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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 19, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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nervous. >> all right. thank you all very much for being here. appreciate the discussion very much. that's all for today. we are not going to be here next week because of nbc sports coverage of auto racing, formula one. but we will be back on june 1st. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." viral videos. >> oh, my god, what happened -- what happened to that guy? >> uploaded daily. >> everybody want to see stuff that goes slightly awry. >> viewed by millions. >> how could this not go sflierl. >> looks can be deceiving. >> people are debating, is this real or fake? >> you're my wife? >> yeah. >> holy [ bleep ] -- >> how could he not remember who his wife is. >> oh! >> my good! >> like, yeah.
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>> we'll let you in on the truth. >> big -- that's my impression of everyone on youtube. fake. >> 21 seconds. "caught on camera: viral videos true or false." extreme sports videos. they leave our hearts pounding and adrenaline pumping. >> i think we love extreme videos because we can live through them without risking life. >> when doesn't go well, there's that element of jack ass like, my god, i can't believe that happened. >> no one can believe what happens in this next video. >> you see this high bar on the edge of this cliff. this guy is hanging from it. >> as we all know, base jumping's gotten pretty boring. you need to do things to make it more exciting. and he is flipping around.
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now, one might think that the setup crew would make sure that that high bar was extra sturdy. so as he's flipping, suddenly the high bar just up and collapses. >> and you're kind of wondering, is he falling to his death, you don't really see it. >> oh, my god. what happened? what happened to that guy? >> the base jump gone bad leaves millions on the edge of their seats hoping that the video is fake. >> well, this could easily be faked. the cliff could have a level right below it that we haven't seen. so even if it did break, maybe he just fell two feet. >> there's something about the guy's reaction that makes me think maybe this is fake because i don't understand why a guy who just saw his buddy fly off a cliff doesn't even get up. >> i thought this was definitely real. this is the kind of thing that the people who will go base jumping are just crazy enough to do. set up a high bar, you know, to make it even scarier. >> it's a very exciting demonstration of newton's laws. >> sir isaac would be proud.
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we've got another camera angle showing that the terrifying tumble is, in fact, legit. the stunt gone wrong is performed by base jumper richard henrik son for the norwegian television show "normal madness." >> a lot of viral videos speak to our deepest instincts of wanting to see something but almost wincing or peaking between our fingers. i think any video that taps into that can be powerful viewing. >> have no fear, that other angle reveals henrik sen surviving the nearly 4,000-foot fall. luckily, he keeps his composure, opens his parachute, and lands with barely a scratch. it would have been much worse. henrik sen's head comes within inches of slamming into the rock face. and seconds later, the apparatus comes crashing down, narrowly missing the base jumper. >> after this they probably had a talk about what we could have done differently. people make mistakes, but this is a big mistake.
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>> you don't have to be on a mountainside to risk life and limb. you can be in your own bedroom. >> hi, guys, it's drew here. i am back with a video. >> today i'm doing a black friday -- >> what's going on? >> i have there entire bag -- >> a surprise party -- >> haul video, a shopper trend known to rake in millions of hit. >> a haul video, not h-a-l-l, h-a-u-l, is one weather someone goes out and acquires stuff and makes a video showing people on youtube what they got. >> so i went there, and i got a couple pairs of sweat pants, can you see the colors? >> they call them haul videos because i think they've just hauled bags of stuff home. it's a form of validation. creating a haul video makes them feel good about what they acquired. >> in september, 2013, a bizarre haul video surfaces and leaves viewers shoching for answers. >> what's up, guys? like i said before, i'll get it fixed. i know.
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>> we have this guy with a sort of a -- you know, biker stash thing going on. >> if you like knives, i buy a lot of knives. this one's called the wizard knife. >> a wizard knife, of course, yes. everyone knows that wizards have a different kind of knife. >> look at that handle. it's -- -- >> wondering where in the deaths of ebay he found that knife. >> and i bought a 500 -- >> you know something's going to happen. just don't know what it is yet -- [ gunshot ] >> hopefully he lives in the top floor of his building. >> ma? >> i'm kind of getting the impression, oh, god, he's just shot his mother in the room upstairs. >> but did he? >> ma? >> my first reaction was real. it's within the realm of possibility that something like this could happen.
