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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 3, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports." key races in a dead heat as the gop tries to take back the senate. >> i'm a marine who tries to take the hill. when we take the senate, we have to be bold. we have to be loud. >> if the gop does take control, an up and coming star said his party needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. >> i think you have to show up and you have to say something. there is a huge opportunity for us. >> it's the final push with the big names and the big money trying to get their vote to swing your way. >> we don't need to import a senator. >> we are surging. we have momentum.
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>> get to the polls. that's how we are going to win this race. >> raise all the money we can raise. >> we will be selecting with some kentucky bourbon indeed. >> good monday to you. i'm peter alexander for andrea mitchell. it is crunch time across the country. election day is tomorrow. both parties see a map to a senate majority, but our new poll shows republicans with the edge in kentucky. mitch mcconnell might be more confident in his chances of becoming majority letter opening up a significant lead. there the numbers for you. democrat hopes for michelle nunn are hitting realities.
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dafrd purdue pulled ahead. if neither hits 50% on tuesday and this matters, we will have a january run off. in louisiana, democrats are running into a similar problem. mary landrieu leads her republican challengers, but if senator landrieu doesn't hit that 50% threshold tomorrow night, she will be the underdog in a head to head matchup with bill cassidy. in two other critical states, iowa and kansas that could be the wild cards tomorrow night. we will get to you in a moment. we start with you. i want to start with the latest numbers from iowa. we saw the "des moines register" poll over the weekend and it looks like ernst was in good shape. maybe a reversal of sorts. the quinnipiac poll is a good indication of what's going o. what are you hearing from the
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two sides? >> obviously the campaign is trying to push that quinnipiac poll because it's better for them, but the "des moines register" is usually the gold standard of iowa polling and hence why you saw an absolute unbelievable response from the campaign in terms of glee. trying to minimize the damage and trying to keep expectations to find a way to victory. if you look in the register poll, there were two things that jumped out. braley is losing his district by three points and trails ernst on the question of who cares most about people like me. for a democrat to be behind is problematic. there is a reason why they can win this even though it's fair to say the momentum is on their side. if they are looking to pull this off, they have to run up the numbers where i am in poke
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county and have to get the early vote numbers higher. not all have been returned. people are pointing to the real reason to why they will tip the scale. >> we want to get now to kansas. pat roberts is hoping the brand can carry him to victory. take a listen. >> she is really attractive. i don't care if he is good-looking or as nice as mr. rogers. if she votes like michelle faulkman, she is wrong for the state of iowa. >> we just quickly played that sound byte. he was hard to hear, but calling joanie attractive and nice like mr. rogers or good-looking like taylor swift.
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what are folks saying? >> it's an unforced error that is getting a lot of media attention. probably by tracking operation. what has it done for bruce braley? an unforced error that he is campaigning and tom harkin has to deal with this. instead of being able to focus on the issues in the last attempt to push the message about needing to protect social security and medicare and vote for me, they have to deal with this. it couldn't come at a worst time. they are going to shake it off. >> you are outside. i don't want to you freeze out there. senator roberts a short time ago. take a listen. >> how has it gotten that the race is considered this close given your track record? given this is a largely republican state? >> this is a very unique year, but we are going to win this
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race. we will win because the people understand that a vote for me is about so much more than just me. >> you got the palins and the cruzes. is that enough? >> pat roberts said is shows party unity to have ted palin and representing the tea party win and the establishment of mitt romney and jeb bush and john mccain. if they want to see a republican senate, if they are dissatisfied with him and have complaints about how he conducted himself, they say vote republican. that's the argument for republicans. not an easy place to be for an incumbent. he is making it's bigger than me argument. an independent has views on some issues that are clearly far more on gun rights and expanded
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background thek checks or abortion rights, they said even though he is an appealing figure and made this race a race and almost unheard of in kansas. he had a ton of energy in the race and a big question will be how can they turn out the vote. they don't have the apparatus to help them. it may be helpful, but they have been making the phone calls and using resources to find the voter who is are typically presidential year voters and not mid-term voters to get them to show up. this is a race to watch. the political wins of kansas are blowing. it has been that kind of election season. >> it's it's not often you are in topeka, kansas. see you tomorrow and the rest of
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today. it could mean a long night all the way out west to alaska. some may not be determined for weeks. join us now for the daily fix. and casey hunt. we go left to right and make it easy for us. the latest "wall street journal" poll shows among likely voters, on a generic ballot, this is basically a dead heat between demes and republicans. when you go to the specific races, the republicans clearly have the edge. how do you see tomorrow playing out? >> the generic ballot is interesting. typically through the question, democrats have a four or five-point lead. in a neutral year they have a lead. if it's close, that is good news
