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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 20, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. the bluegrass state is in the spotlight because it is election night in america. with big races in six states and polls have already closed now in georgia and kentucky where there are two big marquee races. in one of the states. a surging democrat, kentucky secretary of state alison lundegran grimes won her primary tonight. and hopes to unseat the incumbent republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell would have you believe that president obama is on kentucky's 2014 election ballot. we all know that senator mcconnell has been in washington
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a little bit too long. so out of touch that he can't tell the difference between a duke jersey and a university of kentucky. well, let me set the record straight tonight for our senior senator who is out of touch with the commonwealth of kentucky. president obama is not on kentucky's 2014 election ballot. >> senator mcconnell, feeling the sting of unpopularity, he nears the end of five terms as senator. is indeed trying to tie grimes as closely as he can to president obama and senate majority leader harry reid. >> a vote for my opponent is a vote for a game who says coal makes you sick. a vote for my opponent is a vote for a guy who thinks nothing of this state if he thinks about it at all. a vote for my opponent is a vote for obamacare and the president who sold it to us on a mountain of lies.
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and that's why this race isn't about one party against another. it is about a government that thinks it can lie to its own citizens and get away with. >> in arkansas, republican congressman, tom cotton won his primary to try to take down, senator mark pryor in an incredibly closely watched contested race if democrats hope to hang on to the senate. in georgia, a seven candidate race to catch the republican nomination has placed these four candidates at the top. david perdue advancing to the run-off. and the ultimate victor there will go up against the democratic primary winner, michelle nunn. daughter of the former senator and democrat who just might take a seat from the republican column. in oregon, monica wehby hoped the controversy surrounding her personal life would not keep her from winning her primary to take on jeff merkley.
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in pennsylvania, democart tom wolf nominated to take on the unpopular incumbent governor in that state, tom corbett. the blue grass state, the star attracts as it is set. joining me chuck todd, political director, chief white house, host of "the daily rundown" on msnbc. watching duelling speeches between alison lundegran grimes and mitch mcconnell. made me realize just how gnarly this race is going to be. between the two. >> it is. it is going to be expensive. no shortage of money. by the way the first attack ad goes up with the local new that is airing tonight in louisville and lexington. my understanding. the super pac on behalf of mcconnell. going up with the first attack ad on grimes. in many ways i think the first, 30 days of this general election at least the tone that is set, how does she handle the onslaught coming. mcconnell knows how to win ugly.
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he has done this before. he is comfortable doing it that way. she is going to have to be ready for what is bare knuckle fight there, chris. >> chuck, there is a model. there is a path forward for alison lundegran grimes. unlike say, a state like texas where wendy davis is running. or does not have a primary night. doesn't hatch any state wide elected democrats. a lot of states, kentucky has a quite popular elected statewide democrat in the governor, bashir, and that could prove a road map for how alison lundegran grimes will take the race. >> we have done the not quite back of the envelope. did actual printouts with the computer. not quite back of the envelope. a few maps. bashir victory match in '07. knocked out ernie fletcher and won the governorship. obviously very blue. he won, in a -- you know an across the board victory. >> i do this. take this one. layer over the rand paul map. this was his victory map. in 2010. and here's what was interesting.
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we came up, there are four, four largest counties that both steve bashir, democrat carried in '07. rand paul the republican carried in 10. are right here. two of them are in the cincinnati suburbs. one here on the border uh indiana, evansville. owensborough area. not surprising if you think college towns. rand paul at the time would overperform. you have four counties, big swing counties in the race. but just as important for her. are fayette, and jefferson. jack conway carried, both conways, the democrat, semicome pet race in kentucky is going to carry the two counties. what's the margin. what any the score? how do you run up the score? conway, won one by barely 1,200 votes. you had other democrats win it by 25,000, 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 votes. that's how, this is her path to victory.
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got to run huge numbers. has to beat mcconnell by some 25,000 votes, perhaps in the lexington area. probably has to beat mcconnell by some 60,000 to 70,000 votes, perhaps in the jefferson county area. then do really well in these -- you know, the burbs, the cincinnati suburbs what i pointed out in bowling green. and evansville pointed out they've don't consider anything in kentucky a suburb. basicly the evansville media market. kentucky touches basically every state in the union. i feel sometimes. look at all of the border states. that's her path. and by the way, in the old days, coal country use theed to be part of the democratic base. as you heard, in those speeches, you know, these coal counties, very labor, very union friendly counties. and normally, used to be big democratic counties. the last couple of election cycles they haven't. the national party. where it is at on coal. the local party are not in the same place.
