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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 11, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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asking, kawai? this is "way too early"! hey, everybody, good morning. i'm thomas roberts. it is wednesday, june 11th. welcome to "way too early," the show that loves upsets, especially when they involve political races that no one predicted. if you hadn't heard the name dave brat before last night, you were not alone in that, but now, the virginia college professor has unseated one of the most powerful men in congress, eric cantor, winning by 12 points in the republican primary. cantor, who rode a wave of tea party victories in 2010 to become house majority leader, suddenly found himself on the wrong side of the group's support and addressed stunned supporters last night. >> obviously, we came up short. i know there's a lot of long faces here tonight, and it's disappointing, sure, but i believe in this country, i
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believe there's opportunity around the next corner for all of us. so, i'll look forward to continuing to fight with all of you for the things that we believe in, for the conservative cause, because those solutions of ours are the answer to the problems that so many people are facing today. thank you all very, very much. >> so, this upset sent shock waves through both parties, from southern republicans all the way up to nancy pelosi, whose dinner party suddenly turned into an impromptu celebration. following the internal polls, cantor's hold on the seat appeared to be air-tight with a 34-point lead. and as of the most recent deadlines, cantor was clobbering brat in fund-raising 25-1, even spending more on state than brat did his entire campaign. not everyone was caught by surprise. the chamber of commerce said they began to see warning signs weeks ago and offered to help, but according to the "washington post," they were "waved off." cantor's fall raises questions at the very top of the party's ranks about who will replace him
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as majority leader and the loss could possibly even impact house speaker john boehner himself. joining me now, "morning joe" contributor mark halperin. going to bed last night, my phone was blowing up with this, so i had to stay up later to drink this in, because it's unbelievable that dave brat would be able to do this when the indications were that cantor would hold his seat, at least in the primary. >> it's a shocking story. most of these have big data and people following the race all over the country. nobody saw this coming. why it happened has to do with tea party versus establishment and also eric cantor, national figure, didn't tend to the district as much as he should have. the why it happened, obviously important, people will pore over that. the impact, though, i think is the bigger story. how cantor deals with this, how presidential candidates deal with it. what happens now to the republican party? do they say we need to cater to the tea party even more? a lot of people in the republican party think their biggest problem over the last couple years is they've been catering to the tea party too much.
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brings legislation to a halt. i'll tell you the person who's probably least surprised by this, president obama. he's not been a big fan of eric cantor, and i'll bet the president's saying this guy didn't have a good relationship with his district because he's not that great a politician. >> all right, for those in virginia's 7th congressional district, those considered to be moderate republicans, what does it do to them in november? are they going to be throwing their support behind a guy named dave brat, who they didn't feel was their guy all along? >> it's a republican-leaning district. the democrats have a candidate, actually teaches at the same college as brat does. it's possible democrats could win this seat, but this is still shaping up to be a good republican year in virginia, a good republican year nationally. i don't think they'll lose the seat, but it does raise questions on a host of issues. cantor had a great relationship with wall street and the business community. how did the republican party nationally replace that? how do they do that in virginia, when, again, this looks like a tea party takeover and takedown of such an establishment figure. >> great side story on brat, though. we'll be talking more about this, the 23-year-old campaign manager, young guy that got him
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this far. but quickly, lindsey graham in south carolina. there was a different outcome further south when we look at the numbers there. what do you think? >> graham wins big. look, graham's not the only establishment figure. a guy who talks about immigration, who won immigration, was clearly a big issue for brat. john boehner won his primary. as i said, there are certain things about cantor in terms of his likability, in terms of his neglecting the district that wasn't at play for lindsey graham, for john boehner. lots of republican incumbent establishment figures who have survived their primaries. >> it really was interesting to see last night and we'll continue to talk about it this morning on "morning joe." thank you, sir. see you coming up next half hour. so, what does eric cantor's loss mean for the future of the republican party? tweet us your answers using #waytooearly. we'll have some of the best ones later in the show. all right, so, families are searching for answers this morning after yet another school shooting. one student was killed and a teacher wounded in the 74th shooting at an american school since the sandy hook massacre of
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2012. school had just began on the next to last day of classes at reynolds high in troutdale, oregon, when fireworks-like sounds were heard in a locker room. teachers urged students to hide in classrooms as it quickly became clear exactly what had occurred. >> we've got shots fired. [ sirens ] >> all we have at this point is possibly wearing a black jacket armed with an assault rifle. >> parents raced to the state's second largest high school as word was spreading about the latest senseless act of violence. police say the gunman, believed to be a former student, was found dead in a bathroom. officials are now trying to determine a possible motive but have not said how the gunman died. 14-year-old emilio hoffman was killed in the shooting. the freshman was a popular member of the school soccer team. track coach todd risler was shot but survived. and president obama took lawmakers to task for failing to enact gun legislation that could possibly prevent more shootings. >> i am prepared to work with
