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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  May 31, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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there are some things we mere mortals can't explain. >> ufos, i swear to god -- >> from mysterious lights in the sky -- >> it looked triangular in shape, and at each corner it had what looked like a red l.e.d. light. >> to a creepy night at the museum. >> the statue was actually moving. >> i thought someone was playing a trick on me. >> mythical beasts. >> what is that? oh, man. >> and monsters at sea. >> what in the heck is that? >> those things are big! >> you've got to be kidding. what is this? >> i'm convinced there's something in that lake. >> if it's real and true, i think a portion of the
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population would freak out. >> i got it on tape! i got it! >> "caught on camera: eerie and alien." an ancient statue -- >> people were describing this as possibly a poltergeist or a haunted case. >> it would act as an alternative for the spirit. >> shrouded in mystery. >> the statue was actually moving. >> people suggested it was the spirit of this individual returning to the statue. >> the year is 2012, and the manchester museum in england is under construction. >> to celebrate the gallery's 100-year anniversary,
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we decided to display all our archaeology and egyptology objects. we opened in 2012, and at that point i noticed something quite unusual happening in one of the cases. >> a ten-inch-tall egyptian statue dating back to 1800 b.c. is moving. >> i came in one morning, and i noticed that one of the statuettes that had been put on display the previous week was turned 180 degrees around in the case. >> dr. campbell price, the museum's egypt and sudan curator, returns the next day to an even eerier site. >> it was 45 degrees to the right of what i intended to be. i thought this was genuinely strange. i was baffled. i thought someone was playing a trick on me. >> if this is a home, it's an elaborate one. the display case is well guarded. >> there are two locks. one in the bottom of the case, one right at the top. to get right to the top, you need a ladder to open one at the top. then you have to turn the alarms off.
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>> a time-lapse camera is installed in the display case hoping to catch the prankster red-handed. seven days later, dr. price checks the footage. >> we got this very eerie-looking video of him spinning unaided while nothing else moves in the case. >> it's not something you can see if you see it in real time. you can only see it on the time lapse as it slowly rotates around to face the other direction. >> if this is not a hoax, some wonder whether something about the statue's history could be causing it to spin. >> the statuette represents a man named neb-sanu, a security guard, if you like, in ancient egypt. the idea of him spinning around, maybe keeping watch on other exhibits, is very appropriate for his function in ancient egypt. >> appropriate but spookily sinister. >> ancient egypt, especially museum objects from egypt, attract all kinds of wild theories.
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>> people immediately think it's a curse, it's haunted. >> the myth of the pharaoh's curse began in 1922 with the discovery of king tutankhamun's tomb. legend has it anyone who dares disturb the tomb of an ancient egyptian will suffer the mummy's wrath. >> there's a big story about how everyone who is connected with opening the tomb of tutankhamun met with a nasty, grisly end. >> several members of the archaeological team did in fact fall ill shortly after opening the tomb. and lord carnivan, who funded the dig, died just months later. it's said that at the moment of his death, every light in cairo went out. >> ancient egypt has always in some sense to people been unexplained, and we just sometimes like to believe mysterious things. >> but the curse of the pharaohs refers to mummies, not statues. or does it? according to dr. price, ancient egyptian statues like this one,
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were often buried alongside mummies. >> tomb robbery was really common in ancient egypt. the egyptians themselves knew there was a good chance that maybe something bad will happen to my body even if it is preserved after death, so i need a backup option. >> should anything happen to the body, they believed their spirit could transfer into the statuette. >> it would act as an alternative body for the spirit. >> the riddle of the spinning statue turns heads. >> the video became a big talking point. it went viral on the internet. >> and attracts the attention of ghost hunters and scientists vying to solve the mystery. >> it was only when we got a vibration expert in to install sensors under the case that we could really monitor the reason why the statuette was moving. >> scientists now believe that visitors rather than vexations are to blame.
