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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 16, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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the government continues to use chemical weapons against its own people in syria. tearing through neighborhoods. do investigators have fresh clues about an arsonist? this is "way too early." >> hey, everybody. free and open debates especially with bikers named harley, must-see gop debate in idaho. it's going to rock your world. serious news out of parts of southern california. it continues to be under a state of emergency as crews battle to contain several wildfires, tearing across the landescape there. the flames have scorched more than 15 square miles, forced tens of thousands to evacuate
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their homes. miguel almaguer has a look. >> reporter: doing all they can to beat back the flames, to beat this fire down. you can see why. there is so much dry vegetation and drought-stricken land down there. this fire could really explode any second. this plume of smoke is coming in our direction, shooting 8,000 feet into the air. crews and air attack are crisscrossing this county, doing what they can to suppress the fire. mother nature is in control here even at this altitude, we can smell the smoke and feel the heat. the intensity of this fire is incredible. if there's been any good news for firefighters, it's that this
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blaze is burning next to a major reservoir, helicopters dipping into the water and making those drops literally minutes later. what make this is fire unique from so many of the others we have covered is where it is burning. there are huge plumes of smoke next to neighborhoods. this fire is poised to make runs into communities if firefighters can't keep those flames back. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. those aerials are just amazing. officials are looking into what sparked a fire. an arson suspect was detained, however released. whether the body of a person found yesterday was killed by the flames or by something else. we go to ukraine now after what could be a setback for russia. workers seized a city in eastern ukraine from pro-russian separatists. employees of ukraine's richest men fear an economic slowdown if
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they lost ties with europe. the army also launched two successful operations on separatist bases. he says kiev was able to take control without any casualties. still russian president vladimir putin reiterates his warning that russia will stop delivering gas to its neighbor unless it is paid in cash. federal prosecutors are looking into allegations the medical center kept a secret waiting list to cover up long delays for vets looking for care. a doctor claims the falsified documents led to dozens of preventable deaths. that came from the va inspector general following testimony from eric shinseki, grilled by the senator veterans affairs committee. he told lawmakers he is as angry as anybody. >> any allegation, any adverse incident like this makes me
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as -- makes me mad as hell. i could use stronger language here, mr. chairman, but in deference to the committee, i won't. if any are true, they're completely unacceptable. if any are substantiated by the inspector general we will act. >> president obama is standing by shinseki, facing calls for his resignation. he says there's a lot more work to be done. >> do you believe you're ultimately responsible for all of this? >> i am. >> would you explain to me after knowing all this information why you should not resign? >> i tell you, senator, that i came here to make things better for veterans. i intend to continue this mission until i have satisfied either that goal or i'm told by my commander in chief that my time has been served. >> for the next four days, the 9/11 memorial and museum will be opened around the clock for those affected most closely by
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the tragedy. at yesterday's dedication ceremony with first responders and victims' families looking on, president obama spoke and heroism and resilience. >> no act of terror could match the strength or character of our country. at the great wall and bedrock that embraces today, nothing can ever break us. nothing can change who we are as americans. >> that tribute was punctuated by a moving performance delivered by a broadway actress, whose husband was lost in one of the towers. ♪ i once was lost but now i'm found ♪ >> gorgeous voice. the museum officially opens to the public on may 31st.
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modi campaigned on a promise of revitalizing the country's slow economy. he cited success in his own -- now pledging to build everything, bullet trains to power plants. a record 563 million people cast votes in this election. not just voters celebrating, the country's economic index hit an all-time record while the rupee soared against the dollar. turkey's prime minister is facing criticism after an aide appears to kick a man three or four times as authorities were holding him. he has since apologized but claims he was provoked. protests are continuing across turkey since the coal mine explosion.
