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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  September 26, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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msnbc. that's all for now. "the ed show" is coming up next. good evening, americans and welcome to "the ed show" live from detroit lakes, minnesota. let's get to work. ♪ >> we are at the beginning, not the end. we are at the beginning, not end -- >> every american on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war. >> whether we like it or not they have already declared war on us. >> the british parliament had just voted 524-43 to join the air campaign in iraq. >> how long will this war last and when will mission creep start? >> no one is under any illusions that air strikes alone will destroy isil. >> these were streak attacks. >> this is about psych pathic
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terrorists that are trying to kill us. this is not a threat on the far side of the world. >> this chamber is for the most part ominously -- ominously -- dreadfully silent. you can hear a pin drop. listen. you can hear a pin drop. there is no debate. there's no discussion. there's no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. there's nothing. >> voices of the past still play today. why? good to have you with us tonight, thanks for watching. tonight i'm going to start with why john boehner isn't supporting the troops and not doing his job.
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but first breaking news out of the middle east, the united states military continued new air strikes over isis in iraq and syria. on thursday and friday a mix of fighter jets and drones conducted ten new strikes in iraq. five strikes southwest of c kirkuk. one near two other souns. and in syria we took out four tanks and damaged another. chuck hagel gave a press briefing after a busy week of hair strikes, hagel and joint chiefs of staff chairman martin dempsey made clear this week is only the beginning. >> this will not be an easy or brief effort. we are at the beginning, not the end. we are at the beginning, not the end of our effort to degrade and
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destroy isil. >> the campaign against isil will be a persistent and sustained campaign and it will take time. as i said last week, this is not an iraq -- this is an iraq-first strategy but it's not an iraq-only one. our coalition strikes this week demonstrate to isil they have no safe haven in syria. >> if you listen to our military leaders, this is no walk in the park. you listen to our military leaders and their talk ugh about logistics, budgets, they're talking about the giving of all this and we as americans get to sit back and watch our lawmakers go home and get re-elected. this is not important to them. president obama's air campaign against isis has been relentless. oil refineries, isis headquarters, communications centers, barracks, fighting positions and check appointments have been taken out by air strikes. is this enough?
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the united states has been bombing isis for seven straight weeks. you mean we haven't won yet and are just at the beginning? there have been over 200 strikes in iraq and 43 in syria. with this level of military action you would think that congress might think, well, we better dive into this and get involved. but you see, our lawmakers are nowhere to be seen. house speaker john boehner says he thinks that congress should get involved but made clear he's not taking any action until 2015. he doesn't think the lame duck congress should be wasting their time on this. he said doing this with a group of members who are on their way out the door, i don't think that's the right way to handle this. wait a minute, why pass any laws in the lame duck session. let's talk about the post office, you hammered those workers and passed that law. you can do real damage or some real good.
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america is facing a crisis. and boehner's answer is to do absolutely nothing. feel like you're getting your money's worth yet? john boehner needs a civics lesson from across the pond. the british parliament had a heated debate. debate on whether to engage in air strikes against isis. >> left unchecked we will face a terrorist caliphate on the shores of the mediterranean and bordering a nato member with a declared and proven determination to attack our country and our people. this is not the stuff of fantasy. it is happening in front of us. and we need to face up to it. >> two questions, he's now put to himself, how long will this war last and when will mission creep start? >> let me answer that very directly. this is going to be a mission that will take not just months but years. >> isis indeed are made up of
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murderous psy murderous psychopaths. that's not the issue. we know that. the question is will what the government is proposing be effective? iraq and afghanistan, libya, none are success stories. are we going to embark on action that's going to last for years? >> i will come on to why this is different to the decision the house made in 2003 about iraq. but the fact is this is about psychopathic terrorists. they declared a war on us. >> this is the wis is supposed work. they voted to approve air
