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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 22, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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adorable results for you on a monday morning. this is "way too early." hey, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. it's monday, september 22nd. welcome to "way too early" the show that respects the art of dance at any age and welcome to "way too early." it looks different doesn't it? this is a space age studio we've been moved to. what do you think? >> i love it. >> she loves it. we're over here, temporary movement. there's some renovations going on in our home. so hopefully i'll not slip and slide on this floor. are you all right? almost a little slip and fall accident off the top of the show. yes we're all about safety first. great to have you here. we hope you had a wonderful weekend. we want to start this morning with what's going on at the white house where the secret service is launching a formal
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review after a pair of security breaches. the "new york times" report officials are considering checkpoints several blocks away to screen visitors and tourists and conduct bag checks. secret service is facing strong criticism after a man jaumpd nine-foot high fence on friday and then entered an unlocked door to the white house. president obama and his family were not home and the guard took the man into custody. the alleged intruder has been identified as 42 year omar gonzalez who was an iraq war vet. family members say gonzalez has been living out of a truck for the last few years, suffers from ptsd. he's expected in court today. then less than 24 hours later another man was arrested for pulling his car into a screening area and refusing to leave. officials say the secret service is trying to determine why attack dogs were not used when it became clear a man jumped the fence or why the front door of
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the white house wasn't locked. peter king is demanding a full investigation calling the security breach inexcusable. >> the fact that they said he wasn't brought down because they didn't think he had a weapon. he could have had a body bomb. he did have a knife. a lot of stirs against the president, a lot of very complex assassination plots. this is the most basic, simple type of procedure and how anyone, especially in these days of isis, we're concerned about terrorist attacks, someone could get into the white house without being stopped is inexcusable. >> in a statement the white house says president obama has full confidence in the men and women of the secret service. now to the very latest on is the controversy surrounding the nfl. according to espn multiple sources say the baltimore ravens engaged in an extensive attempt to doump video of ray rice assaulting his then fiancee in a casino elevator. espn reports hours after the
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incident the team's director of security allegedly spoke to a police officer who described the video in detail and once the video emerged the team owner tried to get him to keep quiet. the ravens say their only details about the video initially came from what ray rice told them. the team says the espn report contains numerous errors and inaccuracies. nbc sports learned a key argument of rice's appeal for his indefinite suspension from the nfl will be that it was based on an edited video taken out of context. in his first press conference since the scandal developed, roger goodell apologized for his handling of the rice case promised new personal conduct policies but he faced widespread criticism for what he did and did not say and the "new york post" called the press conference uninspiring. one column in the "los angeles times" said quote this should be the final straw for roger goodell and "the washington
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post" said goodell was short on specifics including numerous times he was asked about details about the league's efforts to obtain video and what ray rice told nfl officials. >> we have on several occasions according to our security department. we went through it. we asked for it on several occasions over the spring, all the way through june from february through june. i'm confident that our people did that. >> what did he say? >> the one issue with this is this is now a matter of appeal. as you know, the nfl has appealed this. it's a matter that's going to be taken up in appeal. >> you talked about transparency. what did he say? >> i'm telling you right now it's inconsistent with what he told us. i would have loved to seen that tape. should we do more to get that information in the future? that's a question. >> mr. commissioner w-he found out by one phone call. you guys have a whole legal
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department. can you explain that? we found out by one phone call. >> i can't explain how you got the information. >> this week the white house will begin an extension civilian campaign to defeat isis. president obama heads to u.n. for the general assembly and will look to stop the recruitment and funding of extremists. the focus will be to you night the world behind the common threat of isis. >> going forward we won't hesitate to take action against these terrorists in iraq or syria. but this is not america's fight alone. i won't commit our troops to fighting another ground war in iraq or syria. this is america versus isil. this is people of that region versus isil. it's the world versus isil. >> so part of administration's efforts will be determining which countries in the region are willing to play an integral part in the fight. the u.s. military is already training kurdish forces in iraq with new weapons.
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the turkish government is remaining coy on the details of release of hostages. turkey said they did not pay a ransom. however it's still unclear why the hostages were released and now as isis is thriving in that region former secretary of defense leon panetta is speaking out against the administration's previous policy in iraq. >> back when you watched the stars and stripes being lowered for the last time in baghdad, were you confident in that moment that pulling out was the right thing to do? >> no, i wasn't. i really -- i really thought it was important for us to maintain a presence in iraq. >> okay. at 7:30 eastern john kerry will join joe and mika for an interview on this very topic. so we encourage you to stick around for that. officials believe the man
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accused of shooting two pennsylvania state troopers one fatally had planned the attack for months and over the weekend police recovered items believed to have been left by the suspect, 31-year-old erick frein. the manhunt now enters day ten. >> fbi units backed up state police on the hunt for erick frein who has covered 20 miles so far. the suspect leaving a trail of clues, ak-47 style weapon, ammunition, possibly used in the fatal ambush that killed one trooper and wounded another. >> i'm confident that he will be apprehended. >> you said you're pushing him hard. >> i know the kind of sweeps and things we're doing there's no doubt we're pushing him hard. >> reporter: things are tense here in the neighborhood. you see the state troopers back there. the house that the family lives is in just down this road b-25 yards or so and there are more troopers down there.
