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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 6, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the senate armed services committee, john mccain. too close for comfort, inside the colorado election nail biter with john mick hickenlooper, who got in by the skin of his teeth. >> even when your side loses, you feel better when you vote and when your side wins, you feel even better. whoo! good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington, where president obama was philosophical after being blamed for the democratic election night drubing. >> it doesn't make me mopey. it energizes me. because it means that this democracy is working. >> the president says he twoonts
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work wi wants to work on the new republican senate and congress. he will still issue on congress. >> it is like waving a red flag in front of a bull if you guys don't do what i want, i'm going to do it on my own. >> will the president be waving that red flag. joining me, white house chief of staff, dennis mcdonough. what about the drubing that the president took and his intention to proceed on immigration? is he talking about taking it in small pieces that can be agreed to or is he talking about signing a sweeping executive order that would be that red flag? >> well, you know, i think the president answered this pretty well and pretty comprehensively yesterday. the way i see this, we, as countrymen are talking about how to fix the broken immigration
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system now for 15 years. the recipe to fix it has largely been the same over those 15 years. we just haven't had congress getting it done. i prefer to see the president's action on this as a catalyst for action in the congress. after we are able to take this action, if the congress passes comprehensive reform in the form of legislation, he will tear up that executive order. if they were to take up and pass the bipartisan senate bill later this month or next, then the president wouldn't have to act at all. so i think the recipe here is clear and he looks forward to getting it done. >> the president and you are inviting the congressional leaders to the white house tomorrow for lunch. who is being invited? we were told as many as 16 or 17 leading members of congress, both parties would be invited. is that correct? >> i don't know the exact
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numbers. i do know that the president has asked the floor leaders and each chamber, plus senior members of their leadership team. the president is listening to the result of this election. he has told the voters yesterday that he hears them. he also said that those two-thirds of voters that are eligible to vote but saw nothing getting done in washington worth their time even to vote, he has heard them as well. tomorrow gives him an opportunity to hear from the assembled leadership of the house and senate, republican and democrat. he looks very much forward to it. >> we have told by senator john mccain, that he has not been invited? >> why wouldn't you want to sit down with the incoming leader of the senate armed services committee and give him what's happening with isis, the pentagon and the withdrawal from afghanistan. >> i would like to sit down with him. as you know, he is somebody whom i admire a great deal and whose
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counsel i seek an awful lot. in direct response to your question, i would like to sit down with him. the lunch tomorrow afternoon is with the leadership teams and each of the house and senate. obviously, the president, who has talked extensively with senator mccain looks forward to working with him as well. >> it would seem common sense that you would want to include him in that conversation, in that initial conversation among leaders. >> i think you are misreading the invitation. this is an invitation to the elected leaders of each of the caucuses, house and senate, democratic and republican. that's what this is. this is just beginning of a lot of outreach or just a continuation of a lot of outreach we will do. i was happy to hear that senator mccain will be on your show in a little bit and i look forward to hearing what he has to say as i always do in our private
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conversations and in his public comments. >> what about "the wall street journal" editorial from mcconnell and boehner? they are still talking about repealing obamacare. is that a red flag they are waving in front of you? >> there is a lot of talk about red flags and otherwise? >> there is a lot of talk about the one i grew up in and the president grew up in. they have the same kind of chances we all had as we were growing up. that's what we want to work on. they had some things in the op ed that were really attractive and some things the president said yesterday that we are going to disagree with. that's the music of democracy. that's what we do as we debate and try to come to resolution. that's what the president said yesterday. he is determined to do this, to work to get things done, to get results so that the american people feel that washington is doing work on their behalf rather than on its own behalf. >> let me ask you about the
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president's state of mind right now. there is a lot of reporting after the election that he does not blame himself. he is resisting taking the blame saying that the people who lost didn't want him to campaign for them. does he take his share of the blame for what happened? >> i sat in the east room yesterday and listened to the press conference. i heard the president say that the results of this election say that the american people, those one-third that voted and two thirds who didn't see anything worth voting for feel that washington is not working the way it should. the president said he also understands that he, as president, has a unique responsibility, i think, were the words he used, a unique responsibility, to make sure that it does. he understands that the american people hold him to account for that. that's exactly what we are going to do. it is not going to take one press conference or one meeting. i know the president will look forward to meetings with senator mccain and others on all the
