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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 25, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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plus, as u.s. forces begin their work in iraq, there are reports that iraqi prime minister nuri al maliki is ready to concede much of the country to the insurgents in a bid to protect his capital. and strike three for the world's top soccer player who once again is accused of biting. that's a no-no in my son's preschool. the question now, how long will he be out? this is "way too early." good morning, i'm bill karins in for the great thomas roberts. enjoy your time off, thomas. we miss you here. as far as "way too early" goes, a lot happened last night. the nasty republican primary in mississippi finally over. but the losing candidate isn't conceding just yet. last night thad cochran narrowly edged out tea party challenger chris mcdaniel. just three weeks ago, mcdaniel got more votes but failed to win
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outright. he seemed to have all the momentum going into last night's runoff. but yesterday's vote defied conventional wisdom about getting out the vote. with nearly 56,000 more voters going to the polls. so where did the new voters come from? the cochran campaign got the help from the national republican senatorial committee and some big names in the state who helped turn out voters in strong cochran areas. and cochran supporters actively sought out african-american democrats, making the argument that cochran had delivered for mississippi. mcdaniel has called the tactics to get liberals to vote in the republican primary illegal. last night he stopped well short of conceding, even being introduced as the republican nominee. >> there were literally dozens of irregularities reported all across this state. now it's our job to make sure that the sanctity of the vote is upheld. before this race ends, we have to be absolutely certain that the republican primary was won
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by republican voters. >> and in case you were wondering, there's no recount in mississippi. mcdaniel will have to go to court if he wants to challenge the results. meanwhile here in new york, veteran congressman charlie rangel is declaring victory, even though the race hasn't officially been called. fewer than 2,000 votes separate rangel and his challenger who has also not yet conceded. he unseated rangel back in 2012, but last night, the lion savored what could be his final race. >> there are too many of you for me to thank individually, but i want each one of you to go home and know that this was your victory. this is your congressman, and you can rest assured all i will be doing is thinking about you and bringing these resources home. >> elsewhere in the oklahoma republican senate primary,
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congressman james lankford easily beat back a crowded field including t.w. shannon who got big backing. turning overseas, iraq's government is far more focused on protecting baghdad right now than trying to take background from the militants. american advisers are now in place to help that country's military come up with a plan. it's a complicated position for the pentagon, something nbc's andrea mitchell discussed with secretary of state john kerry. >> reporter: doesn't it put our troops at risk to have so much opposition to them being here? >> i think there's actually a great desire. otherwise they wouldn't be here. the government and everybody has asked them to be helpful with respect to planning, advising, some training and assisting, but we are not here in combat role. we are not here to fight. the president has no intention, none whatsoever, of returning american combat troops to iraq
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to go back to where we were. that's not in the cards. >> a new polling shows 43% believe the u.s. has a responsibility to assist iraq leaders against these insurgents. 50% say there is no american responsibility to get involved. now, 11 years after the u.s. invasion, more than seven in ten say the war in iraq wasn't worth it. well, there is more fallout this morning over the irs targeting of conservative groups. the agency has agreed to pay $50,000 to the conservative national organization for marriage. over the unauthorized release of a tax return. the nonprofit group says the irs admits to being responsible despite earlier denials. meanwhile, white house press secretary john ernest faced tough questions about the agency's claims that years worth of missing e-mails are nowhere to be found. >> isn't the problem -- the problem here, though, josh is that you have a key figure in this congress -- >> i think you and i might have
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different ideas about what the problem is, right? because i think the problem is that despite all of this, despite all of this, we have seen an unwillingness -- >> right, but doesn't that sound like the dog ate my homework, when you have two years of missing e-mails? on the face of it, it doesn't sound credible. >> i guess if you listen solely to the arguments that are offered up by republicans, you might have reason to question their credibility. i understand why your eye brows are raised when you see republicans on capitol hill suggesting that there are two years of missing e-mails. it's not true. a large chunk of those e-mails have already been provided to republicans in congress. and irs commissioner josh koskinen is facing criticism to donating millions over decades going back to gary hart in '79. he donated $7,000 to president obama's presidential campaigns. there's a potential legal battle brewing between two branches of our government. a spokesman for house speaker john boehner says the ohio
