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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  June 6, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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most movies. that does it for "the cycle." "now" with alex wagner. hard choices for hillary as she tries to distance herself from president obama. it's friday, june 6th. and this is "now." . what may be seen as an opening argument -- >> sending a clear message and she she's talking the big trucks are coming in with them. >> you meet a lot of pant suits to run. >> on iraq clinton writes -- i got it wrong, plain and simple. >> it is important to be right on day one. >> she describes a secret meeting with then north barack obama. then senator barack obama. we stared at each other like two teenagers on an awkward first date. >> she'll have to introduce her thoughts to the country new and exciting. >> i don't think i'm that fat. >> you're like a -- into this is
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the first phase of hillary 2016. >> hillary is a politician. >> i know i'm forming a presidential exploratory committee. let the conversation begin. i have a feeling it will be very interesting. >> i'm richard wolffe in for alex wagner. the latest leaks from clinton's new memoir are juicy morsels for anyone obsessed what the clinton psychodrama. how to define her relationship with her old boss? >> i had the idea about how to begin the book by starting at the end of my 2008 campaign and talking about the very unlikely journey that led me to be asked by president-elect obama serve as secretary of state and to develop a partnership and friend ship with him over the four years we worked together. >> that partnership and friendship was anything but inevitable. clinton describes her for the
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meeting with obama after losing the democratic primary. we stared at each us other like a few teenagers on an awkward first date, taking a few sips of chardonnay because the two had spent months savidging i'm each other. the seriousness of the illinois upstart and especially on national security. while then senator obama used every moment to asail hillary on her vote on going to war in iraq. >> this was a big strategic blunder. it was not a matter of, here is the initial decision but since then we voted the same way. once we have driven the bus into the ditch this were only so many ways we could get out. senator clinton often says she's on day one but, in fact, she was ready to give in to george bush on day one on the critical issue. >> tough tough. in her book, clinton writes of her fateful vote. i wasn't alone in getting it wrong but i still got it wrong.
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plain and simple. once in the administration clinton recalls how she proudly stood with the president on the senator obama raid and while at the same time making it abundantly clear the two disagreed on this. clinton states while she didn't like losing the debate it's the president's call and she respected his decision at 3:00 a.m. or at any other time of day. as for the most recent controversy. the white house may have been surprised by the backlash but not hillary clinton. in the book, she says, she repeatedly warned that any negotiation of the taliban would be tough to sell back home. all in all, we learned hillary clinton was with them 100% on the bin laden raid and not with anything that carried like syria or the swap. proof, if need be, when it cools to hillary's positioning on obama's record, triangulation is still the name of the game. joining me from washington,
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democratic strategist kiki mcclain. from new york, political reporter at "new york times." nick, welcome, and kiki. i'll start with you. in the words of the great gwyneth paltrow it seems like there's a little bit of conscious uncoupling going on with this book. let me bring up what hillary clinton wrote about sarah palin and that fateful moment when she joined the mccain ticket. she writes -- the obama camp immediately issued a dismissive statement and reached out to me in hopes i would follow suit. but i wouldn't. i was not going to attack palin just for being a woman, appealing for support from other women. i didn't think it made political sense and it didn't feel right so i said, no. kiki, does sound very much that this was a sort of marriage of convenience, looking back. hillary clinton had her own judgment and often that often that judgment was different. >> i don't know how you would describe "often" because i only
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heard you cite a few of examples, a couple i disagree with. any two people who have known each other a long time may have a moment like that but that has nothing to do with how well they came to be a team working together and the level of reason. and i think to a certain point, a deep affection and admiration for one another in the work that they've done together. richard. you're a great and smart guy and i'm giggling because i think you got this wrong and what will be terrific next week is millions of americans can pick up the book themselves. they can read the hundreds of pages about her experience but about some of the hard choices she's had to make over the last few years. when it's meant to be successful in a role like that to move forward and make choices and decisions that are best made in the time you have to make them. i think nothing could be further from the truth. there's no effort to be separate at all.
