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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 15, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> yeah, it's true on economic and oil issues as well. they sometimes sound like they have more cards than they do. again, thank you very much. for everyone watching at home. i'm ari melber in for lawrence o'donnell. chris hayes is up next. the clintons go to war. let's play "hardball." >> a now open partisan battle between the clintons and the republicans. clinton may have blown the starters whistle himself when he said the current attacks on hillary's health are, as he put it, just the beginning. the clintons have avoided so far by saying this is just the beginning of the attacks on the former secretary of state. he's predicting a future of republican attacks on candidate hillary clinton. he said this is just the beginning of the attacks. so is she running? if she doesn't run, what
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campaign attacks can he be talking about? this was supposed to start a year from now and on clinton's timetable. instead it's bellowing up now on karl rove's timetable. instead of talking about the country's future, which moub the propelling topic of any presidential campaign, it's right now over whether hillary clinton's health will keep her from getting in. can hillary drop back to the sidelines? can she get that year of not being a candidate she seemed all along to have wanted. here is bill clip ton yesterday responding on attacks of his wife's health. she works out every week. she's strong. she's great.
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she certainly seems to have more stamina than i do. >> do you think it's this way of inserting her age or her physical capabilities into the 2016 debate? >> i don't know, but if it is, you can't be too upset about it. it's just the beginning. they'll get better and better at it. even earlier came this statement. it's flagrant and thinly vailed. they are scared of what she has to achieve and has to offer. "the washington post" reported the clintons are entering a new phase as they prepare for a possible 2016 run. this week, hillary clinton and her husband have jumped into partisan combat. clinton is move into a new phase of preparing for a 2016 presidential campaign. personally, i think the "post" reporters are being a fwit formal here.
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possible campaign? didn't bill clinton just say this is just the beginning? joan, i do believe that in reacting with some so sif rouseness, there's going to be a campaign by his wife. >> i heard it the same way. on the other hand, we have to let her make that announcement in her time. i'm really enjoying the way she hit back, whether she runs or not and i'm assuming she's running, chris. i don't think it forces her hand or horses a decision on her or an announcement on her. i love seeing the entire party respond to this. 23r jay carney to nancy pi loescy. she is a standard bearer for this party whatever she does. i love seeing people out there defending her and saying we're not going to take this, karl rove. her first spokesperson called
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her a liar. >> let me try this out. next step, somebody will come into the roll of pretending to be a moderator, pretending to be an umpire saying well, they should release their medical records. and once that starts blood clot, once you get concussion, then it just keeps rolling along and rolling along. doesn't this escalate and advance the campaign well ahead of schedule? >> i really don't think so. sfwl there's a lot to be said for getting it out of the way now. you know somebody out there, it's going to be a beltway pundit. somebody is going to say hey, karl rove is right. but she's going to have to answer these questions. there's an answer for these questions. she's been out and making speeches and she looks great.
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these questions, the way they raised them it's dirty. are they relevant questions? they actually are. and she's got an answer, i believe. >> does this escalate the campaign that they go after republicans? >> i've never been a fan of the way john kerry handled the swift boefting or the way michael dukakis handled everything. you've got to fight. but they are fighting. do you think the clintons are happy they're involved in this mud fight at this point? >> no, i don't think so. let me tell you, chris, i think there's a separate campaign going on. karl rove was either demented because thaz that was as gross and lethal an attack. he's demented or a smart guy. he knows you don't shoot 2 1/2 years before the election.
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that issue, hillary clinton's age and health is a september issue when voters are paying attention. what are they campaigning for now? they're campaigning to try to convince hillary not to run. that it's going to be so slimily and so dirty and so offensive that she doesn't want to live two years of her life like that. that's what the campaign is. it's geared to persuade her not to run. they know they can't beat her. they want to run against alesser democrat who they have a chance to beat. can you imagine their reaction that it's going to get this much in the gutter, this past, this personal? >> in the one sense, hillary has to say good god, what's happened to this business. but in another sense, i know hillary is combative enough and competitive enough that she's going to want to push back. and believe me, the president and the spokespeople didn't push back as hard as they did without hillary's okay.
