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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 6, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PST

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to accepted this to congress for a review very shortly. that will be another test of what this new washington is going to be like. today is day one. it's going to be fascinating. "first look" is up next. good morning, we have breaking news overnight. new details this morning involving the rescue of the abducted pennsylvania woman and the arrest of her captor. after an election shellacking, president obama's biggest challenge, ending washington, d.c., gridlock. >> as president i have a unique responsibility to try and make this town work. >> but will he act alone on immigration and other issues? plus, an unwelcome surprise at a neighborhood restaurant. the first lady enlists some heavy hitters for a good cause. and he told officials he did use p.e.d.s. now will a-rod ever collect the $61 million the yanks still owe him? good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us.
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i'm betty nguyen a dramatic kidnapping case out of pennsylvania has ended on a positive note. 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was snatched off the streets of philadelphia on sunday. she has been found alive and is now recovering in a maryland hospital. her alleged kidnapper is behind bars. nbc's kurt gregory has the latest. >> reporter: tonight the fbi, and the philadelphia police department have great news, that carlesha freeland has been rescued. her abductor has been arrested. >> reporter: applause rang out at the announcement that carlesha freeland-gaither had been found in maryland. the 22-year-old was kidnapped sunday evening taken right off a philadelphia street. her violent struggle captured on surveillance video, but it was that video and surveillance cameras at a bank and a grocery store that led police to the suspect, 37-year-old delvin barnes. >> with the help of the media and many, many citizens who
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called in tips, we were able to identify this individual, identify his car and track it into maryland. >> reporter: barnes is being held on a warrant out of virginia for attempted capital murder and other crimes. police expect to file charges related to the kidnapping in a matter of days. >> he's a vicious predator, he's off the streets and hopefully he'll be in jail for the rest of his life. >> reporter: freeland-gaither was rescued along the roadside in maryland and was taken to the hospital for injuries. her mother. >> thank you so much for answering our prayers. thank you for keeping me up. thank you for being there for us. i'm taking my baby home. thank you. >> reporter: a very special and all too rare happy ending. curt gregory, nbc news. also new overnight, a man suspected of killing his girlfriend and then posting pictures of her body online is now under arrest.
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david kalac turned himself into oregon police late wednesday night. he's been charged with second degree murder in the death of amber coplin. police believe kalac uploaded grisly photos online along with anonymous postings saying her son would find the body. at least one message written with the photo said "i just wanted to share the pics before they find me." in missouri a judge has overturned a state's ban on same-sex marriage. that set off an immediate rush for same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses. last month another judge required missouri recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. gay marriage is now legal in 32 states and the district of columbia. now, to that seismic power shift in washington and the question, can a risky summit be the solution? listen to the president last year compared to today. >> why don't you get a direct with mitch mcconnell, they ask. really?
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[ laughter ] why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> i would enjoy having some kentucky bourbon with mitch mcconnell. >> so i guess he's rethinking that drink. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. all right, tracie, today another top republican will be speaking out. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah, we're going to hear from john boehner today. he's going to do his version of what mitch mcconnell did yesterday which is lay out the republican agenda. now, the president is going to skit down with these republican leaders and democrats too at the white house tomorrow. don't know if they'll do any kentucky bourbon tomorrow but we do know that president obama has said he's not going to allow his priorities to sit on the back burner. jobs and energy. we get a sneak people of what john boehner will say in this wall street journal opponent
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he'd wrote with mitch mcconnell. >> i hope we can work with the president. >> my hope is that they've got some specific things they want to do that correspond with some things we want to get done. >> reporter: republicans will make a big push to build the $8 billion keystone xl oil pipeline. president obama blocked it over environmental concerns. republicans say it will create jobs and lower energy costs. they want to lower corporate tax, reform the tax code and build more charters schools. mcconnell insists no chance of a government shutdown or default on the national debt. immigration's not on their agenda but president obama says he will won't let that be forgotten. >> i am eager to see what they have to offer. but what i'm not going to do is just wait. >> i think the president choosing to do a lot of things unilaterally on immigration would be a big mistake. >> reporter: and after more than 40 failed tries republicans now insist with control of both the house and the is that, they'll
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get rid of obamacare. but president obama already says he'll fight for that. betty. >> thank you very much. another election day decision makes way for a texas size legal battle. it's a symbolic one. fracking is no longer allowed where it was pioneered. voters in denton, texas, passed a ban on the natural gas extraction technique. it's behind the u.s. energy renaissance. they ask at what cost. data from the u.s. geological survey shows a surge in earthquakes in states that use the procedure. caught on tape, diners in a houston restaurant are running for their lives as an suv plows into a glass window. but these two men seated right next to the window had no time to react. one of them even gets pinned under the buffet area. seconds later the driver puts the suv in reverse but only to
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head for that buffet area once again. the driver says she was trying to park it in the handicap space but hit the gas instead of the brake. eight diners were taken to the hospital, mostly with minor injuries. some good samaritans eventually helped free that man that was hit by the suv, and miraculously he walked away with minor injuries. remember, remember, the 5th of november. it is a classic phrase and one used by thousands last night in london. anti-capitalist protesters stormed the city in those trademark masks, at one point an eruption of motion. police dodged metal barricades and beat people with batons to hold the line. in front of parliament actor russell brand joined demonstrators. one protester had this to say. >> it's not about money. they have money. they have everything. it's all about power and sacrifice. the ones at the very, very top. they don't have anything.