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for republicans. that makes some level of sense. we may wind up in a few nights looking at the map and saying you know what, there were too many races in states that mitt romney won for a president's party who when that president is unpopular to become. look at the battle grounds. louisiana, north carolina. south dakota, montana, arkansas, alaska. none of these are places where a democrat even in a pretty good year for democrats is going to cruise to a victory. they have two take over chances. it may be as simple as blue vz red for democrats to overcome. >> this is an unfair playing field. the first tight race and we will get a handle on it. likely you spent a lot of time there. a new poll has it even inching
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ahead of scott brown with so many other tough races later in the night. how much concern into democrats have about this one? >> they are more nervous than they expected to be. >> it was supposed to be scott brown who was not supposed to be a senator and a run for her money. because it's early in the night and how bad the night will be for democrats. if we see that jean shaheen is a point or two above scott brown, i think everybody will breathe a sigh of relief. if this is a place where republicans win at the outset and scott brown is ahead of this and it's clear he will come out on top, there is almost no way for democrats to keep the senate if they are losing in new hampshire in the first hours. >> we will crystal ball it with
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you for a second. we may be at this for weeks without a clear winner. if no one in louisiana or georgia reaches that 50% mark as we have been reporting, we will be looking at run offs. they can pull off a surprise win like they did several months ago. it was a different dynamic. democratic voters, their base minority voters and single women. they tend to be the groups that don't turn out. at least not in the numbers democrats need. that's compounded when you talk about a run off election. a run off election in both of those states especially,
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louisiana and georgia, they are going to favor the republican. it's interesting there were polls that showed that mary landrieu led among men and women of bill cassidy. she loses both men and women. that's fatal to her. >> tom brocaw is waiting in the wings. we try not to make him wait. left to right, chris first with you. the message in a sentence or two they will send is what? >> president obama is not someone they love or approve of his agenda. they are the other guy. this is not even if republicans take the senate and win, this is not a mandate for the governance. >> casey, from you? >>. >> the message is washington, get it together. >> jackie? >> 2016 is not predicted by the
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results tomorrow. >> get comfortable in that seat. we will have you back plenty of time. we appreciate it. thank you for your time today. >> ebola nurse kaci hickox and the state reached a truce or a deal. a judge put in place and she will submit to daily health monitoring and tell official fist she starts feeling badly. she will inform officials if she plans to travel. on "meet the press," hickox apologized to neighbors for the fuss that her fight has caused. >> i understand that the community has been through a lot in the past week and that i do apologize to them for that. i will not go into town and crowded public places. i have had a few friends come visit me in my home and that's fantastic. >> under today's deal, the restrictions will last until
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should we? no. bank from almost anywhere with the citi mobile app. to learn more, visit . >> we are back and you are watching "andrea mitchell reports." michelle obama is hitting the trail for anthony brown and what is a tight governor's race in the state of maryland. this comes after president obama and hillary clinton tried to support the lieutenant governor who was hand picked to succeed the democratic governor martin o'malley. recent polls show republican businessman gaining ground attracting the endorsements of power houses including chris christie back in maryland for a fourth time.
9:19 am
so can the democrats maintain their lead? a lot of them join. >> good to be here. thanks for tending part of the each for us. no republican governor won your state since 2002. >> i think what happened is a lot of democrats took this for granted. there was not a lot of excitement or energy. when you polled in maryland voter intensity. more and more recognize that this is a close race. they are getting more excited about coming out to vote. they came from the metros and interest level is up. >> could reports say this race is basically a toss up.
9:20 am
he was at a rally recently in maryland and the first policies for raising the minimum wamg. these are popular things in the state of maryland. it's the fact that maryland has not traditionally been in play. a lot of democrats were falling asleep at the switch. the only people that can beat democrats in maryland, the democratic candidates are democrat who is stay home. that's why you see the effort to get them out. >> let's talk more broadly specifically. does there need to be a change in leadership and the democratic party right now? debbie wassermann schultz said she will stick around until 2016, but does something need to change at the top? >> we head into the next cycle and be crystal clear about our middle class agenda. that has been drowned out for a variety of reasons. there has been so much focus on things like ebola and isis.
9:21 am
much harder to breakthrough on a message that resonates with the public. we need to do a better job. >> according to our polling, it's the economy again, stupid. they say it's not ebola and isis and russia and ukraine. >> it is the economy and we need to push forward on pushing the minimum wage. even though more people are bag to work, you have wage stagnation at lower income and middle income levels. >> harry reid and nancy pelosi the right ones to do the work some. >> i don't think there is a need to replace them. they have done a great job. there more democrats up and they happen to be up in mostly seats that the president did not win even when he was very popular. >> you said the president is popular in maryland and approval rate is roughly 42%.
