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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 24, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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refusing people basic health care throughout the south and many red states. the republicans know it's about this getting people to vote. otherwise they wouldn't be passing laws to take votes away from people which really, you know, they're trying to stop people from -- these i.d. laws are to keep the vote quelled and stalled. >> i'm glad you brought up the medicaid expansion. we have a story later in the week on that issue. congressman steve cohen, steven walker from i-vote. thank you. that's "all in" for this evening. if you live in the middle of a state somewhere, if you live far from any other state's border, this might be hard for you to visualize, but there's a part of kentucky that is basically suburban ohio. part of the greater metropolitan area of cincinnati, cincinnati, ohio, is across the state line in the northern part of the state of kentucky. lots of people live in kentucky and commute back and forth every day across the ohio river. but in order to do so, they have
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to cross state jurisdictions. and of course, even though these places are very geographically close to each other, in politics, state jurisdictions really matter. on this side of the river, house speaker john boehner is basically the top political dog. he's not only the top republican in the house of representatives, third in line to the presidency, he's also the preeminent elected firm in ohio. his district is not far from where the bridge from kentucky over the ohio river touches down on the ohio side. on the other side of that bridge, on the kentucky side, the political boss over there is obviously senator mitch mcconnell. the top ranking republican in the united states senate. so you have two of the top republican leaders in congress, the top republican in the house and the top republican in the senate, you have them parked at either end of one specific bridge. the brent spence bridge it's called between ohio and kentucky. and that makes that bridge,
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itself, a very unusual corner of american politics. it also makes it an opportune place if you want to make a point about american politics. particularly about republican american politics. a few years ago, president obama went to that exact bridge and he made that point. >> behind us stands the brent spence bridge. located on one of the busiest trucking routes in north america. it sees about 150,000 vehicles every single day. and it's in such poor condition that it's been labeled functionally obsolete. think about that. functionally obsolete. that doesn't sound good, does it? mr. boehner, mr. mcconnell, help us rebuild this bridge. help us rebuild america. help us put construction workers back to work. >> president obama speaking at that bridge between ohio and
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kentucky almost three years ago now. the replacement for the brent spence bridge has still never been built. engineers say it is safe to drive on, but really it's kind of a mess. it's getting old for a bridge. it carries twice as much traffic every day as it was designed for. it is functionally obsolete. and so officials in ohio and kentucky are still trying to figure out some way to build a new bridge. to replace this old one that is functionally obsolete. that kind of project is the kind of thing that senator mitch mcconnell in kentucky he really used to specialize in that. bringing home federal money to kentucky for projects like that. you can basically walk all across the state of kentucky and never not be standing on something that's named for mitch mcconnell because he brought the money to the state to pay for it. senator mitch mcconnell built his whole career on making sure that kentucky got its share or more than its share of federal money.
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he took care of the earmarks. he took care of the state at home. but you know what? under the new ever-evolving principles of the republican party, republicans are not allowed to do that anymore. and so even though senator mcconnell built his career on this, senator mcconnell does not do earmarks anymore. and unfortunately, that bridge still needs building. and without an earmark, nobody's quite sure how it's going to get done. and so now, in the midst of a re-election effort, senator mcconnell has proposed a new way to pay for the bridge. he has proposed instead of just bringing in federal money like he used to, he has instead proposed paying for the bridge by a trick. in which the federal government would change its rules around so that it could pay people less to build the bridge. to build the new one. people who would work on building the new bridge would not get paid a prevailing wage. right now, prevailing wage laws determine what construction workers get paid when they work
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on a big federally funded construction project like that. senator mcconnell wants congress to repeal that law so construction workers would get paid less to work on federally funded construction projects like that bridge. and that's how he thinks it can be paid for. you know what, that is not a good way to win the votes of construction workers. hey, you want to be paid less? it's also not a good way to win the votes of anybody who likes construction workers. it's not a good way to win the votes of anybody who counts on construction workers having money to spend for their own livelihood. and frankly, it's not even a way to get that bridge actually built because in real politic, trying to repeal the prevailing wage law for construction workers on federal projects, that's never going to happen. never, ever. you have a democrat controlled senate. you have a democrat in white house who is not at the stroke of a pen going to lower wages
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for hundreds of thousands of workers across the country. that's apparently mitch mcconnell's plan now. he unveiled this plan on friday and it very clearly is going nowhere. and that means that bridge is going nowhere. and so kentucky commuters and ohio commuters, they are stuck because of where senator mcconnell has gone ideologically, because of his newly discovered allergy to bringing federal dollars home for the people of his state and for projects that matter to them. in the mississippi senate race, where polls close tonight at 8:00 eastern, the mississippi senate race that the whole country is watching tonight, that is that story of that bridge times 100 million. except in this mississippi race, incumbent republican senator thad cochran is not running away from his history of bringing money home to his state. in fact, that has ended up being what thad cochran is running on to try to hold on to his senate seat now in what is turning out to be the race of his life. >> mississippi gets $1.5 billion in federal education funding. chris mcdaniel says he's end that because education is not in the constitution. how do we make up the gap? your property taxes go up. mcdaniel opposes the highway bill. we lose half our road budget.
