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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  May 27, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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itself completely unprepared. this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is tuesday, may 27th. welcome to "way too early," the show that loves everything about long weekends except when they're over. so i hope you had a great memorial day weekend. and we get back to work here and we start off with this heartbreaking story out of california today. you probably have been following it over the weekend. classes are canceled today in preparation for a massive memorial service this afternoon on campus. after a college student killed six other kids before killing himself. on friday police say that elliot rodger stabbed his three roommates to death at their shared apartment. then he went on a shooting rampage in his black bmw firing inside a deli and at a sorority
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house killing and injuring others. he had a history of instability and red flags may have been missed. the sheriff's department is re-examining a checkup by officers less than a month ago when they were called to his home after his parents became concerned and on that occasion rodger reportedly convinced the officers that he was okay. >> he was found to be very shy, timid, he was courteous to them. he told them that he was having some social problems and some school issues and that he probably was not going to continue in school. and he was able to convince the deputies that he was not and danger to himself or other people and they ended up advising him of resources that were available to him if he was, you know, depressed or having issues but it was -- there wasn't enough criteria there for them to actually put in motion
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the process of taking him against his will, as it were. >> the 22-year-old had written a 137-imagine manifesto promising a day of retribution and put up a youtube video in which he blamed women for spurning him. they're look nothing three gun stores where he purchased winds serving a warrant ott one of them. six sets of parents are united in their grief and one says he'd like to meet with the shooter's parents. >> he's a father. he loved his son. i don't doubt. i've heard reported that he -- that he said that he would dedicate his life to try to make sure this doesn't happen again and i share that with him. and i'd be willing to -- i would like to meet him. >> stories of heroism, they're merging as well. a student at the deli rushed to help and quickly recognized richard martinez's son. he was the very first person
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that she met on campus freshman year. >> i was giving him cpr and i looked down and i recognized his face and then i asked his friend, i was like, wait, is his name chris, chris martinez and they were like yeah and i was just like, wait, what? no. >> just heartbreaking. there are new developments to report in the search for 300 schoolgirls, nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria. the country's defense chief is claiming officials now know where the girls are being held but he is ruling out using force to save and rescue them. >> we want our girls back. but i can tell you we can do it. we can do it. but where they are held, can we take them with force? no. so nobody should come and say
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the nigerian military does not know what it is doing. we know what we are doing. we can't kill our girls in the name of getting them back. >> the pentagon unable to identify the location. it's been seven weeks since boko haram abducted them and threatened to sell them off into slavery. the group has carried out attacks resulting in the deaths of nearly 500 civilians. the bbc is reporting that the government was close to a deal to free 100 militants in exchange for 50 of the girls. but decided to back out. we shift our attention to ukraine where the outcome of the presidential election has done little to end the violence there. ukraine's military fought back pro-russian militants trying to seize control of the largest airport in the eastern region. kiev went on the offensive with anti-terrorism forces launching air strikes on the rebels and civilians ran for cover as cl h clashes went back and forth for hours. 12 civilians reported dead. the pro-russian militants
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say 30 rebels were killed and this comes one day after ukrainians elected petro poroshenko as their next president. he is a pro-european billionaire nicknamed the chocolate king because of his candy business. he received more than 00% of the vote thanks to large turnout in kiev and low turnout loyal to moscow. in his first move as president he's vowing to end the crisis with russia promising to offer amnesty to rebels who show they want to end the violence. >> for those who take the weapons but not using that, we are ready introduce the amnesty law. the only condition for using the amnesty law, two conditions, just no blood and disarmament. for those who are killing the people they're terrorists and no country in the world has any negotiation with a terrorist. >> moscow says it will respect the results of the election and
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is ready to hold talks with the new government. pope francis made an unexpected announcement overnight during his flight home from the middle east and told reporters he's planning to meet next month with a group of people who were sexually abused by members of the clergy. pope francis says he will have, quote, zero tolerance for anyone guilty of abuse or covering it up and also compared priests molesting children to a, quote, satanic mass. this weekend pope francis wrapped up his tour of israel and prayed and left a note at the western wall, the holiest place in jerusalem for jews to pray. as israel's request pope francis changed his schedule to tour the holocaust memorial and kissed the hands of six holocaust survivors and attended more than 30 events in just 55 hours. president obama spent his weekend making a surprise trip to afghanistan. celebrating memorial day with a few thousand soldiers at bagram air base, during his unannounced trip the president thanked the troops telling them that he was
