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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 22, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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in news terms, the equivalent of us just scoring the number one nfl draft pick in the country. it is great news. we are all, really, really excite the. . good thursday morning, everybody. right now on first look. 0% contained. fire fighters battle a wind-whipped wildfire in arizona. hundreds of homes and businesses threatened. security pretty much, another major cyber attack own a u.s. company, with 145 million dmers at risk. free at last, a california woman escapes after being allegedly held captive for a decade. and president obama going for a stroll. a bullfight canceled because of repeated goring. and golfer rory mcilroy has a change of heart. thank you for joining us,
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i'm betty whim. in california, they are warning thousands of homeowners to be prepared to evacuate if a wildfire continues to grow. it is near slide rock state park, and 500 fire fighters are working to contain the flames. more crews are own their way. we have the latest. >> reporter: flames leap up steep canyon walls, growing from 400 to more than 4,000 acres in less than 24 hours. >> the winds continued to grow and pickup. it's pushed the slide fire kwabt. >> reporter: those winds pushed the slide fire to the west. residents like the hyde family scrambled to get out of harm's way. shelters are set up to help those forced from their homes. >> that's close to where we were. >> reporter: they had to evacuate the campground and
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spend their honey moon in a red cross shelter. >> that's our camp gear, that's $300 worth of stuff we can replace. their homes are destroyed if the fire gets that far. >> reporter: stopping the progress is the primary goal. resources are pouring in on the ground and in the air. more than 500 fire personnel taking aim on the blaze. but with no containment, authorities are warning more than 3,000 residents be ready to go at a moment's notice. >> get ready to evacuate. things will change very, very rapidly. >> reporter: in a fire season that's off to a fast start. dan, nbc news. >> the threat of strong storms continues in colorado. at least six tornados in the denver area wednesday. none caused serious damage. the same cannot be said for the hail that fell. check out this damage. several homes were severely damaged from hail the size of
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ping-pong balls. >> first it started off nice and soft rain. and then it started coming down with pea-size hail and then holy hell broke loose. >> did it. 13 flights from denver international airport were stopped because of the hail damage. and we will have more in just a few minutes. if you buy or sell things on ebay, you want to listen up. the online auction site is telling its 145 million customers to change their passwords immediately after a massive data breach. as nbc news national correspondent peter alexander reports, it could be the big nest history. >> customer names, encrypted passwords, e-mail and home addresses, and dates of birth. it occurred in late february, but discovered two weeks ago.
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no evidence that financial information was compromised. we are taking every precaution to protect our customers. mark rash. >> the hacker only needs one way in, and the defender has to defend. we play whack a mole. they pop up, knock them down. >> reporter: we keeping up? >> we are not keeping up. the hackers have the advantage. >> reporter: hackers could be looking to take advantage by selling data to criminals who could try to steal your identity. ebay owns papal, but they were not affected. it's not enough to simply change your ebay password. if you use the same password on mull. sites, change them. >> we are racing to change them before the bad guys can use them. >> reporter: another breach that could cause problems for consumers. a missing california woman
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allegedly being held captive for a decade has been found. she vaned in 2004 as a teenager and contacted authorities on tuesday. she told them her captor repeatedly assaulted her physically and sexually and forced her to marry him. according to officials, the missing woman had been in touch with her sister on facebook and helped her to gain the courage to come forward. this is the captor, 41-year-old garcia, he is accused of lewd act with a minor and false imprisonment. and president obama has assigned to troops to find the missing schoolgirls. they are heading to chad, and it's mainly surveillance support through the use of drones. they were did napped by beoko haram last month. and president obama responded with outrage to the
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scandals at the v.a. hospital. on wednesday, he spoke. >> it is dishorn and disgraceful, and i will not tolerate it. >> he did stand by eric shinseki, at least for now, and ordered him to launch a full-scale investigation into allegations that some v.a. health facilities had been cooking the books and keeping waiting lists, sometimes with deadly consequences. >> i said it to him today. i want to see, you know, what the results of these reports are, and there is going to be accountability. >> we're going to shift gears now and see the results of several sports games out there. richard has the action. >> start with san antonio, now the closest to the nba trophy.