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she will not be a pushover. you saw her when she testified. she's going to give as good as she gets. but the question is, does she want do live twoer yoos of her life going through this slime? politics has become a horrible, horrible, slimy, disgusting business. they're trying to make that point to hillary to keep her out. i don't think it's going to work but that's the campaign under way right now. >> i agree with you. but it's ten years of her life if she's elected so two terms. she knows that already. i find it hard to believe that there's anything they can throw out that she says oh, my god, they're going to bring up x? she knows what she's getting into. >> she's got a bright new shiny
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car. she has a bently in terms of reputation. she's against a guy who has a junker, a jalopy. a new poll shows why republicans are nervous about mrs. clinton, former secretary. it shows hillary with a huge lead over every contendner the decisive state of ohio, which probably will decide this thing. states like ohio. up by seven point against marco rubio and paul ryan. leads by eight point against rand paul, chris christie and mike huckabee. she's up nine point against jeb bush and ted cruz, 19 points, no surprise there. i'll call this preventive war. one of its goals is perhaps to scare her off from entering the race in the first place a the
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governor said. or muddy her up before the run. let's watch some of the attacks in action. >> what grade do you give her as secretary of state? >> i don't think she has a passing grade. >> she's an f? >> if you look at the diplomacy in her time, it's failed everywhere in the world. >> should we as a country have a commander-in-chief who didn't provide adequate security in libya, didn't send re-enforcements and gave us nothing but spin in hillary clinton has precluded herself from ever being considered for that position. >> let's have a debate on secretary of state of the united states hillary clinton. >> the boko haram leader, or whoever boko haram had perform on the video is a good looking guy. this is why mrs. clinton wouldn't call this group a terror group. because they're black. we can't call them terrorists
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because they look like african-americans and we just can't go there. >> what do you make of that, joan? they'll throw anything. it's not any recognizable material. >> no, it's not. that's a good point. he's good looking. he's african-american. what is he saying? whatever, i neemt even going to finish his thinking. to sit there on judgment of foreign policy issueser it's going to be a wonderful campaign if either of them is debating hillary clinton on foreign policy. but this is where they're going to go and we know this. it's all fine. she's going to be criticized for these things and she's going to have an answer or not. i think she'll have an answer. >> she goes well against huckabee and bush than the young guys nobody knows about. what do you think is going on with the voters?
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>> i think ted cruz has negatives. poor jeb bush is saddled with the name bush. mike huckabee, people know. i think rubio and ryan are a softer version until you peel back the i don't know i don't know -- onion. the four clips you played they're part of the concentrated campaign. she's going to decide what's best for her and the country, but she's not going to be scared off. the last guy, that rush guy, he is demented. there's no question. with karl rove, there's a little bit of a question. but with rush, there is no question. >> they used to hide heez people in the east wing of the old house. now they're running around. thank you. coming up, yes, he wants to make
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hillary's health initiative, but he wants something more, he wants to when back the white house by convincing jeb bush the offshore batteries knew are severely badging pillory clinton so he can get in the fight. we'll see if that's true. also, the secretary of veterans affair eric shinseki says he's mad as hell for the long waits to see a doctor. and the efforts to cover it up. plus, which state has the least trusted state government in the country? here's a hint, by the way. four of the state's last seven governors have ended up in federal prison. come on, you can guess this one. finally, it was hard to be moved by the dedication of the 9/11 museum. >> they didn't know his name. they didn't know where he came from. but they knew their lives had
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ask your doctor about axiron. >> take a look at this ad. >> if you send her to congress she eel make you proud she eel vote right. i'm not coming here saying vote for her because 20 years ago she saved the economy. she'll take initiative, she'll do things that stand up when she needs to stand up and that cooperate when we need cooperation. i think america will be a better place and its district will be well served if you elect her. '. >> bill clinton is the star of that ad and for good reason. margoli was the deciding vote in
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the house of representatives for clinton's 1993 budget. republicans cheered her as she cast that vote and she lost her seat after just one term. plus, she's chelsea clinton's mother-in-law.
