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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  May 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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affairs scandal. any given sunday at the u.s. senate, and ask roger goodell to scrap the redskins' name, and they say that if the nba can act on the sterling's racism, the nfl could act on this slur, and now it faces a political penalty. holiday road as we remember the military lives lost, and millions wi s will move en mass we keep a look on the planes, trains and automobiles. i'm richard lui in for chris a jans jansing on this friday as the nation is getting ready to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, and in the backdrop, is the calls for the resignation of eric shinseki. and the first house leader to urge him to step aside, and spe speaker john boehner may not be far behind. >> i have not call fofrd jed fol
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shinseki to resign, but i have to admit that i am getting close closer. >> and now expecting an earful iffulf as they at the end memorials and parades in their home districts. >> i know they can schedule people in faster, and trying to get in to the primary care is like pulling teeth. and hurts just about as bad. >> and bringing in gerald denman who is the brother of gordon denman, and darrell, thank you for spending time with us. his brother died after not getting treatment. >> thank you, richard. >> tell us about your prother's experience and you talked about it on the road, and how he had to bon a waiting list in the phoenix, v.a. >> yes, in the summer of 2012, his body began to swell up, and
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friends and family recommended that he went into the hospital, and in late july, they took 4 1/2 liters of fluid off the first day and three leiters the second day and then he was in condition to have cancer in the body, and they found stage four liver cancer. he lives in wisconsin or he lived in wisconsin in the summer and came back to arizona in the wintertime. he wanted to come to the v.a. here for treatment. they packed up records in the scans and everything, and then he brought them down to phoenix and started to get an appointment with the v.a. medical center here, and was told that it was a zeseven-mont wait. >> and what was dennis'
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reaction? go well, at first he accepted it being the good soldier that he was, but then he got angry and started to call back and still got the same answer. we tried to talk to advocates within there to get him in, but by the end of september, he just could not take the pain any longer, and he checked into the emergency room there, and they started to running tests immediately and found that he did in fact have liver cancer. they still took a week to put him on the chemotherapy, but he started at the very end of september. that only lasted for a couple of weeks, because he just could. take the sickness and the ill s illness at that stage. >> as you know, darrell, the office of the veterans administration, and the president and the v.a., as you are keeping your brother's memory in line as part of the discussion? >> well, they need to look at how the speed up with the
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appointments with fepeople who e chronically ill or seriously ill or have serious illnesses, and one thing that can be done for the memorial day weekend could be for the president to write an executive order that says that any veteran with a life-threatening illness should be taken into the hospital within seven days. that would be a great first start action-type response. >> so you are focusing directly on the cases that are similar to your brother here. but i have to ask you, because there is concerns about the system being gamed, and they say that there is gaming of the system to meet the parameters, and even with that executive order, do you trust that it would happen? >> well, think they if the order came from the president, it would happen. but as far as like gaming of the system, you know, it is going to be taking weeks or months to find out, and we can't, and we
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have veterans out there who can't wait that long for a report to come in before something happens and there has to be action right now. >> and secretary shinseki sent out a letter to the veterans, and in that, he promised to do better and said in part, quote, this, you and the families deserve to have full faith in the v.a. and we intend to earn it everyday and after the meeting with the senate deputy majority meeting dick durbin said that he plans to stay on the job. >> and as for submitting your resignation, did you offer it to the president? >> no. he didn't ask me to. he told me to accept the responsibility, and do certain thing, and i am doing that. >> and several veterans groups are calling for the res ignatio, and you have been hearing that out at the town halls and you are saying that he should keep the job. why? >> because it is a distraction
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and the focus is on the new guy and it would take him months to get up to speed. what he needs is that he has been given the responsibility, but not the authority to clean up the mess. the authority would have come, and by the way, senator harry reid slapped every vaeteran in the face by delaying the veteran accountability bill which is a bill that is 2 1/2 pages, and he said he needed time to read it. he needs the authority to act. he has the responsibility. >> thank you, darrell richardson and thank you and your brother for service as we move into the memorial day weekend. thank you for the time. >> thank you, richard. >> let's bring in the new york political reporter and washington post writer as well. and so alison lundergan grimts
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says that we owe a solemn obligation to our veterans, and our government defaulted on that contract. so what do her comments add to the debate and does it put more pressure on senator mcconnell to call for the resignation? >> that is fascinating question, because it ups the ante right in the politics of it. she had to do it. nunn had to do it in georgia and high proportion of military families, but mitch mcconnell has more in play as the senate minority leader, but i would not be surprised to hear that resignation call soon. >> and the new poll says that eric shinseki should resign and less than one-third say he should stay and as for the president's handling of the v.a. crisis, the poll is showing that