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>> obviously, completely wrong on this. i have the feeling that when hillary clinton writes about the past she's also writing about what may be in her future. a couple of things from the book. she talks about this decision on the syrian rebels where she takes this different approach. also, on bergdahl, the wire headline from this week is hillary clinton wants it both ways on the bergdahl trade. your view being a political reporter, does this kind of distance help hillary clinton in 2016, if she chooses to be that? >> well, it's necessary. right? this book is a campaign book. and the main difference between this campaign book and all the other candidate books is it will probably sell far more copies. probably millions of copies. but she has to take a chance. she's been out of politics for
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over four years. this is her first chance to see reintroduce herself as a person with her own set of views and she has to do it delicately. she is wasn't secretary of housing. secretary of state. she had a major role in crafting foreign policy for president obama. she has to say, here are my views and in some cases they are distinct from that of the president. >> kiki, tell me again how completely wrong i am. but looking at it from -- >> i just think you're wrong on this one. let me raise a point on bergdahl and i think if folks do research they'll see that secretary clinton's spokesperson went on the record saying nothing could mr. further from the truth. dead wrong. what i would to you is this. the reason millions of copies will be bought of her book is she's done extraordinary work and part of an extraordinary team putting america back in its place of leadership and success around the world, from a foreign
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policy standpoint and an economic standpoint. remember where we are when president obama took office and when she was sworn in as secretary of state. problems on domestic fronts, foreign fronts, economic fronts, our position where our allies around the world, she played a tremendous roll and she has a great history to share with the american people and that's what's great about this boog and that's why people are excited to read it. >> is it even possible, kiqi from a communication's point of view to pick and choose the piece of obama's record you like and don't like if you're running as a democrat for the nomination in 2016. >> i think if you're running for the democratic nomination in 2016, regardless of who you are you talk openly about the american people about what you think and experience is and about what vision is for the future. the american people will figure the rest of it out. take this high post sit that there is, for instance, a former secretary of state who's trying to put some distance. does that hurt the president? if the candidates come out in
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2016, whoever they maybe, with the book or without, if they put some distance does it undercut the president in the remaining years he has in office? >> it's entirely possible for him to have it both ways. it hurts him if it's on issues like bergdahl or syria and how great the distance is between what the president is trying to do and what candidates are trying to say about foreign policy for example. if you're in a mud fight with a ruchs over bergdahl or syria it doesn't always help to have candidates who are come caining to secede you or call you out for your own failures however, i think it's unlikely we'll see anything quite that open. or any other mainstream candidate in 2016. >> kiki, you've been inside the clinton communication piece of this. when we read multiple-sourced stories about the clinton people saying she's trying to put distance and you're saying,
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don't believe him, right? >> i don't know who's saying that and i would tell you, i don't believe that's true into excellent. kiki and nick, thank you so much for your time and kchl iki especially for telling me how wrong i was in such a nice way. >> thanks. after the break, while democrats try to turn texas blue, the state's republicans unveil a new cleanly red platform waiting, featuring wait for it, gay repairive therapy. the president of the republicans next. you know that dream... on my count. the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. (crowd) oh no... introducing verizon xlte. hey guys, i got it right here! we've doubled our 4g lte bandwidth
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step on the march to marriage equality republicans in texas take two steps back. in the courts, the pace of progress is picking up. this afternoon the last state without a legal challenge to a same-sex marriage ban got one. seven couples filed a federal lawsuit in the u.s. district court in fargo. it comes after the supreme court rejected a bid to halt same-sex marriages in oregon on wednesday. joining the list of every federal court that's looked at this question since last june, strike down of doma, the defensive marriage act and concluded such bans are unconstitutional. most americans now, agree. in a new "washington post" poll out today, 56% support same-sex marriage. and regardless of their personal preference, 50% of americans now say the constitution gives gays and lesbians the right to marry. that's a big deal. 50 percent saying same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. just don't tell that to texas republicans who are still busy
