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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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no more excuses. show us what you have. i don't know about the republican party, that's not really to be honest with you that i care about. i care whether good things are ahead for america. i think that washington's been holding america back. i think now there's going to be accountability. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe." >> now, "the daily rundown." have a great day. a red republican wave from coast to coast. the most expensive midterm elections in america's history finally in the books. good morning from washington. i'm peter alexander. it is wednesday, november 5th, 2014. this is a special post-election edition of "the daily rundown." for the first time in eight years, the gop will control the senate majority. republicans are poised to win their largest majority in the house of representatives. since 1928. hoover was in power.
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in the senate, republicans picked up at least seven new seats from colorado to west virginia. at this hour, the alaska race, that's the one between democratic senator mark begich and republican dan sullivan, still too close to call for nbc news. we'll be watching. in louisiana, where no one got more than half of the vote, senator mary landrieu's race advances to a runoff. bill cassidy in a strong position to pick up another red win. the majority maker for republicans was iowa. that's where joni ernst beat braley, becoming the first woman elected to represent them in kansas. in another purple state, colorado, the ground game that propelled democrats to an unexpected victory in 2010 could not save udall. republican congressman gardner will be that state's next senator. inco
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north carolina, republican thom tillis unseated democratic senator kay hagan. this one was a surprise. in the south, republican leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky defeated alison grimes. the final was a whopping 15 percentage points. the last arkansas democrat in congress, mark pryor, lost to republican congressman tom cotton by 17. republicans defended a seat in kansas. that's where senator roberts survived the toughest challenge of his political career from independent businessman greg orman winning handily by about ten points. in georgia, republican david perdue easily cleesed the 50% mark, defeating nunn. the one bright spot, new hampshire, where shaheen beat former massachusetts senator scott brown. in another sign of what a republican night it was, look at virginia. we were up late in the evening
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watching. democrat senator mark warner's race there not expected to be close. turned into a nail biter. warner beating republican ed gillespie. by just about 12,000 votes. with a final votes still coming in. in virginia, the trailing candidate can request a recount if they are behind by less than 1% of the vote. in this case, that would be 20,000 votes. no word whether this will be a call for a recount. senator harry reid's spokesman called late night a butt kicking while taking a swipe at scott brown. mitch mcconnell, he celebrated with his new majority staffers. and across the country, winners and losers reacted to a sweeping republican victory. >> it's time to turn this country around. >> we said for months it's the road to a republican majority in the united states senate led through kansas and we did it. >> what a great night. i'm telling you, i have chill
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bumps. >> somehow i think senator reid's going to have a different office assignment come january. >> it is time for a new direction. it is time for a new way forward. >> tonight, the people of new hampshire chose to put new hampshire first. >> you've got no business in politics unless you respect the judgment of the people. >> i must confess, that i have some sadness tonight. >> my biggest fear is that all of the great young democratic activists that i've met on this campaign are going to be frustrated about what happened tonight. >> i also thought about my dad. you may remember, some of you, that he lost an election and he said the voters have spoken, the blankety blanks. >> we put georgia in play. >> with everything aligned against us, until 30 minutes ago, we believed that this was a
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chance that we would fundamentally change washington. i believe we did. >> well, it was a hard-fought race. it went a little longer than we thought. >> bill cassidy, you cannot run. you cannot hide any more. this race is start tonight. >> people in this state wanted to be for something, not against something, and look what happened tonight. >> chris christie, rick perry, jindal, just to name a few. senator rubio and being jeb bush. >> we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal. >> you just heard from some of those winners in the statehouses as well. a good night across the country. at this hour, governor races in
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colorado, where democrat john hickenlooper is fighting to keep his job, and in connecticut, still too close to call. democrat governor dan malloy is battling. the governor's race in alaska still too early to call. republicans held on to governor seats in presidential battlegrounds as well. florida, you saw rick scott narrowly winning a second term, defeating republican turned independent turned democrat charlie crist. wisconsin's governor scott walker with his third race, his third victory in four year, defeating democrat mary burke in a state that has been ground zero for polarization in america. republicans also held on to kansas. that's where governor sam brownback's competitive race in a red state was really a test of his conservative agenda. and maine's governor paul lepage who told president obama to go to hell just four years ago, hasn't exactly toned down his
