool our expertise and work cooperatively to help assist the nigerian government and neighboring countries who are feeling the effects of this brutal group. assistant to the president for homelandmonaco, thank you for your thoughts. >> a week after the horrifying botched execution, a major announcement about a death row inmate. details next. >> time for the "your business"
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last week the state of oklahoma oversaw the gruesome execution of this man, clayton d. locket, the lethal injection lasted 43 minutes and he died not from the injected drugs but a heart attack. a second man scheduled to die that same night, charles warner. in the hours following lock ett's death. hours ago it was announced that warnerer execution will be delayed for six months. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt today agreed to postpone it while the state conducts its review of execution procedures. that delay comes in response to a petition by warner's attorneys. oklahoma one of 32 states in the united states that still practice the death penalty. in 2013, maryland announced it would repeal the practice which governor martin o'malley called wasteful and ineffective.
1:30 pm
coming up, today the senate held a confirmation hearing for obama's new pick to head the department of health and human services while some republicans seem to be a fan, the same cannot be said on the affordable care act. zeke emmanuel and heather mcgee join me next. ♪ ♪ make every day, her day th a full menu of appetizers and entrées
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1:34 pm
experience that would make her a tremendous asset of addressing challenges that agency specifically and uniquely has. >> you have a reputation for competence and i would respectfully suggest you're going to need it. >> that's why i advised her against taking leadership position at hhs, after all, who would recommend their friend take over as captain of the titanic after it hit the iceberg? >> the lack of republican indignation and vitriol is due to burwell's stellar resume and solid relationships but a bigger reason for their tepid performance, the recent avalanche of positive news about the affordable care act. there is a functioning website, there are over 8 million enrollees, no death spirals, no forecasts of double digit premium increases and, most importantly, there are more people in america with health insurance. new gallop report shows the
1:35 pm
uninsured rate has fallen to 13.4%. these days, the glitches seem to be on the republican side of the aisle. this week saw the gop's latest anti-obamacare talking point go down in flames and it went down in flames yesterday during a house commit ye committee heari. health insurance executives called to testify by the grand old party surprised critics by undercutting arguments against it. testified the law had not led to a government take over of their industry, as some republicans predicted, and they also declined to endorse a republican predictions of a sharp increase in premiums next year. about why focus on good news when you can try to invent something to make people angry instead? why make lemonade when you can just suck on lemons? >> the problem with obamacare isn't as republicans say that not enough people are signing up, it's that too many people are going to sign up and we're
1:36 pm
going to have another entitlement program we can't afford. >> joining me now, the president of demos heather mcgee and author of reinventing american health care, dr. zeke emmanuel. doctor, it was night terrors about death spirals and now it's too many people are signing up for this. are republicans ever, ever going to be satisfied when it comes to the aca? >> yeah, i think they're going to be satisfied when we finish the next election and they probably isn't going to be that big an issue and it's probably going to blow up on them. the problem the republicans have with the affordable care act, it's their plan and they don't like the fact that the democrats actually agreed with them. this should be a bipartisan plan. it's a private marketplace where private companies compete as the insurance company executives said, there's no government takeover of our companies. we're competing in a marketplace and the government's helping people get insurance and all of
1:37 pm
that should be good news for the country. so i think we're seeing increased desperation. a lot of rhetoric before the law was implemented, exchanges were implemented, seeing increased desperation while it's not working perfectly, it's working reasonably well as you pointed out and that makes it hard to run against it. >> especially it's working reasonably well given all of the obstacles republicans have put in the way. we're not talking about the republican governors who have not expensed medicaid, but the 50 repeal attempts. i thought the hearing yesterday was quietly devastating. quiet, there were no cameras rolling but devastating because here were insurance executives, the business guys, brought in to reveal the dramatic failures of the aca, and not only did they not do that they gave the law a shot in the arm, especially on the subject of who has paid their premiums. which has been a major gop talking point, four of the five
1:38 pm
insurance executives said, 80% of the people that have enrolled have paid premiums. >> what the republicans are trying to do there was paint the beneficiaries of the law as sort of deadbeats, right. >> why did this become a talking point? deadbeats people who don't pay bills trying to mooch off the system. it's so much an tip think they have, it's shocking. >> zeke you said the law's not perfect. i wonder at this point what most concerns you. the obstacle force is not finished. one of the questions within we get the latest data about the enrollment numbers the young invincibles 18 to 34 make up 28% of enrollees lower than the initial figure of 40% the white house wanted. we don't know whether or not young enrollees are healthy and how many people signed up are actually healthy and that will determine what happens to premiums. >> i don't focus on the young
1:39 pm
enrollees. the real -- two big challenges, to get the website working very well as i've said, the standard aut ought to be zappos or rei, whatever your favorite e-commerce commercial is. we need insurance products have to improve all the time. that is going to be important to give this thing real life and to make people want to go there. people want affordable health insurance and we have to give them products in the ease of shopping. within thing should be very high on burwell's agenda. and the other is, we have seen an uptick in health care inflation in the last two quarters and i think that's worrisome and that actually needs real attention and they are the big issue to get medicare to begin changing its payment formula off the fee for service method on to more capitation or bundle payments or some other mode.