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trying to play. the draft of the new texas gop platform endorses so-called repair tifr therapy, quote, for those seeking to escape from the homosexual life tile. that sounds quite nice, like a visit to a spa, perhaps, except of course, major health organizations reject such conversion therapy for causing significant harm. and in two states, it's explicitly banned from use on minors. never mind all that. the new language passed a key vote last night in ft. worth, with governor rick perry gracing the event. the full convention of near10,0 delegates will take a final vote. joining me now, the executive director of log cabin republicans, gregly deangelo and ryan grim in the huffington post. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> gregory, i'll start with you. to be fair to the texas republicans, they did strip out some language about
1:16 pm
homosexuality tearing at the fabric of society. but i'd like to understand what your take is on where the texas gop is headed with this kind of platform language. >> first of all thanks for having me. the language homosexuality tirs at the fabric of society would not be removed at all if they didn't call attention to it in a press conference last week. unfortunately, there still remains in the texas gop, an antigay fringe who is obsessed with inserting anti-gay language. not only are we pushing against this kind of language we're looking to strip any sort of divisive language out of all republican party platforms. they should be a list of principals around which candidates can agree. it shouldn't be a litany of laws you would like to see pads. unfortunately in the state of texas you've seen people on the
1:17 pm
platform committee in the texas state gop, a small contingent of people but nonetheless, have turned the plompl into this kitchen sink list of laws they would like to see fast. in addition to -- they endorse the consumption of raw miamiing. they talk about when people in the state of texas should and should not water their lawns. i'm not kidding you. these are things in the texas gop platform. thanksfully, our job is limited and we're just pushing against the anti-gay rhetoric. there's a number of thing the texas gop would well to reconsider. we're focusing on the egregious anti-gay language in the party platform and we don't think that's a way to win elections. >> i understand you saying it's a small group. the fringe. they have some position of influence in the texas gop. and presumably, they got those positions because people think they have some political influence or at least, understanding. do you think there are texas republicans out there with in positions of authority who it can get them votes to take this kind of approach to this
1:18 pm
so-called therapy? >> there are people out there who are ideological purists in this party. for that matter i would point out people who were ideological purists in the democratic party as well. we're talking about if texas gop. keeping this endorsement of exgay therapy in the party platform, assuming it gets passed on saturday when it goes to a full floor vote and it would only serve to apiece a small fringe of the texas gop and unfortunately it would alienate far more people in the state of texas, it would alienate a number of republicans. we're log can bhin republicans and there's no way we're smorting democrats. we're not independents but certainly there would be reason for a lot of republicans to stay home on election day. whether or not you're a member. if you're a common sense conservative, this is not language that will do anybody any favors. >> let me bring in some political analysis here. i want to bring up the abc "washington post" poll. it shows -- 77% of 18 to
1:19 pm
29-year-olds support gay marriage. 63% of those vote strongly. there's no future, is there, for any political party, whether you call yourself a republican group or a democratic group. when cow take this kind of position on lgbt issues? >> if you break those numbers down further and take it down to the young evangelicals, you find it robustingly increasing support even among the evangelical conservatives. there's a movement among the national runs to do away with the entire process of state platforms. because they want to avoid this kind of thing. it gives a platform to the die-hardest elements within the state party. but then it gets arity tied by the rest of the if state party. it would be one thing to have half a dozen cranks who took over a subcommittee and got it introduced as plompl legislation. the party in general saw it and
1:20 pm
said, this is horrible. we can't put our name on this but that's not typically for what happens. typically it gets ratified by the state party and becomes the kind of standard plank all of these candidates statewide are running on and a ton of national republicans who would much rather not have that be connected to them at this time. >> greg, how do you deal with that scenario. your log cabin republicans trying to reposition republicans across the country on these kinds of issues. if the texas republican party comes out to back this kind of platform, it sets you back everywhere with republicans, doesn't it? >> it certainly has the potential to do that. clearly, this discussion that's happening in texas is generating national news and that's the reason i'm on with you right now and why you're viewers are aware of this and why it's a national trend. we're in agreement. i don't see this as doing the republican party any favors. i point out there are also things that state candidates need to support the entirety of the party's platform, otherwise they need to state the reasons
1:21 pm
why they are opposed. if we're going to get my that kind litmus test in the gop, let's ask them if they support the consumption of raw milk or would like to support laws that say you can water you lawn on these days and not these day and if they exgay therapy. >> i think there's i lot of republicans out there who in addition to not supporting or endorsing the raw milk would not support exgay therapy. >> i understand what you're saying about this platform having fling elements but raw milk isn't offensive to large ch chunks of americans. it doesn't represent discrimination in trying to divide americans. >> in one sense i was pointing out the absurdity of the texas gop platform. the reason we're the will be cabin republicans is we feel there's issues that the gop and the conservatives coaless around and it's not exgay therapy. we've fought against the
