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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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the president will hold a news conference at 2:50 eastern time in the east room of the white house. that in the face of headlines like this one. republicans will hold a majority of at least 52 seats in the senate. they need to pick up six seats to gain control. they picked up at least seven with two races still to be decided including in alaska. also the race in louisiana where mary landrieu and her republican challenger bill cassidy now face a one off on december 6th. mark your calendar. republicans also gained at least 13 seats in the house. they hold more house seats than at any time in more than 80 years. the republican wave was so
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strong it even reached the governor's mansion in rely by blue states like illinois. nearly two-thirds of voters interviewed saying the nation is seriously on the wrong track. also, with democrats unable to persuade young people, women, and minority voters to turn out in the same numbers that propelled president obama to victory twice. let's bring in our political panel mark murray, democratic strategies robert zimmerman and rich galen. robert has a lot to explain. explain how it happened to his mind and party. >> i want to hone in on the demographic of the voters. young people, minorities, and women. yet again didn't show up in the
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numbers as though reliable republican voters. >> we've been talking about why do democrats do so well in democratic elections. look at the electorate. the electorate was much older. younger voters just didn't come out. we saw that in the situation in 2010. it was once again the situation in 2014. minority voters weren't as decisive as 2012. you added all together and it wasn't the democratic coalition. you can have a lot of the blame game is going around was it president obama's fault, the fault of democratic candidates in the south and everywhere distance themselves from the president alienating a lot of voters? a combination? but clear democrats have an issue when you have midterm elections and it's not a presidential level turn out. now they have to pieces. it's a demoralized party. what do they do going forward? that's a big question. >> are you demoralized? do you see any hope in the end of the tunnel.
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are you like some of the democrats fast forward to 2016. >> i'm going shopping this afternoon. starting with that. first things first, my congratulations to the republican party. it was a tremendous victory for them. let's not try to get around this. it was a crushing defeat for democrats in red, purple, and blue states. i think we have to accept that. ultimately the president and the democratic party take responsibility. if my young people, minorities and women didn't turn out to vote. we have to articulate a stronger message than we have in the past. >> i've heard that for weeks. we covered. this is the place for politics. we've heard this from democratic strategists and pundits for weeks if not months. there was not a united strong message from democrats who we're seeing in the case of allison lundergan grimes. she out toed himself a clinton democrat. that didn't help at all but refused to say if she voted for president obama. it was not -- you know, i was thinking last night. you don't need miss collie owe
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to reveal anything here. it seemed like the template was in front of the democrats and they couldn't follow it. >> it comes down most telling exit number i saw was 63% of voters in the exit numbers felt the system was rigged against them and the system favored the wealthy and they voted republican. it's a populace message that democrats use to own and we don't because we're not getting the job done in washington. that is the overarching issue. it's not a philosophical debate in the election for or against minimum wage. it's about delivering the goods. that's the responsibility of the democratic party and the president. since we are the establishment in washington. that means we have to have comprise regarding minimum wage, comprise in infrastructure and trade. we have to be sure we can deliver on those. >> let me bring you in on the conversation regarding some what we're hearing, rich, from republicans the day after. mitch mcconnell saying he's prepared to work with president
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obama. obviously people are wait for the fine print like the end of the car ad you wonder what it means. let me play what senator mcconnell did say last night. i think we have a duty to do that just because we have a two-party system doesn't we have to be in perpetual conflict. i think i've shown that to be true at critical times in the past. i hope the president gives me thevan chance it show it again. >> breaking down what senator mcconnell had to say. i think we have a duty to do that. i think you have some democrats who say if those words were true and sincere, why was the duty skirted with what many saw as republican obstructionism when it came to some key legislation. and we're going to talk about senator harry reid.