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45% disapprove and 29% approve, and if you ask the republicans and overwhelming 71% disapprove. and david, what is the challenge of the white house as it navigates the political firestone? >> well, it is bad numbers for the president. coming on the heels of the narrative pumped by the republicans that the white house is not good at the managing of the white house, and ignoring the potential warning science of both with the veterans and also with the health care website, and no matter what happened in the end with the health care and the number of enroll lees, certainly, off to a terrible start, and the president is going to handle this by waiting for another review of the inspector general on the veterans administration, and this has been going out for years, and the allegations coming out of phoenix is new, but the allegations are not.
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and this is a big distraction here, and the president is going to west point to give a commencement talking about foreign policy, and saying how important it is to the veterans burk when you have cases like thi this, it is going to go right against what the president is saying is so important to him. >> and nick, you have to watch the pulse of this, and how much of this is more than a distraction over time? we have the poll numbers coming out that shows that there is a good number who don't like what is happening and the republicans out there saying that we are going to try to raise money on this perhaps? >> well, look, i mean, i'm of the belief that you should not politicize scandals and tr tragedies, but have accountability, and the party should not hammer the party that is not in party to the one that is in power, and so fund-raising and once you put out the fund-raisers of the e-mails, it suggests cynical, and the desire is not to handle the problem, but to win elections. look, this is not a faux scandal
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and it is legitimate. it should be an issue and you will see the debate over the next few weeks. >> and david, you printed a story today saying that president obama has reemerged as fund-raiser in chief talking about how he has been raising money, and warning the democrats to get out to the polls in november, and trying to rally the base there. is this the only way that the president can help democrats right now given what is out there in the news stream? since many are weary of the campaigning with him side by side? >> yes, the same story talked about that that the president is the top democratic fundraisers and people still want him for th that, but obviously, folks in the key swing states who dot not want him to come to talk about the record on the ground, and others who have to go gaiagains the policies to make their case that, you know, in their own state. and certainly, that is an issue, and for the president obviously,
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get a handle on some of the distractions or con trtroversies going to be difficult to do. the president wants to get out there to talk about minimum wage and immigration, but he is off track with what is going on at the veterans administration and other places, and the republicans won't let him forget about that and continue to talk about benghazi and obviously with the select committee that is investigating that, and these are continuing issues. and out there talking about the other investments in the economy, and the economy, and as you are seeing the signs that he is going to be able to talk about it in the positive way, and it is going to be muddled, and they are going to embrace the obama administration now. >> and nick, the message is not right now obama care, and not the economy despite the unemployment or the other factors, but it is about money at the moment. >> i mean, look, i want to see some political upside in a weird
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way to all of this, and this, to the particular v.a. scandal, it is not about benghazi, but it is about a problem that can be solved and in a weird way not as par partisaned and it is different issues and in the sixth year of the presidential administration, invariably the president can do for the team is to raise money, and stay out of the way. >> and nick kas sorry, thank you, and david nakamura, thank you so much as well. and in an unpresented move, tennessee is bringing back the electric chair and the first state to do that without giving the inmate the choice. republican governor bill haslem sign signed the bill allowing the state to use the electric chair if the prison officials runt of the dr -- officials run out of the lethal injection drugs. as we have reported, they are more scarce, and they are expecting challenges along the
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way. and now, on the edge of flagstaff, arizona, firefighters are trying to protect more land from the fire that has spread around oak creek canyon, and the wildfire is three miles away from the residential areas where people are under preevacuation warnings, and the firefighters said this morning that rising humidity and possible rain could help the crews, but so far, no injuries or homes burned. this week, pope francis is go ing to make the first trip to the holy land in iman, jordan. and in keeping in the well coming style, he is not going to be using the pope mobile, but he has invited and iman and others
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to join him. this is the first time this has happened. and there are very frank comments about race from mark cuban of the dallas mavericks. and new pressure of the nfl coming from 50 senators over the washington redskins' name, and it is finally i time for the change? we will talk to the hometown congresswoman eleanor holmes norton about that. next. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care.