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result? higher gas taxes, worse roads. no wonder every statewide elected official exposes chris mcdaniel. >> i'm thad cochran and i approve this message because mississippi is worth fighting for. >> do not adjust your tv set. you really did just hear a conservative republican elected official campaigning on the idea that government spending is good for you. and we need it. and it's important for the stuff that we want and need and that drives our economy. that could be an unexpected message in most states. mississippi, it might as well snowing on the fourth of july. a democratic pollster in mississippi tells the "washington post" today, "democrats are sitting here scratching our heads. thad cochran spent $2 million in the campaign reminding voters there is a central role for government in our state. there's been no money spent on the democratic side of that message since jimmy carter ran for president." incidentally, when jimmy carter ran for president, that's the last time democrats won a
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presidential election in mississippi. 1976. every other time since then, the state has voted republican. but now republican senator thad cochran has trotted out basically the democratic playbook from 1976 as he faces this challenge from tea party republican chris mcdaniel. mr. mcdaniel has built himself as the guy who will turn off the federal spigot to mississippi. in february, he told a mississippi college crowd "i'm not going to do anything for you. i'm going to get the government off your back then i'm going to let you do it for yourself." mississippi has had some fairly recent experience with calling for and getting government help. in 2005, hurricane katrina erased whole swaths, whole towns off the state's gulf coast. and state republicans did everything they could to get federal disaster relief in motion. they have campaigned on how much help they got for the state ever since. but this year, when asked chris mcdaniel whether he would have voted for that
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funding after katrina to help mississippi, he said he could not say for certain. he said "i would have to see the details of it. i really would." that's not an easy vote to cast. chris mcdaniel campaigned for senate for mississippi on the idea that disaster relief after something like hurricane katrina, that would not be an easy vote to cast. it does, however, lead to an easy campaign ad to make for his opponent. >> chris mcdaniel asked if he would have supported mississippi disaster relief after katrina. his first response, "i don't know." that's the same chris mcdaniel who's promising mississippi voters that "i'm not going to do anything for you." sounds crazy, but chris mcdaniel is backed by powerful interests that governor haley barbour calls out of state phonies. if chris mcdaniel won't do anything for mississippi, why should mississippians do anything for chris mcdaniel? >> if the tea party candidate will not help you, why should
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you help him? just ask. this fight in mississippi of all places, this fight about whether or not the government should do stuff like help out after hurricane katrina, or help states build and maintain their roads, that is usually the kind of fight that happens between the democratic party and the republican party. but in mississippi right now, what they've got is a republican party. and the fight is happening inside the republican primary. and the jimmy carter side of the argument isn't a democrat in this fight. it's the old school incumbent republican. but in this fight, he has got the support of the state's republican governor. the state's republican lieutenant governor. the de facto head of the republican party in state, haley barbour. also haley barbour's whole family dynasty which controls the republican party in the state, plus the whole republican congressional delegation from the state, plus the national republican senatorial committee, plus the u.s. chamber of
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commerce, plus republican household names like john mccain who was down there yesterday and today campaigning for senator thad cochran. what nobody knew before today was whether or not that sort of institutional in-state organic home-grown support from the machine that is mississippi republican politics, whether that was going to be able to make a difference on the ground in the state. i mean, we've seen tea party upstarts in other states, right, that have lots of loud national support from outside groups that get a lot of press, they get a lot of face time on fox news and stuff. we've seen them not be able to deliver on election day. you may remember, for example, that we saw that in nevada when sharron angle beat the republican establishment to get the republican nomination for senate in nevada. doing great in the polls. getting a ton of press, national press, national attention, national endorsements about how she was going to beat harry reid. she had a lot of money to do it but did not have a get-out-the-vote operation when it came to voting day. she didn't have the machinery in the state to get people out of their houses and to their polling places and voting for her. a lot of national buzz doesn't get people in the state into the voting booth.