1:22 pm
so-called repair tiive therapy years. we work with certified medical doctors on the issue. and we're lobbying right now on the floor of the texas state convention, our delegates are, to try to make this case to common sense conservatives, as common sense conservatives to take this language out of the party platform. it has the potential over the repr cushions beyond the state of texas. >> i wish you good luck with that effort and gregory, thank you very much for your time today. >> thank you, richard. coming up, president obama pace tribute to the heroes of normandy on the 70th anniversary of d-day. and along the way, has an awkward encounter with are you shall be president vladimir putin. that's next. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts, ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite,
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what more powerful manifest expectation of america's commitment, to my has been freedom has been the site of wave after wave after wave of young men boarding those boats to liberate people they had never met. normandy, this was democracy's beachhead. >> that was president obama speaking earlier today from the beaches of normandy where veterans and world leaders gathered to mark the 70th anniversary of d-day. among them were queen elizabeth, french president and russian president, vladimir putin. although the focus of today's ceremony was common rating events of a different time, modern-day politics were alive and well. on the sidelines of the celebration, president obama spoke with vladimir putin for the first time since russia began its annexation of crimea and he met with ukraine's
1:27 pm
president-elect. a spokesperson for president putin called it a, quote, positive step, a humble one but positive. just ahead, when it comes to the power of dark money in politics, the nation "koch" is never far away. the academy award nominated directors discuss their new film that the koch brothers didn't want you to see. up next on "now."
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marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious, and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. wife: mmmm husband: these are good! marge: the tasty side of fiber. from phillips. avo: withbook any flightways get the lowest price or hotel and if you find it for less, we'll match it and give you 50 dollars off your next trip expedia, find yours >> if you've ever wondered how powerful the kochs are, the oscar nom nautded filmmakers started working on a documentary about the influence of money on
1:31 pm
american politics, following the supreme court's decision and united ruling. the title of their new film? "citizen koch. "a reference to billionaire brothers charles and david koch backing wisconsin governor, scott walker's fight against the unions. the main subject of the film. the film was then being funded by an independent production company called itvs and was expected to run on pbs. itvs executives were praise worthy of the documentary and everything was moving forward smoothly and then something happened. a very critical documentary featuring the koch brothers aired on pbs and david koch, who has donated $23 million to public television over the years, got upset. according to reporting done by the new yorker's jane mayer, all of a sudden the film's title was now, quote, exto in order fairly problematic. and a year later, they were told itvs was pulling the plug on the project. even public television, it
1:32 pm
seemed, was trying not to sfend the koch brothers. this week, the movie they didn't want you to see about the demise of our democracy, is finally out. >> i am a republican. what i voted for is not what i got into the people like the koch brothers have purchased the republican matter. >> it's not my party any more. >> if it wasn't for the union i couldn't have eare tired. >> unions are the only competition republicans have. >> the unions, without that, it's over. >> aren't they happy just being millionaires? do they'll really have to be gazilli gazillion heirs. >> listen america, they don't care about you because you don't bring a check. >> joining me now there codirectors of "citizen koch." , thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> tia, fascinating. i love the way you focused on the working class republicans and not just looking at the case study of the influence of the
1:33 pm
koch brothers but people that were disillusions but what they thought they were spothing, we haven't seen the backlash of working class republicans since wisconsin, why do you thinks that? >> i think it's out there. i think the media doesn't focus on it that much and i think there's a lot of because they want to focus on the tea party republicans. a lot of republicans in the party who feel betrade and feel their party has been hijacked and we talked to a lot of them if our film. >> carl is an amazing moment in the film, i hope we can bring it u here, where president of americans for prosperity denies they're doing advocacy at the moment, they're actually campaigning. how much longer do you think they can get away with this two-faced thing? >> unfortunately, that's up to congress. many of the very people who are benefiting from this kind of dark-money spending, americans for pros centerity is a nonprofit organization. they have a foundation as well. it's a c-3. they don't really have to disclose their donors.