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rhetoric since. he won his three-way race as well. jimmy carter's grandson, jason carter, not able to oust republican governor nathan deal. that is in georgia. in arkansas, republicans picking off the arkansas governor's mansion once held by bill clinton. the republican wave really reached blue states as well. millionaire venture capitalist bruce rauner ousted pat quinn in illinois. in a stunner, in maryland, republican larry hogan won in an upset over democratic lieutenant-governor anthony brown. and republican charlie baker beat democratic martha coakley in massachusetts. even the head of the democratic governor's association was not guaranteed success. in vermont, governor peter shumlin didn't clear the 50% mark. his race will be decided by legislature. the last time they selected a governor was 1853. according to our nbc news exit
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polls, three significant factors produced this republican wave. number one, anger towards the president at 44%. his job rating was down ten points from where he won re-election just two years ago. number two, clearly, was distrust of government. 54% of americans saying that government is doing too much, taking on things better left to business and individuals. and finally economic dissatisfaction. perceptions in the economy have improved only marginally in the eye, s of americans since the recession ended. with 74% saying the economy is simply not in good shape. so, what happens now? over the next two years as capitol hill and the white house seem to be at opposite ends of political spectrum. we meet the moderator of chuck todd. i trust your cog is beneath that desk there. i know it's been a late one for you. give us your real takeaways from
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last night. your economic anxiety was a big driver for voters. >> i think this was really -- i mean, you need to look at it, it's a repudiation of president obama. up and down the ballot, you can't look at these races and not say that it's the imprint of president obama. democrats certainly seem to lack a message. republicans knew that they wanted to do. they had a message. you were upset about the economy. blame obama. you were upset about gridlock. blame obama. you were upset about things not going well in your state, blame obama. even governors, republican governors who were struggling, they used president obama in their ads to try -- i mean, look at sam brownback. it clearly was effective. you can't help but wonder, look at the most engaged americans when it companiy s come, to how workings, is in virginia and maryland. i can't help but look at those results and say, boy, that's also, talk about the people that watch the presidency the
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closest. you can't help but wonder how much that -- this was about president obama. now, i think, look, this is going to be a lot of soul searching for the democratic party, for president obama. we're going to hear from him later today. how he's going to respond to this. but i think -- i think we're not at the -- we're -- i think the democrats are still in sort of stage three of the five stages of grief. >> the president's postmortem. we'll watch it live here on msnbc. help us answer the what now. should we have any faith anything gets done in these final two years of the obama presidency? mitch mcconnell, worth noting, the president tried to reach him today, left a message. >> what's interesting is look at the incredible discipline that you heard from republican candidates from coast to coast, particularly the senate winners last night. it was almost as if they were reading from a script. on what they should say, how -- in somewhat -- in many ways, sounding somewhat conciliatory. claiming that their mandate was
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to get stuff done. claiming that their mandate was to change the way washington worked. they weren't talking about -- you didn't hear sort of ted cruz jr.'s last night from these republican winners. they had a very disciplined message that they were trying to send what their victories mean. look, president obama symbolically i think sending the right message by calling up republican winners last night and congratulating them. trying to start there. look, it depends. there's a couple of issues that you could picture them working together and making some progress. tax reform. perhaps energy. but then you have sort of the two matchsticks here that could be gasoline on a fire. health care and immigration. for the republicans, how aggressive do they get going after health care? their base wants it but the leadership knows that's potential ways to look like they're trying to drive gridlock. latinos did not turn out last night, peter, they did not turn out in colorado and florida. the president did not act on
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immigration. he promised to do it after the election. boy, if he does that, that's going to be seen by republicans as sort of pouring gasoline on the fire. so that's the part of this that i don't know what it looks like. i could picture some conciliation, but those two big issues, both parties are kind of in their own box on it. >> he's going to be speaking today. we have just learned. finally, the impact on 2016, that's where a lot of eyes turn. the winners and losers out of last night as we head towards 2016 are who? >> chris christie has to feel good. look at what these governor races -- >> scott walker. >> scott walker has to feel good. john kasich, the governor of ohio. by the way, i want to make a larger point about 2016 and leadership of the democratic party. the republicans elected a whole bunch of senators under the age of 50. republicans elected the first woman senator out of iowa. african-american congresswoman out of utah. another i think potential
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african-american congressman out of texas. the democratic party's leadership is going to look old and stable in comparison to where the republicans are. that's a challenge for hillary clinton. how is she the party of the future? how does she take these reins? the democratic party's going to be searching for some new leaders i think over the next few months. >> it all begins today after a late one last night. chuck todd, thank you. next, the impact on the ground. what republican winners are saying about their plans for change in washington and what the change may mean for mitch mcconnell and harry reid. first, a look at today's planner. president obama holding that news conference as we said, it will happen this afternoon, shy of 3:00 p.m. stay with msnbc for live coverage there. as we noted, senator mcconnell will talk to reporters at 2:00 p.m. in louisville. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc.
