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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 20, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now faith, freedom, and the republican party. many of the biggest names in the gop eager to burnish their conservative credentials. rick santorum getting started there. calling the conference the road to the majority. today's speaker. it reads like a list of who is who of the 2016 who is hope. chris christie, paul ryan, rick santorum. we'll check in at faith and freedom in a bit.
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good friday morning to you. we start, once again, in iraq. where just days after 300 u.s. special forces troops will arrive to help the iraqi government fight againback agai the isis terrorist assaults tearing apart the country. president obama announced he's sending military advisers to help train iraqi security forces as well as assess the security strength of isis. the president, less than three years ago, trumted the end of america's war in iraq insists he's not sending the military back into combat. >> i think we have to guard against -- so let me repeat what i've said in the past. american combat troops are not going to be fighting in iraq again. let's start with nbc news. over all most weary democrats,
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some republicans seem to be supporting the president's plan by and large. what is next for the white house as it tries to sell the strategy? >> reporter: the next step, i think, is going to be the face conversations that secretary of state john kerry has with leaders in the region. we know he's going to be heading that direction this weekend. to europe and the middle east, and then to iraq. we're told, likely soon. this is significant, i think. as we heard from the president yesterday, craig, this administration this president is not going to prop up al-maliki as the prime minister there. they recognize in order to be success in that country, for the situation to resolve itself it either means that maliki must go or he's going have to change. it's likely the message that secretary of state john kerry will deliver in person. already there have been conversations taking place in that region by senior u.s. officials including the ambassador with some of the iraqi leaders as they try to discuss the potential of the possibilities for the formation of a new iraqi government. >> president obama says that these three military advisers
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will not be in combat. but as you know, we're talking some high ranking individuals. we have army rangers, navy seals. they're on the ground in iraq. how will the military be able to keep the distinction. the adviser distinction? >> it's a good question. i think it's one a lot of americans are anxious about when they hear the idea about any american troops returning to the country right now. what we're hearing from the senior administration officials their responsibility of the military advisers will be to do that. advi advise. work alongside iraqi officers. to help among other things gather intelligence, bring it together, and try to give better information to those iraqi officers so they can send out their iraqi security forces in places where it is possible to pursue those sunni militants, isis. one of the challenges is here for those advisers and one they will try to followup with is determine exactly which members of the iraqi security forces or
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ones that can be relied on. that's the problem right now having witnessed the iraqi defense forces already having crumbled in recent days. >> nbc peter alexander. thank you. to northern iraq where ayman is standing by. following latest developing for us. in addition to outlining our military strategy, sir, president obama, yesterday, sent a clear message to iraqi prime minister nouri al-maliki lead or leave. here is what he said. >> i think the test is before him and other iraqi leaders as we speak. right now they can make a series of decisions. regardless behalf is happening in the past, right now is a moment where the fate of iraq hangs in the balance. >> this morning more pressure on al-maliki, iraq's shiite spiritual leader calling for the creation of a new effective government. if -- it appears, at this point,
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ayman, it would be a question of when not if. when maliki goes, who is the better alternative? >> reporter: well, you know, that's a million dollar question. i'm sure that's probably also a concern that the united states and a lot of the regional allies also have. prime minister al-maliki has dmom nated the political scene for so many years. there isn't anyone, if you will, on the sidelines step in and take the position. keep in mind whoever comes into power is not only going to have to have the support of the shiite parliament block and try to reach across the table and bring the sunnis into the mix and convince them they're starting the clock over. i think it's going a hard sell for any future iraqi leader. the distrust is so high among those in this country.