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republican is considering suing over president obama's use of executive orders. the president has used his pen on a variety of issues from immigration to gun control, claiming congress has failed to act. in a statement, boehner writes in part, quote, the president has a clear record of ignoring the american people's elected representatives and exceeding his constitutional authority which has dangerous implications for both our system of government and our economy. the federal government is being ordered to overhaul its controversial no-fly list for airline passengers. a federal judge has ruled that the list is unconstitutional. the judge found that passengers removed from flights had no proper way to challenge the decision. or see the evidence that led to the ban. 13 muslim-americans who deny any links to terrorism filed the lawsuit. four of the plaintiffs are veterans of the u.s. military. former president bill clinton is defending his wife, former secretary of state hillary clinton, from criticism
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over the family's financial status. it stems, of course, from her comments made on her book tour. when the possible 2016 candidate said her family was "dead broke." when they left the white house, that is. she later said she and her husband are unlike other millionaires who are, quote, truly well off. in an nbc exclusive, david gregory asked the former president about the perception of being a little out of touch. >> i think i had the lowest net worth of any american president in the 20th century when i took office. but i still could have been tone deaf. and, you know, now i don't. and we've got a good life, and i'm grateful for it. but i still -- we go to our local grocery store on the weekend. we talk to people in our town. we know what's going on. the real issue is, if you've been fortunate enough to be successful, are you now out of touch and insensitive to the
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agonizing struggles other people are facing? >> you can catch david gregory's full interview with clinton this sunday on "meet the press." turning now to business where wall street will look to rebound today after all three markets closed in the red on tuesday. the dow was hit the hardest, falling nearly 120 points. cnbc's steve sedgwick is live for us this london. is our amazing run coming to an end? >> it's interesting. i looks forensically of all the claims of why we fell. some people saying about iraq, ukraine, about interest rates, about inflation. but it may just well be that we've rallied six out of the last eight sessions. as far as today is concerned, a couple of roadblocks for us, durable goods orders and gdp revisions for the first quarter. companies reporting including general mills, monsanto. we've also got barnes & noble reporting as well. elsewhere, the four decade long ban on exporting oil products, well, it looks like it's being
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chipped away. two companies exporting shale out of texas will be able to sell to foreign buyers. a lot of people pushing to get u.s. gas and oil exports to foreign buyers. that could ease concerns worldwide on oil supplies. >> thanks so much, steve. i appreciate it. i know a lot of people are hoping it's not the end to our big run that we've been on the last two years. still ahead on "way too early," a world cup match you can sink your teeth into it. luis suarez completes the hat trick. social media had a field day with it. and talk about work-related stress. did you see what happened to that white house intern during her first day on the job? yep. there she goes. we'll check on that story. and then the fun part of the show, the weather when "way too early" comes right back.
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♪ i want you to know ♪ i'm starting with the man in the mirror ♪ ♪ i'm asking him to change his ways ♪ >> on this night when we were preparing a remembrance of farrah fawcett, suddenly word arrived from southern california that jackson had had been rushed to the hospital. there were grave reports about his condition, and now this. confirmation tonight that he has died. ♪
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let's see it in slow motion. you can see suarez move his head towards the player who responds -- first he clutches his arm and shoulder and then pulls down his sleeve. you can kind of see a little bit of a bite mark. there was no red card, no yellow card. suarez has served bans twice in the past for biting. fifa has opened disciplinary proceedings where if found guilty, suarez would face a minimum ban of two matches, but he could also face a maximum ban of two years. odds are he probably won't play again in this tournament. before the uruguay's game against colombia on saturday, that's when the decision has to be made by. they only have two or three days to officially ban suarez for that unthinkable act. crazy that happened three times with the same player. didn't learn his lesson. it's no wonder that the betting site called bet safe, they actually had a prop bet where you could bet if he was actually going to bite someone or not during the world cup. the odds were 174-1.
