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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  June 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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up in washington, right? that's -- that's par for the course, but i'll repeat what i said two days ago. we have a basic principle. we do not leave anybody wearing the american uniform. >> the president's comments today come after members of the senate received a classified briefing from administration officials late yesterday. senators say they were shown a proof of life video of bergdahl from last december. some say the video convinced them that bergdahl's health was, in fact, in jeopardy, but others from both sides of the aisle remain skeptical. >> i don't think from a health standpoint there was any issue that dictated the release of these five nasty killers in exchange for bergdahl. >> that did not sell me at all. the proof of life was five months ago, december? at that time he was impaired,
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okay? that was not the person who was released here. he was not in that type of dire situation. >> nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd is traveling with the president and joins us live from brussel. the president said a whipped-up controversy out of washington. it is true that republicans and politico notes and others and we have it here, do whatever it takes, whatever is necessary to get bowe bergdahl out of afghanistan and some of those republicans deleting tweets saying save this man. the president is right as far as some of the controversy being whipped up, but there are legitimate questions posed by the platoon and some within his own party. >> reporter: right. i thought that was the president was overly dismissive and wanting to sweep all of the controversy under the rug of, well, it's just typical polar iedz, washington politics when, frankly, i think what you're seeing here, particularly on the republican side with some of the criticisms is the reaction from folks out in america from
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particularly from the fact, and i can tell you this, even the white house has been caught off guard by the fact that nobody who has served with bergdahl has spoken up on his behalf. you've had so many members that served with bergdahl speak up in a negative way about him personally or about the situation. i think that was a -- i get politically why the president wants to put it all and sweep it all under the partisan rug there, but that seemed to be an oversimplification of the debate going on there, and tamron, as you know, there is the politico in watching some of the folks delete their tweets that in some ways they're reacting to their own politics on that as they're seeing the blowback come in, but this definitely is blowback coming in outside of washington and washington reacting to that blowback. look, the other key thing is what the president said about congress. he insists he was consulting with congress and he insists he's treating the equal branch
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of congress, and particularly on this issue there's plenty of evidence perhaps they were sxnt there is a different interpretation of the law and how much leeway does the executive branch have in making this decision and when they don't. the president signed the law that said he had to tell congress in advance and then issued that signing statement. so, look, it is a legal fight between the two branches of government and, but make no mistake the executive branch is not pleased at some of the things it has to consult with on the legislative branch and this is one of them. >> also the headline regarding russia, chuck. i saw you discussing earlier the president's key meetings there regarding russia and its presence in ukraine and the next step regarding sanctions. >> look, i think it's pretty clear here that the united states and the president were having a difficult time keeping the them united on russia. as far as the united states was concerned, the good news for the
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united states position is that no members of the g-7 are saying okay, let's lift some of these sanctions, but you don't see the threat of sectoral sanctions spelled out there no more than the idea of ramping up sections and whether it was prime minister cameron who was having his own separate bilateral meeting with putin and what we're seeing tonight with french president hollande with the awkwardness in this relationship that the europeans want to have good relations both with putin and with obama. hollande is going so far as to have two dinners. one with president obama early in the evening in paris tonight and one later in the evening and the french call it supper and they claim it's two different meals and for those of us in america, that's both dinners. it goes to the issue where europeans do want to have a business working relationship with the russians and the united states is not ready to do that. >> all right. chuck todd live for us today. thank you so much, chuck.