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>> it seems like he's awfully relaxed about the whole thing which led me to believe it was fake. >> not enough stuff falls down from the ceiling. and i know that when you shoot a ceiling, a lot of stuff comes down because i've shot quite a few ceilings. college, man, you know, it's college. what are you going to do? >> ma? >> don't worry. mom is okay. the video is 100% fake. the trigger-happy trickster is comedian jess weber. >> i love doing standup. i love doing improv and writing sketches. >> hoo to get his name out he creates a channel called weber's way. >> we make up funny stories, skits. we try to make fun of every situation we see on tv and the internet. >> jeff decides to take on the haul video genre with a bang. he grows a mustache and compiles an arsenal of weapons. >> the gun that his in the beginning, that was just a pellet gun. the knife is actually a wizard knife.
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i did buy it at a flea market like 15 years ago. the shotgun an air soft shotgun. it's compressed air that shoots a plastic pellet. >> jeff uses an intrickal method to create the -- intricate method to create the ceiling debris. it's done with a tv antenna and paper towels. >> i take the paper towel here, and his bit and peas of paper towel -- bits and pieces of paper towel on top. when i shot the shotgun, it hit the paper towel, and the pieces fell down. >> the makeshift special effect has a few kinks. [ bleep ] >> i would shoot it, and nothing would come down. shoot. nothing. [ bleep ] >> he perfects the system, and it's time to roll on the action. >> ah. that's how you do it. everything was improvised. it took four or five takes to get it right. >> after about an hour of shooting, jess nails the performance.
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he adds some finishing touches and, at. >> i did the muzzle flash. i put that in. the smoke, that's all fake. and sound effects for the gun -- [ gunshot ] >> and the sound effects for hitting the ceiling and making that sound of the crumbling down. >> jess uploads the video to his youtube page, and soon it's the shotgun blast heard around the internet. >> this is kind of one of those you have to watch it videos. you're like, in is either going to be funny or horrible, but either way i'm watching it. [ gunshot ] >> everybody wants to see stuff that goes slightly awry. >> ma? >> and bam, it happen and surprises you. >> viewers fire off comments debating the validity of this haul video gone bad. >> some people say, ah, that's fake. yeah, all the people that said it was fake, guess what, you're right. there you go. i got most of you. ma?
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coming up, the catch of a lifetime. >> coming at you. >> oh, my god! >> or is it? >> it's so ball ear -- he holds it up like. i'm expecting a building to blow up behind him. and later -- can this possibly be league signal. >> i had a couple of relative -- legal? >> when "viral videos true or false" continues.
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hunting. it's a sport that requires patience, accuracy, and a keen eye. but many can't believe their own eyes when they see this field video. >> coming at you -- >> oh, my gosh! >> what happened? >> i just got it on camera. >> we open with a guy in hunting gear. kind of walking in a field. and you see this bird going right for this hunter.
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>> coming at you -- >> oh, my god! >> all of a sudden, he's caught it in his hand. >> it's so baller. he just caught a bird in the air. holds it up like -- i'm expecting a building to blow up behind him. >> it is probably one of the manliest things that was caught on camera. >> coming at you -- >> but is it too manly to be true? >> i feel like birds have better instincts than to be caught by a human hand. >> he's a little that cool and collected about it. if i caught a bird, i'd be like, what? what? i caught a bird! he's just like, yeah. caught a bird. >> unbelievable as it may seem, the man with the cat-like reflexes is totally real. >> oh, my god! >> why does this guy have a gun? he clearly doesn't need a gun. he just needs his hands. >> the hunter is pastor matt carter of the austin stone church in austin, texas.
