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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  June 27, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> media analysis we can't get anywhere else. >> for good reason. >> thank you for your time on "the ed show." i appreciate it. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. kwo kwoez. "politics nation" starts now. >> thanks for tuning in. president obama takes down the big political stunt by the gop today. for the first time, the president hit back against speaker john boehnerer's outrageous man to sue him for executive actions. >> we take these actions and now republicans are mad at me for taking action. they are not doing anything. then they're mad that i'm doing something. i'm not sure which of of the things i have done they find most offensive. but they have decided to sue me for doing my job. i might have said in the heat of the moment during one of the
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debates i want to raise the minimum wage, so sue me when i do. i didn't think they were going to take it literally. we can't afford to wait for congress now. that's why i'm going ahead and moving ahead without them wherever i can. >> the p president is calling out republicans for trying to block him on everything. he's challenging them to take action on anything. in a tv interview with abc, the president dismissed boehner's lawsuit as political game playing. >> the suit is a stunt. if you're really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don't you tie getting something done through congress? >> this lawsuit is a joke. and the punch line is it's actually helping democrats by firing up the base, triggering an avalanche of fund-raising.
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one day after a boehner compared president obama to a monarch or king mitch mcconnell attacked the president using similar language. >> the imperial president obama decided he knew more than we did. i think the only thing that will humble barack obama is the american people giving us the republican senate. >> the president needs to be uh humbled? he's acting like a king? this is ugly stuff. but it's become main stream in the gop. coming from the two highest ranking republicans in the country. today, president obama talked about what's really driving this republican dysfunction and extremism. >> i'm not saying these are all bad people. they're not. when i'm sitting there just talking to them about family, we
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get along just fine. many of them will acknowledge when i talk to them. yeah, i know, i wish we could do something more. but they can't be too friendly towards me because they would be run out of town by the tea party. >> the gop stunts have gone on too long. it's time to stand uh up to the tea party and move this country forward. joining me now is ej dion and melissa harris-perry. thanks for being here. >> absolutely. >> good to be with you. >> president obama has jumped on the lawsuit. first of all, what does this reveal about the republicans and their prioritieses today? >>s as you were going through this, i had not heard the mcconnell language about hum abling the president previously. i think my jaw might have hit the table. i don't mean to rev things up. it really sounds as if he called the president uppity.
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>> get in his place. >> right. and he needs to be humbled and the american people should do so. what the american people have done twice is elect and re-elect this president. what it clearly suggests to me is that, again, the republican party is not interested in running on anything they are affirmatively planning to do. they are planning to go into the mid-terms, continuing to run against president obama and with what i think is vile lang "wall street journal." . >> -- vile language. >> when you look at the fact that, i think melissa hit it on the head in terms of his trying to in many ways belittle this president. as i said, put him in his place. but i think that it shows a real dark side that goes beyond politics to how they look at the situation. >> there are several things going on here.
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boehner is trying this because he doesn't want something worse to happen. for him the worst would be impeachment of the president. if the republicans made overt impeachment moves. but the problem is this move itself is already doing more to ignite the democratic base than boehner ever expected, as melissa expected. people are angry about the language and the personal attack. there is an upside you saw in the speech which is this really allows him to look strong and on the offensive. he's using it to stand up to these guys. another quote, if you are mad at me for helping people on my own, join me and we'll do it together. this underscores how little congress is doing.
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>> when we talk about firing up the base, there were protests outside speaker boehner's office who threatened him with a block lawsuit for blocking immigration reform. did the speaker have any idea his lawsuit would just fire up his opponents? >> they must. look, boehner has been in office for a long time. certainly he knew there would be some sort of backlash to this. there are moments when the president is week in the sense of his public opinion polls lagging. what's going on in iraq and the summer doll district managers when people tune out from thinking about the political world. what boehner has done is turn everyone away from what had been a bad news cycle for the president toward a good news cycle. americans recognize that this is a dually elected twice
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president. it is not reasonable to behave as though he's not operating with the will of the american people. >> particularly when he has come with more -- less executive action. including ronald reagan, both bushes and clinton. >> with negative consequences for aen long large number of people. if we think this about being misled into the international war in iraq that's reverberating in american policy. still reverberating for the nation of iraq. that's not kper tif action. it was a presidency that overreached. >> e.j., you have a fox news host accusing the president of committing treason on climate change. >> if you really are al gorish and you want to make that your passion, wait until you get out
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of office. you have crises to attend to. it's almost treason for him to be focused like this. >> this has become casual on the right. accusations of treason. is this lawsuit one of the many big failed attempts to attack the president? >> this is truly outrageous. the only thing more outrageous is how rutinized it's become. dick cheney came close to accusing the president of treason. this goes back to the 50s and a mccarthyite attack. this needs to be brought up again and again. president obama issued fewer executive orders than almost all the presidents of the past
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several decades. it's not like he's doing something exception al. if anything he's been more restrained. the notion that he's an imperial president is absurd. there is something deeply inconsistent. out of one side of the mouth they say he's weak. then he's an imperial president. which is it? what do they really believe? >> let's go to the chase here, melissa. the sub text of the lawsuit is impeachment. a word right-wingers are throwing around a lot on administrative officials. >> yep. >> starting with the president but not only the president. listen to this. >> we can have an impeachment hearing in the house and in my mind the president has committed impeach able phoneses. >> if eric holder refuses to appoint a special prosecutor he should be impeached.