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the nfl says it will not change the washington redskins' name even after a letter of 50 democratic senators called to change it. the senators cite racist comments made by the los angeles cl clippers' owner donald sterling saying, quote, the despicable comments of mr. sterling have opened up a national conversation about the race
7:18 am
relation relations, and we believe that the conversations are an opportunity for the nfl to take activity to remove the racial slur from one of the marquee fran nfl responded saying that the intent of the team's name has always been to present a strong, positive and respectful image. the name is not used by the team or the nfl in any other context. though we respect those who view it differently, end quote. bringing in democratic congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, and spokesman who wants to change the name campaign started by raharahalbritter. and so in virginia where the team's headquarters is at, according to what they are saying did not sign that letter, so when you look at that, how does that letter help in your effort in addition to the fact that it is not bipartisan, and it is all democratic senators who have signed this?
7:19 am
>> well, there is a bipartisan s support. there are other representatives on the other sidef of the aisle, but this is a question of which side people stand on and which side the nfl stand on. there is no gray area in this name, and it is a dictionary-defined racial slur and so the nfl being a powerful and wealthy enterprise certainly has a responsibility, and especially in our time, and especially the washington team, because the city is full of symbols of the history and the count country, and the nfl is one of the most powerful cultural forces in america, and indeed, possibly the world. and a these symbols matter, and they can be, critically important and they mean things, and the name means something, and it needs to be changed. it is a dictionary defined slur and with donald sterling he did not use a dictionary defined
7:20 am
slur, but it was used in a way that the nba corrected and the nfl should respond in the same way. >> are you encouraged what congress is go doing right now and this letter not withstanding? >> well, absolutely. the momentum is increasing. the understand iing of the couny is increasing and understanding how this is the kind of name that young high school kids in cooperstown, new york, decided to change their name from this particular name to one that is more inclusive. and we are living in a country more aware and sensitive to theish shoe s the issues and they want to live in inclusivity and this is going to ask us all which side of history to stand on. >> and congresswoman, he is encouraged what you are doing, which is to put forth
7:21 am
legislation to change the name. and is there another compromise out there outside of what might be done in the house or the senate? >> well, there is. it is looking like it is coming from all of the sides, doesn't it? it begins with the native people, themselves, raising the consciousness of the country and the congress. then you have ten of flus the house with a bill that we have introduced to cancel the trademark name of the washington football team, and now you have half of the senate agreeing with us as well. i don't see how native people can lose that case, because the team has tried on four occasion s to patent the name, but each time the patent division has
7:22 am
called it derogatory, so it pains us in washington to see that we have to drag goodell and snyder by the cuffs to do what the counterpart nba team leader did right off of the bat. we need some leadership here from the nfl the way that we have gotten it in the nba. >> and congresswoman, you used two words there, patent and business and we have to ask the question here, for the commissioner and the owner here, as they are looking at the decision as to whether or not to change it, are they deciding internally how much to change the name versus how much it is going to cost to keep the name? >> yeah. that is what is really, that is what is really showing me, and asks me where these people's business acumen, and imagine what is going to happen in this region and all over the country, if you have to get new pennants, new caps, new shirts. this is a money-maker for the
7:23 am
team, and there is a kind of issue that is not funny to the american people, but you have to wonder where the snyder is looking at this issue. >> well, ray, some native american groups despite the criticism are not wholly gaiagat this team name. should the groups, the different tribes of the native american community -- communities across the country work closer together? >> well, every native american organization is against the name. not one tribal leader who has come out in support of it. it is defined in the dictionary as a derogatory racial slur and there is no gray area in the name. i know it is hard for sometimes the indian people to raise an issue, because they don't like the attention they get, because
7:24 am