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strikes against isis only in iraq, not in syria which i find very interesting. boehner needs to take a page out of their play book and get to work. this is supposed to be a crisis. how serious can the threat of isis be if the lawmakers are not willing to address it for at least three months. this is typical for boehner. he has led the least productive congress in american history. they voted to repeal obama care and gut the social safety net for boehner and the republican party to say they support the troops and then put this country in this position right now and to put this commander-in-chief in an untenable position is a joke. it's not leadership. this is anything but supporting our troops. earlier today general martin dempsey. let's get to the money. he said the pentagon will be looking at budget problems. >> so if you're asking me do i
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assess as we go into the fall review for '16 are we going to have budget problems? yes. >> that doesn't get the attention of the republicans either, or maybe it does. maybe this is what they want. republicans need to work on funding the pentagon. when the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says he predicts budget problems, congress needs to get back to washington. republicans are all about power and setting this president up for failure. if things start to unravel in iraq or syria, who owns it? well it's obama. you know, republicans will pin the blame solely on the president if they can get away with it. and they'll watch from the sidelines -- a new resolution, a new law and a new vote because we are looking at a humanitarian
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crisis of a mammoth proportion. 6 million people have been displaced in syria alone. we haven't seen that number since world war ii. what is our moral obligation here? don't you think it's time that republicans finally start doing their job? the job that they were sent to washington to do? get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question, do you think john boehner cares about security of the country? text a for yes, text b for no to 67222. we'll bring you the relates later on in this program. let me bring in john garamendi who is on the house armed services committee. thanks for your time tonight. i want your reaction to boehner saying that we're going to put this off until 2015. the lame duck session of the congress isn't going to get to do balls and strikes on how involved we're going to be in
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this conflict against isis. and i want our audience to consume this. we have been told before on other issues that the republicans won't do something until the next year. and that could take months. you know, 2015, is that the first weekend? the same way they were going to do unemployment benefits which we never got help on. you can't trust the republicans and i think they are hanging the president out to dry on this and this is a big political move. your thoughts on all of this? >> i'm mad. i'm down right mad. it's bad enough that we've not taken this up before the election and now to say not until the next congress that is outrageous. speaker boehner controls the calendar. he controls whether we're in session or out of session. and frankly it's a dereliction of his responsibilities and his duties. he ought to call us back. this is a war. this is a new war. there is very, very thin legal ice upon which the president is
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skating, conducting a war. i frankly think he does not have the legal authority to do any of this. we must -- we must -- we must act. we must carry out our responsibilities under the constitution. the president doesn't declare war. the congress of the united states does. the president doesn't fund wars, the congress funds wars. we must go back before the election. we should be there monday, tuesday of next week. we should be hearing all of this. speaker boehner is dead wrong. and if he continues this he ought to give up his speakership and someone who is willing to lead the according of the united states should have that authority. >> isn't this playing politics with national security? >> absolutely. absolutely it is. we have known for a long while that there is a problem in this area. in july of this year, this isil thing began to get into iraq. at that point i said this is a new war.
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we must take action in congress. in fact, this issue has been with us since 2012 when there was an attempt by the republicans to rewrite the 2001 authorization to use force. i was on that committee. the armed services committee. and about 2:00 in the morning i was reading a 1200 page document and i said wait a minute here, you mean to tell me you want to give the president unlimited authority to wage war anywhere he might think there is a terrorist? no way, no how. eventually that did not get into the law, otherwise it would be the power of the president to wage war any time he thought there was a terrorist, including in the united states. now this is something that we've got to deal with. and you talked about the money. ed, there was $30 billion added to what the president requested in june for the overseas contentionsy account.
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they've got money. they have an additional $30 billion that came along in the continuing resolution. fortunately that is over on december 11th. you can't avoid this. you cannot put this off until the next congress because on december 11th, we are out of money. >> well, that's the point is that we don't know what the situation's going to be like financially on the ground, we really don't -- to this point know their weapons capability or if russia might get involved. we just -- there's so many unknowns here. and it would just seem to me if there is no debate and no clear-cut plan here about what the congressional members want to do in weighing in on this, this isn't the america i grew up in. this -- we don't know where this is going and that's the danger of all of this. >> that's why congress has to weigh in and that's why i believe an authorization to use force must limit this.