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i appreciate the live information for us. sergeant bowe bergdahl is expected to remain at the medical center at landstuhl, germany, longer than expected and his hometown of haley, idaho, has cancelled a homecoming celebration planned for later this month. they've been inundated with complaints and don't have resources that could handle any problems that could arise. let me bring in chief prosecutor from guantanamo base, he served as chief prosecutor from 2005 to 2007, and michael crowley, the chief foreign affairs correspondent that made a late switch from its cover, from hillary clinton to bowe bergdahl asking, was he worth it? msnbc contributor goldie taylor. let me start with you here. you caught a lot of attention on "hardball" when you made the point, the number of detainees
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that have already been released from guantanamo bay and the lingering real issue of what will happen to those remaining prisoners, once the combat role is complete, these individual in, perhaps maybe not this five, but eventually you have to clear that prison. >> yeah. that's true. the justification we've used for the last decade is that we're at war and during time of war you can detain the enemy for the duration of the conflict and the president's made it clear. this conflict is coming to an end by december which leaves that conundrum what do you do with the people we've been holding all of this time? to me, the opportunity to trade five of them for u.s. service member was a big deal, particularly that five guys in 12 years we could never charge. we managed to come up with enough evidence to try and convict osama bin laden's driver. so to say these guys are the hardest of the hard core is real hyperbole. >> you've had reports that these
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individuals were planners within the military despite their age now, they were instrumental in the beginning. >> well, if they were instrumental and if there was evidence to show that i am confident we would have charged them, we would have prosecuted them and we would still be at guantanamo. we had 12 years to develop a case on these individuals and there was a lot of rumor and innuendo. i'm not arguing they were choir boys and they won't do anything bad in the future, but we had a dozen years to build a case and we can convict osama bin laden's driver, but not these individuals and at some point the war's coming to an end and i think it was a good trade to get five of these anyways out for a u.s. member home. >> 979 held over time. today 149. michael, let's talk to you about the change in the "time" cover
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moving hillary clinton off the front page for bowe bergdahl for obvious reasons and she is intertwined in this story. "the daily beast" reporting she was skeptical as secretary of state about a deal with the taliban to bring bergdahl back home. >> she was skeptical of the deal, but she also was interested in some kind of a larger negotiation with the taliban that could have led to a political solution in afghanistan. you'll remember that she brought in richard holbrooke who conducted very intense diplomatic efforts and a lot of it having to do with the government of pakistan to try to find some way that there could be a reconciliation because everyone realized that we weren't going to win the afghanistan war on the battlefield and we will be leaving now without a clear victory in hand and it's not really clear what's going to happen, and i think there's still hope in washington that there can be some reconciliation
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that the government can reach an agreement with the taliban. so she was not opposed to dealing with the taliban outright, but did have concerns about this deal, this particular deal and the one last thing i would add is that the context has changed and now that our forces are leaving. these guys are going to be less of a threat to american soldiers because there will be fewer of them in the country. at a time when we have tens of thousands of troops in afghanistan out doing patrols in the middle of combat. they would pose a much bigger threat and by the time they leave qatar, they're con vined to a small area, safe area. >> to your point, for the context, you're absolutely right and she was also concerned about the conditions for the release of the prisoners. conditions that some have opposed regarding their treatment and where they're being housed in qatar and their freedom to move around, but the other issue that's come to our attention and people have been talking about this, goldie, for the last few days. the number of republicans who
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deleted tweets that were on their accounts saying, in a sense, do whatever it takes to bring back bowe bergdahl now calling him a traitor and other choice words, politico points out that over the years you've had a number of republicans saying everything possible. put it on the ground. they cite harry, and new iowa gop larry, senator john mccain in january, now he says what heness of the terms of the deal present put the united states in a grave risk. this is the political climate of it all, goldie. >> i think the key word here is political climate. we are just ahead of the elections. 2016 is just around the corner and there are a political forces