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>> footfall causes vibration. there are also cars and vehicles outside that also cause vibration. even subtle vibration at night. that's why i think he was moving a little bit even during the night. >> but if vibrations are causing this statue to move, why are the others remaining still? >> the statuettes's base is not flat, it's convex, whereas other pieces in the case are flat and are more secure. >> one mystery remains -- why did it take 80 years for the statue to start moving? >> essentially he wasn't moving before because he'd been properly secured. when we redisplayed the galleries here this year, we hadn't thought about securing him in the same way as other statues. and that oversight resulted in this very mysterious movement. >> in april, 2013, dr. price
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secures 3,000-year-old neb-sanu with tape. >> he's known as the spinning statue, he currently isn't spinning. >> he may no longer have the 360-degree view, but manchester's ancient security guard still watches over the other priceless relics, his neighbors in this life. coming up -- >> it was beginning to flag. the interview was not going well. >> an interview shrouded in conspiracy and intrigue. >> if you believe his story, you know, he smuggled highly classified footage. i mean, he'd be in a lot of trouble. >> when "caught on camera: eerie and alien" continues.
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if it's true, i think a portion of the population would freak out. >> july 26th, 1996. los angeles, california. filmmaker jeff broadstreet is working at a video distribution company called rocket pictures when a man, identifying himself as victor, calls claiming to have smuggled highly classified footage out of america's most secretive military base. >> he said that he had reason to be at area 51. he wouldn't say whether he was an employee there or not, but wanted to get the information out. >> it's unclear why victor contacts rocket pictures specifically, but what is clear is that his footage is extraordinary. >> it is a typical gray alien, and it's supposedly being interviewed by an area 51 telepath. >> unable to prove whether the
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alien in victor's tape is real or not, broadstreet takes a gamble and produces the documentary, "area 51: the alien interview." >> i thought it looked kind of puppet-y, but there was something compelling about it. it was kind of creepy. that's why i was going to make the documentary one way or the other. >> the mysterious "victor" agrees to be interviewed for broadstreet's documentary only if he's filmed in silhouette and his voice is altered. >> my purpose is to expose the existence of the aliens, not compromise these individuals. i made the decision come forward. i'm taking precautions to protect my own identity. >> if you believe his story, you know, he smuggled highly classified footage. i mean, he'd be in a lot of trouble. big, big trouble. >> victor reveals that the ebe or extraterrestrial biological entity arrives at area 51 in 1989, the same year some believe
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a flying saucer is shot down over the kalahari desert in south africa. legend has it two aliens survive the crash. no word on what happens to ebe number one, but ebe two is allegedly flown to area 51 for questioning. >> he said that they were interviewing the alien a certain number of times a week for a certain number of hours. >> the alien, victor says, is interviewed telepathically. of course, the universal language of human meets extraterrestrial. >> approximately twice a month they sit it down for a session that generally lasts from three to five hours. >> could this alien be part of an elaborate government plan? some conspiracy theorists believe in the existence of project sigma. >> project sigma was a sort of an exchange program. >> the rumored project is believed to have been implemented by president eisenhower in the 1950s following the alleged crash of an alien spacecraft in roswell,
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new mexico. some say eisenhower sought ways to communicate with aliens. he wanted to make a deal. >> eisenhower made the agreement with the aliens that they would get dna from us, and then they would get to abduct a certain number of people. >> he showed up five days later saying he had been captured but not harmed by creatures from outer space. >> we would get technology. after that, we suddenly had fiber optics and night vision goggles and the computer chip. so we made this huge leap forward in the late '50s, early '60s. >> could this allegedly smuggled videotape be proof, as some believe, that project sigma is real and active in the 1980s? if so, we may never know because the video unfortunately or,
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perhaps, conveniently, is silent. >> i can't allow the voices of the project personnel to be heard by the general public. there's a very good chance their family or friends on the outside might recognize them. >> here is the alien interview in its entirety just as it appeared in broadstreet's documentary with victor's commentary as an audio guide. >> we're looking at the interview suite at s4. it's kept dark for the comfort of the aliens. the figure who is just barely visible in the left foreground is the telepath. behind the camera is a seating area for observers. in this case, i was -- the only other person present was a military aide. the alien is seated behind a glass part is which is containment area which is maintained at biosafety level two, the lowest designation.
