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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 24, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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a racing boat flips upside down. >> he has crashed. motorcycles fly off the track. >> flags going up everywhere. this is mayhem. dangerous drivers plow straight into disaster. >> they thought the whole store was going to explode. >> stay clear! >> oh, my god. there are so many ways to lose control. >> i just couldn't do what i wanted to do. my body just wouldn't do it. and when you least expect it. >> he's heading into the cemetery. a perfectly calm day could
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get a little out of hand. >> i've never seen the waves this high. it's scary. >> and suddenly go wild. >> what did i do to you? a high-speed power boat flips. >> that is absolutely massive. >> and the pilots are trapped upside down under water. it's august, 2006, at the honda british grand prix world championships in plymouth, england. a win here represents the pinnacle of international class one speed racing. >> it was my first year in the big boats and my dream ticket to
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drive britain's only class one power boat team. pilots james shepherd and chris are racing "king of shaves" a super fast catamaran sponsored by the company of the same name which sells shaving products. >> powered by twin lamborghinis and probably cost about 2 million pounds to build, $4 million. >> ceo will king says driving the boat is like racing a ferrari on the water at 150 miles per hour, an intense thrill. and a dangerous one, too. skimming along at these speeds, things can go wrong fast. shepherd has won the honda formula 4 series several years running, but it's his first time competing at the british grand prix. >> your first race in any series, you're keen to make an impression. >> the fact they're the only british boat in the race amps
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the pressure up even higher. >> they were so fired up because it was a home race and i just really wanted them to a, enjoy the day and b, to come out on the podium would have been fantastic. >> the boat was probably ranking in third or fourth in terms of speed. >> you think starting at the back will be all right? >> we'll sit there and we'll get a good shot at it. >> by the first corner, the "king of shaves" has moved up from 12th position to 6th. >> we were driving it. we had a few discussions as to how to make some of the corners. >> take it down! just keep going. >> chris and i disagreed for the first couple of laps but we worked that out by lap four. it was good racing conditions and things were going according to plan. >> the two-man team must maintain a delicate balance at high speeds. >> won't think about what we're doing. slow your turn, slow your turn! >> a bit like trying to drive the car when one person has the
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steering wheel and the other person has the brakes and accelerator. and when you start sliding around corners as we were, it's a bit of a balancing act between us. >> the "king of shaves" is closing in on the front runners with four laps to go. >> we were catching the leaders at about 1.5 seconds a lap and there was enough time in the race. i mean, we were only about 200, 300 meters behind them. >> 3:4.11 seconds and that's almost a second quicker than the race leader. >> it came across james' wife is standing there thinking, oh, my god, this is amazing. he's doing really well. let's keep our fingers crossed. >> i knew he would be so thrilled as to how they were doing. >> the "king of shaves" makes a final bid for first place, but something doesn't feel right. >> get in!
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get in. she's loose. >> i remember saying to chris, it feels a bit loose. there's so much of the boat out of the water, it's just skating. >> they're going 160 miles an hour when the boat ahead loses an engine, slows down and churns up some wake. the men know they could be in serious trouble. >> in the middle. >> we're going to be in his way. >> that's all right. it's better than me being on the edge of it. >> just popped the right-hand side of the boat up and then the whole thing was the physics. it tipped over from that point. >> we're on our way, that's why. okay, think about this. >> the "king of shaves" hits the wake and flips fast and hard. >> the deceleration was unbelievable. 160 miles per hour to zero in i think about 15 meters. >> one minute everything is extremely noisy. >> think about this. >> chris and i are --
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>> keep on it! >> the next minute, absolute terror under water. >> i thought the boat had gone over and over. it just felt like you were in a bit of a washing machine. a dash cam in the cockpit shows the pilots trapped upside down. >> "king of shaves" has crashed. >> liz and will are desperate to know what's happening. >> i guess time just froze. all i could say to will is can you see their helmets? are they out? >> no safety boats in the immediate vicinity and it was just a silence and i just thought james, i hope you are okay. >> but james is not okay. the pilot's oxygen valves are
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flooding and they have to reach the surface fast in order to survive. >> the drill was that chris goes out through the floor of the boat first. which is now the top of the boat. >> they can barely see each other and communication is impossible. james realizes that chris is still inside the cockpit. >> i realize that chris hadn't gone. i didn't want to pop my belts and go out for fear chris then doing the same thing at the same time. >> as the water levels rise, there's no time to waste. james releases his safety belt and pushes the escape hatch open. a mounted exterior camera has survived the crash and records the desperate scene as james tugs at chris to follow him out. >> did have a hold on him as we came out of the cockpit and then i let go. >> after agonizing seconds, james reaches the surface. >> i was desperate to see that he'd come out of the boat because, you know, you can imagine him stuck in a boat and maybe injured and can't get out, whatever. anything could have happened.