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you have today many democrats upset with senator reid and what they say he perhaps did to the party as well. looking at what mcconnell said. those words didn't seem to ring true prior to last night. >> first of all, i've been on the other side of this. robert understands this as well. i've been on the other side of the elections when the polls close in the east and they moved west you keep going backwards and backwards and you end up flat on the back staring at the ceiling. in terms of the question you asked, here is my optimistic view. when republicans in the house had a democratic senate and democrat in the white house, i think many of them saw their role as blocking bad legislation and bad policy from their point of view. now you own both the house and the senate, i think that there is a growing -- i hope there is a more sensible republicans in both bodies who recognize that
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now they have an obligation to help govern. because it's a different deal. now they own the house they own the senate. now i think what you do is reach out to the president you stick your hand out. if he takes it, great. if he doesn't everybody knows where they stand. what i think republicans cannot do is to spend the next two years fighting the presidential race of 2016. they've got get things going. >> let me read what was written in the washington post today. the contract with america or 2010 pledge to america. what are your thoughts on the analysis there? >> well, i wrote a longish piece for politico this morning about how the gingrich team transit n
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transitioned from not having been in power for 40 years. there wasn't a single member of the republican house that had been in a majority for a day. and how they went about forming that path. eneven back in 1994 the senate didn't buy into the contract with america. i suspect and hope since for about two and a half to three weeks that members of the senior staff in both the house and republicans in the house and the senate had been meeting to start charting out a path. a legislative path they can at least begin discussing. and what boehner has, of course, everybody recognizes with 250 members in his conference he's got a lot more leeway to lead the 40 guys and the tea party off to the side and say you can play in the swimming pool with us or not. it's up to you. >> mark, let me ask you. we can look at the numbers from last night all day long. the major question is what happens next? what will the next two years be like in washington?
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you heard rich there with a more optimistic view. what is the real tone the ground? >> i think rich's point on a couple of issues like trade where they can get some things done we'll end up seeing what they do in lame duck with appropriations legislation going forward. but there are two things. one, the president. and he decide to go forward on executive immigration action and almost poke his eye in -- >> what are the tea leaves saying there? >> i have no idea what they'll do. i think it's a harder political thing for them to do now than it would have been during the summer. all the sudden he does it a week or two after the republican's big wins and republicans say you didn't try to work with us at all. on the other hand, if president obama doesn't go forward he'll alienate a lot of voters. mcconnell is having a fantastic day. he's going have a fantastic couple of weeks but he'll have the hardest job on washington. >> i have to fast forward last night rand paul on the republican victory and pivoting
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to the clintons. let's play what he said. >> this election was basically a repu repute yags of the president but hillary clinton. the democrat here ran she wouldn't admit she voted for president obama. she was specific i'm a clinton democrat. the clintons both of them came often to kentucky. they came often to arkansas. i think what you're seeing is not much difference between clinton democrats and obama democrats are the cay shea of the clintons isn't what people think it is. >> there were a lot of headlines last night. after he said that on with brian williams i thought that's the talker. >> just a week ago, rand paul was articulately describing the republican brand saying it sucks. his words. >> he didn't back down from that last night. >> now he is segueing into 2016 politics. it's about his transparent as he can be. rand paul takes more positions than the kama sutra.
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>> you don't hear that often. >> i'm done. i'm out. >> me too. i'm going walk off the set now. >> i don't -- it's not safe for business. >> i'm joking. i know. come on. listen. thank you very much. i don't know how that happened. i think we're loopy from a long night. and poor mark murray he's turning as red as an. l. within eight point margin ernst won iowa. it's historic victory. the first female senator for iowa. the first female veteran senator for the nation. in her victory speech last night ernst everyoned the unique campaign ad that thrust her on to the national scene. >> thanks to all of you we are heading to washington! and we are going to make em squeal! >> joining me now from west des
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moines. joni ernst laugh got a lot of traction on that. she was beaming. i think rightfully so being unknown nationally to now perhaps being as referred to last night, i think it was you who said it. a potential king maker when it comes to 2016 endorsements. >> yeah. how about that, tamron. the ad that launched her career was about castratie ining pigs. the took off from that the momentum never really stop. joni ernst is going to washington and i think it's fair to say she's the crown jewel of the class of senate republicans. now when she goes to washington the question will become does she follow the ted cruz part of the senate conference or follow who she said she admires most chuck grassley is conservative but more conciliatory to work across party lines. it's going to be fascinating to see. she has a gop operative base
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around her, at least in the tail end of her campaign is washington conscious of marco rubio people. but if you think about it in the future, if you're a republican presidential hopeful and you desperate desperately -- veteran who lead troops in iraq it's somebody who they will all be salivating over her endorsement. it will be interesting to see how much she wants to play the national role. but she could definitely do it if she wants and it will be fascinating to see. you have the absolute hardest working woman in network, cable, digital, political tv land. congratulations for a heck of a 24-hours! do you sleep? >> what do you want from me? [ laughter ] nothing! i like the air time. >> give me an e-mail and publish it.