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issues you laid out. this is going to be something we are going to aggressively work every day. he gets up asking the question, what can i be doing to make sure that washington works for middle class families in this country? >> i wanted to play an inview that we did with one of your former colleagues, david axle rod of going into the election as we are beginning to see the trends that are about to happen. this is what he had to say about the possibility of renewal at the white house where you said. >> sure. >> it is a natural time to evaluate whether you have all the pieces in place that you need. he should do that. he also has to say, what went wrong, what went right? what do i need to do to make these next two years successful? that would be a wise thing to do. >> is this the time to shake up the white house from the top down? >> always good to hear from axe. you heard what the president had to say about this yesterday, andrea. i want to just talk a little bit about the way i see the management of the white house, which is, this is obviously as
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important an operation as there is in the world. so the way i see it is, we are constantly looking to add new talent, fresh legs, fresh blood, fresh thinking, as often as we can. that goes back to when i started and when i began to recruit john podess to come in with us. we have had very important recruiting gains with bob mcdonald at the v.a., with h julian castro at hud and megan snit, our new chief technology officer in the white house and john allen and rod mcclain, who are doing important things as it relates to isil and ebola. every day is an opportunity to look for more renewal, more ideas, more fresh thinking here in the white house. that's not something we do once every two years when the american people vote. it is something we do every day. >> are you going to true to root
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out who the official was who described the israeli leader as chicken blank. there is obviously a really bad relationship between the two countries right now in terms of that kind of -- i know you would disagree with that characterization. let's say that did not go over well. >> i sure would. >> it was never denied that somebody at a pretty senior level called netanyahu chicken blank. >> i know it didn't go over well. when i read it, i was quite angry. the president was quite angry when he read it. it didn't go over well. that's the way it was received here. we are going to root it out. here is what we are gonna do. we are gonna do exactly what susan rice did last week, which is continuing what's called the u.s./israel consultive group, which is the most robust, deepest security cooperation that we have with any country in
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the world. that's a group that gets together on a very regular basis to look at our shared threats, at threats to israel and the united states and make sure we are working together to address them. that's what we are going to do. we are not going to worry about a particular unnamed quote anywhere and stories. we are going to roll up our sleeves and get to work doing what we have done over the course of this administration, which is to deepen and strengthen security operations with our friends in israel. >> thank you so much, denis mcdonough. we are going to where the civil war bravery medal is presented to cushing, years after he fought in july, 1863. the army first lieutenant, only 22 years old, refused to leave his post after being wounded in the shoulder and abdomen. standing his ground, he continued to lead the troops
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against the confederate attack now famously known as pickets charge. cushing would later be killed in the battle by enemy fire. it is a highly rare moment for military bravery to be recognized so many years later. >> it was thousands of unknown young soldiers committing unsung acts of heroism who saved our union and freed a people and reaffirmed our nation as one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. i'm mindful that i might not be standing here today as president had it not been for the ultimate sacrifices of those courageous americans. today, we honor just one of those men, lieutenant alonzo cushing, who, as lincoln said, gave their last full measure of devotion.
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this is an invitation to the elected leaders of the house and senate, democrat and republican. this is just beginning of a lot of outreach or the continuation of a lot of outreach that we will do. look, i was happy to hear that senator mccain will be on your show in a little bit, andrea. i look forward to hearing what he has to say. >> there is a new sheriff in town about to take over the senate armed services committee. he joins me now, senator john mccain. thank you so much for being with us, senator. >> thank you, andrea. >> the question is, would you have liked to have been invited to that white house lunch tomorrow? >> no, i really believe it is for the leaders of the parties on both sides that are in the leadership. i think that's entirely appropriate. they are the ones that make the
9:16 am
training run on time. i will have plenty of opportunities. i will be talking to chuck hagel. there is no lack of communication. >> some white house officials had told us that they wanted to hold this meeting with the 16 or 17 people from the hill whom they thought they could get things done with. i'm just wondering if you are not included in that circle. what do you want to see in that authorization? >> i would like to see an authorization that doesn't restrict the commander and chief. you may find that a little unusual, given this president with my feelings about his leadership. the fact is we need to understand that the president is the commander in chief and that role, i do not believe, should be impinged upon by the
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congress. at the same time, we do have a war powers act which has never been deemed constitutional by any president at the same time they have used it. we need an authorization. the last one specifically mentioned the 9/11 attacks and those responsible. it should be updated. i want to do it very carefully. i will look forward to working on both sides of the i'll with people like senator menendez and corker and reed and others, including senator kaine. we'll sit down and try and work this out. it is necessary. >> the war against isis, how would you assess its going. there are critics that say the air war has slowed the onslaught down. the iraqi troops have not been up to the task. the serial rebel forces are fighting amongst each other.