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elected in grassroots who don't want to see this president have a successful moment at all and, so, i think that bringing bowe bergdahl back home was absolutely the right thing to do because we leave no man or woman behind, the politics behind it in terms of the actual prisoner swap who was swapped for, the opening and closure, and all of those things sort of play into this grassroots negativity that i'm seeing. i saw people who tweeted as early as a week that bowe bergdahl was released that he was an american hero and he was a pow and it seems today that after he was released in exchange for these five that he is no longer a hero. he is no longer a pow in their eyes that he's a deserter, that he's a traitor. while they stem from a very real concern about his conduct that night when he went missing, it it also stems from a political agenda at play and that's the most unfortunate part about this. >> michael, let's go also to
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this meeting that was held yesterday and you have senators leading from both sides saying the video that they saw did not answer the question whether or not bowe bergdahl's health required immediate action and thus this 30-day notice that was required for congress was not followed through. again, interesting when you look at the dynamics of who was saying they were not satisfied, joe manchin, for example. >> yeah. well, you know, there's partisanship and that's probably the most powerful force in washington, but the branches, the separation of powers, the sense in congress that they have their prerogatives that they need to be respected and the president can't trample them is a powerful thing and it can cross partisan lines. you have dianne feinstein not happy with the way the deal went down on the notification side. someone like senator manchin is
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a conservative democrat who frequently criticizes the white house and that's probably good for him politically, it should be noted, but someone like dianne feinstein has a different set of political calculations, but i think people like her and incidenta willy jay rockefeller in west virginia not really what you would call a conservative democrat although he comes from a red state not happy with the way the white house handled this. that has been. there are several legs to the stool here at the outrage and anger at the president and this outrage in congress, there is a partisan element and there is a separation of of powers element that's helping to drive the story. >> all right, colonel morris davis, thank you so much. michael crowley and goldie taylor, thank you. developing this morning, investigators are on the scene of a jet crash in a neighborhood there. it exploded in a massive fireball destroying several homes. thankfully no one was injured and we get more from nbc's mike
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taibbi. >> hello, tamron. marines are working alongside first responders in a cleanup operation and there is still no early hint on why this crash happened barely a month after a hairier from the same air base. >> get out! get out of the way! >> it was just after 4:20 wednesday afternoon when the calls came in to police dispatch about the fireball rising from a neighborhood in imperial, california. >> it looks like a house is on fire between cabo and cross. >> it was a hairier out of marine station yuma some 70 miles away and although three houses were destroyed, no one on the ground was injured, just badly shaken. >> i thought it was an earthquake and my dad thought a car hit our house. >> anybody with blankets? >> the pilot had landed on the highway after ejecting and was assisted by a passing motorist.
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>> the pilot ejected safely. he is currently at the local hospital being evaluated. >> the hairier is a hybrid jet born of a british design that can maneuver vertically like a helicopter and yet fly at attack speed. the unconventional design requires a more complicated pilot skill set. arnold schwarzenegger struggled with one in the movie "true lies" and another pilot ejected without injury from another hairier that crashed in arizona on may 9th, but this was no movie. >> if you're watching a move te doesn't look that scary, but if it's in real life you get freaked out. >> reporter: freaked out and eight homes evacuated along with the three destroyed by fire, but all hands safe, amazingly. >> it really is amazing, tamron, especially when you look at the video on this and this is a neighborhood of tightly spaced homes. the injuries were so minor, he was treated and quickly released from a local hospital. >> mike taibbi, thank you.
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general motors fired 15 executives after a new investigation cleared the new ceo saying she is not to blame for mishandling a recall. . >> let me be clear, this should have never happened. it is unacceptable. >> the ceo mary barra blaming incompetence and neglect, but the company wants to offer help to the victims. we are live to discuss the latest on gm and hillary clinton graces the cover of "people" magazine and opens up about her health and concussion. she mentions a conversation she had with congressman paul ryan. why are some concerned about the positioning of the photos specifically where her hands which you can't see there are. i'll talk with nbc senior political editor mack murray and this -- >> 30 seconds. oh! >> the joyous reaction from llama are burton and his emotional reaction to reaching his first $1 million goal to
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kwiesive action that gm has taken over ignition switches. their handling of the recall now linked to more than a dozen deaths. leading a worldwide meeting with
8:21 am