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heading into today's voting in this race in mississippi, that dynamic about getting people out to the polls actually knowing who they are and knowing how to motivate them and motivating them and getting them there, that process, the fact that he's got the mississippi machine on his side, that was one of thad cochran's two great hopes for trying to hold on to his seat today. that was one of his life rings basically heading into this vote today. the other one was that he decided to start reaching out to people who do not usually vote for republicans. including typically democratic voters who, because it is an open primary, would be eligible to vote for thad cochran today if he could persuade them to do so. those were the two ways that thad cochran was going to try to salvage a win today and was going to try today to avoid being the first united states senator to lose a battle for re-election this year. well, polls in mississippi closed just over an hour ago. here are the latest results that
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we have at this hour. at this point we've got 20% of everyone here is, i would say, probably a little shocked at this result. i don't think many people here were expecting cochran to reform the way he did. it's a pretty stunning comeback from about three weeks ago. i got a text message from a top cochran supporter three weeks ago asking where they would go from here. he said, when organization and hammer. that is what they did. they built an organization and
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focus on the ground game. they put a lot of money on that game and changed their strategy both in tv and in the voters they were talking to. they talked to african-americans, arguing that he was bringing more from mississippi was there a tag line. that ended up working. this was a strategy spearheaded by haley barbour and his nephews, austin and henry. all in all, a from the ground up campaign strategy that completely attended many of our expectations for this race. >> it seems we will know more when we are able to do detailed analysis of where the vote came in and what the turnout numbers were like to this run off tonight. it feels like what happened was that chris mcdaniel was able to maximize his turn out. it looks like he was able to deliver basically exactly those
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same numbers again tonight, where is on the cochran sign, he got people out to vote who had not felt they had a stake in this because they did not think of themselves as a republican or the thad cochran would need their help. it raises the question of what happens going forward. kris-mack daniel is not saying that he will support him that in the general. is there anger between these factions, or will we see unity? >> it's hard to overstate the level of and a t-shirt on the ground. these two candidates really don't like each other very much. i think it may take mcdaniel some time to fully get on board, if he is going to get to that point. i think this election was extremely divisive. i think you are also going to
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see cochran's strategy of reaching out potentially to democrats as something that starts to divide national republicans and conservatives. you are already seeing some right wing conservative tea party groups saying this is the ultimate betrayal of the establishment republicans. i think they are going to be very, very angry about this. the national tea party establishment, as ironic as that may be, had all lot on the line in this race. it looks like they lost it. >> they were cocky about the fact they're going to win it right up until they lost it. casey hunt, talking to us from chris mcdaniel headquarters. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> joining us from jackson, mississippi, sam hall. thank you for being with us. i really appreciate you staying
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late with us. >> no problem. where was i going to go? >> that's right. let me ask you about something specific here, sam. that is that this is a very close race. the ap has called it, but it was right down to the wire. we were calculating how many votes there going to need in each precinct and how much was out there. chris mcdaniel started the day today by tweeting out two different tweets saying that he felt the cochran camp was trying to steal the election. do you get a sense there is some way of trying to continue to fight this out, that they might contest this? is it that bitter down there? >> it better, but i don't think they will contest it. there has not been anything to date that has happened at the polls that was feared with any
9:18 pm
of the poll watchers. he make the challenge. i think that when you get done with the analysis and everybody looks at the map, there is going to be as much gop increase as there was a democratic and african-american increase. i think more than likely would you will see is this anchor and this mood continue on to next year. there is definitely some pockets in south mississippi and up in desoto county where i think the 2-party is going to be strong and there is some powerful legislators who will probably have to watch their backs. i think it will go after that as well. >> i was going to ask you about that. the whole tea party movement is motivated not just in the anchor at liberals or the direction of
9:19 pm
the country, but aimed at the republican establishment and reaction tonight on the far right nationally as well as with mississippi, the anchor at the cochran campaign and republican establishment for the way they won and the fact they won. it's just blistering. do you feel going forward in the state we are looking at some sort of schism? it's hard to believe that they could ever be reunited after something like this. >> it's not as much about the cochran camp or even the barber camp, for that matter. it's all going to hinge on governor bryan. he has a lot of support from the tea party in the past, but his folks have been all in behind the scenes. with him out front. the interesting thing is going to be whether or not he can mend fences with that group.