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we have swept this nation with a compelling senate majority. >> with your help, we can change direction and take the iowa way all the way to washington, d.c. >> this johnny's just starting. now we know we have a majority in the u.s. senate where we'll move those 300 bills off harry reid's desk finally and get a vote. >> they are crystal clear. crystal clear in their message to washington, d.c. get your job done and get the heck out of the way. >> this administration has tried to tell the american people what's good for them and then blame somebody else when their policies didn't work out. tonight, kentucky rejected that approach. >> those were some of the big
6:18 am
winners last night. now republicans will have to try and deliver on those promises to change washington. we have our correspondents fanned out across the country bleary eyed no doubt. msnbc's joy reid is in georgia. luke russert in iowa. msnbc's perry bacon is in louisville, kentucky. we'll call this the whip-around. this certainly was not as close as we thought it might be. >> no, it certainly wasn't. really up until late last night, the mayor of atlanta was predicting we will see a runoff. but what wound up happening is that while michelle nunn in particular did fight to change the composition of the electorate and she won the constituents she needed to win, overwhelmingly with young voters, she won voters under 44. what wound up happening is the electorate didn't change enough for the democrats tonight. michelle nunn only getting 23%
6:19 am
of the white vote. while 29% of the electorate was african-american. it just wasn't enough in the end. they just didn't have enough volume. while they did have the right composition. just not enough volume for nunn or carter last night. >> all right, joy, thanks very much. travel home safe. luke, in iowa, ernst, the one wou who put the republicans over the top. the latest? >> the latest from iowa is what type of republican will senator ernst be? will she follow who she says is her favorite senator, brassily? or will she go on the conservative part of the aisle and go down the ted cruz route? expect more of the former. she had a lot of establishment people work for her campaign towards the end. but make no mistake now, peter, you have, i believe, probably the crown jewel of this class in joni ernst in the sense that being 44, being a veteran, being from iowa, which is so important for presidential hopefuls,
6:20 am
she'll goishe's going to hold a lot of power. she really ran up the score on bruce braley amongst independents. was able to close the gender gap so it wasn't as bad as candidates faced in the past. and able to cut into the early voting margin, which somehow democrats usually win in iowa. it's fair to say eyes will be on ernst moving forward, a female combat veteran from iowa in the republican presidential process. >> name we'll hear a lot more about. luke, thank you. tr t tremain, we head to you. how did he knock off hagan? >> neither tillis, nor hagan, came into this election with extremely high approval ratings. obama also has low approval ratings. you saw millions pour in which may go down as the most expensive senate race in history. tillis effectively tied hagan to
6:21 am
barack obama. according to our nbc exit polls, more than half the voters, 52%, feel that hagan agreed with president obama too much. in the lead-up to this, folks thought it would come down to the black vote. black voters turned out en masse. early voting and at the polls. so the question now is how will they effectively build a broader coalition that isn't relying on this magical black vote to push democrats over. again, with the country feeling so, you know, at ill with president obama, clearly they were able to undue kay hagan's prospects of winning. >> all right, we appreciate that very much, tremain. benji, give us a sense from the colorado race, a lot more about gardner winning it or was it about udall losing it in the eye, of the folks there? >> as they say, victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan. both sides have plenty to say about the win or the loss. this was definitely the senate race that republicans nationally really wanted and they got it. the reason is that democrats have absolutely dominated statewide elections here going
6:22 am
back a decade. even in the 2010 wave, it was one of the lone bright spots when democratic senator bennett won other ken buck. the source of democratic strength was great performances with women and latinos, two key parts of the obama coalition. what happened on tuesday night? udall ran his entire campaign based on running up the score with women. cory gardner cut the gender gap buck had in 2010 in half. michael bennett won an estimated 80% of latinos. cory gardner by our exit polls, i take this with a grain of salt, won half. so the difference was just incredible in term, of cutting the lead with those two groups. >> that's certainly the case. we appreciate that. finally, we head to perry bacon, our friend in kentucky today. mitch mcconnell now seems poised to be the next majority leader after 30 years in the senate. finally, he gets his turn. where do we go from here? acknowledging we'll hear from him in just a couple hours. >> the big thing to watch for is today. he's going to speak and he laid out a little bit last night in term, of his victory speech, he
6:23 am
talked about how he wanted to work with the president on issues where they could work together. i think today i'm going to be watching for what are those issues? is it energy, is it taxes? where does he see potential common ground with the president? he knows he's speaking an hour before the president speaks. it will be curious to see how he frames his language, how he wants obama to respond to him. mcconnell now more in the driver's seat. >> perry, thank you. the same to benji, tremain, luke, safe travels home. next, how do they plan to work with obama? we'll see how that happens. the trivia question. since the civil war, what's the most senate seats the party controlling the white house has lost in a midterm election? the most seats they've lost? the first person to tweet the correct answer @dailyrundown will get an on-air shoutout.