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that's primarily for the protection of the aliens, not us. the theory is that if they were going to infect with us an alien bug, it would have happened 50 years ago. in fact, all the indications are the aliens eliminated microbial and viral life from their own ecosystem long ago. they aren't susceptible to our diseases directly, but it has been shown that microbes can reproduce and form colonies within their respiratory systems which tends to exacerbate the debilities they tend to suffer in our environment. in fact, you can see here the alien is beginning to flag. the interview is not going well. the telepath was trying to clarify some points from a previous interview but wasn't receiving coherent responses. as you see, the being is in real distress. at this point the telepath is
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sending out a message to the medical staff. he's trying to communicate with the alien, but he's getting no response. there's very little he can do. there's no direct connection between his space and the bio containment area. that's the aide stepping in on the right. the medical staff should be there by now. they're slow in responding. there they are. i have to say the medical personnel in s4 are less than first rate. they tend to be selected for their willingness to keep secrets rather than their medical competence. by the way, he's not shining that light into the eyes. it looks that way, but in fact he's checking for hemorrhaging around the eye sockets and the nasal cavity. i'm sorry.
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it's very hard for me to watch this. >> the u.s. government has never commented on broadstreet's documentary. yet it has denied having evidence that extraterrestrials have made contact with humans. >> i do know the interviews came to an end. whether the being died or was retired -- and i don't mean that in a spy sense of having it killed -- i mean retired from the interview process, i just don't know. >> we found out that, yeah, aliens are really real and they're here among us, there's a big portion of the population that would completely freak out. >> some wonder if this video and its extraordinary subject could, in fact, be real. we asked a specialist. >> i have no doubt that it is an animatronic puppet. >> this is a special effects artist. >> the telltale signs to me are that it goes through repetitively and redundantly a specific set of movements. and those parameters are most likely the cause of the fact
5:19 pm
that there's only so many pieces inside of the head, if you will. >> hedrick also finds the props in the interview room suspicious. >> if i were to set up a scene and we were going to shoot a puppet, i'd want something similar to this where we have limited coverage on the subject within the frame, and then we have a desk or something that enables us to get underneath it in order to puppeteer it. >> what about the lighting? >> ostensibly the alien is sensitive to light. >> it's kept dark for the comfort of the aliens. >> it's a low-light situation, but it's still lit. and as a matter of fact, the one light that we do have is directly on the alien's face and eyes. now, if it was sensitive to light, we could have shot this with infrared or something. as a concept, it's very cool. but i think to just about any working effects artist, it's pretty clear that this is a bit of film magic.
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>> broadstreet's documentary, "area 51: the alien interview," is released in 1997 to mixed reviews. over the years, however, it's become a cult classic. >> if you go on youtube right now, there are literally 10 or 12 pages of people who have posted parts of our show. so clearly, people are fascinated by this stuff. >> despite naysayers, some still believe the footage is real and that we are not alone. >> people want to have something bigger than themselves to believe in. sure, i'd like for it to be real. but until a flying saucer lands on the white house lawn and, you know, the whole press corps is there, nobody's going to believe it. >> use your own judgment, that's all any of us can do. coming up, an ancient myth slithers to life. >> you can almost see the face of this snake.
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once there was this little girl who had a golden ring. >> a 900-year-old fairytale. >> the worm was supposed to protect it. >> a terrifying ending. >> but the worm grew and became a giant monster. >> has the fable come to life? >> i'm convinced there's something in that lake. >> february, 2012. iceland. it's a freezing winter morning, and this sheep farmer is looking out over lake lagarfljot. life is slow and excitement rare in this remote village. that's about to change. as the beast makes its way up
5:25 pm
river, he calls his nephew, runar, a local news reporter. >> he tells me the worm is trying to swim ashore. >> i thought to myself, okay, this is probably some debris floating in the river. i helped him figure out how to take video, and he recorded this video. later that same day, he showed me what he had captured. and i was totally amazed because the debris apparently seems to be swimming. [ speaking native language ] >> the video shows some snake-shaped form swimming in the river. you can almost see the face of the snake or its eyes. it's amazing, i think. >> runar uploads his uncle's footage to the local news website, and it's an instant sensation. >> the editor of our website
5:26 pm
called me up and told me that the website was almost crashing because there were so many people from japan looking at the video. >> within days, the video has three million views. many believe he's captured the infamous lagarfljot worm on camera. >> there have been all kinds of fairy tales and legends about this animal, ascribing it with all kinds of fantastic supernatural powers. >> everyone here learns about this myth when they are a child. >> the legend of the worm dates back to 1345 to the time of the vikings. >> once there was this little girl who had a golden ring, and put the golden ring in the box. she wanted the gold to grow so she would become rich. so she found a little worm and put it on top of the golden ring. and the worm was supposed to protect it and maybe make it grow. >> but as in so many fables, there's a twist.