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she has the gut make up for the gap some where. it will have off to come in the suburban counties and louisville and lexington. >> there has been such hype around the race. alison lundegran grimes, wise strategic decision has not done a ton of media. to watch her. i thought this is why the, a lot of democrats are very excite add but this candidate. she can stand up there and, she can give a good speech. she seems completely uncowled. and i saw tonight why there was a push and excitement around the fact that she was going to be the candidate in this race. >> funny on one hand is she personally tested, no. she grew up in a political family. you pointed out the southern states. right. how important the southern states are going to be to this battle for the senate. it is not an accident, look at the races. kentucky right here. these four here. these really important. four of the five. the nunn family. the lundegran family. pryor family. landreau family. not an accident there that
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democrats nationally know that having the brand name, having that familiarity, the thick skin that comes with growing u in a political family helps. yes she is untested. she has grown up in politics in kentucky. >> a weird kind of genetic time machine back to the time when democrat carried the south. you are running in 2014. what do you do, go out. find brand names of families, a carter,or, landreau, lundegran. >> west virginia not technically a southern state. culturally a southern state. republicans are using a brand name, shelley marcapito, republican brand getting better in west virginia. but it does help the party there, that they have somebody that is at least a familiar, comfortable name for older voters. remember, midterm. older voters dominate and have memories of these, these, older
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generations. >> nbc news political director chuck todd. thank you. catch "the daily rundown" 9:00 a.m. eastern. joining me, e.j. dim. -- e.j.dion, in the blue grass state. wearing a kentucky appropriate suit. if you don't mind me saying so. >> thought it was very important. >> it reads as we say in the business. what are you hearing from voters down there? >> interesting. i spent part of the night at the bevin's election party, and part of the night at the mcconnell party. what you saw was an incredible contrast, first between two republican parties. the bevin party was -- working class middle-class, small business, not a lot of fancy suits and the like. the mcconnell party was definitely an upscale party. in virtually every way. you really saw that as split in the republican party.
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i think, you are going to see an interesting set of choices being made by the bevin supporters. tea party folks. they are really upset with mitch mcconnell. person after person i talked to over at the bevin place said, "look, he isn't the guy elected 30 years ago. not a conservative." they were mad about the way that he, mcconnell went after bevin. i talked to a couple. a couple where the guy said we are going to have to vote for mcconnell. the woman said no way i am never voting for him. one of the interesting questions will be, are some of the conservatives turned off enough not to vote. may be a few that will not vote for grimes. and then the other thing you saw tonight. mcconnell is going to try to make sure that doesn't happen by running this entire campaign against barack obama. i was struck by the fact that -- mcconnell is running against obama.
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because obama has high unfavorables. grimes against mcconnell. mcconnell has high unfavorables. the one person who does not have unfavorables yet, grimes. starting tomorrow. mitch mcconnell will tripe to drive those up. >> you saw. i can't quite remember. obviously every time you are in an election like this, you will see parties identify those in the opposition party who they think are least favorable. try how to run against them. when nancy pelosi was the stand in for every single member. running in the house or democarts. mub pubs are saying you are voting for nancy pelosi in swing districts. never seen it as aggressive. as mitch mcconnell going after barack obama in tonight's acceptance speech. he could barely bring himself to mention the name he was running against. >> i was in the room. i knew mitch mcconnell was tough. you knew the campaign would be directed against obama and harry reid.
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he was tough on him too. but it was just astonishing, time after time, after time. then what was interesting, was he was trying to -- turn his leadership into an asset as owe pezzed to the guy associated with the rotten people in washington. but the way he was doing it, is, by saying, kentucky is going to lead the nation by making me the majority leader and therefore giving a rebuke to president obama and holding him accountable. it was really an amazing performance. and his wife ahead of time was almost as tough as he was. >> you know, both of them. >> spoke before him. >> the difference in the rooms. and alison lundegran grimes gave a speech that was very rousing and aggressive. but there was a lot of applause lines. sounded like a funeral inside the mcconnell room. it was, he was going so hard and, he was wielding the knife with such kind of like quiet assassin-like determination.