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obviously we'll discuss later. luke russert, thank you. you are fantastic. >> keep it up, my friend! be well. >> i'm inspired every day. bye. another one of the biggest wins. this is a strange show for republicans the most expensive congressional race in history. they were able to unseat north carolina senator kay hagan, republican state house speaker tom tillis won with 49% of the vote successfully tieing hagan to president obama who remains unpopular in the state tremaine lee is in north carolina. the results in that state hand for hand, dot for dot go right along with the information from our exit poll. there was three reasons we found that republicans went on to victory in tight races like north carolina. one of them being tieing the candidate to president obama. that's what we saw there. >> that's certainly true. here on the ground organizers hope that they could build on the broad democratic coalition that a kind of con dpegealed ar
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the moral monday drawing a line around tom tillis. but clearly it didn't work. blacks showed up in 21%. a few percentage points lower than 2012. the coalition they expected or hoped would push kay hagan over the edge simply didn't come together. >> thank you very much. >> republicans were able to avoid a runoff in one state where the outcome was widely expected. georgia businessman david perdue beat michelle nunn with 55% of the vote despite polls showing hum ahead by a slim margin. it was a blow for democrats. president obama even predicted that nunn winning would mean democrats keep the senate. exit polls from that race made it clear voters were unhappy with the direction of the
8:16 am
country. a sentiment perdue touched on in his victory speech. >> one thing that i take away from all of this is that you want to change the direction of our country. [ cheers and applause ] >> i think georgia made it loud and clear tonight we want to stop the failed policies of this administration and harry reid. >> msnbc susie kim is in atlanta with the aftershock there. i think it's interesting, susie. this race, according to the polls was in the margin of error that could not have been further from the truth in the end of the day. >> that was definitely true. david perdue won by eight-point margin which is the same margin that romney won this state in 2012. democrats had hoped they would be able to start something of a sea change and turn the state purple if not blue. they fell short of expectations. david perdue hammered home one message throughout the campaign
8:17 am
which was obama, obama, obama that he thought that michelle nunn would be a stamp for obama that the vote would be a referendum on the president. it will be interesting to see when he goes to the senate, however, is what he actually does. i wonder if voters are aware of all the things that he supports. he wants a balanced budget amendment, he wants to reform entitlement so that would change the kind of benefits that folks would get. that hasn't been the focus of the nunn campaign. they focused on business career, track record of outsourcing jobs. wasn't enough to get enough voters in her corner for her election this time around. >> thank you so much. we mentioned president obama will hold a news conference in a couple of hours. he's called some republican winners last night to congratulate them. the question is this a sign of a new strategy on the ground? we'll go live to the white house with new details on the president's strategy that will be on unveiled. another major story we're following outside of politics.