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it was a very high-speed crash. >> james is out. but where is chris? james looks around in the water. >> as soon as i saw his helmet i thought, that's great, we're both out. i remember swimming over to chris and grabbing hold of him. >> moments later, a rescue crew arrives. james and chris make it out alive, but the boat is totaled. >> here we have blown up this 2 million pound power boat. the twin lamborghini engines and all the electronics would have all been ruined. >> "king of shaves" finishes second to last beating only a disqualified boat. >> of course, it would have been great, "king of shaves" have won driven by british guy shepherd at the grand prix, fantastic. >> not the result they hoped for, but they walk away with their lives, able to sail another day. >> you know, accidents happen.
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so, we get on and rebuild for the next race. that's all. >> we were lucky that day. but all i can think about is the fact that we should have got second or might have challenged for first in that particular race. so, there's a challenge that i've still got to do one of these days. coming up, chaos on a motorcycle racetrack. >> flags going up everywhere. this is mayhem. honestly, the off-season isn't really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work!
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a multi-bike pileup sends riders flying through the air and turns their bikes into deadly projectiles. >> bikes everywhere. this is mayhem. >> there was complete chaos everywhere.
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>> september 8th, 2002, austin circuit, the netherlands. the super bike world championship attracts fans from across europe and beyond. bikes weigh up to 300 pounds and can race at nearly 200 miles per hour. it's a dangerous sport, serious injuries and even fatalities are not uncommon. track conditions are good and energy is high as the race begins. >> they're also very, very fast. >> but as the pack accelerates out of the turn, a german racer gets into serious trouble when his oil filter ruptures. just behind him, a french rider sees the oil spill. the rider, along with his bike,
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skids violently across the track and then kogan hits the slick surface. his bike goes flying out from under him as the german rider hits the wall and bounces off. kogan's bike misses his head by mere inches. >> oh, two bikes down. >> a dazed kogan gets to his feet and flees. >> there was panic around and there were bikes falling everywhere. >> amidst the chaos rene leaps over the barrier and on to the track. >> the first reaction was, help, i got to help them because they have fallen and maybe they're injured. i have to help them. i wasn't hesitating with what to do.
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go to that guy. >> riders are down and motionless on the ground as more bikes come soaring through the air. fisher bends down to help a rider, his back to the circuit. >> i heard the crashing sound of metal over the tarmac and this is going seriously wrong. i have to get out of here. i just stood up and i think two or three bikes at the same time and they torpedoed me. >> he's hit by multiple bikes and crushed against the safety wall in a blaze of metal and smoke. >> oh, dear me. that was horrendous. >> officials red flag the race as a half dozen riders lose control of their bikes and crash. >> i thought i have to change my life because my leg's gone. at the end they said, okay, it's still attached to the rest of the body, but it's terribly broken.
