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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 3, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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again, breaking news. the fbi manhunt for ryan kelly chamberlain in san francisco as of at least a few minutes ago is apparently over. we'll let you know more as we learn more.over. we'll let you know more as we learn more. "first look" is up next. good tuesday morning, everybody. right now on "first look," prisoner swap. new details surround the efforts to secure sergeant bowe bergdahl's release from the taliban had many in the military very upset. pressure cooker. president obama arrives in poland as he tries to rally leaders to turn up the heat on russia. tiananmen square. years ago it shook the world. good morning. thanks for joining us. more questions following the release of bowe bergdahl as part of a prisoner of war exchange. after being held for five years
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in captivity by the taliban. amy, good morning. what's the latest there? >> reporter: good morning, betty. military officials here at the regional medical center say bowe bergdahl continues his process. that he's in stable condition for the time being. more importantly they say his condition requires him to remain hospitalized. they're also putting an emphasis on his dietary needs suggesting during his time in captivity he did not eat well or was suffering malnutrition. but they say his recovery process and reintegration process has no specific timeline. that they'll be committed to it as long as it takes so he can reorient himself to his society and be transferred back to the u.s. nonetheless, the deal continues to draw strong criticism from members both inside the military and beyond. certainly a lot of questions
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surrounding how sergeant bowe bergdahl captured. certainly an issue that was going to continue for several days and weeks ahead as the obama administration draws more criticism particularly from republicans on capitol hill. betty, back to you. >> thank you, ammann. this morning president obama begins a trip to france as he urges leaders to keep up pressure on russia. he'll get a chance to see vladimir putin for the first time since the ukrainian crisis began. both will be attending a ceremony for the 70th anniversary of the d-day landings. tracie potts is live in washington with more on this. good morning to you. what can we expect to see this week? >> reporter: just beginning this morning you can expect to see president obama focusing on security in eastern europe as he landed in warsaw this morning.
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we saw him reviewing those fighter jets he sent over there with 150 troops to reassure our allies that the u.s. will protect them if russia goes too far. president obama arrives in warsaw this morning to come rate the free elections in poland. today he'll focus on trade. >> u.s. and foreign companies are investing billions of dollars to strengthen our economy and directly support high quality jobs for millions of u.s. workers. >> reporter: but the focus of this trip is urging our allies to keep the pressure on russia to back off in ukraine. mr. obama and vladimir putin will both attend events commemorating the 70th anniversary of d-day. but there's no one-on-one planned between them. the state department calls
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russia hypocritical calling for peace in ukraine while sending in weapons and troops. >> russia is doing nothing to stop these activities. >> reporter: president obama travels to europe today leaving big issues behind. veterans hospitals under scrutiny in need of new leadership and controversy about the release of an american p.o.w. in exchange for five top taliban leaders. so a full plate for the president here. a full plate for the president in europe. we told you who he's likely not meeting with, but he does have on his agenda to meet with ukraine's new president. >> busy trip. thank you, tracie. china has stepped up security in light of the tiananmen square uprising anniversary. military troops are also patrolling around the square. the chinese government is cracking down on opposition voices imposing strict travel conditions on political activists and critics. now, on june 4th, 1989, chinese
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troops opened fire on student-led protests. and this is one powerful image of a lone protester facing a line of tanks. that came to symbolize the sign of democracy in china and today the exact zet toll remains unclear. the fbi says an intense manhunt has ended with a suspect in custody. 42-year-old public relations specialist ryan kelly chamberlain ii was wanted on suspicion of having explosives. he was arrested last night after police spotted his vehicle. the fbi reportedly discovered a cash of explosives in his apartment over the weekend. dan marino has joined the course of nfl players suing over concussions. they joan over 5,000 former
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players that claim football-related head injuries. this is the latest lawsuit since a judge blocked $765 million settlement. there is concern that that settlement won't be enough to cover all players affected by traumatic brain injuries. nsa whistle blower edward snowden, he is seeking asylum outside of russia now. he formally requested in brazil. he made the announcement during an interview with brazil tv. but the brazilian government says it has yet to receive a formal application. he fled the u.s. a year ago after leaking documents about nsa programs. all right. let's get to some sports action. yankees stadium where victor espinosa throws out the first pitch. clearly he shows up after rapper 50 cent's disastrous throw. to the game now, though, and the
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captain is here. brett gardner gets the catch and derek jeter casually goes after the ball thinking it's a foul. no, it is still alive. the mariners take this from the yanks 10-2. let's go to philly. it is going, going. and is it gone? oh, no. snatched up by matt dindecker. mets win it 11-2. phil jackson has been hit with a $25,000 fine by the nba for tampering. yes. jackson told reporters that hill was on his list for next season. fisher is still under contract with the thunder. spectators get some action at south africa's marathon.