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some folks don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> that was the president joking
8:22 am
at the white house correspondent's dinner last year. now mitch mcconnell is poised to become the senate majority leader. as we mentioned the president will hold that news conference at 2:50 eastern time. joining me now chris januarysing. i saw your reports. you had more details on the white house strategy. the president's post election priority moving ahead. what else are we hearing this morning? >> it's a perfect piece of flashback sound. he's going to have to reach out. we talked about last night how he made a lot of phone calls. we are told he did not connect with mitch mcconnell and left a message. he's going have a meeting tomorrow with leadership. what is the tone he's going to set. what is he think he can do? always in the sixth year it's tough moving ahead when you have a lame duck status. after the drumming, which is one
8:23 am
word the democrat used. the president obviously has a difficult road ahead. where do he, mcconnell, and republicans think they might have common ground? tax reform, infrastructure. they want to put money into infrastructure. maybe it's the corporate tax reform trade. there are also some difficult areas ahead. what are they going to do about the economy? some democrats have been suggesting when you look at what the red states did with the minimum wage maybe there's an area of agreement. immigration and whether there any of these executive orders. it's going to be very difficult. and when you talk to members on both sides they feel like they are under a lot of pressure to get something done. so there is some policy openings there on some of those areas. but i think we're going see the president trying to set a tone and it's going to tell us a lot how things may move ahead. one more thing, when i talk to a senior white house official yesterday. what i was told they're looking at this as a very intense two month period here where they
8:24 am
have to get things going. they don't have a lot of time given that pretty soon things will move on to the next -- >> absolutely. thank you very much. another quick reminder you can watch the president's news conference here on msnbc. chris matthews will anchor a special hour of coverage for msnbc. we're following breaking news in the sports world. alex rodriguez allegedly admits to using steroids. i'll talk to the investigative reporter who just broke this story. and coming up despite a night of defeat for democrats. voters in four red-leaning states approved a hike in minimum wage. will republicans in congress take the cue? we'll take a look at those numbers in a minute. and smoke em if you got them. legal maybe use is coming to more states. it's one of the things we thought you should know. facebook sent out some interesting voting factoids. more than 22 million people on the site took part in more than
8:25 am
63 million comments likes and shares on the midterms. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a new election to tell you about results just coming in. nbc news prozwrekts incumbent governor john hick enlooper the apparent winner. he was seeking a second term. that breaking news just coming in to msnbc. also in colorado another major win for the gop. cory gardener featured on the front page of the denver post. colorado is a state that has been trendy gardener was able to beat that win.
8:29 am
we have the results in from the governor ice race there. i know, that at lot of democrats might find some satisfaction there. there was a great worry that both of those major races would be in the hands of republicans. >> yes. it is at least a rare bright spot for democrats that hickenlooper appears to have held on. democratic incumbent faired worse around the country. democrats lost a couple of ju upsets in places like maryland. the loss of mark udall stings for democrats. as you mentioned it was a state that trending democratic. a lot of analysts on both sides felt if democrats managed to pull it off the state might be permanently blue. it might be off the map for republicans. now it seems it might be in play in 2016. gardener did surprisingly well with women, latino voters. so this is definitely still a very good day for colorado republicans even if they have a disappointing close loss.