1:34 pm
>> right. i think we have this on tape so we'll play that now. >> we'll tell you how to get on the system. >> this is jeremy. i'm a volunteer for americans for prosperity and i wanted to let you know mayor tom berry has raised taxes in milwaukee every year but once since he became mayor. can you believe that wisconsin taxpayers will -- >> nieng you for your time. i urge you to go to americans for prosperity. >> do you think in this world you have more freedom to do what you do -- >> post -- we don't do election advocacy? >> really. >> again, citizens united the impacts americans for prosperity in no way, shape or form. >> this is not election advocacy? uh-uh. >> what are we supposed to call it if it's not advocacy? >> you be the judge. this is symptom @ic of the environment we're in and the after math of citizen's united where people are emboldened to push it to the limit. i don't think the intent was ever for the nonprofit
1:35 pm
organizations to advocate for or against candidates as blatantly as they did in wisconsin and as blatantly as they're doing right now to do all over the yes. >> it obviously worked. if you look at the spending for meshes for prosperity. a chart we can pull up here. spending in 2012, 122 mm. in the plooefrs eight years, 7 2 million. this is an extraordinary amount of influence here. >> it exploded. this is an organization, remember, that was founded by david koch and charles koch and likely very much bank rolled by them but a front group for all sorts of interests. any corporation can go and give their money to americans for prosperity and essentially be shielded. it's an untraceable money trail. >> and we learned today, "the washington post" reported they donated to the college negro fund. a great organization. we've seen this with the koch's repeatedly.
1:36 pm
they smort a number of institutions and organizations that progressers might feel they can support too. so you've been at the receiving end of their influence. houshd progressives think about the kind of influence the koch money is buying? >> well, look. different money to charity. that's great. the thing we know about the united negro college fund and all the charitable colleges they support is they advertise. but don't give money or spend money politically and call that charity. that's where the problem is. >> tia, the unions were defeated in wisconsin. as you point out, they were also responsible for ploresident oba win re-election. do you think we're at a point where the koch money is outweighing the union movement fog gore ward? >> that's the reason why there have been attacked on organized labor. it's not about mention or wages
1:37 pm
it's about the political power of working people amassing their donations and being able to fund the democratic opponents of charles and david koch. >> carl, you've seen in a personal way now. do you really have any hope for campaign finance reform. can we turn back this tide? >> the important thing is that people educate themselves on the issue. most americans want some regulation of campaign contributions and campaign spending. and they're going against if tide. people need to get motivated and stand up and make their case. >> the film, citizen koch, opens in new york and select cities later this month. tia and carl, thanks very much for coming. >> that. >> thanks so much. >> after the break, what's old is new again. the biggest numbers behind today's job numbers. that's coming up next. i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. for 33 years i chose to keep smoking...
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today the economy added jobs. slightly above expectations. today's job' report marked two big milestones. finally after six years, the number of jobs climbed above prerecession levels. last month's gains also marked the 51st consecutive month of previous sector job growth. tying clinton era record helped from 1996 to 2000. coming up, unlikely voice joins the growing chorus against gun violence and the approach for gun safety reform. the one and only, snoop dogg. we interview the hip-hop icon next. but first, josh lipton has the cnbc market wrap. >> that jobs' report certainly having an impangt on the u.s. stock market. u.s. markets closing at record
1:42 pm
highs today. as the u.s. did add 217,000 jobs in may. returning to its 2008 pre-recession peak. the dow adding 88 points. the s&p closing almost nine points higher and the nasdaq tacking on 25 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. here you go. good catch! alright, now for the best part. ooh, let's get those in the bowl. these are way too good to waste, right? share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes® they're g-r-r-reat!tm how do i win?ight.everyone wins. because we're streaming the movie that you love. well, how do i win?