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otherwise we're in for the lock term. another decade of war in iraq. no way, no how. we have to hear what's going on. we've got to make a decision about limiting. you talk to -- the united kingdom, england, they debated it and limited it. we must do the same. >> quickly, congressman, your thoughts about that vote by the brits. they're not going to bomb syria. what do you make of 245? >> i think they looked at international law. they looked at the law and said we don't have the authority to bomb another country. apparently because of the -- not apparently but because the iraqi government has requested support there is a legislate legal opportunity to support in iraq. >> so how good is the coalition then? how good is the coalition if partners only go half way and the brits, there's no better ali to the united states than the brits but they're saying we're not going to do anything in
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syria. i mean, to me, i think that's a missing part. this says one of the allies in the coalition is saying you want to take on isis in syria you're going it alone in syria. we all know that geographically this is where their stronghold is. the whole thing is a mess and it is all because boehner will not call the congress back to work. thank you for being us with. let's bring in patrick murphy who was the first veteran of the iraq war to serve in congress. congressman, i will ask you, patrick, is this supporting the troops? your thoughts as a former boot on the ground? >> it isn't. ed, this is the problem. you are putting 1600 american service members in harm's way to risk their lives and the congress doesn't have the backbone to do their job. they were gone all of august on
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vacation. they come back for a couple weeks and are on vacation again. get back there and do your job. what does it say to those soldiers on the ground risking their lives that congress doesn't -- won't do their constitutional responsibility to declare war to give them the authorization to do their job? it's a disgrace. >> all right. patrick, give us an idea. chuck hagel says that the pentagon is in the early stages of arming and training these syrian moderates. how long is it going to take? is it going to take -- with these people get trained in 30 days? in 60 days? what are we looking at here? >> i went to basic training. that's eight weeks and then you have advanced training. we are talk months. we're talking months and some of these fighters have already some military or paramilitary experience.
2:17 pm
but this is not something that will be ore in a couple days, weeks or months. we're talking a long time. and that's the problem is that the congress doesn't even look like they care enough to debate this thing. you know, they had plenty of time in washington. they had 13 hearings on benghazi, 50 briefings. 25,000 pages of documents on benghazi. how many hearings have their had on isis? we are sending men and women into harm's way and they are not doing their job or at least debate this. >> patrick murphy, thank you for being on "the ed show." remember to answer tonight's question. we want to know what you think on this issue. leave a comment on our blog as well. coming up, the attorney for lavar, edward jones, the unarmed black man shot by a state trooper in south carolina. his attorney joins me to discuss the case. but first, eric holder pays a visit to the national black
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time for trenders. social media, join the ed team. you can get my podcast 24/7. ed show social media nation and we are reporting the top trenders. here's what's hot. >> really, derek, could you have written any script better? >> the number three trender, a legend's farewell. >> number two comes through in the clutch again. >> what was going through your mind one last time? >> don't cry. >> derek jeter wins his last home game. >> bottom of the ninth, derek
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jeter at-bat for the last time at yankee stadium. >> everybody is chanting thank you, derek. i'm thinking for what? i'm just trying to do my job. thank you guys. >> a dazzling home field finale to a dazzling career. >> number two trender. >> students are calling for a change in the curriculum. students accuse the board of trying to whitewash u.s. history. >> what is up with these punks? >> they are going to take out things pertaining to civil disobedience. >> we are living in the united states of america. >> history is dirty. history is something to learn from. >> have we come to the point where breaking the law is an admiralable choice. >> students organized to show
2:23 pm
what civil disobedience looks like. >> and the top trender, protect the vote. >> eric holder is speaking at a congressional black caucus foundation event. >> my time at the justice department will draw to a close in the coming months. >> attorney general eric holder says he will do everything in his power to protect the voting rights of americans. >> my commitment to this work will never waiver. >> eric holder visits the congressional black caucus. >> the change to the early voting rules are unconstitutional. we are advancing this fight. >> joining us tonight, ohio state senator nina turner and candidate for secretary of state in ohio. good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you. >> your thoughts on just what he said about ohio and some of the things that have been cast on your race on your -- meaning
2:24 pm
