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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  June 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the marriott. you can check it out since it is the wedding season. >> i learned we're going to have a long and confusing schedule about p.o.w.s. >> i think the controller lies in there. sometimes he talks to me and says he doing stuff, doesn't do it because he doesn't think i can see. >> i don't even know what that means. >> tonight we're going to be in washington d.c. at 4:00 with mika's mom. hope you guys can make it, too, politics and prose. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." >> but stay tuned, luke russert in for chuck. >> this is going to be absolutely fantabulous. bye.
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>> a prisoner trade to free the only american held captive in afghanistan during the war sets off a debate over talking to the taliban. the obama administration says the deal was worth it but top politicians say it could put the u.s. at risk. and an effort by hillary clinton's effort to beat back criticism of her role over the handling of the benghazi attack in 2012. plus just one day left until the mississippi mud fight produce as primary winner in the tea party's torch fare is getting last-minute high profile help from national names. good morning from new york. it's monday, june 2, 2014. this is "the daily rundown." i'm lukes russert in for chuck todd.
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>> after walking off his post in 2009, bergdahl because the only hostage taken in that country. he was freed by special force. >> you were from a strong tribe. you are even stronger now. five years is a seemingly endless long time but you've made it. >> the ethos is true. bowe, you were not left behind. i told you you wouldn't be left behind. >> as we speak, bergdahl is being treated by doctors in an american doctors in germany. officials say they believed his life was in danger. the u.s. agreed to release five
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taliban prisoners from the prison at gb. they were described as five highly dangerous detain years. but security experts describe the prisoners to nbc as gray beards, who are unlikely to rejoin the fight. top republicans say the administration broke the law in failing to give 30 days notice before releasing the prisoners from guantanamo bay. susan rice says there simply wasn't time. >> we did not have 30 days to wait and had we waited and lost him, i i don't think anybody
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would have forgiven the united states government. >> the administration is also facing accusations the u.s. is encouraging more hostage taking. >> the number one way that al qaeda raises money is by ran some. kidnapping and ran some. >> defense secretary chuck hagel responded. >> first of all, we didn't negotiate with terrorists. i don't think what we did in getting our prisoner of war released in any way would somehow encourage terrorists to take our american servicemen prisoner or hostage.
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senator mccain says he is concerned about what happens to the five individuals? >> i think the concern is what happens to the five individuals. if they reenter the fight, it's going to put american lives at risk. >>. >> we have this covered on all front. >> eamon, what do we know about sergeant bergdahll's condition right now? >> officials here are being very tight lipped about his condition. they have not spelled out any specifics on what his assessment might be. that assessment process is being
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carried out by two sets of different individuals, one military doctor assessing his medical condition and his physical health, his mental health but there's also the reintegration team from the u.s. army. they're going to be more involved in trying to reorient him to to his surroundings and reestablish contact with his family and transferring him back to the united states. officials say there is no timeline. his recovery will be driven by what he wants to do at this particular stage. there are going to be debriefings from individuals trying to gather any information about his whereabouts over the last five years. right now they're being very tight lipped about his overall conditi
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condition. >> let's go to jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. >> there are questions being raised about the status of bergdahl when he left his base voluntarily back nearly five years ago. i can tell you that according to one official here today, you know, it appears that he may have been a deserter or maybe just a misguided young man who didn't have any clue what he was getting himself into. secretary hagel said yesterday before any kind of investigation is launched, they want to get him up on his feet and healthy before anybody is going to consider an investigation into the circumstances around his
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departure. i can tell you the pentagon is looking into the possibility and we're told it's a very strong possibility that a handful of soldiers were killed in the search for bowe bergdahl over the past five years. >> a number of republicans are raising questions over whether the white house violated an act by failing to give 30 days' notice from guantanamo bay. susan rice said they knew it could happen at least in theory. >> we have had extensive consultations in the past that this could happen. when it came to fruition, the department of defense in consultation with the department of justice determined that it was both appropriate and necessary for us to proceed in an expedited fashion. >> joining me now, california
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republican congressman buck mckeon. thanks so much for being on the program. >> thank you, luke. >> you don't accept that this needed to happen quickly. why? >> us know, i -- i'm very concerned. we passed a law last year, passed out of our committee, 59-2, both democrats and republicans supported it and it passed overwhelmingly on the floor and through the senate and the president signed it, and the president had a disclaimer that apparently he didn't support the law, he did sign it. now my perception sandy think in the eyes of many he broke the law by not informing congress 30 days before that you just had ambassador rice, she said they'd been working on this for three years, she said congress has been informed of this along the way. i don't know who they were talking to. i have not been a part of this and i'm the chairman of the committee. >> were you in fact called in for a hearing to look into the