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karl rove doesn't act without a motive. he wants a recognized role in politics. number two, he obviously wants the republicans to win. number three, he therefore wants a rinable republican to run, and number four, that seems to be a member of the bush family, this time jeb. so is the attack on hillary sending a message to jeb bush? we're going to do some dirty work on hillary before you even get in it? rove is acting to shape the field. clarence page is a columnist with the "chicago tribune." i look at it all and i try to figure out, there's a lot of two birds with one stuff going on here. i know karl rove doesn't want some whack co bird to run. he wants to get a centrist republican like a bush to run. in fact, a bush. number two, h ehas to do some convincing and he has to
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convince jeb bush it's not going to be all about you. it's gong to be us on the right and center right, attacking like hell, hillary clinton. >> that's right. a lot of people are watching now and saying oh, no, not jeb bush. i don't believe believe bush fatigue for a minute any more than hillary fatigue. it makes a lot more sense that karl rove would be trying to lure jeb bush into the race than trying to frighten off hillary clinton. she's not easily frightened. but getting jeb bush into the race is something karl rove has want to do. he made no secret of it. he thinks this is the kind of candidate republicans need to win. the hold line was if you have a dog, you don't have to bark. i think i see a guy auditioning for dog here. that's karl rove.
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>> i think that's right, although i would disagree with clarence a little bit. i think this was a shot across the bow of hillary clinton. >> it would be both. >> well, it can be both and it probably is both. but we've been reading about how the one real reluctance clinton might have to get into the race is she doesn't want to deal with the personal attacks and the scrutiny. and so i think rove by going out and kind of launching off a volley of these attacks and making clear just how personal and kind of weird asomugha of these attacks are going to be is planning a doubt in her mind whether this is really something she wants to go through. rove, as smart as he is, i think the other something he would love to see if for democrats not to run hillary clinton and have to go with a weaker,lesser known candidate instead. >> when i watch rush limbaugh talk about how somebody had a romance going on with the spokesman for the terrorists there with the nigeria as a sort
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of motive saying these guys look like african-americans, clarence, you jump in here. i think anything is sayable on the right, anything that will stir up the far right, put mud on the side of the faces of the democrats is out there being done. >> bo back to the '90s when the clintons were accused of drug smuggling, murder, you name it. and bill clinton, he was telling the truth when he said well, you know, it's only just beginning. they know it's great beginning. they're not going to let themselves be dukakisized or mcgovernized. >> josh, do you think there's a possibility that this 2016 campaign, which will probably begin at full speed in several months if not by next year, that they could run it on a high level of policy and not personal construction?
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i'm impressed with what she's been able to do. the guts to run for senator of nok on her own. that's an enormous gutsy move to make. why would she think there's going to be a high road campaign in 2016. it's going to be down in the gutter. they're going to go after her health, bill clin top. this stuff isn't going to get any better. >> i don't think you can escape the dirt and the slime. but i do think there's a chance, both nominees are going to need to address policy. part of the argument for electing a president is we have a different set of solutions to get the economy going. for clinton, if you look at why people would hesitate to elect
11:22 pm
another democratic president, the poll says people want a break from obama's policies. clinton is going to have to come up with something that differentiates her with barack obama and convince voters she's got something to enliven the economy, juice it up, get jobs going it. can't all be attacks on what a weirdo karl rove is. i agree hillary clinton, it's got to be about the future, a new brand for the democrats in the way george senior ran kinder, gentler than ronald reagan. a notch or two to the right on foreign policy. i don't like it, but i think that's where the country is. and perhaps a notch closer to the constituencies out there in the middle that hillary needs to reach at home. in iway, good thinking. up next, you don't want to miss this match. watch what happens now when you have an open door policy for a gubernatorial debate and the fringies walk through the door.
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>> we've got a bunch of eastern idiots running everything. >> hey diddle diddle right up the middle. that's my style. >> bang, i got you. bang, i got you pop i honestly think the half the republican parties is democrats. and half the democratic party is communist. you have your choice, folks. a cowboy, a curmudgeon, a biker or a normal guy. take your pick. thank you very much. >> welcome back to "hardball." time now for "the side show." the republican gubernatorial debate in idaho took a turn to the dun right weird. butch otter squared off against
11:27 pm
russ fulcher. but it was opened up to all candidates who were running. here's harley brown, a biker who has unsuccessfully run for various office and spouts what he calls harleyisms including register communists, not firearms. >> a substantial portion of my political campaign is campaigning against political correctness. i don't like political correctness. can i say this? it sucks. it's bondage. and i'm about as politically correct as your proverbial turd in a punch bowl. and i'm proud of it and i'm going for it and i'm going for the vote of the real people out there. >> beaufully stated. anyway, believe it or not, he wasn't the only fringe candidate in that debate. sit whack and enjoy this one. >> well, back when they told me
11:28 pm
that we couldn't home school, i prayed about it, i stood on my hind legs like a man. i told them what i thought of them, and the television would talk to me for 30 minutes for an hour and well, what would you do if they came out to take your kids? well, i would shoot them. what else would you do? >> over to you, jon stewart. if you' been covering the chris christie bridge mess, you're familiar with bridget kelly's e-mail "time for traffic problems in ft. lee." the star trek star tweeted out there photo of himself on a bridge in brazil with a traffic cone. his text reading, time for some traffic problems in sao paulo. and the bridge controversy also caused an awkward moment for chris christie during the 9/11 opening ceremony. the governor was supposed to be followed by a rendition of "bridge over troubled water." but the singer who was set to perform that song became ill and
11:29 pm
had to be replaced. fortunately for the governor. up next, tough questions for the secretary of veteran affairs over the long wait lines for vets to see a doctor. and worse yet, efforts by va officials to cover it up. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics.
