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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  June 18, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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still talking about it, you know, a week after means that maybe a society, we're ready it say, hey, we need to take this more seriously. >> thank you for joining us. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton joins us now. good evening, rev. >> good even ppg and thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead, the right is more wrong than ever on iraq. president obama met with congressional leaders this afternoon to discuss what to do about the new iraqi crisis. islamic militants are taking over more of the country. today seizing iraq's largest oil refoiner refinery. the "new york times" presents says obama is said to consider selective airstrikes. and that of course, isn't enough
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for the warhawks on the right. today, former vice president dick cheney and his daughter, announced they are forming a new political group to attack president obama's foreign policy. >> empty threats, meaningless red lines, leading from behind and engagement with rogue regimes put america on a path of decline. president obama repeatedly mislead the american people. >> the cheneys followed up that little gem with a wall street journal op ed in which they write, quote, rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. write, quote, rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. write, quote, rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. write, quote, rarely has a u.s. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many. rarely has a president been so wrong? really? i can think of a president who got things wrong over and over again. >> the british government learned saddam hussein sought significant quantities of uranium from africa. the iraqi regime continues to
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possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. >> major combat operations and iraq ended in the battle of iraq. the united states and allies prevailed. >> turned out to be so wrong causing so many people to suffer. mr. cheney knows that firsthand because he, too, was a war hawk, spreading mass deception. >> that report that has been pretty well confirmed that he did go to prague and he he did meet with senior officials, iraqi intelligence services. >> we will be greeted as liberators. >> i think in the last throws of the insurgency. >> it was the right thing do and if we did it over again we would do exactly the same thing. >> if he could, cheney would do it all over again, exactly the same. that's why we can't listen to him and people like him now.
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joining me now is congressman jim mcdermott, and e.j. dionne from the washington post. thank you for joining me. >> good to be with you, reverend. >> congressman, what did you think when you heard about these new attackes from mr. cheney? >> well, the war in iraq is a monument to the hubris of dick cheney. he's gotten everything wrong from the very start. from the lies they told us about whether there were weapons of mass destruction right straight on through to the stupid moves they made in dissolving the iraqi army and then taking apart the whole civil society right down to the school teachers that they belong to. they dismantled this country and they have then tried to put it back together by putting somebody in place who is connect
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iranians. that simply set off a battle between arabs and persians that's been going on for hundreds of years. and everything they did was wrong. and now they say, it's all obama's fault when he can't figure out how to get us out of it. he's gotten the troops out and now we have to be sure that we don't do anything to make it worse. i don't think we should give them any weapons, al-maliki shouldn't get a single helicopter or bullet or anything. >> you know, ee..j. it is a monument to the hubris of dick cleny. what do you say? >> i was truly astonished when i read this piece this morning. this wasn't just a policy piece saying obama has this policy and i think he is wrong about that. he came very close to acouple is the president of treason. he wrote, i'm quoting cheney and his daughter, liz, president
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obama seems determined to leave office ensuring he has taken america down a notch. so he's saying obama wants to weaken america. he goes on to say, president obama is on track to securing his legacy as the man who betrayed our past and squandered our freedoms. squandered our freedom? this is truly amazing. >> this is very, very personal, e.j. and accusing the president almost of treason. i mean, this is some very strong language. >> i thought it was -- i don't think i've ever seen anything from a former president or vice president about a current president like that. and as congressman said, dick cheney got a lot of things wrong. there was a great interview that the late tim russert did where tim was saying, you know, people were saying it is going to take a couple hundred thousand troops over some years. and cheney said, no, that's an exaggeration. i don't believe that. there are a whole bunch of
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things in that tim russert interview a few days before the war, where every one of his predictions was wrong. so to have dick cheney out there now saying these things about the president, was really remarkable. people can have differences with president obama -- >> i don't want to move off that. congressman, have you ever heard anything this. former vice president saying that a sitting president is determined to take america down a notch, that he is on track of securing his legacy as the man who portrayed our past and squandered our freedom. i mean, have you ever heard or even read about a former vice president or president saying this about a sitting president? >> this is the most continuous vicious attack on a president that i have ever seen or read about. it's hard to imagine anything else they could say about the president that they haven't already said. here it comes out this morning.
