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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 26, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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coming up on first look this memorial day. california shooting. the gunman's parents contacted mental health professionals last month. he managed to convince the authorities that he wasn't a threat. a parent of one of the shooting victims speaks out. >> none of us, i don't care who you are, are immune from this. i don't care where you live. this can happen to you. >> honoring the troops. president obama's surprise visit and message to our soldiers and the rest of us about how long we'll be in afghanistan. plus the boat that hit the wheal, forcing the passengers overboard before the rocks. a huge day in the day of sports, we have you covered. and memorial day, thanking the
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men, women and family members that keep the nation free. this morning, we are learning more about the 22-year-old behind a deadly attack in california. elliott rodger killed six people and injured 13 before turning the gun on himself near the university of santa barbara. the manifesto indicates he had been planning the attack for quite some time. jennifer has the latest. >> reporter: chaos at a convoluted chain of events. people scramble as gunfire comes through a deli window. this was the third murder scene left behind byelle rot rodger. >> tomorrow is the day of retribution. the day in which i will have my revenge against humanity. >> reporter: the video uploading even as he was going on the killing spree.
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last month, the videos alarmed his family. and as rodger said in a manifesto he sent to his parents, he told deputies it was all a misunderstanding. thankfully, he wrote, all suspicion was dropped. >> he did not meet criteria for an involuntary mental health hold. >> reporter: with no indication of being an immediate threat, there was nothing they could do. the first three by stabbing, his room mates, identified as three men from northern california. and 19-year-old veronica weiss, her friends distraught. >> he was innocent, you know? very nice, she didn't deserve this. >> and 22-year-old katie cooper, just weeks from graduating. and chris martinez, a sophomore english major. >> he was the most warm, loving,
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kind-hearted kid you could ask for. >> heartbreak on a scale that has no measure. jennifer, nbc, santa barbara. president obama secretly flew to afghanistan on sunday for a surprise visit with troops. and tipped his hand at america's role in afghanistan. the site of this nation's longest war. tracie potts is in washington, d.c., he did not meet with hamid karzai, why not? >> reporter: they spoke on the spoken. he was on the ground for a few hours. it's been two years sing he was in afghanistan. the president said he wanted to go there to personally thank the troops for their service. >> i'm here on a single mission, and that's to thank you for your
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extraordinary service. >> reporter: he was on the ground four hours and only spoke to the afghan president by phone after taking off from the air base. president obama promised many of these troops will be home by new year's. >> and our combat mission will be over, the war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. >> reporter: we don't know how many will stay, could be as many as 10,000. the president told karzai, they'll talk again before he announces that publicly. that could be wednesday when he delivers the commencement speech at west point. he's focused on making sure the soldiers are seen at v.a. hospitals when they get home. >> our combat mission will come to an end, but commitment to the family just started. >> reporter: it was on the minds of vets in washington, d.c.
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>> it took 18 and a half months to be seen by the board. it's frustrating. >> reporter: and it's not over. president obama is expecting a report on the v.a. investigation this weekend. initial report. >> thank you so much. three people missing after a massive landslide in western colorado. two miles wide, four miles long, and up to 250-feet deep. according a sheriff's office, there was a noise much like a freight train. rescue crews are at the scene. the memorial day weekend didn't go quite as planned for a group of five boaters in california. they had to jump ship after the boat hit a whale of all things. the boat's engine was disabled when it collided with the whale five to ten miles from the shore. it was pushed toward a rocky coast, and the boaters made it
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safely. the whale was okay. and paying respects to me veterans this memorial day. this was part of the rolling thunder rally, aiming to bring attention to military veterans, particularly prisoners of war and those missing many action. it attracts motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the united states. those bacon cheeseburgers will cost more, strong demand, disease and drought put pressure on the bun to the bacon. for consumers, 32 cents more per burger than a year ago according to usda calculations. and sports, start with the nba western conference finals. >> there's jackson. he bobbled the rebound, and scored! >> oklahoma city's big man was back on the court.
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an injured calf kept him out of the first two games. they out-rebounded san antonio 52-36. they dialed up three pointers, but russell westbrook tops that. they break it open with defense and points. and san antonio leads the series, 2-1. in the nhl, rangers and canadiens. and score is tied 2-2 in overtime. >> from markhoff. second time, can't do it, st. louii moving in, score! >> three balls and two strikes to utley, with a runner at second. and a call, strike three, and josh beckett has thrown the 11th no-hitter in los angeles dodgers history. >> king of the diamond for a day, josh beckett is this year's first no-hitter in the major
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leagues. and now to the indy 500. scott dixon lost his shot at lap 167. the crash ends his day. helio castroneves had to get past ryan hundredter-reay on th final lap. >> and the checkered flag -- he won't get there. >> that was the second-closest finish in indy 500 history. he didn't win anything, but kurt busch had a day to remember. after finishing sixth in the indy 500, he flew to charlotte. his quest to go, and he blew an engine with 129 laps to go. jimmie johnson notched his first victory of the season. now the green and the pga tour.