8:30 am
>> thank you so much for that update for us. we're learning a lot about how fed up voters are with the way things are going in washington. up next we're going take a hard look at the exit polls that reveal why voters are being called sour and glum. plus, democratic congressman chris van hole less than will join me to talk about the election results and whether the democrats will see a turn around come 2016. [singing to himself] "here she comes now sayin' mony mony". ["mony mony" by billy idol kicks in on car stereo] ♪don't stop now come on mony♪ ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪'cause you make me feel like a pony♪ ♪so good ♪like your pony ♪so good ♪ride the pony the sentra, with bose audio and nissanconnect technology. spread your joy. nissan. innovation that excites. [singing] ♪mony mony
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8:34 am
that number is a tick up from 52% just two years ago when the president won re-election but down from 2008. now voters were also asked how they felt life would be for the next generation of americans. only 22% said it would be better with 48% saying it would be worst. the numbers have virtually flipped from what we all saw in 2000 with 48% thought it would be better. let's take a look at the numbers voters are clearly not pleased with the job congress is doing. only 20% of voters approve. as for president obama, his numbers are slightly higher but still low at 44%. president obama's approval is nearly identical for perspective those of george w. bush in the sixth year of his presidency. yet more than 10% below where president clinton was at the same point. despite the sagging approval numbers will the republican-dominated congress be willing to work with the president when it offitakes off
8:35 am
in the new year. joining me now is chris van hollen. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> it's great to be with you. >> and of course, congratulations on your re-election for your seventh term. >> thank you. >> i'm sure it's difficult to have congratulate you when you look at the landscape of the party over all. but just some of the post analysis. i want to dig into, first. our first read team asked did democrats give up on minimum wage too soon? you look at the minimum wage initiative on the ballots in red-leaning states arkansas, nebraska, south carolina. it seemed to be on the minds of voters. some see that, congressman, as another example where democrats could have picked up traction and dropped the ball. >> tamron, i believe that we lost the focus on the core economic issues. it wasn't totally as a result of taking our eye off the ball, it
8:36 am
was partly as a result of the fact that you had all these other crises emerging that dominated the air waives in the last three or four weeks like isis or ebola. house democrats were focussed on this message all along. i think in the senate races the focus was elsewhere. as you said, look in the minimum wage it passed on ballot referendum in states like arkansas, nebraska, south dakota, and alaska. these are all red states. so i do believe as we move forward we have to focus on the core economic issues, bread and butter issues. equal pay for equal work. dealing with the student loan debt burden as well as trying to shut a lot of tax breaks that encourage american companies to move jobs overseas and use those savings to invest in jobs and economic growth here at home. those are the things we should be focussed on coming out of
8:37 am
this election. i think we could have been more focussed going in but certainly we should focus on them going out. >> there's focus on leadership as you know a lot of talk about harry reid and his future. there's been some question about house minority leader nancy pelosi and whether or not democrats will be taken aback. not just in the senate but taken aback by the run up of republicans in the house and if there needs to be a transition in leadership there. what do you say to those asking about the fresh blood that may be needed for your party >>well, tamron, i think looking at the house and the senators can speak for themselves. i think for the senate nancy pelosi and harry reid did all they could to support these house democratic candidates and senate candidates. look at the governor i's races. obviously democrats got badly hit in the governor ice races. >> including maryland. >> which was a big upset. so i think we have to regroup,
8:38 am
get back to our focus on the economic message, trying to make sure we strengthen the middle class, provide a ladder of opportunity for people who want to get into the middle class. that's what the country is focussed on. i hope question get back to that. >> quickly, how i think people would naturally ask you believe the party is off focus. how did it get that way? we talked about isis, for example, and ebola. but in our exit polling and all the data we received from voters that was not a high priority. it may have sucked some of the news cycle oxygen out of the room, but it was never a priority for voters including when we asked them about quarantining individuals. overwhelming for quarantine. the voters were not distracted by it. how did the party get off key? >> well, what happened was, i mean, the voters were not distracted by it other than the fact that was dominated the entire conversation going into the last three weeks of the election. but look, there is an irony in this election result. right. because our republicans in the
8:39 am