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they come out and say it again, like it was like, he was there when the war was started and look at the mess they made of the country. they were there. cheney was there. he he was sitting right there when they did it and to turn around and turn the propaganda machine on and say, this guy's a traitor, he's taking the country down a notch, is absolutely rep rehenceable. no other word for it. >> and yet, e.j., cheney's not alone. today senator mccain suggested we should have left troops on the ground and instead of coming back home in 2011. look at this. >> iraq was largely under control thanks to david p petraeus, and the surge in 2011. if we had left, and it's a fact, and if we had left that residual force behind, history would be
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very different. >> now, not personal on the president like cheney, but certainly as wrong on the policy, e.j. >> here is the remarkable thing is that president obama was trying to minister a deal to protect american troops if they were there to make sure they weren't in something with iraqi law and al-maliki wouldn't make the deal. and the republicans seem inclined to blame obama entirely for the fact that that deal wasn't made. and under those circumstances, the president couldn't leave troops there. this kind of talk is really letting al-maliki off the hook because al-maliki pursued policies for some time now that ailated sunnis in iraq who have been sympathetic to his government and certainly opposed to the extremists gaining ground now. it is al-maliki's policies we should be troubled by, not president obama. >> you know, congressman, a 2008
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study looked at the right-wing propaganda from iraq from from the invasion in 2003. it found that top members of the cheney-bush administration made 935 false public statements about iraq. we couldn't trust them then. how can we trust them now? >> there's no way you can trust anything. what is amazing that the wall street journal would put something on their page. because this man has no credibility. al-maliki is a puppet by the iranians. he was told he couldn't sign an agreement to keep 10,000 troops in baghdad because iranians don't want americans in there and they wouldn't have signed an agreement that kept them there. nobody talks about the fact he has been doing the iranian
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business for the whole time. that's why the sunnis are so angry. they want a nonsectarian government. they want to have a secular country like they were before in which everybody had a chance. >> well, i'm going to have to leave it there, congressman, and e.j. let me tell you, this is some very tough, very -- it is unprecedented kind of language for vice president or sitting president, the venom is remarkable. thank you for coming on tonight but i today say that. coming up, where's the apology to susan rice? new details about benghazi, show that it's past time for republicans to say sorry for their smears. plus, dr. sharpton's new diagnosis for the gop. the dilutions of health care took another big hit today.
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also, was a police officer justified in killing a suspect in handcuffs? and did a controversial make my day law, let this man's killer walk free. is in tonight's justice files. good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's,
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the "new york times" reports today the benghazi attackers were motivated to act because of a video. we have more of that coming up. but should those who attack susan rice on this apologize for their comments? that's our question of the day. how should republicans who attack susan rice over benghazi apologize? with a statement, with a phone call, with flowers? or all of the above? the poll is live on our facebook
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fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira today. remission is possible. today an enormous blow to the right wings. famous phony scandal, benghazi. right now, the suspected mastermind behind the attacks is in u.s. custody being interrogated by american officials. but already, new details are being -- are emerging that
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undermined the gop false narrative. since the attacks, three senators have led the charge. john mccain, lindsay graham, and kelly ayotte. over and over they've raced to the tv cameras to attack the administration. and above all, to try and destroy the career of susan rice. at the time of the attacks, she was u.n. ambassador. a top candidate for the secretary of state. mccain, graham and ayotte vowed to block the nomination. their strategy was character assassination. >> with the comments she made on those sunday shows, that was either incompetence tense or blatantly misleading the american people. >> she's the point person, so disconnected to reality, i don't trust her. >> just a select committee. if appointed, clears her of any wrongdoing besides not being very bright.
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>> she's not very bright. these were ugly insults. which they justified by saying rice had misled the american people. >> in contradiction to what ambassador susan rice said on every sunday show when she first went on on this incident that this was of not a spontaneous reaction to a video. >> she was making things up. a protest by hait full video, we had nothing to do. >> why did our ambassador in interviews five days after the attack also try to blame on the hateful video? >> it was their big talking point. susan rice had misled by citing an anti-islam video. and yet, the "new york times" reports today the attackers were in fact motivated by that video. quote as the attack in benghazi was unfolding a few years later,
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mr. abu khattala told fellow islamist fighters and others that the assault was re . /* -- senators mccain, graham and ayotte know where the cameras are. it is time for them to hold another press conference to apologize. joining me, founder of media matters and jonathan capehart from the washington post, thank you both for being here. >> thanks, rev. >> jonathan, should we hold our breath for an apology from these gop senators? >> no. because you will die. they will never apologize for anything they've said about the
3:19 pm
president with regard to benghazi, about susan rice, with regard to benghazi. no, they are never going to apologize at all. >> you know, senator lindsay graham is now attacking other obama officials for the decision to try kattala in criminal court. listen to this. >> they are turning the war into a crimeholder's decision to read the miranda rights within days is going to come back to haunt the country. >> he is now attacking holder for using islamic rhetoric to do it. that's what he is using is islamist rhetoric to do this. >> it is clear they won't give up on theish r issue. we should be celebrating this as a victory, not just for the administration but for the country. president bush looked for 2,688 days for osama bin laden.