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>> well, this goes back several years to when the president overruled his secretary of defense, secretary of state and director of cia when they recommended arming the free syrian army. but now it is really an immoral situation. i don't use that word lightly. they are now going to train syrians to go in and fight against isis and at the same time allowing bashar assad to slaughter them with barrel bombs and air attacks and other attacks. every time we strike isis, assad steps up his attacks on the free syrian army. somehow we are playing footsie with the iranians and hope they will somehow have an effect on isis. the sponsors of the 5,000 hezbollah that came into syria and changed the balance of power when the free syrian army was
9:19 am
succeeding a few years ago. this is not a strategy. this is an ad hoc reactionary failure. yes, isis is succeeding. there are areas they are being held in check, such as kobani. they are starting to have attacks and other unrest and problems within baghdads itself. we are somehow treating syria and iraq as different situations, depending on where isis is. that's orwellian. we are going to do certain things in iraq but not in syria where this cal fate has been established that is bigger than the state of indiana which encompasses both countries. we are failing. i can't tell you how heartbroken i am. i i know these young men who are the free syrian army, how badly they are treated and enormous
9:20 am
sacrifices and blood that has been shed. >> let me take you back to what he said about playing footsie with iran. how is the white house playing footsie with iran? >> there are reports that one of the reasons why we are not attacking bashar assad is because we are trying to look at some kind of arrangements with the iranians. there is a report today or yesterday that there was an effort by our army to establish some sort of pharmaceutical establishment in afghanistan, and these talks, i believe, on the nuclear issue, we have already given away the store by allowing them the right to enrich and not putting in check both the development of warheads and the means to deliver them. it is this misguided effort to somehow accommodate and get better relations with a country that is spreading disorder and
9:21 am
unrest throughout the region, including yemen, by the way, that is our enemy. they are not our friend. they are our enemy. we are treating them as somebody that we can continue to do business with. going back to 2009, when the president refused to speak on up on behalf of those young iranians who were demonstrating after a corrupt election. this is a foreign policy that is off the rails. the news today is that the georgians are now speaking more pro-russian, fired their pro-western secretary of defense. there are countries in the region that are now accommodating vladimir putin because of our failure. we still won't give weapons to the ukrainians that are watching their country being dismembered. >> in addition to foreign policy, there is a lot of politics on the foreign side. senator mcconnell said he wants to get things done. what do you say to ted cruz who
9:22 am
say they won't support mitch mcconnell for republican leader when you all meet in caucus? i hope we can get that resolved quickly. mitch mcconnell is our leader. we need a positive agenda. the voters, i traveled around the country campaigning for our senate candidates. one thing is, people's feedback, they want us to get things done. we can find common ground. i want to comment to you. we had the conversation with denis mcdonough. i am pleading with the president of the united states not to act. give it a chance. we have a new congress, a new mandate. let's let the house of representatives decide whether they want to move forward on immigration reform or not. it will be a devastating blow if he acts unilaterally with executive order. for denis mcdonough to say, if
9:23 am
the congress acts, they can negate an executive order. that's not how the government is supposed to run. this is a huge issue. it requires us working together. i believe we can make progress, beginning in the house of representatives, if the president would hold off and let's see what happens rather than doing this. i have spent many years, as you know, working on this issue. i hate to see this turn of events. >> senator john mccain, a message sent and delivered. don't wave any red flags at this republican congress. thank you very much. thanks, senator. >> thank you, andrea. only nine days after leaving the hospital, amber vinson is speaking out about her winning battle against ebola. in an interview with matt lauer on today, the dallas nurse talked about the limited training she had received before being infecteded. she defended her decision to board that plane to go home to ohio after treating ebola patient thomas edward duncan. >> i was never told i couldn't
9:24 am
travel. i talked to my icu management team, i called in on monday to verify that i was permitted to travel and then again i was at work on tuesday or wednesday. i talked to management in person. they said the cdc said it was okay to go. i'm not careless. i'm not reckless. i'm an icu nurse. i embrace protocol and guidelines and structure. >> vinson also said that despite her ordeal, she would be willing to treaten aebola patient again. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. the president of the united states, give it a chance. we have a new congress and new mandate. let's let the congress decide whether they want to move
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forward or not. it will be a devastating blow if he acts unilaterally for an executive role. for denis mcdonough to say if the con gret doesn't act, they can negate a government order. that's not how the government is supposed to run. >> can the white house work with the senate republicans? can they work with him? will they want to compromise with the president? >> two experts, ben weber, and tom davis on capitol hill. thanks so much for being with us. first, to you, tom davis. let's talk about what we heard from denis mcdonough and john mccain and then i'm going to ask you about that virginia election there. what are you hearing? as you see the president say, he is going to still do the executive order on immigration. john mccain says, i'm pleading with him, don't do that.