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in awe of their conduct during what has become america's longest war. ♪ >> i'm here on a single mission and that is to thank you for your extraordinary service. i thank you as your commander in chief because you inspire me. your willingness to serve, to step forward at a time of war and say, send me, is the reason the united states stays strong and free. through this long war you never wavered in your belief that people deserve to live free from fear. over here and back home. our flag will always be there because the freedom and liberty it represents to the world will always be defended by patriots like you. >> president obama did not meet with afghan president hamid karzai while in afghanistan but he did tell reporters that the two spoke to each other on the phone for about 20 minutes. tomorrow the president will lay
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out a broader foreign policy vision during his west point commencement speech as the country shift as way from its wars in afghanistan. in just a few hours crew also resume their search for three men missing after a major mudslide in western colorado. now the men disappeared on sunday when they went to check on reports of a mudslide officials say that's when a second mudslide occurred. they say it was more than three miles long half a mile wide and up to 250 feet deep. that's larger than the march mudslide in washington state that left 41 people dead. the upper portion of the mudslide is considered too unstable for crews to try searching. the three men are well known and well known landowners in the community including a father and son. the son being 24 years old. the markets re-open after finishing on a tear last week. on friday we saw the s&p closing above 1900 for the first time in the indices' history and geoff cutmore is live in london for a look at the day ahead. geoff, good morning. >> hey, good morning, thomas. the futures look positive at the
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moment and europe is higher. so looks like you'll get a reasonable start back from memorial day. worth pointing out some housing data and consumer confidence data for may so keep an eye on these points. we have had a big european election here as you know. there has been a pickup in support for right wing parties at the fringe and especially those who are anti-the european union construct. that though not expected to have a big impact on the markets. it's a lot about politics, a lot of politicians will be nervous in european capitals but don't expect it to be market moving. back to you. >> geoff, it was the merger everybody was watching. pharmaceutical merger with pfizer and astrazeneca but totally kaput now, correct? >> absolutely. yesterday pfizer effectively said that's it. we're not interested in going forward with this deal. $119 billion to play for on the
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table but it appeared as though astra put up a decent defense. astra shares down 2%. ian reid, the pfizer ceo blaming takeover rules as part of the reason the deal failed. >> thank you, geoff. evolving technology and caught this online and thought we needed to show it to you. take a look. >> this would be the hardest thing in the world. >> what you need to do is type the word print first. >> oh. >> that has nothing to do with print. >> i don't get how you have to put print -- nothing prints out. >> print. oh. >> oh! it did it. i feel so proud of myself. >> finally! took a thousand years. >> you remember that? we'll have more from these kids
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comes up later. the technology that originally impressed you but now in behindsight seems kind of lame, tweet us your most creative answers using the 'stache #waytooearly. did the heat take control? the match made in paparazzi heaven. the can't miss details from kim and kanye's nuptials including the celebrity who came dressed as batman. that story and a chick on weather when "way too early" comes right back. you already know this, right? hey. i'm ted and this is rudy.
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put the pacers on the brink after a 102-90 victory. tonight the thunder look to get even with the spurs. game four. stanley cup playoffs. blackhawks and kings. the western conference final, l.a. laying the smackdown to chicago early. the kings score three goals in the first period and notch a fourth before the blackhawks even get on the board. they go on for the 5-2 win and the commanding 3-1 series advance. tonight, the rangers head back to montreal with a chance to close out their series against the canadiens in game five. to baseball where the red sox were in the middle of a ten-game losing streak visiting the first place braves, boston trailing 6-3 with two men on for david ortiz in the fifth and then this. >> high fly ball, left center deep. >> look at that big preponderance api ties it up with a single swing and drives in his fourth rbi to give boston
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the lead. they don't look back. the red sox win it, 8-6 ending their longest slide in some 20 years. to los angeles, the dodgers hosting the reds, just a game after josh beckett pitched a no-hitter we got hyun-jin ryu in position to do it again taking a perfect game into the eighth inning. ryu retired 21 consecutive batters before todd frazier comes up. they do get the 4-3 win. speaking of beckett's no-hitter, a.j. ellis celebrated a little too hard. the team placed him on the disabled list after he sprained his ankle while stepping on his catcher's mask. that stinks. all right. we turn now to weather and talk about what's going on there. look at this video. we have this captured. tornado topping down in north dakota injuring nine people destroying at least eight trailers at an oil camp. that's where they have a lot of pop-up towns because the oil industry is so hot there so the workers were staying at this camp. it's now been decimated in
2:47 am
certain parts about 30 miles southeast of williston, the center of the oil boom. a volunteer for the red enclose said it hit so quickly there wasn't time to take shelter. >> brittany, that was wild that was caught on camera. >> yeah, and if you look we see a few clouds moving into the northeast. what we'll see as we head into late they are afternoon is a few more showers moving into philadelphia and also parts of new york. going to be a warm day but as we head into tomorrow a cold front will swing down and drop temperatures so we'll see a high of 86 for philadelphia, 84 in new york and 63 degrees in boston, temperatures in boston are going to drop down back into the 50s as we head into thursday. but a closer look now at your temperatures. it's a mild start, 64 degrees in albany, 66 in buffalo, 70 degrees in washington, d.c. and, again, we are going to see an above average day today. take a look across our nation.