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last night the campus of
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seattle university, a 19-year-old man was killed and three others were injured by a being subdued by a student guard using pepper spray. and today in georgia, the forsyth county courthouse where a sheriff's deputy was reportedly shot in the leg and the suspect was killed. amid all of the ongoing violence, one rapper ask raising his voice as an antigun advocate. filmmaker alexander pelosi sat down with the one and only, snoop dogg. >> here in california with the anti-gun groups. who are campaigning to end gun violence. >> now is the time to come together. be responsible. >> hopefully, you know, america will wake up and see that we need to do something about these laws and these background checks and we try to put some sort of prevention of people being so -- having so much access to getting guns and doing destruction with
1:47 pm
them so quick and so fast. i want my voice to be heard and i want the people that follow me to get behind this movement and push the same push we're pushing to try to get some sort of laws or action going on politically and legislatively. >> what do you say to people who, in terms of your message today and how different it is from whb you began as an artist. >> you're dealing with a grown man. you know, back then, i was a kid and i was young and i had no direction. so i was basically following my own lead as opposed to being a man who is grown and older and wiser and more mature and i have kids and i understand the effects of the power or position that i've been given and i tried to use it in a positive manner as opposed to loosely throwing it out there. >> i have to say, that type of violence occurs in the black community every day, all day and we don't get the attention nor the coverage but at the same time, the emotion and the feelings that's behind the depth of the people is affected by everybody, no matter what community or what color you are.
1:48 pm
that's why we standing to the with these people today, to voice our opinion on that. we don't want it to happen again and it's affecting everybody. it's been affecting us and we stand by those and santa barbara knows and columbine and we feel it and it hurts us every time we have to see it because it's there every day. >> there's one cause we can all agree on. >> everybody feels the same way. we want the background checks. we want gun swriens gone from our community whether we live i in the hood or beverly hills. >> we're tired of going to funerals but it seems like when it's happening in the white community. i had been has beening in my community. it happens in my community every day. >> my son was killed over 18 years ago. america should be ashamed of itself. uc santa barbara should have never happened. newtown should have never happened. those 20 babies should have never been killed. violence is everywhere and we better wake up and pay attention
1:49 pm
to it. it's not about color. it's ought all of us or none of us. that's what time it is. >> i'm hope what can happens and that brings more awareness that pulled the squich and put some thought night and say, you know what? is this going to happen again before it happens again? >> as they said on the tape, it's not about color. >> coming up, house republicans have use just released that you are june agenda and to the surprise of absolutely no one obama care is still on the menu. the real story is what's missing. buzz feeds is next on "now." 6 if i can impart one lesson to a
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. >> they have about a six-week window from june soth, after the last republican primary, toil the august recess. if they don't pass immigration reform then, the president will have no choice but to act on his own. >> we've waited 329 days. we're willing to wait another sucks weeks. that was like chuck schumer and harry reid last month, offering a republican the final chance to vote on the immigration reform bill the senate passed one year ago. they were not the only ones hoping at another shot of reform but the white house sought to delay a defense department plan to give dreamers a path to citizenship and last week the president postponed executive action on america's deportation policy, all in order to give republicans a last shot at seriously considering reform. this afternoon, house majority leader eric cantor released his monthly legislative memo and notably absent is any plan to even discuss immigration policy.
1:54 pm
there are still gop primaries to come in june, including a suspiciously, in virginia, where cantor is trying to fend off a tea party challenger and his team released on monday, the headline, eric cantor is the number one guy standing between the american people and immigration reform. the question is -- just weeks after relishing the title of immigration reform's grim reaper, will cantor be willing to change his tune? joining me to discuss this is case from buzz feed. this challenge cantor is facing from the wonderfully -- he's accused him of supporting amnesty which, of course, is far from the truth. but this primary is on june 10th. is there any chance at all eric cantor will undergo some kind of conversion in, july, and pick up immigration reform?
