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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 27, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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help make their case against presidential overreach? and war of words. bill clinton versus dick cheney over some unseamcomments. this is "way too early." good morning, i'm bill karins, and welcome to "way too early," the show that has perfected losing and feeling so good about it. world cup fever has spread across the country despite losing to germany. team usa, the unlikely underdogs are still moving on for the round of 16, we'll have those highlights and more coming up in sports. topping the news, though, the supreme court has unanimously rebuked president obama over the way he has used some recess appointments. the issue stems from appointments he made to the national labor relations board all the way back in 2012. they were made during brief breaks on the legislative session on capitol hill. while the court agreed to curb the presidential power, the
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justices are split over how much to limit the appointments. saying they're okay during breaks of ten days or more. the conservatives argued, it should be ended, calling it a throwback to a different era in the senate when it took lawmakers longer to convene by horseback. mitch mcconnell says it sends a clear message. >> the administration's tendency to abide only by the laws it likes represents a disturbing and dangerous threat. to the rule of law. that's true whether we're talking about recess appointments or obamacare. >> well, according to the "wall street journal," president obama has the fewest recess appointments of modern presidents. george w. bush has the most. well, the supreme court also struck down a massachusetts law restricting where people can stand when protesting abortion. before the court's ruling, a yellow line was drawn around clinics, 35 feet away to prevent demonstrators from bothering
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people going in or out. eleanor mccohen argued it violated first amendment rights and the court in a unanimous decision agreed. the ruling is expected to impact similar laws on the books in places like san francisco, pittsburgh, and portland, maine. president obama's asking for a $500 million to train syrian rebels who are, quote, appropriately vetted. the timing comes as the region's increasingly spinning out of control. sectarian violence is consuming iraq. president obama has been reluctant to arm rebels there even at the peak of their success. when they were overtaking cities and military bases. many of the opposition's gains have been lost as that bloodshed continues. the "new york times" reports top military and state department officials say there are no specific programs to train and arm rebels. and they could not be specific about what groups might be selected or how they'll be vetted. well, there's a new war of words between former president bill clinton and former vice
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president dick cheney. it all started after david gregory's exclusive interview with clinton in which the former president said the current turmoil in iraq wouldn't be happening if the bush administration hadn't gone to war. >> mr. cheney has been incredibly adroit for the last six years or so attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the mess that he made. and i think it's unseemly and i give president bush a lot of credit for trying to stay out of this debate and letting other people work through it. >> well, cheney hit back during an event in montana saying, quote, if there's somebody who knows something about unseemly, it's bill clinton. cheney also added he doesn't usually take advice from clinton saying the former president, quote, doesn't call me often. well, he was known for some
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of the most famous words in american history, what did the president know and when did he know it? he died yesterday at the age of 88. and his passing was announced in the place where he spent nearly 20 years of his life. >> it is with great sadness that i announce the passing of one of the senate's most towering figures, senator howard baker. >> he was someone that could do everything. he was well liked by democrats, republicans. he was a fine man. >> well, a centrist from tennessee, he was known as the conciliator. an approach a hardly recognizable in today's senate. he was both minority and majority leader. he served as ambassador to japan and president reagan's chief of staff. he even tried to run for president twice. howard baker survived by his children and wife. herself, a former senator. well, the battle between
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democrats and republicans over expanding medicaid in virginia apparently led to what some are calling a break-in of the democratic governor's office. on sunday, june 15th, house clerks asked the capitol police for access to deliver the state budget. the governor was not in the building and his administration did not approve entry. the budget contains several amendments which would've prohibited medicaid expansion. staff to the governor say the move was in attempt to limit the amount of time he had to sign the budget. the governor eventually vetoed those amendments before signing the budget. a spokesman for a republican house speaker says he wanted to, quote, complete work on the budget as soon as possible. the capitol police chief says it was the first time he was asked to do something like this but he complied because he was told the budget needed to be there.
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the possibility of legalizing recreational marijuana in oregon is one step closer to being voted on. the group new approach oregon. hello medford, officially submitted the petition to place the issue on november's ballot. it says 145,000 people signed the petition. 87,000 signatures are needed to qualify once they are verified. the group says it picked yesterday's date to submit the petition. that was six months since colorado legalized recreational marijuana. colorado and washington are the only states marijuana is legal without a prescription. now, let's look at business. speculation the fed may be going to raise interest rates soon sent stocks lower yesterday. it's the first time in four days that the dow and s&p both saw losses. how will the markets end the week? >> live in london and, you know, we're worried about the markets. how are they going to react yesterday to usa making the knockout round and england not making it?