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matter and would the house gop leadership be the ones to do that? >> i'm sorry this is being portrayed by a republican issue. i think democrats also support this, it's important for our national security, for oversight of the administration and our national security. this is not a partisan issue. it's just a matter of the law and breaking the law and not informing the congress according to the law. >> the obama administration will say that this was sort of the opening gambit to get some sort of piece accord -- peace accord do you believe this could be the first opening salvo that could
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bring closure in afghanistan? >> i know they've been negotiating with taliban to bring peace after the war. i've never heard that this was involving sergeant bergdahl. now they're 72 hours after the fact. they still have not told us how they're going tone sure that these five, top-level taliban terrorists are not coming back into the fight we are going to be leaving 9,800 trips and nato will have about another 5,000 to train the afghan military, continue their educational process to defending themselves and they will all be targets. >> do you think that this is president obama's way of going around congress to, in theory, get prisoners out of gitmo over
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a longer time, perhaps close guantanamo bay? >> well, you know, that's one of the things they've said. also we have in law said you cannot close guantanamo bay. it's there for a circus. we can keep them out of the fight, keep them secure in a safe environment where they're treated much better, their life expectancy is longer and our troops there are doing a tremendous job. but he wants to close it for political reasons. i don't -- i don't begrudge that, that's his view and his opinion but it's against the law. >> house armed services chairman buck me keon, thanks for being on the program. we appreciate it. >> let's go now to mr. rieckhoff. >> good to see you, luke. >> there is a lot of controversy
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surrounding sergeant bergdahl. do you think this sets a precedent that america gave up too much or do we go after them no matter what? >> it's about letting the military community know that no matter what happens, we're not going to forget about you, we're going to come for you. and over the last five years, most americans did forget about bowe bergdahl. but his community didn't, his family didn't and let's get the guy home and celebrate the fact we did regain the only p.o.w. in afghanistan. >> do you think there are sufficient safeguards in place to make sure the five terrorists
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who were traded for him will not rejoin the fight? >> i have no idea. i do know our troops are continuing to fight terrorism every single day. we have tens of thousands in afghanistan. maybe that's a silver lining here, what it appreciates to get somebody here. it seems like ancient history, but a cabinet secretary resigned at the v.a. over a controversy that ungulfs the entire medical community. >> no, i want to talk fwou that. there's a lot of ideas floating around about how to fix the v.a., washington, d.c. talking about that issue. it's an extremely important issue that will go on long after this interview occurs. what are the best steps forward? >> it's been awful. it's late, it's not clear. it's clear when shinseki
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resigned, they didn't have a replacement assigned. we're going to gather and tell the president what we want to see to truly turn around the v.a. we need grease focus and clear leadership right now. >> paul, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> coming up, the next climate battle begins as the epa is about to unveil a sweeping proposal to limit carbon dioxide emissions. you can see that announcement on our political planner here. plus former secretary clinton is in denver today. we'll have more on her next chapter ahead. much more "daily rundown" after a short break. we'll be right back. he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪
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the epa just released one of the toughest pollution standards in u.s. history, cutting power from the nation's power plant from 30% from 2005 levels by 2030. coal companies are threatening to fight the new regulations in court. owners say the standard will increase costs. mitch mcconnell said in a statement, quote, the president's plan would destroy jobs and raise costs for families across america and congress must listen to these families, even though the president won't. but in his weekly address, the president tried to preempt that criticism. >> now, special interests and their allies in congress will
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claim that these guidelines will kill jobs and crush the economy. let's face it, that's what they always say. >> some democrats are pushing back. nick rahall says "i will oppose this rule as it will adversely affect coal miners and coal mining communities throughout west virginia. i'm joined by the sear aierra c executive director. i go back to 2009 when harry reid was not willing to move it forward in the democratic-controlled senate. the administration said if you want to run against this plan, feel free to do so. from where you stand, what does it say so many democrats are in
6:21 am
fact running away from this idea? >> we're seeing actually a lot of democrats come out and support it. a lot has changed in five years. what we've seen since 2009 is that the price of solar has dropped by about 60% and the price of wind energy has dropped by about 40% and millions of americans all across the country are seeing the effects of run away climate chang. so we think the politics of this has changed in part because the economics of clean energy has changed so much. >> one thing if you look at this announcement from 30,000 feet up is that, all right, the president and the democrats could take some hits here at home but this was really done to sort of show to the world that, hey, the united states at least through the president's announcement, do you think this moves the needle at all with emerging economies in like china and india?