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you mentioned today the country's top religious is saying it's time for a new government. there's no nobody that is a clear candidate. the country had collections a few weeks ago, in which the party of prime minister nouri al-maliki won a substantial amount of seats. not the outright majority but a substantial amount. >> what is happening on the ground today in iraq? what are insurgents doing? >> well, the focus right now from among the isis fighters have has been around the city of bay gee. the largest oil refinery. there are squirmishes around some of the smaller towns and villages. the fighting has defend continued between some of the isis fighters and the militants as well as the kurdish fighters and the iraqi army trying to hold ground at the isle refinery. they said it's amassing forces maybe as many as 50,000 to try to push forward into the northern part of the country and
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regain the territory. there are reports that the iraqi army is trying to regain the momentum after the humiliating defeat. no indication they have launched that large-scale military operation everybody has been waiting for. ayman on the ground. thanks, as always. i want to bring in josh barra and reported extensionally from iraq about a decade ago. thank you for being here. let's start with you, sir. there was a recent poll that 55% of americans did not want any involvement in iraq in any way, shape, form, or fashion. or nbc news poll found 57% of those polled at this point disapprove of president obama's foreign policy. all-time high for the president. how does this latest plan to send military advisers. how does the plan stack up? >> i think it can depend on
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whether he can sell the idea it's an limited intervention. it's not boots on the ground in sense of troops facing combat. as you got add earlier it's not entirely our choice whether they combat or not. if they're attacked then they're combat troops. i think it depends on how it plays out. we've had negative experiences in the past. for example, the reagan administration an attack on the marine base in beirut. i think the president, if it becomes another thing we're losing american lives in iraq, that's going to be a big substantiative problem. i think the public will react badly to that. if he can convince people we're not getting involved. it's an extremely limited role. i think there's likely to be a public acceptance of that. >> the iraq you reported from 10 years ago and today wildly different. how so? >> gosh, i mean, you know, i was thinking today some of the reports from the insurgents reaching to iraqi military bases and what they were like in 2003
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when they completely lewded after the invasion. holes punched through walls so copper wiring was taken out. i mean, iraq, i think, has been through this several times. i think right now we're at the crisis point. playing off what josh said, i think it depends on what happens next for the u.s. in iraq. so, you know, let's see what happens with the 300 advisers and see the president said, you know, there may be targeted limited strikes or military action of some way. when he decides we'll know. >> you spent time with the iraqi soldiers. how reasonable is it to expect that 300 of our best and brightest can go and do what 150,000, 160,000 american troops cannot do. this s this that a reasonable expectations? >> i'll tell you something ayman grabbed me. they need to find out from the iraqi soldiers from 150,000. are there leaders within the
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organization. are there officers in the officers corps. they can count on that they can trust and figure out are these people sort of with the program, with the idea of a unified iraq and saving their own country. i think that's the job that these advisers need to do. >> the reactions from lawmakers after president obama's statement yesterday no surprise those reactions were fairly quick. here are a few. >> there's the beginning of an outline what i hope will be a concrete plan we can rally around. >> many of us have been skeptical of that plan intervene in the middle east in the past i think are open to listening to the president's case. >> how nervous members of congress about that military mission? >> i don't think they want to have to go on the record in support of it. if you look back of what happened in syria. the president made noise he was going to make an attack in syria and hoe changed his mind and decided he would go to congress. he had to withdraw it.
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i don't any in this case the president is likely to go for a vote like that again. if he wants to act. so you a have few voices in the republican party people like john mccain, kelly ayotte, marco rubio that are hawkish and in favor of military action. the broader republican party, not just rand paul and the notable isolationists. people like john boehner i'm not seeing any enthusiasm from them for my military action. aside from the small core i don't think there's going to be a ton of pressure for military action. i think you'll see a lot of people who are reluctant to be associated with military action. >> i think that's the difference a decade makes. we're not seeing every republican stand up in favorite of going to war like they did in iraq. many democrats, too. that's completely gone. you see what you showed. real apprehension and cautious words even from somebody like marco rubio who would have supported. it. >> not so much from dick cheney.