employees, ceo mary barra blamed what she called a history of failures and major issues within gm's corporate culture. >> this recall issue isn't merely an engineering or manufacturing or legal problem. it represents a fundamental failure to meet the basic needs of these customers. in this situation there was a pattern of incompetence and neglect. repeatedly individuals failed to disclose critical pieces of information that could have fundamentally changed the lives of those impacted by the faulty ignition switch. >> and while mary barra said the report found no direct conspiracy by the company to cover up facts she did announce that 15 people most of them senior-level executive his been fired and a hand frl ful of oth are facing disciplinary action. >> some were removed because of what we consider misconduct or
8:22 am
incompetence. others were released because they simply didn't do enough. they didn't take responsibility. they didn't act with a sense of urgency. >> the investigation paid for by gm was led by former u.s. attorney anton velasquez whose firm has previously represented the company. the main goal was to get to the bottom of why exactly it took gm more than ten years to recall 2.6 million small cars there. let's now bring in our guests. joining us is greg gardner who covers the auto industry for the detroit free press. thank you again for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> i should note and this is an important thing to note, mary barra opened her statement issuing an apology to the families. she also laid out a series of what they call critical steps the company is taking including adding the vice president of safety and a program also called speak up for safety and some global product integrity organization, and i'll get you to explain all of that, but one
8:23 am
of the questions people are asking today is that mary barra was cleared of any wrongdoing in this investigation. give me the history there and how they concluded this in this internal review from gm. >> first of all, the national highway traffic safety administration hasn't posted the complete report yet. so i can't speak to all of the details. i'm not sure mary barra is all that thrilled that she was cleared. the problem is one that runs throughout the whole company and her responsibility is to change the response to safety issues and, you know, they put these steps in place. >> these changes or these critical steps the company has taken in the wake of this internal investigation, how critical is it to add a v.p. of safety? >> well, it's important that person suppose lead has more authority over the issue of
8:24 am
safety. you know, some people will say why wasn't this done years ago? >> right. >> but, you know -- >> because that is the assumption that you're looking at this huge organization, safety is always supposed to be first. why would it it take this long to have someone in place to oversee that? >> well, she said that the report found no conspiracy and found no tradeoff where safety and quality were jeopardized at the, you know, in favor of cost, but the reality was these cars were stalling for more than a decade and they did not see that as a safety issue. >> what's the next step here, greg? now that this report has been made public. >> okay. well, first of all, they've recalled 2.6 million cars and she said this morning they've only replaced the ignition switches on 113,000 of them so
8:25 am
they have a long way to go just to do the repairs. obviously, she fired 15 people. we don't know all of their identities yet and i believe there's also a new committee that's been formed to look at risk assessment. i'm not sure exactly how that works with the new safety organization, and that's what they've done. >> all right, greg, thank you so much for your time and we greatly appreciate that and we'll see what continues with gm. the arch dicis is forcing teachers to sign a so-called morality clause, it it includes ha harsh restrictions on sex, and in vitro and i'll talk to one teacher who refuses to sign because her son is gay. a new york city commuter teams up with the mayor of new york city for an interesting challenge and it's probably not what you think it is. it's just one of the things we
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hillary clinton is out with a revealing new interview in "people" magazine. the former secretary of state tells people she wants to see the presidential glass ceiling broken once and for all, but shes she still has not made a decision about her own future. she tells people, i want to live in the moment and at the same time i'm concerned about what i see in the country and in the world. through the next months i'll think more about what role i can can or in my mind should play. the "people" interview is part of a media blitz in advance of her memoir "hard choices" which is out last week. pictures of the back were tweeted out by the bock's publisher. joining me now nbc news senior political editor mark murray. "people" magazine a great way to
8:30 am
start, a wide swath of america, among women in with that magazine and it starts at a softer and more intimate look at her career and where she is now. >> what's striking to me is how careful it's all been. it wasn't just an interview with "people," magazine, they gave a chapt tore politico about the benghazi chapter to litigate that and get that out of the way before the book comes out. we also saw a foreword already released about it and it's almost like this release has been released chapter by chapter, foreword, back cover, by the time the book comes out a lot of things have been discussed and in some ways it's more of a political strategy and the entire layout seems more political than about selling books. i think it's very clear about her intensions come 2016. >> you know this better than anyone, no matter how strategic you are you cannot plan for the unexpected, bowe bergdahl and