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matt's church has more than 7,000 members, including nfl quarterback colt mccoy. >> started coming to my church in austin. we just developed a friendship. >> in may, 2013, colt and matt published a book called "the real win." >> we talk a lot about what it's like to be good husband and a good father. >> the co-authors head to the great outdoors to film a hunting and fishing companion video series for the book. matt's 12-year-old son, j.d., tags along for the adventure. >> it was really great bonding time with me and my dad. we had been quail hunting the whole day, and we were pretty much done. >> they were trying to get some reflective roll of matt walking through the field at the end of the hunt. >> suddenly an unexpected guest star makes an appearance. >> i just looked up, and i saw this quail flying right at me. >> coming at you. coming at you. >> my dad shifts the gun to his left hand. >> and i instinctively threw my hand up and caught it. >> oh, my god!
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>> i just got that on camera. sweet catch. >> believe it or not, what went through my head was i just did something that my grandkids are going to talk about. >> if i hadn't just seen it with my own eyes, i would have never believed it. >> that was cool. >> no one is going to believe this. no one -- i don't believe it, and i'm watching it right now. >> kind of my first reaction was when we realized one of the camera guys caught it on film, man, we've got to get this on youtube. >> after a photo shoot, matt frees the bird. days later he uploads the video with an ad for the real win at the end. soon he finds out that a bird in the hand is worth millions of hits. >> it's not every day you reach out and catch a bird. of course it's going to go viral. >> oh! >> oh, my god! >> you will never see someone catch a bird with their hand like it. and a reaction so understated and bad ass. this is like a one in -- not even a lifetime. in like an earth time. it will not happen again.
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>> the clip flies up the viral charts, and copies of "the real win" fly off the bookshelves. >> people walk up and say, "you're the quail guy" or "you're the bird man." yeah, i've got not notoriety for it. >> back sales and internet fame aside, the video has done something even more special -- >> i already thought highly of my dad. i mean, he's a pastor. he's an author of he's my football coach. and now that his video's gone viral, i think even more highly of him. he's awesome. >> oh, my god! >> now, let's go even deeper into the wild. online viewers bear witness to a video that leaves them pawing for answers. >> start out with a guy who's left his go pro out on a river. >> a go pro camera, it's really, really good for shotgun high-definition videos, compact in size, makes it portable and concealable. >> this one bear approach the camera, and all of a sudden the
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go pro's in his mouth. >> get a very, very close-up view of what you would experience if you were being eaten alive by a bear. >> what we learned from this is that a grizzly's mouth is absolutely disgusting. it's gross. >> eventually, the grizzly loses interest in the go pro and looks for another snack. are we witnessing a real wildlife moment, or is this not your average bear? >> this one definitely fake. you can tell these are people in bear suits. as someone who has raised grizzlies from cub to full grown for years, i can tell you this say fake 100%. >> actually, the bear is real. but is the situation a setup? how does the go pro get the inside story on those huge chompers? >> i feel like he had to have put something on the camera to make it want to eat it that badly. >> did he smear some salmon on it, or, you know, gravy? side of beef? >> incredibly, no bait is used. the video simply captures a bear
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who's ready for his closeup. >> we know what grizzly bears' favorite food is now -- expensive electronics. >> the grizzly man who scores the once-in-a-lifetime shot is naturalist guide brad josephs. >> i guide photographers and film crews to see, view, photograph, and film bears. >> for more than a decade, brad has conducted those tours on the alaskan peninsula. >> they come together in great numbers because of the food source. it's definitely the best place that you can go to see bears up close. >> and that's a rare sight these days. poaching and habitat laws among other issues have put the majestic grizzly bear on the endangered species list. >> on the alaska peninsula, they haven't been hunted. it's remote, so the general public doesn't go there. we can get in to areas and see bears up close. you just can't do that anywhere else. >> in the spring of 2013, brad is leading a tour of photographers when he decides to set up his go pro camera.