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>> all right. let's get you sports action. king james and the cavs looking for their second win of the season. lebron can coming off a dismal 11-point performance the night before. but last night he racked up 31 points. he shoots 12 for 12 at the line. to tie things up with three seconds left on the clock. then this. >> fires it off to hayward on a dribble. on a step back. the jumper. yes! >> jazz win it 102-100 at the buzzer. the cavs fall to 1-3. and bulls' derrick rose returned to the court last night after missing two games with ankle sprains. rose with 13 points in a 95-86 win over the bucs. soccer great lionel messi tied the record at 71 goals after scoring twice in barcelona's 2-0 victory against ajax. graham mcdowell leads the
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pack at 5 under on day one of the wgs hsbc champions in shanghai. wheaties honor lauryn hill by putting her face on the ic iconic cereal box. she was just given months left to live made her dream come true on sunday playing in a colleges basketball game. what a story there. all right, in business, stocks are back to near record levels. taylor swift's new album "1989" has sold almost 1.3 million copies in the first week and that breaks down to just over two albums sold per every single second of last week. it's also the first album in 2014 to sell a million copies. intel investing in a 13-year-old boy's design for a functioning braille printer made out of legos. it's called brego. the goal to create a cost effective tool for the visually impaired. the airline industry is
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bracing for almost 25 million thanksgiving travelers. that is up about a percent and a half over last year. just ahead new details in america's military role in that fight against ebola. plus, the drama of rock band ac/dc accused in a murder plot. "first look" is back in three. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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good thursday morning. i'm bill karins. weather update for you. in the northeast umbrella day. rain coming down all night long around baltimore, washington, d.c., a little less but baltimore over a quarter of an inch. a rainy slow morning commute. give yourself extra time. i don't think the airports will be too bad. probably minor delays as expected especially new york city airports and in the deep south a lot of heavy rain over the last couple of days in texas, that continues from san antonio to houston. pushing up towards new orleans. florida, you look nice today, middle of the country is a little cool but we are out not looking at anything too bad. the forecast, the worst of it texas coastline and in the northeast. it all improves by the weekend.
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so that's the good news. >> thank you, bill. stories making news this morning. these crates are filled with 90 tons of medical supplies and they are heading to an ebola hot zone in liberia. dr. kent brantly worked with the group samaritans purse to send the supplies. >> there are a lot of physician whose are considering taking time out of their practice to go serve knowing that they're going to be incapacitated for another three weeks in addition to the amount of time they serve is a real deterrent. i think our sense of compassion needs to overcome our fear. >> some 4,000 u.s. military personnel have been setting up infrastructure to help stem the ebola epidemic in liberia. officials now say a 70-member team will be devoted to treating doctors and nurses who contract the disease. late they are month, the legendary rock band ac/dc will release its first album in five years.
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phil rudd today is fighting to charges that he tried to hire a hit man. for years yankees player alex rodriguez has denied using performance-enhancing drugs but now nbc news has confirmed a report that the slugger confessed his drug use to officials back in january. no comment from the yankees or a-rod. a support group for shy bladder syndrome doesn't find this new directv ad starring rob lowe funny at all. they are calling it insensitive and they want it pulled. a spokesperson for directv says they're not taking down the ad. he added that most of their viewers understand that the ads, quote, take place in a fantasy world and are not based in reality. the return of elvis presley and richard nixon, the republican senator most likely to stick it to mitch mcconnell and the rev al sharpton spoofs
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do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... ♪ ♪ time now for your morning dish of scrambled politics. is the grand old party turning into a shark tank? reports claim gop wild child ted cruz might not be loyal to mitch mcconnell. politico's headline, ted cruz won't commit to supporting mcconnell. and "mcconnell's first big challenge keeping a lid on ted cruz." is he worried about cruz.