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president obama will hold a news conference just hours from now, just before 3:00 this afternoon. may be looking up synonyms for shellacking. white house aides tell me this morning the president called senator mcconnell this morning and left a message. the two unable to connect. president obama will meet with congressional leaders from both parties at the white house on friday, we are told. advisers say the president is, quote, clear-eyed, that's the language they used about the results, anxious to get to work, another phrase they gave us. mcconnell struck a conciliatory tone, say, just because we have a two-party system does not mean we have to be in perpetual conflict. house speaker john boehner said it's time for government to start getting results. so will this all usher in a new era of change in washington? this is the way the new "time" magazine sees things.
6:28 am
there's mitch mcconnell's face. the president, well, eat your heart out with that i guess. republican congressman greg orman is chair. he is joining us now live. congressman walton, congratulations, we appreciate your time. were you among those republicans that got a call from the president last night? >> not that i'm aware of. i don't believe so, no. >> so where do you think republicans can cooperate with the president and get something real done for the american public right now? it is clearly ready for results. >> they are. i agree with speaker boehner and leader mcconnell. 40 of them led by democrats. find the areas of common ground. pass these bills. i'm more than willing to work with the administration. the americans expect us to put the campaign weaponry aside and get to work. getting better paying jobs.
6:29 am
i think energy's a clear place where we have a chance to have that. look, that's 20,000 american jobs, a couple years -- >> let me ask you about immigration. i know it's a topic that's been significant, significant dividing point for both parties. will republicans pass on an immigration reform bill that the president will sign in these next two years? >> it's hard to predict anything until we see the attitude of the administration. hopefully an improvement in the operation. so we can figure out where there is common ground. we all know it's a problem. i believe it's a federal problem that demands a federal solution. we need to get control of our borders. we also need to deal with people who are here who we need, working in all kind, of different capacities. i grew up in a cherry orchard. i grew up in that district. we need a lot of guest workers to get america moving. >> let's sort of debrief. talking about the victory here it the ways you had voided
6:30 am
another 2012 scenario. republican operatives sent fake campaign trackers to trail some of your own candidates. candidates were forced to sit through comments from folks like clay aiken and richard murdoch. talk about how you protected your party from itself this go-around? >> first, really good candidates emerged, chosen by republicans in the districts. we were hands on from the very beginning in their campaigns. >> that's a big difference. >> it is. we do a lot with the candidates. but beyond that, we talkled two big issues that were really important. first, data and digital. our polling stunk two years ago. we were off. first meeting i had was with our pollsters. that played out. we figured out data digital on the ground and online fund-raising. we raised more at the nrcc in september than all of 2011 and '12 combined. >> congress maman, before i letu go, a question.