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>> i knew a stretch of bear trail that that intersects the river. a great spot for bears to happy in and try and get a fish. i placed the go pro on a rocky area. i didn't want the bear to see the camera. i wanted to get its natural behavior. >> brad moves to a safe distance. he soon gets more than he bargained for. >> it mother frames herself perfectly and turns and looks over. sure enough, the cub follows her. the cub was bored and curious, checking everything out. the cub looks straight at the camera, then the bear decided to taste it and chew on it a little bit. my heart sank because i thought, uh-oh, we just lost another go pro. >> after giving the go pro a serious tongue bath, the cub moves on. brad grabs the camera and is relieved to find it in one piece. >> pick it would up and looked, my gosh, it was still recording. i couldn't believe it when i saw it, and i've seen every piece of bear footage ever filmed. said, wow, i got something pretty special here. >> brad hopes others find it special, too, and uploads the
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video to his youtube page with the intriguing title "a grizzly ate my go pro." >> a catchy title generally helps. so "a grizzly bear ate my go pro" caught attention. >> including the attention of skeptics what can't bear the fact that the video is legit. many are convinced brad lured to the cub to its viral debut. >> one of the reactions i often get is, wow, did you put honey on the camera or something. of course i didn't because that, first of all, is illegal. second of all, if you give a bear any kind of a food reward or something, then they can become very dangerous. >> "a grizzly ate my go pro" becomes wildly successful, gaining millions of hits. >> i think it went viral because it was fun to see the inside of a bear's mouth. who can say they've got than close and lived to tell the tale. >> i just hope that it grabbed people's attention enough for them to say, you know, bears are a really neat animal. we need to protect them to keep them around. coming up --
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>> 30 seconds or less -- >> is there guy really a cut above the rest when it comes to watermelon slicing? >> it's hot. it's summer. people want their watermelon. they want it now! your first breath, your first grasp, your first smile... we were there. your first roll, your first friend, we were there too. and swaddlers blanket-like softness, that you've loved since day one, is available through size 5, for many more firsts to come. wishing you love, sleep & play. pampers.
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30 seconds or less. >> a man per porting to be the -- purporting to be the fruit ninja slices and dices his way to viral stardom. you had fast can you possibly cut a water medicalon? >> starting with a guy who's going to chop a watermelon in record speed. his friend is taping him. >> cut a watermelon in 20-second challenge. >> it's hot. it's summer. people want their watermelon. they want it now! >> watermelon in 30 seconds or less. >> he's cutting in a zen state of concentration like he's got it. he has the power of the watermelon. >> you're at ten seconds. >> i was imagining his fingers getting chopped off. >> you cut it in 20 seconds, but
12:25 am
you also lost a few finger. >> 21 seconds. >> uh! >> that seems like a machine could do that job better than a hawk an until we met this guy. and it's pretty clear that no machine has these skills. >> but it's that machine-like precision that leads many to wonder if the human quisinart is not what he seems. >> i see why people think, oh it really took 40 seconds and he sped it up. >> i think we're used to suspension of disbelief around fad preparation than other types of videos. we understand when someone puts in a cake pan and pulls out the cake, there's a pre made cake in the oven. >> others think it's pure talent. >> i had no doubt what sosoever about this man. if it were fake, i would be devastated. heartbroken. don't tell me it's fake. >> let's cut to the chase.
12:26 am
>> i'm matt jones and my video of me cutting a water medical non-21 seconds is absolutely -- watermelon in 21 seconds is absolutely real. >> he works in the produce department of a grocery store in orlando, florida. to make the time pass and have fun whale making fruit salads in bulk, they create a case race. >> a case race is where you take an entire case of fruit, be it cantaloupe, pine apple, strawberries, and you try to cut that case as fast as you can. >> he's got his cutting board and knife, and i got my cutting board and knife. on the count of three, we both start going. the last one to finish loses, obviously. the winner gets absolutely nothing. it's just fun. >> i have gotten so close to beating matt, but he always finds a way to beat he. even if i'm ahead. >> once you've gone it thousands of time, it's clockwork, secondhand nature. >> thousands of times, and matt
12:27 am
still has all ten fingers. >> i've not had any accidents at work cutting fruit. but i have had an accident outside of work cutting fruit at a party. made a big mess all over the table. >> word gets out on matt's quick-cut heroics. >> i told my friends, man, you should see, i can cut watermelon in less than 30 seconds. they didn't believe me. one day at work, i told kurt, hey, take my phone, film me doing one of these real fast. >> i said, yeah, sure, i'd love to see you fail on camera. 21 seconds. >> of it originally intended just to show friends and family when i got home. >> his africans thought it was awe. some we put it on -- his friends thought it was awesome. we put it on youtube. it blew up. >> over five million views on this thing. 30-second-long video. that would be, what, 2.5 million minutes of human time watching this guy cut a watermelon. >> you're at ten seconds. >> many accept the 21-second challenge as fact, but think they can beat the time.