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there was no air in the room for many rounds of applause. >> well, you know what got a big applause line. it was a republican crowd. was, the, were the attacks on obamacare. boy that is going to be an interesting part of this race. because connect, which is the kentucky version of obama care, is working very well. and it is quite popular. it shows there is a lot in a name. you call it obama care. and people say they don't like it. call if the connect. same thing. different name. it is popular. going to be interesting to see how much does grimes go out there and defend what kentucky has successfully done? >> yeah, we have seen the difference in polling. i listen for her. i did not hear her whole speech. i did not hear her talking about it in there. you could see, one of them was, mitch mcconnell voted against the min much wage. -- the minimum wage. and this one, has seen his net worth quadruple in the time in
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the senate off the back of kentuckyians who can't afford it. i thought a pretty tough line. >> i was really struck by that line too. and what was interesting, chuck, correctly talked about coal, as an issue here. which i think it is not just an issue in eastern kentucky. kind of symbolic issue here. but the counter to that is being pro labor. as chuck pointed out. she sounded like walter ruther up there. talking minimum wage over and over. she attacked the right to work law that is on, coming on the ballot here. as strong pro union position as you can get. and then linked that to mitch mcconnell's wealth. there will be a populist element to counter mcconnell's effort to turn coal into an issue. >> msnbc's, e.j.dion. thank you so much, e.j. >> so good to be with you.
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>> well i think it was probably one key factor in -- in the, the d.c. establishment decision to support monica. and i think it was -- a significant factor in -- in my grassroots support here in oregon. you know, there is -- our, our polling, which i think is -- pretty indispute able on this. shows most oregonian voters, are socially conservative. they do not, they're pro-life. they are -- pro traditional marriage. and view themselves as conservative.
11:21 pm
>> do you think you could win statewide in the state of oregon on a platform that wanted to make abortion illegal and, and disallow marriages that are not between men and women? >> well, i think, first of all, that, the democrat narrative about republicans is tried and true very typical, you know, to drive this perception in, in the electorate that republicans are very you know, anti-women. et cetera. et cetera. what i think, first of all. let me answer the question directly. yes, i absolutely believe that it is possible to win and to come from a conservative political philosophy. i know this from experience in my district which is demographically very much like the rest of the state. in 2012 which was a pretty devastatingly bad year for -- for us here in oregon, as republicans. i won re-election 13% in a district.
11:22 pm
mitt romney lost by 11. the reason is all most a third of the electorate in my district. actually there are more nonaffiliated in my district are independent swing voters than there are republicans. there is a statewide that decloond to be democrat or republican. those people are not -- you know, party line voters. some are. but the majority aren't. they're persuadable. interested in issues. honesty. competence. you know, they are voters looking for, some one who will be govern, with common sense, and, and, hard work. >> representative, could i ask you about the last week of the campaign. and the, the sort of series of revelations about monica wehby having to do with personal relationships of hers in the past. were you, was your campaign playing any role in bringing it to the attention of the press. do you think all of that was fair game? >> well, yes, i think it is fair game.
11:23 pm
to answer the second question first. the first question -- did we play any role in bringing it to the attention of the press. the answer is absolutely not. in fact, i can tell you that we did not invest in, in opposition research of my opponent. because as naive as this might sound i set out to make this a clean campaign abouter use. i think that was a huge mistake in hindsight. >> well that was by far the most honest thing said on this election night so far, or gun state representative, jason conger. thank you for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. >> joining me, the communications director for progressive pac, emily any list, and a senior political writer for buzz feed. all right, how do you follow that? >> how do you follow that? a very honest thing to say. you are a political operative. do you think the wehby stuff has been fair game, coming from emily'slist if that was a candidate.
11:24 pm
democratic woman, how would you be playing this, how would you be reacting to it? >> i think any time that the phrase "police reports have come to light." can be used in a story that means that story is fair game for an election. i think that the national republican toting of monica wehby despite some pretty glaring issues in her canned daet misunderstand what democrats mean when they say republicans are waging a war on women. agenda that denies them ak to health care and economic opportunity. a very specific economic opportunity. it's a very specific set of policy goals we are referring to. does it matter who is in front of the might. >> also, what they said is true.