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look at that. a car crashes into the guardrail and nearly hits the people sitting there. luckily with their quick reaction, nobody was hurt. high school track for you. in new jersey a state track meet senior jabrill peppers blew past the competition in the 200 meter in just 10.52 seconds. the university of michigan football recruit easily beat the next closest runner by nearly half a second. that is some speed. check out this pitch by tadano. japanese pacific league there. well, it's known as an efice pitch. he catches the batter off guard on that one. but the ump calls it a ball. that's kind of weird. to the hurricanes with female names. are they deadlier than those with male names? surprisingly, the answer is yes according to a new study. researchers looked at 60 years
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of hurricanes and found female hurricanes killed more people than the male ones. and the reason according to the study? people feel less threatened by the feminine names, then they may seem less likely to seek shelter. >> i thought you were going to say because the male hurricanes were driving them crazy. >> that's the case to anything male, right? spoken like a true women. you don't use science to that in. >> it skewed the data. before 1979 they were almost all female names. and so -- and hurricanes used to be deadlier because we weren't communicating better with technology. >> you've got an answer for everything. >> as far as the forecast goes today, we're going to watch for a chance of strong storms in the middle of the country. look at the desert southwest. 110 in phoenix. we have showers out there this morning. nothing too bad. from buffalo to erie. in pittsburgh, grab the
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umbrella. you're going to get wet for a half hour or so. light rain. also down in florida and the northern gulf, there was significant rain coming. but the big story is that little l spinning in the four corner region. that's going to head to the middle of the country with a severe weather outbreak. areas of greatest concern, nebraska, southern iowa. a possibility of tornadoes and wind damage. this time tomorrow morning, we'll be tracking those storms. >> we'll stay on top of that. you're a big sports fan, right? different types? what about the l.a. clippers. they're worth $2 billion. if that's the case, which nba teams are worth almost $5 million. plus is this a case of excessive force? the story behind the incident and the billion-dollar nba team coming up. [ female announcer ] who are we?
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all right. time to get down to business. the next super bowl will be right here on nbc and the going
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price for commercials is said to be about $4.5 million for just a 30-second spot. that is the most expensive rate in history. last february the super bowl brought in a record 111 million viewers making it the most watched program in u.s. history. using the outrageous metrics of the clippers selling for $2 billion, business insider recalculated the values based on the clippers sale price of nba teams which puts the knicks at just under $5 billion. the lakers at $4.7 billion. chicago bulls at $3.4 billion. and the bucks which just sold for a measly $550 million are now worth $1.4 billion. someone's upset over that. and coffee with a twist. marijuana coffee will soon be available in washington state where pot is legal. which happens to be the name of the thc-infused beverage. legal. it will be available in july.
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it will give you an alert, creative high. i bet it will. here are some other stories we're following for you. the ntsb has recovered the black boxes from the krekage of a plane crash that killed seven people over the weekend including lewis katz. the ntsb tweeted this photo of the voice recorder and data recorder. polls, they are now open in syria's presidential election. president bashar al assad is expected to win overwhelmingly and secure his third seven-year term. pro-western forces including the u.s. are calling this election a sham and a farce. new video sparking outrage on the web. check this out. police say these images do not tell the full story, but the man in the video is calling it excessive force. ft. lauderdale police claim he refused to move into an assigned lane. and the ink is barely dry on
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the rules, but it's already getting major backlash. mitch mcconnell says he tries to stop the plan and adds it is the single worst blow to kentucky's economy in modern times. that is quite a statement. well, the big castration candidate gains, and 15 bucks an hour of minimum wage. all this next in scrambled politics. on my count. the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. (crowd) oh no... introducing verizon xlte. hey guys, i got it right here! we've doubled our 4g lte bandwidth in cities coast to coast. so take on more. with xlte. for best results, use verizon. i dbefore i dosearch any projects on my home. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members
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call your local agent or 1-800-470-8496 today. where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. save up to 25% and earn bonus points when you book at all right. time now for tuesday's first look at scrambled politics.
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marco rubio let the left the sunshine state for iowa. he was stumping for joni ernst. she's got quite a bit of attention for her political ads including this one where she rolls up to a shooting range on a harley-davidson and another where she talks about castrating pigs. in the wake of the va scandal, americans' confidence in care for veterans has hit a new low. about 42% of those polled have little to no confidence the problems can be fixed. a hearing will take place tomorrow on capitol hill to talk about political campaign cash. a democratic-led senate panel is hoping to change the constitution to prohibit superpacs both senators harry reid and mitch mcconnell are scheduled to speak. i'm suzy and i'm honored that president obama has asked me to serve as the next u.s.