congress, especially in the house blocked a vote on the national minimum wage. they blocked a vote on equal pay for equal work. they blocked a vote on reducing student loan debt. who took the hit? the president of the united states who had been trying to get those things through the congress and asking the congress to work with him. so in some ways this very cynical strategy of obstruction in the congress actually reck shea -- ricochetted and hit the president. you have candidates not focussed on the core economic issues but looking elsewhere. you know, my view is they should have outlined very clearly where they stood with the president on economic issues and then they can talk about where they differ from the president on other issues. but look, this is a time for everybody to regroup. look forward, and that's what i hope we'll do in our caucus. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. congratulations on your re-election. we're following breaking
8:40 am
news. after almost two years of denying it, alex rodriguez is now reportedly admitting to using steroids. coming up i'll talk to the reporter who just broke the story and where a-rod made the admission. her family calls her a fighter. they're pleading. for her safe return as police release new information and video off the woman who was abducted off the streets of philadelphia. transit fares! as in the 37 billion transit fares we help collect each year. no? oh, right. you're thinking of the 1.6 million daily customer care interactions xerox handles. or the 900 million health insurance claims we process. so, it's no surprise to you that companies depend on today's xerox for services that simplify how work gets done. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. with xerox, you're ready for real business. which is...pretty much what we've always stood for. for new nestlé© toll houser delightfulls morsels, the chocolate you know and love now filled with
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. are we still on for tomorrow? tomorrow. tomorrow is full of promise. we can come back tomorrrow. and we promise to keep it that way. csx. how tomorrow moves. what a day. can't wait til tomorrow. welcome back. we're following breaking news outside the world of politics. according ton an exclusive report alex rodriguez confessed to using steroids. he made the cop fegs in a immediating with dea officials in january. according to the report, which is not -- not confirmed by nbc news. a-rod gave a sworn statement which he admitted buying
8:44 am
steroids from a former owner of an anti-ageing clinic paying about $12,000 a month. joining me on the phone is miami herald investigative reporter. let's break down where and when alex rodriguez made the confession. it was two dea investigators, as i understand it? >> well, there were ten people in the room including alex r rodriguez and his attorney. there were six dea agents including the special agent in charge of the dea in florida as well as two federal prosecutors who had been prosecuting the so called bio genesis steroid case. it was in january 29th, and it was at the dea's headquarters in west -- a suburb of an industrial park area.
8:45 am
it was around a conference table, and this was a very lengthy interview where dea agents summarized everything. he admitted to everything he had been denying for the previous year, that the point. it's been almost two years since it happened. >> to your point. this was completely at odds to what he was telling his fans publicly and what he was saying in a number of statements. according to the written report of the information a-rod admitted to getting supplies of testosterone, gummies and human growth hormone injections. what impact does that confession have on other pending cases surrounding this scandal? >> well, that's what makes this very interesting. i do think it's a game changer in terms of his image. you know, what he is telling people publicly versus what he's
8:46 am
telling investigators privately. it clearly looks like he is totally conflicted and totally lying. at the same time, his testimony helps bolster an overall case. his and others. there are other ballplayers who have given testimony. and it helps the government, the prosecutors of miami build a stronger case targeting the clinic, the clinic's owner. as you know plead guilty in october. there are also three others who have plead guilty so far. there are three more that are pending trial. and chances are they're going to be others charged in this ongoing investigation. so it bolsters what prosecutors probably already knew about bosch. it gives the perspective of the customer. the user. they're not going to charge
8:47 am
rodriguez or any of the other players. it's a rule they don't. what makes it extremely unique they gave rodriguez immunity and others immunity and rodriguez himself spent a small fortunate trying to silence anthony bosch from saying anything about his use of steroids, silenced others associated with him including his former gofer, who had been implicated with rodriguez in 2009 in a report about previous steroid use. and there have been other people that rodriguez paid off. and so he looks like he's tampering with witnesses, obstructing justice, you know, telling people to say things that are lies to investigators to protect himself. it doesn't look good. it doesn't look good. >> and that is putting it mildly there. we'll continue to follow this breaking news. again, your exclusive report in the miami herald. thank you so much for joining us
8:48 am
and miking time to talk more about this. a report that will be a big headline throughout the day. thank you, jay. >> you're welcome. new surveillance video in the case of the missing 22-year-old woman who was abducted off a philadelphia street. police have released two new videos as well as photographs of a person of interest in this disturbing abduction. the woman's family is also speaking out for the first time. investigators hope a 47d,000 reward will lead to new information and clues. we are live in philadelphia. what is the latest you're hearing from authorities right now especially in light of the new information and the video and the photographs here. >> this information is fervently underway. i can tell you in this residential neighborhood, this is where police say surveillance video shows that carlysha was violently dragged down this street. you can see well wishers left some candle.