8:31 am
now you have clinton's reaction and concerns while she was in the state department regarding a deal swap and what the deal would entail. those are questions she'll likely receive when she hits the live media tour, media portion and that's something you can't strategize an advance on. >> absolutely not. this is what a will politician has to do is react to the news of the day. that's what you would be doing on the campaign trail and reaction to bowe bergdahl i found it very striking. on the one handwrite after the story came out she pretty much took the same position the president did where she said any this was when she was in colorado at an event earlier this week saying we should never leave our soldiers behind, pretty much the same language that the president has adopted and then came the story in "the daily beast" and others where people and her state department have been kind of against the deal and at least during the contours of the deal as it was being created in 2009 or 2010 and 2011 when she was in the
8:32 am
state department. so a little bit of contradiction there. >> it will be also interesting to see how many different ways mark, she can say i have not made my decision if i'm running or not. >> some people have been able to count the different ways that she has pretty much said that she's going to wait to decide, and what you just mentioned regarding her interview with "people" magazine and the answer that she had has pretty much been the standard response she's given. she has a lot of thinking to do and she wants to enjoy being a grandmother when that moment arrives and that she enjoys this post-work of being secretary of state. >> right. >> but certainly, is giving big thought to running for the white house in 2016. >> she's giving big thought about how she will present her health situation and the status of that meaning, just her explanation with paul ryan, for example, saying she's spoken with him regarding his concussions that he's suffered
8:33 am
in the past. mark, you also know that this online reaction to her photograph on the cover of "people," magazine, can we show the photograph? some people believe she looked like she was leaning on a wheelchair. all of these bizarre comments and in the end she's just on a chair, but that's how closely people are watching everything she does. >> she was on a patio chair, tamron. the people saying that she somehow might have been on a walker for a senior citizen were political opponents trying to use her age and she's in her late '60s against her as a political issue. overall on the health you raised, i think the most eye-catching statement in the "people" interview was where she talked about her health and the concussion she had from the blood clot in late 2012 and said that she had a conversation with congressman paul ryan during president obama's second
8:34 am
inauguration where paul ryan admitted to her i've had three con you cannings and one of them was pretty serious and the argument she's making to "people" magazine is that everyone can have a concussion from the youngest to people even her age and it shouldn't be a disqualifying thing if she decides to run for the presidency. >> mark murray, ia, appreciate it, mark. the cree artist slender man, the online fictitious character is speaking out after police say the character inspired two 12-year-olds to stab their friend 19 times. we'll get an update on the girl's condition and we'll look more at this popular series that's gotten so much attention in the last few days and the nba finals begin tonight. the two-month long battle for the clippers is over. it's one of the stories we're updating for you around the news nation. alright, now for the best part. ooh, let's get those in the bowl.
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school teachers in cincinnati are leaving their jobs after being told they need to sign a morality clause in their contract. the new contract states that teachers are banned from taking part in or publicly supporting any of the following, living together before marriage, having sex outside of marriage, homosexual lifestyle and treatments such as in vitro fertilization. in a statement with msnbc the diocese argues there is nothing new here. in part, we've always had a moral conduct clause, what's new that is that it lists some examples of what we always believed to be unacceptable under the contract. joining me now is molly schumann, a first grade teacher who left her job as a result of the contract. thank you so much, mole, for joining me. >> thank you, tamron. >> let's start here with this comment from the diocese saying there's nothing new here. if that's true why did you and the other teachers, all nine of you decide that you would leave
8:39 am
your jobs? >> well, you know, i do understand it's always been a part of the contract, however having a gay son and having to initial directly next to something indicating that i cannot support my son, you know, when he came out to me the day that he came out to me that was so difficult, i promised him at that point in time that our family will would always support him. we would never push this under the rug and we would never pretend that this wasn't a part of his life. i think that by at least my personal feeling, if i were to sign that contract i'm really telling him that i don't support him and i am kind of brushing it under the rug, so to say and that's not where i want to go. this is a personal decision for me, and i really don't believe that my son just has a gay lifestyle. the lifestyle, that's not it. my son is -- my son is gay, and i want to embrace that. >> and to you, the signing of this contract would mean as a