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>> what would happen if we were living in a functional constitutional republic is that articles of impeachment would be drawn up against the secretary of h.h.s. >> we have seen calls for secretary of state john kerry to be impeached. is there anyone in the obama administration they don't want to impeach? who's next? bo the dog. >> i don't want to miss this. this is a president who was elected. americans know what they are getting. they choose to re-elect him and the two powerful things this congress has done is not only discuss impeachment of his official bus they have stood in the way of the president's ability to nominate and confirm members of the executive branch so he can govern. i think this level of resistance
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to ideological disagreement is unprecedented. >> we have to leave it there. thanks for your time tonight. have a great weekend. and be sure to watch melissa harris-perry weekend at 10:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. coming up, former president clinton unloads on dick cheney for bashing president obama. >> mr. cheney has been incredibly adroit for the last six years or so attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the mess that he madeful i think it's unseemly. >> nbc's david gregory had the interview. he joins me ahead. plus, president obama and elizabeth warren slam republicans for aiding a rigged economic system. today, numbers show americans
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are with them. and the mystery deepens in detroit. why did this 12-year-old disappear? why was he found in his dad's basement? why was there blood at the scene? the justice files is ahead. ♪ [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions are feeling the love, too. by offering things like on-the-spot data upgrades -- an idea that reduced overcharge complaints by 98%. no matter how fast your business needs to adapt, if hp big data solutions can keep wireless customers smiling, imagine what they can do for yours. make it matter.
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speaker boehner's stunt lawsuit against president obama has our facebook fans fired up for days. especially now. the president's hitting back. but we want to know what you think is motivating boehner? is he pretending to protect the
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constitution? trying to make president obama look bad? once again appeasing the far right fringe? or not sure, like he said, he's not even sure. the polls are live on our facebook page and on twitter. vote now. we'll are have have your answers later in the show. the lowest price book any flight or hotel and if you find it for less, we'll match it and give you 50 dollars off your next trip
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expedia, find yours ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. americans are divided on a lot of things right now. but they are definitely united on one point. they regret the iraq war. an nbc poll this week showed an overwhelming majority of
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americans, 71%, said the iraq war wasn't worth it. just 22% said it was. despite those numbers we have seen one of the main architects of the war, vice president dick cheney emerge to criticize president obama's handling of the crisis there. even suggesting the president was somehow betraying america. in an exclusive interview on "meet the press," david gregory asked former president bill clinton about cheney's criticism. >> former vice president dick cheney said of president obama in an op-ed that claims that al qaeda is decimated is clearly not true. in fact, al qaeda is on the march. the argument that america is less safe under president obama. do you believe dick cheney is a credible credit quick on these matters? [ laughter ] >> well, i believe if they
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hadn't gone to war in iraq none of this would be happening. [ applause ] >> it wouldn't be happening in syria? >> well, it might be happening in syria. what happened in syria wouldn't have happened in iraq ar. iraq would not have been as drastically altered as it has been. mr. chain has been incredibly adroit for the last six years or so attacking the administration for not doing an adequate job of cleaning up the mess that he made. i think it's unseemly. i give president bush, by the way, a lot of credit for trying to stay out of the debate and letting other people work through it.