1:40 pm
and that, i think, that's harder to do but that really needs attention if we're going to tame the health care inflation beast and make sure that health insurance is affordable, long into the future and that the federal deficits are under control. those would be my two big agenda items to proceed over the next few years. >> i don't know that i'm -- i get to have agenda items but if i did, heather, one of my agenda items would be shaming republican governors who refuse to expand medicaid, 5 million low income americans who live in states where medicaid's not expanded. there are new studies out, democrats should be hammering over and over, rejectioning expansion could kill 6,000 americans every year. there's a mortality rate you can draw a direct line to from the provision to not expand medicaid. >> shockingly when people can't afford to the go to the doctor they get sick and die, like charlene dill, a young woman,
1:41 pm
mother of three, working three jobs and was unable to get the heart medication she needed because governor rick scott denied her care. this idea that public servants are actually allowing partisan politics to cause the illness and death of their constituents is something that we have been accepting for a long time by being a nation without health care and we said, in a way across the country, that we were going to end that, sort of move this country into a more civilized state. and the fact that these governors in 24 states are allowing that to happen, basically free money could save their constituents' live, it's unthinkable. >> go ahead, zeke. >> could i chime? in the 2012 elections the republicans said no one died because they didn't have health insurance. well, this study published, actually a lot of data that we've had in the past about people who didn't have health insurance and got into accidents or people who didn't have health
1:42 pm
insurance and got cancer had shown not having insurance was associated with worse health outcomes including higher mortality rates. that statement, if you don't have insurance you can go to the emergency room and no one die is false and it's no longer plausible to make that argument. i think you're going to see after 2014 election a lot more states come on and look for that money because hospitals want the money, because they are providing the care regardless of what people's insurance status is. if we can improve people's health before they get sick, we can begin to, if not save money, at least not spend as much in a very poorly targeted way. >> what i do, the true irony here is that study about mortality rates linked to medicaid expansion or lack therefore is based on a massachusetts study of what? romney care. it all comes back to the republican party. heather and zeke, thank you both for your time.
1:43 pm
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so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. about an hour from now the house will vote on establishing a select committee to investigate #benghazi. moments ago on the floor, elijah cummings ranking member of the oversight committee said this about the republicans who are pushing the issue. >> democratic members have been denied equal access to witnes s witnesses, republicans have selectively leaked documents and cherry picked transcripts, excerpts, without any official committee consideration. how is that bipartisan? they have been using the deaths of these four americans for
1:47 pm
political campaign fund-raising. i call on the speaker of the house to end that process right now. >> after the break, is sheriff joe arpaio of arizona a politician or a media-fueled narcissist? a new documentary about the sheriff finds he's a little bit of both. i'll talk with the director of the film next. >> a look how stocks stand as we go into tomorrow's session. mixed day, the dow jones eked out a gain of 32 points but the s&p and nasdaq finished in the red. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. i missed you, too.ou.
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♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. it may not surprise you to learn that america's self-designated toughest sheriff, joe arpaio, loves the limelig limelight. a new documentary "the joe show"
1:51 pm
takes a look at the megalomania and the stuns he's performed to remain in the spotlight, range from shameless to humiliating to immoral appearing in reality shows with steven seagal, parading inmates around in pink boxer shorts and housing them in outdoor tent cities in triple digit heat. critics have condemned his inhumane treatment of prisoners and questionable law enforcement practices the sheriff media strategists, she says that arpaio, the media, even the inmates themselves, share the blame for being part of this country's obsession with fe and celebrity. >> it's really damn hard to humiliate inmates with cameras, okay? i have never seen an inmate -- let me rephrase that -- i have rarely seen an inmate who turns away from the idea of being on television. they love it.
