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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  June 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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dumping on us. >> stand with the people, with all of you. >> i'm the biggest free marketing and free trader you will ever see. >> the senator didn't deliver his pro free trade pitch in this country where millions of jobs have been lost as a result of those agreements. >> president bush is expected to announce whether or not he will impo impose tariffs on steel imports. >> because i started running for president. >> i made up my mind about the importance of trade and investment. >> good to have you with us tonight, thanks for watching. >> what's important to you and your family? faith, relatives, family, how about a job? is that important to you? somebody came to you and said you know what, this thing isn't working out too good. you're probably not going to be
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around too long. there's a few market forces forcing this change and it's gut wrenching, at any time isn't i? you worry now what am i going to do? i'm not here to say everyone in america should not go through a career change. no. but when the country allows it to happen at a mass level, i think we ought to do something about it. especially when it goes to the security, a national security issue. it's all tied up in the steel industry. i want to begin tonight with this picture right here. this comes from a town that doesn't get much coverage if any. virginia, minnesota. there's a place in northern minnesota that's called the iron range. they have iron ore up there. they have for generations and in fact my college roommate was from minnesota and when i went up there yesterday, it was like old home week. this is where video is from, a
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hearty community. if you can work in the mines for 25, 35 years, you can have a great middle class life. you can have that home and you can have that new truck every now and then and might be able to get a small fishing boat and your family will have insurance and you're going to have retirement to look forward to. that's all these people are looking for right now. they are not asking for a handout. these are the hardest workers you'll find in america. this guy just got off work and has the hard hat on. he was going to go to the rally to see if he can be a part of something that get the attention of lawmakers that they will do something about the illegal dumping of steel in america, which is gutting our infrastructure. i don't know why every media person who has a platform isn't talking about this because you know what, this is something we can all agree on. this isn't left. this isn't right. this isn't conservative. this isn't liberal.
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this isn't republican. this isn't democrat. this is american. this is a real value. this is really important to the country. 1500 iron miners gathered along with the towns folks and wanted to get together and tell congress, can you do something in our industry? can you tell the commerce department that wherever we fall down on the political spectrum, our jobs are at stake. it's about jobs. they don't care about benghazi. they don't care about the irs. they care about are they going to be able to make their house pavement next month? are they going to be able to get the trust they wanted? are there kids going to be able to go to soccer camp or live on a shoestring budget from here on out? they are not doing enough to cause this strive in their
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industry. they are gathering to push congress to protect their jobs their livelihood. this is a rally that no american should ever have to attend but because of global economy and ple pressures out there, things like this are cropping up all over the country. in this industry i think it's doubly important. cheap asian steel and that is exactly what it is. it's cheap in price and cheap in quality and cheap in the people who are producing it and it sucks. cheap, asian steel is being dumped on the american market which has these people up at night wondering what's going to happen to them. have i said anything in this opening that has offended a conservative? have i said anything that's offended a republican representative? putting jobs on the iron range in minnesota at risk is a wrong direction for the security of
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this country. these workers have a simple solution. they want -- here comes the bad guy. they want the federal government to impose tariffs on imported steel because of the ripple effect in the economy and because the countries that we have done deals with, they are cheating. they cheat. they keep cheating, they ain't going to stop cheating. and now it's come home to the kitchen table. minnesota governor mark dayton on the right side of the issue. he spoke at the event yesterday and made clear that foreign countries are to blame for the struggling steel market. >> today's enemies are not the companies, it's the countries. dump their steel on the u.s. market and depress your prices and take away your jobs. it's essential that our u.s. government stand up for american
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workers and enforce fair trade practices. keep the playing field level and minnesota will not only compete but win. why? because we have the best workforce in the world. we have you. [ applause ] >> what did governor mark dayton from minnesota say in that sound bite that any republican could take issue with or any conservative or any free trader? it's about competition. the conservatives love to talk about american exceptionalism. competition. we love a fight. we want to be the best. no one is better than our kids. who could argue with what he said? the governor is spot on. if we make things in america jobs will stay in america. who couldn't be for that? the iron range in minnesota has been plagued by plant shutdowns and bankruptcies for more than a decade imposed by foreign