11:25 pm
i was just saying that the base of the republican party is the base of the republican party in a matter what the branding is. it's still a huge amount of carry religious to church-going evangelicals who are attending church, have more conservative views on gay marriage, abortion, premarital sex than the population at large. that is what the base of the republican party is it. >> oregon is a blue state. from the wing went to oregon to anywhere, the very core of the republican party in any state is essentially socially conservative. that is an issue that any have to get past. macha is probably going to win tonight. >> with a lot of help. >> with a lot of help. but i think it's interesting that we saw mitt romney. this is a return to the roots of mitt romney republicanism circa 1994 in massachusetts where he ran as a pro-choice republican. i think that we have seen republicans come around to
11:26 pm
realizing these might be the kind of candidates that we need to run in blue states to win. even if that means passing off some of the conservative base, so be it. >> this idaho prairie for a second. okay. he has this challenge who is a state senator. it's essentially a right wing tea party kind of challenge. he contrives to pull what i call andrew cuomo after print is too damn high guy. he produces the greatest debate in the history of of editorial debates. is he going to work? does it look like he will pull this out? >> he is favored to win, but it's a much closer race. what is funny is that everybody watched the debate. in basically every gubernatorial race in any state ever, they are
11:27 pm
always crazy people. usually they don't make it into the debates. what you said is true. he engineered this to make it so it wasn't just him first as right wing state senator where he would have to debate issues and win over the conservative base. it was him, this other guy, the bikers said was the cowboy. he is the biker, than the normal guy. that is exactly how they wanted it to look. i am the real candidate, and then a bunch of loons to my left. it was a smart strategy. >> jess, do you think there is any kind of narrative so far to impose on the par results of the races we have seen thus far in the race? >> the primary results we have seen overall? >> yes, tonight and up until now. >> what we have seen is a dramatic shift of what
11:28 pm
establishment republicans mean. we saw tom to list win in north carolina. he was the establishment pick. tonight in torture, kingston will pull it out. they would be establishment picks, but these guys have moved so far to the right, not just during the primary season but over the last couple of years. the tea party has coopted the establishment. i don't think we can view this as a tea party losses if they have so affected the republican party that they are now touting their beliefs. that is my take away from every republican primary we have seen so far, but the establishment could not beat the to party, so they became them. they are running against democrats able to talk common sense, jobs, talk to the moderates, independence in their states about what their states need. >> what i would say to add on that, david purdue is a very famous political narrative.
11:29 pm
jack kingston has been a longtime member of congress. it suggested that they should be sweeping the floor is to get their school lunches. those are the folks there. what i would say to out onto that is that we are talking about to party ideas with establishment disposition. part of what her tea party candidates do in the last several rounds wasn't just their beliefs. it was articulating it. doing so in a way that was terrifying. >> look at them saying poor kids stl should sweep the floor so they earn the value that there is no such thing as a free lunch. >> he has been wise enough to not say anything like that again. >> what i love about it is that it makes a lot of sense.
11:30 pm
it happens to be the same point that guys like freedom works are making. what they are saying to get is that they are coming to us and that is how the establishment is. >> you have an agenda. the reason why they are frightening is because of the agenda of the are espousing. they don't care about what party affiliation you put next your name but about the policies. if that is what matters, that's what matters. >> herges is going to stick around. thank you. coming up, sac to be chambliss in a runoff between -- one is david purdue. at this hour, the other one. plus, the race in pennsylvania and arkansas when we return.
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in georgia, it's official. jack kingston will be the second person to square off in the runoff to get the republican nomination against david purdue. david purdue and jack kingston will have less than a month for that race. its official in kentucky allison grimes will take on the incumbent senate minority leader who will be his primary challenger. tom cotton won his primary against the incumbent senator,
11:35 pm
mark prior. in oregon, as we were just discussing, monica looked like a strong contender until recent scandalous accusations. she grabs the nomination, she takes on jeff merc leap. in pennsylvania come interesting race. tom wolfe has never held elective office as a businessman with they took to. he won and will be in a good position to take on the republican incumbent, tom corbin, facing very high disapproval ratings. more on how the tea party is in their bid to recapture the senate ahead. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009.
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jurrjens can send a true conservative to the senate, but will we condone her vote for use pride that promotes teenage homosexuality or david purdue, a champion with obama taking education decisions away from parents.
11:39 pm
or jack kingston, citing liberals, surrendering to obama care. he will repeal obama care and never be tray are conservative values. >> i approve this message. >> phil, reliable hitter of obama care with them in flames in the senate race, as did paul brown. those men were probably the two -- those were the two tea party hopefuls. they will be out of congress, most likely. who is winning is more complicated than who wins. joining me now is josh barrel. tom mccarthy as well. can i confess something? i knew what the 2 party stood for quite clearly in 2010. budget austerity, shrinking the federal budget, squeezing spending, and the opposition to obama care.