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but no worries, it's going to be okay. >> remarkably, visder the paramedic is the only one seriously injured. his leg, knee cap and several ribs are broken. but that doesn't stop him from returning to work as soon as he's able or from enjoying his hobby. motorcycles. >> i still ride my bikes every day because that's what i do. that's how i am. that's what i am. that's in my veins. my dad put oil in my veins instead of blood. >> this race could have used a little less oil on the track, another split second and it might have been a very different outcome. coming up, a driver plows into a service station sending a pump bursting into flames. and later -- >> she thought maybe i could die. >> professional athletes lose control of their bodies in the final moments of the iron man triathlon.
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interstate at breakneck speed crashing into a service station, sending a pump up in flames and terrifying employees. >> the pump itself looked like it was made out of paper. the way they ran through it. it caught fire immediately. thought the whole store was going to explode. >> the hatfield mccoy quick stop in boon county, west virginia, is directly off of route 119. a driver barely has to turn the wheel to pull in. on april 17th, 2007, store surveillance cameras record a shocking accident.
3:21 pm
general manager is inside the store during morning rush hour. >> people are on their way to work dropping their kids off and they come in to get their coffee and sandwiches. >> in addition to the customers, there are vendors delivering beer and soda and none of them knows that a life or death situation is seconds away. they're just walking out the front door when a speeding pickup truck comes flying off the interstate. >> i walked outside to talk to one of the vendors. at that point, we all heard a screeching sound and we all looked up and we saw the car run right through the pump and it caught on fire. >> the truck demolishes the pump. it explodes instantly. the vehicle then heads directly towards the store. >> i went left, the vendors went right, and the post through the window shot it through the store like a missile. barely missed me, barely missed the cashier's head by inches.
3:22 pm
>> the pickup crashes into the building, sending a wooden post, like a javelin through the front window straight at the cashier's head. >> at the point of impact, i had to close my eyes because i didn't want to see what was going to happen. >> he is trapped outside in a 2 by 2 space between an ice machine and the wrecked pickup truck. >> i was scared. my heart was beating 1,000 miles a minute. >> amid the terror and confusion, he manages to keep a clear head. >> i jumped over the railing, called 911. >> 911. >> yeah, we just had an accident at hatfield mccoy quick stop. 119. somebody hit our pump and it's on fire. >> then i went back inside to make sure everybody was okay. >> his biggest concern is for his employee. she's terrified, but uninjured. >> it happened so quickly. that's when we realized how close we were for all to die or
3:23 pm
get hurt very badly. fearing another explosion, he races downstairs to shut off the circuit breakers. the pickup truck driver and passenger flee and it's not until weeks later that he discovers why the driver lost control of his vehicle. >> apparently these two gentlemen were coal miners working the midnight shift and they were tired had both just fallen asleep and they had a pretty rude awakening. >> it's not an uncommon story. the national highway administration estimated that sleeping drivers cause 100,000 crashes a year, along with 1,500 deaths. for wamshi, life still hasn't returned to normal. >> sometimes when i'm still working here and i hear a loud noise, my head jerks up real quickly to see what's happening. >> although nobody is hurt, the costs are sobering. >> it was, you know, about
3:24 pm
$150,000 worth of damage that was done on that day and it happened about five, seven seconds. >> wamshi petitions the department of highways and inserted metal posts in front of the store to prevent future incidents. no amount of protection will put his mind completely at ease. >> i still have flashbacks every night. thank god i didn't have my kids here with me. i was lucky enough to be out of the way, to run out of the way. coming up, a powerful display of physical and mental determination as athletes' bodies break down steps away from the finish line. >> i was like, oh, this is so frustrating. you see the line, you know you put so much effort and you just want to get there. and a reckless driver barrels into a firefighter. >> oh, my god.
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i'm melissa rehberger. >>. >> the investigation has begun as to the motivation of the deadly rampage in santa barbara that killed seven including the gunmen. a california gunmen is thought to be the suspect after a youtube video where he posted his intentions. >> pope francis welcomed to jordan this morning. the trip expected to promote a call for unity. back to "caught on camera." at the end of a grueling triathlon, two athletes face off in a battle of wills as they both lose control of their muscles within feet of the finish line.