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welcome back to "hardball." serious and explosive allegations inside the department of veteran affairs sent shock waves through washington and the white house. jay carney today said the president is mad as hell and here's why. several whistleblowers from va hospitals from around the country have come forward with disturbing accounts of to tentially criminal activity involving hospital procedures to see sick patients. they have alleged these facilitate i it is were purposefully cooking the books to improve their ratings by making it appear as if they were seeing patients promptly, often within two weeks when in reality veterans were waiting months to see the doctor. one whistleblower said 40 veterans at his hospital alone died in that secret backlog. then administrators shredded their evidence to cover their tracks.
11:34 pm
five administrators have been placed on leave and president obama has just directed his deputy chief of staff to review the veterans department. the retired four-star general testified in front of congress, making it clear he was personally outraged at what he's heard. >> any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me mad as hell. i could use stronger language here, but in deference to the committee i won't. any allegations if they're true are completely unacceptable. if any are substantiated by the inspector general, we will act. >> shinseki is facing growsing demands to resign. in today's hear, republican dean howard cut right to it.
11:35 pm
>> do you believe that you're ultimately responsible for all of this? >> i am. >> would you explain to me after knowing all this information why you should not resign? well, i tell you, senator, i came here to make things better for veterans. i will continue this mission until i am satisfied. either that goal or, i'm told by the commander-in-chief that my time has been served. our next guest is the host of "taking the hill" on msnbc. and goldie taylor is an msnbc contributor and former u.s. marine. goldie, if you can start this in a nutshell, what is this travesty where you hear that people who are sick, need medical help, primary care, are waiting months and months and months, but somewhere in some book somewhere, some doctor is
11:36 pm
checking off i saw this fellow or two weeks. >> this strav city is unfortunately not new. veterans have been waiting for is care for months on end for decades on end. and so that part of it isn't new. the very notion, however, that you have somebody cooking the books saying they have seen a veteran within two weeks when they haven't seen them, that's a deadly circumstance in some situations. so the very notion that is happening, if this secretary knew or should have known this kind of thing is happening, it's our mission to take his job. >> is it hard to find doctors to serve at the pay grade they are offered at the va? why is it so hard to match the resources that veterans deserve with what they're getting?
11:37 pm
>> when you're a public servant, you're not getting as much none salary as you are in the private sector. we need people to answer the call to support these veterans. the heroes who have given so much to our country. but that does not eck accuse the fact of what's happened. what happened is criminal negligence. i'm thrilled that president obama who has invested so much money and effort in the veterans, i mean, taking a budget in the va from $90 billion to $155 billion is a major increase. because of that, an army brat who has served his country, one of the top guys to oversee and make sure the systemic issues are addressed now. i don't understand why this
11:38 pm
hasn't steeped up. why hasn't this seemed up to the white house? everybody knows michelle obama, the first lady has been very active along with joe biden in working with families who have come back from war. isn't there any scuttlebutt from the military where people talk? why doesn't anybody talk to the people running our country? '. >> this environment that this president and first lady have created, wrapping the arms around veterans for the first time in many years, maybe created an environment where this did bubble up this time. the fact is this has been going on for a very long time. it's the facilities, the environment, the tools with which they have to work. this means we need a wholesale, nonyumtal sea change in the way we treat our veterans.