they live in such poverty and dire circumstances. so sometimes it is hard for them. i mean, the virginia senators for example, the washington team plays there, and so i am sure that is an influential factor, but the public has a real interest here, because a lot of the massive public subsidies support the team. and in washington, $75 million was subsidized and the nfl is tax exempt, and the public, i believe they realizing how derogatory names like this exist and would not want to support a publicly subsidized derogatory name when it is profiting. a profit is made from it. and we live in the country where when people speak out, things do change, and often for the better, and that is what is wonderful about the country. >> and race, and congresswoman, one last question, and one-word answer if you k and the new season starts in a matter of months, and will the name change come the new season, yes or no, to you first, ray.
7:25 am
>> this issue is not going to end until the name is changed. >> will it happen by the new season? >> i hope it will. >> congresswoman? >> it is going to be taking the patent and the trademark commission to do it. if in fact native americans had the 10% that african-americans had, they would not have to fight this way, but it is because they are only 3% of the population scattered all over the united states, and right now they have allies fighting right with them. >> and eleanor holmes norton and rayhalbritter, thank you. if you are firing up the grill and an expanded beef recall is something that you should watch. and mark cuban is no shrinking violet, and he has set off a new comment about race, and we will talk about that comment and the reaction.
7:26 am
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another nba team owner under fire the after comments he made about race. dallas mavericks' owner mark cuban saying this in an interview with ", inc. magazine." >> i know that i'm prejudiced and bigoted in a lot of ways. i have said it before, if i see a black kid in a hoodie at night on the other side of the street, i am on the same side of the street, i will walk to the tho ther side of the street. a if i see a white guy with a shaved head and a lot of tattoos, i am going back to the other side of the street. >> and he apologized to the trayvon martin family, saying he should have used a different example, but he is stand big the story. >> and you know all of the nuances, and cuban basically saying that i'm trying to say that everybody has some prejudice, and where is the story here? >> well, never a loss of words
7:30 am
here, and colorful guy, but chose the wrong vivid example to make the point, and the word is prejudice or bigotry, and lights go off. he used the word biassed in the interview, and he basically said, look, the reality is in the world, i see the people certain ages and colors and i make judgments about them which are not always negative by the way, and he said, everybody does. and he was trying to be honest, and trying to have a nuanced answer to a question which is a lot of people out there have found somewhat refreshing and the initial outrage was particularly about his comments about a black kid in a hoodie being a threatening figure, and the obvious parallel to the trayvon martin matter, but overall, people are saying, okay, inartful, and not eloquent, and awkward and honest, but it is good to have a kcon versation about race that s not just gotcha! are you racist or not, and it is knew wanlsed, but let's talk about it. >> and we are talking about the nba with mark cuban and donald
7:31 am
sterling, and any indication of how he would vote to take away the ownership of donald sterling. >> that is what sparked the answers that he was asked about sterling and he said in one answer that in effect, he will not comment because he has made up his mind, and he does support the commissioner's lifetime band, but he said, i'm a bigot and maybe it is hypocritical for me to vote against a another bigot. although what they said it is not the same, but he said i may have to be a hypocrite and he said in his companies when he meets intolerance, he has to work with the situation whether it is racist or not, but it is hard to think that the owners will do anything sup pportive o sterling given the players and sponsors and the overall outrage against sterling. >> ron allen of nbc, thank you so much for both of those stories. >> and now, a rising star in the dem kratic party to be the named
7:32 am
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president obama will officially nominate san antonio mayor julio castro to become the housing secretary at a white house ceremony this afternoon. he is a rising latino star in what latinos hope is the purposing state of texas coming amid inaction of washington on immigration. harry reid said thursday that the president may have to act alone on the curbing deportation if the house does not get something pass ed ed in the sum and one compromise he offered up here. >> and me? blocking? >> let's pass immigration reform today and make it effective 2017, and if the republicans don't trust president obama, give a chance to implement the bill under president rand paul or president theodore cruz.