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san antonio, boy, yesterday, putting on a clinic. fancy passes, monster dunks. nailing three. oklahoma city jabbing back with a -- that's a nice alley-oop. that's a nine. doesn't stop san antonio, they had a 25-8 run. danny green here with one of seven three-pointers. seven. san antonio crushes, 112-77. now 2-0 in the western conference finals. an alleged racist owner, a surreal season, so good an l.a. restaurant congratulated him in the l.a. times. >> the lakers? >> no, it was the clippers. the lakers missed the playoffs in the worst season in history. >> yeah, put up your lands like that guy. and los angeles scoring five goals on just 30 shots, beating chicago 6-2. now tied 1-1 in the western conference final. to the ballpark, tied in
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extra inings. watch the pitcher's left hand, he started and stopped the pitching motion, which allowed runners to advance. watch. >> oh. >> on a miscue by albuquerque, let's take another look, yes, he did. >> he flinched. >> did he? >> yep. he stopped. >> close. >> and because of that, they called a ball. runner walks in, cleveland beats detroit, 11-10. and another gaffe. you see golfer g eer rory mcilr. and -- >> it's off? >> yes, invitations sent, he gets cold feet, calls off the wedding. they are now splitsville. >> i wonder if there's more to that. i have a feeling there is. california chrome gets his first belmont workout after getting the green light on his nasal strips. winning belmont, as you know, will make him the first triple
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crown winner since 1978. that's good for everybody. attendance and ratings are double than when there isn't a contender. i considered letting sherman up her to the podium today. giving him the mic, but, you know, we have to go in a little bit. >> yeah, richard sherman didn't mind president obama ribbing him. heck, he's probably saying i'm making $56 million right now, you can do what you want. >> exactly. >> the seahawks got a tour of the oval office. not bad. >> given the chance, he would not be short on words. >> no, he would not. >> thank you. bill is here with more on the severe weather outbreak and where it's headed next. boy, a lot of damage in its wake. >> the stuff out of california was impressive. >> the houses. >> the pictures of the airport -- rare you can see hail that can do damage like that.
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has anyone ever been kill would by hail? there have been documented cases -- >> not in this storm. >> no, we were okay with this one. that's over with. we have severe weather early this morning. wind and hail in the ohio valley, and a few around d.c. an overnight complex rolling through new york city. now rain on long island. rain from allentown, and rumbles of thunder in the trenton area. and we're seeing another complex to the south about to go through the baltimore/washington, d.c. area. heading out to drive between baltimore and d.c., you have a half hour and the rain and storms move in. additional storms later this afternoon, and a few on the strong side. slight risk of severe storms, baltimore, washington, trenton, new york city. not a lot of times they get severe weather. no tornados, but damaging wind and hail. >> all right, stay tuned for
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all right. let's get down to business with cnbc's seema mody. >> a big deal may be in the news to reshape the tobacco industry. maker of camel cigarettes is in talks to merge with the maker of new ports. they are the leader in the fast-growing eastern market with the blue brand. a congressional aid said mary barra briefed lawmakers on the ignition switch recall. they could release results of an internal probe and to compensate victims within a few weeks. and carnival is spending $45
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million to reduce the diesel engines. they will cut sulfer dioxide emissions and plug into the electrical grid rather than idle in port. some other news making the news today, pennsylvania's government will not stop the gay marriages in the state. he posed the ruling, but said an appeal would be unlikely to succeed. the supreme court halts the execution of a man in missouri. you might have heard this already. yesterday, the second delay in as many days. justices want a lower court to look at the case again. he's arguing a rare birth defect would mean pain and death if he is legally injected. mine while, two states considering death by firing
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squads. they are citing shortages of lethal injections. they say firing squads would be preferable, wouldn't have to feel the needle and wait for the drugs to work. well, a bullfight in spain had to be shut down. all three matadors were injured and no one was left to fight the bulls. the men are expected to recover. guess the bull finally won that time around. toronto mayor rob ford's escalade was impounded, not for reasons you might think. why did elmo and cookie monster go to washington? we have that next.