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still dealing with thunderstorms in minneapolis stretching down into chicago. even parts of dallas. soaking rains continue in texas and we also have a flood watch that is going to stay in effect but thomas, much needed rain for texas who has been dealing with drought conditions for the majority of this year. >> i'm sure they need it. welcome back. nice to have you here. >> great to be visiting from philadelphia. >> all right. we hope you enjoy your time in the city. you certainly brought some decent weather with you. >> i did. >> coming up at the top of the hour, planning on going to the polls. they make a choice for a lasting impact on the direction of the country. then when we come back here we will huddle around the water cooler. kids are great with modern technology but what about technology from a few decades ago. more video thaw need to see. these kids are freaking out over what most of us started with. [female announcer] grow, it's what we do.
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welcome back. it was earlier we told you about the shootings in california. the weapons used this that rampage all seem to have been purchased legally. if you want to sound smart today tell your friends that the brady campaign that tracks the nation's gun laws last year ranked california as having the strictest gun laws in the nation. they include a mandatory criminal background check and a ten-day waiting period before
2:52 am
any firearm sale. in addition handgun purchases are limited to one per 30 days. we'll lighten things up and huddle around the water cooler and want to check in with louis following the wedding of the century. good morning. >> let's start with what many call the most important wedding ever in case you live under a rock, kim kardashian and kanye west got married in florence. when they -- they haven't actually sold their official wedding photos but did brunch a lot of photo booth pictures. she wore a tisci. gown and her daughter a matching dress. holy attention seeker. one wore a batman costume. that's incredible. now, "the new york post" covered it in a harsh way saying sex tape star kim kardashian wet
2:53 am
egotist kanye west in a wedding opulent enough for florence's medici dynasty and goes on to say "the republic still stands." i congratulate the two newlyweds and i'm sure it was a sight to see. >> i'll just continue on. i love this. now, the internet is buzzing about netflix's newest plan after the 2001 classic "red hot american summer." >> hey, you guys, everybody focus up. i would like to announce ben and i are planning to produce a musical number from "godspell." i'm sorry, about enis producing i'm directing/choreography. >> if you can't carry a tune don't come into the audition environment and waste our time. we're serious, okay. >> bring a lot of movement clothes, aka jazz shoes, dance belts, lycras, el al, fyi this,
2:54 am
is not an excuse to get out of your regular activities this. is an excuse to do some good musical theater. be prepared. be enthusiastic and leave your [ bleep ] attitude at the door. >> while he recovers from his laughing spell, that was bradley cooper and amy poehler. "variety" says they're trying to get the entire cast to return including janeane garofalo and paul rudd. reports they would play high school age characters despite the fact that they're all mostly in their 40s but they look young, though, the way they're dressed up. are you all right, thomas? anyway -- we mentioned earlier in the show that we couldn't resist showing you more of this video called kids react to computers. >> today you are reacting to this. >> what is this? >> this is very -- >> type in to the keyboard to
2:55 am
get it to do anything. >> so if i type in games, hit return. error. >> error. >> this computer isn't an error. >> there was no internet back then. >> what? >> how do you like look up homework. >> but to the library. >> who wants to do that. >> they call that a floppy disk. >> it is floppy. >> yes. >> oh, i don't like it. >> it works at least. >> this is not better than floppy bird. >> i don't get it and don't get the 1970s. >> hard to believe there was no internet. iry sitting -- >> these kids are so cute as they try to learn what most of us had to be exposed to. >> had to deal with. >> that's right. >> all right, louis, thank you, sir. i never laughed so hard. earlier we asked about the technology that originally impressed but new hindsight seems kind of lame. our producer justine has some of
2:56 am
the best responses. justine? >> good morning. so we have a tweet from your sister. she says who remembers "alfie." love all the -- >> yeah, yeah. my mom still has the alfie in the laundry room. >> there's the actual robot. >> it was great, though. >> awesome. >> yeah. >> we had some fun with in this morning. i'm sorry. coming up next on "way too early," the stories you'll be talking about in the day ahead. it will probably include a white batman suit. "morning joe" just moments away.
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mom! except permission to use the garage. thousands of products added every day to even safety cones. staples. make more happen. welcome back. a check on the day ahead. classes are canceled at the university of california santa barbara to honor the lives that have been lost to the weekend's shooting rampage there. the school chancellor says the school will observe a day of mile-per-houring as well as reflection. today is the deadline for l.a. clippers owner donald sterling to respond to the nba's proposal to terminate his ownership. last week he was formally charged with violating terms of the nba constitution. the league will decide his fate in a special meeting on june the
3:00 am
3rd. get this, the scripps national spelling bee kicks off today, 281 spellers from all 00 states and around the world are going to compete for this are going to compete for this title. the youngest speller is only eight years old. that's going to do it for a tuesday edition of "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ i'm here on a single mission and that is to thank you for your extraordinary service. your willingness to serve, to step forward at a time of war and say, send me, is the reason the united states stays strong and free. when it comes to supporting you and your families, the american people stand united. we support you. we are proud of you. we stand in awe of your service. you see it in the kids across america who send