7:36 am
>> well, that followed a confrontation between the anchor of the news program and the speaker. and he pressed him on why he is blocking the reform. >> me, blocking? >> yes. >> i have made it clear that we are not dealing with the senate bill, and it is a 1,300-page bill and no one has read it. >> and but -- >> i gave you an answer there. is nobody more interested in fixing this problem than i am. >> and let's bring in the strategist, the president and the ceo of latino, c tetino you correspondent robert trayham. >> well, i think it is a combination of both that
7:37 am
everybody is talk about julian castro of a v.p. candidate for 2016, but look at 2014 in the midterm where you have a lot of congressional seats in the congressional offices and having him elevated all of the sudden, will shed more light on texas and help them along on the contested seats. also, he is going to be a known name brand into the american households and when it comes to the confirmation hearings something that is difficult for the president to do, this is going to actually allow him to have someone who is a known quantity and very difficult for the republicans to say no to a rising star. who happens to be la ttino, and tactically, that is one of the reasons they are elevating him so quickly. >> and robert, i want to move to the confrontation between jorge ramos and john boehner, and did that change the conversation from what you have had seen, and the entire interaction was about, that jorge said that, hey, latino americans are not going to forget in 2014 as they
7:38 am
look at 2016, so, republicans should move now on that particular voting group. >> well, i think that we need to address the political reality. speaker boehner has been realistic in terms of where the house conference is now, and in terms of the appetite for the immigration reform. let's be very clear so that no one misunderstands, everybody knows that the immigration system is broken and everybody knows that there are a lot of individuals living in the shadows and everybody knows that we have to shore up the border, a and this is common knowledge, and what speaker boehner has said repeatedly is that perhaps in the political standpoint from in terms of where the conference is, the immigration reform should be passed in pieces and starting with the border security first and then moving on the the documentation of the undocumented workers and so forth, and so with respect, it is him taking a pulse of the conference, and saying, realistically, this is what we can do between now and the end of the congress. >> you are saying that he is not holding it up? >> no, he has repeatedly said
7:39 am
that he is for immigration reform. >> but he has not introduced any bill, and even if security bills that you arer fromming to, and what we have to look at is oh, yes, sure, look at securing the border, and everybody wants to do that, but the other thing is that we have to take care of the 11 million living in the shadows, and those are two very different types of issues. so, you are also in favor of roughly 26 republicans from the tea party that basically are holding it hostage. if you provided them peace miele th -- piecemeal, and talk to them about something that is legal to provide for the path to citizenship, and provide relief at the border, you can create pieces of legislation to go together to be conferenced together with what the senate passed last year. >> and robert, talk about, that and plus, what you heard from reid about the president paul and the president cruz opportunity pass something right now that takes effect in 2017.
7:40 am
>> well, two things. one, i agree with what maria said, and she makes the point of how complicated it is and how the republicans are struggling to come up with the alternative to a very realistic problem there, but to the question, richard, i don't understand what senator reid was saying there. the republicans are on the record going back to 2005 when president bush tried to push it back then and the country was not ready to have that conversation, and again, i don't know what senator reid was trying to say there, and the republicans are on record saying they want immigration reform, but to ram it through is not the right way to do it. there needs to be a thoughtful conversation with all of the individuals from all of the colors to make sure that we are doing it right, smartly, and to make sure to maria's point to bring all of the individuals in the shadows to make sure they live in dignity and piece as a full-fledged worker as opposed to undocumented worker in the country. >> thank you so much.