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we'll talk about that. have a good weekend. we have developing news we're following now on capitol hill. we have been listening to this house hearing about the irs and those lois learner e-mails moments ago. it got a tad heated between congressman paul ryan and the acting irs commissioner. >> investigators and -- >> will you let him answer the question. >> didn't ask a question. >> yes you did. >> gentlemen! >> gentleman from wisconsin -- >> i realize disrupting a hearing, sort of -- >> come on. >> no. no. but the gentleman from wisconsin -- >> i'm not yielding the time. >> he has the time. >> here is what being forthcoming. if we are investigating criminal wrong doing, targeting of people based on the political believes e-mails in question are lost because a hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable,
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which a lot of i.t. professionals will request question. you don't tell us until the we ask that's not forthcoming. >> i yield. >> i yield back the balance of my time. >> that's not true. >> and we'll continue to watch that for you. a double doze gop soul searching in the house we'll ask if a brand new leadership team can fix the same old problems. then we'll take you live to the faith and freedom coalition. 2016 presidential hopefuls like rand paul, chris christie. they're all there. because we're streaming the movie that you love. well, how do i win? because we ordered that weird thing that you love from the pizza place. how do you win, dad? because i used the citi thankyou card and got two times the points on alllllll of this. well, and spending time with you guys of course. that was a better answer. the citi thankyou preferred card. earn two times the thankyou points on entertainment and dining out all with no annual fee. to apply, go to
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we just heard some of the fiery house hearing where paul ryan laid into the irs commissioner about the missing e-mails from lois learner.
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joining me now democratic congressman. i understand you were in the room during that exchange. it sounded pretty feisty. walk us through what happened and what is happening now with the regards to that lois learner e-mail hearing? >> well, i think what you're hearing, craig, is a lot offer have verboise from the republican side. they're trying to take advantage of the cameras. so far, though, paul ryan is definitely leading in the category for best actor in a fictional drama right now. as far as can i tell. >> you're not suggesting there's pestering going on at the congressional hearing, are you? >> does gambling and -- we know that posterring from time to time, is a part of the political
7:18 am
play played in washington. i think my republican colleagues once again, demonstrated they can sculpt something very well if they have the opportunity to do so. except right now they're not using granite or stone. they're using ice. with the light of day comes with the ice it will melt away. i think the commissioners the irs, a gentleman who has come out of retirement to fix the problems are handling himself well. he's a cool cat. he's answering and responding. he's being respectful and putting up with their disrespect, i think to him. not only calling into question his character but basically saying he's lying. he's a straight shooter. they're not breaking him. >> let's talk about iraq here, congressman. so much attention focus order the crisis there. we heard yesterday from president obama 300 advisers are heading to iraq. are you satisfied so far with the president's response to the situation there? >> so far i am.
7:19 am
i think, though, as much of this we hear of the conflict that is taking place in iraq and the movement of the insurgency toward capturing some towns and cities. this still is primarily a diplomatic problem. and i think the president recognizing that we don't want to see this fall back into -- as much for the united states. it's a regional issue for that area. so i think our allies and friends in the region do not want to see it happen. it's not just a u.s. problem. this is a problem for the region. the problem for the world that needs to be focussed on. sending secretary kerry finest diplomat and strongest diplomat to the region is an important big step. >> let's talk about the new majority leader. kevin mccarthy. not new to the leadership. new title. what does it change in terms of
7:20 am
working with the other side faening? >> i have a good working relationship with kevin. i like him personally. we've had some direction in the past. i look forward to working with him in the future. right now, craig, it's hard to imagine what has changed, if anything, at all. they have used it as another excuse to not get things done. we have immigration reform that needs to be addressed, we needs a jobs bill passed. we need to pass a bill to raise money him wage. we need to help the unemployed worker looking for work to get them assistance they need. these are problems that will not go away no matter how many excuses the republicans come up. they're not performing for the american people. they're performing for the cameras. not enough to help the american worker and citizens struggling today. >> there was a reporting out the washington post. i'm sure you saw at 4:00 p.m. immediately following the
7:21 am
leadership election senator ted cruz sent an e-mail to a large group of conservative house republicans. cruise invited them to meet with him june 24th for an off-the-record gathering. pizza will be served. it's not the first time cruise tried to stir things up in the lower chamber. what can we make of this? >> i think it's an attempt -- listen, i don't pretend to understand their politics entirely. what i can tell you as mr. boehner has said himself. there isn't much difference between a tea party person and the regular average conservative republican. what we know is the tripping over themselves to go to the right. one goes to the right, one is trying to outright the next person. i think that's happening now with senator cruz coming into the republican conference here on the house side. he's stepping into it again. he's done it in the past.