6:22 am
>> the clean air act has been around for 40 years. what we've seen over the last several decades is every single toxic pollutant coming from power plants has had pollution controls put on them, except for carbon. in about an hour the e.p.a. administrator will announce historic, first-ever regulations that will reduce carbon pollution. we'll be able to cut our carbon pollution more than any other country. that will give the united states enormous leverage and bargaining power when it comes to pushing the country -- it going to go through executive actions and go through bypassing congress. does this set a bad press didn't that these types of large-scale, environment
6:23 am
environmental, bipartisan language can go through -- >> no, this shows that government is working. the president sen forcing the law that congress passed. the clean air act was first passed in 1970, reauthorized in 1990. all the president is doing is upholding and enforcing the law. the property has already ruled that climate change -- there must be action taken on climate change. so what we're seeing is all three branches of government doing their job. congress has already passed the clean air act, supreme court has upheld the need to take action on climate and now the president is enforcing the law. this is what's supposed to happen. >> sierra club executive director michael bruin, thank you so much for being on the show. >> thanks, luke. up. >> next, our tdr 50 roll noos i the golden state.
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>> someone said california isn't a state, it's a way of life. well, that's true. >> it is a way of life. love, love, love the west coast. a lot has changed since ronald reagan was governor. we'll take a look at how california is leading the way when it comes to social and political change. but first, tdr's 50 trivia question. how many california representatives currently serve on the house committee of veterans apairs? the first prn to tweet the correct answer to @chucktodd will get an on-air shutout. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain. little things, anyone can do.
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our tdr state is california. it officially became the most popular state in the 1970 census and had the most electoral votes in 1972. at that time it was a reliably republican state. the emigration to the west coast exploded. the population was due to international migration but ronald reagan running for governor in 1966 saw the writing on the wall. >> people have been coming to this place and to this way of life for a hundred years. they've come from every part of america and from a lot of other countries. >> in the 1970s immigrants made up nearly 50% of california's population growth.
6:29 am
a 36-year-old democrat named gerry brown faced five recall events while in office. then in 2003 californians finally made it stick. almost immediately after being elected to a second term, democrat gray davis was recalled. it opened the door to the wildest elections of wildest times. in the end a celebrity rose above the rest and arnold schwarzenegger became governor. >> california has given me the greatest gift of all, giving me your trust for voting for me. thanks to the people of california for giving me your trust. >> and california voters weren't done tinkering with their political system. over the past decade, they've approved a number of sweeping
6:30 am
changes, among them eliminating g gerrymandering. the state instigated a so-called jungle primary system. it has allowed the state to remain at the forefront of a number of social issues, including affirmative action, immigration, same-sex marriage and the environment. all of this, mind you, in the largest state in the country. the changes had done nothing to break the democrats' hold on the state. the democrats are also helped by the influx of minorities. this year california is projected to become only the second state in the u.s. where minorities outnumber whites. new mexico is the other. by the end of 2014, hispanics are expected to make up 38 of
6:31 am
california's population. 38.8 % is white. eight counties are now considered majority minority. they are the largest eight counties in the entire state. all of this creates a major problem for republicans, one they seem increasingly unable to solve. demographics and social issues seem to be trending against them. jerry brown has managed to tame a massive budget deficit and is using the economy as a key piece of his reelection campaign. >> all right. that was california. there will be a lot more on california later on in the week. this is not a one-day show in california, folks. time for the first number in today's data bank. 132, that's the number of days
6:32 am
the sale of alcohol was banned on election day. the measure now heads to governor nikki haley's desk. she's expected to line the legislation to law. but don't plan on heading to the bar after casting your ballot yet. it won't be in effect after voting in the primary next tuesday. ahead, hill him turns the page. why the benz chapter of her new book is the clearest sign yet the former secretary of state is planning to run for the white house in 2016? tdr is back in just three minutes. don't go anywhere! that's 150 years of experience in refining and perfecting the rich, never bitter taste of gevalia. and we do it all for this very experience.