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forces. no question about it. foreign pressures. the entire united states steel industry is struggling because of inaction in washington. the numbers don't lie. when steel imports rise we lose jobs. the green line here is steel imports into the united states. look at that. we're on the wrong side of that issue. the red line is employment by united states steel industry. this chart should be really as clear as day for anybody who is making a decision in congress and they have the ability to act. some members of congress are taking action. last month, 57 senators sent a letter to the united states department of commerce urging them to take action against cheap steel imports and the deadline is july 11th. that's right. that's the deadline. that's how much time between now and june 24th and july 11th that your government can actually do something to protect an entire industry and the american steel workers and all of these folk up
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in northern minnesota that have just known what they've known for decades. a few republicans did sign the letter. i'll show you their pictures a little later on. the majority were democrats and there were some democrats that did not sign on. we're making phone calls asking why. one big name missing was senator john mccain of arizona. now, this guy actually supports the repeal of steel tariffs, maybe he shifted but back in 2003 he wrote a letter saying that i commend the president for determining that the steel tariffs imposed by the suits against our major trading partners in march of 2002 have done more to hurt american consumers and producer than help them. do thinks ever change? mccain is wasting his time around washington calling for air strikes in iraq but he wants to do it with cheap asian steel. i think the question begs, does
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john mccain want to build his military arsenal with foreign steel? you don't think it's a national security issue? you're wrong. it's time for john mccain to stop calling for military action in iraq and advocate for where the hell we can get the best steel on the face of the earth, those guys that wear the hard hats that are americans. any senator that didn't sign the letter needs to look at this chart. charts are informative and make you think about stuff. they give you something to think about. we're losing jobs to imports. it doesn't have to be that way. letter legalities and rules within the trade agreements that the united states commerce department could act on that would force other countries to be honest brokers. our guys have to file petitions and file complaints months on end sometimes years to get a
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reaction with the trade agreements because congress drags its feet. more importantly, president obama, you need to get off your ass. you went around the country talking about the middle class, show me the picture of these folks again. show me the picture of these people in northern minnesota. what have they done wrong that would have inaction from our president, from our congress, these guys are just off work. think i'm going to go to this rally to see what's going on. these are people that elected the president of the united states. this is, here comes the haircy, this is democratic territory so to speak. i'm trying to find common ground between these folks and conservatives and republicans to find out what is it that you have against these hard working people that only want their country to treat them fairly in a trade agreement? because right now, our politicians think more the asian workers than they do the american workers.
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and if you think that's bigger than benghazi, i'm biting my tongue because i want to swear. you're wrong. nothing is more important than the security of american industry that helped build this country to its greatness and now we're watching the profiteers tear it down. we sit here silent. we sit here listening to generic talk from politicians who want a job. what about their job. obama needs to speak out on this tonight. i'm not talking about campaign stuff. i'm talking about the president of the united states needs to sit down in the oval office and write a letter to congress saying, i'm urging all of you to support me in this, that we need to level the playing field for our workers on trade agreements and we're going to save our industry. mr. obama, is that that hard? is that in your gut, your heart and soul? i think -- i can say that i've
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defended the president probably as good as anybody on any network anywhere. to the point of being called a prostitute for him. the president is a sleep at the wheel. i was in this crowd yesterday. i know what they think. i know what they want. and it's serious business. this -- it's unbelievable how the president has been silent on cheap steel imports while he's out shopping bad trade deals like the transpacific partnership. here's more of the same, american workers, there's a trickle down effect. you can talk about the paper industry. you can talk about the automobile industry. pick it. pick it. but this is the one that really counts. this is bridges, roads, schools and infrastructure, military
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arment. 57 senators signed on. 14 are republicans and here they are, to their credit. if there's ever a guy got issues with this, it's this guy right here graham, but he signed the letter to his credit. he signed the letter. so did viter and inhofe and portman. comes from a big union state ohio, the rest of them don't. this that's nothing to do with unions. this has something to do about whether we think it's important for this country to be able to produce steel so we are not put in a vulnerable position. is there any conservative broadcaster out there that would say that i'm wrong about this. i know i'm not. and they agree with me. richard shelby from alabama agrees with ed. cochran from mississippi and grassley from iowa and coburn from oklahoma. something is brewing here. don't you think?