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>> well, you know what, i think we just played really bad football, to be honest with you. but i'm very impressed with the usa's performance here. >> that's what i wanted to hear. thank you. >> bill, what have you got there? you've got five germans on the team. >> there we go. >> wasn't it? it was like the germans played the germans. who won? but the good thing is, both the germans and the usa go through to the next knockout round. i'll be rooting for you guys because we are cousins, practically, aren't we? us brits and you americans. >> we're like second cousins. let's get that straight. >> you're my favorite team. let me just tell you about the markets here. we've got a bit of unfinished business. obviously james bullard talking about an earlier interest rate rise. he's a nonvoting member, though. the fed president can't actually vote for that at the fed meeting.
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but what he's said rattled the market and we are flat on the futures for you. we've also got this other story rattling around to do with barclay's in the uk. it's putting pressures on the financials. a better news story, i guess, depending on how you look at this, 80% of the online business done in china goes through ali baba. this is a huge internet giant and they are going to list on the nyse at some point later this year. it'll be bigger than facebook's $15 billion. could value alibaba at $200 billion. very pleased to have the bragging rights over the nasdaq about getting this business. bill, back to you. >> everyone in the media loves good video and we're all huge fans of gopro. how did it do yesterday? >> it did very well, thank you very much. that one did take place on the nasdaq, 22% upside on the day, shares listed at $24. and everybody, i think, was
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ecstatic over at gopro. and the investors who put money into the business abort the shares very much have a clear picture of gains from that stock for the day. back to you. >> jeff, just wanted to let you know you ruined my friday, i had no comeback whatsoever. i have to go all weekend thinking about what i could have and would've said. full world cup highlights as the u.s. advances to the next round. how it happened and explain what comes next. that and a breakdown of the nba draft all ahead. and later, big news for the ladies on "the view" or whoever's left. let's say whoopi goldberg may be talking to herself next season. when "way too early" comes right back.
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usa! usa! usa! usa! >> i have to begin by congratulating our u.s. soccer team team usa for advancing. next round of world cup. we were in the toughest grouping and, you know, we got through. >> the president was searching for -- it was a difficult group we were in. all four teams in group "g," that was our group, the group of death, they were all playing at the same time. team usa, win or tie, we're in, no sweat. well, ended up we did need some help from portugal. early on, the germans dominated the pace. german could have been up 3-0 in the first ten minutes, we barely touched the ball. came up with big saves in the beginning. the germans will hold a 2-1
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possession. that was obvious. the best chance for the u.s. would come in the 22nd minute. the goalie was in the right position, may not have scored anyways. we went to the halftime 0-0, things were looking all right. portugal goes to halftime up 1-0 on ghana. we're looking great at halftime. we're moving on. well, now, let's get to the 55th minute when all of our blood pressures started going up. sharp corner, howard knocks it down, thomas mueller, he's been doing this for decades, it seems. he puts it away. it was a wonderful ball in the back of the net, germany up, 1-0. minutes later, not what we needed, ghana great cross header. they tied the match against portugal. things started to unravel because if ghana had scored again, we were going to go home if we didn't come back in our match. but there was our man. boy was he beautiful on this
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kick, rinaldo puts portugal up, 2-1. what a horrible play by the goalie for ghana. that's all the u.s. team would need. we almost had the equalizer, actually. oh, right there. nice little slide by the defender. an open net. but we go on, lose, 1-0, but we advance thanks to rinaldo, the man that broke our heart a couple days ago with that beautiful cross. here's how the final standings, germany, 2-0, seven points, the united states tied with portugal. but the bottom line is, we barely lost to germany. portugal got smoked by germany, 4-0, and that's why we advance and they do not. this is the first time the u.s. has moved to the knockout round in consecutive world cups. that means the u.s. will play belgium on tuesday. if they can manage to win, if, we would possibly face the winner of the argentina/switzerland match in the quarter finals. but just beating belgium would be a huge victory and an
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improvement over what we did last time, four years ago when we lost at this next stage. let's go to the nba draft last night, cavs making the first pick for the second year in a row. >> the first pick in the 2014 nba draft, the cleveland cavaliers select andrew wiggins from toronto. >> all right. cleveland takes wiggins as the top overall pick followed by jabari parker as the number two pick and he went to milwaukee, which is great for him. the miami hit traded their first round pick and two second round picks to the charlotte hornets, grabbing napier, remember him from connecticut's run? no one happier about it than lebron james who took to twitter after napier was drafted. the heat trying to give james a little bit of incentive to return next season. lebron saying, his favorite player in the draft. but there was one particular moment that overshined everything in last night's draft
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and actually, adam silver, you get praise for this one. >> i want to take a moment to recognize baylor center isaiah austin. you may have heard about isaiah. he is one of the nation's best collegiate players and was expected to be picked tonight before the discovery just a few days ago that he had a genetic disorder called marpans syndrome and no longer able to play competitive basketball. but the other young men here tonight, isaiah committed himself through endless hard work and dedication to a potential career as a professional basketball player, and we wanted to make sure he fulfilled at least this part of his dream. so it gives me great pleasure to say that with the next pick in the 2014 nba draft, the nba
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selects isaiah austin from baylor university. >> what a great move. and the commissioner went as far to say after he gets his degree from baylor, he'd like to hire him in the front office, too. 7 foot tall, longest wingspan in the entire draft. would've had a pretty good nba career. well, the nfl might be paying out more money to former players with concussion-related claims. the league agreed to remove a $675 million cap on claims after a federal judge questioned whether the money would be enough to cover as many as 20,000 players. a revised settlement preventing them from going and suing the other amateur leagues. how about this guy? tiger woods back in a return from golf. he had the back surgery. he was at the quicken loans national yesterday. safe to say he was a little rusty. his first tournament back. you have to give him a little bit of slack. a lot of bogeys early.