9:29 am
much mcconnell says, that's waving a red flag. >> it looks very cynical to wait until after the election to do an executive order. it is in everybody's interest to wait a few months to see if something can move forward. he can have this hanging over saying this is what i'm going to do if you don't take action. that could be an impetus for action. if he would act in that manner instead of acting unilaterally. i also think if he issues the executive order they are talking about, they can kiss off whatever chance they have in that louisiana runoff election. >> do you think the louisiana runoff will depend on what happens at the national level or will it be fought out on louisiana issues? >> i think senator landrieu has a tough ride ahead of her no matter what happens. i think congressman cassidy is going to win the runoff. i think it will make it much tougher there. i don't think they will win in any event. let's reemphasize what senator mccain and what tom davis said. for the president to go quickly
9:30 am
towards a unilateral action on amnesty would poison the well. almost precipitating a constitutional crisis or a constitutional challenge at the very outset of this new congress. big, big mistake. >> another thing that john mccain questioned was the negotiations that john kerry is conducting with iran. >> ice s with isis, then bashar assad steps up his attacks on the free army. somehow we are playing footsie with the iranians and hope they will somehow have an effect isis. >> is this a warning sign against the negotiations which are coming to a head in two weeks with the iranians? tom davis? >> look, on foreign policy, i think the administration has to do what it has to do. i think they should consult with congress. it is a very difficult situation over there, whatever you do on this kind of thing.
9:31 am
i'm not one to step up and criticize the administration for moving ahead on this. it seems whatever move you make in this is fraught with peril. good luck, whatever comes out of this. >> i wanted to ask you about virginia. why did senator warner have such a close call against ed gillespie. the republican national committee, the republican party hadn't even given ed gillespie all the money he could have used. could he have won this thing? having the cavalry come in might have put it over the top. these are almost parliamentary elections. virginia and new hampshire are right in that sweet spot that was in the swing areas. above expectations. everywhere in the state until it
9:32 am
got into deep northern virginia and then it was the same old, same old. what has happened is ed has put him in a prime position to lead the party and go on and do whatever he wants to as republican nominee i think he has a great future ahead of him. >> clearly, ed gillespie has teed up to the governor's race two years from now. let me ask you about the 2016 races. ben, what are you seeing? you wrote that paul ryan might be the first out of the box or the first to make decisions? >> i think you have to look at the different circumstances of the potential candidates. i think paul ryan, a great, great friend of mine, has to make the decision earlier on. he wants to become the chairman of the ways and means committee. it will be very tough to do both jobs, chair that important committee and run for president. i think that jeb bush has to decide relatively soon. he has a network of people
9:33 am
around the country connected to his brother, connected to his father, that are ready to sign up for him. they will begin drifting off to other candidates if they think he is undecided about it. then, you have the governors, governor kasich, pence, christie, who have to get through their legislative sessions. they can't launch campaigns until next spring or early summer. there is a timing that i think is fairly predictable. alex rodriguez comes clean. the impact of a-rod's confession, beelated as it is, with bob costas. ♪ ♪
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♪ let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together ♪ ♪ i've got some real estate here in my bag ♪ ♪ it took me four days to hitch-hike from saginaw ♪ ♪ "i've come to look for america" ♪ after years of denial, word now that yankees star, alex rodriguez actually confessed months ago to using performance-enhancing drugs. according to the "miami herald," the yankee superstar admitted to federal officials in january that he did, indeed, buy and use steroids. only a year ago, he was asked
9:37 am
point blank about links to a miami clinic that sold doping drugs to league players. >> they said you did mountains of p.e.d.s. did you do any? >> no. the report says that baseball's highest paid player was granted immunity in exchange for coming clean. joining me is nbc sports bob costas. i guess this is the worst kept secret. now, he is back on the roster. should he be played? >> well, he has served his suspension, the longest in baseball history, for an offense such as this. certainly, he is eligible to return. he is expected to return. he is working out very hard and he wants to play. the yankees are obliged to pay him. they owe him $61 million over the next three years. if he shows up and then is either unable to play, he is disabled in some way, then insurance would cover about 80% of what they owe him.