your election in this election cycle in ohio. how the changes are. eric holder, i mean, this is a man who has been attorney general during the age of suppression. and i think the heart beat and the pulse of all that activity has been in your state. tell us what the atmosphere is like 40 some days out. >> that is so true, and i do want to thank attorney general eric holder for being such a champion. he will be missed. the environment is one of confusion. you have the current secretary of state and the g.o.p. republicans who control both the house and the senate who have appealed. they are continuing to appeal a judge's decision to restore voting opportunities for the voters in the great state of ohio. and early voting is supposed -- is scheduled to start because of a judge on september 30th and they will not quit. a federal judge restored golden
2:25 pm
week and restored voting hours taken away from the secretary of state. they appealed that decision. the sixth circuit court affirmed the lower court's ruling and they are continuing to go. it's deplorable. >> the effort that the republicans are putting into suppressing the vote what does that signal to you? basic question but i want to hear your answer. what does it signal? >> if they cannot find a way to win elections legislatetimately will do everything they can to suppress the vote. it is un-american what is happening in the state of ohio. voting is fundamental to this democracy of ours and they are taking us back in time. this is not political
2:26 pm
affiliation but doing what is right and it is right to make sure that folks have access to the ballot box. and what they are doing is violating the 14th amendment of the constitution and section two of the voting rights act and they will not stop. this is happening all over the country. and we need to check ourselves and reaffirm we are a country that believes every eligible voter should have access to the ballot box and you should not have republicans -- this is coming at the hands of republicans -- trying to steal people's opportunity to exercise their most fundamental right, the right that people died for and fought for, they are trampling upon that, ed. >> well, it's pretty clear that the vetting process by the democrats and the administration for the next attorney general is pretty clear. i mean they're going to have to dive into voting rights and into
2:27 pm
voter suppression. that is the backbone of the country right now. and do you think that voters in ohio are motivated? are they aware? are they motivated? and are they willing to defeat this? >> they are, ed. i was just with the uaw, they are motivated. they understand there is a correlation between the ballot box and the bread box. if they want better schools they have to vote. if women want to be able to control their bodies and make dollar for dollar as a man we have to vote. they are fired up and they are ready to go, ed. the ohio democratic party alone are making sure that voters understand who stands up for their fundamental right to vote. we cannot sit on the sidelines, ed. this democracy cannot tolerate what is happening in the state of ohio. we will keep pushing to
2:28 pm
enfranchise the voters of this state. >> nina turner, keep up the fight, my friend. >> thank you, ed. >> the latest on the shooting of lavar edward jones. an unarmed black man shot by a trooper in south carolina. jones' attorney joins me for the conversation in a moment. talking about benghazi never gets old to conservative trolls. the actor once known as hercules lands in pretenders. but next i'm taking your questions, ask ed live. stay with us. hey there, i just got my bill, and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises.
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court? absolutely. it can happen. you have to win a lot of elections and get a liberal in the white house and get him confirmed. yeah, it can happen. there's no doubt about it, it can happen. i have confidence but maybe not in my lifetime. the next question is from tom. this is interesting, someone is trying to get me in trouble here. how about inviting sarah palin to go fishing? you know there's a lot of things in life you can't control. and i can control who i fish with and who i ask to go fishing with and that invitation is never going out. think of the money to be made in the ed and sarah fishing show. i would watch that. i'm jane wells. stock markets rebound from thursday's steep losses. the dow jumps 167 points. a story that shocked many today.
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can i see your license, please? get out of the car! get out of the car! gunshots get on the ground! get on the ground. >> i just got my license. you said get my license. i got my license. right here. >> put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back.
2:37 pm
put your hands behind your back. >> what did i do, sir? >> are you hit? >> i think so. i can't feel my leg. i don't know what happened. >> i need a 1050. >> why did you shoot me? >> you dove head first into your -- >> i didn't hear -- >> welcome back to "the ed show." believe it or not, folks on that videotape, that officer was the 2007 south carolina trooper of the year. highway patrol trooper was caught shooting the man in the hip. now all of this over an alleged seat belt violation. the trooper was fired on september 19th and charged with felony assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.
2:38 pm
it says that he lawfully shoot lavar jones. he was freed on $75,000 bond awaiting a trial date. joining me tonight, south carolina state representative to todd rutherford. what was your reaction when you saw that videotape? >> we were in bond court the first time. and there was a connectional officer standing in front of me. and he jumped. i couldn't believe it. but the shock and awe continued when they read the trooper's statement which talked about houla very jones approached the car in an aggressive manner and stood aggressively and reached into his car as if he was retrieving something from the car none of which was true. that was the most disturbing part.