7:41 am
and we have to leave it there. thank you, marissa and robert. we expect the president to make the comment at 3:30 in the afternoon in the rose guard eb, and we will have that right here when it happens sfwloochlt the cost of the fuel in the weekend getaway is lower. the average for gasoline is $3.65 a gallon which is down two cents from a month ago and it is a penny lower than last memorial day weekend. you might like that. and cnbc's mandy drury is here with what is moving your money, and man dirks fodmandy, folks ae grilling and there is a word of a tainted beef recall. >> yes, richard, some of the e. coli tainted ground beef may have been dwribted to grocery stores in nine states, and this is expanding on what we originally knew which is that the original recall was extended only to the tainted beef distributed to restaurants. the government believes that some of the nearly 2 million
7:42 am
pounds of beef that is being recalled by the wolverine packaging company was sold at gordon food stores in michigan and maybe sold already at gsf stores in florida, indiana, kentucky, ohio, pennsylvania and tennessee and wisconsin, and so obviously, if you are in any of those states you might want to know if you are affected or sick with it, because it can take up to ten days to become sick from it, and the symptoms are the usual things like the vomiting, and the abdominal cramps, et cetera. >> and something more positive as we move from the beef to the beer, and several regional breweries are getting together, mandy, to release the home front ipa this weekend. >> yes, all of the proceeds benefit the military personnel and the families, and 100% of the home front ipa is going to help the military organizations and families when they fall upon hard times. and since 2011, hops for heroes has been benefiting operation
7:43 am
home, and if you want to know which breweries are participa participati participating, you can can drink a beer and e help a family out, and that is so great. >> you are a terrific aussie. >> yes. i will see you next week. >> thank you. and a coup in thailand and should the tourists be worried? we will have a live report next. e if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler... if frustration and paperwork decrease... if grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home... the gap begins to close. so let's simplify things. let's close the gap between people and care. ♪ let's close the gap between people and care. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation,
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7:47 am
popular tourist destination, and including for many americans, and they want to know whether it is safe. >> well, those things of summoning the politicians to go to see the military have been going on in the last two days. more than 150 activists and politicians have been invited along by the military. we understand that 25 of them have been detained. and now i imagine that what they are saying to the leaders is control your supporters, because in many ways, this coup is different from the many coups that have we have seen before, and sometimes over trivial things like the in-fighting for the promotions of the military, but this time the military stepped into a severe political conflict between to a populist political movement and the elected government and the old establishment of which the army was often seen as a part. and now the government has a lot of supporters, and some around the country, who had threatened to oppose any military coup.