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this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪ hillary clinton is in colorado today where she'll speak to workers at a
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manufacturing company in denver and visit an address at a woman's lecture series. late last week the clinton camp leaked an excerpt from her upcoming memoir "hard voices." in the 34-page chapter "benghazi under attack," clinton rebukes and casts doubts on critics who have continued to investigate the attack writing "i will not be in a political slugfest on the backs of dead americans, it's just plain wrong and it's unworthy of our great country, those who insist will have to do it without me. she also said "susan stated what the intelligence community believed rightly or wrongly at
6:37 am
the time and say she never saw cables requesting additional security at the security compound writing that the cables were addressed to her as a procedural quirk but didn't land on her desk. that's not how it worked. it didn't and it shouldn't. nbc news has learned top clinton supporters are organizing an effort to deploy and prep surrogates, including former diplomats. that is being led by kiki mcclain with assistance from former national security spokesman tommy vietor. people magazine posted on twitter, on sunday saying the
6:38 am
release was talking points. >> hillary clinton is politics 24/7 and this is no different. this is not going to end. we are going to continue to pursue this and she needs to answer the tough questions. >> from what we know about this book chapter, it's pure political spin and she's more focused on blaming the so-called vast right-wing conspiracy than on the terrorists. >> the republican opposition research group america rising is releasing an ebook called failed choices, a critique of the clinton's state department, just as clinton's memoir hits book stores on june 10th. kiki mclean joins me this morning. >> good to be here. >> if clinton is not running for president, why the need to have the chapter on benghazi? >> i think what you've done and others have done is probably
6:39 am
make something out to be a little more than what she did. which is a former secretary of state writing a memoir. and that's what she's done. there's clearly been some language from the book that's come out and people want to talk about that and i think the book will be the best explanation of what she -- >> but kiki, you and tommy vietor are a-listers in terms of crafting a democratic message. >> just the sheer volume gets overwhelming so a couple of us are giving a hand. soon enough the book will be out, people will be able to read exactly what she thinks and then the conversation will move forward from there. >> will she appear before the select committee that boehner set up if she is in fact subpoenaed about benghazi? >> i have no idea. i have no insight into any of
6:40 am
that. what i know is she's a private citizen, an author of a book that's coming out. >> a commentator said it was la lacking a report that was lacking -- that a special mission security position tur was inadequate for benghazi. >> i think it says the secretary of state took the report very seriously and put into motion even before she left office that those issues were addressed. you know, what's interesting to me is on all the realms of criticism, which when they're important issues, there should
6:41 am
be analysis. particularly there are republicans who hope to jump on it for political gain. there's also a little bit of a fund-raising element going on there. i think you know that. i think you talked about the e book and in order to get the e book, you have to make a donation. i think she's talked about her point of views and she's talked about that in the hours of testimony she gave before she left office and i'm sure people will read more when they see her book. >> kiki, i look forward to talking to you and tommy vietor next year. >> 39, that's the number of years juan carlos has been the king of spain. he announced a plan to abdicate
6:42 am
the thrown to make way for his son. the king has suffered from health problems in recent years and saw his popularity in spain diminish following a number of scandals involving the voul family. voters go to the polls in eight states tomorrow. we've got your tdr primary preview plus new reaction to brian williams' interview with the former nsa contractor edward snowden. but first, our tdr soup of the day. at the fox and public house in sacramento, they're serving up seafood chowder. i'd rather have it from san francisco but i'm sure it's decent. we'll be right back. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪
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the group was heading for atlantic city after attending an event at the home of doris kearns goodwin. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell said he was invited on the trip but a scheduling conflict kept him from going. >> people say, well, louis katz has his name on all things, that's the only time he gives money. baloney. he gave money to people he hardly knew. one of louis's favorite sayings is one of the things i tell kids at graduation, you can't live a really good day unless you do something for someone who will never have the chance to thank you. >> you can hear more from governor rendell today at noon on andrea mitchell reports. in a statement, doris goodwin called katz a good friend. katz was 72 years old.