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when was the last time we had this many republicans signed on to something to protect workers? get your cell foends out. do you think this is something congressional members should agree on? text a for yes and b for no. you can go to our blog at and comment. for more, let me bring in john, signed on to keep it made in america. there were a lot of stickers there, make it in america. why is this such a heavy political lift? >> i don't understand. i really don't understand, ed. the fact you're mad as hell is so important and even more important those workers out there, men and women across america that have seen their jobs shipped overseas as american capitalists moved out of the united states and now
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this situation with the cheap steel coming back, it's not just teal but tires and rare earth. there are many, many inconsistencies in our policies and you're right, the president needs to act. let me give you an example, ed, the brand-new san francisco bay bridge, beautiful bridge. it was built with chinese steel 6,000 chinese got a job zero americans and by the way, it cost over half a billion dollars more because of all of the bad mistakes made by that steel mill and the chinese welders. we need to make it in america. we need to spend american taxpayer money on american jobs and american steel, cars, all of those things. the public should be mad. and there's something we can do about it. it's right here. it's in the halls of congress. there are opportunities today to rebuild the american ship building industry, a bill that will be up on the floor any moment now for a vote, sending our natural gas overseas to the
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expense of american energy prices? not a good idea. if the we're going to do it it ought to be on american built ships with american sailors on those ships. >> amen to that. >> we can do it, ed. >> we can. now, congressman, is it your understanding that the president can direct the commerce department to do what these people in this crowd are asking them to do? this was a culmination of rallies around the country. there have been numerous rallies around the country. yesterday was the last one before the commerce department were to make a decision. what's holding up the president? how do you understand this unfolding? >> it can be done. in fact it was united steel workers that brought the case to the commerce department. it's gone through all of the hearings and china was found to be guilty of dumping steel and therefore they are subject to a tariff. it can be done. all it needs is the commerce department and president to sign off and it's done. we're giving our steel industry our steel workers a chance.
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we need to do that and it ought to be do before the deadline. we can't miss this one. >> we appreciate your time tonight. thanks so much. let me bring in scott paul, president of the alliance of american manufacturing at this rally yesterday. how big a deal is this for the people in that range, the ripple effect in that part of the country, it would be almost like a depression if this goes the way it could go? >> ed, you're right. we saw thousands of faces of workers there whose livelihood every day depends on them doing a good job but also making sure that they have a level playing field and can compete on a fair basis against firms from other countries. but even more than that, and we heard a lot of this, ed, was the effect this has on the town. because those workers' paychecks end up in the grocery store and
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flower shop and tavern, paying for the local schools. and we know, ed, when those middle class mining and manufacturing jobs disappear, we don't suddenly or magically get better jobs. we hollow out the middle class. this is certainly one of the drivers behind inequality that we've seen in the united states, the gap between the rich and poor. and looking at declining incomes more than middle class households. and it's by no fault of their own, they are skilled workers and make a great product but you can't compete against unfair trade practices from other countries. >> that's what is -- it is not a level playing field. that is what the american folks have got to realize here. there's not steel mills in every backyard in america, not iron ore all over the country. the fact is where they are has plenty of support. if there was a tariff imposed, what impact would it have under the current trade agreements and
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the united states has some legal action it can take to protect our industry, number one, why aren't they doing it and what would a tariff do? >> a tariff would be hugely beneficial to the industry. we've seen this in the past when tariffs have been put in place as congressman gara mendi suggested on china. we saw those imports diminish and opportunities open up in the united states. same thing happened with tires and same thing even happened more than a decade ago when you referred to president bush came in and applied in tariffs on imported steel. the industry got back on its feet. it can be successful. my concern about the trade laws, you have to wait until you show injury. we've already seen a factory shut down in mckees port, pennsylvania, bellville, texas, lorraine, ohio, we've seen layoffs we shouldn't have to sew that go to harm before the
2:20 pm