5:27 pm
>> and the worm grew instead. and so when she found out, she was very afraid, and she took her box and threw it in the river. and there the worm grew. it became a giant monster. >> storybooks tell of a deadly sea serpent wreaking havoc from its watery dwelling. >> caused a lot of trouble for people in this area. i think that the message of the story is that if you don't deal with your problems, they will grow and become everyone else's problems. >> many here claim to have seen the mythical monster. >> people have been seeing all sorts of weird things floating around in the river as long as people can remember and as early as people have been writing stories in iceland. >> but few have caught it on camera. >> i think that this video will probably make the lagarfljot worm as big as the loch ness monster or bigfoot and the most famous creatures on the planet.
5:28 pm
>> but not everyone here is so excited. there are murmurs of a bad omen. >> people here believe that if they see the worm, something big will happen. probably something bad. >> and then there are the nonbelievers. >> it looks to me like there's a crack in the ice, water's running over this crack, and it -- as it goes through it sort of winds and moves. >> it could have been some debris floating in the river. maybe a net. people can start to imagine all sorts of explanations. >> but for some there is no question that the lagarfljot worm is real and alive. [ speaking native language ] >> real or not, the footage has crossed borders and captured the imagination of millions,
5:29 pm
bringing attention to this beautiful, remote country. >> i think people in this region want to believe in the worm. they want the worm to be famous, and that's the fun thing about myths. it gives the imagination wings and makes the world a better place. coming up -- >> what is that? oh, man. >> the chase to catch a legendary beast is on. >> it's the chupacabra. >> she seen it, but she's not believing it. >> when "caught on camera: eerie and alien returns. [ male announcer ] hey, look at you!
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i'm milissa rehberg er president obama was joined at the white house but the parents of now-released army sergeant bowe bergdahl. there return the u.s. government released five prisoners from
5:33 pm
guantanamo bay. some members of congress say that violates a law that requires they been notified of any prisoner transfer but the white house says the unique circumstances justifies the decision. back to "caught on camera." what is that? oh, man. >> a legendary creature in the flesh. >> it's the damn chupacabra. >> she's seeing it, but she's not believing it. >> i thought, well, obviously there's no way that's what this is because there's no thing -- it's mythical. >> or is there? >> that's the million-dollar question right there. >> dewitt county, texas, august 8th, 2008. 8-8-08. it's an auspicious sounding date, and corporal brandon briedel and sheriff ellie carter are on important police duty. >> we were out in this area in reference to loose livestock. we had cattle on the road.
5:34 pm
we were looking to find out where they came out of. >> their humdrum hunt for runaway cows is about to take an unexpected turn. >> we came around the corner here and saw this animal -- >> what is that -- oh, man! >> it was a canine breed, it was hairless. it was just odd. odd looking. >> i told brandon, i said, "it's the damn chupacabra." >> i said, i got to record this. i reached up and hit the record button on my car video system. >> this close encounter of the hairless kind is a big deal. people here believe the legendary beast is haunting them, but there's never been proof. the hysteria began a year earlier when animals on dr. phyllis canyon's ranch started to die suspiciously. >> i began to lose chickens. and i lost them in a fashion very different from any predator that we have in south texas. it was not interested in the meat as much as it was the blood.