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the turkey's government failed to address mine safety issues and many were outraged after turkey's prime minister said the accident was not out of the order. turkey's main cemetery is running out of graves now. turkey's minister says 18 people remain missing. there are growing concerns syria is hiding stockpiles of chemical weapons and using chlorine gas. secretary of state john kerry who just wrapped up meetings in london says he has seen evidence, though not verified, that chemical attacks continue there. officials in france presented the data while criticizing the west for failing to strike syria back in august. civil war rages on, massive bomb blast under a military army base. look at that. 60 tons of explosives were detonated in a tunnel, which fighters had been digging for months. it has gone from bad to worse for former patriots star aaron hernandez, facing a new
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indictment that includes two counts of first-degree murder. it says he followed two men out of a nightclub in 2012. he drove up next to their car, fired several shots in their vehicle, killing them. it appears that he did not know the victims and the dispute started over a spilled drink. he has already pled not guilty to an unrelated murder. we've heard donald sterling's racist remarks and his denials. as expected, we officially know he will not go down without a fight. according to "sports illustrated," the disgraced owner has hired a prominent lawyer to possibly sue the league. writing to the league, quote, no punishment is warranted and it's sterling's due process rights have been violated. he has no intention of paying the $2.5 million fine. a vote to terminate his
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ownership of the clippers is expected later this month. let's turn our attention to business. wall street's selloff extends into a second day. jeff, how will we close out this week? >> good morning to you. you know, the trouble is, it's friday. and that's usually a reason to celebrate. for traders, it might be a reason just to hold off buying or, indeed, sell. do you want to be hanging on to risk running through the long weekend? that's the question that a lot of traders will ask themselves today. i suspect that may balk down. we get some housing numbers for april but nothing really that's going to dislodge that sense of do i want to own equity running through the weekend? we could see the markets struggle a bit today again in the united states. gm recording another 2.7 million
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vehicles, this time a brake booster problem coming on top of the near 2.6 that were already recalled over ignition issues. the news just doesn't get any better for mary barra over at gm. >> no, it doesn't. fcc making the information on how they want to proceed with net neutrality. >> do you want to be on the highway or the byway? it looks like they will sign off on a two-speed internet, basically allowing the isps to charge more for those companies and individuals who want faster internet delivery. now, there are those who say that this is not very democratic, but others, of course, pointing out if you want anything in this world you've got to pay for it. that's the message that seems to be coming from the telecom regulator. back to you. >> jeff, thank you. you may have heard that
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barbara walters is retiring after more than 50 years on television. today will be her final day hosting "the view." but her contributions go well beyond the talk show. we want to know, what is your favorite barbara walters interview? tweet us your most creative answers using the #waytooearly. we'll put the best ones up later. do you have a favorite? i caught her off guard. she said there's so many. game seven after a controversial game five. can they hold on to the lead? jen, you know you have to pay attention. watch this. republican candidate for governor in idaho. you need to hear his message before you go to the polls. lewis will have that. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back on a friday! in washington today, queen
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elizabeth did something that no other british ruler had been able to do, addressed a joint meeting of congress. there was a bit of humor. >> i do hope you can see me today from where you are. when it's donut friday at the office
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and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. it's time now for sports. game tied at 72. westbrook with the jumper, giving the thunder the first lead since the first quarter. okc takes over from there. durant led, and to the wizards. finishing up with a 26 run. david west led the team 29 points and pacers advance after a 93-81 win.
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conference finals begin this weekend. switching gears now to baseball. few tight games in the major leagues yesterday. yankees and mets in the subway series. alfonso soriano splits the gap. one run scores. yankees take a 1-0 lead. that would be all the scoring for the night as they shut out the mets for the second game in a row. that makes bill happy, right? >> it's all right. beating the met sincere like, eh. >> just kind of eh, all right. walk-off wins yesterday, though. take a look at this. >> now the pitch. base hit to right center. one run is in. they're going to try to score lucroy. there's the throw. he's in there! >> going to go right after it. liner to left field. >> get down. >> down for a hit. suzuki heading around third. aaron hicks is the walk-off winner today. >> breaking pitch out toward left.