government goes to bat. >> absolutely. >> scott paul, good to have you with us tonight. i'll have more on this tomorrow night. we shouldn't be done with this story. we need to get congress to act and every senator -- why not 100 senators. why not 100 senators asking the commerce department to do its job to protect a very vital industry in this country? >> john dough denial conservatives jump to walker's defense. trenders is right back. what th, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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media. the social media nation decided we are voting on trenders decided by you. >> the number three trender, bridge and tunnel. >> a second bridge investigation linked to new jersey governor chris christie is underway. >> a work of artful fiction being investigated by the securities exchange commission. >> chris christie finds himself in more traffic troubles. >> according to the new york times, christie's administration wanted the port authority to pay for major repairs to the skyway. >> the bridge of death. >> christie after killing a hudson river tunnel project decideded to spend $1.8 billion of the tunnel money on repairs to the sky way. >> he raided the port authority. >> number two trender, ballot battle. >> two long time members of congress are fighting for their jobs. >> we're seeing an anti-incumbent wave. >> two elder statesmen battle to keep their seats in congress. >> we've been watching whether
2:25 pm
or not that's cochran would wind up losing to chris mcdaniel. >> 1400 votes separate them. >> the people of the country are waking up today. >> will the lion of len ox avenue survive the campaign. >> i believe we will win and win comfortably. >> i feel very confident that i've done my job and i've done it well and it's now in the hands of the voters. >> in today's top trender, scott guard -- >> if scott walker thought he had a shot at the white house, he could forget about it. >> prosecutors in the john doe investigation allege that you are the center of a criminal scheme, are you? >> no. >> there's no doubt in my mind the governor is involved and right in the center of this thing. >> conservatives circle wagons in support of scott walker. >> unconstitutional scheme on the part of the prosecutors. i think they have been abridging the right to free speech. >> christie says attacks against walker are coming from his
2:26 pm
political opponents because he's trying to bring change to the state. >> it really was a political witch hunt. >> joining me tonight, editor of the progressive magazine in wisconsin. good to have you with us. i want to go right to senator johnson is saying to the media and in several interviews that there's an unconstitutional witch hunt that's taking place going after scott walker. what part of the constitution is he talking about? he doesn't explain that. >> well, i think it's really important actually, looking at what ryan johnson is saying. what he is saying that states like wits that have regulated campaign finance for 100 years, that that shouldn't be the case, that this should be illegal under the u.s. constitution there should be no such thing as campaign finance regulations and unlimited undisclosed dark money flowing into states to influence elections and it's not a politically popular position but it is the position of the club
2:27 pm
for growth and wall street journal and that's why they are so ginned up about what's happening in wisconsin. >> why are republicans like johnson and chris christie of new jersey jumping into to support walker? >> well, christie is probably the ally that walker does not want to hear from right now. i don't know he's doing walker any political fact favors by weighing in. this is a really big deal. basically walker was caught in his own words talking to karl rove and placing himself at the center of what the republican prosecutor describes as a criminal scheme in wisconsin to coordinate between big money outside groups in the campaign. what that means is if that is allowed to happen, what it means is that there can be no regulation whatsoever big money coming into elections. as you know ed and you've covered this. we've seen big oust state money coming into wisconsin. we've seen them flip a school board race in kenosha, whose entire campaign war chest was a
2:28 pm
few rolls of stamps. if the koch brothers, club for broej can spend any type of money they want, they don't have to disclose who their donors are. there is no chance to set limits or whose buying the election. >> walkerster s is saying it's and chris christie is saying he has full confidence in his buddy scott walker. >> republicans are sticking with walker. where do you think the voters are? is this hurting his credibility. he's telling everybody, it's over with. this is old news, documents that were dump out, old stuff. is that going to work in wisconsin? >> i don't think so. politifact rated that as fact which often seems to lean conservative. when walker says it's over, the case is closed and investigation is over, if you read the newspaper, you know that's not
2:29 pm
true. there was a preliminary injunction by a judge -- federal judge who is the only judge in wisconsin who is a frequent flyer to koch brother junkets and he's against the idea of any kind of money and that's become reviewed by the court of appeals. he ordered the destruction of the evidence in this karks seventh circuit put the ka bash on that. don't destroy evidence. the investigation is on hold and may indeed go forward. there's no sense they are going to necessarily win. in fact, there's a very large legal opinion in wisconsin that judge rand will be overturned. he has a creative opinion going and you have big national groups hoping that wisconsin is a test case for overthrowing campaign finance all together. >> so just to wrap this all up, you have got a judge saying go ahead and destroy the evidence but the conservatives in washington are all bent of shape
2:30 pm
about missing e-mails at the irs, isn't it funny. ruth, good to have you with us. risky business of climate change denial, rapid response panel weighs in and conservative effort to shape detroit. the city of detroit into their privatized utopia has left thousands without running water. the basics, you know, now activists are calling in the united nations for help. that's in america by the way. i'm taking your questions next. ask ed live coming up. stay with us.