9:20 pm
mcdaniel and the conservatives there in the senate, because the senate is for controlled by republicans. the senate has always been allies of brian's. it will be interesting to watch that dynamic go forward. i don't fink brian is in trouble. i think a lieutenant governor, the state auditor, the attorney general, those are going to be seats that the tea party is going to look at. there might be some deals to be made with brian and where he throws his support in some of those races. >> this may be in opening battle. sam hall, thank you for being with us tonight. pleasure to have you here tonight. tanks. >> thanks. >> big election night. important primary election results going on all over the plate tonight. we will have more on that. stay with us. it's a big day in american politics. ap their manufacturing process with sticky notes
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that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. for the last three weeks in american politics, we have known that mississippi tonight was going to be the race to watch. this showdown tonight in mississippi right now we're at a race that thad cochran nearly won tonight. this runoff was set in motion three weeks ago when neither man was able to clear 50% in the state's republican primary. but these past three weeks of that campaign, these past three weeks of the national press being very, very focused on mississippi and the prospect of an incumbent republican senator losing his seat, these three weeks of all the national reporters flying down there and all the magazine stories and all the beltway press handicapping the mississippi race, and the
9:25 pm
sunday shows weighing in on it and everything else, these past three weeks of intense coverage of mississippi have had a cost. elsewhere in the country. because had we not been talking about mississippi all of this time, what we might have been talking about instead was another big deal tea party versus republican establishment showdown in the great state of oklahoma. this is t.w. shannon, the man on your left there. former speaker of the house of oklahoma. the first african-american speaker of the oklahoma house ever. he's also native american. he's a member of the chickasaw nation. t.w. shannon is also a tea partyer. he has national support in his senate race, from sarah palin and from ted cruz, from the group freedom works, from the senate conservatives fund. sound familiar? his opponent in the senate race, his main opponent, congressman james lankford, not a moderate. he's a hardcore oklahoma republican conservative congressman.
9:26 pm
but he's already a congressman. and he has the support of the whole republican oklahoma establishment, and having the support of the whole oklahoma republican establishment is a great way to win a republican primary. particularly for a seat that's been held forever and a day by republican tom coburn who is, himself, an oklahoma institution. i mean, the machine is there. the machine is in place to slide congressman james lankford into tom coburn's seat where oklahoma is red enough he could probably hold on to it for life if he wanted to. which is why it theoretically mattered so much to this senate race whether or not anyone was paying attention to it outside the state. because, frankly, nobody's been paying attention to it outside the state. i mean, if you want to beat the establishment, if you want to beat an entrenched establishment like that in oklahoma, you really need to be able to make some noise. you need some forced multipliers. you need national attention. but no noise has been heard from
9:27 pm
this oklahoma senate race because of the deafening din coming out of mississippi that started up three weeks ago. had it been different, had the mississippi senate race been settled, had thad cochran held on to his seat or chris mcdaniel beat him cleanly and there was no runoff tonight, we would have been talking about the oklahoma senate race that would have put so much more attention on the tea party challenger that he might have had a really excellent shot. well, it's not over. polls in oklahoma closed at 88:00 p.m. eastern tonight. look, it is over. the "ap" called the race for congressman james lankford. 55.2% means he not only has beaten t.w. shannon who had support from ted cruz, sarah palin. he's not only beaten him but avoided a runoff in this case. had they had to go to a runoff, neither had 50% of the vote, there would have been a runoff on august 26th. the other ripple effect of tom coburn's retirement in the united states senate, now that lankford is the nominee for his senate seat, lankford's seat in oklahoma is open, wide open. there's a gang of candidates seeking the james lankford congressional seat.