11:40 pm
i don't know. we keep using tea party. someone made a joke about what we call the most conservative candidate before we turn a t party. i don't know what platform there is any more that would make someone a tea party -- i was start with you, josh. >> the reason i disagree with this narrative that says the tea party has coopted the establishment and there is no difference anymore is that i think they want to blow up the political process. they like things like the government shut down. they want republicans to use obstructive techniques available to them in a kamikaze effort to define obama care. the result of the shutdown and the consensus that the shutdown was a political disaster for republicans has been that the republicans have given that up. they agreed to a budget deal but spent more than the targets in the sequestered that republicans have previously and so zealously entrusted.
11:41 pm
>> the distinction is an ideological, just this positional and tactical. what it means is that you are willing to violate these norms and do this legislative quietism. that has been defeated. what is your feeling about the narrative or what it means in 2014 at this moment to beat 80 party candidate? >> i have decided who is a tea party establishment by looking at the door roles. if you are backing is coming in from the club for growth or senate conservatives fund, i used tea party after the other guys come in from lobbying firms, the chamber of commerce. this is where the some of the coopting is coming in different ways. jeff kingston was the candidate in georgia. he opposed the bailout. jacking stunt opposed the export, import bank. now they look and they are reaching out to a guy who is
11:42 pm
against him 25% of the time, against the chamber of commerce to the right 25% of the time. are you for free markets or corporate welfare? that is a dividing line that does still exist. >> there is something about that that you have been covering very closely that provides an interesting ideological line of who lines up in which way. the different thing i keep coming back to is, it's the conservative base at the end of the day. this was really interesting. the national review highlighted the fact that the immigration restriction recently issued a new candidate's pledge. the candidate is bound to oppose legislation that would grant work permits or expand new immigrants and temporary workers into the u.s. . in georgia, all four candidates, brown, handle, kingston and purdue have signed a fair
11:43 pm
pledge. whatever you want to call the tea party or the right wing base, that is a victory. they are saying they will go to the senate and be against any deal. >> that is reflected in the fact that immigration reform is dead. immigration reform or policies that increase the amount of illegal immigration are unpopular with the republican base. i don't think there was a time when the republican establishment, business interests, groups within the republican party were ever able to get comprehensive immigration reform through a republican congress. i don't think this is power that was lost by the establishment, just becomes so clear that they can't get it done. politicians matters will not even start with the idea. >> josh is right that immigration is one issue where the bipartisan consensus has not been able to steamroll over the
11:44 pm
grass-roots opposition on the right. some of the opposition on the left. i do think that the way to look at it is that the republicans used to just get their money from the business lobby. now they get their money from grassroots based groups or rich conservative individuals who have different ideology and the chamber of commerce. there is a separate source of power there. >> thank you. coming up, a wrap up of the primaries plus what all this could mean for the bounce of power come november. stay with us. nineteen years a,
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as it says on my motorcycle club, that is my style. >> its primary night in america, which means it's the last chance to have any reason to play the sound. idaho is one of the six states with a primary threat harlan braun pulling into .8%. off 670 cast their vote for him. another person up on the stage pulling in about 360. we will bring you the results here in kentucky. mitch mcconnell held off his challenger. allison grimes secure the republican nomination. mark per facing tom cotton in november. now it's confirmed. it will be unclear who will face jess.
11:49 pm
monica -- the republican race is headed to a runoff between david purdue and jack kingston. tom corbett will face tom wolfe. in idaho, no word yet on who will be the gop nominee for the democratic opponent. joining me at the table now -- arkansas, there is no primary. we knew it would be tom prior and tom cotton. his polling looks very good, and there is a story about obama care in the south. >> potentially. they show anywhere from three to ten percentage points over his in many ways.
11:50 pm
mark is from the wal-mart state. against the federal minimum wage increase, against marriage equality, in line with the values of the state. in terms of obamacare, it's a long time until november. i'm not sure i how much obamacare will be an issue, as we see the republican party starting to back away from it. >> the question becomes if they back away whether democrats can be aggressive on that. that strikes me as something we saw. a lot of lines of attack by allison grimes tonight. ty didn't hear anything about obamacare or health care to say that is something she would be running on. >> you made a good point about things working out in the south. we have seen republicans hammer the issue over and over and over again. like they had nothing else to talk about. poll numbers haven't moved. allison has been attacked on that issue more than anything else and remains up or down one in the pol poll depending what day it is.