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so they showed us who does what, when, and where. then we hit them with the important question: why? why put the tools over there? do you really need those five steps? what if you can do it in two? whoo, that's an interesting question. ideas for improvement started pouring out. with a little help from us, they actually doubled their output speed. a hundred percent bump in efficiency. if you just need a loan, just call a bank. but at ge capital, we're builders. and what we know... can help you grow. welcome back. appreciate the questions. we've only got time from one tonight. marilyn wants to know, do you think impeaching fist black president will work out in the republicans' favor in the history books? >> well, one year at a time. this seems to be the popular thing to do at republican state
2:34 pm
conventions now is put an amendment out there for everybody to vote on to put part of the platform that we want to impeach president obama. it's an opportunity is what it is. it's an opportunity for the opposition to ask all of the state leaders in whatever state it happens, such as south dakota over the past weekend. ask john thune, if he is in favor of impeaching president obama? you mean he doesn't stand with his party? i think it's a real political opportunity. how it's going to work out for them? i think it's well documented, the obstruction. stick around, rapid response panel is next. i'm bertha coombs with your market wrap. stocks closed lower across the board on worries about iraq. dow tumbling 100 points and s&p 500 off 12 and nasdaq falling 18. consumer confidence to the highest level since the start of
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temptation comes in many heart-pounding forms. but only one letter. "f". the performance marque from lexus. welcome back. republicans refuse to take meaningful action against climate change. some republicans continue to deny climate change even exists. the so-called -- according to a bipartisan study released today, their refusal to acts could end up coasting the united states economy crops and labor productivity. according to the commission bit
2:39 pm
risky business project, by 2050, between 66 and $106 billion worth of existing coastal property will likely be below sea level nationwide. with 238 to $507 billion below sea level by the year 2100. rising temperatures in the south and southwest and midwest could reduce labor productivity by as much as 3%. by the end of the century, some states risk up to a 50 to 70% loss in average annual crop yields for like corn, soy, cotton and wheat. bottom line, the cost of inaction could be catastrophic. the truth is is didn't seem like republicans care. after president obama announced new epa regulations to cut carbon emissions senior house republicans hinted they would be willing to use appropriation bills necessary to keep our government open in order to block its implementation of
2:40 pm
these epa regulars. that's right. republicans. they are so short sided they would rather risk another government shutdown than protect the environment an go against the science. and of course, injure our economy again. the shutdown, the last time cost $25 billion. joining me tonight on rapid response panel, how to say i love you in indian and the senior vice president of affairs for the league of conservation voters. great to have both of you with us. the science is overwhelming but the denial is equal at this point. according to a poll con ducked by the heart research and by the league of conservation voerts the majority of americans support the new epa regulations, how do republicans justify any attempts to block the regulations and go against the will of the people yet again? >> that's absolutely right, ed,
2:41 pm
thanks for your attention to this issue and highlighting this poll that shows two-thirds of the overwhelmingly support the scientists for cutting carbon pollution, it's really baffling and dismaying we have so many serving in congress that deny the basic science of climate change. there are more than 100 climate change deniers and when we contrast that with the findings by the bipartisan report that find that information sober but commend the authors for putting forward this very important information from a business perspective. >> from a business perspective, these are more than people who have a wealth of experience in money i might add. it is chaired by tom stier,
2:42 pm
former u.s. treasury secretary hank paulson and michael bloomberg, as you said. these are people who understand business. who are the republicans missing here, mr. ross? and there's also the human cost too. this would really impact a lot of different cultures across the board in this country if we don't do something? >> the report itself is indicative of the anti-science notion and trajectory of the republican party. it's scary. because it's sort of like the previous studies that show that big maces, mcdonald's big macs lead to obesity. we kind of already know this but we have to keep proving and proving up numbers that ultimately has a very unwelcoming audience. to those people who still need proof of climate change, those people no proof is going to be strong enough. as evidence ed, as you talked about this report was really great and i appreciate it. s about there's already.