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>> that sparked a personal response from the former vice president. cheney said, "if there is somebody who knows something about unseemly, it's bill clinton." joining me now is moderator of "meet the press," david gregory. thanks for being here. >> good evening, rev. >> so, david, some very personal comments back and forth there. what does that tell you about the iraq debate in this country both in terms of how the war began and what we do now? >> well, the debate is not really over. it's never been over. it's very personal. in politics, you know, between clinton and cheney, a president and a vice president it can get to the level of being very personal. because of the nature of the attacks rg right? dick cheney accusing president obama of, in effect, letting america down, making america vulnerable, of turning his back on the fight against al qaeda. that's essentially the argument he's making. bill clinton's got a nuanced history of iraq.
3:20 pm
he identified a nuclear threat as cheney and bush did and said supportive comments about the war at various times and hillary clinton voted to authorize the war saying she would have prosecuted it all differently. this is a more tangled picture. nevertheless you look at the outcomes. you look at the nature of the criticism. it serves both sides politically very well to take these shots at each other. >> you asked president clinton about economic issues like inequality and fairness. here's what he said about raisinging the minimum wage. >> i think it should be raised. i don't think -- i think all consumers should be prepared to pay for it. i think if somebody works full time and they have kids they ought to be able to raise their kids without being in poverty. but it just depends on how high it is whether it's depressing unemployment. >> how important will these
3:21 pm
issue bs in the 2014 mid-term elections and then in 2016 in the presidential? >> my sense is more in 2016. i think the midterm race you have been talking about whether it is a potential lawsuit against the president over executive power. if it's fighting about the affordable care act. there is a lot of those issues i think will dominate. the bigger questions about mobility of workers, whether people have a livable age, income inequality. this is the stuff of 2016 in a bigger way it's why the clintons and their wealth has been an issue. there is populism on the left and the right. the president was speaking as part of a panel at the clinton global initiative america conversation. it was interest aring. i know you have talked about this. the argument to say, look, is there a higher cost for businesses if the minimum wage is raised? yes. that could have an effect on people they hire. but consumers ought to expect to
3:22 pm
pay more in order to support all of this, to support a living wage. we have this kind of mutual responsibility to make sure somebody can be in a job and proapro a vi vied for their family without falling short. whether it's housing which is a huge issue and the price a that goes into that, or child care. it ought to be sustainable of a living wage. this is going to be an increasingly big issue toward the presidential ace. >> you mentioned the talk about mrs. clinton discussing wealth or they were dead broke. i mean, did you ask president clinton about it? what did he say, if you did? >> his point wasn't that people begrudge people were being wealthy but whether they are transparent about it. certainly mitt romney and his wealth combined with corporate experience and attacks against him ended up having the effect
3:23 pm
of him appearing out of touch. i think what you're seeing on the left and on the right are people saying washington is not working for me. i've got real problems. washington is totally unresponsive. can we trust these people to do something in our interest rather than in the interest of oh people
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dick cheney wants more money for the pentagon and less money for the poor. his outrageous comments about food stamps are lighting up our facebook page. and they are in direct contrast to what president obama wants for the country. we'll talk about how it's time for some nation building here at
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while republicans stay busy filing bogus lawsuits and creating scandals, president obamas's fight for issues the american people actually care about is going on. in minnesota today, he talked about leveling the playing field for the middle class. >> i ran for president because i believe this country is at its best when we are all in it together and when everybody has a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and the reason are i believe that is because that's how i came here. that's how i got here. that's how michelle and i were able to succeed. >> in america, no one who works full time should be struggling to make ends meet. then the president went right after republicans. >> sometimes i get a sense they just don't know what folks are
3:32 pm
going through. they keep on offering a theory of the economy that's failed time and again for the middle class. they think we should give tax breaks to those at the top, invest less in things like education, let big banks and credit card companies and po loo -- polluters and insurers do what's best for them regardless of anybody else. we do better when the middle class does better, when workers get a decent salary, when they have decent benefits. >> but the right things we do better demonizing the poor. in a new study pew found 86% of steadfast conservatives say poor people have it ease is y. 61% say if you are poor it's lack of effort. where would they get this despicable idea from? >> we don't want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into
3:33 pm
complacency. >> supplemental, nutrition program, the buy beer program with the government credit card. >> why don't we pay for your clothes? your shoes? your housing? >> a lot of people are lazy and becoming lazier. >> people aren't poor because of lack of effort. we sure see a lack of understanding from the right. joining me now, jared bernstein and angela rod. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> how could anybody think it's easy to be poor? >> it's ironic. they have been calling hillary clinton out of touch all week. it's not just one bad comment. it's a series of bad policy reck are men days agos and ideas from the party. they had a growth and opportunity report last year. the one thing they have failed to address not only in the report but anything happening since that report is opportunity. the reason why people are poor, rev, is for a lack of
3:34 pm
opportunity. there is no rising tide that lifts all boats when you don't have a boat. there is no ability to get ahead when for some folks who live in republican districts, an overwhelming majority of people are voting interest with lifeboat money. they have to find another way to address policies for people that have been under served and are low income. >> president obama also talked today about how republicans are keeping the economic system rigged. >> so far this year in congress republicans have blocked or voted down every single serious idea to strength then the middle class. over and over again they showed they will do anything to keep in place systems that really help folks at the top but don't help -- you.