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anybody, including responsible sportsmen and gun owners, to craft some solutions, but right now, it's not even possible to get even the mildest restrictions through congress, and we should be ashamed of that. >> this shooting comes days after a deadly shooting at a seattle pacific university and just two days after the -- excuse me, two weeks after the uc santa barbara shooting spree. well, an insurgency in iraq is raising new concerns over the stability of that region. yesterday, sunni militants belonging to an al qaeda affiliate easily overtook iraq's second largest city, defeating iraqi security forces in mosul as they abandoned their posts. the militants reportedly freed thousands of prisoners, took control of military bases, seizing weapons and cash stockpiles. the security forces which were trained by the u.s. military shed their uniforms to blend in with the tens of thousands of iraqi citizens that were fleeing the country. the u.n. estimates 500,000
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iraqis have since left the city. iraq's prime minister, nuri al maliki, has ordered a state of emergency, calling for help of other nations, without specifically mentioning the u.s. mosul was one of the last major iraqi cities to have a u.s. troop presence before the withdrawal began. today, members of congress will press the pentagon for details on the decision to swap five taliban militants for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. defense secretary chuck hagel is set to testify before the house armed services committee coming up at 10:00 a.m., and the white house is pushing back on suggestions that hagel, not president obama, was responsible for the deal. republican buck mckeehan suggested the administration is framing hagel as a scapegoat in light of the ongoing criticism over the exchange, saying "briefers from the various departments were asked who made the final decision, and they said secretary hagel associat, they're not pushing him out to be a fall guy for this." they say the president made the call, saying there is no daylight between the commander and his team. meanwhile, the "wall street journal" reports two of the five
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freed detainees are expected to rejoin the taliban. officials say a classified assessment predicted the two militants would return to senior positions in the group. one previously served as the taliban army chief of staff, and the other is a former interior minister. former secretary of state and possible 2016 presidential candidate hillary clinton is officially on the road again, and people waited online for hours in new york city as she kicked off her nationwide book tour. they all wanted to get her signature. mrs. clinton sat down with cynthia mcfadden to talk about her memoir, "hard choices." she says one of the decisions was pushing back against the obama's suggestion to go negative on vp candidate sarah palin. >> the obama staff, the campaign wanted you to attack sarah palin, and you say you wouldn't do that. >> the day she was nominated, so it was after the convention that nominated president obama, vice president biden. the day she was nominated, the
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obama campaign did contact me and asked me if i would attack her. i said attack her for what, for being a woman? attack her for being on a ticket that's trying to draw attention? there will be plenty of time to do what i think you should do in politics, which is draw distinctions. >> she said to attack palin simply because she was a woman would have been inappropriate. mrs. clinton also said the 2012 attack in benghazi would be her one do-over from her tenure as secretary of state. a judge's decision in california could soon impact teachers across the country. the judge ruled that laws on teacher tenure and seniority were unconstitutional. the judge says the policies, including a last in-first out rule jeopardized the chance for students to succeed. the court also funds that many of the students impacted most by the policies were lower income or minority students. u.s. education secretary arne duncan says the ruling is a "mandate to identify the country's best teachers and match them up with students who need them the most." the two teachers unions involved
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in the case say they will go on to appeal that. shifting our attention to business news for the day. where the markets were mostly unchanged from yesterday, however, the dow did manage to rise to a new record close. cnbc's geoff cutmore live in london with more on what to look for today. geoff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. and the air is getting even thinner up here. we have a negative trading day here in europe, and the futures for you are looking all in the red at this point. so, i think it's going to be hard to make too much forward progress early on in the session. and the market will also be hanging on a treasury statement at 2:00 eastern. we'll find out a little bit more about the state of the government's fiscal indebtedness. so, just something that the market is watching out for. here's another story of interest. the eu looks like it's going to investigate apple and starbucks over their tax affairs here, but i think consumers will be more interested in what happens to the 3 1/2-millimeter jack connection for their headphones. reports that apple may be
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looking to get rid of that, and instead get you connecting your headphones through the lightning connector. i guess beats are probably some way down the road on preparing new headsets for that, if it, in fact, turns out to be the case. but it bugs the hell out of me. i don't know about you, but every time they change these connectors, it means you've got to go out and buy a whole new kit to make it work. >> you've got to reinvest. we'll see if the pushback on that is enough to make apple take warning about people not liking the idevice changes. but let's get up to speed on this, because geoff, we have got jetblue shaking up their fleet. some consider this to be a game-changer for what the airline might be doing. what's planned? >> reporter: isn't this fascinating, you know, because these budget airlines have stuck with this budget proposition for a long time. jetblue now moving into the luxury space. they're launching this mint premier service, which means you get a flat seat if you want it now, and potentially, a cubicle. you know how it works, the
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dynamics. 10% of the business passengers on the plane, but that's 30%, quite often, of the profit. so, jetblue finally thinking it's time to get into the premier luxury end of the airline business. back to you. >> all right, geoff. thank you, sir. much appreciated. still ahead on "way too early," the spurs blew out the heat last night in miami, but a reporter still managed to make lebron laugh in the postgame press conference. we'll show you the question that did it. plus, it's a battle of the sexes. new research that says women may actually be stronger and men and the cells they have to prove it. that story and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. stick around. ♪ james hood is the first of his race to become an alabama student, followed into the registrars office by vivian malone. both students are 20 years old and will take summer courses.