9:38 am
if he shows up in spring training and is good to go, the yankees either play him, trade him, if anybody wants him, or cut him but if they cut him, they still have to pay him. >> what do you think about the way this has all played out, denying it for so long, admitting it in exchange for immunity. he has paid the penalty by having lost last season. >> he paid the baseball penalty. he will continue to pay a penalty in the court of public opinion and we don't know what may come out in this on going investigation by the feds of bio genesis. he had also admitted earlier to using performance-enhancing drugs in the early part of this century when it was in the prime of his career. he did that in 2009 but said that he was clean in the years immediately prior and subsequently. in the court of opinion, he is paying an even greater price.
9:39 am
>> can i switch gears and ask you about ray rice. he is supposed to be testifying today. what do you think should happen to him? >> i think what's likely to happen, andrea, is this. none of this should be interpreted as being in any way soft on what happened in that elevator and what ray rice did but he was suspended for two games. that was obviously, too soft a penalty. commissioner goodell admitted that. that was the penalty at the time. he then revised the nfl's guidelines and said there would be a six-game penalty for any first-time domestic abuse such as this one. then, after seeing the video, he suspends ray rice indefinitely. what rice is going to contend is that essentially, goodell and the league knew what was in the video. even if they hadn't seen it, he told them in fairly complete
9:40 am
detail what it was. now, he is being punished twice for the same offense. the offense actually exceeds the new guidelines. it exceeds the new guidelines so there is no logic behind this new decision by goodell. i think there is a very good chance none of which excuses ray rice for his behavior. a very good chance that he is, in fact, reinstated. i think there is almost no chance any team would sign him this year but i think there is a pretty good chance he will prevail in this case. >> thank you very much, bob costas. a lot happening and not good stuff. >> not good, you are right. thank you, andrea. governor john hickenlooper's close call and what he has learned about surviving the republican wave. ♪come on yeah ♪i say yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪yeah ♪'cause you make me feel like a pony♪ ♪so good ♪like your pony ♪so good
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9:44 am
with a margin of fewer than 50,000 votes. governor hickenlooper joins me from denver. congratulations. >> thanks so much. you escaped the wave. it was not easy. tell me what you think contributed to it being so close this time around. >> well, obviously, there was any incumbent, republicans and democrats, had a steep hill to climb. here we talked about colorado has one of the fastest growing economies. we stressed that. we stayed positive. our campaign never did a negative ad. >> at the same time, did you get dragged down by the president's negative ratings? here is a president who was first nominated for office in denver in the enormous celebration that denver had back in 2008. now, only a few years later, after his re-election, his
9:45 am
positive ratings and then the negative drag on democrats across the country is pretty profound. >> well, i think that this is a difficult period of history to lead in. i think you saw what george w. bush said. obviously, there are challenges in making that many decisions, difficult decisions. i didn't think it was that big of a drag in colorado. beyond that, there was -- there is a reaction against all incumbents and against washington. i think that is as much about congress as it is about the president. >> the new senator was gardner, a congress member, defeated. another senator, mark udall, your colleague. why did that happen? >> that might be fair. although, again, each of these campaigns come down to the unique personalities and kind of what the voters wanted.
9:46 am
in colorado, almost a third of the voters are independents. cory gardner had a youthful optimism that i think a lot of those independents felt would help congress get back on the right can tra. that's what i heard. congressman gardner and i ended up with almost exactly the same number of votes. we both got or victories from attracted independents to come to our side. >> so people were ticket splitting and there was criticism of senator udall as senator uterus for using the wedge issue saying he was going to go against women's reproductive freedoms. should people focus more on the broad, economic questions? >> i would never -- a, i think mark udall has been a great representative for colorado. he lost a very, very close election. that margin is going to come down to 2%, maybe 3%.