3:35 pm
they don't seem to mind. their obstruction is keeping a system rigged against families like ben's and rebecca's. >> the american people agree the system is rigged, too. that pew report also found 62% of americans say the economic system unfairly favors powerful interests. jared, how much would the president's agenda -- doing things like raising the minimum wanl and ex tending jobless benefits. how much of it would help level the playing field? >> the congressional budget office reported that his proposal to raise the minimum wage would lift the wages of 24.5 million workers and there would be 500,000 jobs lost. if you go back to his american jobs act i'll bet that's what he was thinking of. congress wouldn't look at it back in 2010. economists from both sides of the aisle looked and said it
3:36 pm
would create a couple million jobs. when you hear people say are from the conservative side of the aisle that president obama is presiding over a terrible economy, the thing you want to hear is that to the extent it's a tough economy it's in no small part because they have blocked every good idea he's had. you think about infrastructure investment. that's something this country needs. it is not a left-right people. business people want to see that as well. that would put hundreds of thousands of people to work. >> you know, dick cheney -- we have been hearing a lot about him recently. listen to what he said last night about food stamps. >> when i was secretary we had basically a two-war strategy. we had to maintain sufficient forces to fight two wars at once. he switched that. now we are going to have a one-war strategy. that's all being done so he can
3:37 pm
allocate money to the food stamps or whatever else he wants to spend on. >> angela, how do you react to that? >> i don't. i don't know what planet these people are on. there are people struggling. going back to the fact that people think folks want government assistance is crazy. people need it. they don't have their hand out. they are trying to get a hand up so they can get a a lot
3:38 pm
of government policies are responsible for people that can't ever break the cycle of poverty. >> no question. >> let's not act as though the. government has to deal with what government has done. >> absolutely. >> there should be no question in anyone's mind, especially looking back over the last five years that what has failed, especially from the perspective of the poor and many in the middle class as the president was saying is not government programs, is not food stamps, is not medicaid, medicare or social security. it was the market economy. okay? we have the deepest recession we have had since the great depression. that wasn't because of government. that was because markets sometimes fail.
3:39 pm
>> right. >> when that happens, you expect and need your safety net to ramp up to provide people with the kind of help they need when the jobs aren't there. it's that simple. >> that government allowed deregulation and other things that helped. government allowed banks to deal with foreclosures and had them dealing with mortgages that a lot of middle class people could not pay. government can't act like those things weren't responsible. >> i would argue that what you are diebing is the absence of appropriate governmental oversight. yes, that was very much a problem in those years. >> it was a government decision not to have are the oversight. we had the wrong people in charge of the government. let me let it go there. thank you, jared bernstein and angela are for not telling everyone not only didn't i go to your school, i didn't go the same years you went. angela rye, thank you both for
3:40 pm
your time. >> thank you. >> hanks, rev. >> have are a great weekend. >> coming up, the mystery deepens in detroit. what led to this 12-year-old boy's disappearance? and a georgia toddler left in a car dies. the father was charged with murder. no, no, no. now searches on his computer are raising disturbing questions tonight. the justice files is next. (school bell ringing...) the 2014 chevy equinox comes with great features... usb connectivity, so you can enjoy your favorite music. mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! mom! hi mom. and a multi-flex sliding rear seat, for your passenger's comfort and your own.