7:22 am
it bit him a little bit. we'll see what happens now. >> congressman crowley. we'll let you get back to the hearing. moving across town. this year's annual faith and freedom coalition conference is underway. it is viewed as a huge opportunity for 2016 gop hopefuls and other big names in the party to address the religious right, that includes the party's new majority leader kevin mccarthy who will be addressing the crowd later today for the official time officially with the new credentials. now joining me is perry bacon first of all, who is speaking now. can you give us a sense of the mood of the room? >> reporter: so gary bower speaking now. you have chris christie about noon. paul ryan and rand paul on a list of speakers. big issues right now. this is an obama bashing fest.
7:23 am
the mood is pretty optimistic as people feel the republicans will win back the senate and potentially gain seats in the house. a lot of enthuse yuchl about like that. cruz and rubio were here yesterday. people who like the candidates are loving what they're hearing so far. >> among some of the speakers so you chris christie, paul ryan, michele bachmann, rand paul, mike huckabee. the one name that stands out is governor of new jersey chris christie. he said, quote, i'll tired of dealing with the crazies. we're attacking his nomination of the -- how is christie's name being received there? what are people saying, if anything, about christie? >> people want to hear what he has to say. they're open to him as a candidate. he's not the favorite. the favorites are paul and rubio and definitely cruz the big favorite. people want to hear christie. give him a chance. he's supposed to talk about his pro-life view heres.
7:24 am
that will be well received if he does that. he's not likely to highlight his more moderate stand in a crowd like this. people i talked to were happy he was coming here. >> hillary clinton not expected to be there. are any of the speakers talking about her? no. it's been mostly an obama-bashing. very little about hillary clinton. you've heard a lot about obama's policies on iraq. a lot about the irs. but much more focussed on baumt. which is not surprising. people are not ready yet. there is a lot of things they feel like obama is going wrong. >> i was reading on twitter that attendance seems to be lower than some folks were expecting. have you found the same to be true? what is the attendance like? >> craig, i missed the question. a. >> i was asking about attendance there. i think my question got drowned out by the theme music. >> yes, it did. we'll leave it there.
7:25 am
perry bacon the senior political reporter. always polite there in the room as well. thank you, have a good weekend. coming up, we'll dig into the return of the bush team including dick cheney. as john stewart dubbed the iraq pack. or stephen colbert? stephen colbert. we'll talk about that. first, children in crisis. an update on the high-level meeting surrounding a humanitarian crisis at the border. ♪ touch down... every morning... ten times! not just... now and then. once more on the rise... nuts to the flabby guys! go, you chicken fat, go away! go, you chicken fat, go! run, two, run (running) (like a tortoise)
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7:29 am
luring these children from central america across the border by promising them they can legally stay in the united states once they arrive. meanwhile, about an hour vice president joe biden is scheduled to arrive in guatemala. he'll be meeting with the nation's president and other regional leaders. the white house said the vice president will ask for support to more quickly process, and safely return undocumented immigrants to their home countries. and developing right now, secretary of state john kerry has just shared new details just released report on human trafficking. the state department has downgraded thailand, malaysia, and venezuela to the list of the world's worst places for human trafficking. opening those countries up to possible sanctions. >> more than 20 million people a conservative estimate are victims of hucman trafficking. and the united states is first to acknowledge that no
7:30 am
government anywhere, yet, is doing enough. we're trying. some aren't trying enough. >> the state department also honored sefrld individuals who are working to combat human trafficking. up next colbert call thing the return of the iraq pack. >> had the conflict won and we had a stable government. >> john mccain is right. we had that conflict won in 2009 when we left iraq a peaceful, smoldering with democracy. i believe we have some footage of baghdad at the height the surge. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine.