3:29 pm
>> i just couldn't do what i wanted to do. stand up and just walk across the line. my body just wouldn't do it. >> i'm like, okay, stand up, go. stand up, go. but my body couldn't respond to what i was telling it to do. >> you can will yourself but at that point there was nothing left. >> the iron man triathlon world championship is an epic race. 2.4 miles of swimming followed by a 112-mile bike ride and a 26-mile marathon run. it's the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance. in the end, for some, the sweet taste of victory. for others, the sharp pain of defeat.
3:30 pm
and for a handful of elite professional athletes, the possibility of returning home an ironman champion. >> the ironman is the holy grail. everybody want to win that ironman. >> it's october 1997 in kona, hawaii. sian welch and wendy ingraham friends and come pet et irs. they are professional triathletes and among the year's strongest contenders. >> i put a huge effort into the event for '97. i think on paper i can win this. >> for the first time i really believed i could win the hawaii ironman. >> i just saw a glow in her eyes. she was in probably the best head space that i had seen her in years. >> the day begins in the water where wendy promptly sets a new women's swim record.
3:31 pm
she expects to lose her lead during the bike ride, but it doesn't happen. >> and i was just like, what's wrong? am i here, is this the right day? are they still racing? did they crash? all these thoughts were going through my mind because no one had caught me yet. i was on cloud nine and i was just like, i think i might actually do it this time. i might actually win the ironman. >> the race is shaping up differently for sian. >> the day of the race, i knew that something was wrong with my body. about 30 miles into my bike i just was not able to keep anything down. it was almost like a projectile vomit. anything that went in went back out. >> it's a potentially dangerous situation if sian can't take in enough nutrition or becomes dehydrated. >> i was just trying to drink as
3:32 pm
much as i could each aid station. >> they've already been pushing their bodies for hours and then during the final 26-mile marathon, wendy runs into trouble. >> i require a lot of salt tablets. i had to take them every couple of miles. around mile 13 or 16, just hot and windy and it's the hardest part of the race for a lot of people and i go to reach into my little bag to get them and they were gone. >> wendy has dropped her salt tablets somewhere on the road and she still has a half marathon to run. >> and i was trying not to panic, but like, okay, i didn't devise a plan b here. >> wendy slows down, losing her lead to canadian athlete heather
3:33 pm
fuhrer. then canada's lori boden passes her. at mile 24, sian catches up. >> i knew she had been coming and i was just like, oh, i can't have another person pass me. i knew i couldn't catch her going down the hill because my quads were so cramped and it's still two miles to go, anything could happen. >> sian is feeler better than she has all day and is now in third place, but the glory is brief. >> at mile 25 in the ironman, you start to go down a hill. when i went down that hill i thought, oh, my goodness. my quads just seized up. and, so, i started to stumble a little bit and then all of a sudden my legs just gave out. i felt like jell-o. like i had no idea why i couldn't do what i wanted to do. >> she's pushing her body to the
3:34 pm
limit with no more calories to burn. sian's mother and brother are filming what should be her victory to the podium. >> they were so excited to see me finish and all prepared to cheer me in. >> instead they see brazilian athlete keller passing by to claim third place and sian faltering. with wendy just behind. >> i think when athletes look behind them, it's a bad sign. a real bad sign. it was just a panic when i saw her coming. >> when i came around that corner and i saw her falling, i'm like, now, i have to make my move now. >> she was like this big praying mantis running to the finish line with these wings that were just incredible. >> i was thinking, oh, my gosh, i'm able to pass her. she's down. i need to go faster.
3:35 pm
what if it becomes a sprint. how am i going to sprint? you want to get to that line first. you do. >> but as she is about to pass sian, wendy falls. the women are just feet away from the finish line. >> and then wendy fell. sian got up, wendy got up. they tried to run, but they couldn't do anything. they were helpless. >> and as you can hear, my mom is, go, sian! and then her voice becomes panicked seeing that i have some major problems here. >> no, sia snshn! no! >> and she really was thinking, maybe i could die. you know. >> their bodies are breaking down in an anguished battle for fourth place.