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police say there have been several possible sightings, one close contact. two day shelter in place order has been lifted a suspected killer is still in hiding. in a community where schools and businesses have been shut for days it's hard to feel safe. >> that was ron allen. three soldiers from the afghanistan national army have gone missing while visiting cape cod for a joint training exercise. two captains and a major were reportedly staying at the air force base but were last seen at a nearby mall. the national guard said there's no danger to the public but nonetheless multiple state and local agencies are on the search. the three men were in cad cod training with soldiers from around the world on tactical strategies. fresh off another record week on wall street as chinese e commerce alibaba made a splash. now the company's ceo says he wants to be bigger than the world's largest retailer walmart. jeff cutmore joins us live from london.
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what are you looking at today and the aspirations of alibaba and how attainable is that? >> reporter: this is an unbelievable story. we got a weak start to the european trading session just to let you know that. but talk about being ambitious. of course jack marr has achieved a lot with alibaba but when cnbc interviewed him he said we're going after walmart. his cfo then said we think we can overtake walmart in terms of sales by 2016. to give you some numbers, $470 billion. that's the size of sales for walmart in the last fiscal year. they are by far and away the world's largest retailer. alibaba has to go some to catch up. the cfo thinks they can get to $490 billion by 2016. when you look at the growth rates, walmart is doing low single digits, alibaba has been
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doing 40 to 50% a year over the last five years. having said that there are still plenty of analysts who think it may have reached the top of its current growth phase. so, wait and watch. it will be fascinating reading whatever happens on this story. i just want to move you on here. this one i think is very interesting. j.d. rockefeller we all know the story of standard oil. this manmade his money in the oil business. now in a very interesting twist here, the fund that still bears his name ron by rockefeller brothers, has said it is going to divest itself of fossil fuel shares. this fund will no longer be focused on the energy sector that made j.d. rockefeller's money. isn't that interesting how things turn out over time. >> really is a big shift. also speaking of big changes, let's talk about what's going on with starbucks because i
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understand they are twoig sooyi some interesting new flavors. talk about that. >> i don't know how you like your coffee but clearly starbucks thinks they can toy with our taste buds. we have the pumpkin spice latte. now they are talking about beer flavored coffee. this is a kind of stout flavored coffee similar to the taste of guinness, apparently. they think this is something that the customers might like to try, maybe those in ireland in particular will like the idea of this, but to me i'm not sure i go into a coffee shop for a pint of the heavy stuff. i don't know about you. >> i don't think so either. it sounds weird off the top. we'll have to leave it up to those that taste it. but we shall see. jeff, thank you, sir. this brings us to our twitter question. based on what jeff filled us in on how does that new coffee drink sound to you.
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would you order or drink a beer flavored latte. tweet us your most creative answers and we'll put up the best ones later. if you had a rough weekend maybe this doesn't sound too good to you. happy monday. hash tag. hair of the dog latte. still ahead on "way too early" it may look like a scene from "grease" but this drag race looks real and scary. this one does have a happy ending. plus, louisiana's senator mary landrieu wants to win your votes. how badly. what will she do for a fellow fan. bill karins is back. yes, in our space age studio. very cool and chilly in here. we're back with much more after this. "hello. you can go ahead and put your bag right here."
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so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. we begin with the steelers and panthers on sunday night football. fourth quarter, two possession game as the steelers punt away on fourth down. carolina return man drops the catch, picks it up. but then gets stripped. steelers jump on the ball in the end zone for a touchdown and that spoils any chances of a carolina come back. pittsburgh wins this 37-19. take to you seattle, broncos -- this was good. super bowl xlviii rematch. 26 yard touchdown pass to tight end. manning reconnects with thomas for two-point conversion. tying the game at 20 and pushing
2:47 am
it to overtime. but the broncos offense wouldn't see the ball in o. t. >> this is what we wanted in the super bowl. >> i know. >> it's all right. >> i know. >> leads the seahawks on the 80 yard drive. seattle wins it, 26-20. my sister-in-law still loves peyton manning. >> peyton manning was great. >> so the victory wasn't all seattle. they had to celebrate yesterday. after the game the quarterback deshawn shed took advantage of the good vibes and proposed to his girlfriend. she said yes. >> she had to. >> she had to? >> too much pressure. >> too much pressure. that's great. congratulations. philadelphia for an nfc east showdown against washington tied game in the fourth quarter, eagles throws what looks like an interception and on the return gets nailed with a cheap shot.