3:20 pm
they came up empty-handed. this was a carefully done security operation. this was an armed suspect. taken out of enemy territory without incident. this is what success looks like. now the world will see the american system of justice at work. not just our military. so this is handled in exactly the right way. the republicans won't give up on this because they clearly polled the issue and they are desperate to turn out their november mid terms and they think this works for them. they think feeding conspiracy they're rifts to their works. and the latest one is that news of this broke to somehow help hillary clinton out with her book tour and interview on fox news. >> you wrote the book on benghazi, how important, david within is this to you with the time of reporting that there's one in fact motivated by the video according to some that were there. and listening as a man was speaking? >> absolutely critical.
3:21 pm
we looked closely back when we published our book at the republican case against susan rice. it never made any sense and it makes even less sense now. it made no sense because of course president obama came out in the rose garden and referred to this as a terrorist attack. so the idea there is an administration cover-up never healed any water. we know that susan rice, the talking points were originated, and they were signed off on in the community and the best information at the time. if you read closely what she said, she held out the possibility of involvement by extremists. and now today it is reported that the suspect said this this anti-islam video played a role after all. and so, i think that is a very big revelation. of course, i don't think the republicans will admit that. they're not going to apologize to susan rice. they will still hold on to this
3:22 pm
issue. from day one when the tragedy was happening and unfolding and mitt romney, this has been cynical politics. >> jonathan, big revelation to you? >> yes, it is a big revelation. look, when susan right did the sunday shows, you read transcripts of her remarks on the shows, there are lots of caveats in there. from information that we have now, information that we have today, and that i think as secretary clinton has said, the fog of war. you're trying to get information of an incident that is happening in realtime and then, days where you are trying to talk to sources on the ground, get the best intelligence that you can. we've seen this time and time again, when something happenes from day one, the narrative and the evidence as a comes in changes. and so we shouldn't be surprised that, you know, what we've learn bed benghazi might be a little different today than what we knew on september 11th, 2012.
3:23 pm
but look, what's happening here is that you have republicans who are trying to question the president's foreign policy capability, question the entire foreign policy team. and that isn't to say there shouldn't be criticisms levelled against the president but they should be based on fact and not on conspiracy theory and not on lies. >> jonathan, before this week the republicans attacked the administration for failing to catch any benghazi attackers. listen. >> the president stood up to the presidential campaign and said, we are going to hunt these people down who committed these terrorist acts and something happened. >> i saw a commitment to bring these people to justice. >> over a year later, we still haven't apprehended and brought to justice, who took the lives of those four brave americans.