5:35 pm
and in all instances, it was all opened up just in this thorax area, and there was no blood at all. and everybody's saying, oh, my gosh, that's the chupacabra. >> shirts were made, and it was all over the town. >> the myth of the chupacabra is a big story here because we have a high hispanic population that has believed in this for a very long time. >> the story spread through spanish-speaking publications and the internet over the 1990s and into the 2000s. >> legend has it the chupacabra is a vampire dog said to inhabit parts of south america and texas. >> a chupacabra in spanish means the goat sucker or the sucker of goats. >> in all the stories that i have read about the chupacabra and it had fiery red eyes and stood on its back legs and appeared to have some spine down its back, or do that and the chupacabra's going to get you. >> dr. canyon's blood-thirsty
5:36 pm
predator kills 28 chickens over a 15-month period, showing its face only once. >> it appeared to have a very large humpback. the legs looked like they could have been broken on the front. my first thought was, oh, my gosh, what is this. >> the animal officers briedel and carter caught on camera fits the same description. >> crazy -- >> we're following it, and she's just, oh, my god. oh, my god. >> here this thing is, and i get to be one of the persons that sees it alive, in motion. it was pretty neat. >> the animal hams it up for the camera, turning its head to give the officers a better look at his other-worldly appearance. >> the side profile when i first saw it was different than anything i had ever seen. >> the snout was kind of elongated. the we're legs were longer than the front legs. and he kind of ran at a gallop, just kind of like a -- rocking back and forth motion.
5:37 pm
i've seen coyote, wolves out here running, even dogs, and i've never seen that type of running before, especially in a dead sprint. >> it was odd. it was just an odd thing to see, you know, especially in the daytime. i always thought they were creatures of the night. >> after a 60-second, four-legged, four-wheel chase, the animal darts to the right and disappears. >> when it finally turned off, i hit the stop button and we started laughing and joking about it. as a matter of fact, we joked all the way back to the car that we were supposed to be on with all these cows. [ laughter ] >> but to locals, this is no laughing matter. the police chief posts the video on line, and within hours, the private joke goes viral. >> next thing you know, we're getting calls from just everybody -- hey, can do an interview, can you do an
5:38 pm
interview, would you like to do this? it spread like wildfire. it was something else. >> so what is this creature? could it really be the living legend? after months of bloodletting on dr. canyon's ranch, a similar looking beast is found dead. dna test results point to answers more mortal than mythical. >> it is coyote on the maternal side and mexican wolf on the paternal side. somewhat unusual because we've not had mexican wolf in texas in over 82 years. >> the new species is yet to be named. >> we leaning toward texas bluedog primarily because of its color. and to get away from the mythical attachment with the chupacabra. >> blue yeller now occupies a fitting pedestal at the canyon ranch. it's the only one of its type known to be on display. >> i've been on these back roads a lot, put lots of miles, and i've never seen anything like it. that's the only one i've ever
5:39 pm
seen. trust me, we were looking for him. it was one of those -- hope to catch the next one on video, but it never happened. coming up, more than 100 witnesses see something strange in the night sky. >> screamed to t.j., telling him to get a camera and film it. >> i got it on tape! i got it! >> when "caught on camera: eerie and alien" continues.
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>> reddish illuminations in the sky. >> it looked triangular in shape, and at each corner it had what looked like a red l.e.d. light. >> and it's all caught on camera. >> i got it on tape! i got it! >> it was the evening of august 21st, 2004. people were reporting in volume three reddish illuminations in the sky moving in a triangular pattern. >> what the hell is it? >> you know what, i have no idea. >> t.j. jepcon and dave wagner are at a block party that night in tinley park, illinois. >> we were just having a couple of beers, maybe eating some food, and having a good time. >> but the events that are about to unfold are not, he says, witnessed through beer goggles. >> my son, justin, said, "look, there's strange lights," i believe. >> a ufo.
5:44 pm
it's moving. nobody believes me. >> they really didn't believe him. and then my brother-in-law, dave, said, "t.j., no, you need to look up." i'm like, "no, you guys are razzing me." "no, look up." i turned my head -- you got to be kidding, what is this? >> i was very excited, screamed to t.j., telling him to get a camera and film it. >> i got it on tape! i got it? >> do you have it? yes, i have it! sounds like "seinfeld," i got it on tape. >> three bright lights are hovering above tinley park. >> when you zoomed in on them, it became different colored lights -- blue, green, red, white, yellow. it was hard to actually get a solid picture where there was some consistency of what it was. >> it almost looks like a triangle of all three of them really close together. >> it looked triangular in shape, and it just floated toward us and kind of rotated in the skies.