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ambassador to switzerland and lichtenstein. >> susie levine put a new twist on an old tradition. she is the first to take an oath over an electronic device. she was sworn in with an e-reader preloaded with a copy of the u.s. constitution. does that count? i guess it does. in navy tradition, mrs. obama's initials are being welded to a new submarine. she attended a ceremony to commemorate the structure on the future uss illinois. seattle's city council has voted to raise the minimum to $15 an hour. the highest in the nation. the increase will take place over several years for most employees based on their employer. a republican candidate running for congress in arizona is drawing attention for changing his name. according to the arizona capitol times, scott this ler paid to
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change his name to caesar chavez. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me in studio, columnist and analyst ellis heniken. that is your real name. >> feel free to call my cesar chavez. >> speaking of names, there's been a lot of criticism over bowe bergdahl. and now hillary clinton is weighing in. she's saying something quite interesting. this young man -- her quote, whatever the circumstances is an american citizen and he was serving in our military nap is her stand on this. is that alone enough to avoid, i guess, the critical debate here. some are saying the circumstances are crucial in this. >> it is amazing how partisan this thing has been. remember back in the day when a p.o.w. would get released,
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people would tie yellow ribbons around the trees and we'd have a big national celebration. forget about that now. right? this guy is not even out of the hospital yet. it's a huge political controversy. i got to tell you, i'm happy he's coming home. >> yeah. but the debate over it, i mean, don't you think there are some issues here that people are right in saying let's look at the circumstances? >> then there will be those circumstances in terms of his service and kpture. but we're americans. we do not leave our guys in the battlefield. let's get them home. let's figure it out. if he did something bad, court-martial him, do whatever it is to punish him. but first get him back home. i think that's where most americans are despite all the partisan controversy. >> this was big at the end of the day. hillary clinton went on to say that this isn't the first time we've seen something like this. places like israel makes similar
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deals. she went on to say hard choices have to be made in these moments. could this turn into possibly a political issue. did you call it a hard choice? >> yes. little reference to the memoir. >> this is a woman that knows how to do book work. this is going to be seen through the lens of a likely presidential campaign. so of course she's going to get pounded. she's going to defend the president. get used to it. there's more to come. >> all right. ellis, thank you so much. >> it's not a hard choice to make. >> nicely wording. bill kairns is back with first buzz. we're talking about hedgehogs and flying dogs. oh, yeah. plus we'll tell you about the winningest woman in jeopardy history. that is next. who feel like there's a brick on their face. who are so congested, it feels like the walls are closing in. ♪
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well, after 20 consecutive victories on "jeopardy," julia's reign as the winningest woman on the show has come to an end. the final answer that stumped her. the last person to win an oscar for adapting his novel on a screen play. she bet it all and got it wrong. who is john irving. her grand total earnings worth $428,100. not bad. ♪ can you name that song? that was the bottle boys'
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rendition of "billie jean." they appeared on last year's britain's got talent. bottle monday plays a new song on the last monday of the month on youtube. they're pretty talented. i don't know if it's because they drank everything that was in the bottle. and that's how -- >> be entertained. it's crystal clear, the sound. first buzz. you have quite some video to show. >> we've seen the wing suit of guys jumping off cliffs. big deal. dean potter is bringing his dog whisper with him and making a movie based on his flying dog. the dog goes in the backpack in the wing suit and parachutes. somehow he stays in there. the dog doesn't look too upset at all. >> that's incredible. i feel nervous for whisper. you may be nervous for this. new on the popular list of pets, i don't know if you want to give this to your kids, but the hedgehog. yes. next to the dog, the cat, all
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those other ones. would you want to take this prickly thing home? >> it's kind of cute. looks clean. >> yeah. it doesn't smell. >> can't eat much. >> it's climbing up the popularity list. thanks for watching early today. ♪ bergdahl's freedom wasn't free. you see, obama negotiated bergdahl's return in exchange for five taliban detainees held at guantanamo bay. he can't release these guys. we were this close to charging them with something. >> p.o.w. or deserter? justification for bowe bergdahl's freedom from the taliban remains in question, but does it all depend on how bergdahl was captured? mississippi mud. enough has been thrown, so who will come out on top in the primary battle? and law and disorder. what happens when a florida judge and a public defender take their argument outside the courtroom. this is "way too early." ♪
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hey, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is june 3rd. welcome to "way too early," the show that has a theory about florida georgia line and i'm not talking about the country pop duo. thanks, guys. we've got more about sergeant bowe bergdahl. he could be back by the end of the week but the questions surrounding his release will extend longer than that because a lot of the focus is on how he was captured back in june of '09. multiple reports say bergdahl sent an e-mail to his parents just before he went missing. writing i'm sorry for everything here. these people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are st


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