2:43 pm
it spoke spek at a tifly about damage that is going to happen but there's already damage happening. for example, my father is a subsistence fisherman. there's already been a palpable and traceable change in the amount of fish, also the vulnerability to parasites and bacteria that has come as a result of warmer temperatures in the water. that change, that economic change is already happening in many respects. >> that ecological change is what you're talking about and you're exactly right. the fisheries have been hit hard. we're seeing all kinds of things happening with ocean because of climate change. >> absolutely. but it is an economic change because it has changed economics of a whole group of people of native people who rely upon subsistence fishing for their very livelihood. >> do you think tieing the environment to the economy is the only way that republicans or should i say the deniers are
2:44 pm
going to wake up to this? >> we certainly hope deniers will wake up to the urgent need to take action on climate change. we have long known that climate change is causing devastation to the environment. i think what is so significant about this report and the people who are -- who are releasing it, it really is coming from people who have a long time expertise in the economy, in business and in running cities and they are talking about the defvastating impacts. we're already seeing it, whether it's extreme droughts like in california. >> storms. >> more extreme storms. >> more heat waves, that's only going to get so much worse. i think what is encouraging, although this is definitely very disturbing information, that there are solutions at our disposal and we're really encouraged to see president obama has taken such leadership especially with the climate action plan and effort to cut pollution from coal burning power plants. >> that's what it is. everybody has to serve something up in every industry to reverse
2:45 pm
this. including coal and oil. we've got to do more sun and more solar and more wind. mr. ross, i want you to go back to your dad for just a moment. >> yes. >> what is his reaction? i imagine he's a man of years and hard worker, anybody in that industry works with their hands and depends on things being protected. what does he say? >> you know, it's interesting, these kind of reports, he's a pretty worldly guy, i come from a family that pays attention to the news and they are valid dated in a way and affirmed in a way by all of the studies. it shows what it takes these three guys and millions of dollars and whole bunch of research to prove what our an sesers have known for a long time, you can't have unmitigated consumption without production. and so he sees this as a possibly good move towards conservation. his life is the fish. salmon. and ultimately hopefully that
2:46 pm
ends up -- the salmon are going to be an analogy for the larger environment and economy. >> great to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time. coming up -- "duck dynasty" phil robertson lands the pretenders tonight. we're right back.
2:47 pm
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2:51 pm
robertson concluded his appearance with a plea -- vote the ungodly presence out of washington. >> hey, alabama. whatever you do, whatever you do, go register to vote, especially in this next presidential election. register to vote and you ought to register for the house and the senate, too. get your tail down there and vote this ungodly bunch out of washington, d.c. [ cheers and applause ] >> we all know there is no sin in any of the music festival crowds. robe robertson has run out of sense but keeps running his mouth. if he believes his views are godly. he can keep on pretending. wow! you're really looking out for us. we are. and if there are unauthorized purchases on your discover card, you're never held responsible. just to be clear, you are saying "frog protection" right? yeah, fraud protection. frog protection. fraud protection.