6:31 am
they were blunt, they decided it's time to legalize marijuana. do you feel like it's time to support that nationally? >> i'm still troubled by it. i know what it does to our kids. i really worry about oregon going down that path. but they join california and, you know, a few other places, they're starting to do this. but i still am troubled by it. >> on this one specifically, they joined alaska, and i guess it's washington state and colorado. we appreciate your time, congressman. nice to see you. again, congratulations. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> coming up next, we go inside the numbers behind the gop upset to see how'd they do it? msnbc's steve kornacki joins us live. this is the "daily rundown." introducing dance-all-you-want bladder leak protection
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6:35 am
in the house, the party poised to secure its largest majority since the 1920s. how'd they do it? with us now live the host of "up" on msnbc, steve kornacki. >> a couple of factors we want to highlight. first, the senate race in kansas. this was greg orman, the independent, pat roberts, the republican. this was supposed to be the closest race last night. the fact that pat roberts ended up pulling this out, maybe that's not shocking. the fact he won by 11 points is stunning. what this really speaks to is in the end voters in a very republican red state like kansas, a state that rarely votes for democrats for anything, were really moved by the message of greg orman may say he's an independent, if he gets elected, he's going to caucus with the democrats. he's going to let obama's party control the senate. it looks like that really resonated. it looks like the idea of painting greg orman as a
6:36 am
democrat in terms of the rub strategy really paid off. i can show you that here to really illustrate it, i'm going to show you the map from 2012 in kansas. this is the way it looks like in kansas when a national democrat runs against a republican. 105 counties. president wins two of them. 103 for the republicans. last night, greg orman, the independent, against pat roberts, the republican. check this out. three. three for the independent. the kansas republicans, pat roberts' campaign successfully turned orman into a democrat. that's what that map tells you. another state for a few other things that happened last night. let's check out colorado. colorado where democratic incumbent udall went down in defeat last night to cory gardner. if we look closer on the map, there are a couple of different stories in colorado. one i'll draw you attention to, jefferson county. a swing county. right outside denver. udall actually didn't do that t bad here. he basically drew even with gardner. they wanted to win this thing by
6:37 am
a couple points. this actually isn't that bad. where was the damage done? the damage was done -- let's take a look right here. this is el paso county. where colorado springs is. sort of the capital of republican colorado, very, you know, socially conservative military presence. the key here is you you see the were actually some other candidates on the ballot. the total turnout in el paso county last night was 227,000. the last type there was a competitive senate race in colorado, it was only 190,000 here. so basically this county generated 20,000 extra votes for cory gardner. the republicans didn't have before. not the only county where that happened. the core democratic counties, denver, boulder, they really weren't up from where they were in 2010 so the democrats weren't out. one final thing to draw your attention to that's sort of unique to colorado, this is pueblo. very interesting story here. the city of pueblo is in this county obviously. this is a county in 2010 when democrats barely won the senate
6:38 am
race in colorado with michael bennett, this county voted for them by 12 points. last night, cory gardner carries it by a whisker. what happened here speaks to lack of motivation among latino voters in colorado. this a heavily latino county. there's a very large latino population here. it looks like that population, which was there in 2010 for the democrats and helped save michael bennett was not there last night. and cory gardner turned what was a 12-point deficit in this county into a win last night. >> yeah, the democrats definitely have their work cut out for them. steve kornacki, always nice to see you. on this day after the midterm election, take a look, the republican wave across capitol hill apparently having an impact on the markets. they are starting off with a positive reaction. right now, the dow is up already close to 70 points. this reaction on wall street also due in part to a better than expected robert on the jobs market. and coming up right here on "the
6:39 am
daily rundown," the role that voter i.d. laws played and where they may stand for 2016. first, like we like to do, the white house soup of the day. they're going to need some soup after feeling sick this morning. they are serving up chicken noodle. we'll be right back. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. she owns carl bad food tours. introducing tourists and locals to great food around the town. she's not only grown her business but she's helped promote the downtown area, encouraging diners to eat locally rather than at the mall. for more, watch your business sunday morning at 7:30 if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas to make smart business decisions. if you mess up, fess up.