3:36 pm
>> i was like, oh, this is so frustrating. i was like, come on. you see the line. you know you put so much effort into it. you just want to get there. that's when i'm like, i'm just going to crawl. >> like when you're a baby, you want that bottle, you just crawl to it. >> i just looked at her and i thought, that's what i need to do. >> after 140 miles and nearly ten hours it comes down to ten seconds separating them at the finish line. >> i just wanted to pull her across the line and hug her like we made it, we did it, we got here. >> when i come across the line wendy puts her hand on my hand and just like, we did it. >> the moment is brief. family members whisk the women away to the medical tent. >> i tried. >> you did great.
3:37 pm
>> you did unbelievable. unbelievable. >> i knew how much they would love to see me win that race and, so, it was like the first thing that i wanted to tell them is, oh, i just, i tried so hard. >> this crawl has become ironman legend. a raw display of will and determination to fight to the finish. >> some days it's just not your day. it's not your day and then you want it to be the next best person's day. so, there's really no room for anything but compassion because it is, it is a hard sport. it was a great day. if was a great rivalry. >> they are dehydrated and exhausted. but after medical treatment and rest, sian and wendy are soon back on their feet. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> i was back down at the finish line that night cheering on the rest of the athletes at midnight and dancing and throwing out t-shirts and a big smile on my
3:38 pm
face and a cheeseburger in my belly, i was good to go. >> years later, sian and wendy's friendship is still strong. >> i still can't even believe how that happened with not just one person but two people. it is a special thing to have with a friend. >> and they're still running. >> as an athlete, you're just thinking, i want to finish and as soon as you go across the line, you're thinking, when is my next race so i can redo this. coming up, wreaking havoc from behind the wheel. and then -- >> he was prepared to drive through a graveyard and desecrate that in order to try to get away.
3:39 pm
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an suv driver plows straight through an accident scene and mows down a firefighter. >> oh, my god. >> it's june 15th, 1998 in plymouth meeting, pennsylvania. police and firefighters from the area are responding to a five-car accident. the injured are airlifted to the hospital and cleanup begins. freelance videographer james heck is filming the accident scene. >> i was just wrapping up and shooting and seeing what else there was to shoot and all of a sudden i heard a car horn. >> his attention turns to an suv careening into the scene and right towards the first responders.
3:43 pm
the driver narrowly misses a fire truck, but 22-year-old volunteer firefighter william krause can't get out of the way in time. >> oh, my god. >> as krause tries to dodge the suv, he trips. >> he probably wasn't sure what direction to jump in or, even more importantly, where the car was going. okay, where do i go? i'll just hit the grass. >> in a split second, krause is trapped underneath the suv. as the driver keeps going. fellow firefighters and police run after the car and then -- police open fire, hoping to stop the driver. james heck is still rolling as shots ring out. >> i ran as close as i could to the scene and kept on shooting. >> the driver swerves to escape the bullets and krause is thrown from underneath the car into the road.