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going back on it. it's gone, walk-off style and angels pick up the victory. >> angels beat the rays, twins beat boston in extras and brewers topped the pirates. tara the cat, fearless feline that saved this boy from a neighborhood dog. bakersfield blaze, minor league baseball team is honoring that heroic kitty by having her throw out the baseball. it's unclear how logistics will go. >> i was concerned your tie would blend away because it's green. >> it doesn't work like that. >> a lot of local tv places you have the green screen behind you. you can never wear green. i don't have to worry about that. >> i'm e-mailing barbara walters
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a telephone number to call in to our show. >> really? >> yes, via television and through my blackberry. >> to call in? >> please call in. mind control. dear god, please make barbara walters call the show. >> i'm sure she has nothing else going on today. >> no, nothing else. >> flooding potential really high if you're leaving your house in washington, d.c., going to be on the beltway, it is pouring, moving over the capital soon. anywhere from d.c. to baltimore, thunderstorms with torrential downpours the next hour or two. wider view shows from eastern carolina to central p.a. up in through new england. flood watches are up. so much moisture in the air. it's very humid out there. you can get a lot of rain anyway short period of time. we'll have to watch a potential for that, three inches around d.c. half an inch or two inches.
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weather will cooperate as we head into the weekend. there's not a lot of bad weather anywhere in the weekend. >> southern california, they need the weather to cooperate. >> instead of 100, it will be 70. >> bill, thank you. much appreciated. executive editor jil abramson, much more on that. we'll huddle around the water cooler and talk about what today me means in the world of television. because barbara walters will be hosting "the view" for the final time whachlt to look forward to today. and a special guest that stopped by yesterday. yes, i'm still pleading with him through my blackberry and through tv for barbara walters to call in to "way too early" please!
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earlier in the show we told you barbara walters is officially retiring today. nearly 50 million people tuned in to see barbara walters' march 1999 interview with monica lewinsky. that's the most people that ever watch aid news program. absolutely amazing. let's check in with lewis, standing by at the water cooler, who will explain how today will roll out.
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>> how the ladies of "the view" will honor their leader in the second-to-last day on the show. >> so we have stretched the hot topics table because we are making history right now. here to share the stage for the very first time, please welcome back -- i love them all -- meredith vieira, star jones, joy behar, elizabeth hasselbeck, and rosie o'donnell. i have such good ties with each of you. and i mean it when i say that i love you. >> walters' final episode of the view will air later today. she's been hosting "the view" for 17 years now, she spent five decades on television, starting as a pitch woman and becoming a
2:54 am
groundbreaking news woman. she is 84 years old. she looks fantastic. >> has incredible stamina and such a career to admire. she worked over at the "today" show, has done just about everything you could think of in tv news. >> she works nonstop. i hope i can make it to 84 and look as good and work as hard as she does. >> we all do, louis. wednesday night's debate in idaho was, well, interesting, to say the least. here is the candidate, harley brown, and his message is pretty clear. >> i need practice. i don't want to say stuff like sorry if our bombing caused you any inconvenience. work in the little league as a governor. you have your choice, a cowboy, curmudgeon, biker or normal guy. take your pick. thank you very much for leaving it up to you. >> most people might go with the biker.
2:55 am
what do you think? >> the normal guy, i think he is referring to the current governor, who likes him and i think likes him because he makes him look so normal. >> i think it's a good debate. >> interesting. >> one to watch. >> we'll see how it goes in idaho, though. louis, thank you. we'll check back with what we asked of you, favorite interviews of barbara walters. >> raymond buckley, chair of the new hampshire democratic party says governor jimmie carter on the "today" show. i was home sick from tenth grade and decided to support carter. pivotal moment for me. >> isn't that funny how we remember things when we're home sick from school? >> he even remembers the year. carol ann costa says katherine "i would be an oak tree"
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let's get a check on the day ahead before we toss it over to "morning joe." results continue to pour in for the biggest election in india. modi appears to be the leader from the elections. washington wildfire, trying to control from mother nature. and an arson suspect was arrested. national bike to workday. the number of people who commute to work with on bikes has increased nearly 60% in the last
3:00 am
ten years. bicyclists still account for fewer than 1% of all commuters. that will it for this friday edition of rove's conjecture is based on fajts. hillary clinton did go after a concussion in 2012. and she showed strange behavior in her testimony of the benghazi scandal. she had a mastery of facts all while wearing those stupid glasses. these things are like orthopedic shoes for your face. you would have to be brain damaged to wear those. or nearsighted. and hillary's shown signs of mental frailty before. look at these pants she wore in the 1970s.