11:39 pm
it seems to me we need a brand-new cabinet secretary that's going to stand just as strongly on that. the puck really has to stop there. >> i wonder what this is going to do to recruitment. if you want to put a damper on recruitment. get the word out if you get shot over there and lose a limb and you need help you're going to wait in line for months. >> i don't think it will. for two reasons. one, young 18, 19-year-olds won't see the big picture. they're not joining the military to make a lot of money. >> i'm talking about being care of if you get shot. the broader picture, chris, is that there are hundreds of thousands of veterans that have been served. there's one million veterans that have gone to the gi bill. the increase in veterans using the va has gone up tremendously.
11:40 pm
which is a positive thing. we need to make sure we get on top of it as a country and hold those people response nl that justice is served. there sure as hell better be more people being fired. some of them who lied and are responsible for those deaths need to go to jail. >> the outrage on this issue has crossed party lines. take a listen. >> if these allegations are true, they're a violation of law. and it's not a matter of resignations, it's a matter of whether somebody goes to jail or not. >> we have more than allegations at this point. we have evidence. cooking the books, creating false records, which is not just an impropriety or misconduct, it's a criminal act. >> general shinseki's time as secretary of veteran affairs has come to and.
11:41 pm
>> i would not be afraid to call for his allegations as soon as we get to the bottom of the allegations that have been made. >> thank you, pat. hope we get to the bottom of this. thank you. today's emotional ceremony marking the opening of the september 1 1 museum in new york's ground zero. rudy giuliani joins us next. >> what this museum does is allow us to see that we absolutely can affect each other's lives by what we do at a time of crisis. how we are strengthened by what was done that day. ns like you wouldn't believe. this new tide ultra stain release and zap! cap helps me get out pretty much any stain. can i help? aww. just kidding. [ female announcer ] new tide ultra stain release helps remove 99% of everyday stains. [ female announcer ] new tide ultra stain release those little cialis tadalafil for daily use
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i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. how much trust do americans have in their state governments? in the west and plain state, the answer is a lot. according to gallup, the five state where is people express a great deal or fair amount of trust in their state government are as follows. number five, nebraska. number four, south dakota. utah comes in at number three. wyoming is the second most trusted state government.
11:44 pm
and number one, the most trusted state government in the country, north dakota. now to the at least. number five, louisiana, which has a long history of corruption. number four, my home state of pennsylvania. rhode island is number three. maine is number two and the least trusted state government in the country, illinois where four of the last seven governors have gone to prison. it's worth noting that the polling was conducted in the latter half of last year before governor christie got into trouble with his bridge.
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>> it's been more than 12 1/2 years since that terrible day on september 11 we'll never forget.
11:47 pm
the memorial museum was dedicated at the old world trade center site in new york city. the museum is devoted to telling the personal stories of those we lost, those who survived, and the heroism we saw that day in our fellow americans. today's dedication ceremony was both solemn and moving. pitch perfect, many said. a perfect tribute to the true spirit of 9/11. the courage, the honor, of course, the sacrifice that brought us all together. joining us right now, we couldn't have a better guest, rudy giuliani who was mayor of new york at the time of the september 11 attacks. mr. mayor, you had many hours i'm told in that museum. what did it feel like? >> well, i was there a good deal yesterday. two hours y yesterday. i've been in and out of it for some time because i'm a member of the board. it was extremely emotional. in some ways it's harder now than it was then.
11:48 pm
maybe because you don't think about it as much. so now when you come back to it, all these memories come back. particularly difficult for me was to see all of the articles that were left behind by people. i could recognize some of the articles and associate it with some of the people, some of them who i had to identify their bodies. and it brought back a flood of really, really difficult memories. on the other hand, you know, it's almost exactly like september 11 was. september 11 was the worst day and the best day. it also documents the tremendous heroism, the unbelievable outpouring of love and affection, the bipartisan nature of the american response. i don't even remember america, maybe -- i wasn't alive in the beginning of the second world war, but i never remember america as united as it was in the weeks and months right after
11:49 pm
september 11. and the museum picks all of that up, too. it gives you the best of september 11 and the worst of september 11. i think people are going to find it a truly magnificent museum. >> the magic, the feeling people had for those firefighter, the hundreds of guys who really did go to the sounds of the guns, if you will. running up those stairs. >> i said at the time i thought new york proved that we could take it. we were always wondering if we could and you guys did it. >> i thought september 11 proved the question that as top whether or not this generation was ready to take on a massive conflict like our fathers and grandfathers. tom brokaw asked that in his book written a year or two years before.