12:28 am
>> this is first attempt at a speedy watermelon cutting. >> so no watermelon is safe. >> the general principle of one upmanship is kind of the engine of the internet mean culture. >> ready? >> it's -- oh, that's impressive. but i can kind of do it better. >> one, two, three, four, five -- >> i kept going, watch out for your fingers. watch out for your fingers. >> this is already going pretty bad. >> kind of made matt's video look better. >> this is how to cut a melon in like three hours. >> 21 seconds is the quickest youtube has to offer right now. >> we here at "caught on camera" aren't satisfied with that. not only do we want to see this feat of human achievement with our own eyes, we want nato shatter his own record. >> safety and sanitary first.
12:29 am
>> ready, and go -- ♪ >> 19.9. a new record. >> that's a "caught on camera" exclusive, 19.9 seconds, beating my old record. >> thank you very much for coming to the no underwear subway ride. >> do these commuters bare it install. >> who would want to put their naked butt cheek on a subway seat?
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on the new york city subway, you never know what's going to happen next. >> it's a nice tube where crazy people can get from one place to another. >> is this video too crazy even for the big apple? >> thanks, everybody, for coming out to the no underware subway ride. [ cheers ] >> it begins with a man telling everyone, we're about to do our annual no underpants subway ride. i want you all to be on your best behavior. >> the train gets crowded, make sure you don't rub your genitals up next to somebody else.
12:34 am
it's not illegal to be completely naked in the new york city subway system as far as we know. >> i'm thinking, yeah, it is. yes. you cannot have your stuff out in the open on the subway. >> everybody ready to take their underwear off? [ cheers ] >> and then all of a sudden they start stripping down. everyone's walking around with their underpant off. >> my favorite moment is where two guys take their pant off, and one guy gets up and leaves the seat like there's no way he's going to sit and be in front of that business. >> this is the guy reading the paperback book. and they're going about their daily subway raw teen commuting. >> i was a little unsure whether it was real or not. >> it's the new york city subway. this just happens here. >> you know, some people call that thursday on the l train line. >> you do see genuine reactions of disgust or discomfort from other subway rider. so you would think that maybe this is real. >> i thought it had to be fake because if it was real it would have been shot cloverfield style
12:35 am
with people running away. i can't imagine all of these people actually agreeing to take off their underwear. people barely like to put their hands on a subway pole let alone a naked butt cheek on a subway seat. >> we're ready to bare it all. thankfully the no underpants ride is totally phony. the bottomless community is the brainchild of the jokesters at improv everywhere. >> improv everywhere is a new york city-based prank collective. we cause scenes of chaos and joy in public spaces. >> those scenes include 200 pap ants freezing in -- participants freezing in place at grand central station as well as a scene where there's an impromptu lunchtime music cal. ♪ >> improv everywhere members are no strange force viral videos. their youtube page has more than 1.6 million subscribers and hundreds of millions of views. >> it's a great platform to share what we do and have other people enjoy it, that.