5:45 pm
>> sam muranto is the illinois state director for the mutual ufo network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of unidentified flying objects. >> one of the objects which may be accountable for the isosceles formation may very well be just that, a large isosceles type of craft. >> whatever this is, it's moving slowly and silently. >> maybe that was an airplane. >> that's not an airplane neither. >> that's not an airplane. >> an airplane doesn't move that slow. an airplane doesn't just have one red light -- >> that's what i said. but he said -- >> some person said, oh, maybe it's a helicopter. someone else said maybe it's an airplane. but it moved too slow for a manmade object. >> seems like it's getting faster. >> yeah, it is moving. >> if it was an airplane or helicopter, it would have taken that path in maybe about a minute. we watched this thing for about 15 or 20 minutes.
5:46 pm
>> finally, the lights disappear. >> whoa! where did it go? where did it go? go on. >> and then one solitary light blinks back on. >> there they are. >> this time, everyone's ready. >> what do you see? just a red light. >> i looked through the telescope at this, and from the naked eye it looked like one red l.e.d. light. through the telescope, it looked like it was oval in shape, and it had about eight, maybe -- 8 to 12 red l.e.d. lights around it. >> what made the tinley park sighting very promising is the volume of video footage. the other thing, this is a mass sighting. i'm talking 100 people or more seeing the same event from various perspectives. we had military personnel, we
5:47 pm
had municipal employees and police officers as witnesses, doctors, lawyers, amateur astronomers, meteorologists, et cetera. >> some witnesses take the sighting more seriously than others. >> it's so cool. we could actually be invaded by aliens. in a year we could see them again, and our entire species could die out from it because of aliens -- aliens could take over the world. night, tinley park residents are once again looking up. >> the three lights were back again. and that's when i high tailed it home, grabbed the video recorder and started shooting again. okay, the ufos are back. i'm out of breath.
5:48 pm
here they're coming again -- there's airplanes in the air. >> are those ufos? >> they're back again. i can't explain how weird it was again to see them. it was kind of neat to see them again. >> tonight it's clear, this is no aircraft. at least not a manmade one. >> that's the one night when you have the plane cutting across the bottom -- the middle light and the bottom light. there's airplanes along with them. look at that. look at that. there's airplanes with them. yeah. but the size of it compared to the commercial airliner that was cutting through, it's huge. it's big. it's big. >> we're talking something just shy of a mile. so something very, very large moving about with impunity and making no sound whatsoever. >> i see. i got one minute left on the
5:49 pm
tape. >> many have tried to explain the tinley park lights, but years later the mystery remains. >> what if it's something bad? >> the weathermen's favorite one is it's the aurora borealis. the aurora borealis is, of course, an array of fast-moving brilliant colored illuminations throughout the sky. not lights that stay in the atmosphere. >> they are chinese lanterns that you would see flickering. this didn't move with the wind. >> it's not a plane, it's not a helicopter. flares, no, we would have seen smoke. that's what makes me think it's -- it's a ufo, unidentified. >> any way you look at it, it's unusual. it's a genuine phenomenon. >> from time to time, t.j. still scrolls through his footage looking per answers. >> figure out why tinley park, i have no idea. >> it wasn't until nine years later that t.j. says he stumbled across something he hadn't noticed before.
5:50 pm
>> t.j. was going through it frame by frame, and he zoomed in. and he got to this one frame, and you could see -- if you look really close, you can see a picture of what looks like an alien face. >> a trick of the mind's eye or proof that we do indeed have company? >> oh, no. no, no, no, no. don't go out on me now. no, battery. coming up -- >> oh, my gosh. you guys should see this. this is crazy [ bleep ]. >> what lies beneath the surface? >> i've seen every creature in the water, and i don't know what that was. come here. quick. get your camera. >> when "caught on camera: eerie and alien" returns. you have moe rheumatoid arthritis, like me, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain.
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this is a phenomenon. >> the legend -- >> there's been in excess of 200 sightings.