2:39 pm
>> has your client seen the videotape over and over again? >> you know, he watched it the first time and it shook him up so much he tried not to watch it again. i don't think that he has. a number of people want to know how he is still alive. he took literally four or five shots at close range. but for the fact that the trooper was an awful shot he may not be here today. >> well, the trooper is claiming that your client reached into the car in an aggressive manner. what's your response to that? >> that is the beauty of a videotape. but for that videotape, all they would have had is the trooper's statement saying he was doing aggressive movements and threatening the officer. millions of people have viewed the tape and they can see that he did nothing but comply with the trooper's commands. the trooper said where is your i.d.? he realized it was not in his pocket and reached in the car to
2:40 pm
get it. the viewers will know he apologized to the trooper and said what did i do? why did this happen? i was trying to do what you told me to. even after he was shot he put his hands behind his back. he was handcuffed. prior to that point the trooper said get out of the car. he moved out of the car, raised his hands and got shot at. he did everything he could to comply and the trooper shot at him anyway. >> it looks like your client moved so quickly -- you know, anxious to do the right thing, had his hands up, moved so quickly that it startled the police officer. is that a defense in a court of law in your opinion? >> being startled is not a defense to shooting someone. what your viewers may not know, you don't sele lavar jones pull
2:41 pm
into the gas station. the trooper saw jones and spun to his right so when he pulled up his vehicle he was right at jones' feet looking in his door way. jones looks at him and says i don't have in the my back pocket. he turns and reaches in the car. had the trooper wanted him too he could have said step away from the vehicle. had the trooper said don't move to your vehicle he would have done so. he only tried to comply and moving quickly is not a defense. >> does he feel like he is lucky to be alive? shot at four times, hit once at close range? >> you know, listen, god was with him that day. he is a christian man and praying man. god was on his side. and we're grateful for that. any time somebody in this case who was simply driving while black and gets pulled over in a parking lot for not having a
2:42 pm
seat belt on gets shot at and hit in his hip, god is with him to make sure he is here today. >> the question begs a at this point, do you think your client was treated differently because he is african-american. >> he suffered with driving while black. in the process of taking off his seat belt he is ordered by a trooper to do something, he complies and in complying he gets shot. had he been another race or color this would not have happened. >> some are speculating that the officer has ptsd, post-traumatic stress disorder from a previous shooting. if true, should he have had a gun? and is that a defense for him at this point? should he be on the street at this case?
2:43 pm
>> in south carolina our laws are so strict he would not be able to mount an insanity defense. if he suffered from ptsd he should not be given a gun. there are several things he should have done and his training would have taught him to do if jones startled him. he did nothing but open fire. >> are you comfortable with the action that the police force took, firing this former trooper of the year in 2007 in south carolina? >> you know, thus far in looking in retrospect, they have done everything expected of them and did more than anyone did in ferguson. they released the tape and fired the trooper and had him arrested. they have done anything could have expected of him. >> do you think a conviction is coming? >> i don't know. it's one of those things where unfortunately, driving while black carries with it a stigma that juries let officers go for
2:44 pm
doing so. people shooting young black men and getting away with it especially law enforcement officers. we hope that is not the case in this instance. >> south carolina state representative and attorney for lavar jones, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, ed. >> coming up, conservative favorites will head to washington, d.c. this weekend to discuss their so-called values. barry lynn and john fugelsang going me next.
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liberty mutual insurance. in pretenders, kevin sorbo is connecting the nfl's lack of transparentsy during ongoing
2:49 pm
abuse scandals to benghazi. it spreads to another couch. tv's hercules sat down on a fox sofa for another round of benghazi blame. >> there is no accountability in the white house with benghazi, how can we have accountability with a professional football team. all i knew is that he beat her up and they kicked him off the team for a couple games. and they saw a tape and now they kick him off the team. >> benghazi was not a scandal. is it an exploiting tragedy. if he thinks connecting abuse scandals to fairy tales is a winning play, he can keep on pretending. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter.
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and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "the ed show." this is the story for the folks who take a shower after work. this crew needs one, believe me. republicans are back in washington, d.c. this weekend to tout their so-called values. the values voter summit, an annual shin dig, meeting of conservatives kicked off today. the event opened with comments from a few gop presidential hopefuls. >> there are people who washington who say, republicans to win, have to abandon values. >> no way! >> you're exactly right. look, our values are who we are. our values are why we're here.