8:40 am
mom, your employer is asking you to turn your back on your child. >> exactly. and, you know, i, again, this is a personal decision on my part and that some day i hope that this will not be an issue and parents, mother or father would not have to make this decision. i think it's a terrible thing that i'm having to lose my job or not to lose it, but to say that i will not sign the upcoming contract just so i can be there for my son. so many people have approached me and thanked me and been so supportive and said i just can't believe that you're doing this for your son. my goal or my hope is that some day every parent will do this for their son or daughter because being gay is just something that you need to support with these young children from the get go, and i really think that in the catholic schools this is presenting a problem. what are we saying to those young people who need someone
8:41 am
there to help them whether it be a parent or a counselor or teacher. it's just saying to them that, you know, we can't support you because those are the terms that they're using. >> 2200 teachers must sign -- >> 2200 teachers must sign this contact, but from everything i'm hearing from you you are prepared to walk away and not look back. what will you do? >> i'm sorry, say that again? >> what will you do once you leave this job? >> i'm choosing not to teach. my heart has always been to teach in the catholic schools. i prefer not to teach in the public schools. i'm going to take a different avenue. i've had some things that i've looked into and i'm keeping very positive that something good is going come of this and that's just the attitude that i'm taking that this is just taking me down another avenue that is going to lead me in a great direction. >> i have to quickly note that the superintendent of the catholic schools of the archdiocese said the contract
8:42 am
does not stipulate that relationships of love or lgbt should be severed while the church's stance on homosexual marriage is not known, this ask not mean that our teachers are asked to cast away and that is how you feel, molly and i think a lot of parents applaud you for standing for your child. no other love than the love of a mom. >> absolutely, and that's what i've said. so many times i've said the love of my son is stronger than signing any contract and, you know, i just hope that, you know we've made a lot of of changes with the gay and lesbian community and how they are supported and i really hope that, you know, another five years hopefully this won't be an issue even within the catholic religion. that's my prayer. >> thank you for joining us and sharing your story today. thank you. >> thank you, tamron. a man hunt is under way in the rugged part of canada for a man wanted for allegedly killing three police officers.
8:43 am
>> this is a terrible loss and tragedy. we hope that this suspect will be taken into custody and brought to justice. >> police say he is as you see there, dressed in full combat gear and is heavily armed. more details on this had investigation and this man hunt. it is one of the stories we're following around the "news nation." what they do actually is rocket science. but at ge capital we also bring expertise from across ge, like lean process engineers we asked who does what, when, where, and why that step first? ideas for improvement started pouring out. with a little help from us, they actually doubled their output speed. if you just need a loan, just call a bank. at ge capital, we're builders. and what we know... can help you grow.
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decreased sperm count, ankle, feet or body swelling, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing while sleeping and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. a massive man hunt is under way in canada for an alleged cop will killer and that tops our look at stories around the "news nation" today. police tweeted this picture of a man suspected of shooting and killing three officers and wounding two others yesterday in the brunswick province. police say the officers were attacked while responding to a call about a man armed walking around the city of monkton. residents are being told to stay in their homes while police search the area. the suspect was spotted three times so far today.
8:47 am
the s the city has closed schools and the government buildings have closed. a story that has a lot of parents paying attention to what their children are doing online. the creator of "slender man," two 12-year-old girls told them they tried to kill their friend to please this character. i am deeply saddened by the tragedy in wisconsin and my heart goes out to the families of those affected by this terrible act. the victim's mother says her 12-year-old daughter is doing much better as she recovers from as many as 19 stab wounds. the l.a. clippers will soon have a new owner. donald sterling's attorney has, announced he's officially agreed to sell the team to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. sterling's wife shelly announced the $2 billion deal last week,
8:48 am
but her husband had been fighting it up until now. up next, actor and activist lavar burton joins the news nation life. >> together we can read back from every child everywhere. >> we'll get an update on his wildly successful campaign to reboot reading rainbow for today's children in today's digital world. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renters insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 866-906-8500 now. what are you doing? we're switching car insurance.