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. here is this this morning's dish of scrambled politics straight to you right now after a heated deliberation helps minority leader nancy pelosi officially named five democrats to the select committee on bengha benghazi. elijah cummings will be there with adam smith, adam shift, sanchez and duckworth. president obama took a rare walk after making remarks on the veterans affairs scandal yesterday afternoon. he strolled along the national mall to the interior adopt where he signed a proclamation to make 500,000 acres of land in arizona to be a national monument. john boehner says the president's unilateral move
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could undermine security along the southern border. he explains in part, quote, at a time of continued cartel violence in mexico, we should not be putting additional restraints on efforts to protect our borders. and congressman vance mcallister will not seek re-election this fall, but maybe one day. he says, quote, no, i wouldn't rule it out. for future politics, i don't know what it holds. but if there's a possibility the people want me to do it again, maybe i'll do it. toronto mayor's rob ford's escalade has been impounded after a woman driving it got a dui. doug ford seemed relieved to hear his brother wasn't involved. i don't think it's good news anyone driving with dui, i think it terrible. but he wasn't in the car. and members of congress arranged care packages for
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troops with a little help from elmo and cookie monster. they teamed up to make around the 1500 warrior care packs for wounded, sick, and injured troops. and that, my friends, is your morning dish of scrambled politics. now to washington. i am joined by syndicated columnist bob franken. good morning. >> good morning. i was thinking what happened happen in the cookie monster was arrested for dui. >> don't go there. >> we won't. >> but speaking of that, rob ford can't stay out of the news. this time it wasn't him, it was a woman driving him got a dui. is this an indication, on a serious note that rehab hasn't kept him from being around drugs and alcohol? >> it's an indication that he probably should hire new pr people. because the guy just seems to
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constantly be getting in trouble. i thought he was in rehab, perhaps the woman needs to join him there. >> oh, goodness. looks like the traffic troubles aren't the only problems for governor chris christie. could a gaping budget deficit rerail running for president? >> one of his selling points had been he had turned the fiscal problems around. now we're finding out that is not the point. it looks like his star is getting a little bit more tarnished than it was before. >> and this is definitely a talker. wyoming, utah, considering executing death row inmates by firing squad. with the problems around lethal injection, could we be going back to the days of firing squads? >> there have been various proposals. the problem, of course, is that they have not been able to pull off the humane way of avoiding cruel and inhumane punishment,
2:23 am
which was supposed to be a drug cocktail. perhaps all of this is is going to get people to really start thinking about should the united states be one of the few developed countries that still has executions? >> yeah. i think one interesting point that a proponent of that made said that, well, this way they don't have to go through the pain of a needle being injected and waiting for the drugs to take effect. that's an interesting way of spinning it, wouldn't you say? >> i can't speak from experience, i expect there's a little bit of pain from bullets entering your body. call me kraecrazy. >> the point exactly. let's hope you never experience that. >> certainly i would join you on that. >> take care, bob. first buzz is just ahead. we're talking about the world's happiest countries and the mail slots. say it isn't so. plus in a california teen channels michael jackson. you don't want to miss this.
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all right. time for first buzz. are you happy? >> i am. >> that's right. >> that's what we're asking. because richard has all the goods on that. >> just too much happiness. all right, bear with us, bill, just a little bit more happiness. these are the happiest countries in the world according to gallup. it show you the top five. denmark's normally at the top of the list. >> guess -- >> they hit the button. it's paraguay. landlocked, no ocean, all they do is barbecue. good ones, and it's the happiest. >> it doesn't snow in any of
2:28 am
those countries. >> does. but not all the time. central america. >> this is not going to make people happy, especially if you have a mailbox up by your door, supposedly the postal service is looking at possibly removing that from the delivery. they are not going to go up to your door shot anymore. this has to be put through a vote and whatnot. >> why? >> but it's going to save them $2 billion annually. i didn't know it cost that much more to walk up to someone's door. >> by time. it's because of time expended. >> the big mailboxes and make everyone walk to them. >> walk or drive by. >> speaking of walk. how about a moon walker? >> billy jean, michael jackson, 32 years ago. but this high school senior nailed it at his talent show. take a look and listen. ♪
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it's really -- he did win it. >> wow. >> and over a nine-year period through youtube studied every move to perfection. >> he got it. he hit it. >> guy's got skills. thank you, way too early with thomas roberts starts now. when i hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct, whether it's allegations of v.a. staff covering up long wait times, or cook the books, i will not stand for it. not as commander in chief, but also not as an american. none of us should. so. if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable, it is disgraceful, and i will not tolerate it, period. >> the president vowing to get to the bottom of the v.a. scandal. but standing by the guy in charge of it. calls for secretary shin se key
2:30 am
to go. no boycott, nancy pelosi selects her members on the benghazi panel, and one is talking about his mission. and president obama tackles comedy hard when the seahawks visit for the super bowl win. this is "way too early." it sounded like people were applauding. that's for the president, but gets me going to have applause. we need that. it's thursday, may 22nd. welcome to way too early. the show that plans a visit to the white house, but only if the full-time has the best to go. if he watched this show, he would have good material too roast us. and manipulated wait lists at a growing number of v.a. hospitals across the country. after meeting with


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