1:52 pm
>> but documentary filmmaker randy murray says stunts are a smoke screen, to cover up sinister things like 150 prisoners who have died in his jail, failure to investigate 400 sex crimes and the practice of racial profiling. none of this bothers the 81-year-old sheriffen indeed, sheriff joe is concerned with his own greatness. >> probably the greatest politician that ever lived, because everybody says we love him because he's not a politician. >> joining me now -- >> think about it. >> joining me the direct or of the film "the joe show" randy murray. thanks for joining me. i'm transfixed and somewhat horrified by sheriff joe arpaio. it's some combination of the two, which is part of the problem right? as reprehensible as some of acts are they make for great footage
1:53 pm
and discussion. having spent the time that you did with the man, how did -- what are feelings you came away with in terms of your relationship to documenting him and giving a platform to him. >> thank you for having me on, great to be here. the sheriff's an amazing -- he's an amazing politician. what our documentary tries to communicate is that to be a great politician today you have to be a great showman. and we use the sheriff ace case study to look at dangers we face as a country, right now with the use of media to reach the voters, because you have to be outrageous, you have to do crazy stuff to get on the news every night. we get bored with the same law enforcement stuff, if you will. we have to be outrageous. and what happens is we get people like the sheriff doing crazy things and not really doing their job. >> you know, randy, i wonder if you sensed any remorse on his part. i mean the inmates in pink underwear is what he's known
1:54 pm
nationally for. but the allegations relating to his abdication of his own job in terms pursuing sexual assault cases or sex crime cases for three years, 150 people have died if these jails in the tent city jails, do you get the sense -- did you get the sense ever that he has any sense that he made may have made some missteps in his career? >> no, of course not. the sheriff would never give us that sense. more importantly he points to the thing that, he points out that he's doing what the people want and the numbers prove it. him getting re-elected and re-elected. i don't -- our film tells a story and what i take away from my experience is that i don't blame the sheriff. i don't blame the media as much as i blame the viewers. we drive tov news to cover this stuff. tv news drives him to do this
1:55 pm
stuff. and he's just responding to what he has to do to get re-elected. we're creating this mess and it's a mess that our founding fathers did not want us to create. >> let me take issue with that, because i don't think that tv news is driving him to kill people in his jails by exposing them to, you know, triple digit heat or not investigate sex crimes necessarily. and there is the question, do you just not cover him when he's doing these outlandish things? i guess did you struggle with that at all? there yes, i did. you know, i also struggle with the fact that am i playing into his hands making him more famous? i hope living by the sword will kill the gentleman politically. i in that you have to understand that -- in the movie you see that when the department of justice investigates him, he goes out and he arrests a bunch of hookers, he has posse members
1:56 pm
on horses. the news covers that, it's more interesting than a boring federal investigation. so, yet how do you resist that? you can't resist it unless ye bring back the fairness doctrine trin or demand news be more balanced or fair or demand to know the full story, not just the fluff, you know, the cop on horses stories. >> i will say, arpaio archivists here on the show and have covered all aspects of his six-term career. it is worth noting that the birtherism, birth certificate investigation that joe arpaio led with his cold case posse minted him several millions of dollars. not only a spotlight producing scandal but also a very lucative one. randy murray of "the joe show" thank you. we'll have more after the break next. ♪
1:57 pm
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[ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. that's all for now. see you back here tomorrow at 4:00. "the ed show" is up next. >> good evening, americans, welcome to "the ed show." live from detroit lakes, minnesota. i'm fired up and ready to go. let's get to work! ♪ >> let's get on with this important keystone vote. a binding keystone vote. >> this particular pipeline called the keystone xl pipeline. >> we've got to have the senate get involved. >> people have very strong feelings. >> working with the senate republican colleagues reminds me of chasing one of these pigs in a greased pig contest. >> senate democrats would rather pan ter to the part left and shut down