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welcome back to "the ed show." this is a story for the folks who take a shower after work. that's if the water is turned on. republican leadership is reducing the city of detroit to the likes of a third world country. the detroit water and sewage department shut off run aring water to thousands of residents whose bills weren't paid. many people affected by the shut offs were given no warnings. families have been left without functioning toilets. children can't take baths and parents aren't even able to cook because they don't have running water. unemployment rates are at a record high. the poverty rate is 40% in detroit. water bills are unaffordable to a significant portion of the population. this is not a new problem.
2:56 pm
other the last decade detroit residents have seen water rates rise by 119%. earlier this week city lawmakers voted to raise water rates by another 8.7%. that's called not being able to get blood out of a rock ro. after detroit declared bankruptcy in summer of 2013 kevin orr was appointed the emergency manager of detroit. he's been taking steps to privatize the water and sewage department. a group of concerned organizations submitted a report -- get this -- to the united nations. not congress but the united nations urging authorities to take immediate action by restoring just the basics -- water services and stop further cut-offs. the report says the detroit people's water board fears that authorities see people's unpaid water bills as a pad debt and want to sweeten the pot for a private investor by imposing even more of the costs on the system on those least able the
2:57 pm
to bear them. this is not just an argument about the problems with privatization. this is a massive human rights issue, as i see it. dr. michael eric die son, msnbc political analyst and professor at georgetown university joins ussen tonight. your opinion, what is this? >> this is a human rights crisis. i am a native of detroit. this is a remark able repudiation of democracy again. they are charging nearly double what the average rate of charge is for anybody who is consuming water in this country. $75 a month compared to $40 for most other places. they tried to fuse the detroit water system with the surrounding county ares but the surrounding counties said it would saddle them with too much debt. again, detroit is being absorbed by these counties. they take from detroit but don't give back. the very people who are responsible for providing for these citizens have now abdicated to the powers that be
2:58 pm
and the deep pockets out there that want to impress a potential investor though they claim that's not the case, instead of providing service for those who are under assault. the unemployment rate there has escalated. detroiters are already without. to cut off water at this point is to punish them further, ed. >> so what's the solution here? do you see the united nations doing something about an american city? >> unfortunately not, though i understand why they did so. dr. maya angelou joined with malcolm x to bring the united states before the united nationss over certain human rights issues. this will not, if you will, meet the standard that the united nations puts forth as a human rights crisis. but we know it is. the right to water as some advocates suggested is a fundamental one. we'll have to embarrass detroit is what has to happen.
2:59 pm
>> do you think these people are revolting in the sense that they could pay the water bill but they don't want to because they know what's going on? is there any of that? >> i'm sure there is some of that. of the people who owe, the ones who are behind, some are facing unemployment. some are facing economic crisis on the other hand. and they also know what's going on in terms of the bidding for a private investor in their water system. it's a bunch of problems at the same time. and the bottom line is this is merely a reflection of the deep financial, economic and i think moral crisis at the heart of what's going on in detroit. >> if this is an opportunity or a scheme to get somebody with big bucks to come in and take this -- when it comes to privatization, that's about as nasty as it gets in america. >> yeah. >> in detroit, the rich are tradition of the state, the city of what it did for this country and they can't even turn on the water. >> exactly. >> to me, that's mind boggling.
3:00 pm
>> it is mind boggling. >> it's a national crisis that needs to be addressed. yes, the federal government should pay the damn water bill. >> how about that? amen. >> michael eric die son, thank you so much. that's "the ed show." "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. good evening, rev. >> good evening, ed. thanks to you for tuning in. tonight's lead -- is tonight the night republicans go off the cliff? today the first primary election since eric cantor's stunning primary collapse. the loss had republicans falling all over themselves, scrambling to the right. and it exposed an ugly fight for the heart and soul of the gop. voters in eight states are going to the polls today. but party leaders are bracing for what happened in the mississippi run-off. where tea party challenger chris mcdaniel is trying to unseat