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rory mcilroy bounces back days after calling off his wedding. he rallies to win the bmw championship by just one shot. and finally a dad caught the best of this minor league son's baseball game. there it goes, and then right there. into his hand. and first homer of the season, who is that guy? that's dear old dad. he was there to catch it. >> couldn't dad get better seats? >> in this case it paid off. >> or did his son tell him? >> dad, this one's coming to you early father's day gift. >> you think behind the plate or the dugout. not out in right field. awesome. >> today is memorial day. >> some of us will smile with a summer-like day. others, difficult, dodging in and out of the rain. all of the bad weather in the middle the country. the eastern seaboard gets warmer and warmer.
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hot in florida, and warm right up throughout mid-atlantic. some of the worst, through san antonio. a severe thunderstorm warning just to the south of town. thankfully, we've had a lot of rain over the weekend in north texas, western oklahoma and colorado. this area's in a significant drought. so that's great. lightly rainy in kansas city, that should be over with by the time the parades kick off. and strong storms, large hail ask flash flooding threat for western and central sections of texas. warm beach day from florida up the mid-atlantic. upper 80s in north carolina, south carolina, and up to new york city. and stormy weather everywhere. a lot of chances of afternoon thunderstorms. and as far as the hurricane season on june 1st, knnoaa did make the official forecast, an average to below average season. six is the average number,
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they're saying there's about a 70% chance to have three to six of those. we haven't had a major hurricane hit the country since wilma in 2005. it's one of the longest droughts ever, and hopefully continue. sooner or later it's going to catch up. >> hopefully not this time around. thank you. and an exclusive interview with ukraine's new president. and pope francis making progress in a push for peace. all over the world know us, but they don't yet know we're a family. we're right where you need us. at the next job, next adventure or at the next exit helping you explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. so wherever you want to be, whatever you want to do, chances are we're already there. save up to 25% and earn bonus points when you book at
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s. now to the final day of pope francis' historic mission to the holy land. he visited two of the holiest places in judaism and islam. the wailing wall and the rock. and he was squarely in the middle of the middle east peace process. anne thompson has more.
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>> reporter: pope francis' day of political messages started at the beginning of the day, flying to jordan and bipassing israel on the way in. in his meeting with mahmoud abbas, he recognized the territories as the state of palestine. and an unannounced stop at the concrete wall. and praying at the wall that they say makes them prisoners that israel says is necessary. that's why claire fought her way through the crowds to see the pope. carrying are poster asking him to save her house, which is surrounded by the wall. what do you see when you look out the windows? >> i see walls and crams and israeli towers. >> reporter: but perhaps the biggest surprise came during the mass in the square.