7:48 am
and this could easily turn violent and could easily be clashes unless those people are kept under control, and that is the message of the meetings, richard. >> and ian, there is the bit about it being such a popular tourist destination, as i was mensing, especially for the americans, and they want to know whether it is safe here? >> yeah, well, the u.s. embassy here today warned visitors against nonessential travel to thailand and particularly to bangkok saying that it could be volatile, although on the surface, it does appear calm. now, we have seen some almost surreal scenes in the last couple of day, and it is almost as if for several visitors that the soldiers on the street are yet another tourist attraction after the royal palace visitor
7:49 am
and the traveling buddha, and this is what one tourist had to say. >> it was scary to begin with, and maybe not as bad as i thought it would be, and we arrived wednesday, the day after the martial law had come into effect. but there is a lot to to see, and the tourists are here, and we noticed it a of the curfew came into the effect, and a lot less noise on the roads. >> we will see it, richard, when we see what the military intentions are. >> and ian williams in bangkok, thank you so much. we go from thailand to russia where this morning we have brand new comments from vladimir putin, and joining me is the editor at large for the "atlantic" steven clemones, and i want to get your reaction on apew tibb who on cnbc said this quote, economic sanctions as a tool of political pressure are going to eventually attack the country of the countries who have initiated the sanctions,
7:50 am
end quote. so what he is saying, how might it be affect iing the u.s.? >> well, as the sanctions are more robust, and if we move particularly in the sek toirl sa -- sectorial sanctions which we have not done, those things like the energy companies and departments, and also in financing, and banking, and we are deeply integrated and the u.s. firms and the european firms with russia. and so he saying at some point we will have a negative impact on the investment, and russia is going to be continuing to be a rich place. they did a huge deal with china, and finding the ways to evade and skirt around the various sanctions in place. and he is saying that we will be hurt in the long run more than russia will be. >> and putin also alluding to forming a new multilateral economic collaboration and he said this quote -- we have gathered here for economic
7:51 am
discussions, but we cannot erase political discussions. and given that statement, and russia completed the $400 billion gas deal with china that you are aware of and what is the concern that washington would see about the deal? >> well, broadly, what russia is doing is to diversify the relationsh relationships, and reminding countries who are dependent on them for their gas, and so that the notion that you are going to be able to tomorrow, if you were to switch off the russian supplies, there is not enough capacity or supply the deal with that. what we saw in the interview is a calm, collected and somewhat calming putin saying that i hope that the rest of the world comes to its senses, and he is saying that he is going to be recognizing the election of the people in ukraine, but he is saying that i'm in a powerful position, and the rest of the world isn't. he may be wrong in that, but it
7:52 am
is at least what he is trying to convey. >> steven clemones, thank you. >> thank you. and a program note for you, nbc news anchor brian williams just returned from moscow after an interview with eric snowden and it is the first usa interview after documents were leaked by snowden. it airs wednesday, may 28th at 10:00 p.m. eastern. ...and we'll replace destroyed or stolen items with brand-new versions. we take care of the heat, so you don't get burned. just another way we put members first, because we don't have shareholders. join the nation. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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so as people head off for the memorial day weekend, and you included perhaps a quick weather note and watch for severe weather down south, and the worstts of it is forecast in south carolina. la later today, a threat of strong thunderstorms producing large hail and wind damage. then over the weekend, texas and western oklahoma looking to get soaked by the daily thunderstorms there. and this area is in extreme drought so that the rain is welcomed in one way. and warm beach weather found from the gulf coast to the eastern seaboard. and the mid-80s and you have the like those temperatures expected as far north to new york city by
7:56 am
memorial day. and doing the weather reporting today. and a very good weekend to you. we leave with this tweet of the day which is the from political with the tweet of the day of the flags in at arlington national cemetery the. for 65 years, the national guard has been placing small flags exactly one foot in front of the memorial day marker which is more than 260,000 flags. i'm richard lui in for the chris jansing, and safe travels for the memorial day weekend. and "newsnation" is next with craig melvin sitting in for tamron hall. stay tuned for that. and it is time for "entrepreneur of the week." the couple owned a jewelry store on monterey, california's wharf, and they never planned for their retirement houf, so we came in to help them turn their business into a nest egg.
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calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. good friday, everybody, i'm craig melvin in for the tamron hall and this is "newsnation." we start this friday with the breaking news involving donald sterling and the los angeles
8:00 am
clippers. espn and tmz sports are both reporting that as of today, donald sterling is no longer the kcon trolling owner of the clippers and he has surrendered complete control of the team to his estranged wife, shelly sterling. and according to the tmz sports that decision coming a after a number of secret meetings with shelly sterling and adam silver who has announced that the league will force a tesale of t team after the owner made national tie the raids -- national tirades. joining us is the team legal analyst and walk us through this and what this is going to be. >> well, this -- good morning and thanks for having me. what this means on the face is that