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all right, welcome back, everybody, to sports. the spurs and heat in game three of the nba finals. record-setting first half for the spurs, sinking more than 75% of their shots. they led miami by as much as 25 points during this game, and kawhi leonard scored a career-high 21 points for a 111-92 san antonio victory in game three. a really rough night for lebron, dwyane wade and the heat, and things got a little weird in the postgame press conference. >> you have a great defense. they're averaging 104 points a game. you have a lot of offense. you haven't broke 100 yet. is the problem your lackluster defense, or is it the problems you're having offensively, lackluster offense?
2:47 am
>> the problem is we're down two games to one. that's the problem. we've got to figure out how to tie it up. >> all right, so, the heat will try to even things up when the series resumes on thursday night. what do you think he said when he went like this, bill karins? what do you think? >> i think he said, you do this one. >> you do this one. i don't want to talk about this. all right, shelly sterling is headed to court this morning. she is seeking an expedited hearing to keep her husband from blocking the sale of the clippers, this coming after donald sterling released a second statement yesterday in which he refers to the nba's "reign of terror," claiming the league is infringing on his privacy rights and freedom of speech. he makes a call to "fight these sdpikous monsters" and commissioner adam silver said he had no idea what you're talking about. interesting to see what's going on in the soap opera that is clipper world. all right to baseball. a's and angels tied in the eighth. >> and he rips that one down the left field line. he's not going to get it.
2:48 am
and it rolls off the side wall and they're going to wave home kendrick. the throw to the plate is there! >> oh, my goodness. >> and they got him. are you kidding me? >> yeah, what a cannon on oakland outfield er, who nails the player at the plate from left field. >> incredible. he had no momentum. he was probably 300 feet from home plate. >> yeah. all right, so, into extras. bottom of the 14th, l.a.'s colin cowgill hits a deep shot to left and there won't be a play for squedis on this one. the walk-off home run gets the angels a 2-1 win. pretty amazing. all right, let's get a check on our weather. nbc meteorologist bill karins is standing by for us. bill, good morning. >> good morning. a lot of rain delays yesterday in the baseball world and there will be a lot today, too, many areas of the northeast. bring your umbrellas with you. we already have rain this morning that's broken out across much of new york state, and also, showers and thunderstorms trying to move into areas just to the south of washington, d.c., around dale city and virginia, and these are going to
2:49 am
be heading over the potomac here shortly and then over the chesapeake. up to the north we've even got some showers by the harrisburg area and lancaster, too, and some downpours. not a lot of lightning strikes with it. but right around dale city, though, some pretty good storms. we'll actually get a couple rounds of storms in this area in the mid-atlantic. one this morning. that will exit. it will get hot, it will be humid, then we get more storms this afternoon. we could even see a few strong storms, damaging wind, hail, isolated tornado or two, but that includes baltimore, washington, d.c., and richmond back to pittsburgh. so again, stormy skies. that will mean airport delays. even our friends in the southeast, typical afternoon storms. middle of the country looks drier, but if you're in the d.c./baltimore area this afternoon, keep an eye to the sky. >> all right, bill. thank you, sir. appreciate it. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the house majority leader loses his republican primary in virginia. what eric cantor's loss means for the future of the party and how it could impact immigration reform as well as some other hot-button issues.