9:22 am
is this reflecting on him nationwide? >> what you have seen is a cynical strategy that is working in hapart. republicans blocked the minimum wage and denied a vote on comprehension reform. denied a vote for equal pay and equal work. the president is being blamed for things having not gotten done. >> why should we have faith that anything gets done in the next two years? >> i'm an optimist accident, but looking ahead, it is going to require the republican who is want to work with the president. they saw on "the washington post," senator cruz wants to continue his scorched earth political strategy. if that's the case, it will be a rough two years. we need people who come to congress to advance the common good.
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ground races. how big are the stakes for the party? some insiders including presidential candidate rand paul believe election night could be a make or break moment for the gop brand. in michigan, senator paul said this. the republican party brand sucks, to use his words, and people don't want to be republican. african-americans have had nothing to do with the republicans. why? because of a perception. the problem is the perception that no one in the republican party cares. those were the words of senator rand paul. this is what he said when asked about it by chuck todd yesterday on "meet the press." >> you are admitting you have a brand problem. how do you fix the brand problem before 2016 if that's the case? >> i think you have to show up and you have to say something. i spent the last year showing up. not everyone said they are ready to be a republican. many people say they are glad i'm there and want us to compete for their vote.
9:28 am
>> will they be able to reenergize washington? among the questions we are asking, we want to get to the key guest who will help us get through the gridlock. he is the former mississippi governor and the chair of the republican governor's association. haley barber joining me now. you have been on the campaign trail and sumping for your party. i assume you think the republicans are going to pull it out tomorrow night. we will leave it at that. what is your advice then to republicans thou govern going forward? >> the crucial thing is you get things done. one of the things about this administration is they don't get things done. the senate has not voted on a budget bill this year. they not only haven't passed a budget, but not voted on a single appropriation. what's better tacking and spending and having a budget? the republicans have to do that if we win control of the senate.
9:29 am
we have to follow an agenda of economic growth, job creation, higher incomes for americans and to put those bills on the president's desk. >> you talk about why the administration is unpopular. look at this figure from the "wall street journal" poll. it said in terms of the republican brand, the image is 29%. just 29% of americans view the republican party positively. they may be upset with the administration, but they are not satisfied with your party either. >> it's interesting that the number would be 29. 29 of 50 governors are republicans. the majority have republican majority. the republicans have the most elected republican members of the house, the u.s. house of representatives since 1954. >> americans want both sides out. >> that is the point when people talk about the polling of congressional popularity, the republicans said they don't like congress because of the
9:30 am
democrats and the democrats don't like it because of republicans. they need a positive agenda for economic growth and higher incomes and they will do that in terms of trade and tax reform and transportation infrastructure and energy policy. >> governor barber, i want your sense of ted cruz who will not work with president obama and he will not pledge support for mitch mcconnell either. is that what american constituents are looking for from leadership? if you were staring at ted cruz, what would you say about this effort? >> there will be 50 or more republican senators in the senate after this election, i believe. they won't all agree on everything. i work for ronald reagan and i ran the house for ronald reagan. he worked with them because
9:31 am
there was a huge majority every day of his eight years. that's what the american people are looking for. somebody that gets things done. somebody that brings the other side over together. the majority of republicans, the vast majority of republicans will be in favor of that. >> who is best suited to broaden your base? what candidate can do that? >> we can have a very large field. unlike 2012, this will be a field with a lot of people who have records of accomplishment. a number of governors may run. >> does it need to be a governor? >> i'm sorry? >> governors have made get presidents on both parties. two examples on the other side. ronald reagan and george bush on our is tside. 2016 we will worry about after tomorrow. the most important is the election tomorrow. to increase the majority in the
9:32 am
house and win a majority and keep the majority of governors. that's a big agenda and we will focus on that. >> as important as tomorrow is, the most important date in your home state of mississippi is coming up thanksgiving weekend. we have the egg bowl. mississippi and mississippi state. we want your prediction right here. >> very unusual in my small state for our two-state university ranked in the top three. it will be a hard-fought game. it's very hard in my conference. the sec to go undefeated. mississippi state succeeded in doing that because they have a good team. ole miss lot of two games by a total of seven points. it will be a barn burner. >> we will see what happens before that time. always nice to visit. appreciate your time. the city of boston paused to remember long time le loved mayor tom menino.