8:49 am
in the search for the young women police are following new clues. overnight new video released by the police. this video from a gas station convenience store in aberdeen, maryland. a man police call a person of interest walks in and buys a drink. he looks a lot like these images. more than 75 miles away from where she was violently abducted several hours earlier. this dramatic surveillance video appears to show gahim shaking hands with a person and being grabbed off the street. h her distraught mother begging for her release. please give me my child. please. >> the video is disturbing. at first showing a gray ford or it russ being parked. moments later a heavily built
8:50 am
man is seen leaving the car and then approaching her. violently dragging her down the street and forcing her into the car. authorities believe she kicked out one of the car windows. police say they found her her glasses and cell phone on the sidewalk. brittany gathers says her sister is well-loved and was exploring a career in nursing. >> she was a lovable, friendly, nice person. i know they always say that, but carlisha was a sweetheart. >> police are going over evidence and asking the public for help. >> every time a tip comes in, we're acting on it, where it's going to leave us. >> as her father clings to hope and pleads with her abductor. >> let her go. no need for her to go through this. >> reporter: we spoke to carlesha's family this morning. and they say as she fought off her abductor in that video, they hope she will keep fighting and make her way home.
8:51 am
tamron? >> all right. obviously our thoughts are with carlesha's family and hope for her safe return. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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comcast business. built for business. turning now to the election one more time. the number of red states that voted to raise the minimum wage, arkansas, nebraska, south dakota, alaska, all approved hikes. they raised their minimum wage to $8.50 an hour, alaska to $9.75. quote, rare good news to democrats in desperate need of some. as a wedge issue, the minimum wage proved a disappointment. and joining me now judy konti, a leading group advocating for wage hike. let me get your gut reaction, first of all. seeing this movement in red states. >> well, it was no surprise to me and no surprise to anybody paying attention. because it's only in the halls of congress that raising the minimum wage is a partisan issue. when you put it to the voters
8:55 am
out there by overwhelming margins, 38 points in alaska, one of the reddest states in the union, they approved a substantial hike in the minimum wage. so this didn't surprise us at all. >> to your point, absolutely the numbers have shown an overwhelming support for an increase in minimum wage. that begs the question, why didn't democratic lawmakers stick to the point? i think that's the first read our team here analyzes politics. they've wondered if democrats abandon the issue too soon and did not stick with it given those results. >> well, you know, the democrats have been pushing it in the senate. and they had a vote where the majority of the senate voted in favor of moving forward with increasing the minimum wage but was filibustered by the republicans. and the house never took it up even though on a number of procedural motions, the democrats kept raising the issue again and again. so they really have been raising the issue and campaigning on it. we just had a calendar this time that obviously proved very disproportionately horrible for the democrats.
8:56 am
but in 2016, where there's a presidential election, where the calendar is very different and the democratic elections, it's going to be a major issue for the campaign. in a poll released today, in the battleground states where we expect to see the -- all of the action in the 2016 election by an 18-point margin, people say they are more likely to vote for someone who favors raising the minimum wage. that's the key message. and people running for president in 2016 and up for senate in 2016 really need to be paying attention. >> all right. we are paying attention. and judy, thank you so much for joining us and your reaction to the news. thank you, of course, as always. and that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. up next, andrea mitchell reports. i'll see you tomorrow. it's time for your business entrepreneur of the week. she owns carlsbad food tours. introducing tourists and locals to the great food around the town.
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and that's just what i intend to deliver. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," crimson tide, republicans catch a wave of victories to take control of the senate. gain a record of house seats and run up the score in state houses from coast to coast. and we've got some new results to share with you. >> it is time for a new direction. it is time for a new way forward. >> we said for months, it's the road to a republican majority and the united states senate led through kansas and we did it! >> we are heading to washington. and we are going to make them squeal! >> and the shake-up as the dust settles, will a new washington be able to change business as usual? >> it will be twog


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