12:36 am
>> one of the comedy crew's most popular stunts is their annual no-pants subway ride. >> it started back in 2002. it's the middle of winter. you've got guys in winter coats, winter hats, scarfs, gloves. but of course, no pant. >> and it's grown exponentially every year. >> it's even gone international with participants posting videos for the whole world to see. >> so almost everywhere where there's a subway system on a certain sunday in january, you'll find people riding the train in their underwear. >> in 2010, the pranksters want to take their no-pants tradition one step further. >> every year we do an april fools' day prank. to sort of celebrate our fans. >> i got the idea to do a no underwear subway ride. make it seem like we had taken or no-pants subway ride to the next level. >> we had a good group of volunteers that were willing and accepting of the idea of
12:37 am
appearing to not have any underwear on in the subway. everyone was required to bring their own flesh-colored underwear. that enabled us to blur the footage after the fact. making it seem like people were riding the train completely naked. >> the company knows it takes a lot to shock new yorkers. they take step to make sure they get the reactions they want. >> i had some actors in on it so they would give more over-the-top reactions to fit with how you might react. >> if you look closely, you can actually see this disgusted commuter without understandies --undies moments later. >> we filmed with a hidden camera. >> one of my favorite reactions is where one of our performers is leaning over a subway map. her reaction is so hilarious. she's just laughing. i love it.
12:38 am
>> on april fools' day, with all of the blurs in place, the video goes live. the train riders in the raw collects more than six million views. >> how could this not go viral? there's a little fascination with the stuff down there, and people want to see it. not mine specifically. but other people's. >> there was a big debate over whether it was real or not. >> a lot of people were fooled and thought this was crossing the line even for us. >> i had a couple of relatives who were upset, who believed it, thought, you know, i like charlie's videos, but this is too far. >> 24 hours after watching the clip, members fess up. >> we released the uncensored no underwear subway ride. the uncensored no underwear subway ride is people wearing skin-colored boxers. >> everyone who believed that there was a no-underwear subway ride and watched the uncensored one and didn't see genitals would be very upset. i know i would be.
12:39 am
i go on the internet for one thing, genitals. when they're not there, i'm furious. >> not surprisingly, curious people pushed the uncensored version past the original on the view counter. >> the video probably continues to get views just due to search terms, sadly. i think people that search for no underwear and get our video probably end up disappointed. >> so after no pants and no underwear, what else can we expect from improv everywhere? >> i don't know if there's something you could do to sort of top that. i feel like once you reached taking your pant off, there's really nowhere to go from there. coming up -- there's an app for just about everything these days. but what about this? >> this stumped me because it looks so real. then your mind starts going how did they do that. >> when "caught on camera viral videos true or false" continues.
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smartphones seem to be able to do almost everything these days. but can they do this? >> there is a display of 10,000 iphone 5s just lined up in a domino setup. >> ah! >> it's working! >> they make an elaborate curly q pattern, it's tipping over. >> when it goes into the elevator, the elevator goes up, and it keeps going to the next floor. >> which brought the trick up just a notch. it wasn't just one floor. it was two floors now. >> then it finally resolves with this big kind of mural of iphones. >> so is this the real domino effect, or domino special effect?
12:44 am
>> it was just like too perfectly timed. looks suspiciously perfect. >> this stumped me because it looks so real. and it's so precise. then your mind start going how did they do that. >> it's so many iphones, that's more iphones than there are in the world, i'm pretty sure. >> fake, that's my impression, fake! >> we hear you loud and clear. the video of the tumbling iphones is completely false. the domino display comes from the creative minds at atmo studio in san francisco. >> visual effects, animation, and viral videos and other kind of digital content. >> that content includes concept videos for the latest apple products. >> we like to visualize what we want to see in the next iphone as opposed to what's rumored. a lot of times our concepts are too farfetched. >> this futuristic video grabs more than 68 million hit and
12:45 am
leaves tech geeks wanting more. >> they think we made this iphone so they wanted to buy it from us. we did get a ton of emails all over the world actually, dubai, sending e-mails saying money is not an issue. >> in march, 2013, the team brainstorms a new video. their goal is to publicize atma as far as showcase nearfield communication. >> the technology is the idea of one device passing to another through a physical connection. plenty of dominos was kind of a great way to show that. >> here we go -- >> the designers don't have 10,000 iphones to spare. in fact, there's only one real phone in the entire video. can you spot it? >> it was just one iphone right at the beginning of the video just so that something tactile for the person to touch. >> the other 9,999 iphones are made using computer-generated animation.