6:47 am
turning from the latest reaction from our nbc news interview with edward snowden, andrea mitchell was told that the edward snowden incident has been damaging on many levels. has he done irreparable harm to national security? this was his response. >> unquestionable irreparable harm. if he owns up to half of it, that he was a spy in an intelligence agency, he would understand there's no way that the united states could reveal without creating harm what it is we have lost. >> general hayden's comments
6:48 am
come -- more americans disagree with edward snowden's decision to leak nsa documents. 27% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of snowden while only 13% view him positively. when the numbers go from 18 to 30-year-olds, the numbers flip. he himself is 30 years old. >> there are six members from california serving on the committee for veterans affairs. today's winner, michael short, surely not short on knowledge, you, sir, are a winner. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. stick with innovation.
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some breaking news out of the supreme court this morning. the justices have ingagreed to e
6:52 am
up a dispute over drawing boundaries for the congressional districts and this time from alabama. in a supreme court, they are declining to hear the appeal filed by new york times reporter james risen who has been ordered to testified in relation to a leak of cia intelligence. it is not clear that he will have to testify. attorney general eric holder hinted that the government may not insist on his testimony after all. >> turning now to the tuesday primary preview, voters in eight states from coast to coast e head to the polls tomorrow, but there are three big primaries to watch. in iowa's republican senate race, state senator joannie ernst is eight points closest to the next rival. and in a new des moines register poll/iowa poll, senator marco rubio will join ernst at her headquarters and it is his first
6:53 am
trip to the buckeye state. and establishment down south, in mi mississippi where supporters of thad cochran and chris mcdaniel are running robocalls in the hours before the primary. and the photo scandal has dominated the campaign, but it has not stopped the conservative s from endorsing mcdaniel. >> chris mcdaniel is the right one to ush a-- to usher in the positive need. it is good to be here with the good mississippi residents to show support for a good guy. >> i had no intention of getting involved in the race, but that is the reason i decided to get involved in the race, because, everything that i have been told by the campaign and by chris is that they had absolutely nothing to do with this, and, you know, he is being held and accountable and responsible for something that he had no control of or e responsible for. >> and in another race that we are watching tomorrow, it is no surprise that california's democratic governor jerry brown
6:54 am
is running away with the primary, and he is at 50% according to latest poll. and the $700 billion man, the former target administrator neel kashkari has been climbing in the polls, and we hayour editor mark murray here to talk about it. what should we be looking at? >> well, the best one is in mississippi, thad cochran, the incumbent, running gaiagainst t party challenger chris mcdaniel, and this is the whole tea party and the establishment fight. there are a couple of the polls released in tlas couple of days to show it a very close race even after the revelations of those arrests regarding senator thad cochran's bedridden wife being photographed. so a really interesting race that we are going to be following, and certainly, general election implications if
6:55 am
mcdaniel is able to win the contest, because democrats like the chances with their candidate congressman travis childress waiting in the with wings in novemb november. >> and what a story that would be, a democrat upset in mississip mississippi. and now how about the convention state party nominating form, and what would that mean? >> well, those republicans backing joni ernst feel that she can crack past the threshold, and the new poll of the des moines register has her at 36%, and that shows good news if it shows out as they suggest. and it is important, luke, that knowing that there are conservative elements in the republican caucuses and conventions, that not long ago the establishment could knock out a lot of the tea party folks, and so that the ernst people are feeling confident and you are seeing the democrats gunning for her, and they can
6:56 am
see that the handwriting is on the wall and she is going to be the general election candidate against bruce brayly. >> thank you, mark, for joining us. that is it for us on "the daily rundown" and chris jansing is go to be up next. off to you my friend, chris jansing. hi, i'm meteorologist bill karins, and on this monday, we are watching quiet weather on both coasts, but the middle of the country is where all of the travel trouble and weather will be. airport di lays possible in kansas city and minneapolis and chica chicago. and a few of the thunderstorms could be on the strong side, and also active storms from new orleans to the sunshine state. have a great monday. and when alan gets all powered up, ya know what happens? i think the numbers speak for themselves.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
just as president obama is about to head overseas for the g-7, he is facing mounting criticism for the release of former afghanistan p.o.w. sergeant bergdahl. right now he is being evaluated in landstuhl, germany, for the reintegration process, and it may be a while before he is reunited with his family. >> five years is a seemingly endless time, but you have made it. i imagine that you are more patient and compassionate than ever. you are free. freedom is yours, and i will see you soon, my beloved son, i love you, bowe. >> here is the controversy, five taliban leaders were freed in exchange for his release. and all five were high risk likely threat to the u.s., and recommended for continued detention. >> i want to know how they are going to ensure that these five