2:54 pm
>> in country after country, mobs burn the american flag and chant "death to america." congress's response, congress responds by sending more of your money to these haters of christianity. i say not one penny more to any nation that is burning our flag. >> it wasn't only congressional leaders who took the stage today, short-term alaska governor sarah palin was also there to turn on the microphone. >> when we talk about these national security issues, our honored military, on behalf of all americans who do support you, and we honor you, we respect you, on behalf of all americans who feel like i do, to your commander in chief, well, we then will salute him.
2:55 pm
there will be no shortage of special conservative guests the duger family, "duck dynasty," and glenn beck can't help but get on the stage. he's expected to speak this weekend. hey, glen, maybe you'll run, save us all. gentlemen, isn't this truly the holier than thou crowd, that we're the americans that are going to save america, we're the guiding light and everybody else is screwed up. >> oh, absolutely. this is the ninth value voters summit and it's like the ninth groundhog day. they talk about the same things, they never have any new ideas. this year they're going back even deeper, talking about birth control, they're against it. talking about abortion.
2:56 pm
they're against it. and even bringing up the prospect of bringing prayer back to public schools, an issue they had almost all abandoned. so this was really an ultra conservative values voter conference, one where they keep yammering about taking our country back. and honestly most of these people would like to take it back to about the 17th century. that's what this is about. >> john, doesn't this do the democrats progressives in this country, a real favor? we can't highlight this enough, can we? >> and we need to show governor palin on tv as often as possible. i would love to see her be the face of the republican party. but, this is interesting. they've got to come and have to try to suck up to the faircies and the christians, because their real goal is sucking up to the money lenders, the coke brothers. who's going to iowa, dog? they're coming here and you
2:57 pm
can't sell these people on an agenda of cutting taxes for the rich. that's what they want them to vote for. so what you have to do is appeal to followers of christ, or people who claim to follow kriflt, by demonizing gay rights, abortion, and birth control, three things christ never actually mentioned. >> go ahead, reverend. >> it's also important to realize, even though it's craze toe watch people in revolutionary war uniforms carrying their sarah palin books around, but they're dead serious about one thing. they believe there are tens of millions of conservative christians who sat out the last election and they are bound and determined that in the remaining time, 38 days before the election, they are going to bring these people out. they're going to orginize them, and take over the senate and kick ought harry reid. that's what they said. that's the bottom line of all this. war on women, they like the war,
2:58 pm
anybody thinks it's not real, you should see these characters and what they want to do to escalate it. >> you're right, and these people are going to show up to vote. >> they are. they want the senate. there's no doubt about it. but they have no new ideas. this is a repeat. we could run last year's tape. any time you have someone go back to flag burning, they're totally out of ideas. i mean, i thought rand paul actually was a little bit deeper than that. maybe not. >> he always is. he's the one who keeps me awake. >> when they do talk about political philosophy, john and ed, people go into a coma and then they mention lois lerner or benghazi and everybody wakes up again, like hamsters when you shake the feed bag and they all respond. but they're not interested in politics, political philosophy. they're interested in hot button issues, simple-mind, they just
2:59 pm
make stuff up. >> but wrapped in a false of piety and christianity. jesus saying sell all your belongings and give to the poor is a metta for. if we had a christikrifchristia government -- >> who was the best performer? reverend, who was the best performer there today? >> i think that ted cruz was certainly the best performer, if he was trying out to be a preacher. he was pretty good at quoting scripture. and until he fell when he attempted to get back from the crowd and back on the stage, he was doing all right. that was a little awkward. >> gentlemen, great to have you with us. we'll enjoy all of the highlight tape from the vote values summit this weekend in washington, d.c. we'll look for those ideas on health care along the way too.
3:00 pm
great to have you on. [ laughter ] >> exactly. have a great weekend folks. "politicsnation" with reverend al sharpton starts right now. >> good evening, ed, and thanks to you for tuning in. live tonight from washington, d.c. we start with breaking news tonight on the air strikes against isis in syria. just minutes ago, dramatic new video of isis fighters in iraq. this video shot by nbc's bill neily and his team. traveling with kurdish fighters near kirkuk in iraq. the isis fighters in this video standing just 100 yards away from the camera position. we're also learning more about the executioner in the beheading videos, the cold-blooded murderer, who outraged the world. we know he has a b