1:55 pm
>> sure. there's a hasn't. there's always a chance. what cantor's position has been on capitol hill, which is different than the mailers that you've been seeing, is that he wants imgrags reform to happen. he wants to do it in a piecemeal way. he says he doesn't trust the president, right? republicans are turning to this idea that they don't trust the president and that that's why they can't pass you know, immigration reform because the president won't follow the law. what cantor h has been saying is maybe we'll do some little things, some piece meal things for the last couple of years. he's talked a lot about -- the last year the dreamers that makes those mailers confusing is that reeling them in there's no ibd occasion that he would ever want to get any kind of immigration reform done. so it's a bit of a double peek. we could -- there could be a july surprise. >> are you actually saying that the majority leader is saying in washington is different from the mailer back in virginia? >> is that true?
1:56 pm
>> i think they might be a little different. exactly. >> interesting. so what this agenda includes, options to replace obama care. tax credit extensions for small business. a temporary train pore expectation bill. no unemployment insurance. it really does sound like the republicans are trying to play to their base whereas immigration reform is to a bigger audience. >> right. they are trying to play it to their base right now. the primaries will be over june 10th and everyone is going to be hunkering down, in full. campaign mode until november. there are some must-do items on that aagain ta, appropriation's bills and the highway trust fund, those are things that they have to have get done but the rest of it is going to say, you though, we cut taxes and we're trying to cut the gas tax and we're still against obama care and that's our agenda and there's nothing that democrats can do to really convince them to try to do unemployment insurance or immigration reform at this point because they know
1:57 pm
that that's going to be a win for democrats. >> so kate, let's talk about democrats for a minute. that strategy, obviously, is to delay things right now. give republicans a chance to regroup. but while they are delaying, the number of deportations per day is running at about 1,100. this kind of delay is kind of politics, is hurting real people. it's not a small thing to just wait this out for eric cantor to figure things out with his tea party challenge for pore innings on the hill to worn their way through. deportations are very real. >> yeah. they're real and the activist community and the latino caucus on the hill. they'll really have pushed the president. they've said they need to do manage. in the white house, ant on the that side they seem to believe this their heart of hearts, the republican leadership ship wants and will do something which is high they're trying to give them
1:58 pm
these extra couple of weeks. from my perspective, covering the house republican kau kwas, i frankly don't see it happening. you're going to hear advocates speak loudly. there's going to be more protests. there was an enormous protest at the white house the other day with dreamer activists. this is not going away for democrats either. they know that thefr to do something and the white house knows that something has to happen. whether or not it will go far enough to satisfy the advocate community and stave off a lot of these deportations is to be seen. >> kate, if you had to stick your neck out and make a prediction here, eric cantor isn't going to lose in this primary, he's not really challenged by this tea party guy, is he? >> i do not think eric cantor will lose the primary. >> in which case, isn't this game they're playing around immigration policy a bit fake? if he's not really challenged why is he doing it? >> i think that the broader
1:59 pm
caucus. he's also in the leadership position. he's the majority leader and he wants to be where the rest of his conference is. and most of the conference does not want to see a comprehensive immigration reform package passed. he likes being in power. how old like to continue being in power. and i think that plays a huge role in what you're seeing with mr. cantor. >> i thought john boehner had brought on this immigration adviser he was positioning himself for reform? >> well, i think in john boehner's heart of haets he would like to see -- john boehner with you know, while he says he'll be speaker next year and he would like to continue to be there, john boehner doesn't have a lot of years left on the hill. and he's thinking about sort of the larger republican party. >> okay. buzz feed, kate nacera thanks for joining us. >> breaking news on a story we reported earlier in the show.
2:00 pm
moments ago a federal judge in which which is struck down that state's ban on same sex marmg nationally. same-sex couples have the right to marry in 19 states. that's all for now. you'll be glad to noa legs will be back on monday at 4 p.m. eastern. "the ed show" is up next. good evening, americans and welcome to the ed show. live from detroit, lakes, minnesota. i'm ready to go. let's get to work! the invasion of western europe has begun. >> june 6th, 1944, we made the invasion of hitler's europe. >> 70th anniversary of d-day. >> we were right here 70 years ago. >> we come to remember why america and our allies gave so much for the survival of liberty. >> it is an important date to us and always