9:28 pm
six candidates on the republican side, alone, tonight. in that race, again, because a candidate has to get 50% of the vote to be declared the winner, in that one with six different people running, we can only put four of them on the screen at once. it's very likely we will see a runoff in the fifth district. very likely as in i feel very comfortable saying that's what's going to happen. runoff for the james lankford seat august 26th, but the republican running to replace tom coburn in the senate will be james lankford. that might have been a very different outcome had all the national attention in this race and all the conservative attention nationwide in the country not been on mississippi for the past three weeks. lots more ahead tonight. stay with us. in the nation, it's not always pretty.
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i thought it was well done. they did a good job of laying out what was going on. >> let the record showed that a republican senators said that he did a good job. and patterson talked with a briefing. behold. that said, his best friend, john mccain has a habit of usually leading briefings early so he can complain about them on television. he has faced some criticism for doing that. he had the decency to actually go to the briefing and sit there through it before he went there to complain about it. and lindsey graham may have loved this briefing that he got today, but john mccain naturally hated it, he said it was worthless. >> what did you learn? >> nothing that isn't published information as is the case with every briefing i've ever attended. >> stupid briefings.
9:37 pm
senator john mccain, the republican voice of god on foreign policy, says he has never learned anything from any congressional briefing ever in the history of him going to congressional briefings. but despite their differences about whether or not having the state department brief the senate today on iraq, despite their differences about whether that was a stupid waste of time or the best briefing ever, senator john mccain and best friend forever senator lindsey graham and also senator marco rubio who also spoke about this today at the same event, they all apparently do agree on one thing. which is that whatever the united states is going to do militarily in iraq, it's not their responsibility. >> when the president asked -- >> i think the president doesn't need our approval to make these decisions. >> senator, do you believe that the president has the authority he needs to act alone, or do you believe that -- >> i believe the president has the authority to act on -- especially on issues of this
9:38 pm
nature that require rapid reaction. >> what did you learn? >> nothing that isn't published information as is the case with every briefing i've ever attended. >> so what should obama do that he's not doing now? >> air strikes. >> what happened now? you guys go off to holiday and nothing? president doesn't act? >> apparently -- apparently. >> senator john mccain, senator marco rubio, senator lindsey graham all have strong feelings about what the united states should do militarily in iraq, but none of them believe it is their own responsibility to actually make any binding decisions about that. or to really do anything officially about that. except to go on tv to talk about it. they are all wrong about that. as a constitutional matter. presidents have the ability to conduct wars and to command the armed forces, but it's congress who's supposed to decide when and whether we actually have wars. in the senate, that may or may not be clear on that, but in the house, they haven't yet add their full iraq briefing for all the members of the house the way the senate did today, but the
9:39 pm
house democratic caucus met today and apparently talked about iraq and their caucus chairman, xavier becerra, emerged from that meeting today on the house side and said on the house side at least, on the democratic side of the house side, they are not only worried about a third iraq war, it sounds like they're starting to realize and starting to talk about the fact that it's actually their call as congress, as to whether or not such a war happens. not just to complain about it publicly or worry about it on tv, but to actually make the decision about what to do the way the constitution says the congress must. >> i know there's a lot of concern in getting embroiled in another vietnam and the concern about sending american troops once again to fight someone else's war. same time i believe the president's trying to do not just the right thing but something that will help the iraqis get themselves in a place where they will be prepared to defend their own country and their own people rather than have to have other forces,
9:40 pm
american forces or nato forces have to do this for them. so my sense is that members want to hear more. the president did end the iraq war. and, again, i'm not sure in what capacity the president would propose that american forces or american interests be involved in iraq, but depending on what the president is proposing, that would probably help trigger a response as to whether or not we need another declaration of war in order for the u.s. to get further involved. >> democratic caucus chairman xavier becerra speaking today. if congress did take up its responsibility to vote on a declaration of yet another war in iraq, if they all had to take a binding vote on that, where their names were attached to that vote forever, what do you think the prospects are we actually would have another third war in iraq? today the pentagon announced that special operations teams have started to deploy into
9:41 pm
baghdad and elsewhere in iraq. these are the several hundred troops that president obama announced he would be sending last week. and that he notified congress he would be sending last week. that notification, which is a formal thing, it looks like this, that notification from the president to congress last week, that started the clock ticking on a 60 day window in which the president can send forces into hostilities or into what looks like imminent hostilities without permission from congress. after 60 days, though, the war powers resolution says that congress has to cut bait. right? congress needs to authorize that use of military force. even if they don't want the decision. even if they would prefer to throw it in the president's lap and make him deal with it while they complain on tv. it is congress' call to make. and now here's the surprising bit.