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when francis invited abbas and israeli president to come to the vatican to pray for peace. they accepted. it's not just the divide between the palestinians and the israelis that divides the pope, but a divide within christianity itself. he prayed with the leader of orthodox christians on the site where christ was crucified, the latest act of unity between two churches once separated for 900 years. >> anne thompson from jerusalem. the white house may have outed the cia's top officer in kabul. the officer's name was included on a list of attendees to the visit. the white house declined to comment. ukraine may have the new president. exit polls suggest that billionaire petro poroshenko has
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won. he'll have his hands full. cnbc talked to him about that in an exclusive interview. >> they said the ukraines don't have a legitimate president. today, starting from today, we have a legitimate president. >> he went on to say that nothing could stop them from achieving peace in ukraine. arizona officials say the 21-square mile slide fire that started tuesday is 21% contained thanks to calmer winds. and south korea, looking for tips about the mysterious billionaire who owns a ferry that sank last month. they said he didn't spend enough on safety. it left more than 300 people dead or missing. a new age skafb jer hunt going down. hidden cash is hiding money and
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s. now for your first look at this morning's dish, unscrambled application. the washington redskins president invited senator harry reid to attend a game. he opposes the name calling it offensive and derogatory. he said that the logo was designed by native americans, and an overwhelming majority of the native american don't find it offensive according to a poll. no word on in if he will attend. no saying if jay carney is a fan of the rock band, but he introduced them at the sold-out show. and the housing and urban development, joaquin castro recommend finding a good mexican restaurant. he will not be bunking with his
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brother. and first perspective here, political perspective, joined by david, and thank you for starting your memorial day with us. >> hi, francis. >> start with the tea party and how a video scandal could bring it down. two weeks before the primary, republican candidate from kansas city is really having a tough time distancing himself from the online attack video that included a likely illegal image of his opponent's bedridden wife. some supporters have been arrested. how damaging is this for the party overall? >> if it continues to be tied to chris mcdaniel's campaign, and so far several of his big supporters have been tied to this, it could be a big problem. this is election season, a primary season, establishment republicans are trying to circle the wagons and beat back the tea party challengers. they haven't been able to do that, and so far the establishment has been successful. this was an area where they were focused, on that mcdaniel
2:23 am
campaign. but if the allegations continue to be at the surface, it's a problem. >> the video of his bedridden wife suffering from and dementia. we are on rsvp watch with the redskins inviting senator harry reid to attend a game. will attend on respectfully decline? >> this is a tough one. he's never backed down from a confrontation. neither has redskins owner dad snyder. the redskins are not going to roll over easy on the name change. they haven't been, and really calling harry reid out on this. it would be a circus if he attended. it's unlikely and unseemly if he did so. you never know, he's not one to back down. to the president's surprise visit to troops in afghanistan in two years. he was firm, for many of you, this is the last tour in afghanistan.
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all contingent on the security agreement that karzai refused to authorize. what do you think of the timing of the trip over the v.a. hospital situation. >> it had nothing to do with the time wise. but the president wants the images of his shaking hands, he offered to shake hands with everybody in the room. and they're going to talk about foreign policy at west point this week. so they want to show the president being a commander in chief and having the authority over the military, and sort of thanking the troops for their service. this the a theme even despite the scandal with the v.a., they want to show the president in these situations. he's talked a lot about veteran's issues, and his administration doing stuff for veterans. we have to see how he responds to the v.a. scandal and how quickly he gets a handle. >> and the bomber jacket as well. thank you so much. >> thanks, francis. all right. and now this story here, bill, check this out. sink or swim?
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was that the true test for the boats racing in the regatta in key west? the teams had to build boats of plywood and duct tape. two eight foot long two we by fours, a roll of duct tape, a pad of fasteners. >> he knew it was going down. >> it's impressive when you have that. so that's impressive, but how about this too? you're a grill master, right? your domain. >> i can hold my own. >> see if this is something for you or you at home. a smart grill, wi-fi and a smartphone, and this baby can fair and cook your filet perfect temperature by sending text alerts. >> so i don't have to leave the couch. >> exactly. accesses the recipe database. does everything for you. they hope to launch it by 2015. >> not a bad idea.
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you have to put the meat on, take it off. and poolside, hang out with the crowd, need to turn it down, up. >> might be helpful. they tell you you touch the palm or whatever, that tells you the temperature. and morgan freeman, i love this. >> through the worm hole is his series on the science channel. that starts back up june 4th. they needed him to spend 30 seconds to promote it. >> in unusual situations -- you don't always get what you expect. >> you don't expect morgan freeman to have a voice of a 3-year-old. >> it's brilliant. you're talking about the king of narration, voiceover, audiobooks, and that. the morgan freeman. >> how do you make people watch the series, but this has over 9 million views.
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>> 9 million? >> just watching him do helium. >> and you know people are going to watch it over and over again. >> it's morgan freeman. >> it's morgan freeman. you said it all. >> need some helium. >> all right, i'm francis rivera and you are watching "first look" on msnbc on this memorial day. are you doing? there's no dip in that bowl. they're new pringles tortillas. so good, they don't need dip. mmmm... not bad, right? i'll have some more! that's a double dip! you... double dipped... new pringles tortillas. you dip 'em or don't. pringles! you wouldn't have it she any other way.our toes. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow.
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coming up on first look this memorial day. california shooting, the gunman's parents contacted mental health officials. he managed to convince the authorities he wasn't a threat. a parent of one of the shooting victims speaks out. >> none of us, i don't care who you are, are immune from this. i don't care where you live. this can happen to you. honoring the troops. president obama's surprise visit and message to our soldiers and the rest of us about how long we'll be in afghanistan. plus, the boat that hit the whale, forcing the passengers overboard before it hit the rocks. a huge day in the world of sports. we have you covered. and memorial day, a


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