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when folks think about wthey think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. dick cheney, did you really want to go there? that's the question asked in the latest in the washington post. and stephen colbert remind us last night, like it or not, dick cheney is back in our lives.
7:34 am
>> it's easy now to monday morning not invade iraq. but dick cheney remembers how it felt at the time so right. >> you've got go back and look at the track record. we inherited a situation where there was no doubt in anybody's mind about the extent saddam hussein's involvement in weapons of mass destruction. >> yes, there was no doubt about the extent of saddam hussein's involvement in weapons of mass destruction. we did the right thing and invaded anyway. blame the outcome of a war you start order the man who ended it. msnbc contributor and the columnist goldy taylor here. and watkins is also here. goldy, we'll start with you. former vice president dick cheney and his daughter wrote this in their a abet this week.
7:35 am
rarely has the u.s. president been so wrong about so much. >> i think the vice president has been re-litigating his own administration since he left office. you know, unfortunately, he hasn't taken the cue of many other vice presidents and presidents that we've had in times past that once you leave washington you ought to go sit your behind down someplace. i'm of the mind of senator harry reid. the only thing i want to hear from the architect of our invasion of iraq is an apology. i want to say dick cheney say i'm sorry. i want to hear him say i'm sorry for the 100,000 iraqi lives that were lost in a war. i want to hear that apology before i hear anything else from dick chieney. >> joe, we wanted to dust off what cheney said 12 years ago. >> there is no doubt that saddam hussein now has weapons of mass
7:36 am
destruction. there is no doubt that he is a amassing them to use against our friends, against our allies, and against us. >> joe watkins, we know that's not true know. we know it's not true. so what is behind it? what is the thinking here? help us understand, joe watkins >>well, i think that the messager aside, the president -- >> no, no, joe. we can't put the messager aside. it's the messager who reinserted himself into the conversation. >> you can learn from their mistakes as well as from whatever successes they've had. certainly his record as the vice president and his remarks both the mistakes they've made as well as whatever positive things happen while he was receivering with the president between 2001 and 2009. those things speak for
7:37 am
themselves. the challenge for the president -- this president is not to be -- don't thrown off course by anyone says. and consider how tricky and difficult the situation is going forward. i think president obama is appropriately cautious. by his own words, he doesn't want to be fooled into a mission creep. he realizes that on the one hand you have to do something without getting us in the middle of sectarian war and don't prop up maliki. i think what the president is doing is cautious and appropriate. >> and we should note here that, you know, at this point, at least, we haven't heard anything from george w. bush. that silence is note worthy. >> goldy, not just cheney who is emerging. paul wolf wiz said the united states has an obligation to stop what he said is an al qaeda-link group saying, quote, it's about preventing another 9/11. the bush administration's going
7:38 am
to iraq. the united states might need troops on the ground in iraq. you have richard pearl who ran the pentagon's defense policy under bush said his former colleagues are right to speak up right now against president obama's policy. why are we all -- why are we seeing all of these figures. not just cheney but all the figures emerge from the george w. bush administration? >> you know, i invite them to put their money with the mouth is. go to the local recruiting station. take their sons and daughters with them to put their own boots on the ground. they're talking of putting boots on the ground of other children. they made mistake. they want to clean up their legacy. they want to extend their wrong-headed policy about the middle east and the region into this presidency and the one after. this president has been thoughtful. he's gathering intelligence necessary to decide how we go forward. we can't go on with air strikes
7:39 am
today. we don't have our own independence intelligence. we're gathering that. we can't take the word of iraqis and maliki's government. we're not supposed to be in the middle of sectarian war. destabilize iraq is not good for anybody. in term of wolfe wiets they want to keep flapping their mouths. tell them to strap their boots on. >> not all republicans, joe, are on board. senator rand paul. this was his reaction. >> where we may part ways, i think terrorism is worse because there is a chaotic vacuum in iraq that came out of the iraq war. so i think really the middle east is less stable since iraq war that really when we had the before the iraq war you had somewhat of a standoff between the sunnis in iraq and the
7:40 am