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he ended up with a 3 over 74. but the big thing is that woods said he felt great. >> i mean, i made so many little mistakes. so i played a lot better than the score indicates, which is good. back's great. yeah. no issues at all. no twinges, no nothing. felt fantastic. one of the reasons why i let it go on those tee shots. i hit it pretty hard out there. >> love him or hate him, golf's better with him. let's look at your forecast out there today. and into the weekend, your last june weekend, we had a couple of weeks here bad weather. this was a weak tornado that went through galveston, texas, yesterday. it did do damage to buildings there. it wasn't widespread, no injuries and no deaths reported there in galveston county, texas. the rain won't let up. this will be the story of the weekend. up in the northern plains, nebraska, kansas, iowa, southern
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minnesota and dakotas. we still have major flooding. showed you the pictures all week long on the mississippi and missouri. the rivers just take so long to crest in this area and rains so hard for so many days. and now we want the rivers to start to lower so we can return life to normal and do the cleanup. the problem is it's going to rain hard for four or five days in a row. already raining this morning from southern minnesota through iowa and a lot of rain over there in nebraska. these were all the head waters for the missouri and the mississippi. and over the weekend, we could see as much as 2 to 3 inches of additional rainfall. the weekend forecast, and by the way, how spoiled have we been in new england and the areas of mid-atlantic including d.c. to new york city, this will be our sixth weekend in a row of dry, nice weather. what a stretch we've been in. the midwest, we talked about your misery. southeast, typical storms this weekend. as we go into saturday, we warm things up a little bit. and watch what happens on sunday, we'll have a very hot start to july next week, hot air
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going across the country. it starts on sunday in denver, you're expecting 98 degrees in denver on sunday. and as i mentioned, starts to warm up across the entire country. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," more on the loss that was really a win. u.s. goalie tim howard live from sao palo. way too early will be right back. [ male announcer ] we're the names you know in the places you want to be. where you can explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. save up to 25% and earn bonus points when you book at
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earlier, we talked about the u.s. moving on to the round of 16 in the world cup despite a loss to germany. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends the best u.s. finish at the world cup was third place back in 1930. the last time our nation made it past the round of 16 was in 2002. we've actually done all right lately when the americans finished in the top 8. that year, who did we lose to? darn germans again, our nemesis. all right, lewis, what happened last night? >> actor shia labeouf is in trouble again, arrested at a broadway theater last night. new york city police say the "transformers" star was allegedly disruptive during a performance of cabaret. he was in the audience and led out by police during
2:55 am
intermission. this isn't the first time the actor has made headlines for attention-grabbing behavior. back in january, he reportedly head-butted a man at a london bar. and how could we forget this one? where the star put a paper bag over his head on the red carpet and it read, "i'm not famous anymore." weird behavior coming from him now. let's go to luis suarez, headed home after that biting incident. fifa hands suarez the stiffest penalty ever at the world cup. the record nine-match ban. also banned from any soccer-related activity for four months and fined more than $100,000. since the incident, fans have been flocking to this toothy poster of suarez, which has become a popular place for selfies along the beach. and just seems too fitting there. big changes are coming for one of television's most popular daytime show, bill, sheri
2:56 am
shepard and jeannie mccarthy are saying good-bye to "the view." some reports say the women were fired. abc released a statement saying "the view" will be moving on to evolve the show creatively. now, what this means for "the view," there are three seats to fill since barbara walters retired just three months ago. >> what's thomas going to do? jeannie's his buddy. they're bffs. >> let's just hope we don't lose thomas. >> maybe jeannie would come here. jeannie standing here. >> that would not be a bad thing. i would not be opposed to it. >> thanks, lewis. >> that's it for "way too early" and now "morning joe" and all your soccer coming right up. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses
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but we dug down deep and lost our game. . . but, but, but we also had portugal win in a different game by not by a lot. we are number ! we're number two! we're number two! >> all right. that is one way of looking at it. good morning, everyone! it is friday, june 27th. >> happy, happy friday! >> last friday in june! >> can you believe it? >> no. >> i cannot believe we are halfway through the year! >> we are in summer. we are in summer. is that it? >> it's one of those days, i don't know why, but i always look, you know, wake up and it's june 30th and i panic. half the year is gone! there's so much to do! >> paraphrase ray donovan. where do i go to get my june back? >> we already had the longest