11:50 pm
i had just read the book. when i watched the reaction that day i realized, my goodness, these are their sons and daughters and they can do the same thing. one of the participants today talked about how the firefighters made it possible to have an orderly exit because they stood their ground, they didn't run out or run away. even when they were told to evacuate they remained behind until the civilians left. the group of firefighters that i introduced today were miraculously saved. they fell a number of stories and they were crushed theoretically by the building, but just for some reason, a stroke of luck or i believe the will of god, there was kind of an alcove created so they were protected. six or seven hours later they were recovered and i got to meet them for the first time at the hospital, at bellevue, and now i got to introduce them today. they're doing great. >> i remember all about this you
11:51 pm
were there and i remember great scenes, vignettes of firefighters driving by in their trucks and people, yuppies, standing up and saluting them and that wonderful silence with a sax player going -- that wonderful togetherness, i wish we could get it back. >> i wish we could, too. i drove up west street with president bush after he appeared at ground zero on september 14th and everybody was applauding for him. they were blowing him kisses. >> he deserved it. >> you know what i said to him. they all love you now but no one voted for you. >> i'm not going to knock him but the way he performed an the 14th with that firefighter was magnificent. >> the same was true when president obama came a couple days after he captured osama bin laden.
11:52 pm
whether you were a republican or democrat, everybody loved him. when things that happen that are much bigger than us, we forget our petty differences. september 11 was much bigger than any of us, and i think we forgot, being republican, democrat, fighting over taxes and abortion and school prayer and who knows what else. >> you have to remind us, don't you. >> we forgot it. you know what it's like? all the petty little things going on in your life and then you get a call and you find out that one of your parents died or god forbid your child. all those things become totally important and the only important thing is dealing with this terrible thing that happened. i think that's what happened on september 11. i think this country still happens. if we were under that kind of attack it would all go away and we would all be together again. then when it's over we go back to these differences that we
11:53 pm
honestly have. i'm not one of these people that think the politicians create the differences. i think the politicians reflect the difference that the american people have and that's a healthy thing. >> mayor giuliani, let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. thank you so much. that's the spirit. we'll be right back. . you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive.
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11:57 pm
we leave you with those images and stories from the dedication of the 9/11 memorial museum, a day nearly 13 years in the making. it's all to the sound of the music played to close the ceremony today, aaron copeland's fan fair for the common man. >> in the years to come, the 9/11 memorial museum will take its place alongside the fields of gettysburg, the waters of pearl harbor and the vietnam veterans' memorial as a sacred marker of our past and a solemn gathering place. this museum built on the site of rubble and ruins is now filled with the faces, the stories, and the memories of our common grief and hope. >> on that september morning, allison prather lost her son wells. months later she was reading the
11:58 pm
newspaper, an article about those final minutes in the towers. survivors recounted how a young man wearing a red handkerchief led them to safety. in that moment, allison knew. ever since he was a boy, her son had always carried a red handkerchief. her son wells was the man in the red ban dana. >> mark, this is your mom. apparently there are terrorists and they're crashing the aircraft. there's one flight that they say is headed towards san francisco. it might be yours. if you can, group some people and perhaps do everything you can to overpower them. i love you, sweetie. good luck, bye-bye. >> when i heard that the museum was looking for artifacts, i thought about my shoes. i had put them in a plastic
11:59 pm
container and when i took them out, they still had the smell on them from that awful day, and i knew i would never wear them again. so i decided to donate them here. i wanted my nieces and my nephew and every person that asked what happened to see them and maybe understand a little bit better what it felt like to be us on that day. >> ordinary, every day objects that we find here in the museum, a wallet, a ring, an i.d. card, a telephone, are unlikely but powerful keep sakes which help us understand the events of that day in human terms. >> what this museum does is allow us to see that we absolutely can affect each other's lives by what we do at a time of crises.
12:00 am
how we are strengthened by what was done that day. good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. thousands of fast food workers walked off the job to protest for higher wages. in dozens of cities from los angeles to atlanta to new york city people took to the streets to fight for 15. they did the same thing in chicago and new orleans. >> it's not enough money to be working for $8 an hour. that's why i'm here again if it has to be twice, third time, five times i'm going to be here. >> we want common respect and the ability to unionize without anything coming back to harm us