shiites in iran. now i think sooirn somewhat emboldened and with a vacuum in iraq. everybody is flowing into the vacuums. >> when you hear something like that from a key republican lawmakers, it makes you wonder whether the former vice president has any credibility when it comes to iraq. >>well, there's always something to be learned from everybody even the detractors. >> what is to be learned here, joe? what is to be learned from dick cheney on iraq? >> what is to be learned that clearly there is a conflict between the shiite and the sunnis. >> we don't need cheney to tell us. we know that. >> what is to be learned is what happened in the mid 2000s when we had conflict there. we had some wlosz losses and sos that didn't end the way the administration wanted it to end. clearly the administration has -- for better or worse
7:41 am
inherited the situation. they're trying to, i think the best they can, with it. it's a difficult situation. the president can't do nothing. in other words he has to do something. he has to be involved and send -- have some kind of a response to isis. you can't not respond to what isis is doing in iraq. at the same time, you have to be careful not to be on the wrong side of the a sectarian conflict between the sunni and the shiite. it's a big -- >> look at what people have done in the past and say you pick your spot. i don't want to do this or that. >> joe watkins. we'll leave it there. both of you have a great weekend. thank you. another republican in the headlines. scott walker, federal judge releasing new documents which they allege walker was at the center of a criminal scheme to bypass state election laws by coordinating fundraising among the campaign and recall elections in 2011 and 2012.
7:42 am
the document getting the most attention? an e-mail walker allegedly sent to karl rove describing the scheme. no one has been charged so far. walker points out on fox news this morning saying, there's no there there. >> a state judge took care of this some time ago. a federal judge more recently heard the same information. they said there's not an argument there. what you see is the left and others trying to stir things up. >> texas governor rick perry stepped back from comments he said comparing gay to being an alcoholic. it came gay conversion therapy. something texas republicans formerly endorsed in the party platform. he said he should have been more, quote, respectful and tolerant. he has a little something on his cowboy boot. >> whether you're gay or straight, you need to be having
7:43 am
a job. and those are the focuses that i want to be involved with. instead of getting -- which i did. i readedly admit i stepped right in it. >> perry described his 2012 presidential campaign as painful and humbling. but he also did not rule out a run in 2016. meanwhile today president obama is making good on a promise to extent a wide range of federal government benefits to same-sex couples including directing the irs to recognize marriages of all gay couples. defense department employees will receive all the same benefits as hit sexual spouses and fmla an employee will be eligible to scacare for a same spouse. many were sparked by the last year's extreme court decisions striking down the defense of marriage act. the potential candidates
7:44 am
coming to a town near you. cruise, christie, clinton on the road to the early voting states. guess which republican is leading a brand new poll? we gave it away right there. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up. be your partners best partner. we built it for our members, but it's open for everyone.
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into the air... and polluting the airwaves with lies. they're trying to overturn the epa's carbon pollution... standards by lying about electric bills. the same kind of lies they told about limiting smog, soot... and acid rain.
7:47 am
they're fighting against energy efficiency measures that... would lower your bills. just to protect their profits. washington: tell polluters to stop the lies and clean up... their act. from cruz to clinton, the friday night political lights are shining with a couple of major events from both sides of the aisle. joining me host of the majority reporter and elizabeth plank. we're going call you liz. let's talk ted cruz. scheduled to keynote the gop lincoln day fund-raiser tonight in miami. had some phones wondering whether he was stepping on the toews of marco rubio. what do you think? did it's marco rubio's dark yard, essentially. so i don't know. tit for tat. fair play is proper turn around. maybe we'll see marco rubio
7:48 am
headlining a function at clive and bundy. >> i would love to see that. >> some stories write themselves. >> you have him in florida. chris christie is going to be in new hampshire stomp for the gop's candidate for governor. christie not the favorite when it comes to potential 2016 favorites in new hampshire. according to a new sufficient folk university boston he recalled boat. a fellow named mitt romney 24% of the vote. nobody came close. nobody broke 10% there. can republicans not get enough of mitt romney? >> you know, it's interesting about christie and mitt romney is a lot of donors that have give money to christie are mitt romney donors. so a year ago, he was very good at fundraising for his governor race. he got a lot of money. this time around i think it's going to be much harder.