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there's a lot going on this morning. here are some things we thought you should know. new york city mayor bill de blasio wants to go against president obama on the basketball court. posted a video. take a look. >> i think he can beat obama. this is his official challenge, obama, my mayor will play you
8:52 am
one on one. do you accept? >> the mayor says he has height on the president but admits the president has more skills. those are the things we thought you should know. you may have already seen this by now. >> 30 seconds. ah! >> that is the moment lavar burton's kick starter to revive reading rainbow hit $1 million in only 11 hours. after taking the internet by storm, he is setting his sights on an even higher goal of $5 million, which in my opinion should not be that hard. the project has garnered $3.5 million with more than 77,000 people already chipping in. the show first premiered on pbs in 1983 and on the air over two decades before it ended in 2006. joining me now, actor and the emmy award winning host of "reading rainbow", the great
8:53 am
lavar burton. >> tamron, i'm so happy to meet you. >> we have been best friends in our heads and now we have -- >> apparently so. >> we have a mute ool friend. >> we do, indeed. this reading rainbow kick starter solidified how great you are to me. >> it is amazing. it is the first generation of reading rainbow watchers, the 80s and 90s babies who are really responsible for this. they have said resoundingly we believe it is important for future generations to have "reading rainbow" and giving something back to something they feel gave to them. >> give me the back story of when you decided, let me make this big. >> my business partner mark wolf and i launched the reading rainbow app and we have proven what we set out to prove, today's technology, this very engaging technology of tablet
8:54 am
computers and digital media can be adds effective as television was back in the day. we have kids coming to the reading rainbow, reading 139,000 books a week. we know it works. our goal was to expand our footprint, get to universal access. we wanted to get to the web and get into classrooms. we really wanted to make sure that we could have a chance to have an impact on this current generation of kids. so the traditional venture capital community just really wasn't respond being the way we had hoped so we took matters into our own hands. it was a huge risk to take a 30--year-old platinum brand and ask very publicly for money. >> it's a brand we all love. >> i knew there was love but had no idea. >> people come up to you and mention the theme song for the show. >> yes, but to go in their pockets and show their love with dollars, i did not -- i did not expect it like this. >> some of the things that were listed that people could buy, $2,000 star trek package.
8:55 am
>> is that still up? >> the adviser package is still available, however today we're announcing -- >> this is breaking news. go ahead. >> it is breaking news on "news nation," brent spinor, who was in the kickstarter video will join us for dinner when that event happens. so the person who buys the package to have dinner with lavar and wear the viser will have dinner -- >> it's $10,000? can someone get my wallets. can you take checks postdated. one dale i'y i have it. >> that gives us the opportunity. we're talking universal access, puts us on mobile and set top boxes and game consoles and an droid, people ask me all the time, when is the reading rainbow app coming to android
8:56 am
and to give away to 7500 classrooms. >> how many days do you have left? >> we have 27 days left in the campaign and we are just around $3.5 million, just shy of that. really, i mean, we have -- >> at the finish line. >> we have done so well but right now i feel like we can do more. every dollar we raise we can help more kids. >> absolutely. we're going to keep the audience up to date on it every day and run a tally for you. in my creepy little thought of the day, lavar burton smells so good. let me tell you. that should be up for sale, whatever that smell is with lav saxt r burton in a jar. i'll put in $10,000. my creepy comment of the day, thank you lavar. my best friend in my head is now officially my best friend. i'm tamron hall, please check out the kickstarter for reading rainbow. and we'll see you tomorrow. up next "andrea mitchell reports." [ male announcer ] people all over the world know us,
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i'm never surprised by controversies that are whipped up in washington. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," no apologies, president obama doubles down and gives his strongest defense yet for exchanging high level taliban gitmo detainees for american p.o.w. bowe bergdahl. >> we had a prisoner of war whose health had deteriorated. and we were deeply concerned about it and saw an opportunity and we seized it. i make no apologies for that. >> meet and greet, president obama heads next to france where he'll come face to face with individu vladimir putin. but putin is making headlines about what he had about a potential future president. the greatest


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