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buy their services directly at no more calling around. no more hassles. start shopping from a list of top-rated providers today. angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. . the condition we're in now is not good for our country. we need to resolve some issues. i'm disgusted that we can't work through the issues and get some things resolved. >> there's very much too much gridlock. i do want compromise. >> we're need new faces and young people. >> they're not doing their job, too much political infighting. >> i feel my voice has been counted, it's been heard. >> election, just a few of the millions of americans like you who voted, heading to the polls tuesday, voicing concerns and frustration with congress. another one of the other big concerns heading into this
6:43 am
election was the strict photo i.d. requirements in place in a series of states. among them, texas. and more states appear on track to institute similar laws in the years ahead. msnbc's zach roth has been covering this issue for us all year. he is now joining us from houston. zach, appreciate your time this wednesday morning. give us a sense, you were at the polls all day yesterday there. what was the real tangible impact of the new voter i.d. law in that state? >> you know, peter, it's interesting. we know the voter i.d. law here in texas did have a major impact. i met with voters on monday. a group of voters. who were disenfranchised by that law. they told me about their strenuous efforts to get i.d. for months. and this sort of bureaucratic nightmares that they were plunged into. that's not necessarily something that shows up at the polls on tuesday. in large part because most of the people showing up have their
6:44 am
i.d. what there were were problems with machines at the polling place we were at. the state's voter registration online system was down so people couldn't look up their registration. more mundane but no less important administrative problems that made themselves felt not just in texas but all over the country. >> specific to this issue, looking ahead to 2016, should we anticipate more states to try to enact these kinds of laws? republicans just had a big wave yesterday. >> absolutely. i mean, north carolina, passed a very restrictive voting law last year. that voting i.d. requirement was not in effect this year. it doesn't go into effect until 2016. so we'll see it there for the first time in 2016. where of course north carolina is likely to be another pivotal swing state. wisconsin has a voter i.d. law which was blocked for this election because the supreme court said it was put into effect too close to the election. technically that will go right
6:45 am
back into effect today. so they'll be court battles to determine whether that will be in effect. there's likely to be a number of other states where republicans as you say will move forward, including ohio, where there's a new push by conservatives for voter i.d.s so we'll see a lot of these things. >> zach roth on the ground for us in houston, thank you. trivia time. since the civil war, 12, that's the most senate seats lost in the midterm by a party controlling the white house since the civil war. it was 1958. that dreaded six-year itch of the eisenhower presidency. congratulations, our winner today, eric feldman. appreciate you writing in. we'll be right back. alka-seltzes the cold truth. i have a cold, with terrible chest congestion. better take something. i'll catch up later. awww... truth is, theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder
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6:48 am
four years ago, you said famously, i don't feel ready in my heart to be president. four years later, do you feel ready in your heart? >> i'll have to figure that out.
6:49 am
>> when do you think you might do that? >> you know, the next number of months. mary pat and i have to start to talk about it in earnest and make a decision. >> governor chris christie. there he was today on "today" insisting this morning today is a day to celebrate his fellow governors, not to look ahead to that next big election now, just 734 days away. with the midterms in the rearview mirror, all the attention focused on 2016 and the folks likely to throw their hats into the ring. of course hillary clinton among those folks. the polls we took last night show us she's got some work to do if she decides to run for the white house. up against an unnamed republican candidate, here's what we found, clinton comes up six points short. 24% say their vote depends on who's running. 42% say clinton would make a good president. among republican voters, jeb
6:50 am
push fa bush fared best. and 34% of governor clintons as national political reporter with the new york times. amy we start with you, is there reason for hillary clinton to be worried by some of those numbers? do we sort of simply chalk them up to the fact that this is what republicans showed during the republican wave election? >> i think last night's election showed it wasn't just a referendum on obama it was referendum on republicans. can she present herself as sort of the anti-incumbent, the anti-washington candidate when she has been around for decades and people so associate her with washington and probably those polls are reflecting some of that frustration with just the washington establishment of which hillary clinton is associated. >> chris, give us your take on that. one thing hillary clinton is not going get a lot of help in places like north carolina and
6:51 am
colorado all the sudden the states turned red. >> two things, i would say any time in the exit we don't get to decide what the exit poll asks. any time you say would you like peter alexander or fill in the blank other person who might be greater than peter alexander. hard to imagine, i know. t that said, amy is 100% right. hillary clinton's greatest strength is she's hillary clinton. her greatest weakness? she's been hillary clinton for a long time. these are people who have been in the national spotlight. >> arkansas? that was ridiculous. i understand bill clinton and hillary clinton they have a special connection to arkansas. arkansas today, this has been made clear, arkansas today is not the arkansas that elected bill clinton governor. i would say her biggest problem yesterday for president is the fact she's been around so long elections are about the future not the past. her biggest problem today is the