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we are back with tonight's justice files. joining me now, criminal defense attorney kim padowitz and former prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst faith jenkins. we start in detroit where are the police chief says he's never seen a case like this before. a missing 12-year-old discovered 11 days after he disappeared, in his dad's basement. today some fast-moving developments. charlie bothuell is out of the hospital and staying with his mom. the boy's step-mother was arrested and appeareded in court today on probation charges unrelated to the case. police revealed they found
3:45 pm
charlie in the basement, crouched down in a two-foot by four-foot storage room behind stacks of plastic boxes and a heavy drum. there was bedding along with food and drinks inside the small space. police believe he came upstairs to eat when the coast was clear. police have said they haven't ruled out the possibility that he was abused. they plan to talk to the 12-year-old again today. one report said the boy may have feared punishment for stopping a strict exercise routine. police are looking very closely at both the father, who learned of his son was found alive on national tv. today the father's lawyer talked about possible charges. >> do you think your client will be charged with child abuse? >> that's what we have been hearing. we expect the charges to come. so we are ready.
3:46 pm
>> why do you expect the charges to come? >> they have been floating it out there all along. they have been threatening it. >> the prosecutor's office has not received a warrant request from police yet. do you think the father will be charged? >> well, it's too early to say. there is information floating back to the defense attorney many this case. he may have information that the rest are of us don't. right now, based on the facts being reported in the media, the police are doing exactly what they should be doing. they are investigating, trying to determine whether or not a crime had been committed. is this just merely a young child who ran away from home and is hiding and using tunnels under the house in order to escape detection, and no crime occurred? or, on the other hand, is in fact adults involved in this. is there child abuse? is this child we being treated properly by his father,
3:47 pm
step-mother, other adults and do they have involvement in his disappearance for so long? police need to find evidence to help determine whether or not a criminal law has been broken in that sate? >> prosecutor faith? >> i agree with what ken said. two things stand out to me. first when the child was found the police went in with a war rabbit. in the prior searches -- >> they went in with a search war ant? >> this time. why did they request a warrant? were the parents no longer cooperating? i'm curious why a warrant was needed. the fourth time, that's when the 12-year-old was found. i don't think he was in the house on the prior searches. they went in, had dogs, searched, the child wasn't found. the second thing is how is it that a 12-year-old is able to evade the police, evade searches, live for 12 days, have food, be barricaded, able to construct this entire scheme by
3:48 pm
himself and alone in the house at 12 years old? i don't see how there wasn't someone else involved, helping him, some adult involved in this situation. >> if there was an adult involved, ken, what would they charge the adult with and what could be the possible motives? i know we are dealing in speculation here. >> totally speculating, the police must be looking at child abuse. you might have aggravated child abuse, child abduction. there may be a number of different charges that the prosecutors and police can be looking at in this this case if the evidence warrants that. clearly when you are dealing with a crime, but especially with a child you want to look carefully to see what's happened to this child, was a law broken, was this child violated and, if so, there should be a swift charge and the justice system should take over. >> his own lawyer said they expected him to be charged. i don't know what the motive would have been.
3:49 pm
we'll see. now to a tragic story out of georgia where are a 22-month-old boy died after being left in a car -- a hot car -- on a 91-degree day. the autopsy concludes are little cooper harris's death was caused by hyperthermia consistent on being left in a hot car for h r hours. police are charging the father with murder and child cruelty. jus are tin harris claims he forgot to drop his son off at day care only to discover the mistake seven hours later. police said the story didn't add up. witnesses said harris was acting strangely when he pulled into a parking lot later that afternoon after ll allegedly realizing his son was dead. >> this guy was running all over, grabbing the trees yelling
3:50 pm
"what have i done". >> and his son was on the ground? >> on the ground. >> he wasn't near his son? >> that was my kid i would have been holding the baby. >> anybody that loses a child will be hysterical. at sol point you can see where it's overboard? you know? it seemed like he was acting. if you ask me, i would say so. >> police say they found an internet search on the father's seized computers that included, "how long does it take for an animal to die in a hot car." so, faith, so tragic, this one. was this an accident or foul play? >> this case is so disturbing. there have been cases, rev, where parents forgot and left their kids in the cars and the kids have died because of heat. the police said at the beginning of this case they didn't believe it was an accident. they believed the father knew the child was in the car. with this computer search, this
3:51 pm