3:44 pm
one of the rear tires runs over krause's leg, breaking his femur. firefighters rush over to help, and cops pull the driver out of the vehicle. the operator of the suv is 30-year-old luther harling. earlier in the day he nearly struck a police officer with his car in neighboring norristown. authorities gave chase, but called off the pursuit after harling crossed into the next town. but a half hour later, harling comes barreling through the roadblock set up around the accident scene. firefighter krause is conscious, but badly injured. >> a lot of concern, a lot of panic, is this guy going to make it? is he all right? >> krause is unable to see since the impact from the hip breaks the capillaries in his eyes, temporarily blinding him. soon he's on a gurney and headed to a chopper. krause suffers multiple broken
3:45 pm
bones including fractured vertebrae. doctors say he came within cent meters of a spinal injury that could have left him paralyzed. luther harlg is convicted of endangering another person. harling serves 4 1/2 years and is released in 2003. three years later, he died in a car accident. his attorney says harling's erratic behavior is caused by a mix of percocet and cocaine. and that he had no memory of the accident. after months of rehab, william krause returns to firefighting and james heck continues to shoot local news stories, though he doubts he'll ever see another story quite like this. >> it was an extraordinary situation. he's lucky to be alive. a quiet rural village is the site of a different kind of vehicle disturbance. >> the vehicle is off road,
3:46 pm
taking down the hedge. heading into the cemetery. heading into the cemetery. >> july 2nd, 2011. united kingdom. a guy driving a tractor erratically draws police attention. >> the officer thought there was something suspicious and tried to get him to stop and failed to do so and immediately went off road which set in motion this chain of events. >> now off road, off road! >> the officer radios for backup while a police chopper provides surveillance. >> we're following. just going across the fields running adjacent to the top of the village. >> farmer roger boring is in a parked truck when the driver plows into him. >> i think he got less than ten yards when i thought he's not going to stop. as he came down, getting closer with his tire and took this out with his tire. >> the driver shows no sign of stopping.
3:47 pm
>> he got off road, again. >> taking down the hedges heading into the cemetery. heading into the cemetery. >> i don't know what he was thinking. there's no way he could get away from police vehicles that were quite clearly quicker than his. >> back on to the main drag and pop out of the cemetery. >> bowering joins the chase. >> i know he's not going to go over 30 miles per hour. and i got eye full tank of diesel. i can fol le him all night. he's not going to get away. >> he may not get away, but he's doing plenty of damage. >> just knocked down gravestones and he's coming out on the a-60 as we speak. >> i don't think he would have stopped. the only thing that did stop him were those double gates where he rammed and had his tire burst. >> it looks like it's going to be left, no, reversing back into the cemetery.
3:48 pm
>> his front tire damaged, the digger grinds to a stop. >> vehicle's stopped. >> but the driver doesn't surrender easily. >> he was extremely aggressive when officers approached him and they were forced to use incapacitant spray. >> for one guy, he's made a lot of trouble in just a few minutes. >> he has caused in excess of 30,000 to 40,000 pounds worth of damage. he was prepared to drive through a graveyard and desecrate that in order to try to get away. i think it's just an absolute disgrace. it's appalling. >> it turns out, the man is a member of a larger criminal ring that steals heavy equipment for resale. >> fortunately, for a number of years he will be in prison where he deserves to be. >> the man pleads guilty to theft, dangerous driving,
3:49 pm
damaging property and driving without insurance or a license. he's sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison. coming up -- things get wild on the water. >> people pressed up against the fence by the path, literally grabbing on as the waves are coming in off the lake. and a goose lets loose. >> i got feathers going everywhere and i have no idea why there's a goose on my back.
3:50 pm
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chicago is known for extreme weather and its hardy residents generally take things in stride. but every once in a while, something happens that's unusual, even by chicago standards. >> i've never seen the waves this high.