2:48 am
baker and another player are ejected. no other players involved will miss any playing time. the league will handout some fines. in the fourth colts find jeremy for 27. philly wins it 37-34. that was pretty interesting, though, twitter went crazy when the bench is cleared. we take to you cleveland for an afc north match-up. joe flacco finds steve smith with a 32 pass. setting up the field goal. time expires. ravens win this one. 23-21. st. louis rams cowboys dallas was trailing 21-0. third quarter romo finds demonday wide-open for a bomb of the 68 yard score. dallas matches its biggest come back in franchise history 34-31
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win against the rams. finally the giants at home desperately looking for their first win of the season taking on texas, scoreless in the second, so eli manning finds victor cruz taking it in for a 26 yard score and his first salsa dance. there you go. the giants come back to life after that. manning goes for another score. ryan fitzpatrick passes. giants beat the texans 30-17. let's get a check on your weather. karen cairns joins us now. who is back and yankees you need to take more time off and maybe your yankees would have done all right. jeter hates home run while you were aware. >> seven games left. >> look at us we're in this icy cool studio. >> i like it. >> you dabble around. you cheat on me in other studios all the time. >> i have lots of flings
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>> you're the casanova of 30 rock >> over the weekend it felt like fall in many areas. yesterday we were 86 in d.c. a little warm. you felt the humidity in the air. overnight cold front blew through and now it will be much cooler today, lower humidity, temperatures will be nice. even a little sweater or light jacket for some people especially in the great lakes, northern new england. it's interesting all summer long our weather pattern has been relatively cool. all the heat and dry weather has been out west. as soon as we kick into fall a big pattern swing. west will be cooler and very warm it looks like every east of the rockies right through at least the end of september maybe into the beginning of october. again today no real big issues out there for anyone traveling. nice day across much of the country. just some showers and storms. thomas if you like a little bit of warmth coming to you for fall it looks like it will head your way. the leaves are changing. i know you're sitting there in your ac. >> i found the cooling spot in
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the studio because -- hear the wind. >> or you're about to teleport. >> it's a little warmer in this studio and you know me and hot temperatures. >> spritzing. >> we do not agree. anyway joey told me about the nice cooling spot over there. the winds of fall have blown through the studio. coming up on "morning joe" secretary of state john kerry joins mika and joe for a sit down interview. that's 7:30 a.m. right here. when we come back we'll huddle around the watercooler to say who is following in the steps of matthew mcconaughey. "true detective" it's cool to think who will take on this role. much more after this. guys! you're not gonna believe this! watch this. sam always gives you the good news in person, bad news in email. good news -- fedex has flat rate shipping. it's called fedex one rate. and it's affordable.
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time for the man who put lewis in louisiana. >> that's right. we begin with a way to get ahead if you're a senator locked in a tough re-election battle. mary landrieu did some tailgating at her alma mater at l church. check this out. senator helped her fellow lsu fans do a keg stand. we're not sure it will help her win the vote.
2:55 am
it didn't help her team win. that is good form i'm surprised that her staff let her do that. >> good form. she's been there before. >> big news on the hbo front. one name attached to next season of hbo's "true detective." colin farrell says he'll take part in eight episode season. no word on whether the co-stars confirmed. he says the show will be filmed in l.a. and succeed matthew mcconaughey and woody harrellson. season two is expected to be an entirely new story line. i think it's a really interesting format. i can't wait for that one. >> a lot of good things kicked around. two female leads also. >> very interesting. this next video is nothing short of a miracle thomas. take a look at colorado street outlaws event this weekend. this drag race involved a '55 chevy and camaro.
2:56 am
one driver lose control. about four times. look at that. crashing. now somehow he crawls out. >> lucky. >> out of the passenger's side door and he's a little dazed and confused but okay. i mean that's just unbelievable. look at him. that's very lucky. now let's go to one of the cutest and youngest dance teachers i've ever seen. this is a 2-year-old. the toddler is following the dances until you look closer and she's actually the head of the class. ♪
2:57 am
>> not bad. i can take a lesson or two from her. >> she's adorable. i want to get to your responses. twitter this morning we asked you earlier in the show about the beer flavored latte coming to starbucks. we have some of your best responses. do people like this idea? >> they don't seem very enthused by it. aden said no i'll stick to my coffee tasting like coffee. then another one it says it's 5:00 somewhere. it depends. it is in the morning or afternoon. >> i like your inflection. somewhere? thanks so much. that will do it for "way too early." "morning joe" is coming up after this and secretary of state john kerry joining the show. ♪ over 12,000 financial advisors. so, how are things? good, good. nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care.
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if we can't get your things there, too. it's no wonder more people choose delta than any other airline. ♪ monday monday >> i would have loved to seen that tape. should we do more to get that information in the future, that's a question i want. >> we f