9:42 pm
democratic members of congress just introduced and passed through the house language that makes it official and overt that congress won't advocate the responsibility on this. this language was introduced by two democratic members of the house, colleen hanabusa of hawaii and john garamendi. their language on this thing passed. congressman garamendi said thereafter, "today the house of representatives stood unified we will not rush into a third gulf war. the constitution gives congress the right and obligation to give advice and consent before waging war. i have serious doubts about waging any military campaign in iraq, and clearly" he says "i am not alone." joining us now for the interview, congressman john garamendi of california, member of the armed services committee and one of the two members of congress who got this language passed through the house. congressman, thank you very much for being with us. i appreciate your time.
9:43 pm
>> always a pleasure. >> so, what does this language do? and how did you get it passed through a republican-controlled house where no democratic measures ever get passed? >> well, this one did get passed because i think there's real serious concern, real serious concern among both democrats and republicans about iraq 3.0. we've been there. we've done that. this is a very, very complex and a very dangerous situation. we should be very slow to war, and that resolution that is now over in the senate side says unless the president comes back to us as required by the war powers act, money is cut off. there will be no money. hopefully that will become the law. the senate is going to take it up in this next month of july. if it becomes the law, then that will be it. we will have to carry out our constitutional responsibilities. we were elected to obey the constitution, to carry out the responsibilities. we must do so. >> so to be clear, this is language that's attached to
9:44 pm
pentagon spending bill. it would apply to all defense spending and would say that none of that money, no pentagon money could be spent on new hostilities, new u.s. military involvement in iraq other than defending the embassy, unless the president got overt permission from congress? >> that's correct. that's exactly what it does. we've had the war powers act around for a long time since the vietnam war, and all too often it's ignored by the president and congress. but this one, should this become law, i hope the senate will follow our lead on this, it has real teeth. there's a hammer here and the hammer will come down unless the president comes back, gets congressional approval to conduct a long-scale war in iraq. >> you heard the clips that i played there at the part of the introduction just because i wanted to get them on the record saying it. and it's not only republicans that have said it. a lot of members of congress, both in the house and the
9:45 pm
senate, republican and democratic, have said that they think the president has the ability to do this unilaterally. you obviously disagree. your language that you got passed obviously makes clear that you disagree. i think constitutionally you're right here and they're plainly wrong. what's the sort of pulse in congress? is it -- do people widely agree or have one position or another on whether or not it's congress' responsibility here? >> we will ultimately see, but right now there's clearly probably around 180 firm votes about not going to war in iraq once again. that was shown in the various amendments that were in the house appropriation bill for the department of defense. we'll see what happens. a lot will depend upon the circumstances, but i think it's very clear to me, and i hope increasingly clear to the american public, that this is a major religious war that's been going on for 1,400 years, and we're going to find ourselves right smack in the middle of it. and on whose side? you've got iran, you've got iraq involved. you've got syria. you've got all of these factions going back and forth. exactly whose side will we be on? the side we'll be on is right smack in the middle of a very complex, difficult, and very dangerous sectarian war, religious war between two
9:46 pm
factions of the muslim religion. >> which is why everybody's always very happy to pass the sort of hot potato on this and not be stuck making their own decision on it. you're trying to stop that from happening. >> well, we can't dodge -- we can't dodge this. this is our responsibility. we all took the oath. the constitution's quite clear. it's up to congress to either go to war or not. >> congressman john garamendi of california. member of the house armed services committee. thank you for helping us understand this, sir. i appreciate your time. thanks. all right. a lot still ahead tonight including more election results as they come in. also a bizarre outbreak of biting in an unexpected place. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ]