3:24 pm
>> -- in the custody of any republicans going to apologize to the president of accusing him of not doing enough to get him when in fact they were working on this all along while these statements were being made? >> no, tlerhey're not going to apologize, no. for the same reason senators graham, mccain and ayotte won't apologize to susan rice. look, it says, if they don't see it happening, from minute to minute, they don't believe anything is happening at all. the president has demonstrated time and time again, that he can walk and chew gum and run and do all sorts of thing at the same time and the idea that president would just simply allow someone who attacked a u.s. facility, killed an american ambassador and three other americans and not do anything to bring the person to justice, is outrageous. you know, i remember a time as david said, when something like
3:25 pm
this capturing someone who targeted americans, killed americans, with a time that would be a rallying time for americans -- >> and not everybody -- >> sure, not any more -- >> and driven by a right-wing media, as david points out, media found that fox news spent almost 40% ofity interview with hillary clinton on benghazi. and yet, will on the right wanted more. the headline on the conservative news site, news max, was quote, angry at fox news softball interview with hillary. right-winger pamela gel are a is an example. she tweeted quote, very disappointed at brett baier, tash tag hillaryfoxnews unchallenged wp you let her get away with murder. hashtag figuratively. mash tag, literally. is this why they will only
3:26 pm
accept ugly attacks on the obama administration. >> sure, they are afraid of tea party chal challenges and if you look at the comments and look at some of the right-wing web sites about hillary having blood on her hands. that's what some conspiracy theorists believe. the fact is that secretary clinton was asked pointed questions in that interview with fox, as we showed, 40% were on the pseudo scandal that is only of interest to fox viewers. i guess it is good for their ratings. but what really happened here is they did not like secretary clinton's answers. she was very clear that she took responsibility for this tragedy. that she took accountability and took all recommendations of the state party review because she was focused on the future and focused on preventing something like this from happeninging again. she was transparent all the way through. the results of that interview
3:27 pm
have only been one or two released since 1998. i think the right-wing base that was infuriated because they couldn't catch secretary clinton -- >> i have to leave it there. david brock and jonathan capehart, thank you both for your time tonight. coming up, putting the affordable in the affordable care act. oh, yes, another gop talking point tonight. plus, the push to change the washington redskins' team name takes some major turns today. why the team owner is under pressure to act. and was a police officer justified in killing a suspect in handcuffs? you be the judge, ahead.
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remember all the right-wing's we used to hear about health care law. they said it would be unaffordable, it was socialist. the sky is falling. but today, those talking points are dead. the health department out with a new report on plans bought on the federal exchange. 87% of people who bought plans god subsidies and average monthly premium is $82 a month. less than $100 a month for quality health insurance. so the claim that plans would be
3:35 pm
unaffordable [ beeping ] wrong. we are also learning more insurers are flocking to the law. in at least 10 states new insurers were offered plans on the marketplace next year. you think the law would help their business. so the talking point that is just a big socialist steam [ beeping ] that's bogus too. this is working and if republicans want to keep thrashing it, they will need to get a new set of talking points. joining me now, are ann, president of the group of enroll america, working to sign people up for health care. and ryan graham, washington bureau chief of the halvington post. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for having me,
3:36 pm
reverend. >> nearly 70% of people with plans pay less than $100 a month. that's less than a lot of people's cable bill. what does this mean for people who work and were worried about cost? >> i think that report shows that not only are millions of americans finding quality health coverage, they are finding affordable health coverage. it a sign the affordable care act is working. this is often less than what they pay for a cable bill or cell phone bill. and the opportunity is there for them. >> you know, ryan, louisiana senator david vitter has been opposed from the start. but now he is running for governor and he seems open to the medicaid expansion. listen to this. >> we need to improve and reform medicaid. and i want to look at everything that could be brought to bear to
3:37 pm
do that. now, could more federal resources help to do that? they could if it is done right. >> now, ryan, louisiana's current governor -- medicaid expansion. >> he is not running for president and he knows with his scandal, that will never happen. he says if i'm elected governor, that's the last political office i will run for. people in louisiana of course would like to have more federal money than less federal money. every state agrees with that. there is a very kind of conservative taxpayer that said we should get our tax money back. it is almost perverse to say, we want to pay taxes to the federal government but let it return to the state. that's not a very conservative argument at all.
3:38 pm
so vitter is actually on very solid ground if he want s to mae the argument to the right. >> it is good he open to med cad expansion but republicans in 24 state are still blocking it. expert say blocking the medicaid expansion will kill each year. what do you hear from people who fall into the medicaid file? >> over 8 million people gained coverage through medicaid over the last several months. because of choices of some state leadership as you have pointed out, there are over 5.8 million people falling into this gap. and i think what we're seeing now is that some of those people in states like louisiana and texas and florida, they are starting to talk to their friends and their family in states like ohio and maryland and arizona where they expanded medicaid. and they are saying, wit a second, we have really similar experiences. we are struggling to pay the
3:39 pm
bills here. you're getting coverage and i'm not. what's up with dha? where is the opportunity for me? and i think what you're starting to see is that this is becoming real to people. it is moving from a political site it a personal one. and people are starting to stand up and ask what's going on. >> ryan, do you think the people will break in washington around this repeal effort? >> i do think it eventually will. and for one reason. the curious thing about this movement is that there is actually no organized interest group behind it. in other words, it is obvious who is fighting climate change. the koch brothers, who are oil barons, coal barons. it is obvious who is fighting wall street we form. but it is not obvious what particular special interest is fighting expanding medicaid. vaguely, the wealthy who want taxes reduced in the long-term. but they're not organized around it. this is a purely partisan issue.