3:53 pm
it's scary. >> i got hit by a wave and i was going backwards when i was trying to go forward. >> lake shore drive boasts one of chicago's most stunning backdrops. popular with tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and commuters. eric nelson lives across the street in a high rise with spectacular views of the waterfront. >> it's usually just packed. lot of runners, lots of people on their bikes. >> but on september 30th, 2011, high waves on lake michigan pummeled the shoreline raging out of control. >> i first realized something out of the ordinary was happening that morning when i got up. >> eric is surprised to see enormous waves crashing against the shoreline below. he records the scene to show friends and then heads out to investigate. >> waves were coming up 20, 30
3:54 pm
feet in the air and crashing out well across the jogging path and right up to the street. >> people are still using the path along the lake. many unaware of the danger just ahead, until it's too late. >> people pressed up against the fence by the path, literally grabbing on as the waves are coming in off the lake. when i saw people from the other side turning around and going back and people wiping out in front of me, i thought, it's not safe. >> across town at the national weather service forecast office, meteorologist mike bardu is monitoring high winds in the area. >> we had several hundred miles of wind coming from the north aiming at this particular point at the shore that was facing almost straight north. >> the s curve where the bike path hugs the shoreline across from eric's house is the ideal setup for high winds to unleash punishing waves. >> if you're standing next to a
3:55 pm
two-story building, that's how high the water was coming at you along the wake. the waves along the immediate shore were probably 15 to 20 feet. >> the city's office of emergency management cordons it off. local photographer preston thomas sees an opportunity to document something special. >> the police were already here and closed the beach. they told them that you need to photograph what was happening out here. >> preston keeps a safe distance, unlike others. >> the wave hit the wall and just soaked me. i took my headphones out because my ears were full of water. wear a poncho. that's all i can say. >> they were oblivious to the fact that there are 10 and 15-foot waves coming at them. >> preston's photographs capture the scene. >> some of them were just once in a lifetime shots. there was one shot that actually looks like there is a mollusk
3:56 pm
rising up along the shoreline. >> high winds and towering waves assault chicago for the next 24 to 36 hours. >> until you're down there and you can hear the water spraying back from 30 feet out and definitely the most dramatic i have seen. >> the next day it was like it never happened. finally, a fisherman has tables turned when a goose hooks him. drew gregory is an avid kayak fisherman, an emerging water sport that requires extremely good balance. >> a relatively new way to get into the water that other boats can't access. >> with greater mobility kayak fishing allows anglers to access more remote waters. >> getting to find fish that are more uneducated which are easier to catch, it's more fun. you're secluded, it's quiet, you
3:57 pm
get to stalk the fish and that's really a lot of fun. >> in january, 2010, drew takes a fishing trip with a couple of friends to st. marks, florida. >> it was a gorgeous day, catching a few fish here and there and things couldn't have been better. >> he has a video recorder attached to his kayak to document the trip. >> as a professional kayak fisherman, or in my process to become one, i needed to film myself on the river to show, hey, this guy knows what he's doing. you just never know what you're going to film. >> it's shaping up to be a pretty uneventful excursion until a pair of geese show up. >> these two geese come out of nowhere and honking around at me. they were friendly. no issues with them. i didn't mind if they hung out a little bit. >> geese are extremely territorial and they will attack when threatened. and drew is on their turf but they seem calm, curious even.
3:58 pm
>> the geese were starting to become a little friendlier and they got a little bit into my space. from time to time, get very close to my lures and even try to take like little bites out of it. >> i know where they're at, man. >> the geese swim around for an hour or so while drew continues fishing. then, things change. >> no, no, you idiot. don't bite that. look. it's a hook. >> one of them decides to just kind of sidle right up beside me nice and quiet and this is where our relationship took a turn for the worst. >> drew is so focused on fishing, that he stops paying attention to the geese and just as drew sits back down, one of them pounces. >> this goose is on my back. i've got feathers going everywhere and i have no idea why there is a goose on my back. next thing i know i'm just in the water with this bird.
3:59 pm
>> drew flips over into the water with the goose still on his shoulders. >> i have just been attacked by geese. >> the goose keeps honking and hissing at drew who is stuck in the water, clinging to his kayak. >> stupid geese. >> in the moment he's baffled about why the goose attacked. >> what did i do to you? >> while it's impossible to tell what sets the goose off, drew has his own theory. >> i think the final conclusion may have been, since i was so friendly with this goose, it could have feelings for me. >> we'll never know if it was a love connection gone wrong or a territorial dispute. but since the incident, drew steers clear of geese.
4:00 pm
>> what did i do to you? >> everything can change in an instant. >> outside i could see the trees kind of coming up towards the wing. >> forcing people into extraordinary situations. >> i put my arms out and said catch her, don't miss. >> when survival hangs in the balance. >> it was more action than i'd seen. like a james bond movie. >> shocking -- >> translator: his hands were bleeding, but he wouldn't stop digging. >> unexpected -- >> i felt like at one point i was questioning were there any dolphins left to respond to.


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