6:52 am
exact same problem. >> what are yo focussed on the republican side. rand paul speaking last night and chris christie up early to speak on television. all of saw people are about getting things done. it looks like the energy, the young energy, frankly, appears to be on the republican side. >> yeah. you certainly saw rand paul capitalizing on hillary clinton's presence in kentucky and mcconnell's big win there saying she doesn't have the poll in the state she thinks she does. i think we're going see that. the republican side is going to be ride wave. the question is how long can they ride the anti-obama sentiment and turn it into pro something? we'll look at hillary clinton establishing her message well. trying to look like the anti-incumbent. there's a lot of economic anxiety i think she and republicans need address moving forward. >> the anti-bush anxiety served the democrats well for a long time. give me a sense, chris, as we look at the democrats now. we're striking all of a sudden
6:53 am
someone tweeted the democrats kind of look like the yankee's. have big wins and ageing stars. they don't have the fresh young faces the scott walker and cory gardener that the republicans are boasting. >> the only person we talk seriously about running for president on the hillary clinton side is jeb bush. rand paul is 50. m marco rubio. >> hillary clinton is the old lady on the ticket. >> the hard thing for hillary clinton not only does she have a long career in public service but there will also be -- i'm not sure republicans will drive the she's too old for office but they will say look, we've been down this road. we've gone bush, clinton, bush, do we want to go back to clinton? i think it's a reason why republicans nominating jeb bush the secret to success might be
6:54 am
wrong. i think the generational we need different people. people who came of age in a different time could be powerful. she's a very, very strong force in the election, peter. but there are weaknesses. >> we only have a little bit of time left. what does hillary clinton do now? >> it's a good question. it i think for the next three months as i've heard from her people she'll probably lay low. there's less political activity to do. probably lay off the paid speeches which don't look so good once running for president. she continues her foundation work and quietly lays the ground work for a campaign. there's some questions whether she would form an exploratory committee this year. i think that's unlikely since there's a runoff. i think she starts laying the groundwork in the next few months. >> time to get to know your grandchild. >>'. she's going to do what she's been doing is wink and nudge and say she's running for president. amy is right. i think she waits until after the december 6th election.
6:55 am
you won't announce between december ofth and the 0 holidays. >> is jeb bush her opponent? >> i don't think so. i think jeb bush is not where the republican party is today. probably the minority opinion. i'm not in the majority here. i think that people have underestimated rand paul for a long time. i think john kay sick an interesting figure and scott walker. he's won three gubernatorial elections in four years in a swing state. he didn't win overwhelm whemfully but put that record up against a lot of people. the field is going to be big. i'm not convinced jeb runs and convinced he wins. >> who is the republican? >> i know clinton world is the most worried about jeb. chris's insight is interesting. i think they see those two as fighting over money. wall street fighting over moderate votes. they're both worried about that. it would be interesting for it's rand paul and the republican party reversed it and they have
6:56 am
the fresh young voice. >> interesting. we'll be watching. nice to see you on a wednesday morning. thank you so much. >> we did it! god bless 734 more days of the next one. that's going to do it for this edition of the daily rundown. more on the president's plan on the coming days and the role the latino vote played in last night's election. you're watching msnbc. take a closer look at your fidelity green line and you'll see just how much it has to offer,
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exactly, no discomfort, because it's milk without the lactose. and it tastes? it's real milk! come on, would i lie about this? lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and try lactaid® supplements with your first bite to dig in to all your dairy favorites. thanks to all of you we are heading to washington! and we are going to make em squeal! no doubt there's a lot of squealing in washington this morning. good morning, i'm jose diaz-bala diaz-balart. a seismic shift in congress.
7:00 am
riding the wave of voter discontent republicans picked up at least seven new senate seats, tack back control of the senate for the first time in eight years. republicans also expanded their majority in the house. giving them a near historic margin. and at the state level, republicans gained at least four races for governors including in president obama's home state of illinois. we have a very busy hour of analysis and reports from some of the key states. we're going to also go to the white house where president obama is expected to discuss the election results at 2:50 p.m. eastern. he's expected to hold a news conference then. we're going to start with two of the most watched senate races of the evening, and we're going to go right now and i'm being told -- this is just happening as we speak right now. the mitch mcconnell -- he swatted away the challenge