3:40 pm
and like she said, once it gets on to the ground, and people say, wait, why am i paying taxes to the federal government but not getting money back? i do think that over the years, you're going to see that dissolve. but it causees a lot of damage along the way. >> you know, anne, the latest polls if gallup show 13.4% of americans are uninsured. it's still too high. but it is the lowest level we've seen in five years. how can we drive this number down even further? >> you know, reverend, i just came from enroll america's national conference where we had over 800 leaders from across the country having just that conversation. sharing best practices. sharing our experiences about what works. so that we can do an even bet are job in this coming enrollment period. continuing to get the word out. i think that's the number one thing. telling the story of that hhs report. of the fact that 70% of people who enroll on the federal marketplace, who got a subsidy,
3:41 pm
one for under $100, that opens people's eyes and we have to continue to get the word out. >> a very positive story and just getting better. >> thank you, reverend. >> still ahead, tonight's justice files, disturbing video of an officer shooting and killing a suspect in handcuffs. also, the controversial make my day law. let this man's killer go free. stay with us. and a razor that understands my sensitive skin. new venus embrace sensitive. more than a strip. an entire ribbon of gliding gels surround 5 comfort-coated blades for less irritation. venus embrace sensitive. a perfect match for sensitive skin. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way
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we're back with tonight's justice files. joining me is carmen st. george and faith jenkins. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> first tonight, new video of a deadly police shooting in el paso, texas. a warning, this video ask graphic. it shows officer jose floeres shooting and killing body builder daniel signs in march 2013. signs was under arrest for assault. the tape shows him resisting the officer and a prison guard at the same time. floores takes out his gun and shoots signs through the shoulder and into his chest. signs later died at the hospital. police say the gun went off
3:46 pm
accidentally when the guard stumbled into floer rez. a grand jury indicted him earl whier this year. the city didn't want the video released at all. claiming it would violate the dead man's right to privacy. after seeing this video what is your take on the case? >> when you look at the video you clearly see someone fighting the police officers. and he is also handcuffed. police officers have a very dangerous and difficult job. no one disputes that. however, i don't believe this this gun went off accidentally. he first reached for a taser, put the taser back, then reached for his gun. >> he first reached for his taser. >> yes. >> never fired it. >>ener fired it then put it back. officers have a spectrum of force they can use and they are trained when and how to use that spectrum. their job is to use every other means of force, every other possibility that they can use to detain a prisoner, to detain
3:47 pm
someone fighting back, before deadly force. he has a taser. he could have used the taser. instead, he used a gun. >> carmen? >> he used his gun because, what is not shown in the video, is what happened shortly before this incident, which is that a taser was used on this person at least five times and he with stood it. so the taser was not going to have any effect. the police officer has an obligation at that time to subdue the suspect. he had just flung two people off his body. has exceptional strength. another thing not seen in the video is that this body builder is over 200 pound and just previously had been able to take handcuffs that he had behind his back and he was agile and flexible enough to get his hand in front of him. this is someone they were in fear for. they had no way to call for back up. this officer had to act
3:48 pm
immediately. i this i the video corroborates his account, what he tells the grand jury, h is basically, this was accidental. he pulled his gun out, the other person at the scene was flung off and he struck the person -- struck the office are's hand and the gun went off. it is very terrible. agreed. >> earlier that day -- >> i don't think can i hold you back. >> earlier that day, this prisoner had been unruly and they used a taser earlier that day. however when they used the taser, he was able to resist that force. but they weren't able to hold him down without resorting to deadly force earlier in the day. this is a completely different scenario. and you look at this scenario and the question is, could we do -- >> this person did not directly follow der -- >> no, this th was earlier in the day. just because earlier in the day it took five times to taze him, doesn't mean later you go to something else.
3:49 pm
>> prosecutor decided ton chano charge a man who broke no his home earlier in the day. shooting cook inside a home after a night of drinking. when the fight moved into the bedroom, hodgkins tackled cook and killed him. because of the make my day law, the version of the self-defense law. the district attorney wanted to charge the shooter, but says the law prevents him from doing so. >> the idea of letting someone who shot and killed another human being with a shotgun slug at point blank range and letting him get away with it, really concerns me. >> the colorado system doesn't have an answer for justice for randy in this situation. i didn't write the law. i took an oath to uphold the law.