12:46 am
>> we usually start with a clean plate. we shoot the actors on the set, and then we go through and add in our c.g. elements. >> these markers were intentional. we can create a path of where we want the dominoes to travel. we've populated the entire shot with proxy geometry representations of what an iphone would look like, and at a later stage, we can take those cubes and replace them with higher resolution iphone geometries. >> the elevator scene was shot with a nice clean plate. we get the elevator and actor in context. >> we blur the background a little to really sell the fact that the iphone here, and de-emphasizing the background. >> for the big finale of the video, we set a camera up high and wide. and we see the wave of crashing iphones. once they've all settled and we have basically a ten, 20-foot screen that we're now able to display whatever content we
12:47 am
wanted to. >> the 80-second video takes more than 1,300 hours to produce. all of that hard work pays off. on april 17th, 2014, they released the video on line, and it soon reaches more than 7.5 million views. hopes topple when people who believe the video is real find out the truth. >> the most common comment or emails that we get is can i have one iphone out of the 10,000. there's others where people are bashing us because we -- they think we spent a lot of money in trashing these iphones. we send an e-mail saying this is not real. no iphones were harmed, again, in the making of this video. >> i think it's a win/win for this company. if they had managed to make it real iphones falling, that would have been incredible. the fact that they made it with cgi makes it that much more incredible. they win either way. coming up, forgetting your
12:48 am
anniversary is one thing. but did this guy really forget his wife? >> you're my wife? >> yeah. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> a lot of people were debating whether this could actually happen. ♪
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what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together reliably fast internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future!
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we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. hi -- >> okay, kids or anyone for that matter, do not try this at home. >> two adorable little boys come out with a trampoline, put it in the middle of the street which seems like a not good decision. caused this chain reaction of chaos basically. >> you know, sometimes you go to a fancy restaurant, when they bring the bill, they bring you a piece of candy. that's what the car crash is. a treat at the end.
12:52 am
>> can kids this cute really be this naughty? >> i could picture two boys being bored, their mom says, "go play out," they decide to take a trampoline and, you know, try and jump over cars. >> i think it was fake because i doubt a car would continue driving when they see a little kid on a trampoline getting ready to jump over it. >> well, it does seem like one of those stupid things kids might try. as kids, we don't really think about the consequences of what we're doing. >> well, we've got the little scamp here to give us the truth. >> hi, i'm richard. >> i'm smith. and that video of fake. >> the 14-year-old and his 15-year-old cousin may look familiar -- this isn't the first time they've tried to fake us out. the tablecloth trick gone wrong is a viral ad created for the gop vaudeville theater in germany.
12:53 am
>> you could compare to surk you do soleil -- to cirque du soleil in america. >> it's an internet juggernaut gaining more than 31 million hits. the video's directors, norman krueger and dominic yunker, brainstorm another misadventure for the daring duo. >> had to be more extreme. had to be bigger. and so i thought about this -- this car crash. >> before they create the big smash, the guys add legitimacy by filming a series of other trampoline stunts. >> jumping over a dog. jumping into a swimming pool. jumping over a cow. >> everything up to the car is real. >> like the long con. if the first three or four videos seem very real and are real, you have to believe that the last one is real, too. >> for the grand finale, the directors lock down the camera and shoot three different actions.
12:54 am
>> we set the camera up, then you don't move it the whole day because you make different shots and you combine them in the post production. >> first up is michel jumping on and off the car. instead of a vehicle, he leaps on to garbage cans which are approximately the same height. palette -- palets are added on top for traction. >> next up, the guys shoot the first car screeching to a halt. >> it took five, six times before we have the car in the right position. >> the driver exits the vehicle. the crew leaves it in place and then sets up for the climactic crash. >> we only had one try because then the car was crashed. i said, norman, you have to drive much faster than you think you should because we have only this one shot.