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39 people actually took the bet, and of course they've now won including one person who admitted they just added $3,000 to their bank account because he bit another human being. on to another great match. greece and the ivory coast. the greeks hanging on to a 1-0 lead. look at that passing there. the equalizer. that was just beautiful soccer. or futbol. in the 74th minute, there was a late penalty in this one. sort of questionable on the ivory coast. the match almost over. ivory coast was going to advance. they called the penalty in the box. greece got the free kick, so they advance to the round of 16. also yesterday, it was a scoreless draw between a lifeless england and costa rica that landed the central americans at the top of group d. they'll face greece in the round of 16. who had that one, costa rica versus greece. also, we saw japan, they got dominated by colombia, 4-1. now, today the final matches are in groups f and also there in group e. now to the nba news. we might be gearing up for
2:46 am
another big decision summer. hopefully not a tv show. four-time mvp lebron james will opt out of his final two years of his contract with the heat. not really surprised. he'll become an unrestricted free agent starting july 1st. although he'll be able to consider options with another teams doesn't mean he'll leave miami. the other two heat stars, this will determine what happens. dwyane wade and chris bosh also have the options to become free agents or not. we'll see what they do. and of course if they take max money, we'll probably say bye-bye to lebron, but they could take less. also cities in the mix for possible lebron, a reunion back in cleveland, the clippers, maybe the knicks and phil jackson, how about houston or dallas? a marathon in milwaukee. nats and brewers tied at 2-2 in the top of the 16th. >> zimmerman goes deep to left field. this ball is gone! >> that's a two-run jack. ryan zimmer pan, that gave the nationals the lead. they hang on for the win, 4-2 in
2:47 am
the longest game in nationals history. to toronto for the yankees and bluejays. mark teixeira grounds one up the middle. the hurried throw crosses up toronto first baseman edwin encarnacion who was barrelled by teixeira. that hurts, too. tex is a big guy. encarnacion takes a shot right to the back of the head. he was dazed. he remained on the ground for some time. ooh, you see his neck just go forward on that replay. he did stay in the game, though. but he did likely suffer a concussion. now, when he comes up to bat in the next inning, he loses track of the batting count. he doesn't even realize that he's supposed to go to first. that's four balls. that's a walk. i wonder if he's even going to remember that. toronto does go on to win, 7-6. now let's get a check of your forecast as you head out the door today. an umbrella day for a lot of people. we did see damaging winds yesterday and a tornado there in central indiana. that was some of the worst that
2:48 am
we saw across the country. as far as the bad weather goes this thorni imorning, cleveland to buffalo, a soaking rain. give yourself extra time. it's not yet in the big cities. it's going to be in northern and central new england during the day today. it won't be this evening, even towards the late evening that we'll watch those storms heading to the east. we could see one to two inches of rain. and the airports could see delays in the east. still be warm. a lot more muggy and also in the southeast, watch out for airport delays with storms. florida, atlanta all the way through areas of new orleans. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," of course, the reaction to last night's primary results and more on why mississippi tea party candidate chris mcdaniel refuses to concede. when we come back here, we'll huddle around the water cooler to find out what inspired this somewhat awkward scene on capitol hill. good cause. i'm not sure why they had to cross hands. why not just hold hands? we'll be back in a second. [ woman ] i've got someone who understands my sensitive side.