7:49 am
there's a thing called the bridge scandal. >> do you think that's going to be effect his ability to raise money. >> yeah. absolutely. look, are you going sink money into a start-up company that is trying to roll out the radio at this point? that is basically what it is. it's a bad bet. i think for christie, this is also a great way for him to meet potential funders of his legal defense fund. i think he's got a lot of -- >> you're on a roll. >> hillary clinton she has, you know, she's out on this book tour, perhaps you've heard. she wrote a book called "hard choices." michele bachmann apparently not that impressed. this is what michele bachmann said at the faith and freedom conference. >> i'm sure the last couple of weeks you've been following hillary clinton's book tour. it's been a tour deforce as the media has been telling us. she's made so many unforced errors in the last two weeks
7:50 am
barack obama is seriously considering making her his new vice president. >> she's got a new writer. she's got a new writer. she's got a new clinton is going to be speaking about her book in austin, texas. how is the book tour going? >> i think it's going very well. she's number one in terms of book sales. >> even with the whole, we're dead broke. even with that comment. >> voters know politicians have more money than that. i don't think it was a problem. i think it was a faux pas. i think she has had faux pas. she's had two decades of experience. she's been building relationships for a long time. even there was an event last week at george washington university in d.c. it was a standing event. people had to stand up to see her speak. and there are 1500 people that showed up. people were lining up to see her. she's a huge figure. and dead broke comments or whatever michele bachmann says i don't think is going to change
7:51 am
that. >> i don't think anything michele bachmann says is going to impact anything. but i think, actually, you know, hillary clinton does have some weaknesses, and one of them is her being tied in to the whole clinton-ite who brought us the d deregulation and architect of the -- >> and the poll that came out this week that showed, yes, wildly popular among democrats when it comes to independents who decide elections maybe not so much. >> i'm not so convinced that independent voters are the ones who are really deciding. >> general elections. certainly not primaries. >> yes. and, you know, look, the bottom line i don't think the issue with those responded independent voters are economic in the sense they are worried about the economic equality. >> have a great quality.
7:52 am
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and finally since it's friday, hopefully you don't have to do -- anything to do. we thought we would share five things about the weekend. the producers are excited about the segment. number one, there's a rocket launch after multiple delays since april. the spacex falcon 9 is blasting off. the launch window is currently scheduled between 6 and 7:00 p.m. ♪ ♪ >> blasting off in theaters this weekend, john lloyd young reprizing his tony award winning
7:56 am
role in "jersey boy." clint eastwood distrirects that. number three, bye, bye polar vortex. saturday marks the first official day of summer. hello beaches, bourbon, beer, other things that scream summer that start with the letter b. for number four anyone in norway, sweden, and finland they'll be marking the longest day of the year. it's called the mid summer festival celebrated with picnics and games. in some parts of the country the sun will not set. i'm not sure we didn't get the photographs. >> go team usa! the men's national team facing off against portugal this sunday in brazil. that match 6:00 eastern. sounds like a pretty darn good
7:57 am
weekend. hope you enjoy. it that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc. alex -- filling in -- filling up too, i don't know. she's filling in for tamron hall on "news nation." you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. (music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. a woman who loves to share her passions.
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. good morning, everyone. i'm alex in for tamron hall. this is "news nation." this morning we're seeing what is allegedly a new recruiting video from the sunni insurgent who have been sweeping through northern iraq. "there's no life without jihad kwgjihad ." northbound hasn't been able to verify the video. once again the video is allegedly from isis. meantime a amid new fighting president obama plans to send in more u.s.