11:51 pm
every day is republican's best day on obamacare. it will never get better than it is now as we see things working and hearing good stories about sglit it is fascinating if we have an election which the most significant piece of legislation is not on the ballot in either direction. if both parties make strategic calculations for different reasons, that they don't want to talk about. i want to talk about that after this quick break.
11:52 pm
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11:55 pm
we have one more result to share with you. monica webby who had a brutal last two weeks of her campaign as a 911 call involving her and an ex boyfriend and a police report involving an ex-husband surfaced. she will be the nominee for the republican party to face jeff merkley. she was once seen as a big threat to merkley. unclear whether that pertains in the wake of the last two weeks of news cycles for monica wehby. the kentucky race. >> yes. >> it's striking to me how important coal is in that state's self imageage. if you look at the employment data more people work in the auto industry than coal. you see coal shrinking and the same thing in 2012 in west virginia, sa v.a. and ohio which oel coal became an issue.
11:56 pm
the thing killing it wasn't obama but it is a place where she will have to distance herself from if barack obama. >> i think that is two reasons. people look back on a time when the area was economically stronger because coal for a variety of policy and nonpolicy reasons was a stronger industry. i think also people look at the facts, the policies that discouraged the use of coal will reduce coal employment in kentucky if it is on the deline already. it is not surprising that it is an issue where democrats are vulnerable. >> we will get a big epa ruling before election day about coal plant regulations and alison lundergan grimes will have to go out there and presumably she's going to beat up on the president on that. >> look, there's a reason why mitch mcconnell in his speech tonight tried to pretend he was running against harry reid and not alison lundergan grimes.
11:57 pm
it is hard for him to win on kentucky issues when he's debating his actual opponent. i think that's what we will see all the way through to election day. she's kentucky through and through. it's why people are so excited about her. i think we got to see a really great fiery opponent who's absolutely ready for everything that mick mcconnell will tlou throw at her. we hear about the mitch mcconnell machine and what a tough guy he is. and we saw a woman ready to take it on and on her own merits. >> he talked smack about her as a toddler and her dad in an acceptance speech. >> he did. >> as we are -- we are retail consumers of politics. we sit there and watch them on tv and think harry reid is not a good politician, mitch mcconnell but they are doing other business behind closed doors. it was interesting to see mitch mcconnell to deliver this dag thor line with a little smile and you thought that's the mitch
11:58 pm
mcconnell that won five terms in kentucky. >> let's step back and remember. mid-term elections are very different elections. presidential year is a different electorate. >> increasingly so in this era. >> yes. that was red meat to his base. he will have to mobilize the republican base such much older and much wider, by the way and she will have to mobilize a democratic base of what she is trying to build and establish. it is not about the median voter in these elections. >> but really, attacking toddlers is his red meat. >> come on. that was spoken just like a true political operative. >> attacking toddlers in the plural. he had one line about her. all right. so we're clear here. >> i'm just saying it's an agenda. >> you did see the how she talks about minimum wage and issues she knows appeals to single women in the election and you saw him on coal, obamacare.
11:59 pm
that's it. they are not trying to persuade anyone. >> one of the remarkable things about, this on which there is no legislative action. >> that's right. >> this election all around the country will be all about signaling and what issues are important. we have the president running around the country. >> right. in 2010, it could have been the case that you could have killed obamacare. in 2012, immigration reform was on the table. right now it is hard to tell what is on the table. >> i think very little is on the table the last two year. i'm dreading it as a political and policy reporters. >> i think there's more than people realize. >> nominations. >> i think also there will be an interesting immigration story that plays out. it is not going anywhere. we think it is going away but it's not go ing anywhere. >> it will be more after this election. >> toddlers plumpl that's "all in" for this evening. see you back here rachel maddow
12:00 am
show late night starts right now. how have you been the last two hours. >> it is so late it is morning. for dinner i had two reese's peanut butter cups and a doughnut hole. so it will be an awesome hour. >> there's some old tacos around. if they are not congealed knock yourself out. >> and we get raided by the health department. it is election night . i really did have two peanut butter cups and a doughnut hole. so you know it will be a fup hour. i love nights like this. so voters went to the polls, i was going to say today but yesterday for primary races in six states. some of the most closely watched primary races in the country happen tonight. at this hour, we are still getting fresh results. for exampl