5:54 pm
>> the mystery -- >> never have i ever seen anything like this. those things are big! >> what's lurking in the murky waters of cadboro bay? >> there he goes under the water. >> i know there's something in that lake. >> come here quick with your camera. >> i got it. >> history is full of sea monster folklore. >> sea serpents have been in the consciousness of people from time in memorial because whenever there's been a ship of any kind on any body of water in this world, they've encountered animals that they don't know about. >> nessie, cressey, champ, mokele mbembe, ogopogo. many bodies of water play host to a mythical creature. some images of these critics are proven hoaxes, and others are simply unexplained. >> it's imperative that we get physical evidence. until you do that, they still
5:55 pm
float around in the clouds and mists of myth. >> but in 2009, this video surfaces. the species caught on camera remains unidentified. but for believers, there is only one answer -- this is caddy. >> oh, my gosh. you guys should see this, dude. this is crazy [ bleep ]. >> cadborosaurus, or caddy for short, is said to be a creature that inhabits the cadboro bay in british columbia. >> the story's very old. the first nations people here in british columbia, have representations of it. >> the natives, a lot of them won't go on the lake. >> some 200-plus caddy sightings have been documented, but it wasn't until the serpent-like carcass was found in the stomach of a sperm whale in 1937 that there was any physical evidence that an unidentified species might exist. 72 years later came this sighting.
5:56 pm
>> holy [ bleep ]. >> nushagak bay, alaska. it's a calm day at sea, and kyle is salmon fishing with his father jason and brother kelly. >> there were hardly any boats around us and hardly a breath of wind. >> while the air remained still, the water suddenly starts to move. >> what is that? go get my binocs, quick. >> my dad was saying, hey, what are those things there. i was like, i don't know, they look like waves. he's like, those aren't waves. >> yeah, looks like a gigantic eel. >> goes, you better get your cameras because this is something we need to catch on film. >> come here quick with your camera. >> kyle and jason both grab cameras and start recording. >> look how fast they're going. >> look how big they are. >> couldn't tell if it was sea snakes or something that -- might have been seals. >> see it? a sea snake.
5:57 pm
>> holy [ bleep ]. >> then we realized that they were some sort of creature that we hadn't seen before. >> this [ bleep ] is huge. look how fast they can go. look at the wake it's making. >> this one's almost 40, 50-feet long. >> it quickly becomes clear, they're not filming one animal but several. >> more than one of them. >> it looked like there was two in the front and then maybe some smaller ones following the bigger ones. they were dark gray in color. they were -- kind of had like a snake or serpent looking head to them. and they were poking their head out of the water. >> it looked like they had gills and the water was blowing behind the head. >> i have been fishing for about 15 years and never have i ever seen anything like this. >> hoping to get a clearer image, they try to get closer.
5:58 pm
>> and when we did that, they kind of went underneath the water, went down deep. after that, we went back to our net. and that was it. >> kelly nash shows his footage to crypto zoologists who investigate distinct and undiscovered species. >> everybody we showed the video to was very intrigued by the film. they all agreed that it was something that they've never seen in alaska before. >> when i saw this, i was absolutely flabbergasted. i thought he had come up with one of the greatest finds of the 20th century. >> field investigator john kirk is certain kelly nash has caught caddy on camera. >> i said, mate, you've got one of the best pieces of footage of this. since the film of sasquatch in 1967. >> the craziest footage is the one that kelly nash taped. i've seen every creature in the water, and i don't know what that was.
5:59 pm
that's what got us to want to go up and try to find it and figure this out. >> jonathan hillstrand, king crab captain and star of discovery channel's "deadliest catch," believes caddy is a giant sturgeon. he set sail in 2011 hoping to prove his theory. >> the "anchorage daily news," whatever, actually put a $100,000 reward on this thing. so i was thinking about that, too, going wouldn't that be nice if i could bring this baby in. >> but despite an exhaustive search, he returns empty-handed. >> i really had high hopes about finding this thing. i'd love to go back up there, and when i get a little older, a little more time on my hands, i will go up there, and i'll disprove or prove this thing. >> until then, the myth of caddy lives on. after all, perhaps the mystery is what we love most of all.
6:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. msnbc takes you behind the walls of america's most notorious prisons, into a world of chaos and danger. now, the scenes you've never seen. "lockup: raw." >> they tell me i should feel safe living with another individual who's maybe been convicted of murder, rape, or whatnot. >> i said i'm going to rip this toilet off the wall. i'm going to drag it down the


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