3:50 pm
and that's what i'm doing. >> carmen, how does this make my day law tie prosecutors' hands? >> i wish we dpt call to the make my day law, because it makes people, makes communities, that you have a certain power, a right and obligation, to go ahead and shoot people that come into your home. that's. the purpose. the purpose is to defend your home. defend your property when you feel in fear. that is what the cirques are. the prosecutors here is upset. feeling that his hand are tied. not because justice wasn't done. i think more because he could not have had the case presented to the grand jury based upon the laws in colorado. >> they did name it make my day, i mean, obviously, making a statement. >> and the statement is, this is another version of the castle doctrine. where you can protect yourself in your home. the prosecutor is upset about this case like we have other prosecutors frustrated about
3:51 pm
other cases in this country where he does not believe deadly force was necessary. this was a situation where i think in the beginning, there was mutual combat. the homeowner, person who did the shooting in the case, engages his address to an individual that showed up with the victim. that fight rolled over into the house. because they were in the home and the shooting occurred and they were uninvited, he is now protected by the make my day law. that is the issue here. that law is meant to protect the unsuspecting homeowner whose home is being broken into or burglarized or someone is coming in and they think they are about to be the victim of the crime. not because there was a fight, mutual combat and this man knew people were coming. >> and this guy was not intruding in the home. the guy was allowed in to the home. >> i don't see the facts that way, reverend. the facts were that they had an argument on facebook. one party is flexing on the other one. what happened is two people came
3:52 pm
upon one person. they started a a fight. the fight continued into the home and the homeowner felt in fear of his life. prosecutors can't really say he doesn't know whether he didn't feel in fear of his life. he wasn't there. have you no other witnesses. some for some reason we should be questioning, why isn't the third person a witness to this. >> that's the problem with these laws. have you to be in the important's head and you've got one guy that you don't know what is in his head and you've got another guy dead. >> carmen st. george and faith jenkins, thank you. >> thank you. >> the voice of the civil rights movement, aretha franklin, tells me about getting a little respect. and major development today has the pressure mounting on the washington redskins' owners to change the team's name. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
3:53 pm
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3:55 pm
and i asked her about that legendary song. did you have any idea when you recorded "respect" that it would be what it was? >> no, i did not. i did not have any idea that the civil rights movement would adopt that as its mantra. >> so that is not what you had in mind. >> to begin with, no. mine was more about a relationship thing is where i was coming from, man to woman, woman to man. and just people generally who want respect. even children. want respect in their own small way. >> and the entire interview with aretha franklin airs tomorrow night. we cover a lot of ground. and parts of it, i guarantee you will surprise you. that's tomorrow here on "politicsnation." please join us.
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change for the washington, d.c. football team, the redskins. the u.s. patent office cancelled the team's trade mark registration. stating the name is disparaging of native americans. the team says it will appeal the ruling. and can still use the name. but if the decision holds, the name redskins will no longer be registered to them and could hurt their ability to profit from the brand. team owner dan snyder has defied calls to change the name for years. but today, senate majority leader harry reid says it is only a matter of time. >> there's no trade mark any more for the redskins. dan snyder may be the last person in the world to realize this but it is only a matter of time of before he is forced to change the name.
3:59 pm
>> the name is an insult to native americans. it needs to change. and happened before. but the names of mountains, lakes and rivers all across the country contain the "n" word, as in mountain. that doesn't change until 1963. when the government finally scrubbed the "n" word from all federal maps. the same was dubbed for other ethnic and religious slurs. this name needs to change. an insult to any group is an insult to every group. in america, no one, no one should be despairaged and be considered acceptable. finally, it is time for the result of tonight's question. how should republicans attack susan rice over benghazi apologize? 20% say with a statement.
4:00 pm
1% said with a phone call. another 1% said with flowers. a whopping 72% says all of the above. thanks to all who voted. join the conversation by heading to our facebook page and tell us what you think they should do we want to hear what you think thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. hard ball starts now. >> the return of dick cheney, let's play "hard ballball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with dick cheney. he is out there attacking president obama over iraq pretending that he wasn't the perpetrator of the disaster. it was cheney who sold the limited george w. bush on going into iraq in the first place. that war of choice we have all come to