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>> let me just make a prediction for you, a week from tomorrow i'll be elected majority leader of the senate. >> louisiana the bayou battle is intense. next month is that runoff election. democrat mary landrieu versus bill cassidy. the gop is so concerned it is sending in 300 campaign operatives. let the 2016 trash talking begin. senator rand paul went on a twitter rant. his target, hillary clinton. he used the hashtag hillary's luisers and posted photos. kevin spacey has been cast as president richard nixon in an upcoming film about an historic meeting between nixon and elvis presley. appropriately titled "elvis and nixon." >> michael shannon from "boardwalk empire" has been cast to play the king of rock 'n' roll himself. and talk about a crazy midterm moment you didn't see. in l.a. folk has to cast their
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votes at a mcdonald's playground. and remember this -- >> could that be me? >> yes, i will remember to bring home the milk. don't worry about it. >> good save, good save. well, wednesday on "politics nation" al sharpton had his own phone moment. take a look. >> can senator mcconnell stand up to ted cruz? and -- hmm. i think that's my phone. excuse me. >> is brokaw calling? >> i love the facial expressions. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. all right, i am joined by bob franken who has pretty good facial expressions himself. good morning to you. >> well, i'm hoping that the reverend doesn't strike out and take on an acting career. >> oh, geez, that's tough. only 5:00 in the morning here. yesterday the president said the people have spoken and he hears
2:21 am
them. but what exactly did he want republicans to hear in that message to the american people? >> well, it was to me kind of an entertaining news conference in that you had every reporter there desperate to try to get him come up with a one-word description about what happened in the election similar to the shellacking commenting he made after the unpleasant midterm electionness 2010. he was determined he wasn't going to say it. so as a public service to the president i'm going to suggest maybe a stomping would have been appropriate or getting your butt kicked would have been appropriate or other things that are not suitable for family tv but the fact of the matter is, it was a wipeout and chances are he needs to see this as a repudiation of barack obama, not so much for his policies, i would argue but because of the perception his administration has been less than confident to put it mildly. there's been a whole litany of things that have left the impression that maybe he as the
2:22 am
chief executive is a little bit over his head. >> yeah, but at the same time, though, the president did not really give ground on his agenda or even hint at a staff shake-up following the election day loss, did he? >> well, no, and, of course, people are criticizing him for that but you don't begin a negotiation by making concessions, basically saying what we saw was a public negotiation between him and mitch mcconnell that these are the positions that i hold, i know the positions that you hold and when we get down to brass tacks we'll try to fill in what he calls the devil is in the detail. >> mitch mcconnell says there will be no government shutdown and there will be no national default. can we trust what this republican majority that the days of a crisis controlled washington are long gone? >> well, that's really an important point here. the leaders of the caucus who are going to be john boehner and mitch mcconnell apparently always have to make sure they
2:23 am
have credibility when they're negotiating with the democrats. that they can, in fact, commit their caucus. now, the republicans, in fact, have a more restive caucus than they did before so i think in the house of representatives it's a little bit empty at this point to say there isn't going to be a government shutdown or there isn't going to be a crisis over the debt ceiling. it really is too early to tell that kind of thing. >> bob, you came out swinging today. thanks for your insight. we appreciate it. not sure the president does, though. just ahead, a mom crosses state lines to pick up her son and turn him in to police but first check out first lady michelle obama enlisting the help of the penguins of "madagascar" for "operation got your 6." a campaign to spread awareness about america's returning veterans. >> excuse me, mrs. obama, now we're a little tired of the s.e.a.l.s getting all the good missions. what about us penguins? >> as a matter of fact, i have a top secret mission that's perfect for the penguins.
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leading the news from nbc denver affiliate 9 news rape suspect delivered to authorities by mother. 19-year-old elijah jordan jackson was arrested last thursday after his mom drove him to the county jail. he's accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in february. some other stories we're following. president obama is firing back after nba legend michael jordan who dissed his golf game during a radio interview, the president said this "there is no doubt that michael is a better golfer than i am. of course, if i was playing
2:28 am
twice a day for the last 15 years, then that might not be the case." >> michael is not going to say that. >> he's got a point there. a 26,000-pound spruce is making its way from pennsylvania to rockefeller center. take a look. it will be the centerpiece of their christmas decorations. the annual lighting ceremony will take place soon. entertainment news. at the country music awards brad paisley revealed carrie underwood is going to be having a baby boy with her husband mike fisher. congratulations to them but that wasn't the only highlight of the night. luke bryan was named the entertainer of the year. miranda lambert and blake shelton together took home four awards and even though the hosts declared there will be no limits to the night, this happened. >> in times like these we need to laugh. i mean nothing is off-limits tonight. though we refuse to joke about
2:29 am
renee zellweger. >> yeah, that would -- first of all she could be here. >> i mean how would we know? >> she's a master of disguise. >> that was mean. >> i'm betty nguyen. >> we would never do that. "way too early" with thomas roberts starts right now. huge night for the republican as cross the country. they won everything. the senate majority, the bigger house majority, tight governor's races and a giraffe in one of those claw machines. the duma now solidly republican. the blue man group red man group having lost two of three men. children will now learn valuable life lessons from "red's clues". >> a new era and the president says he'll work with the republican majority but pursue his own goals. can these co-exist or more gridlock? happy ending. the woman seen abducted on a
2:30 am
philadelphia street is rescued in maryland. how authorities were able to track the victim across state lines and then behind the scenes for you and the shenanigans of one news anchor as he lets loose during a commercial break. this may or may not happen here on "way too early." stay tuned. ♪ ♪ fake fake fake ♪ i'm just going to shake shake shake it off ♪ ♪ shake it off >> hey, everything, great to have you with me this morning. i'm thomas roberts. thursday november 6th. welcome to "way too early," the show that reserves the right to bust a move and to the thunderdome. our fortress of steel before we move back over to the other studio. washington, d.c. where president obama appears to be heading toward a staring contest with the soon-to-be republican-led senate promising to work with republicans in congress after the gop regained control of the senate an expanded its margin of power in the house but at the same time he says there's no reason to chang


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