9:33 am
bill clinton was there as well. people were lined up at places the former mayor loved as the procession moved past. he was diagnosed with cancer in february and died thursday. tom menino was 71. [ female announcer ] we help make secure financial tomorrows a reality for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. with no artificial ingredients. del monte. bursting with life. >> republicans and democrats are deadlocked in ten senate races headed into tomorrow's elections. thing is clear. voters are fed up with washington and the dysfunction in government. is there any hope of that changing depending on which way the senate swings? here with perspective is tom brocaw who is joining me from new york. always nice to see you. thanks for your time. >> glad to be here. >> give us a sense. voters are angry and disappointed and frustrated. walk us through what americans are thinking right now. >> they are thinking they like to have washington get something done. the question is not just which
9:37 am
party can get it done, but how can they change the tone in washington so they can work together? i was listening to haley barber a moment ago and no one is shrewder than haley. they were talking about the agenda for the republicans if they gain control of the senate. the question then is what are they prepared to give to the democrats to meet them at middle ground. what about immigration and the minimum wage? things have not been done because both staked out positions at either end and refused to meet in the middle. that's the question that the country is really fed up with. as you go around america, the city council in seattle and los angeles and atlanta are getting things done because they work together. it doesn't happen in washington. >> the question is how do things change? how do you get things done? is there hope that that will happen with a period who has to
9:38 am
deal with the congress that is led by a different party? >> it's not just the president having to deal with the party, but the people who are congressional leaders have to talk about this. >> i don't know how we can get anything been with them as leaders. that's how toxic it is within the party itself. no one is standing beside barack obama at this point. he is a very fat opportunity for the republican party. those are the issues we have to get beyond. the problem is that wednesday morning, ted cruz and others like him. mario rubio and all the people you have been talking to, rand paul, they will start running for the white house. immediately on wednesday morning. they are not going to be looking at the senate to get something
9:39 am
done. they will be saying i'm the guy who can run the country. >> the bottom line according to our polling and the talk about isis and ebola and russia and ukraine, it's still the economy. that's what voters are thinking about. >> it is and for good reason. they are not gaping any traction and becomes the metaphor to help people as they need help. as you listen to the voters and chuck todd. they land on the economy because that is a big umbrella that covers so many things and part of the american dream. if that's not working, the american dream doesn't work. they are ready to blame anyone and change horses now. it appears that way. we don't know until tomorrow. they can see if they can get something done. this is about voting against something more than voting for
9:40 am
something. >> as dan wrote in the election about rejection, final question for you. president obama may have wrapped up the final campaign of his -- he will have campaigns in the future, but of this presidency. right now should he have done more? should we see more president obama or are his hands tied? >> i don't think he could have done much more on this cycle. we have to go back and look at george bush 43 at this stage in his presidency. hank was trying to put it together. t.a.r.p. and bailing out the economy. president bush went to hank bolson and said i would like to help you, but i would do more damage than good. this is not good for the country at that point if you have the chief executive of the country who is powerless in the final two years. this president's presidency will be defined by not just tomorrow,
9:41 am
but what happens with isis. they have not had victories recently. he is eager to get that done. >> seeming like he has been defining the eents for himself. always nice to see you. see more of you over the next 24 hours. >> i'm sorry we didn't get together choose between mississippi and mississippi state. >> good to see you, tom. >> power is out for thousands of homes after an early blast of weather. almost two feet of snow fell in maine. they are using helicopters to assess damage. forecasters say it should warm up in the south and east. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. your customers, our financing. your aspirations, our analytics.
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>> plenty of tight governor's races going on. the big statehouse races across the country. what are you looking for tomorrow? >> this is the other big story. we spent so much time talking about the senate. the number of governorships and races that are very close and up for grabs tomorrow is kind of shocking. what you are looking at here is what the statehouses look like. the blue states controlled by democratic governors and the red controlled by republican. this is what's at stake summer night. the red states are states that have republican governors where the democrats have a chance of picking off the governorship and taking control away from the republicans. the blue states, the democrats control. republicans have a real chance to pick up those states. 20 states that are up in the air
9:46 am
in terms of partisan control. that's a high number. >> talk to me about florida. i was down there about the medical marijuana amendment. who will be going to tallahassee when we get to 2016. let's take a closer look at florida. this is the polling average you are seeing. leading by a point in the average of polls in florida. it's a close race when you talk about nail biters in florida. 2,000 to the recount and i will give you more things to look at. tomorrow night broward county and miami-dade county and the heart of florida. how big is it here? the interstate 4 going across the state where orlando and tampa are, competitive. if you want to know florida, look in those two places. >> deja vu all over again. we could have this conversation all over.