is strong circumstantial evidence that he did know. i don't believe this is a coincidence. i think it's strong are circumstantial evidence and goes to intent. his intent to commit this crime, to leave the child in the car and it wasn't an accident. >> ken -- >> faith is correct. there is a lot of evidence coming out now. the internet search looking to see how long it takes for an animal to die in a hot car. the fact he's giving inconsistent stories to the police. the fact he went to his car at lunchtime while his child was in the car seat and left the vehicle. the fact that he didn't even drive leaving work toward the day care center bu but in a different direction. when the child was finally pulled out of the car, the child, according to the news reports, had been dead for a considerable period of time, not choking as this individual said to other witnesses at the scene. there is a lot of evidence building up that looks like this individual should be charged with first-degree murder. >> in terms of the internet
3:52 pm
search and saying about how long does it take for an animal to die in a hot car, how can he prove it was his search and not someone else using the computer? >> that's going to be one of the defenses. in these cases where we know it's his computer and the search was made on his computer. there are only a few arguments. i didn't do it. i didn't make the search on my computer. someone else must have done it. my computer was lost, stolen, one of those things. at the end of the day if this case goes before a jury, what are the chances that search was made. the next question the police will want to find out is when the search was made. the day the child was left in the car and died? the week of? that makes it more compelling. >> it's a terrible story. terrible. ken padowitz and faith jenkins, thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, what's really
3:53 pm
behind speaker boehner's stunt lawsuit against president obama. first, what is president obama's favorite tv show of all time, other than "politics nation" of course. that's next. this is the first power plant in the country to combine solar and natural gas at the same location. during the day, we generate as much electricity as we can using solar. at night and when it's cloudy, we use more natural gas. this ensures we can produce clean electricity whenever our customers need it. ♪
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that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. presidents, they are just like us. they even have favorite tv shows. yesterday, president obama was asked about his.
3:55 pm
>> i said i would ask you what your favorite television show was. >> of all time or now? >> of all time. >> of all time? that's a pretty good question. i think -- i think one of my favorite shows of all time -- do you know what pops into my head? but i'm older than you. you wouldn't remember. >> maybe. >> was a show called "mash." >> president obama has also said he's a big fan of "the wire." with the kids he likes to watch "parks and recreation" and "modern family." that's a nice list, mr. president. didn't you forget one show? i think you did. oh, yeah. there it is. president obama watching "politics nation." or watching a great job by our photoshopping team.
3:56 pm
are the largest targets in the world, for every hacker, crook and nuisance in the world. but systems policed by hp's cyber security team are constantly monitored for threats. outside and in. that's why hp reports and helps neutralize more intrusions than anyone... in the world. if hp security solutions can help keep the world's largest organizations safe, they can keep yours safe, too. make it matter. there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water and castles were houses
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dragons lurked giants stood tall and the good queen showed the boy it could all be real avo: whatever you can imagine, all in one place expedia, find yours this week we have seen one republican after another shrug off the need to restore the
3:58 pm
voting rights act which was gutted by the supreme court last summer. alabama senator jeff sessions said, "the justification no longer exists." virginia congressman bob goodlatte says there is debate about whether it should be addressed at all. and senator chuck grassley said he's worried that a restored voting rights act wouldn't protect what he called legitimate voter i.d. laws. these republican lawmakers are ignoring the voter suppression that's happening right now. 50 years ago freedom summer volunteers were beaten and murdered as they registered blackses in mississippi. we have come too far and sacrificed too much to let lawmakers stand by and watch the voting rights act fall apart. we are going to keep up the pressure and make our voices heard. now the results from our question of the day. what's motivating speaker
3:59 pm
boehner's stunt lawsuit against president obama? 3% say he's pretending to protect the constitution. 35% say he's trying to make the president look bad. 48% say he's, once again, appeasing the far right fringe. and 14% aren't sure, because he's not even sure. i invite all of "politics nation" to go to our facebook page. our online community continues to grow. we have grown to nearly 300,000 likes. most of it is thanks to our web producer morgan whitaker. we like her and she's headed into a new chapter in her life. i want to thank morgan for her hard work. i invite you to thank her -- where else? our facebook page! yes, a shameless plug. good luck, morgan. we'll miss you very much. thanks for watching. i'm al sharpton. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now.
4:00 pm
fed up. let's play "hardball.." good evening. i'm in for chris matthews. let me start with the opposition to poeb's agenda. it's been loud but not like this. calls for impeachment, show trials and select committee investigations, talk about taking president to court for the kinds of things his predecessor did with impunity. when your peace won't let you do anything, gum up the works and blame the guy in charge. scorched earth is the republican party's agenda. scary as it seems it's working. this week it became clear the president had enough. today on the road in minneapolis he told crowds he didn't care about being politically correct