2:50 am
then, we'll hudding around the water cooler and get to the heart of the matter. research shows women are actually stronger than men when it comes down to biology. yeah, the battle of the sexes. more after this. i make a lot of purchases for my business. and i get a lot in return with ink plus from chase. like 50,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months after i opened my account.
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all right, so, earlier in the show, we talked about house majority leader eric cantor's surprising loss in the virginia republican primary.
2:53 am
if you want to sound mart, tell your friends that despite tea party groups claiming victory, brat's win may have little to do with the national tea party movement. the "washington post" reports that outside groups in total spent less than 5,000 bucks against cantor and zero dollars came from the national tea party groups. our twitter question for you today, what do you think eric cantor's loss means for the future of the republican party? our producer, justine delgado, has the best responses for us. justine, what did we get? >> john says, "it says republican internal politics is more vicious than game of thrones." >> love a good "game of thrones" reference. >> yes. then, voto latino president maria says "immigration reform now has one final shot this summer. cantor can claim gop leadership vacuum and leave a legacy." >> interesting perspective from a friend of the show there. justine, thank you. now to the battle of the sexes we were talking about, when men and women go head to head in a test of physical strength, you might think it's the guys who constantly come out on top, but that's not always the case.
2:54 am
as kprc's bill spencer reports, it's very interesting results. >> reporter: it's a question that goes back to the beginning of time -- who's stronger, men or women? >> looking good. >> reporter: it's something that brian and his wife, kara, battle over all the time, especially at the gym. >> brian and i make everything a competition, everything. >> reporter: both are in great shape, but in the end, they both agree, they've been brought up to believe that men are the stronger sex. >> look at men. they're bigger, they're taller, they have more muscle mass. >> oh, definitely men. definitely men. >> you guys are wimps, what can i say? >> reporter: but now, landmark research being done by dr. doris taylor at the texas heart institute is proving that women, all the way from their stem cells to their hearts, have got men beat badly. >> there's a difference in the underlying structure of virtually every organ. >> reporter: oh, you can actually see the difference. you can even feel it. >> i have a female heart and a
2:55 am
male heart. >> reporter: take hearts, for example. dr. taylor took male and female pig hearts, nearly identical to the human heart, and stripped them of all cells so that she could look at the basic structure. first, the female heart. just look at it. >> the female heart, small, compact, toned. >> reporter: it feels strong to me. now the male heart, soft, loose, thin-walled, almost runny. >> it's like a giant blob. >> reporter: it's like a sock. >> it's like an old, bad sock. >> reporter: and then there are the stem cells, the body's superpowered repair system. just look at the difference. research shows the power of female stem cells on the left compared with male stem cells on the right. women have far more stem cells and they last a lot longer. >> if my cells are better than your cells, wouldn't you want my cells in your heart to make it better? >> reporter: dr. taylor's goal in all this, to harvest those superpowered stem cells that
2:56 am
women have and inject them into men and women suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and more and cure them. >> the goal now is to not just make it 10% better but make it 80% better. and i'm betting on female cells for that. >> that was really fascinating there. researchers say the differences between male and female hearts and stem cells may help explain why men are more vulnerable to heart disease than women. coming up next on "way too early," a look at the stories you'll be talking about in the day ahead. "morning joe" moments away. you know that dream... on my count. the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. (crowd) oh no... introducing verizon xlte. hey guys, i got it right here! we've doubled our 4g lte bandwidth in cities coast to coast. so take on more. with xlte.
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the ready for you alert, only at! hey, everybody. let's get a check on the day ahead before we toss it over to "morning joe." we've got the controversy of sergeant bowe bergdahl's release moving into the halls of congress. u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl was released from afghanistan captivity in exchange for five gitmo taliban prisoners. today they will hold a hearing to look into the swap where chuck hagel is expected to testify. in other news, shelly sterling is heading to court this morning, seeking an expedited hearing to keep her husband from blocking the sale of clippers, and this comes after donald sterling released a
3:00 am
new statement yesterday in which he refers to the nba as a reign of terror. and a quick birthday shout-out to adrian cotega, who's our guy who keeps everything in check. yo, adrian! let's go to "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ the reason we won this campaign is there's just one reason, and that's because dollars do not vote. you knew -- the miracle that just happened. this is a miracle that just happened. >> well, thanks to that man, one of the most powerful leaders in congress is on his way out. if you haven't heard the name dave brat before last night, you're not alone. brat is a virginia college professor. he has unseated eric cantor,