12:55 am
and so it was 20 kilometers per hour into the car. it was everything i wanted. >> with filming complete, norman and dominic start editing. they layer the three shots on top of each other. isolating michel and removing the garbage cans using a kprex process call -- complex process >> and then watch the latest exploit. >> people just want to share the mess unfolding. you know good can't come from jumping on a trampoline on to a car, and then of course it doesn't. >> internet detectives scour the video for clues to faker and catch a mistake. can you spot it? >> look at the shadow of the car. in the moment of the crash, it doesn't move. no!
12:56 am
no! how could we be so blind? >> mistake aside, the trampoline trick just add to the internet legend of michel and sven. it looks like that legend will live on. from crafty kids to a spacey spouse. let's face it, when you just had surgery, you probably don't want to be trending on the internet. >> oh, my -- ow! >> this is this genre on line of people coming out of anesthesia, and the strange things that can happen. >> it's one thing to act loopy, but is it possible to have absolutely no memory of your spouse? >> my name's candace. i'm your wife. >> you're my wife? >> yeah. >> holy [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> this guy has just woken up from surgery. he's really hazy and groggy.
12:57 am
>> he's apparently talking to his wife. >> all of a sudden, he's gushing over this lady. >> man, you are eye candy. whoa. you are the prettiest woman i've ever seen! are you a model? how long have we been married? >> a long time. >> oh, my good. i hit the jackpot. >> this is the most frustrating video in the world. because she never flips the camera around. >> whoa. your teeth are perfect. >> i want to see the jackpot. >> turn around -- >> no. >> a good thing he was saying how beautiful she was instead of like -- oh, man, you're my wife? this is what i settled for? >> did i get you that ring? >> uh-huh. >> man, i must have been really liking you.
12:58 am
>> the hazy husband goes viral and make wives swoon around the world. >> i think this probably went viral because it's the opposite of most things you see on line which are cynical and awful and being mean. >> man, have we kissed yet? >> it was just an adorable video that people wanted to share because it made them feel good. >> but is it too good to be true? >> a lot of people were debating is this real, is this fake. and trying to gauge whether this could actually happen. >> how could he not remember who his wife was. he didn't fall off a horse and forget who everyone was. >> the baby -- >> my first impression was that this was real. he really does look like a guy coming out of anesthesia. it seems like a very genuine moment. >> well, it seems genuine because it is. >> you just can't fake being that high. the best actor in the world -- daniel day lewis could not fake being that high.
12:59 am
>> we get to meet the prettiest girl in the world when jason mortensen and his wife stop by the "today" show. >> how is it that you were videotaping that moment? >> he had been acting like that for about 20 minutes before i pulled out my phone. so i finally realized, i ned to get this on video. so he can see how he acts. >> jason, do you remember any of this as you watch it? >> no. and-surgeries previously, and i -- and i've had surgeries previously, and i guess i've been a weirdo during all of them. thank goodness she had the sense to pull out a camera this time. >> there have people who have questioned the authenticity of this. but we talked to your surgeon yesterday. he said while it's unusual, he said some people can have this reaction. what do you make of all the reaction, the skeptics out there? >> he genuinely didn't remember a thing about that when i showed him the video. >> this guy scored major brownie points with his wife and major brownie points with women all over the world. >> oh, my god. i hit the jackpot. >> this is a great guy. she actually hit the jackpot, too.
1:00 am
next on "meet the press," republican attempts to take down hk a hillary clinton are in full swing. will republicans stop at nothing to keep her from running in 2016? i'll be joined by reince priebus, the chair of the republican national committee, and claire mccaskill, democratic senator from missouri who has already endorsed clinton for president. plus, the high profile firing that has rekindled a national conversation about women, power, and leadership. as the debate rages over the dismissal of "new york times" editor jill abramson we'll ask are women in power positions held to a different standard than men. n


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