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i'm learned through football that strong leadership can be the difference between winning and losing. and when it comes to our state's future, trust me. mississippi can win. and win big with thad cochran as our strong voice in washington. >> 1990s, cochran votes for george h.w. bush's "read my lips" tax increase. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> today, cochran votes with
2:52 am
obama to raise the national debt by trillions. thad cochran. five decades in washington is enough. >> who knew that brett favre had had another win in that right arm? it garnered national attention and millions of dollars from outside interest groups. but in the end cochran and the establishment republicans pulled off the two-point victory over the tea party candidate chris mcdaniel. and if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends that $17 million was spent on the race. that's actually a remarkable feat considering mississippi does not have one media market that ranks in the top 50 in the country. in other words, it's cheap to advertise there. of that total, nearly two-thirds came from outside groups. now it's time for the fun part of the show. let's go to louis. what do you have for us today? >> the congressional leaders commemorated the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act by honoring martin luther king and his wife. they were posthumously honored.
2:53 am
it made laws like the civil rights act possible. >> my hope is that this gold medal ceremony today serves to honor dr. king and all who set out to answer what he called the most urgent question, what are you doing for others. >> as dr. king said, the time is always right to do what is right. it is only right that we fulfill the promise of the civil rights act by ensuring every american's right to vote is protected. >> it is fitting and appropriate that on the 50th anniversary of the passing of the civil rights act of 1964, we honor this unbelievable person, dr. martin luther king jr. and his beloved wife, mrs. coretta scott king. they were my friends. my brother and my sister. >> this is the second
2:54 am
congressional gold medal for dr. king and his wife. their first was awarded back in 2004. now, the ceremony was truly touching, but there was a moment that went viral. leaders who spend much of their time fighting, here yesterday hand in hand, swaying side to side and singing in a bipartisan rendition of "we shall overcome." now let's head to the late-nights to "the daily show" where jon stewart and a little fun with the controversy surrounding the irs and those e-mails that were conveniently lost. check it out. >> the irs has historically only preserved backup tapes for six months. >> all right. the government agency whose entire business model relies on forcing americans to live as borderline hoarders only keeps their [ bleep ] for six months? no. that's unacceptable.
2:55 am
you know, you never -- you never get a notice from the irs saying please bring your records down to us if you can find them. i mean, this is like in the epa was dumping its office track in the national zoo's spotted owl exhibit. each irs employee's e-mail box back then only held 150 megabytes of information. also known as five pictures of your family. >> i really dislike those e-mail box limits. now, if we learned anything from yesterday's white house press conference briefing, it's that working at 1600 pennsylvania avenue is not for the faint of heart. notice the woman in the back, she faints in the middle of the new press secretary's remarks. he obviously cut the briefing short as staffers attended to the young woman. on top, fanning the poor intern, and on top of it, it was her first day, bill. >> everyone's reaction's a little slow there, louis.
2:56 am
i mean -- >> i know. >> like the girl next to her is the only one that even budges. look it. move! someone do something! >> yeah, everybody kind of just stands on the back wall, doesn't do much. >> even the press secretary could have done a little bit more. thanks, louis. so much for the water cooler today. next, a look at the stories you'll be talking about in the day ahead. and "morning joe" now just moments, seconds away. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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a check on the day ahead before we toss it over to "morning joe." some critical decisions could come from the supreme court today. among the most high-profile cases is the hobby lobby contraception issue and the president's recess appointment power. today homeland security secretary jay johnson will travel to arizona in response to the influx of unaccompanied children crossing our border. johnson will visit u.s. customs and border patrol facilities in the state. and today marks -- can you believe it -- five years since the death of michael jackson. tonight fans in los angeles will gather for a memorial at the king of pop's star on the walk of fame. we kick the tires, a little rust fell off, guys, but we made
3:00 am
it to our destination. that's it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ we all have a right to be proud of our state tonight. thank you very much. thank you for this wonderful honor and wonderful challenge that lies ahead. >> before this race ends, we have to be absolutely certain that the republican primary was won by republican voters. there is something a bit unusual about a republican primary that's decided by liberal democrats. >> he's not the first person who said that before. you know who else said that? people who worked on eric cantor's campaign. people like him were complaining when it happened to