9:47 am
mary burke is going to need a significant turn out at the polls for that to happen. >> absolutely. you see the average of the polls and she goes into this slightly behind, but this is the story of two counties in the southeast corner of the state. the turn out is all about milwaukee county. the city of milwaukee. president obama was there and can she get a giant number out of there? right outside milwaukee is the heart of scott walker. waukesha county. huge suburban republican county. it depends where the turn out is coming from. >> a surprise for republicans. they have been looking strong in the race to replace duvall patrick in massachusetts. tell us about martha coakley and what is going on there. >> this is one of the biggest states they have taking away from the democrats. you remember the name martha coakley. they are running four points ahead of her. really the story in massachusetts, you look at the city of boston. the biggest city in the state,
9:48 am
charlie baker had over 150 campaign events. he is not going to win boston, but the question here is he is cutting into that enough that he might turn a very blue state red tomorrow night. >> you can catch up with steve weekends on msnbc. you have a busy one ahead. thank you for spending time with us here. stay with us for all your election results as they come in tomorrow night. rachel maddow and chris matthews teaming up to host the special coverage 689 it begins at 6:00 eastern tomorrow night. up next, the supreme court taking on a big issue of citizenship. we will explain with pete williams after the break. what they do actually is rocket science. but at ge capital we also bring expertise from across ge, like lean process engineers we asked who does what, when, where, and why that step first? ideas for improvement started pouring out. with a little help from us,
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9:52 am
on a boy's passport. pete williams is joining us to explain. give us a better understanding of what this case is about? >> the word they want is israel. the boy was born of american parents. he is a u.s. citizen born in jerusalem. in 2002, congress passed a law saying if somebody is born in jerusalem and they want it to say israel. they must put that is the passport. this is a huge legal issue. every president took the position that the u.s. takes no position on whether jerusalem is part of israel or palestine. we just don't ever say what the answer is. the obama administration is saying this law that congress passed is unconstitutional because congress does not get to make the decisions. there is two questions here. the first is a separation of power, civics text book question. who has the power to decide what goes on the passport?
9:53 am
the family of the young boy born in israel said congress. the constitution gives the authority to regulate commerce between nations and the u.s. and other nations and naturalization. that means congress has the power. the president, the obama administration said no. they recognize foreign ambassadors and we say when we recognize the country. it's an executive power. the exact is it's not clear. the constitution is not clear here. the second issue is whether if this word is put on the passp t passport, does it have foreign policy consequences. the family said no, it said where you are born and doesn't take a stand. the obama administration said yes, it's the third rail of politics. justice kennedy asked the lawyers for the family what about a compromise? what if the passport said and this was his words that he had written out for himself, the place of birth on this citizen's
9:54 am
passport is listed as israel at the rolleder's request, but that is not a declaration that the 2k79 of state or the president believes jerusalem is within the borders of israel. the court was divided on this. >> it will be tough to declare when you come over here. how rare is it for the court to hear them intercept like this? >> it's pretty rare and also rare that the supreme court decides to sit down and separate out these separation of powers questions. the lower courts had initially said this is a political question. this is not for the courts. they said yes, it is for the courts and now they will have to decide the issue. >> when do we anticipate resolution to this? >> it will be months. the court term ends in june. i would say maybe early in the spring we should have an interior about what his passport can say.
9:55 am
>> we won't ask to you say that too many times fast. thanks for clarifying it for us. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> that are will do it for this edition of andr"andrea mitchell report reports". part of the coverage, andrea will be joined by rachel maddow, chuck todd, charlie cook, michael steel, david axelrod and scouring the nation in battle ground states. follow the show online on facebook as well as twitter@mitchell reports. ronan farrowdaly is right here next. if i can impart one lesson to a
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9:59 am
women and children. they combatted isis since this first began. those killed were among the 200 captured by isis in the past week. back here in the u.s., a state of emergency declared in maine after a blast of arctic weather buried parts of the state in nearly two feet of snow, leaving 130,000 homes without electricity. the weather is causing problems throughout new england and a number of looking for an additional blast of snow wednesday night. a crash of a virgin galactic test flight. this is what it is called in technical terms. it is meant to create drag and was deployed prema tuturepremat. they have to unlock the system and they have a manual overhide that happened and the plane broke apart at 45,000 feet with
10:00 am
deadly consequences. richard bran is waiting for answers from the investigation. >> the ntsb meeting the investigation and we go by exactly what they tell us. if the deployment did take place early, obviously they are indicating that that may well be the cause. we need them to examine that further and let us know. >> a sad story. copilot killed in the crash. the pilot is recovering after surgery. we will keep tabs on that. the wednesday is once again open for business. for the first time in fact, 13 years after the september 11th attacks. the first tenants arrived to work at one world