9:47 am
he did stress women's issues. but he also stressed the economy. he talked about his vision for colorado and i thought his concession speech was one of the most elegant i have ever heard, mark udall's. >> what do you think the democrats should do looking forward to 2016? how should they recapture what the american people want? what lessons have been learned from this devastating election nationally? >> well, i think people in colorado but people across the country want to see some progress. we talk about here all the time is we want to be the most pro-business state in america but with high standards, high environmental standards, high ethical standards. that kind of pro business but with standards, making sure we have clean air and clean water, that translates across the country. implicit in that is getting stuff done, not just getting things tied up in the
9:48 am
bureaucracy of government. >> what about the fact that republican leaders, including reince priebus, have said that hillary clinton is a big loser. she campaigned in kentucky and she and bill clinton campaigned in other states for candidates that lost. >> well, i think there were so many factors. i don't think that that in any way reflects on hillary clinton or on president clinton. the president was out here several times. my goodness, he attracted large crowds. he still -- bill clinton can take a complex issue and distill it down to the essence and then communicate it that too so that all different kinds of people could understand it, as well as anyone out there. when hillary clinton was out here, she also, huge crowds of people. sh he connects with people in a very authentic and genuine way. >> finally, marijuana. colorado was way out front. i know you didn't support it.
9:49 am
now other states have joined in legalizing recreational use. do you think the people were also unsettled by the marijuana issue in colorado? >> you know, it probably had a little, a small effect at the margins. we're moving forward on our regulatory framework around marijuana. our primary focus is making sure no teenagers, no young people, get to this high marijuana. when the brain is still maturing, most scientists think it can permanently diminish long-term memory. we have worked hard at that. i think around the rest of the issue of recreational marijuana. people are becoming a little more accepting, slowly. >> thank you very much. again, governor, good to see you and congratulations on your victory election. >> you bet. thanks so much. >> and, coming up, how did they do it? the tip and the incredible detective work that led police to the arrest of a philadelphia kidnap victim?
9:50 am
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this is a test.r
9:53 am
test test test.r we were able to track him to jessop, maryland. we had a task force that was put together that included atf, fbi and the u.s. martial service. their baltimore field office are the ones that spotted the car, conducted a surveillance. once he stepped out of the car momentarily, they were able to take him down. >> that was philadelphia police commissioner, charles ramsey, who led the investigation that successfully brought karleisha freeland gaither home unharmed. she was found alive 66 miles
9:54 am
away. rehema ellis has been following the story. she followed this report. she made her way back home to philadelphia hours after the shocking news friends and family had been praying for. >> car leash ya freeman has been afound and he has been arrested. >> thank you. i am taking my baby home. thank you. thank you so much. >> the manhunt finally ended in jessop, maryland, over 100 miles away from where the kram began. a tip led them to a vehicle in a shopping center parking lot. when the suspect tried to drive off with the kidnapped 22-year-old inside, police surrounded the car. >> when the subject exited the vehicle, he was apprehended. that's when miss freeland was recovered. >> the suspect in custody identified as 37-year-old
9:55 am
dellvin barnes had six prior warrants out for his arrest including another kidnapping. they do not believe that barnes and kaleisha had any known connection prior to her abduction. >> he is a vicious predator, off the streets and hopefully in jail for the rest of his life. >> the search comes toen aend days after the chilling video of the abduction was released followed by a series of surveillance videos of the suspect buying groceries and using her bank card at an atm 75 miles from where she was taken. >> last night, friends, family, and neighbors turned out to light candles, a sign of gratitude and relief. >> i'm glad, you know. i don't know what else to say. i'm just happy. today, givering her family everything to celebrate. >> that does it for us for this addition of ""andrea mitchell
9:56 am
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these will be boehner's first remarks since the republican sweep that was tuesday's midterm. boehner and other congressional leaders including the presumptive new majority leader mitch mcconnell will meet with the president tomorrow at the white house. the president briefly acknowledged the midterm loss yesterday. >> obviously republicans had a good night and they deserve credit for running good campaigns. beyond that it i'll leave it to all of you and the professional pundits to pick through yesterday's results.
10:00 am
>> we're continuing to wait on that news conference and we'll bring it to you live when it happens. first, other stories making headlines today. a woman who was snatched off the street in philadelphia is now home safe three days after her shocking abduction. she was found more than 100 miles away from where cameras captured her kidnapping. the 22 year old was rescued from the car of her alleged kidnapper after a manhunt that spanned five states, a task force found them in a parking lot in maryland. philadelphia police got a tip from someone who sold the suspect that car and they used that information to hunt him down. >> we were able to track him to jessup, maryland, and we had a task force that was put together. the baltimore field office spotted the car and conducted a surveillance and once he stepped out of the car momentarily, they were able to take him