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9:51 pm
off-limits. for that simple fact of life, the biggest news in the whole wide world today is what happened at the world cup. because today, in the middle of a match between uruguay and italy, a player from uruguay bared his teeth and sunk his teeth into the italian's shoulder leaving what seemed to be visible teeth marks on the players' skin. this is the biter holding his teeth after doing it. people say your face hurt my face, well, your shoulder hurt my teeth. luis suarez is a soccer god, a striker with very large teeth. look how big his teeth are. liverpool is a good soccer team, he's one of the team's stars. so luis suarez bit a guy. try to give him the benefit of the doubt. it's the world cup, he got
9:52 pm
carried away. he would do anything to win the world cup, right? the problem in this case is that with luis suarez, there is no doubt of which to give the benefit. he does this all the time. he's a serial biter. this is his thing. >> he ran towards him. what is he doing? he sunk his teeth in there. that's what it looks like. any way, it looks like he's sunk his gnashes in there. >> the guy with the giant teeth, yeah, that was just last year in a liverpool versus chelsea game. luis suarez just went for it, he just went down on the other guy's forearm. the victim here is shocked. he's trying to get the ref's attention. for that one, luis suarez got fined and suspended for ten games, but he also scored the tying goal that night. that turns out to have been his second suspension for biting in a game. in 2010, he also bit another
9:53 pm
player in the neck when he was playing for a dutch team. he bit him in the neck. this makes the mississippi senate runoff normal, almost. more ahead.
9:54 pm
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onephay, onephay! really, pig latin? [ male announcer ] geico. anywhere, anytime. just an aptay away on the geico appay. so far this year there have been two strong ads run by male democratic senators on the issue of women's rights. the first was in montana where the incumbent is running against the republican congressman steve danes. >> i'm john walsh and i approve this message. >> i was raped when i was 14 years old. i know the pain it caused me. that's why it's so insulting that congressman steve danes sponsored a bill to make abortion illegal for victims of sexual assault. ultimately, i got the support i needed to live again. but if politicians like
9:57 pm
congressman dane have their way, other women will be left with no options at all. >> as a devastating ad, it now has competition. in colorado, mr. gardner has supported personhood measures that would ban all abortion and ban the most commonly used form of birth control. it would ban the pill. since he decided he would run statewide in colorado, he has disavowed his earlier support for personhood but he hasn't taken his name off legislation of which he is a co-sponsor. and mark udall is running this ad to stick gardner with the consequences. >> my opponent, congressman gardner, led a crusade that would make birth control illegal. and would make abortion a crime even in the cases of rape. we're talking about your rights. i'm mark udall. you have the right to live life on your own terms and make your
9:58 pm
own choices. that's why i approve this message. >> democrats are getting much better at articulating the case against republicans on these issues. heading into today's voting in colorado, republicans have been worried about whether cory gardner's already tough race might be further jeopardized by what else the republican party decides to do to their ballot today. colorado republicans have been worried they might screw up their chances at getting that senate seat by choosing a name that would go at the top of the ticket this fall, which might alienate people down the ticket. the republican candidates for governor including a former state senator, but the fourth republican candidate, he's the one who had republicans worried that if he wins the republican nomination for governor, he won't just lose the governor's race himself, he has the potential to make all the other
9:59 pm
republicans on the ballot lose, too. tom tancredo, how are you doing? the prospect of him becoming governor had liberals so excited. pick this guy, pick this guy, please. and in colorado tonight, here are the results for that republican gubernatorial primary thus far. 60% in so far. some tancredo running second. 60% of the precincts in. it's going to be exciting to watch the rest of the results tonight. that does it for our hour. see you again tomorrow night. but now time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell."
10:00 pm